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Snowbaz morning and night headcanons

For COC day 19: Late nights/early mornings.

Snowbaz morning headcanons:

-Baz always says “Good morning, love” to Simon

-Simon’s hair is super messy EVERY MORNING

-Baz likes to sleep in on weekends but Simon will get up while he’s still sleeping and try to make him a fancy breakfast, almost always messing it up a little, but even if it tastes disgusting Baz will eat the whole thing and say that he liked it, because Simon is so endearing.

-Baz has early-getting-up-for-work-mornings down to a fine routine, whereas Simon just mucks around for ages and then gets ready in a panic at the last minute.

-Baz ties his hair back when he brushes his teeth and washes his face and Simon loves that look a lot (Baz totally sees the way Simon eyes him in the mirror).

-Simon likes to kiss Baz when he’s shaving and see Baz get mildly annoyed at the shaving cream he gets on his face.

-They seem to constantly be buying butter because Simon will eat slabs of it on whatever he has for breakfast, be it crumpets or cornflakes or something else entirely. He’ll eat butter with bacon and eggs.

-Baz drinks strong black coffee every morning, but will only have weak, sweet, milky coffees or tea during the day.

-Simon never opens the curtains in the morning now because he knows the sunlight causes Baz discomfort.

Snowbaz night headcanons:

-Baz likes to cook creative meals whenever he isn’t working, and they’re not going out. He puts a lot of effort into the presentation and then Simon just says a quick “looks good” before demolishing it and finishing completely within about 30 seconds.

-Simon is a lightweight, so Baz always ends up looking after him when they go out drinking.

-Simon sometimes falls asleep in front of the TV, and Baz will carry him to bed.

-Baz thinks sleepy Simon is the most adorable thing ever.

-Simon likes to drag Baz out on late night walks through the park.

-Baz develops a taste for tea before bed.

-Baz finally lets Simon help him get blood, and every second Friday night they’ll go out hunting and bag up blood to keep in the fridge for the next couple weeks.

-They both still have nightmares quite often, and they’ll always comfort each other. Simon will get up and make Baz a cup of tea before sitting up in bed with him, arms wrapped around him, and asking him what it was. Baz will pull Simon closer to him, and ask if he wants to talk about, but Simon rarely does, so he’ll whisper things like “shh, it’s alright love. You’ll be alright. I’m right here,” and he’ll kiss Simon’s forehead and stroke his hair out of the way and stroke his cheek.

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Deep thoughts on @confusedzach

uhm who?                 just kiddING I LOVE THIS FUCKING 4′11 SHIT.

(u guys better be ready for sum gud laiden shit)

okok where to start hm weLL HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN HER MOODBOARDS?? fuck theyre so good like it makes me wanna go do cute things with the boys even though theyre headasses 8/10 times. she post some high-quality shit, and that girl knows how to fuck me up with some good jack & zach photos.

she send me pictures of her dogs and i fuckin love gotham he’s the cutest of her dogs!!! and i get updates on her little brother/moms husband/her moms sleeping schedule and i swear to go ill go to ohio and make them all sleep cause they all need normal sleeping hours and not to be up at fuckin 2 am.

shes the cutest fucker out there, she might not wear fucking weather appropriate clothes but she definitely is the cutest with her boopable nose and messy hair and glasses and her eyes are pretty bUT my favorite look of hers is when she had a black eye from a fuckin ceiling fan.

but i swear to god this girl loves her friends and family so much its heartwarming and when she talks about her family its so cute and pure and wow she needs to adopt me cause her family is great and i love her family, especially her grandma which is practically an older version of her.

and she made me a playlist and wowowowowow i love it and she deadass called which song id love the most and was 120% right and i listen to the playlist so much its not even okay. her music taste is fucking great for a sleep-deprived faerie 


5 Things Tag

I was tagged by @tigerellasims, my lovely wife

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • two kinds of lip balm
  • my epipen (for a food allergy)
  • lipstick I never wear
  • my sugar skull storm trooper wallet
  • a roll-up reusable grocery bag

