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Dad Tips from DD:ADDS
  • Dad Tip #1: Don't forget to floss everyday
  • Dad Tip #2: It's never too early to invest in a personal IRA
  • Dad Tip #3: Start building creidt as early as possible
  • Dad Tip #4: Stand up for yourself - don't let anyone disrespect you
  • Dad Tip #5: Everyone needs to know how to use power tools
  • Dad Tip #6: Don't trust anyone who likes their meat well done
  • Dad Tip #7: LaserDisc is clearly the superior video format
  • Dad Tip #8: Drink a full glass of water in the morning to help wake up
  • Dad Tip #9: Don't use metal utensils on nonstick frying pans
  • Dad Tip #10: If you're parking uphill, be sure to turn your tires toward the street
  • Dad Tip #11: It's rude to ask people about their mysterious hand tattoos
  • Dad Tip #12: Moving pictures is hands down the best Rush album
  • Dad Tip #13: Buy quality, not quantity
  • Dad Tip #14: Shave with the grain
  • Dad Tip #15: You always have time for a beer with your buds
  • Dad Tip #16: Always use a coat of wax after wash
  • Dad Tip #17: Nothing can beat reading in print.
  • Dad Tip #18: Always carry a pocket knife
  • Dad Tip #19: Use your hips when throwing
  • Dad Tip #20: Keep your word
  • Dad Tip #21: Eat a lot of broccoli
  • Dad Tip #22: Drinking too much water can cause water intoxication
  • Dad Tip #23: Take care of your health while you're still young
  • Dad Tip #24: Always help a friend in need.
  • Dad Tip #25: Drink plenty of water
  • Dad Tip #26: Exercise regularly and you'll stay healthy!
  • Dad Tip #27: Don't eat too close to your bedtime
  • Dad Tip #28: Always check the card reader at ATMs before you swipe
  • Dad Tip #29: Medicine is not always the best medicine
  • Dad Tip #30: Always bring a war chest
  • Dad Tip #31: You're young, you have your health, now is the time to take risks
  • Dad Tip #32: You can't beat the whammy bar
  • Dad Tip #33: The solo from Kid Charlemagne is the greatest guitar solo ever recorded
  • Dad Tip #34: Peter Weller actually has a PHD in history
  • Dad Tip #35: It's called masking tape for a reason
  • Dad Tip #36: Trust no one
  • Dad Tip #37: If you press the ignition too long you'll just flood the engine
  • Dad Tip #38: The extended cut is the only cut worth watching
  • Dad Tip #39: They really stepped up the production value for Episode V
  • Dad Tip #40: Managing debt is just part of being an adult
  • Dad Tip #41: Run through the finish line
  • Dad Tip #42: What you do, when you don't have to, will determine where you'll be when you can't help it
  • Dad Tip #43: When lifting weights, use proper form and a full range of motion
  • Dad Tip #44: Gas is cheaper in the suburbs
  • Dad Tip #45: Do what you love and the money will come
  • Dad Tip #46: Do it once, do it right
  • Dad Tip #47: Don't skip the corners
  • Dad Tip #48: Eat plenty of carbs the night before a big game
  • Dad Tip #49: If the police are driving behind you, don't give them probable cause to pull you over
  • Dad Tip #50: Try to drive in a way where you never have to use your brakes
  • Dad Tip #51: You can save bookmarks directly to your desktop
  • Dad Tip #52: A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the eye.
  • Dad Tip #53: Pet every dog.
  • Dad Tip #54: Have you ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?
  • Dad Tip #55: Liquor beforee beef, you're in the clear
  • Dad Tip #56: Go ask your mother
  • Dad Tip #57: If life gives you lemons, parsley, onions, and eggs... make a really nice omelet
  • Dad Tip #58: Practice makes permanent.
  • Dad Tip #59: First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairiest chest
  • Dad Tip #60: Never give up, never remember
  • Dad Tip #61: That quirky lab assistant from NCIS just reminds me of you
  • Dad Tip #62: Whistle while you work
  • Dad Tip #63: Please remember to call us once in a while
  • Dad Tip #64: Get whatever job you want, just make sure it includes health insurance
  • Dad Tip #65: grow your own vegetables. It's cheaper, I think
  • Dad Tip #66: It's okay if you don't come in first, just make sure you have health insurance
  • Dad Tip #67: Try to exercise regularly
  • Dad Tip #68: Sleep is important! Make sure you're getting enough.
  • Dad Tip #69: It's okay to cry if you're sad
  • Dad Tip #70: Make sure to sweep under your tent so you don't sleep on rocks
  • Dad Tip #71: Good tire pressure is essential to optimal mileage
  • Dad Tip #72: The only acceptable time and place for decaf coffee is never and in the trash
  • Dad Tip #73: When changing a tire, make sure to tighten the bolts in a starfish pattern
  • Dad Tip #74: Anyone who tells you that a drink isn't manly has never known heartache
  • Dad Tip #75: Call someone if you're thinking about them. They probably want to hear from you.
  • Dad Tip #76: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • Dad Tip #77: Don't smoke
  • Dad Tip #78: Try not to make assumptions about people
  • Dad Tip #79: Don't trust gas station egg sandwiches
  • Dad Tip #81: It's better to be early than latE
  • Dad Tip #82: Eat a balance meal everyday that includes vegetables, fruit and proteins
  • Dad Tip #83: Minimize eating fried foods, candy, and sweets
  • Dad Tip #84: Treat people better than they treat you
  • Dad Tip #85: Be generous and kind to everyone
  • Dad Tip #85: Be generous and kind to everyone
  • Dad Tip #86: Always try your best at everything
  • Dad Tip #87: Spend less money than you make
  • Dad Tip #88: Pay your bills early
  • Dad Tip #89: Look at situations positively
  • Dad Tip #90: Always try to make others around you happy
  • Dad Tip #91: Smile as often as you can, it will make others around you feel more comfortable
  • Dad Tip #92: You're never too busy or important to be kind to others

