make that turn

if i may gloat for a moment, i have a small Gamer™ story.

one time my wonderful friends @ragtiming and @bloodrock-lobster and i were playing don’t starve together and we decided to play with a twist. we turned PvP and random spawn location on and generated a small-ish map. after spawning in separate random locations, two of us would be hunters, while one of us would be the prey.

now, i have a very intense fear of being chased, so of course i was the prey because my friends love me SO much. or maybe i volunteered to get over my fear. i can’t remember. it was probably both.

and lemme tell you. i literally snuck around them while they were right next to me. i was going all around the map and i managed to stay hidden the ENTIRE time by looking for signs of living and predicting where my friends would go and after three hours they gave up and i won. i am the king of hide and seek. thanks so much for reading.

anonymous asked:

I've been following u for 3 years and I just noticed it was a pun. The pun. The Paige Turner. I'm dying inside

Hahaha! You must be following me on a different platform (which, holy hell, thanks for sticking around so long). 

Okay so the book that I read/took inspiration from where the girl’s alias was Paige Turner, didn’t hit me either until the very end of the book, AND MY NAME IS PAIGE. So I completely 100% understand. 

vikings au where hel is a steve equivalent trying to kidsit the next generation.

Let’s play a game called is this guy on my mind because I genuinely like him or because he’s giving me attention