5 thing you’ll find in my room:

  • my pretty, glowy PC named Petunia
  • hand sanitizer
  • way too much junk
  • all my stuff from university that I’m not using
  • a massive pile of clean clothes that I’m too lazy to fold

5 things that make me happy:

  • Harry Potter
  • other good books
  • cozy blankets
  • the sims
  • the Hamilton soundtrack

5 things I’m currently into:

  • The Crown season 2 on Netflix
  • the Hamilton soundtrack
  • creating a playlist based off of the local alternative radio station
  • @josiesimblr‘s The Best Summer story
  • sleep ;-p

5 things on my to do list:

  • do something with either of my stories
  • come up with something to do for 100 followers
  • finish my secret santa gift for the discord
  • buy work shoes
  • get some cc in my game

I tag everyone of the FairyMilk discord (unless you’ve already done it or don’t want to, you do you boo)

@thriftytrait@crabb-sims@felicitum@brohilda@tangandzing@complicite @amanasims @oaksim @plushfish @sassyllamas @soleilsim 

and one of the OG’s @dreambot

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pssst it is i an anon coming to ask u how to manage my hair-- its chin length and i just cut it and every time i go to sleep i wake up with it sticking straight up and it wont go back down

get some conditioner, and in the shower let it soak in your hair for like 2 minutes. it makes ur hair smoother and easier to manage! or just be like me and go outside w bastard hair like the gremlin i am.

171210: The Slogan held by ARMYs said “The desert can become a sea if we are together”. The front part depicts the desert and the back symbolizes the sea and hence, the desert becomes the sea. (Photo by Bulletproof_SG)

BTS described in their hidden track 'Sea’ their hardships. They painted the desert as their career where they fancied to reach the sea (dreams) but to do that they had to cross the badlands full of brutal winds and misfortunes. Once they reached the sea, they were not sure if it was real or a mirage because even now they thought this success will not persist. The lyrics are very heartbreaking and something only ARMY can relate to that’s why it was a hidden track that can only be found in their latest album ‘Love Yourself Her’ (not online). ARMY who got very moved made this slogan event and tried their best to hide it from BTS before the concert. It’s a way to say that together no matter the desert they are in, we can change it to a beautiful sea together. BTS then cried and called the slogan 'cheating’. As clearly as ARMY understood their pain through their lyrics, Bangtan understood that they are no more weak or alone and that today a whole ARMY is here to protect them and push them higher. 

The lyrics of Sea “I thought this was the ocean but it’s a desert. A medium-sized, ordinary idol was my second name. Countless people get cut from the broadcast. But someone’s empty spot is our dream. They say some of these kids can’t make it cuz their agency is too small. I know, I know, I know too. Times when the seven of us had to sleep in one room. With a foolish hope that tomorrow will be different before we fell asleep. We saw the mirage in the desert but we couldn’t grasp it. Praying that we’ll remain in this desert until the end, praying that this isn’t truly our reality. In the end, we reached the mirage and it became our reality. The scary desert became the ocean with our blood, sweat and tears. But why is there this fear in between the happiness?Because we know too well that this place is really a desert”

Listen to Sea HERE Full lyrics HERE

a small sleepy sans to get those sweet Zs that stars know i’m not inclined to getting, heh.

also titled ‘please let me look at something that isn’t a wip dating sim background for half an hour thank you’

edit: now with extra smol 1x resolution bean…

Jean Moreau ‘firsts’ to consider:

  • the first time Jean allowed himself to enjoy a blue sky
    • the trojans had dragged him off to a picnic for “team bonding” and it was the first time he’d been allowed to look at the sky without Riko looming over him
  • the first time Jean felt the grass under his fingers
    • on that same picnic, while Laila and Alvarez were wrestling playfully nearby, Jean looked at the grass under the blanket and ran his hands over it and was in awe at how smooth it was
  • the first time Jean went to a party
    • the Trojans just won a game and wanted to celebrate, so of course they made Jean come along, and at first he’d been apprehensive, but then Jeremy grinned at him and it turned out to be not so bad
  • the first time Jean genuinely smiled
    • unsurprisingly, it was because of Jeremy, who made a stupid pun that Jean wanted to groan at, but he found it humorous somehow so he just… couldn’t help it
  • the first time Jean failed and didn’t beat himself up over it
    • the Trojans rarely lose a game, but sometimes Jean can’t stop a shot that should have been easy. One day he can’t block a shot and he’s surprised to realize he’s just thought “I’ll do better next time”
  • the first time Jean lets himself love
    • it’s not just Jeremy, but also Laila and Alvarez, who show him that love isn’t supposed to be painful or possessive or suffocating and who give him the courage to let the team love him
    • even Jeremy
    • (especially Jeremy)

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((elsewhere, sammy and a handful of other employees are asleep at their desks. Also, somebody please get Henry to a hospital.))

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Jonsa AU: Poldark

(i don’t watch the show but basically i saw the promo photos for season 3 of poldark and gasped really loudly and then proceeded to make this at 1am in the morning. what are priorities?)

To new K-pop fans…

1. I remember when I first got I to K-pop and I tried to remember their names by remembering their hair color…. I was mistaken. Don’t. Save yourself the confusion.

2. Look up their ages. You might be in for a shock.

3. There is a thing called ‘Korean age’ and basically that means your favorites are going to have 2 ages. There actual age and then their Korean age. For Korean age you automatically turn one on the day you’re born and then gain another year on new year. So you basically add 1 to two years depending on if it’s before or after new year. So when you hear something like “they’re a 94 liner” that means that they were born in 1994..simple right.

4. They aren’t gay. Well logically speaking some of them probably are, but most are straight. Idols are affectionate with each other. You will see them sleeping and cuddling in the same bed, always touching one another, and always getting jealous over one of their members *cough * Jungkook *cough* They aren’t afraid of ‘skinship’ and that doesn’t make them gay.

5. Aegyo. Aegyo is basically just acting overly cute and it can take some getting used too especially if you’re from a country where 'cute’ isn’t really standard. Yeah grown men and women acting overly cute is still something I can’t handle a lot of.

6. V-live. V-live is basically video instagram for Korean artists. That is where they go live, post fun videos, and etc. You can download it completely free from your app store. There are some channels/content that you have to pay for if you want to watch it though. Most of the big names in K-pop will have subtitles on their content because of the lovely translators in the fandom, but a lot of the small or newer groups won’t. 😔

Oh and if you download vlive and your watching a solo live from one of your favorites and they aren’t your bias *favorite* DON’T ASK FOR OTHER MEMBERS!!!!!! It makes them feel bad… K… Thanks.

7. There is a dark side to K-pop. Most trainees get treated horribly, some idols don’t eat enough, Scandal on top of Scandal and etc but I’m going to all of that. You can dive into the tell of darkness on your own. Or you can message me or another K-pop fan with any questions.

8. Music shows. Music shows usually happen every week and if your face just had a comeback *aka released new music* then they will likely be on soon. The music shows have winners and those winners are chosen by sales, votes, and I believe views.. IDK. So if you want to vote you can go and make free accounts and vote. Accounts will also help you with voting for the end of the year music shows. MAMA is one of the major ones in case you’ve seen the phrase 'vote bts or vote exo or vote got7 for mama’ it’s not talking about voting for their mother.

9. Variety shows. Oh god variety shows. They will be the best and worst thing to happen to you because one you see your favorites on a variety program *which is kinda like a game show/interview* and you see how adorkable they truly are you are in that fandom for life. Sorry. Not sorry. No way out. K-pop is not a revolving door. Welcome.