The thing that you forgot? Turns out, whatever you know about medicine, ultimately, luck or fate or God or… who knows what is always gonna end up playing a much bigger role in the whole thing than you and I ever will. 

baby, go home. he’s seen somebody else’s eyes and fallen into them. 

i know it hurts in places you can’t touch, i know the sky feels darker for it. but he’s loved somebody else, baby, and so should you.

don’t stay. you’ll spend your time worrying what you did wrong, whether tomorrow you’ll wake up and he’ll be gone. you’ll try to become better for him when you’re already somebody’s impossible dream. you’ll try to be her when you’re already exactly who you need to be.

people make mistakes, but nobody accidentally winds up naked. either he loves you enough to keep his clothes on, or he doesn’t love you enough for you to waste your time on him.

go home. cry. take long showers. tell yourself you deserve better than a future spent worrying about him.

relationships are built on trust. find somebody who won’t mess it up.

—  In answer to someone who asked me: “Do you think it’s possible to be with someone who cheated on you/Is it possible to work through that at all?” // r.i.d

eli always dyes her hair with him so that he doesn’t feel so alone in indulging in his weird impulses 💜


prompt #34, #35 (Derek Hale)

34.“look at you sacrificing yourself for others, I was starting to think you didn’t have a heart.” 35.“that was a sad attempt at an apology.” “well I’ve never actually apologized to someone before.” “never?” “I guess you could say you changed me.” Requested @kristinag-1997

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The music was so loud in the club I could barely hear myself think. We had to stop Jackson tonight, or else he was just going to keep killing people. He didn’t know he was doing it either which made the situation a thousand times worse. 

“anybody have eyes on him?” Scott asked.

He knew the werewolves in the room would hear him, I wasn’t one of them, but I was right near Isaac and he did. I was supposed to dance with Jackson to distract him and then Isaac would knock him out so we could catch him and hopefully find out who was controlling him. I caught Jackson making his way over to the DJ. I took a deep breathe. I wasn’t exactly the sexy type, I mean I only ever kissed one guy and it was Stiles on accident.

“you reek of anxiety, just relax you got this.” Isaac said squeezing my shoulder.

I took another deep breathe before feeling myself being pushed by Isaac. I landed straight on my face. I turned around glaring at Isaac, before getting up and brushing myself off. I ran over to Jackson pulling him over to me. I backed up and started swaying my hips against his body. He put his hands on my hips slowly putting them under my shirt. I tried my best not to freak out, waiting for Isaac. Jackson started moving his hands up higher so I quickly flipped around so I was facing Jackson. Isaac came over dancing with us too.  I never had two attractive guys grinding on me at once.

