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“What do you think is the reason of your presence? The reason why someone called Baekhyun exists.”


this is just too sweet i need to share it

peniel said saranghae to each members, their response

minhyuk: saranghae donggeun-ah

ilhoon: kyaa

sungjae: love you too man

changsub: love you too baldie

hyunsik: o yeah~

eunkwang: saranghae peniel

he also said it to hongki and hongki’s response was precious

170317 btob on hongkira full video credit to 재재


Neil is Andrew’s polar opposite, he knows, yet so much of him exists in terrains that Andrew is intimately familiar with. They both know the kind of pain that pushes you to the brink; they both possess the strength to pull themselves back from it, and Neil chose him.

@pipedream & @reneewvlkers breathtaking andreil titanic au.

At one point, the producer and the co-writer Kid Harpoon goes “Let’s do this old school move and we’ll do blah blah blah blah” and Harry said “No… let’s do the most modern tech thing we can possibly do because tape and analog was just the best system they had in the day, so let’s go with the best system we have today and just make it about the melodies.” Which I thought was really great because he was kinda smart enough to know… let’s use all the tools that we have to kinda make it a melodic thing, not necessarily an airless, pop/dance thing but let’s embrace the new tech doing old school love of melody, and I thought that was so smart of him. And that’s kinda what the album is. It really comes from him and he’s a music geek in the greatest way.
—  Cameron Crowe

Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨


hey so it’s been a hot minute since i’ve rly been on here but i’m just checking in to let u all know i’m doing a lot better than i have been for the past several months and finally i consistently feel good getting up everyday which is like…. seriously awesome??? i’ve made some lifestyle changes (eating MUCH healthier, exercising, trying not to sleep so much, and trying to get out more especially) and it’s really helped a lot and made my anxiety/depression a lot more manageable. 

all that being said cutting my time on social media has helped tremendously too. i think i’ll still be on here but just not as much as i used to bc i don’t want to fall into my old habits. 

anyway i just wanted to say thank you all for the kind messages and being patient with me on my bad days. it means a lot to me and i hope good days are coming for all of you too and i wish you all the best!


Boyfriend’s priceless and precious reaction to their first win :)


Everyone is making me feel so many things today. InuKag week is the best week of the year. I’m crying. 

I tried to go for the fear or the feeling of being so close and yet so far. (How are people so good and poetic with their posts? I’m so bad with words. How do?) 

djkslsjah my psychiatrist is a very kind and soft spoken young woman but today she was messing w me so hard it was so funny like she asked “any alcohol?” and i was like “every now and then a glass of wine with dinner” and she very seriously was typing and said “you said 5 glasses?” and i was like “NO!” and she was like “haha i know i’m just playing” and we laughed and then later she was like “are u looking for refills on your prescriptions?” and i was like ya! and she seemed confused/concerned and said “…from me?” and i was panicking for a second and was like “uh well i was hopin-” and she started laughing more and was like “i got u again girl i’m sorry i just have to make today less boring” i’m dying also she’s the best psychiatrist i’ve ever had she like actually Listens to means recommends good treatment imagine that

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me again! i saw reading (again) the new perfect chapter and i noticed that the computer's mouse is on the left side, is GS left-handed? idky but i find this so cute!! actually everything obout him i find cute... another thing i love about the new chap i the heart-warming feelings that momo, his mom and their home are giving away and i bet even HT likes that too, so different from his empty and cold house aaaah i'm reading too much into this again THX @OLD XIAN!!!

you have such an eye for details HOW i would have never noticed the mouse being on the left side!!

okay, so, it took me a bit to reply to you because im nothing if not thorough (well, more like obsessed with tiny and useless stuff, but ‘thorough’ sounds better) and i went back to reread everything, trying to pay attention to which hand the characters use the most, and it turns out that all the main four use the right one to hold their chopsticks 

we’ve also seen zheng xi writing with his right hand, and both he tian and guan shan seem to favor that side to throw punches, so i think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re all right handed!!

which is actually a bit surprising to me?? i had completely forgot about those panels, so i spent all this time believing that he tian was a leftie, and i was debating on guan shan as well. in my defense, both he tian and guan shan use the left hand a lot (….this sounded better in my head……….), way more than jian yi and zheng xi: there are a lot of panels where he tian holds a cigarette with his left hand, and we see guan shan holding a spoon with that one too. they could both be ambidextrous, but i feel like that wasn’t really old xian’s intention and im just reading too much into things as usual: it’s more likely that they are right handed and not utterly incompetent with the left one (unlike me;;;;;;)

and this is already too long, but YES i absolutely agree with you on the heartwarming feeling that guan shan’s home and family give off, it’s the reason why i love guan shan’s relationship with his mom so much, because it’s just??? so playful and affectionate??? and i love how their house is small but full of things, unlike he tian’s apartment, which is huge but it’s all empty spaces and feels barely lived in. it makes me wonder if he tian will maybe feel……well, not envy exactly, but more like some kind of sadness, a mix of loss and longing for that particular warm that comes from the love of your family, and that he seems to have been missing for a while. thinking about this, im even more happy that he met guan shan: he tian is going to find his place beside guan shan and fit in his family and get all the love he deserves

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Kagehina. Nervous Kags proposing to Hinata right after they won the final match

Thanks for the sweet prompt Anon! Here we gooooo

“Tobio-chan~” Oikawa sang. Kageyama stopped walking and turned around to face the other setter. 