Variety shows often involve punishments. Like being spanked by your fellow members or being hit on the head really hard with a toy hammer or flicked in the forehead. It’s weird but you’ll love it. Oh and the K-pop dances are amazing and scary complicated as is, but wait until you see it 2x faster. Not sure idols are human TBH.

10. Whiplash. What I mean by this is you are going to pick a favorite and they are going to be adorable and cute and you are going to want to protect them and their innocence and then they are going to get on stage or start dancing and they change into this rude creature and you’re not sure what just happened …i call it whiplash. The transition from fluffy to rude within .0000001 of a second. You get whiplash.

11. You have to go to YouTube and look up K-pop crack videos. Just look up 'K-pop crack’ or 'K-pop on crack’ they are so funny. Also the K-pop try not to laugh videos.

12. K-pop fandom. Each fandom has a name for their fans, like bts’ fans are called 'Army’ And each fandom either has or will at some point have a unique lightstick to represent their fandom. Fan chants are also a thing. You will often hear these at music shows and concerts. They are quite easy to pick up ion their own, but if you need assistance then you can google “ *group name* fan chants”

13. You don’t speak Korean. That is perfectly okay. Most of the big groups have amazing translators in their fandoms and they sub everything..mostly into English.. But I’ve seen some in Spanish and German too. You do not have to speak the language to be able to love K-pop. Music doesn’t need lyrics to be understood. But more power to you if you want to learn Korean it is a beautiful language and has amazing tradition and heritage that is so fun to learn about.

14. K-dramas. They are a thing and they are amazing. A lot of your favs have probably made an appearance if not had a leading role. Even if they don’t have your favs I do recommend downloading 'Drama Fever’ and binge watching. Again there are sub titles and most of the content is free, but there is some you have to pay for.

15. Military enlistment. It is law in Korea that every able-bodied man must serve at least 2 years in the military before they are 32. Idols from Thailand such as 2pm’s Nichkhun and Got7’s BamBam can either take the full 2 years or enter the draft. If they enter the draft and don’t draw a red card then they don’t have to go, but if they enter the draft and draw the red card then they have to serve the full 2 years. Idols from America and other countries are exempt I do believe.

Let me or another K-pop Stan know if you have any more questions and we’ll do our best to answer and if anyone has something else to add feel free ☺

Welcome to the K-pop life ♥

You say you hit your head? Enjoy not getting any sleep.

Some context: I work in a nursing home. Nightshift on a men’s dementia floor, to be exact. I’ve posted a few stories here before, but they were about family members rather than residents, so here’s one about a resident. Some minor details changed and no identifying information given to coincide with HIPAA.

Normally, I wouldn’t harbor ill-will towards any resident since dementia makes them do bad things and it’s not their fault. A perfectly sweet lady can become an abusive prick once the Alzheimer’s kicks in. But this resident in particular didn’t have dementia. He was 100% legally competent and totally with it and not even in his thirties yet, he was just stuck on my floor because he was physically incapable of taking care of himself due to a lack of strength in his arms and legs caused by some injury. As for why he was on my unit instead of in a hospital or taken care of at home… that’s anyone’s guess, but judging by his behavior I assume it was because no one could stand to be around him for more than five minutes and we tend to get a lot of the residents with “behavioral issues.” Just so we’re clear, this guy wasn’t our normal case of “dear ol’ grandpa who was shellshocked in ‘Nam is now violent due to dementia,” this guy was mentally sound and was just a jerk.

Case in point, this guy was frequently abusive (physically, verbally, and sometimes even sexually) with the staff. He also had a severe case of “Oh and one more thing” whenever anyone tried to help him, going as far as to frequently lie and make stuff up for people to do just for attention or to exert control or whatever.

Naturally, dealing with difficult people is my job, but this guy had no excuse to be as difficult as he was, so I had absolutely no patience for the man and neither did literally anybody staffed on that floor. When the people who very frequently deal with residents who make absurd demands and physically assault the staff are complaining that this guy (who, again, was completely with it) was too much to handle, you know it’s bad.

