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VIP Package - Drummer!Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Drummer!Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,128

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Fingering, Spanking, Sneaking Around to Fuck

Notes: Drummer Dylan does things to me y’all. Send help. Special thanks to @writing-obrien because she was a sweet pea and proofread this for me while I am trying not to fall asleep. Because we all know not to let me proofread when I’m sleepy. 

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“Um, ok, you’re the Coach..”

Is something you shouldn’t always say…

Or y’know, end up like this blank, hypnotized, good boy here.

Maybe I should reintroduce myself, if you’ve forgotten who am I already, or just visit and access the story before this one: “Sorry, What?” Link

This piece of meat is an exchange student from Canada, carrying some sort of scholarship that gave him a free ride along with all facilities paid for. School System has him bearing the name William Red, which kind of has a nice ring to it. And for you to get the whole story, we will start at the top.

It was 6PM, and there weren’t a lot of guys and gals in the gym, possibly because it was crunch time. The gym barely had 4 users, which was sort of disappointing. 


It was an email from the Admissions and Facilities Department, and left me sort of curious.

Subject: Admission of Mr. William Reddison [StudID: 12938]

Dear Braxton, 

We will be admitting a Canadian Exchange Student today, and he has specified that he wishes to use the gym regularly on a regular basis. His details, records, and additional documents have been saved on the Staff Drives along with photographs in digital format. Please grant him access to the gym, and introduce him to the facilities we have.

We can always rely on you for everything Brax,

Sincerly, Judith.

Head of Admissions

I immediately clicked into the Shell and accessed my drive, but stopped to think.

It’s probably another nerdy scholar, with a funny accent”

I shrugged, and inputted my log-in

//  University Staff Drive  \

Welcome Brax,

ACCESS?> J:\BraxFiles\SharedFiles


[Ellis, Jonathan] <-OPENED->

[Bain, Raymond] <-OPENED->

[Johnson, Max] <-OPENED->

[Reddison, William] <-SHARED BY judith.samson@admissions.system

COMMAND?>DOWNLOAD [Reddison, William] X:\PersonalFiles\ControlledBoys\NewTargets

The command has been completed sucessfully.


My dick immediately hardened, and knew that he needed to get under one of my training programs!

Name: William Reddison

Notes: After interviewing Mr Reddison, he seems to be a shy guy, with minimal social connections to close friends, family and mates. Does not seem to like spending long periods of time with a stranger, but favors the gym. Reddison has also indicated to us that he feels more free in the gym, and may serve as a exploit in getting at least a conversation with him 

- Judith

Date of Birth: REDACTED

Place prior transfer: Montreal, Canada

Scholarship: Jason Cox’s Excellence In Athletics Scholarship

[New Notification: New Student Logged In - William R.]

There he was, wearing his Red Calvin Kleins, with a white tank top, and Nike shorts”

I already made plans with Jonathan, (you may remember him from a previous encounter) to err, make it easier for me to, umm, compel the new guys. Jonathan quickly made friends with the Canadian hunk, and called me in.

Jonathan: Coach, this is William, he’s new here

William: “Errm, umm, hey. I’d like to train please”

Me: “Yeah, sure thing. Follow me to my office”

The office was upgraded to have blinds, to ensure no one on the outside knew what I was doing to fuckable fuckboys.  

So, Mr Red. Take a seat. I need to verify a few things before we get you started…

Welcome to GymOS!

COMMAND?>LOAD GRAFX X:\MindSnap\CONTROL.exe -unsuspecting

This command is now running…

William, take a look at the screen here, do these records look alright to you?

William was groaning, grunting out yesses at every page, each yes getting longer.

Fuck, he looks so good going under..

I signaled Jonathan to slowly and gently hold the hunk on the chair, as William was staring at the screen. It was a spiral, though it was transparent so he wouldn’t suspect, but enough to be visible by the subconscious.

He started to resist, and jiggle aggressively 


His body started to sloooowly slump.

Good boy.

At 7:30PM tonight boy, you will come over to the addressed supplied to you, and you will strip down to your underwear lie down on my bed, and wait further instructions.

His glassy eyes simply flickered, with his head nodding, saying ‘Yes’

I walked into my room at 7:45PM to find him like this. I smirked, and started feeling him up. Another blank muscle boy added to my collection. He needed more work, but nothing I could fix.

I put my hand on his crotch, and told him the following:

“You are no one else now, but mine. You will still go to University, train hard with me in the gym, aim for the best in your studies, and get a job, and you will come home to me, mindless, obedient, and waiting to serve.”


I asked him to strip off his underwear and start playing with it mindlessly.


He was mine to use. Mine to control. Mine to fuck. Mine to do whatever I want.

Kneel while standing up boy!


Now, you are no longer a shy muscle man. You are now a cocky, arrogant and playful subject. You know you are controlled, and you like it. You love it. You need it. Being controlled is what defines you now. You love me. You need me. You can’t live without me. Understood?

His voice shifted to a more playful and cocky tone


He liked having his photos taken now, with or without clothes, and enjoys his regular fucks, and submissions. 

He thanks me regularly for freeing him of his own control, now that I control him. We are now processing his visa, so he can stay here with me, forever, as my Canadian muscle puppet boy.

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Also looking for guys, to put under hypnosis on casual sessions!

So hit me up!

The Many Uses of Modern Technology

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

Jared Padalecki x Reader

Summary: Imagine being actress who’s having an affair with Jared. Your relationship is revealed when sex tapes are released.

Warnings: Cheating (kind of), graphic descriptions of sex tapes, filth, public humiliation


It’s just after four in the morning when you hear the first message. The soft tone of your phone wakes you from a shallow sleep, but only for a second before drifting off again.

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A Simple Suggestion - Ch.2

Originally posted by ladyofacat

the first chapter of this really gained some surprising traction?? like 1.5k notes??? so i decided i would continue this as another fanfic. i really love you all like dang

A Simple Suggestion
Summary: Breaks from patrol often allow time for Ladybug and Chat Noir to talk and be themselves. But when a silly joke starts to seem all that…well, not silly, the two find themselves considering something neither of them had ever before: moving in together. The tricky part is still keeping their identities a secret.
Rated: T
Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir

Chapter 2 - A Discussion
Word count: 3,939
Also read on: ao3

<< Previous Chapter | Next Chapter >>

Telling her parents that she was ready to move out was the easy part.

