make sure you shine

If you commit yourself to doing something that you love, you will never have to work a moment in your life. Make sure you find what ever it is that makes your heart shine.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
anger management: mars
  • mars in the 1st: i know it doesn't feel like it, but you need to let that anger out, consume you and explode. i would advise you to hit something but then i'm sort of afraid that you'd hit me--at least it's a nice conundrum, i don't see a lot of those, these days. i recommend exercise or sports because you know, two birds with one stone. or you could get drunk and kick people's asses in bar brawls/video games, both would be cathartic, i think.
  • mars in the 2nd: bottle up your emotions, man. and that anger too. and when it reaches a breaking point, burst the entire dam because you're too good at it. but no, really, find a repetitive task that grounds your anger to a center, don't hoard it like dragons hoard gold, as you're wont to do. and make sure it focuses on a rhythm and unleash it using that focus. get it through your thick head: passive aggressiveness is not attractive.
  • mars in the 3rd: i would tell you to punch your sibling but that'd be too drastic. i suggest you write all the words you're dying to scream and curse, the words you're gonna use to tear the world into two, in paper, make an origami of it and flush it down the toilet. that'd feel good, trust me. if not, i'd advise you to talk it out with a person you trust to be objective, look at it from a logical perspective as to why you're angry and methodically decode why it's making you want to annihilate something. you'd feel much calmer afterwards. (or end up reading six books in one day and write vicious reviews on how stupid the characters are--that works too)
  • mars in the 4th: i know this sounds ridiculous, but open the fridge and the tub of your favorite flavor of ice cream, dig into it face first without using a spoon while watching really sad anime. you'd feel much better. or you could take it out on your home, violently redecorate or tear off the curtains. or something. i suggest doing heavy household tasks that'd exhaust you, so when you take a shower and get rid of all that sweat, you feel at least some semblance of calm.
  • mars in the 5th: this sounds terrible and cliche, but use it to be productive. use it in your art to make a statement because it has pissed you off. run that extra mile on track. get the best score on a creative writing course--you get the gist. make sure it helps you shine, not the things/people that made you angry, because trust me, an anger like yours is nothing short of an inferno.
  • mars in the 6th: fuck with your classmates/co-workers. otherwise channel it into helping people with things they can't do themselves/solving their problems while grumbling about how fucking stupid they are. you could also finish household chores and with your exhaustion, calm your anger. i know there's so much you want to say and it makes you feel like you could burst, but channel that anger into mundane tasks to get them done faster, finishing that side project earlier. and the satisfaction will quell that terrible rage, trust me.
  • mars in the 7th: fuck up all your personal relationships and one on one communication and brood like there's no tomorrow, man. other things you could do are: changing your entire wardrobe to spite the person you're angry with, listening to heavy rock metal that somehow speaks to your soul at the moment and go wild on a shopping spree. the tornado in your head won't completely disappear, i know, you passive aggressive fuck, but it'll help, i can assure you that.
  • mars in the 8th: plan hypothetical revenge on your object/person of anger. i know it's not satisfactory unless you back up that bark with bite, but i advise you to not do that, because you'll feel terrible afterwards. so the notion that you could get revenge, if you wanted to, is satisfying in and of itself (just don't actually want and do that, i'm saying this for your own good). listen to your favorite metal band and scream like there's no tomorrow. or tell the people you're angry with how you plan to eviscerate/castrate them in vivid detail in your head. you'll feel a lot, i repeat A LOT calmer.
  • mars in the 9th: run away from it. literally. complete avoidance has always been your best strategy, hasn't it? i suggest preaching about why you're angry to anything that will listen: a wall, a donkey, babies too small to crawl away. think about affirmative action, man, and for god's sake, face the source of your anger instead of running off on a road trip with no money just for the hell of it. heck, play that weird airport finding game in an unknown place you're gonna have to navigate on your own. or play video games in general: don't let that energy go to waste.
  • mars in the 10th: channel that ball of righteous fury into your ambition and dexterous work ethic (translation: become even more of a workaholic than you already are) and shove your success, your regained dignity, your perseverance right to their faces. you are made of poison and stardust, and that is the greatest strength that belies your anger. use that strength to work miracles. or smoke weed, but that's not exactly a good thing 0/10 would not recommend. but don't, i repeat, don't take it out on your personal relationships. that's exactly what will lead to your downfall.
  • mars in the 11th: do NOT use it to fuel your god complex. i know you're angry at the world and how frustrated you are--i am too, but AN IDEOLOGY IS NOT A SOLUTION BECAUSE ITS APPLICATIONS IN REALITY ARE VASTLY DIFFERENT THAN THEY ARE IN THEORY. you're seeing an injustice? make sure it is not one anymore. plan it out, how you'll right all these wrongs: with your friends, with people who share the same views as you. dissect and analyze these problems and annihilate them but i repeat: DO NOT LET ANGER TRANSFORM YOUR EGO INTO A GOD COMPLEX YOU WEIRD WONDERFUL SHIT IT WILL DESTROY YOU
  • mars in the 12th: don't get others to unleash your anger or manipulate them into being assertive for you. just don't, that's freaking pathetic. i strongly suggest you sleep: take a long, preferably 8 hour nap and cuddle something/someone. once you wake up, you'll be looking at it from a newer, fresher perspective and will actually find the energy to express your anger appropriately instead of using other people as puppets that dance under your strings. music would help to calm you down, as well. so try that first, all right?