One particular night, after dealing with his crap for half an hour straight around 3AM (he didn’t tend to fall asleep until 4) it was getting ridiculous. I was trying my darndest to do what I could to help him because I had to, but my patience was wearing a bit thin so I was being a bit more terse than normal. At this point, he was insisting he needed a new bed alarm because his didn’t work. I told him, several times, that it was a silent bed alarm (so it rang the front desk but didn’t BEEP BEEP loudly itself so as to not disturb his roommate). To “prove” his point, he very suddenly conjured up all the strength his body somehow hid and flung himself off the bed as I stared in disbelief, not able to react.

The area he landed on was free of anything he might hurt himself on, and in fact, he had fall mats on the sides of his bed to catch him anyway. He also had a very low bed. In total, he fell about 6 inches onto a soft mat as I watched him. But this guy insisted he had hit his head (despite no object even coming with a foot of his head on his descent).

Normally, if a resident fell like that and someone watched it, we’d have to take vitals (incl. blood pressure) anyway just to make sure they’re alright, but the resident could refuse the vitals. But, he said he hit his head…

Naturally, I called in the nurse on duty. She’s normally a sweet lady who’d feel guilty if she looked at a fly wrong, but also had the sense of humor of a wet blanket. When I told her what actually happened (that he threw himself onto the mat and was fine) he insisted that he had actually fallen out of bed and hit his head, and that he needed a new bed alarm so that wouldn’t happen, somehow. Unfortunately for him, our policy is that if a resident says they hit their head, even if the fall was witnessed as the contrary, we have to treat it as though they hit their head. Also, our policy is that in such a fall, the resident gets vitals taken every 15 minutes for the next 4 hours. For added fun, the nurse also has to do neurochecks (stuff like shining a flashlight in your eye and asking you to move your legs and arms to make sure you’re not concussed), and the resident can’t refuse these because a concussion is quite serious!

I got to watch her gleefully explain all this to the man. He realized he wouldn’t be getting a wink of sleep that night and tried to backpeddle and admit that he hadn’t actually hit his head, but… sorry! Gotta follow procedure!

So from 3 to 7AM the nurse dutifully went back there every 15 minutes for a quick round of blood pressure and other fun stuff while he kept whining about how he just wanted to go to sleep. Honestly, I’m not even sure if she had to do the neurochecks every time as well, but she wanted to be extra careful, so she did them anyway.

Insomnia strategy

I don’t remember if I’ve posted this here before or not, so I’m gonna post it again on the off chance someone finds it helpful. 

A few years ago I was sitting in a coffee shop with two of my aunts and one was talking about her daughter, my cousin, who was traveling around Europe (that aunt has money) and anyway, the cousin in question was having a lot of difficulty sleeping in the various hotels and youth hostels she was staying in. 

My aunt said, “She just hasn’t learned to cope with insomnia yet.” 

“The worst thing you can do about insomnia is stress about insomnia,” she said, “If you’re lying in bed thinking about how tired you’re going to be tomorrow, and thinking about how badly you need to get to sleep, and how few hours you have left to sleep, all you’re doing is making the insomnia worse.” 

And I’m thinking, “Well, sure, that’s a given, but all those things are still *true*, so how the heck do you NOT think them?” 

Then she said the magic words: 

“Some nights, you just have to say to yourself, ‘Okay, it looks like I will not be sleeping tonight. That’s okay. I will sleep another night. Tonight, I’m not going to worry about sleeping. Tonight, I am going to lie down in a comfortable bed and rest my body and my eyes. I won’t sleep, but that’s okay. I’ll still rest tonight, and I’ll sleep another night.’” 

I don’t know why that shook me so much, but somehow, ever since then, if I’m having a night where I just cannot drift off? I will give myself permission not to. I will stay in bed, turn on some music sometimes, leave my electronics off, close my eyes, and just rest my body. I will give myself explicit permission to not sleep that night.

And half the time? Doing that calms me down so freaking much that I sleep after all. 