The look on Tom and Sabine’s faces had been proud yet somber when Marinette sat them down a week prior to confess that she’d been thinking about becoming more independent. Although she did relish in the love that her parents showered upon her day by day, and adored the cozy familiarity of her childhood home, Marinette knew life would be easier on her own.

(Well, as “on her own” as she could get living with her magical, spandex-clad superhero of a partner.)

Still, over the years dashing back and forth as Ladybug had become a bit of a problem. While her parents did go to bed rather early, they were delicate sleepers and woke to the slightest of noises. Prancing around the city all night and doing flips on her balcony (and accidentally smashing a potted plant or two in her landings) was a quick way to give them a startling awakening.

And, while they mostly allowed Marinette her privacy, they were a bit…invasive. So invasive at times that she had just destransformed by the skin of her teeth before they’d crashed through her trapdoor as if there was a fire burning in the kitchen, just to see how their precious daughter was doing.

It wasn’t that she was ungrateful. Marinette loved her parents dearly and couldn’t imagine life without them. She just…needed some personal space.

“So you’re really moving out?” Sabine asked as they shared dinner at their table, Marinette poking at her food with her fork. “Are you at least going to stay close?”

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Welcome to Swan Queen Supernova II: Cygnus Summer Celebration!

That’s right - the time has arrived. Sound the horns and ring the bells, another season of Swan Queen Supernova is here!

First things first - please check out the FAQ and SCHEDULE by clicking on those links or visiting the links in our sidebar. Those posts should give you all the information you need to have a successful Supernova season!

We have also added a new aspect of the event this year - our Protostar Challenge, a Reverse Bang-style event! We have included more details about it under a read more at the bottom of the post, so check that out before you sign up!

On that note, it’s time to get this party started! Sign-ups this year are open from APRIL 17 - MAY 7 for all artist and author roles for both challenges! Beta, cheerleader, and pinch-hit signups will stay open challenge-round, so you’re always more than welcome to join us for those.

Once again, be sure you read the FAQ and SCHEDULE before signing up, but if you’re all ready to go:



Sign ups for authors and artists close promptly at midnight Eastern Time (US) on May 7th, so don’t delay! And be sure to spread the word - the more, the merrier!

Let us know if you guys have any questions that aren’t answered by the Schedule or the FAQ page, and happy Supernova Season to all!

For more information on the Protostar Challenge, click the Read More below:

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Curiosity (M)

Originally posted by kimdaddynamjoon

Pairing: Cam Boy!Seokjin x Reader

Genre: this is pure filthy smut

Word Count: 1,796 words of Seokjin ruining your panties (you’ll thank me later)

Summary: You weren’t the one to watch porn, heck, you didn’t see the point in it. From what you had heard it was filled with unrealistic sex and poorly acted out scenes by men and women, but curiosity had gotten the better of you one day.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

You weren’t the one to watch porn, heck, you didn’t see the point in it. From what you had heard it was filled with unrealistic sex and poorly acted out scenes by men and women, but curiosity had gotten the better of you one day.

One of your friends had come up to you the day before while you were on your way to class.

“Y/N!” You turned around and saw her running up to you, placing a hand on your shoulder and panting. “You literally didn’t run that far and you’re panting? Get some exercise dude,” you laughed a little, teasing her.

“Shush, oh god okay. So…” she began once she had regained her breath, straightening herself back up, her eyes staring into yours as an awkward silence filled the air. “So…?” you began.

“You know Kim Seokjin right?”

“Yeah no duh, of course I know him. We’re friends. Anyway what’s up?”

“He’s kind of…a porn star?” you could only stare at her in disbelief before bursting out into laugher. “Porn star? God, what a good joke. Have you even met the guy? He’s way too innocent for that.”

“Yeah sure. Look, I’m running late for class, but I’ll send you a link to his page yeah?” you raised an eyebrow, totally not believing her ridiculous statement, but you nodded back anyway.

Going back home that day and opening the link that your friend had sent you, what you hadn’t realised was that the statement you once thought to be ridiculous, wasn’t ridiculous at all. In fact, it was very, very true. Kim Seokjin, your friend, was in fact a kind of porn star.

You stared at the page in shock. Little square boxes and dirty photos invaded your eyes, his webpage was filled with sinful videos of himself either smirking at the camera or having his hand wrapped around his very impressive length, you only gulped in response. You knew it was kind of wrong to be scrolling through his page when he hadn’t even told you be was doing this, but you couldn’t help it. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from the beautiful but vulgar images that were popping up on your screen.

You closed your laptop in a hurry and took in a few deep breaths, trying not to get too worked up over the fact that your blonde friend, was doing porn behind your back.


The next day you woke up and tried your best to distract yourself from the thought of Seokjin’s videos and his entire page, but you couldn’t help but be drawn back to the thought of watching one of his videos, just too see how it is. That wasn’t weird right?

That resulted to where you were now. Your eyes glued onto your laptop screen as you clicked on one of his videos, being greeted by a shirtless Jin, his lower body hidden behind the camera, a cute grin was on his face and then he waved to the screen. He stepped back, letting you see his naked self and you covered your face at the site of it. Instant regret and lust started to run through your body.

Why were you doing this? It wasn’t right to see your friend naked, especially if they hadn’t told you they were doing porn. He had to have a good reason to not tell you, right? But the lust was running through you. Yeah, you’d always thought he was good looking, almost too good looking for his own good. You’d had a few 19+ thoughts about him here and there, but this was only making it worse.

It was only when you heard the sound of something wet did you tear your hand away from your face. Jin was sitting back on a chair as his head was tossed back, eyes closed, his adam’s apple bobbed up and down, his hands were placed around his cock, pumping it quickly, wanting release. Suddenly something popped up on your screen making you widen your eyes and furrow your brows as you read it.

26/11/16 | 9:48pm

Jin’s live cam starting in two minutes. Come and watch ;)

Live cam…it wouldn’t hurt to see something else, right?


Those two minutes, could not have passed by slower. You were chewing on your nails, watching the numbers count down on the screen until they hit 0:00. A slightly blurry Seokjin popped up on your screen, supporting that innocent smile of his again, his upper body was clothed this time (to your disappointment). To the bottom of the screen you watched people’s comments, everything ranging from how good he looks to how they wish they were able to suck him off.

