make the feels better

I lowkey kind of dont like the “use pen all the time!!” argument bc while it DOES help alot w making urself feel more sure about your strokes, it can be a real fuckin struggle if youre like me. Like I use pencil bc i can erase, of course, but im scared of pens bc i have such an unsteady hand; its terrible lmao i like clean, crisp lines but i simply CANT do that with pens.

Those penmanship videos?? The speeddrawing videos with perfect slow lines?? I cant do that; my hands get all shaky and the lines come out too wobbly. So i have to do quick strokes to make anything look decent. Bt that means if I do that with pen, theres a 95% chance that the lines will overlap and get messy n wobbly, its ugly™. Pencil makes it look nicer bc i can erase those 15 extra, unnecessary lines i keep accidentally making

I dunno what the point of this was, just that my hands are shaky, not all artistic advice works for everyone, and dont feel bad if some of the professional art tips just Dont work with you.

not validating your emotions in order to ignore them is pretty cool…until you reach the point where whenever you feel anything you can’t tell if it’s real or not


This was a good day // actually felt kind of sexy for the first time in a long time! 😄

(Also, had the pleasure/honor of seeing the movie Marshall in an early screening and got to stay for Q&A with the screenwriter and director!) 💕👍🎥

12/10 recommend seeing once it comes out!

My roommate seems 100% convinced that John Cena is not retiring, but guys, I’m… I’m really worried about this. The whole thing felt like the Undertaker leaving the ring at Wrestlemania.

I mean, for one, I can’t fucking stand the thought of Roman having personally sent two of the biggest WWE Superstars ever into retirement. He’s just… so boring and unremarkable, and the network is trying to push us into liking him and accepting him as our new hero, and… UGH. It’s bad enough he was the one to take out Undertaker, don’t give him another huge victory so soon after.

And for another thing, I like Cena. By all logic I shouldn’t… he should come across as too cheesy and clean-cut for me to relate to. But he’s just so fucking genuine, I can’t help but love him. I’m not ok if he retires.


if you have been brutally broken,
but still have the courage to be gentle to others
then you deserve a love
deeper than the ocean itself.

for @shiroganesm. i love you.


times have changed



All I want from this reboot is more domestic father Donald with his boys