make the little things count

In 2017,
  • be kind to one another. the world is taking some twists and turns, and that puts stress on people. weird behaviour will probably happen. bad choices will probably be made. so be kind to one another.
  • have fun! remember that it’s important to laugh, and it’s important to take time off. you can’t see every plight and read every article. let yourself read funny comics and lighthearted TV. and yet -
  • stay alert. don’t bury yourself too far in escapism and fall, disenfranchised, out of your society. make yourself heard when it is important.
  • remember that you only have one pair of hands. focus on what your hands are doing. if people ask you to do things that would require you to grow more pairs of hands, kindly remind them that humans have not yet evolved far enough for that to be feasible.
  • for the love of all things good, HYDRATE YOURSELF. <3
Call Me Old-Fashioned But...

I still like to open the door for my girl, treat her out on days she feel sad, plan date-nights without expecting anything, gives up my jacket when she’s cold, and actually listens to her with my full attention when she talks.

Little Autism Things #8

When you’re told that you should get out and meet new people.

[gif of Roy from the IT Crowd saying “People! What a bunch of bastards.”]


You see the boy and you love him (insp.)
      ↳ Happy Birthday Faiza (victoriasugdens​)

Nice hoodie you got there Pt. 4 - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

A/N: Alright then, next part. After last part got way too cute, in my mind, so I’m going back to emarrassing the reader once again. We gotta stick to the rules. Let’s make things a little complicated. 

word count: 1926

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1. You’re about to enter high school, notice the little things in everyday
2. Make freshman year count. You’re gonna regret those c’s on your report card when you’re ready to apply to college
3. Don’t be so closed minded, just because someone has sex doesn’t make them a slut, just be cause someone likes to party doesn’t make them a drunken cliché teen
4. Don’t let boys determine your worth, happiness, or beauty. They will come and go enjoy every “love of your life you have”
5. Just like boys, friends will also come and go appreciate what each one has to teach you and don’t be afraid to let go of a few along the way.
6. Don’t let anyone tell you that your honors classes are a waste of time and not worth it you will feel accomplished after you finish,but at the same time do not stress your self out over the dumb things your mental health is more important.
7. Read. Read as much as you can as often as you can
8. DRINK WATER WHILE YOU DRINK. You are going to spend many mornings hating yourself for not listening to your friends when they told you to drink water.
9. That older guy who thought you what real love is and then taught you what real heartbreak is just as quickly will be just another stepping stone on the way to your future. Don’t pine after him.
10. Have fun. high school will be the best, worst, most stressful, most fun, most crazy 4 years of your life. Don’t waste it.
—  A list of things I’d tell my freshman self

@toastyhat​ wanted me to make a list of my fav. made-up tropes (not actual TVtropes tropes but the stuff I do in my writing) like she did, so…let’s see.

  1. 100000 Words Of Culture (Rituals, Traditions and Meaningful Outfits, Oh My)
  2. You’re Watching (X), I’m Watching Your Wonderful Face
  3. Background Gokudera Hayato**
  5. Four Pages of Hair-Stroking And Kisses
  6. The Tougher They Are, The Harder They Cry
  7. And Then They Didn’t Have Sex 
    1. And Then They…Probably Had Sex??  
  8. Everybody Is In Awe Of How Hot You Got (But I Get To Kiss You)
  9. Talks Tough, Touches Gentle
  11. Laser-Guided Pain-Vision
    1. Malevolent Psychic Force Of Pure Angst-Fuel.
    2. My Nightmares Are Remarkably Articulate (And Painful)
    3. WE HAVE YOUR ANGST ON BLU-RAY (Welcome To The Matinee)
  12. The Worst Villains Make You Watch.
  13. I Am Bad, You Are Wonderful (Reciprocating My Crush Is FORBIDDEN)
  14. Your Secret Angst And Pain…REVEALED!!! (See #4 and #11)
    1. We Misjudged You And Your Suffering (We’re So Sorry)
  15. Here’s 100 Reasons You Should Love Yourself (As Much As I Love You)

#my very own tropes (which kind of sound like Fallout Boy titles)

…yeah.  So all y’all writers who follow me should do this too b/c it’s a lot of fun?  Just think about what your plots and characters always seem to do–your favorite things to write. :D (feel free to ask for clarification I am MORE than happy to provide examples. eue) 

** In every non-KHR fandom, I’ve got at least one background character in at least one fic who steals multiple traits from Gokudera Hayato.  Smart little fighty background troll?  pony-tailed background science-nerd? desperate, affection-starved background subordinate of a bad boss? over-emotional background punk in that one fight scene?  Gokudera.’s traditional by now.