Concentrating back on Seokjin, you looked up too see him bite his plump pink lips, his hands coming to undo the top two buttons on his shirt, exposing his beautiful collarbones and some of his upper chest. “You want this off?” his voice was definitely a few octaves lower, sending shockwaves down to your core. He was looking down at the comments, smirking when he saw everyone was going crazy at the idea of him just taking off his shirt.

He brought his hands back up to his chest, slowly and teasingly undoing the buttons on his shirt, his slightly tanned skin being seen more and more. He slipped it off his broad shoulders before running a hand over his slightly formed abs, his boxers just able to be seen above his jeans.

“What do you want to go next?” He hummed as he ran a hand through his dyed blonde locks, staring into the screen with a smirk. He chuckled a little, some comments amusing him. Seokjin’s hands came down to his black jeans and undid the button on his jeans, slipping the material down his legs and tossing it to the side somewhere. It was only then when you realised the large bulge in his boxers. Even though you’d seen his dick from previous video’s you’d watched, you couldn’t help but gulp at the sight, wanting him to just take off his boxers instead of deciding to tease everyone.

Seokjin cupped his erection through his boxers, an airy moan escaping his plump lips before leaning towards the camera, the smirk forming on his face again. “You want to see this?” he moved back after a few moments and slid off his boxers, his cock hitting his stomach with a small thump. Your breath left your lungs at the sight, he was astounding, how could someone be that…perfect?

He took a hold of his cock pumping it slowly, bulging veins were able to be seen along his length and his head was pinkish red, swollen with arousal. He sat down on the bed, getting comfortable before smirking back at the camera and wrapping his slender fingers around his cock again as he began to jerk himself off, a soft groan released from his lips. You couldn’t help the dirty thought that popped itself into your head. You would have loved for your lips to wrap themselves around his swollen cock, or for his fingers to be knuckle deep inside your walls as your gripped at those beautiful, broad shoulders of his.

Fuck having sanity and some sort of respect for your friend. You were beyond gone at this point, you didn’t even realise but your hand had slipped itself into your shorts and under your panties, your fingers rubbing your clit hoping for some sort of release.

Your thoughts were interrupted as you heard a small, soft “oh fuck,” escaping from Seokjin’s mouth as his eyes closed, drowning in the pleasure. His hand stopped pumping his cock at the fast pace it was going at before and moved up and down slower, like he was teasing himself, he opened his eyes and bought his thumb to swipe across the opening in his head and collected the precum that had seeped out. He bought his thumb to his lips and wrapped them around it, sucking at his thumb and a low groan vibrated from his chest, the bitter taste of himself turning himself on more if possible.

Licking away shamelessly at his own precum, you couldn’t help but moan and slip a finger inside of yourself at the sinful sight that was in front of you (well, through a laptop screen). He bought his hand back down to his cock and gripped it tightly, moving his hand up and down at a slow pace again, but slightly bucking his hips into his hands. Another thought filled your mind, you’d love to be on your hands and knees as his hips snapped into yours roughly, his hands coming to grip your hips as the sound of skin against skin would be heard.

“Oh shit, fuck- just, just like that,” Seokjin groaned again, his words were barely above a whisper but they were filled with such desperation –  his other hand that wasn’t occupied with his cock coming to play with his balls. You tossed your head back and thought of how his balls would be hitting your clit as he took you from behind. Your breathing had definitely became more laboured and you were bought closer and closer to your orgasm with the thoughts of fucking your friend invaded your mind, as well as the sight of him laid out on the bed with a layer of sweat covering his body.

His hand quickly was becoming a blur over his cock. Seokjin’s head was tossed back and his jaw was clenched tightly, a vein bulging on the side of his neck as he was bring bought closer and closer to his height of pleasure. “God- fuck, so close baby,” his voice was slightly louder now, a few moments later his mouth was open in a silent scream. Thick ribbons of white were shot out from the head of his cock and covered his chest and his hand. He slightly thrusted into his hand as his high came to a close, his chest was heaving up and down once he’d finished, his entire body was covered with his own cum.

The sight of Seokjin being covered with his own cum was one of the hottest things you’d ever seen in your life and that’s all you needed to bring yourself over the edge – waves of pleasure consumed your entire body and a drawn out moan of his name fell from your lips. When you opened your eyes again, a tired, but cum covered Seokjin was smiling back at the camera and winked before turning it off, leaving you disappointed. You reminded yourself that you definitely needed to talk to him about this tomorrow, after all, maybe you could help him this time instead of his hand.

well, it was a roller coaster of emotions while writing this omfg. i actually really like how this turned out though (probably one of my faves!) feedback is appreciated :)

Mon Cœur S'ouvre à Ta Voix

Mon Cœur S'ouvre à Ta Voix | It’s taken Dan a year to work up the courage to really discover why he keeps slipping into something he doesn’t fully understand, but now that he’s discovered that he’s not alone, he’s ready to find a solution, even if that does mean accepting a Dom into his life. Thank God Phil is there to save him when things seem like they’re about to go wrong. | Includes petplay, rimming, praise!kink, suggested attempted!rape but no full attempts, hyperventilating&minor panic attacks, implied aftercare. | Phan | Mature | 15,115 Words

Written for @kinkyhux for the @phanficexchange 

(A03 Link)

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

***Website borrowed and used as a writing tool for the terms/questions asked. Any facts regarding the reliability and safety of the test are exaggerated and made up for the sake of the character’s use of the site. Any and all of Dan’s early thoughts regarding submissive’s etc… are necessary misunderstandings for the fic, and not to be taken as an accurate description of what being a submissive is; they are merely an attempt to encompass common misconceptions that even someone doing research might find themselves falling into, especially when confused about themselves, and navigating the scene alone.***

For as much research and as many questions as I asked in order to make this story as good a representation of pet play as I could, I can’t promise full accuracy or that this is a proper demonstration of this aspect of the bdsm scene. I’ve been told over and over again that every person’s experience is different, and that’s something I hope to pose to the reader’s to keep in mind. I am not a dom/sub/switch etc…myself, and I sincerely hope that I did not offend anyone in my portrayal of Dan as a submissive pet, or Phil as a Dom. I really hope this meets your expectations, kinkyhux. I had more fun with this than I could ever say <3

Title by Muse: I belong to you

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That's A Good Girl

You knew you shouldn’t be doing what you were. But you couldn’t help yourself. Everyone watches porn from time to time right? 

