make sure you use two ds

Travelling by car is the only option – half because Emma didn’t want to leave the bug in New York, half because there was no way airport security would allow Hook to board one of the planes. The only option yet not the best one, for going to Storybrooke with a impatient twelve year-old kid and even more impatient three hundred-something pirate isn’t easy. Especially when you decide to leave at sundown. Really, Emma wonders why it seemed a good idea to leave, right now, pack your bags Henry.

Thankfully, the two impatient men in her car had found it best to entertain each other, and Henry had introduced Hook to road trip games hours ago – a game of twenty questions escalating quickly because who in their right mind have a kid guess Yaoguai. (Henry had, much to Hook’s bewilderment, guessed it right.)

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