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This plan would’ve been better if it involved Derek, but unfortunately he had no idea what we were planning. Erica and Stiles were outside waiting for me and Isaac to bring out Jackson. I suggested Erica be the one to dance with him but she insisted that Jackson has a thing for me. Jackson had a thing for everyone, including my brothers girlfriend Allison. Isaac was about to inject him but he saw. He threw me to the ground knocking Isaac down, and causing the vile to roll away. I was trying to collect myself but there were so many people in the club. Isaac picked up the vile stabbing it in Jackson’s neck.

“you take him, I need to go find Scott.” I told Isaac scanning the crowd for Scott.

I didn’t see him anywhere. I stood by the DJ so I could get a good look at the whole club, but still no Scott. I pulled out my phone sending him a text message. I stood there for a few minutes scanning the crowd and waiting for a response. I saw the intended target of tonight’s murder. I watched her going backstage so I decided to follow just in case.

“I see you.” The girl snapped crossing her arms over her chest.

“I’m sorry. I was just making sure you're okay.” I said stepping out of the shadows.

“why wouldn’t I be okay?” She snapped again turning away from me.

It all happened so fast. The girl was there and then she wasn’t. I felt blood splatter all over my face and my shirt. I looked up as her body fell from the rafter, her throat slashed. Jackson lurked in the rafters in his kanima form, making eye contact with me. I could feel the panic settle in as he dropped down right in front of me. I screamed trying to warn the others in the club, but I have a feeling no one heard me over the loud music.

“Jackson wait don’t” I said backing away from him.

He lurched forward catching me off guard. He grabbed me by my leg pulling me to him. I tried to grab something but Jackson was too strong. He raised his claws ready to slash my throat as well. I let out one final scream hoping someone would hear me. Jackson was tackled off of me. I looked up at Derek’s alpha form fighting Jackson.

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Derek got one over on Jackson, knocking him to the ground. Derek picked up Jackson throwing him into the wall repeatedly. Jackson got up, retreating back up the rafter. Derek came over pulling me up from the floor.

“are you okay?” Derek asked using his hand to wipe some of the blood from my face.

“i’m fine, where’s Scott?” I asked worried for my brother.

“he’s fine, he had to go take care of something.” Derek said taking off his jacket and putting it over my blood covered shirt.

“so he left me here.” I said rolling my eyes and letting Derek lead me out.

“In his defense he thought you were with Stiles.” Derek said opening the door of his black mustang for me.

“well I wasn’t! I was looking for him! He bailed on our plan! I can’t believe him!” I screamed letting out all my frustrations.

I was almost killed and Scott was nowhere to be found. I loved him, he was my brother, but lately I was wondering where his loyalties lie. He spent so much time fighting to be with Allison that he neglected his relationships with other people. Derek drove me to his loft. 

“are you going to be okay?” Derek asked opening the door for me.

I sat down on his bed looking at my shirt. Seeing the blood made me think about what just happened. I couldn’t get the image of the girl with her throat slashed out of my head. I’d seen dead bodies before, but none that up close, and I certainly hadn’t talked to them right before they were brutally murdered.

“y/n, I’m talking to you.” Derek said waving his hand in front of my face.

“yeah sorry i’m fine, no thanks to Scott.” I scoffed rolling my eyes again.

Derek sat down next to me. There was an awkward silence. His jacket around my arms was warm and smelled just like him.

“how did you find me?” I asked looking at him.

“I heard you scream, I came.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

look at you sacrificing yourself for others, I was starting to think you didn’t have a heart.” I smirked laughing at him.

“yeah well I almost didn’t.” He said standing up.

“uh okay? I mean you didn’t have to save my life.” I said confused and a little hurt.

“I’m sorry that isn’t what I meant you just took it the wrong way. ” Derek said running his hands through his hair.

that was a sad attempt at an apology.” I said laughing at him again.

well I’ve never actually apologized to someone before.” He admitted crossing his muscular arms over his toned chest.

never?” I questioned standing up now as well.

I guess you could say you’ve changed me.” Derek said not looking at me.

I was a little shocked hearing Derek admit that. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew Derek wasn’t the guy to just say that to anyone.

“I meant I was scared that I wasn’t going to make it to you in time.” He said grabbing my hands and looking me straight in the eyes.

I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

“but you did, and i’m fine.” I said offering him a small smile.

“I know you’re not, and that’s okay, you were just almost killed.” Derek said getting interrupted by his phone ringing.

I didn’t know who was on the other line but they sounded panicked.