You sat on your bed with your legs crossed leaning against the headboard and clicked through different videos trying to find one that peaked your interest. Each time the actors would start getting it on, the girl would always play up the pleasure and scream at the smallest touch. You roll your eyes and click off yet another video that lost your interest, when a link caught your eye.

 “Daddy kink.” 

Your head perked up and a small smile graced your lips. “Jackpot” you whisper, clicking on the link. 

Oh. Jackpot was right. 

You hit the mother load with this one. Video after video of older men began loading on the page, making your eyes sparkle. Sure, you were into guys your own age. But something about a man with experience and some silver in his hair just… You shiver thinking about it.

After scrolling for a few minutes you tilt your head at one screenshot. 

Hm. Kinda looks like Tony. 

You click the video, and your eyes go wide. 

Shit that is Tony. 

You debate whether or not to close the video for several seconds, your mouth hanging open. The cursor hovered over the small X and you were about to click it when you heard the most angelic, mouth watering sound you’d ever heard. 

Tony moaned

Actually, it was more like a growl. Whatever it was, it sent chills down your spine and your hand immediately flew to your waistband, shoving your sweats down your legs in a not-so-graceful manner. “Jarvis? Turn the lights off please” you said, breath shaky. 

“My pleasure” came the AI’s response.

“Mmm. More like my pleasure” you chuckle out as your fingers circled over your clit. Your little bud was so sensitive from the videos- as disinterested as your brain was, downstairs was obviously very interested- that your body jolted at the feeling. You slowly circled it as you watched the video, mesmerized by Tony’s voice and the way his body moved.

 “Mm yeah you like that baby? You like when I touch you like this?" 

The girl moaned and arched her back into Tony’s touch. 

"That’s a good girl… Suck Daddy’s cock… ” Tony released another guttural groan, making your hand speed up as you chased your orgasm. 

“Fuck me daddy!“  

"Oh God fuck me” you whimpered to yourself.

Tony pounded into this girl so hard it looked like he could break her. You blocked out the girl’s whining and focused on Tony, the noises he made, the snapping of his hips, his everything. 

You moaned as your orgasm hit you by surprise, your body jerking as you squirted onto your bed. You gasped for air as your body trembled, Tony’s name falling off your lips like a prayer. Your phone fell to your bed as you gripped the pillow, your head spinning out of control as your high took over your whole body. 

It took you a few minutes before you could finally breathe normally again. Sitting up, you run a hand through your hair as you examined your release now soaking into the bed sheets.

 "Fuck.“ You didn’t even know you squirted. 

~The next day~

You walk into the kitchen to grab some coffee, smiling at Tony as you walked past. You tried your damnedest to hide your blush, but knew you’d probably failed. 

"Sleep good, y/n?” Tony asked, his voice making you jump slightly.

“Uh… Yeah. Yeah fine..” You replied, avoiding his gaze. 

Tony nodded and looked in your direction. “Can you hand me a coffee cup?" 

"Yeah sure” you said, opening the cupboard and reaching up to grab one. 

“That’s a good girl.” Tony smirked, his voice lower than usual. 

You froze with your arm in the air, clutching the coffee cup. Slowly turning to meet Tony’s glare, you find him towering above you with his lip between his teeth. “Um…-" 

"In case you didn’t know, y/n…” Tony stated, taking the cup from you. “I have surveillance cameras in each room of this tower.” Your face pales as you open your mouth to reply, but Tony stops you. “Now… You wanna come suck Daddy’s cock while he eats his kitten out?" 

Oh God, yes Daddy. 


Might do a part two in Tony’s perspective. We’ll see  

Forever Tags: @not-moose-one-shots, @purplekitten30, @aquabrie, @supernatural-jackles, @psychicwitchphilosopher, @daddysbabygirl2169, @tomhiddlesmom, @evansrogerskitten, @greasernegan, @walkingdeadjunk, @ashzombie13, @warriorqueen1991, @prettyepiic, @asshatry 
Tags and requests open!

CAMGIRL 101 - Shit to do first

So you’re broke as fuck and you are stoked on camming and want to shred off all your clothes and make a million bucks right this fucking second. I get it. Read this first. It’s worth it to be prepared.


1) Lock down your personal social media. Instagram, facebook, twitter - set all that stuff to private, or if you’re not partial to it, delete it. If you’re using your full first and last name on Facebook, don’t. At the very least, change your last name to a nickname. If you’ve got the time and the patience (and you’re paranoid like I am), go through and lock or shut down or privatize any old blogs or profiles you may have set up elsewhere - tumblr, livejournal, wordpress, bla bla bla. Why? A shitty potential problem with cam work is having someone get a hold of your first and last name and post photos/videos/screenshots/whatever of you on sites where you can’t get things removed. Ultimately this means that if someone were to google your First + Last name, they’d see your ladybits, and that might potentially fuck some shit up for you later on in life. Obviously it’s a risk no matter what you do, but it’s better to at least put some precautionary work in.

2) Create a cam-related snapchat and a twitter. Twitter is king in the cam world. You can use it to tell people when you’re going to be online, to connect with members and to make friends with other camgirls! I used to hate twitter and now I adore it. I 100% recommend making a twitter and a snapchat for cam purposes before you get on cam because it’s a good way to make money and a good way to market yourself. Most camgirls allow a tip option to receive a snapchat add, whereas twitter is usually shared with members for free. Post your twitter link in your chat when you cam and people will know how to find you next time you’re online.


Yes, the site you work on needs your actual name and actual information because they’re going to pay you with actual money. And yes, you also need to show your face. If any of this seems too risky for you, close up shop and look for something else.


1 token = 0.05USD. To check what you’re making, plug in your token amount x 0.05 (NOT 0.5. I have had people think they were making shit tons of money on their first show, show their vaginas to the world and then realize after the fact that they made $50 not $500. BE MATH SMART lol).

i.e: 500 tokens = 500 x 0.05 = $25.


You will need a webcam, a computer and some half decent lighting. If you’re broke as shit and can’t afford fancy stuff, it’s okay, you can always start basic and work your way up. I used a second hand macbook and it’s built in camera for the first year of camming and it worked fine. I’d say more important than high tech stuff is good lighting, so if you can haul a couple lamps from around your house, you’re golden.