Kibum’s really cute, glad to see that Jonghyun thinks so too. 

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Happy December!

Somewhere in Skellige Ciri and Geralt took a strange contract; a beast who kills folks (especially naughty ones), appears only around Yuletide and its name is Krampus.
Saint Nicholas day is coming (6th December) and no Krampus this year… for specific reasons but still.. try to be nice :)))
Make sure you shine your boots and put out in the window so Saint Nicholas can leave something nice for you. ;)

How You Interact: Dating Wilford Warfstache

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-Though he’s a stuck up, egoistical bastard; he puts you first. 

-He adores giving you gifts and making sure you have everything you want. 

-Only the best for his “Shining Star”. Amazing food, beautiful clothes, good books. Nothing is second best or left undesired. 

-He likes showing you off. Wilford will have you tucked under his arm and introduce you to people by saying. 
“Here is my lovely co-star, (Y/N). Aren’t they just glorious?” 

-Anyone who disagrees or says something bad about you is shot. Point blank with no warning. 

-You sometimes have to talk Wilford out of killing someone. You’ve even hidden his gun a few times to assure no one is hurt. 

-Others come to you when they’re worried that Wilford might be over-stepping some boundary. Or worse they’re afraid he’ll kill another contestant. 

-Wilford listens to you of course. But it doesn’t stop him from hurting others if they say something he takes as an insult or a misunderstanding.

-He consults you about his plans. Whether it be about Mark, a new show or the way he dresses. He likes having your input. 

-Wilford will allow you to play with his mustache. When your cuddling or getting dressed, if you ask nicely, you’re able to stroke or style the pink hairs. He doesn’t mind. 

-Wilford is a cuddle bug. He likes having you close almost at all times. 

-He gives you a big whiskery kiss before going on a show. Making it look as dramatic as possible. 

-Wilford likes to spoil you to exquisite dates at fancy restaurants. 

-He’s a goofball, but a dangerous goofball. However, he makes sure you are safe. Away from the other egos or anything that puts you in harms way. 

Pet Names: 
-Shining Star 
-His Beautiful Assistant 
-My/His Dear
-His Gem

Gravity Falls Journal tutorial!

When I posted my journal replica online this weekend, I never expected it would get so many positive reactions! I’m really flattered, thank you all so much! 

Now of course I promised a tutorial, so here goes. I hope I will be able to explain things well enough with the pictures I’ve taken. If you still have questions regarding the journal, feel free to ask. 

For the people who haven’t seen the pictures yet, this is the journal I will try to talk you through making:

I’m putting the rest under a read more, because this post is pretty long.

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31:  “Eat your lunch and you wouldn’t be hungry.”

48:  “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

From this [x], Finished prompts here [x]

I felt like writing hogwarts au again I hope that’s okay;;;; but this is a lot later than [x], like Jinki’s final year later.

Jinki’s nose was so far into his book he didn’t see or hear Kibum approaching until his shadow descended over him. He squinted up at him behind his glasses and a smile bloomed on his face. “Snakie~” 

“I’ve been calling your name all the way from the archway Baby bird, what has your attention so completely?” Kibum quickly sat in front of him, lifting his feet before laying them back over his lap as he squinted to read the spine of Jinki’s book. “Are you still stressed about your potions N.E.W.T in the Spring?” 