Now, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I spend the entire night lying there, eyes closed but mind rambling away about whatever it is my mind can’t shut up about. But even when I don’t sleep a wink, the fact that I rested my body all night still leaves me more functional the next day than I have any right to be. 

And the next night I’ll usually be out like a light. 

Granted, this will not work for everyone. For those of you who suffer chronic insomnia, you have my deepest sympathies. This strategy may not mean squat for you. And even those of you whose insomnia is intermittent like mine may not find this useful at all. 

But if there is even the slightest chance that it can help someone, then I’m happy to type it up and leave it here. 

MOVIN IN | Moving in with Shawn [BP]

A/N: Hi here’s another bullpoint thingy haha. I’m planning on two other bps! Chrismas! Shawn and Best Friend! Shawn. Tell me if you want me to make them! Hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed! Much love xx

Moving in with Shawn:

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Momma Bear Steve.

Description: Reader is a very tough girl but she’s actually the biggest dork. (oops I suck at descriptions, RIP)

Character(s): Dustin (platonic), Steve (romantic)

Word Count: 2044 (I got carried away, oops)

Warnings: potty mouth tbh, sorry. Fight between some characters… Uhhhh, shitty writing?

Originally posted by joekeesry

When the name (Y/n) was whispered through the halls, all that would be picked up would be the words ‘bad-ass’ or 'bitch’. (Y/n) was not a force to be messed with, she was a fighter, (Y/n) knew how to protect herself. Everyone seemed to know of her but no one ever seemed to talk to her.

The pretty girl with the (y/l/h) (y/h/c) always was seen alone, either writing in a notebook or listening to her Walkman. Steve Harrington never really payed attention considering his constant pining for Nancy Wheeler but that would soon change for him and ultimately all of them.

“Really, everyone dressed up last year!” said Dustin as the three rode their bikes quicker, whilst you skated. You had promised Claudia that you’d keep an eye on him when Will went missing in the Upside down. Even though Will had returned, Mrs. Henderson was still worried so you continued babysitting. Not that you minded very much, they could be a handful at times but the boys had grown on you.

“It’s a conspiracy, I swear.” he continued making you snort. “Really, Henderson? A cons-” you were cut off by the sound of a rumbling engine which made you promptly turn your head, Billy Hargrove.

“Guys, turn!” you yelled almost falling off your skateboard while making sure the boys safely got off the road. As Billy’s car swerved slightly, you helped Dustin get up, seeing as he had fallen off of his bike in a panic. “Was that-”

Billy.” “Mad Max.” you and Lucas said simultaneously.


The next day you made your way to where you knew Billy would be. The parking lot.

“(Y/N), really, you shouldn’t. He’s gonna…”

He’s gonna what? Hit me? I’d like to see him fucking try.” you scoffed at Dustin. You were angry to say the least. Sure you had all night to cool off but you only became angrier, barely even getting sleep. No one tried to run innocent kids over and get away with it. Not on your watch.

“He could, (y/n)! You don’t know what that asshole is capable of! I mean, damn it, he tried to kill us yesterday!” he yelled catching the attention of a few students.  "That’s exactly my point, Dustin! I’m not okay with some douche bag coming into our already shitty town and trying to kill my friends. Over my dead fucking body.“ You hissed turning and making your way to Billy’s car.

Smoke was coming from the drivers side as Max slammed the door shut behind her, only to become confused when she saw you walking angrily towards her.  ”(y/n)?“ She asked quietly but you ignored her.

You pulled the drivers side open and pulled Billy out by his jacket, "What the fuck?” he growled pushing you back. “You think it’s fucking funny to try and murder some kids? You think that’s okay you fucking asshole?!” you yelled catching the attention of everyone in the parking lot, which included Steve Harrington.

“Yeah, I do actually. What are you gonna d-” you didn’t let him finish because you had swung your fist back and proceeded to punch him in the nose. Hearing the loud crack made everyone watching cringe but you weren’t done, not even close.