“Oikawa-san,” he responded curtly, he really didn’t want to do this today. He and Oikawa had been better since they were both on the national team, but their competitiveness also skyrocketed. Whatever Oikawa was in such a cheery mood about, he didn’t want to hear it.

“Don’t be like that Tobio-chan~ I’m just checking on my favorite rival,” he smiled cheerfully. While the smile was cheerful, his eyes held another emotion, it looked like concern. 

“Checking on me?” Kageyama asked, raising one eyebrow. He didn’t understand.

“Well, yeah,” he said, a serious look coming over him. “When you’re nervous before a game you just file your nails or sit with Chibi-chan, you never wander around. I get that this is the biggest game of our career, being the Olympics and all, but this isn’t like you.”

He was right, Kageyama never did this before a game. It might be the Olympic final, but he always went into every game the same, so what was different this time?

“What is it?” Oikawa asked, sensing the younger boy’s train of thought.

“We really need to win this game,” he responded, his voice almost a whisper.

“And why is that? Don’t say because it’s the Olympics, because I know that’s not it,” Oikawa pushed, tilting his head. Kageyama sighed, maybe it would help telling someone.

“It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t win. If this is going to work, we have to win,” he answered bluntly.

“What are you scheming?” Oikawa asked, a slight smile on his face. Of course he knew. Of course.

“I…a…I want to propose,” he admitted, looking down at his shoes. 

“Well then, let’s go kick some butt,” Oikawa grinned, grabbing Kageyama and dragging him to the court. 

The game was crazy to say the least. Kageyama was on the bench the first two sets, Oikawa in as setter. He was okay with it though, it gave him more time to watch his boyfriend, something he never got tired of. The first set went to Japan, Hinata scoring the final point. The second set was close, but the opposing team took it in the end. Kageyama switched with Oikawa in the middle of the third set, which also went to the opposing team, this time not as close. With Kageyama now in, the fourth set was taken with ease, Bokuto taking the final point. They went into the final set tied, 2-2. This was it, all or nothing. It was a fierce back and fourth battle, but in the end, Japan emerged victorious. 

“Tobio!” Hinata screamed as he jumped on his back, almost falling to the floor. Kageyama was nervous, they had won, which was a good thing, but now he didn’t have an excuse. He saw Oikawa out of the corner of his eye walking towards him, a small box in his hand. As he passed by, he handed the box to Kageyama, walking away with a wink. Kageyama took a deep breath, now or nothing.

“Shouyo,” he started, pulling the other boy off his back. Hinata looked back at him curiously. Now or never. 

“Shouyo,” he repeated, running his free hand through his hair. “When I first met you, I was confused, amazed, and angry. I was amazed at how much effort you put into volleyball, I was angry that you weren’t using your full potential, and I was confused why I hadn’t met you sooner. In the entire three months between that first meeting and our meeting at Karasuno, I thought about you everyday, I wondered what you were doing, if you were playing volleyball. I wondered how much better you would be next time we met. I don’t know how we both ended up at Karasuno, but I like to think it was fate. It was because I met you that I was able to leave behind my past self, it was because of you that I actually started to enjoy volleyball again. In all the years that I have known you, I’ve been able to experience so many things, all because of you. Because of you, I am who I am today, and I love you so much for sticking by me through everything. I was terrified when I accidentally confessed to you in second year, but it ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done. Well, hopefully second best,” he took a deep breath and got down on his knee, pulling the box open in front of him. “Hinata Shouyo, would you make today the best day of my life? No matter what the future holds, I want us to go through it together. I guess what I’m trying to say is, will you marry me?” 

Everything froze. Time, movement, everything. Kageyama held his breath, waiting for Hinata to do something, anything. Shock complete took over Hinata, and Kageyama wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. The shock slowly melted from his face, taken over instead by the largest, brightest smile Kageyama had ever seen.

“Of course I’ll marry you!” he cheered, rushing forward and tackling Kageyama in a hug. Towering over him, Hinata leaned in for the most passionate kiss Kageyama had ever experienced. This was happening, Hinata had said yes. 

There, on the volleyball court, where so much had happened, from fights to first kisses, a new chapter opened. 

Kageyama couldn’t wait for the rest of their lives.