From the model admin page…

GEOBLOCK YOUR STATE OR PROVINCE. from the Model Admin page, on the left hand side, scroll down until you see a link called “model settings”. You will see an option there for “Blocked Locations” – use this to block your area or others you want to keep away from you. This will prevent people from within the province from seeing your profile or being able to see your webcam stream!

From the web broadcaster…

You have three basic modes on MFC: free chat, group chat and private chat (private/true private). The majority of the highest earning girls spend most of their time in free chat. Stay in free chat for your first few shows. Save group and private chat for prizes or special occasions. Under the “options” button on the left hand bottom side of your screen, click “chat” and make sure you aren’t accepting group, private or true private requests.

BLOCK PRIVATE MESSAGES FROM NON-FRIENDS. From your Web Broadcaster page, on the bottom left hand side of the page is a button that says “options”. Click that, then click “chat”. Make sure to only accept private messages from friends. It is also wise to block other models from your chat room (some models will attempt to “poach” tipping members by sending PMs to anyone who tips you).

BLOCK GUESTS AND BASICS FROM CHATTING. Guests do not have an MFC account and are viewing your cam but can’t tip until they sign up and buy tokens. Basics do have an MFC account but have never purchased tokens, so they also can’t tip (until they buy tokens). The first time you buy tokens, your account becomes ‘premium’ - these members either have tokens or have bought tokens before, therefore are the most likely members to tip (in most cases). For this reason, most models block guests and basics from chatting - on the top of your screen you’ll see two little buttons beside the topic bar. Holding your mouse over them will bring up a note that says “block guests from chat” and “block basics from chat”. Make sure you click both of them so that you’re only talking to people who are most likely to tip you.

BLOCK ASSHOLES AND TROLLS. Yes, there’s a fine line between being ban happy and being assertive, but you’ll figure out your own stance on that as you mature on the site. In the mean time, if people are bothering you, ban them. You can do this by clicking on their name in the chat: notice that a box shows up on the left hand side with their information on it. There’s a drop down menu you can click that gives you a number of options, one of them being “ban” - this will shut them out of your cam room for 6 hours, and hopefully get them out of your face while you’re trying to figure shit out. Remember that annoying members don’t only annoy you, they annoy potential tipping members, too - it’s best to get them out and keep the vibe of your room positive.


Do not accept paypal as a new model. Scamming members will offer new models paypal for things/shows/blabla – it’s against MFC rules to accept paypal for shit and they will always, always cancel the payment before you get it and you end up with nothing.

Skype is the same. Don’t let people tip you for skype – stay on the website, if people want to tip you they can tip you for your time on cam.


New model status is a small yellow icon that appears next to your name for the first six hours that you stream on MFC. It’s a way for members to pay attention to models that just start out. Some people consider new model status really important and valuable … personally, I think it’s hit or miss. Yes, it boosts your visibility, so you should aim to use those six hours wisely. No, it doesn’t guarantee quality members or tippers; if anything, I’d say it guarantees more trolls and douchebags who are looking to take advantage of a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. Regardless, people will know you’re new for the first six hours, so make what you will of that.

Camscore is a model points system. It’s complicated as fuck and makes zero sense but essentially speaking, the more tips you make in an hour, the higher your camscore, the higher your camscore, the higher up on the front page you appear, aka the better the exposure and the more members you are able to meet (more or less). Aim to make a minimum of 1000 tokens an hour. This will help keep your score competitive. If you notice that after an hour you haven’t made that, don’t be afraid to encourage the room to help you reach your goals (“I’m really trying to hit the 1000 token mark this hour, every tip helps”, etc etc).

Miss MFC is a monthly rank competition that numbers girls according to their token earnings for that month. The #1 girl is whoever makes the most tokens, so on and so forth. This is a huge point of interest on the site and many girls use “rank push” months to boost their team moral and their incomes. For now, you don’t have to worry about it.


TOPIC: You can get creative with how you do this in future, but here’s a good idea for a start point:

@remain top off – 25 Spank, 200 Friend Add, 550 Snapchat, 900 Name On Booty [First Day On MFC!]

Now you have a basic idea of what people charge for, and members have an idea of what they can tip you to get you to do. The options here are endless – I have tips for making a pot of Kraft Dinner, for example – so do whatever you feel comfortable with! You’d be surprised what people will tip for.

COUNTDOWN: MFC does this for you automatically. When you hit broadcast, on the right hand upper side of your screen (beside your topic bar) you’ll see a button that says “Start Countdown” or something like that. When you put a number there, as members tip, MFC automatically keeps track of how many tokens have been put toward that countdown. You can automatically display your countdown in your topic so that your members can see the progress by typing @remain in your topic bar – this will display the number and update it all for you.

TIP: It is customary on the site for members to ask about a request before tipping it. If someone tips you 10,000 tokens and says “flash ur tits” and you don’t have an option for flashing anywhere on your profile or in your topic, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FLASH YOUR TITS. You’re under no obligation to do anything you haven’t advertised, and even if you do advertise it, you’re never going to be in trouble for not following through. Tips are not payment for a service: tips are a gratuity. People will try to take advantage of new models in this way. If someone tips you to do something you’re not comfortable with, thank them for their tip but remind them that you don’t do whatever they’re asking and move on.

There are three types of tips on MFC: public tip, “ninja” tip and anonymous tip. A public tip shows up as a yellow bar: you and all of the members of your room can see who the tip came from and how many tokens the tip was. It is customary to thank the member and use their name for public tips. “Ninja tips” are tips that only you, the model, can see: the room cannot see the tip amount nor who sent a tip. They will appear as a grey bar, not a yellow bar. Because these tips are hidden from the rest of the room, it is customary to thank “ninja” for the tip and NOT use the member’s username. Anonymous tips show a username of anonymous to both you and the chat room. Sometimes, anonymous tips are also ninja tips - the room can’t see the anonymous tip but you can. There’s no weird ass name for these kinds of tips even though it seems like there should be.


BANS: Like I said before, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ban them. Doesn’t matter how much they’ve tipped – your comfort is paramount and you need to be in control of your room. Once again, if you click on a member’s name, on the left hand side you’ll see a little menu option: you can hit “ban” and they won’t be able to see your chat room for six hours. You can also perma-ban people, which I’ll teach you later because it doesn’t really matter right now lol

FRIEND ADD: If someone wants to PM you (and tips for an add), you add them similar to how you’d ban them: click their name and on the left hand side of your screen you’ll see a little heart option to “add as a friend”. You can also remove them using this same method. Their private messages will pop up near your topic bar at the top of your screen. While it’s nice to talk one on one, I usually try to keep PM conversations short and give most of my focus to the chat room.