“You do anything to hurt those kids again and you’ll be dealing with a lot more than a broken nose. You hear me, asshole?” you hissed before grabbing both Dustin’s and Max’s arms and dragging them to their middle school. Before you left you turned to them and said, “if he bothers you let me know. I’m more than willing to kick his ass again.”


Steve, the kids and yourself had stayed at the house as El, Hopper, Jane, Will, Nancy and Jonathan were out trying to get the Demo-dogs, Mind Flayer and the Gate under control. Mike seemed anxious and desperate to help though, which made you slightly worried considering he was adamant on helping. It was a gesture you welcomed but something felt wrong. It was as if a big storm was coming, you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

“Right, y- so my point is-” stammered Steve, the kids and yourself stared at him expectantly as he looked around. “-Right, yeah, we’re on the bench so, uh, there’s nothing we can do.” he finished.

“That’s not entirely true…” stated Dustin. “I mean, these Demo-dogs, they have a hive mind.” He paused looking around at us. “When they ran away from the bus they were called away.”

“So if we get their attention-” began Lucas, “maybe we could draw them away from the lab?” continued Max. “and clear a path to the gate…” finished Mike.

“yeah, and then we ALL DIE.” stated Steve throwing his hands in the air.

“That’s one point of view.” Said Dustin making you roll your eyes. “No, that’s not a point-of-view, man, that’s a fact.” muttered Steve. “I got it!” said Mike walking towards the other room.

The kid’s gathered around Mike as he explained that maybe they could set a fire and what else could arise from it. “Hey!” you yelled since they had continued to ignore Steve’s protests. He thanked you and continued his speech about keeping them safe which made you giggle softly to yourself. When did “King Steve” become such a mom?

“I need a yes.” he huffed but before anyone could agree a loud engine prompted you all to turn your heads towards the door.



“Am I dreaming or is that you, Harrington?” asked Billy as he leaned against his car. “Yeah, it’s me. Don’t cream your pants.” Steve muttered while putting his hands on his hips. You would’ve laughed if you weren’t so pissed off.

“Oh! And your little boyfriend is here too? She’s obviously the man in this relationship right?” he chuckled while shrugging off his jacket.

“Fuck off Hargrove.” you hissed taking a few steps toward him only to have Steve hold you back softly.

The following events had passed by too quickly for you to fully process. Billy asked about Max and saw them watching which prompted him to kick Steve and push past you. You ran to Steve and helped him up as you heard the door slam behind you.



When you had managed to get into the house again, Billy had Lucas pushed up against the wall. You watched him, anger bubbling inside of you as Billy yelled at Lucas.

“you’re dead.” huffed Billy after Lucas kicked him, which kicked your anger into high gear. “No, Billy, you’re dead.” you growled before kicking him in the balls which made him yell angrily and grab you by the hair. You managed to get him off of you as Steve stepped in punching him in the face.

“Get out.” muttered Steve pushing Billy back slightly. Billy paused before throwing a punch, which thankfully Steve dodged but since you were standing right behind Steve, Billy had managed to punch you instead. You fell backwards hearing the kids gasp.

You were dizzy but still conscious as you watched Billy beat up Steve. You looked around desperately and saw the needle used to sedate Will. Max was trying to help you up so you grabbed the needle and gave it to her. That was the only thing you remember.


“We have to get them together. I mean look at them, they’re practically on top of each other.”  Dustin whispered looking down at you and Steve. “Yeah, they’d be the parents of the party.” muttered Mike as he brushed a strand of hair off of your face. “No, they would both be the mom.”  Max said from the drivers seat. “Yeah, Steve is a total mom, I mean have you met him?

You and Steve were laying with your limbs tangled together with matching band aids on your faces as Max drove you all to the pumpkin patch. You stirred slightly making the kids stop talking.