“Completely.” Jinki hummed, using his finger to keep his place as he closed the book and flashed a smile at his boyfriend, “But what’s new?” 

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Seventeen Reaction || Hanging Out Too Much With Their Idol Crush And They Get Into A Scandal

Just noticed that this title doesn’t fully make sense but I’m sure you get it anyways ^^’’

Similar Reactions:

| SHINee | Got7 | BTS |


*Oblivious as to why you would have a scandal but clings to you all the time*
“Y/N! What now? We’re nothing like a couple!”


“So why did I not know we were having a scandal all of a sudden?”


“Can’t a guy be friends with a girl, I thought we lived in a holy world”


“Weeeell, as long as it’s just harmless rumors it doesn’t matter, right?”


*His eyes shine like they’re made of glitter*
“Yooo! Y’all think we seem this close~?”


“Well our future is done for isn’t it”


“Huh? Don’t my songs sound like I haven’t dated for 30 years?”

(I-I mean….)

“Whut? I don’t want Y/N and me to be just a scandal…”


*Becomes awkward*
“Shoot, what will I do now…”


*Denies it, but wishes he didn’t have to*


*Goes with the flow at first trying to make it into a joke*


“It’s… not like this…”
/ At least not yet, don’t make it any harder for me /


“How do I explain that we’re friends in a way that doesn’t seem like I don’t want her if she wanted me”
*Hard life of a young adult*


“I’m too young to have a scandal!”


SHINee: dating Onew would include

▪ literally being drawn to him like the earth being drawn to the sun 

▪ bc he’s actually a ball of sunshine

▪ not being able to look away from his smile at first and nodding your head to whatever he was saying

▪ you find yourself doing this often lmao he loves it

▪ anyways

▪ so like he’d be pretty nervous to move things along and ask you to be his gf

▪ bc like tae, he’d wanna be 100% sure that you feel the same way so he doesn’t lose you or act awkward around you

▪ but he wouldn’t even give it a second thought after a while bc you two already act like lovers and he feels no hesitation

▪ the others would cheer their tofu leader and be so happy when they find out you’re together

▪ I think he wouldn’t act different around you when you’re in public or with your friends

▪ just bc it’s so natural when you’re together…he feels like neither of you should hold yourself back from showing affection

▪ tho ofc he wouldn’t straight up grab your butt and start making out with you

▪ you surprising him at their shows and him fanboying over it

▪ would be so happy and wrap you in his arms hella quick even if he’s sweaty

▪ you two probably love shopping at ikea

▪ you’d spend hours in the cool-looking rooms and deciding that you’re gonna get a house big enough to fit all those room designs

▪ he loves it when you talk about the future, esp when you mention him in it

▪ cooks for you all the mf time and spoils you with comfort food when you’re sick or not feeling well

▪ bc he knows how hard it is not to have anyone take care of him when he’s sick 

▪ introducing you to his idol friends and they love you right away

▪ rarely ever buying you material items

▪ bc you two would love traveling the world instead

▪ so you know whenever he has a couple days or weeks off, he’s already planning your next destination

▪ sitting on the couch, cuddled up into his side and drinking wine

▪ leaning up and kissing his Adam’s apple bc…how can you not

▪ FaceTime and Skype when he’s away always lead to both of you nearly crying bc you miss each other

▪ coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist

▪ while he moves away your hair and places tiny pecks on your neck

▪ “I love you so much, y/n”

▪ “I love you more, Jinki”

▪ legit being a power couple

▪ like you support and encourage each other so much that you couldn’t live without the other, it makes so many people envious (yall love that)

▪ also wouldn’t care about people knowing you’re together

▪ he just doesn’t pay any mind to the press or the jealous people

▪ he’s all about you and makes sure you know that 💘

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Dating Taemin would be like:

 -shy skinship when you two are alone

-him trying to be flirty and manly in front of you sometimes…because TaeMAN…but ending up being embarrassed

-if the boys saw it they wouldn’t leave him alone because their baby is growing up doesn’t matter that he’s 22

-you coming to rescue him

-long skype conversations when he’s away on tour and him falling asleep in the middle of the sentence

-you watching him sleep like that for at least an hour because cuteness overload

-him complaining that he’s not cute but manly

-you agreeing with him to shut him up

-but you can’t deny him being sexy as fuck

-especially on stage

-end in bed

-he would make sure you always attend their concerts and would send you flirtatious stares constantly while dancing because that’s the only time he can do that without blushing like crazy