As mentioned, new model status can be a huge draw for assholes who assume you have no idea what you’re doing and can be taken advantage of. Think about what people are saying to you before you take advice from even seemingly helpful members, especially in your first few days. They’re gonna offer you tons of advice and some of them are honestly great people but others are really manipulative little shits so USE YOUR OWN INTUITION AND OTHER CAMGIRLS AS YOUR SOURCE OF INFORMATION and take what members tell you with a grain of salt.

Be grateful for every tip. Avoid the word “slow”. People tip on MFC because they enjoy the vibe of the room and think you’re cool/hot/fun – so your number one job is to create a fun environment where people can relax and laugh and feel good about themselves. Try to remember people’s names. Don’t be afraid to be a little over the top if someone tips you a lot.

Play music that makes you feel good, dance around, show off your bod, be confident and feel cute and people will notice!! Having the jitters is normal. Feeling frazzled on your first show is normal. It’s also cute as fuck. Work it to your advantage – you’re bound to make mistakes and do things you regret in the first little while but as long as you’re willing to make a couple mistakes along the way, it’ll be a fun experience.

Value yourself highly and others will be forced to do the same. Sometimes I offer deals on raffle tickets or videos, but very rarely will I make my countdowns cheaper. Never, ever will I do what the countdown was for if we don’t make the count. Say you put a 1000 token countdown up and you only make it halfway, but since it’s slow you think that maybe being topless would draw a crowd, so you pop the top off anyway. You have effectively just taught all of the freeloaders in your room that if they wait long enough, they’ll get to see what you offer for sale … for free. It’s better to wait it out or walk away and consider a slightly lower countdown for next time than it is to reduce the count during the show.

It pays to be friendly and kind. People want to feel liked. Don’t be a doormat, but try not to be an asshole. People are always more motivated to help a friend than they are to help someone who they fear might turn on them or be using them.


Countdowns: 1000 for top off, 1200 for panties off (I wear a thong underneath booty shorts usually), 1500 for “braless tease” (sort of like a pin-up-esque dance, lots of covering my nipples with my hands and sexydancing lol), and then 2000 for a “show” like lotion (rubbing lotion on my butt), bath tease (I wear a bikini top and a thong in the bath and get soapy), something like that. This usually takes two or three hours. If I’m near my “day goal” (which is usually 4000 to 6000 tokens), I’ll put up a countdown just to reach that goal, with no show or anything tied to it – people are usually pretty motivated to help out. These are obviously non-nude tips. If you’re up to getting naked, don’t be afraid to ask for more! In fact never be afraid to ask for more. Again, you’d be surprised what people are up to helping you for.

Don’t be afraid to chill between countdowns. If you finish a countdown really fast, give it five or ten minutes before you put up a new one! Chatting and getting to know people is important so leaving some space between shows gives you room to relax – and people will still often tip in between countdowns, too, so you can sneak extra tokens in like that.

Don’t worry about your profile for now. I’ll talk about that in another post. With what you’ve just read, you should be more than ready to tackle your first few shows.

Keep in mind these countdown numbers are my numbers. I used them on my first day and I continue to use them today. If you aren’t hitting your goals and it’s bumming you out there is nothing wrong with asking for less. If you want to do 500 token counts instead, nothing is stopping you. Some models prefer to do higher countdowns with the chance of not finishing them, others perfer to do lower countdowns in order to feel successful every show. This is personal preference. Wiggle around and see what suits you best.

A Hard Day’s Night

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Prompt: Castiel, bothered by his friends because he never even kissed someone, decides he can’t handle the nagging anymore and does something he thought he’d never do.

Tags: student!cas, escort!dean, angst 

Words: 1116

A/N: Part one of a series if there’s interest, feedback is very much appreciated.  

Tagging: @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire @thedisgraced @funnycas @destielonfire @purgatoan @sunkissedsam @prettyboydean @saminzat @ducksorclowns @castielismyfavouriteangel (please let me know if you want to be tagged, or if I should get you off the list!)

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I’m clearing out my ask box, so here’s a rapid fire bunch of answers to the 43 questions in there! A lot of these I wanted to draw a comic or do a little animation for but just never got the time or energy, and others I didn’t know what to say, but I think that some response is better than no response, so while these are all going to be either text or doodles, I wanted them all to actually get answers.

Below the cut because this’ll be a hella long one~ Plenty of Zelda doodles in there though so if you just wanna see doofy drawings click too!

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Bucky x OFC

Summary:  He doesn’t talk to anyone, until her. She doesn’t touch anyone, until him.

Warnings: language (i think that’s it????? what is this??????)

Word Count: 8.3k (it’s long af i’m sorry i just get too excited)

Author’s Note: guess what!!!!! it’s my birthday!!!! and so my gift to you is this new story that i’ve been writing for a few months as a break from Savior. it shouldn’t be too long, probably under 10 parts but we’ll see how i do. this is one of my favorites and the main female character has definitely been on of the funnest to write so i hope you all enjoy :) feedback is encouraged, love you all xx

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

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anonymous asked:

hey red ! i figured you're probably the best person to ask about this. but how do i add like a sparkles to a graphic on photoshop and where can i find the sparkles to download them ?

i’m sorry this is so late! i was actually out on a mission trip and wasn’t able to get to my laptop until now. anyways, i don’t quite know what you mean by “sparkle” (twinkling sparkles or falling sparkles) but ( here ) is a master post of awesome gif textures and you can use ( this ) one to hopefully make the graphics i think you’re imagining in your head! if anyone does have different sorts of sparkles, please link me. but, for now, under the cut I’ll show you how to quickly make a graphic like this:

regardless if this is the kind of sparkles you need or not, this tutorial will help you add a gif texture onto any sort of graphic! for this tutorial, i am using CS6.

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Remember…. part 2 

You can read part 1 here

I’m doing a little crossover of two series for this story. Hoop you like it. 

3 months later.

You were sitting at the bar with a drink you hand. You were traveling the around the VS in the past 3 months. You were getting a last drink when a guy came to sit next to you. He shoved the bar seat closer to you. He sat on it and was now facing your way. You didn’t even look at him. You could smell his breath alcohol and a mix of cigarettes.