"No, don’t touch it…” you heard Dustin whisper which confused you seeing as you hadn’t moved. It was then that you felt movement from under you which prompted you to open your eyes and groan. “You’re awake too, good… You put up a good fight… He kicked you’re ass, Steve, but you put up a good fight, buddy, okay?” you heard Dustin whisper again. You turned your head slightly and saw Lucas telling Max driving instructions. Driving instructions?!

“What’s going on?” both you and Steve asked moving slightly away from each other. Panic overcame you and you started to try and get up but Dustin was holding you back slightly. “Oh my God.” both you and Steve mumbled while simultaneously turning to each other.

As Dustin tried to calm both of you, you started yelling to stop the car but they weren’t listening.

“I told you they’d freak out!” yelled Mike as Steve yelled at Max to stop the car and you tried to push Dustin off of you.

“EVERYBODY SHUT UP! I’m trying to focus!” yelled Max glancing at you guys which made you even more nervous but it got both you and Steve to shut up. Only for fear to bubble up in both of you and scream when Max turned a little too sharply for your liking.

When you both arrived at the pumpkin patch Steve was still trying to convince the kids that they were not going into the hole but they were not having it. “Steve, forget it, they’re being brats and they’re not going to listen.”

“Hey!” Yelled Dustin to which you only rolled your eyes and flicked his forehead, “am I wrong dipshit?”

Finally, the gate was closed and everything seemed relatively normal. You had managed not to get the kids hurt or killed and Billy had seemed to get the message that you were not a force to be messed with.

“Farrah Fawcett spray?” you asked leaning on Dustin’s against Dustin’s door frame. He jumped half a foot and glared at you. “Shut up.” he muttered making you giggle. “Let me guess, Steve Harrington let you in on his little 'hair secret’.” you muttered arching a brow. A small blush spread across his face making you smile softly at him. “Let me help?” you asked.

The  three of you sat in Steve’s car on your way to the Snowball talking about nonsense. As Steve parked the car, Dustin moved the rear view mirror to look at himself. “Hey… C'mon” Said Steve, turning to Dustin. “You look great okay?” Steve muttered and as he comforted Dustin you couldn’t help but smile. Steve Harrington had gone from “King Steve” to “Momma Bear Steve” and you couldn’t help but think that it suited him ten times better. Showing this side of him, the soft side, made your heart swell in your chest and the way he comforted someone who you could technically call your brother made tears swell in your eyes.

“Yeah, uh, don’t do that, okay?” Steve muttered, after Dustin had purred, making you giggle. “Good luck, Dustin… You look great.” you said kissing his cheek softly. He blushed slightly and smiled at you, “thanks, (Y/N)… You guys are really cool…” he stated before waving and closing the car door.

You couldn’t help but feel proud as he walked into the school and you also couldn’t help feeling a bit ridiculous as tears escaped your eyes. “Hey, you okay?” asked Steve softly, you realized he was looking at you and you hastily wiped your tears away.

“Yeah, I’m grea-great.” you sobbed.  

“Hey, hey, hey! C'mere…” he whispered helping you into the passengers seat before hugging you. He felt warm as you cried into his chest feeling silly for crying but not being able to help it.

“I’m just so proud of him.” you cried into his chest, smacking him when you felt his chest shake with laughter. “It’s not funny, Steve!” you cried sniffling and wiping your tears away. “You’re such a dork, (Y/n)!” he chuckled keeping his hold on your hand which made you blush. “It’s cute.” he whispered a soft smile on his face. You didn’t know who had leaned in but you could care less as your lips molded together perfectly with his in a warm and short kiss.

“So, guess we’re the Parents now, huh?”

“Eh, I’d say we’re both the mom.”

So, uh this is my first Steve imagine? It’s also the first writing i’ve done in a while and I apologize, I just have finals coming up so I’ve been a bit busy, but I will start writing more soon! Hope you enjoyed! This was requested by @lil-aesthetics-n-hope so I hope this is what you wanted! I did change it a little bit, I hope you don’t mind!! Thank you for your request btw!