“Isaac needs me, you can stay here, this is probably the safest place for you right now. I’ll be right back.” Derek said kissing my cheek and walking out the door.

I held my cheek where he kissed me. I don’t think he even realized he did it. I sighed falling back on his bed. I entangled myself in his sheets that smelt like him. It wasn’t long until I felt myself drift off to sleep. I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I sat up looking at my surroundings. I realized I was still in Derek’s loft. I slept here last night. I looked down at my body, but my blood stained shirt was replaced with a black long sleeve shirt. I realized it was Derek’s. He must’ve put it on me while I was sleeping. I blushed at the thought of him seeing me in my bra.

“I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t want you to have to stay in the blood stained shirt.” He said bringing me a cup of coffee and sitting down beside me.

“no, thank you Derek.” I said offering him a smile.

I sipped the coffee feeling some tension in the air.

“did you uh sleep.” I started not knowing how to phrase my question.

“no I slept on the couch.” Derek said pointing to his sofa that had a blanket and a pillow on it.

I nodded my head feeling some of the tension ease.

“you could’ve, I wouldn’t have minded.” I said looking at him from the corner of my eye.

I could’ve swore I saw Derek smiling.

“next time.” He said grabbing my coffee and letting me stand up.

Derek’s shirt was like a dress on me, but somehow I’ve never been more comfortable.

“hey Derek, I never did say thank you for saving my life.” I said looking at my toes.

Derek walked over to me taking my chin in his hand. He leaned in softly placing his lips on mine. I was stunned at first but found myself kissing back as soon as I realized what was happening. Derek cupped my cheek pulling me closer to him. The best way to describe it was pure bliss, definitely better than my accidental kiss with Stiles.

“you saved my life too, you just don’t know it.” Derek said resting his forehead against mine.

I knew now that I was in love with the alpha Derek Hale.

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PROMPT REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR BOTH PROMPTS. I am so excited because I literally have over 20 requests to do so unfortunately I have to close requests for a while. I don’t know if anyone actually reads these but you guys are awesome and I’m so thankful that you guys enjoy my writing!  

Here’s a long cute Derek requests for all you Derek fans!

Show Kai vs Movie Kai
  • Show!Kai: Lloyd, don't worry! I'll look after you! I'll make sure you're safe, okay?
  • Show!Lloyd: mmmh, okay
  • Movie!Lloyd: kaI NO
  • Movie!Kai: kaI YES
Looking after a little.
  • Daddy: * runs a bath with lots of bubbles* come on, time for a bath. It'll make you feel better.
  • Little: I have no energy daddy..
  • Daddy: it's okay, I'll help you undress and get in.
  • Little: thank you daddy
  • Daddy: *Holds out his hand to help the little up*
  • Little: *Gets up slowly and feels really drained but makes it to the bath.*
  • Daddy: You see it's not that bad, is it?
  • Little: No daddy, I just don't like being sick..
  • Daddy: how do you think I feel? I need to see you like this when you're usually so full of life. Don't worry about it though, I'll be here to make sure you're okay and have what you need.

jj3628  asked:

Hey, I gotta ask just to make sure, but are you okay? There's a lot going on and a lot of people bashing on you and stuff, and I just want to make sure you're okay. I mean, I know you might not be but maybe try taking a deep breath and thinking about something that makes you happy? I know the internet can be a frustrating place, but just remember you have a lot of patient and kind people supporting you!


People does not care about me.

-I’m going through finacial issues at home.
-I need to check myself with a doctor for personal health issues
-I’m solving an unfair copyright strike
-I’m trying to work on the animation
-Making comissions
-Handling my social media
-Dealing with random hate
-dealing with people that give me crap for not empathize with the kid that stole my animations cus “i sent hate towards him and the poor kid doesn’t deserve it” (apparently I deserve it)

Oh but, “Hey cami used a no-no word that is forbidden in northamerica!! We should shame her for doing that and call her an asshole! How dare she!! How arrogant can she get geez!”

I’m just a youtuber to those people.

I’m not a person anymore.

I’m just a… public figure? That… has to be perfect for her fans, she has to be the example of a perfect human being and if she is not how we want her to be we all shame her for it.