“HI” You hear the man say. You don’t respond to him not even look towards him. “HI” He says louder now also touching your arm. You look towards him. He was just about 24 years old, he had this curly blond hair and a great smile and then you saw his eyes. They were pitch black. How was that possible.  

“Are you alone?” He says snapping you out of your thoughts.

“No” You said to him turning back to your own drink.

The man chuckles a little bit. “Yes you are.” He says touching your arm again. He goes with his hand down your arm and rested it on your leg. “I live nearby.” He continues. You know right away what he wanted. You paid you drink and started walking to the door not giving the man another chance to talk to you.

You walked out of the bar and went to a side street leading right to your hotel.

In just a few seconds you feel a hand on you neck. It makes you turn around and in just a matter of moments a person is pinning you towards the wall. The person has his hand on your neck tighten it up you could barely breath. You get a look at the man and you recognise him right away it was the same men who just talked to you. Your sight begins to darken till you pass out.

You heard two man talk. You couldn’t understand what they were saying. You tried to open your eyes but they were too heavy. You took a few deep breaths and tried to concentrate on the two voices.

“Dean this is bad.” You heard one of the man say. “We shouldn’t have brought her here.”

“Sammy I know but what else could we do?” The other man says. “After she wakes up  we look how she is doing and then we get back on the road.” the man continues.

You tried to open your eyes again now successful. In front of you saw another  bed. You saw a man sitting on it with the back against the wall. You didn’t recognised him. You looked down to see how the room looked like, It looked a lot like your own hotel room but just with 2 beds. Another man appears in your eye sight. He looked younger than the man sitting on the bed. He looked towards you.

“Dean she’s awake.” He says walking towards you.

The man who was sitting on the bed was now in front of you.

You move your hands to your head rubbing it.

“Are you okay?” one of them said.

You nod your head.

“Dean give her some room. She just woke up.” you looked towards the men. One of them took a step back. “Can you sit up?” The younger guy continued.

You sat up with you back resting on the wall. You look at the both of the man.

“I’m Dean.” the man that sat on the bed said. “and this is my little brother Sammy.” he continued pointing to the other guy.

“My name is Sam.” the younger guy said. “what’s your name?”

“I’m y/n” You said to them.

You stare at both of them.

“How did I get here?” You asked them.

The man looked at each other.

“We saw this guy pin you up the wall. Before we could save you had already blacked out. After that we brought you here till you woke up.” Sam said

“I remember the man….” You said to them. In your mind the eyes of man pop up again “He had this black eyes.” You continued.

The men looked at each other. Dean looked back at you first. He had this look on his face like he had a secret he couldn’t tell. None of the man said anything. Dean walked away from me to the middle of the room. There was this little table with 2 chairs. He picks up bag from the table and walks back. He handles you a white paper bag.

“Eat this.” He says to you. You look at him and at Sam. Sam has now a little smile on his face. He nods towards you. You open the bag and you saw a cheeseburger in it. You took it out of the bag and took a bite. Your stomach began to protest right away wanting it out of your body.

“Where’s the bathroom?” You ask quickly. Both of them sign towards a door and you jumped as fast as possible out of bed and run towards the door.

You came out of the bathroom and both man were looking towards you. “Thank you.” You said to them. “but I think I should go.” You continued. Both men nod their heads.

“I will bring you home.” Dean says quickly. They help you get your stuff together and Dean leaves with you.

When both of you were outside you saw that you were in the hotel as how you expected a few minutes ago. You walked towards a hallway that would lead you to your room.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked walking behind you.

“I’m also staying here.” You say to him.

After a few minutes you reach your room. You opened the door and you walk in the room not bothering to close the door behind you. You walk to your backpack and search for the aspirin. After you found you took them. You look back at the door. The door was still open and Dean was now in your room. He was looking around the room.

“Where you heading?” He asks

“Dont know.” You said to him. “I’m just wandering around city’s till I found something that keeps me there.”

“Why?” He asks you.

“Because I don’t have anything better to do.” You say to him.

“When are you heading out again?”

“I think I will leave early tomorrow.” You say to him. You walk towards the door. You looked back at Dean. You sign for him to leave.

“Yeah, maybe I see you tomorrow but well …uhm….  good luck.” He says walking out of the room. You close the door behind him and laid on the bed. You needed to rest.

You woke up the next morning around 7am. You felt good, you were fit and was prepared to to head out again. You took a shower and gone out for breakfast.

Across the street from the hotel there was this coffee place. You walked towards it. Inside you saw Sam sit in one of the booths. He looks towards you and gives you a little smile. You smiled back. What the hell you thought and you start walking towards him.

“Can I sit with you?” You ask him.

He nods at you with a smile on his face and signs with his hand for you to sit at his booth. In just a few seconds the waitress is next to you.

“Can I get you something sweetie?” she says to you.

“Can I have a coffee and a little of your apple pie?” You say to her.

“Of Course sweetie.” She says. “Do you need a refill?” She says now towards Sam.

“Yes please” He replies.

After she had refill Sam’s coffee she walked away from the table.

“I heard from Dean that you’re leaving today.” Sam says.

“Yeah that’s true.” You reply

“Where are you heading?”

“Don’t know yet. I heard you guys yesterday saying that you were going to hit the road again. Where are you guys going?” You ask him.

“Where the job take us.” He says without hesitating. When the last word left his mouth he looks at you with a surprise on his face. Like he shouldn’t tell you that.

“What kinda work do you guys do?”

“We.. uhm we are salesman.” He says.

“You’re lying.” You say to him. “Salesman don’t travel the country.”

You see Sam swallow. The waitress then approaches your table and set the coffee and the pie in front of you.  

“Thank you” You say to her. She nods and walks away.

“Sam I don’t care what kind of work you guys do.” You say taking a sip of your coffee.  “Witch way are you guys going? Maybe you could drop me somewhere?” You continued. You looked at him and you see him relax.

He gives you a little smile before saying. “We’re going north. Just tell me where you would like to be dropped and we take you there.”

“Thank you.” You say to him.

After that both of you sit quite. Sam is going threw his computer and you are eating your breakfast and looking out of the window. In the reflection of the window you see the screen of Sam’s laptop. You try to read what he’s searching for but you couldn’t make out a word threw the window. You see him click on a link, a new web page opens. You see  VAMPIRES written in large letters.

