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Hi, I’m super gay for momo and jirou, and wanted to know if you would do some headcanons for those two being in a poly relationship with a fem s/o, please? (^ω^)

Not too used to writing poly, hope these are okay! 


  • Is pretty much the “mom” of the relationship—will be the one who imposes all the rules and gets super worried if the two of you don’t text her back/come home when it’s late outside. 
  • She’s not really used to cooking because of her rich upbringing, but she’s the one who’s probably going to put in the most effort because she wants her loves to be well cared for. Momo’s good at following instructions and is a fast learner, so it won’t take too long for her to get the hang of it. She’ll also be watching you like a hawk to make sure that you eat your veggies.
  • Momo acts as the voice of reason for the most part, but it’s hard to take her serious sometimes because she’s so easily flustered. If you and Jirou ever wrap your arms around her waist and pull her in for a quick kiss, she’ll be a blushing mess in a matter of seconds. 
  • Will often organize tea parties for the three of you, and it’s honestly adorable how excited she gets over them. You and Jirou will just smile at her while she rambles on about different types of tea that you had no idea even existed. 
  • You might have to be the one who makes the advances first, since Momo lacks the self-confidence to initiate most things. She’ll try her best, but she appreciates having someone who can coax her into being intimate and reassure her that she’s doing great. 
  • Really enjoys it when you or Jirou style her hair for her; it’s not only helpful, but she likes the feeling of someone’s fingers running through her scalp. Will offer to do your hair as well.
  • Momo is a bit shy and awkward with expressing her emotions, but she likes feeling close to the ones she cares for. When the two of you are sleeping, she prefers to be in the middle with the both of you snuggling her from each side and making her feel safe. 
  • Nicknames for you and Jirou include: “sweethearts”, “darlings”, “my loves.” 


  • Is definitely more chill and laid back than Momo, and doesn’t really stress over most things. 
  • Jirou’s not as easily flustered as Momo either, but she’s definitely a bit shy when expressing her affections. If you ever give her a surprise kiss to the back of her neck, she’ll let out a small squeal which is pretty much the cutest thing you’ll ever hear. A blush will also creep all the way up to her ears (even her earjacks get a little pink!). 
  • Jirou prefers to just order take-out or something since she doesn’t cook a whole lot, so you or Momo will probably end up giving her a hand in the kitchen when it’s her turn to make dinner. It’s a little embarrassing for Jirou to admit to, but she really treasures moments like these.
  • Has an amazing voice, but is a little shy to come forward with it at first. It takes a bit of coaxing, but you and Momo are both blown away when she sings for you for the first time. From that point onward, you encourage Jirou to perform for you guys more often—she’ll put on little shows in the living room while you guys watch her with huge grins. Jirou can’t express how happy it makes for her to see you two enjoy her music so much. 
  • She has a bit more of a cynical, sarcastic humor; which Momo has trouble understanding half the time. You and Jirou will usually end up making weird jokes together and laugh yourselves silly over Momo’s puzzled expression. 
  • Jirou likes to cuddle a lot; mostly on the couch while you guys watch movies together. She’ll kiss you on the lips, but prefers to give you soft pecks on the cheeks or forehead. It’s a little less embarrassing for her, and she thinks these kind of kisses are cuter anyways. 
  • Nicknames for you and Momo include: “babes”, “starlets”, “angels”.