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How would one explain Honey Dew? Would he be like a sweet heart by day but rough at night or a ball of fluffanutter? While Horchata will fuck the daylights out of you and make sure you know who Papi is, Honey Dew might be sweet as pie making sure you're okay and be his little sugar plum gum drop. Hmm 🤔

Character Analysis: Henry Stencils

Category: Split Personality

•spicy like the cinnamon he’s topped with
•dominant and sexc
•Spanking Central™
•hotter than the metal part of a seat belt in the middle of June
•let’s you know who papi is (spoiler alert: it’s him)
•likes to wear 283823955969 rings
•grinds on railings during performances bc why not
•wears $650 granpappy slippers and bellbottom pants with dragons on them bc fAsHiOn
•adjusts himself before sitting down and doesn’t care who’s watching
•rubs his nose precisely two (2) times between every sentence bc idk but it’s hot
•furrows his brows for no apparent reason
•"I think.,,.,.um.,,.,,.y'know..,.,,”
•has a smug smirk on his face 89.779% of the time because he knows he’s the shit
•pushes his hair out of his eyes when it’s not even in his eyes??
•uses lots of hand gestures
•v sarcastic don’t test him pls
•#tits out for Harambe
•wrote “big” on his big toe only bc the tattoo artist refused to tat it on his dicc
•thicc asf but hides it
•Buffy McBuffington
•sharpens his jawline every morning with a knife sharpener
•the knife sharpener broke it’s his 6th one this month #OhNoHorchata
•makes orgasm faces when he sings bc he wants to plunge the world into the 8th level of hell
•prefers the textured condoms, Magnum Gold Collection
•he’s the one who wrote “fucking” in Sign of the Times and threw a fit when they took it out

•sweet, caring, giggly baby
•has two twinkling dimples
•rose petals appear from the sky wherever he goes (no one knows why…)
•a Smol Tol™
•every time he blinks, stardust falls from his eyelashes
•every time he laughs, a baby deer is born
•is actually the sun + the moon & the stars
•could never hurt a fly
•instead of killing the fly, he takes a tiny piece off of his toaster strudel and places it near the bug in order to form a mutually beneficial and peaceful alliance
•butterfly kisses galore
•sponges his lips all over your face– eyelids, cheeks, nose, chin, down your jaw, across your forehead– until you’re a giggling mess and cradles your face in his hands, smiling all soft and fondly
•wears Hawaiian dad shirts that cost more than a gastric bypass surgery
•has had the same three pairs of jeans since 2013 and they all make his dicc disappear
•only wears huge heeled boots made of velvet and suede, settling for nothing less than YSL and Gucci bc he’s allergic to being basic
•borrowed Willy Wonka’s glasses and never gave them back whOoPs
•his hair is actually a spray-painted cloud of love and support
•tiny baby ears and puffy nipples
•smiles all big and toothy with his eyebrows raising up, resulting in a new galaxy being formed
•isn’t scared to show his emotions bc he loves the world and it loves him back
•sings and dances to Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend while making Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes…it’s 3:24 AM.
•feels guilty after jacking off
•#Save the Bees
•when you go to shake his hand, he pulls you into a hug instead
•"I had a dream about trains!“
•tries to give everyone happiness, even at the expense of his own