-showering your face with kisses in the morning

-tangling your legs with him when you two sleep together

-you waking up to find him desperately clinging to you

-walking his dogs together and ending up playing chase around the park

-somehow you find yourself on a date with Tae AND KAI

-him giving you the private dance show since that’s the one thing he’s really confident about

-him not letting go of your hand whenever you’re out in public

-you combing his hair with your fingers while his head is in your lap


-him being jealous when his dogs pay more attention to you than him

-and you being like…seriously

-you wandering aroud backstage and hanging out with cordi noonas

-him proudly smiling when he sees you waiting for him

-giving you a pretty sweaty hug

-not that you mind

-slow passionate sex in the morning

-being kind of rough when you tease him,but always making sure you’re ok

-overall loving you more than you could ever imagine 

anonymous asked:

Giiiiirl I have to tell u the first time I watched the fire mv with blonde Jin, his solo scenes made me whisper daddy out loud and I've never called anyone daddy before like....he's

Anon, I feel you with my whole entire soul.  Jin happens anon, Jin happens and you just have to hold on and do whatever you can to keep yourself anchored to this earth - if you have to fervently whisper Daddy at your computer screen to keep yourself from imploding I say AMEN TO THAT.   

I mean……WOW…..IS RIGHT…..

And the dance version is almost MORE DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH?!?!?


The Estate

Here is my entry for @iwantthedean Nicole’s Two-Prompt, One-Shot Challenge! The prompt she chose for me was:

Your eccentric great uncle recently died and left you his estate, which includes a rather large house filled with doors that don’t always lead where you’d expect.

(Props also to @atc74 for helping me choose which prompts to send to Nicole, and to Nicole for letting me request a prompt past her deadline.  Hope this is worth it!)

Summary: see above prompt

warnings: none

word count: ~2600

You looked down at the scrap of paper in your hand, making sure that the address you had was correct. Yes, it did say No. 1, Nonesuch Way, which was exactly the house you were parked in front of.

Well, less of a house and more of a mansion.  You were parked outside large, rod-ironed gates, huge padlock holding them together. You reached for the manila envelope that was laying in the passenger seat, the one that the lawyer had given you, pulling out the ring of keys.  You got out of your car, leaving it running as you walked up to the padlock, flipping through the keys until you found one big enough that looked like it would fit.

It did.

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Y/N Atlas...hmm sounds about right.

Prompt: Fluff with Daniel Atlas

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Warning: None besides the fact I suck at fluff, but I love to make you all happy.

Word Count: 865

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anonymous asked:

Rfa + v + saeran with an MC who is a mystery magnet (hence her getting caught up in the RFA). She's like one of those characters from mystery shows. Everywhere she goes, everything she does, she inevitably ends up falling into some sort of mystery, usually one with danger and/or life-threatening peril involved. She always comes out alright in the end and solves the mystery, but even when she tries to stay away from them, she always ends up involved in a mystery somehow.

You’re bringing back the nostalgia for me anonny! I was totally into all kinds of mystery type things when I was younger like Scooby-Doo and mystery book series! This was a super fun request so I hope that you enjoy!! :D


  • Yoosung thinks that you’re just like a character out of a mystery story, and he’s hyped
  • He doesn’t think that he’s brave, so Yoosung likes to tag along with you when you’re wrapped up in a mystery
  • But since he’s intelligent, Yoosung turns out to be a valuable asset whenever you need help cracking a tough puzzle
  • Yoosung gets terrified whenever the two of you get into some dangerous mysteries
  • But he sees this as a chance to show that he’s become braver and Yoosung has helped you in multiple cases, helping build his self-esteem
  • Yoosung feels like he’s in a real-life video game whenever he goes on mystery cases with you, he thinks that it’s a fun time plus it helps bond the two of yours relationship


  • Zen says that you’re the picturesque image of a person who gets involved in mysteries because he played the role of a detective in a musical before
  • He gets really into it claiming that helping you with mysteries will help him with his acting
  • But what Zen fails to realize is just how dangerous some of the mysteries you get into really are
  • So now Zen tells you that he has to go with you so he can be your knight in shining armor and to make sure that you don’t get hurt
  • Zen’s better at identifying criminals from their looks rather than the puzzling aspect to mystery cases
  • He becomes majorly supportive and protective of you, always making you promise to take him along to make sure that you’re safe
  • Zen finds your mystery cases fun, but he always makes it a priority to get you both home safe and starts calling you his mystery princess