Gaze vs daddy kink
  • Aoi: Princess, come see the new toy Daddy has for yAW FUCK I SPILLED COFFEE ON IT
  • Kai: Daddy's gonna take good care of you, okay? Daddy's gonna make sure you're satisfied. And now, for the unbelievable low price of $499.99, Daddy will
  • Reita: Hi Horny, I'm Dad!
  • Uruha: What did I say about going on Facebook before the chores were done? I swear social media is the plague of this generation. Who are you taking those selfies for anyway? Likes and comments are meaningless in the real world. You're living your life behind a scre
  • Ruki: Spank me harder Daddy
B.A.P as Your Lover
  • Yongguk: He'll probably be the sweetest and most gentle lover. He'll often be busy doing his own thing, but he never forgets to write you a good morning message or to give you a good night call. He's really lowkey in his acts of love, but it's these little secrets between just the two of you that makes this relationship the best.
  • Himchan: He's absolutely smitten! His eyes are only on you and he loves being with/around you. He never goes a day without telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you. He's a bit mushy gushy, but he can't help it! He only gets this way with you so it's a bit adorable that only you can see this side of him!
  • Daehyun: He has the most selfless love. He's persistent and oh so loving. He always goes out of his way to make sure you're okay and if there is anything you need, you know he'll come through. If you're going through a hard time, you can always trust that he will be there to lift you up and support you always. He will always put you first.
  • Youngjae: He loves your smile and he enjoys making you laugh! Somedays he's so kind to pack your lunch, and he'll always leave a note; something like, "Have a good day! I love you!" And maybe even a poorly drawn stick figure of you two at the bottom of the note. It's these small acts of love that equal to a big fantastic love!
  • Jongup: A hands on kind of love. He enjoys staying in with you to watch a good movie but more importantly he enjoys giving you all the cuddles. He loves holding your hands because your hand fits in his like a puzzle piece and he he loves giving small kisses. He's a bit shy to say "I love you" but he definitely shows it more in his actions.
  • Zelo: He loves doing things out of the ordinary. He'll send you love letters in the mail, even though you see him everyday. He sometimes expresses his feelings with couple couple socks! He'll always send you funny selfies and he'll caption them "okay but when are you gonna be here ☹️. I miss u." He's kinda quirky but you love it!
The Signs in love
  • Aries : They will love you with all their heart, your love will be like a rollercoaster ride. They will act very private, they will not let you in right from the start but if they let you in you'll have the most wonderful and passionate relationship ever.
  • Taurus : They want to be around you all the time, they will try to get your attention and will be very jealous if you talk to others or spend time with them. They will always worry about you and make sure you're okay. A relationship with a Taurus will be full of sweetness and romantic.
  • Gemini : They are very hard to get to know, they will show you only what they want you to see, they will try to get you with their humour and will love to talk about their interests and share their thoughts with you. If you are lucky to get to know the real person behind their fassade you will have the most exciting relationship ever.
  • Cancer : If a Cancer loves you, you're lucky. They will give you all the have, they will walk through fire for you. Cancers are very romantic and love being in love. If you're in a relationship with a Cancer it will be full of cuteness and strong feelings.
  • Leo : A Leo in love wants it all. They want a love that consumes them and makes them feel special, they want your entire attention and will not share you with anyone else. They will always stand up for you and give you all of their warm hearted, generous heart. A relationship with a Leo is full of passion and generous love.
  • Virgo : Virgos in love might be very shy and sometimes not admit they're in love at all. Love is a puzzle for them, they want to analyze it and want it all to turn out perfectly. If you're in a relationship with a virgo it's full of ups and downs but they will always be there for you and its probably the most interesting relationship of all.
  • Libra : If a Libra is in love with you they will give you everything. They will give you a perfect, wonderful movie screen romance. Fights will become a minimum and the relationship will be full of harmony and love.
  • Scorpio : Scorpios do not always know what they want. They want a passionate relationship, filled with ups and downs and strong feelings but they also want someone to cuddle, someone they can share their thoughts with. A relationship with a Scorpio is intense and full of surprises.
  • Sagittarius : A Sagittarius sees love as a game. They do fall in love fast and head over heels. They want adventures and something exciting. They are sweet and wonderful lovers, their relationships are adventurous and special.
  • Capricorn : It will take time until a Capricorn admits they're in love, they take a long time to open up to people and do not share their mind with just anyone. But if they do, you're lucky because they have a wonderful, special mind. A relationship with a Capricorn is extraordinary and intimidate.
  • Aquarius : Aquarians love love. They want someone to share their minds with, someone who has similair interests and is a good hearted person. Aquarians are special, wonderful people and they're relationships are usually filled with fun and intellect.
  • Pisces : Pisces are dreamers. They dream about a perfect love story and are hopelessly romantic, they will act very clingy sometimes and have strong feelings towards you. They are easily hurt so they don't always open up to just anyone. Pisces Relationships are full of dreaming and kisses.

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i noticed you deactivated your instagram & privated all of your videos, so i wanted to check up on you and make sure you're okay? please take all the time you might need if you're hurting mentally or just need a break from social media, but since u were livestreaming last night it seemed kind of sudden and i was worried. there's no pressure to respond to this! take care mira

i’m okay, really. <3 i’m just going through a lot of change right now and i realized that my social media has been negatively affecting how i’m processing everything. i’m planning on being gone for a while but i don’t see myself being gone forever. thank you for caring about me and asking me this in a no-pressure way. you all mean a lot to me. i’m going to start writing more and doing other things so maybe you’ll see me around! but as for my personal social medias, i want to put things on hold. thank you for understanding. xoxo mir

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Happy Birthday Suho, I hope you enjoy your day very much ♥