  • Jaehee dismisses it whenever you tell her that you’re essentially a mystery magnet
  • To prove her own point, Jaehee goes along with you on one of your alleged ‘mystery’ cases only to have her mind blown
  • She had no idea just how dangerous things could get and she honestly starts fearing for both yours and her own life
  • You reassure her that you always come out of things alive and healthy, but you always do inevitably get into danger
  • Jaehee makes you promise to always take her with you in cases since she can protect you
  • She usually ends up being the one to apprehend the bad guys because of her awesome judo skills
  • While she’s still skeptical and worried about your mystery cases, Jaehee knows that it’s something you can’t really avoid and vows to stay with you and to always protect you


  • Jumin has already found you to be a mysterious person, so he’s not that surprised to learn that you’re a mystery magnet
  • In fact, he’s more curious than anything, believing it so be some kind of commoner tradition to go out on mysterious cases
  • He decides to go with you on one of the cases and even starts to consider it fun
  • That is until Jumin realizes how dangerous your mystery cases are then oh no Jumin’s not having it
  • Jumin doesn’t mind if you still continue doing these cases, if it makes you happy then good, but he only wants you going if he can go along plus at least fifteen bodyguards
  • He’s best whenever you need to help interrogate people during your mystery cases because who wants to mess with Jumin?
  • Jumin never would have thought that his favorite way to spend time with you would be through solving mysteries together, but he enjoys ever second of it if it means that he’s with you


  • Seven almost thought that you were in a hacker agency when he found out how much of a mystery person you are
  • He definitely wants to help out whenever he finds out and tells you that with the two of you working together, there’s no case you can’t solve
  • Totally wears a detective cosplay and buys you a matching set
  • But when Seven finds out dangerous your cases can be, he becomes extremely protective and wants to insist that you stop for your safety
  • Seven really can’t say anything though since he himself goes out on a bunch of dangerous missions because of being a hacker
  • So he decides to aid you as much as possible, always helping track down the culprit with ease
  • Seven is definitely one of the most fun and skilled partners a mystery magnet can have, much to your delight


  • V becomes extremely wary when he sees how many mysteries you get into
  • He doesn’t want you getting involved in any type of dangerous situations but V soon realized that you’re basically a mystery magnet and it really can’t be helped
  • Tries his absolute best to help you even with his poor eye sight
  • In most cases, V actually ends up being the one who almost gets hurt, mostly because he’s trying to push you out of the way
  • But V does have a knack for pointing out things within photos that were taken for the case
  • If the two of you ever get separated, V goes into panic mode and will not rest until he’s back in your arms
  • V really doesn’t like the idea of you going on these life-threatening mysteries, but he promises to always keep you safe, even at the cost of his own life


  • Saeran thinks that you’re absolutely crazy when you tell him that you’re a mystery magnet
  • He thinks for a while that you’re just messing with him but after a while and seeing that maybe you are a bit of a mysterious person
  • Saeran thinks about all of the cases you’ve done plus the fact that he chose you out of all people to lure into the RFA
  • The minute Saeran finds out how dangerous your cases are, he goes into full on protective mode
  • No way in hell anyone or any case is going to hurt his love
  • Plus Saeran finds himself starting to secretly enjoy going on mysteries with you, he’s especially good with dealing force to other when needed
  • Saeran learns to love the thrill of going on mysteries with you but will always make sure to get you home safe every night

I hope the writing isn’t too small, full view/open in a new tab to zoom in!!

Some more tips:

  • If you want to improve just do lots of little studies!! Find pictures from different angles & with different lighting, and even better make strange faces in the mirror & shine a torch at your face!!
  • Make sure you take the entire face into consideration. When doing each stage of the drawing, eg. outline, dark areas, shading etc, I like to do each step for the entire drawing. That way I don’t end up spending an hour rendering the eyes before realising they need to be further apart to fit the nose. Instead it’s best to outline the whole thing and have it look right, walk away for a while, and then start shading - try to think of the face as a whole & make everything fit together rather than adding parts separately!
  • Use different darknesses of pencil - I mostly used 2B, and 6B for the darker areas - don’t be afraid to make the shadows dark!!
  • No matter what art style or medium, the same principles apply for structure! When doing a cartoon style I normally include the central line & outline around the areas that have the most volume, just a bit more simplified!