“Sam why are you searching for vampires?” You ask him. You knew your being nosy but you really wanted to know. He looks at you surprised. “I can see it thru the window.” You say to him. He looks at the window and looks back at you. You can see him puzzling his answer in his mind.

“I’m just curious.” He says with a smile.

“Hey there you are.” You hear someone say in the coffee place. Both of you look towards the person when you see it’s Dean. He’s heading towards you guys.

“Nice to see you again, y/n” He says to you with a smile on his face. He looks at the pie you still had on your plate and says “Is that apple pie?”

“Yes.. Do you want a bite?” You ask him.

He doesn’t say anything he just nods your head. You scoop up in your seat so he can sit next to you and you gave him the rest of the pie.

“Are you sure?” He asks

“Yeah, I’m not hungry anymore.” You say giving him a smile. He smiles back and just begins to eat the pie. Sam is looking at Dean and shaking his head.

“I love pie.” Dean says with a full mouth of pie.

“I notice.” You say smiling.

Dean is getting the last bite of the pie in his mouth when the waitress comes around or table.

“Can I get you something?” She says towards Dean.

He swallowed what he has in his mouth and says “Yes, can I have a piece of apple pie and a coffee.” The waitress nods and walks away.

Dean has now his focus on you. “I thought you were leaving in the morning?” He says

“I’m leaving with you guys.” You said with a big smile on your face.

He looks confused. He looks towards Sam and back at you. “What do you mean?”

“You guys are giving me a ride.”

OK so here’s how to use xkit real easy w/ pictures 

First open a new tap and search for “The new xkit”

Open the link that takes you to the chrome webstore

ok then just follow the instructions to add xkit as an extension

Once you’ve done that open up tumblr and xkit will begin loading. A lil popup will show up and just press “Refresh page and begin using xkit.”

then you’ll see a little popup on the xkit icon, click it and cancel the tutorial.and then click it again to bring the xkit box back up. then on the bottom bar, click the “Get Extensions” tab

Now you see a list of all possible extensions to add so just scroll down on that list and look for these things: 1. editable reblogs

once you find it just click the green install button. be sure you haven’t installed the “edible reblogs” extension which is different from editable reblogs, and not at all what you want. 

Also I recommend getting Classic Notifications, Classic Search and Tag Viewer

Once you’ve installed those or whatever you like, go back to the bottom bar and click the “My xkit” tab, this will let you customize your extensions

Click on whatever extension you want to customize, note that some extensions come pre-loaded. use the mini scroll bar to scroll through customization options and check/uncheck the boxes of whatever you like. Be aware that some extensions do not have any customizable options. Most of the ones i’ve suggested do not but that is because they are quite simple, singular function extensions that don’t need it. Once you’ve customized to your liking, hit the update button. You technically shouldn’t need to do that, but i like to, just to make sure. 

Now say you’re unhappy with an extension or you accidentally installed edible reblogs instead of editable reblogs, and you want to uninstall one. simply click on that extension, still in the “My xkit” tab and click the uninstall button

That’ll get rid of it. Finally just click anywhere outside of the xkit box to close it and your done. One last thing you’ll probably notice that blue popup notifcation on your screen in the bottom left. to get rid of it forever simply click on it, it will bring the xkit page back open, and click on the news letter to open it. then just close out of it again

Now you’re using xkit and everything is much easier!

Obsessed Part 1

A/N: Do you know how long this has been sitting in my drafts? I had to post it even if it was cringeworthy for me. My goodness I hope this is good. I’m sorry if it isn’t. I’m just now trying to commit to and improve my writing.

It was a bright and early Monday morning as you powerwalked your way to class already late for lecture. For some obnoxiously annoying reason you forgot to charge your phone last night resulting in you not having an alarm to wake you up in time for class. And here you are an hour late speeding up your powerwalk into a sprint, folder full of notes and mocha frappacino in hand. The same mocha frappacino that prevented you from being only thirty minutes late because you simply refuse to start any day without some source of caffeine.

The professor definitely is gonna have field day with me this time.

Your creative writing professor took pride in punctuality. She hated late students.

She hated you.

First impressions were everything and you had ended up being the only student late to her first lecture of the semester around a month ago. Thus resulting in you having to write an nice little essay for her about the importance of punctuality.

Don’t even ask about the word count.

College third years should know better,” she had said, “do you not want a career?

Bottom feeding, hag woman.

When you eventually break out into a full run, mid-blink you crash into something hard. You and what or whoever you crashed into, stumble apart and manage to not hit the ground. Your notes and precious mocha frappacino, not so lucky.

Oh my gosh!” you look up and notice that “something hard” is a very attractive, startled male with dark doe-like eyes and wind blown coffee colored hair atop his head. He was clutching a backpack, clad in a long sleeved shirt, ripped blue jeans, and a pair of tan boots. “I’m so sorry!” you apologize hands out in front of you in defense.

You reach down and quickly try to retrieve your notes, luckily your spilled frappacino didn’t get on it, but that didn’t stop dirt.


“I’m really sorry for running into you like that. I didn’t even see you come up..” you said as you stood back up, papers tightly held to your chest. 

The attractive doe-eyed stranger said nothing. He was just staring, mouth slightly open. Almost in awe.

“Ummm…are you okay…?” you say a bit flustered.


“Right, ” you say a bit uncomfortable as you look down at your watch and nearly flip. “Crap! I gotta go! Uh-sorry again! Bye!”.

As you raced away to make it to your lecture, you waved your hand back at the strange male although you faced forward, taking extra care to make sure you didn’t run into anymore strange people. Which is why you didn’t notice one of your notes falling away to the grass behind you.

As you continued to disappear, you didn’t notice the strange male walk over to the left behind paper.

You didn’t see him pick it up.

You didn’t hear him read your name of the paper in a low whisper.


“Yes!” you cheered throwing papers into the air in celebration, “I’m done bitches!”

Wednesday afternoon on campus and you had finished attending a good majority of your classes for the day. Since your night classes were but a couple to a few hours away, you were persistently working on a portion of an important assignment.

After three to four long agonizing days of anxiety, you had finally finished the written part of your project for one of your journalism-related classes you were taking this semester. Sure that was like only fifty-percent of the project completed, and there were more stressful parts of the project to work on, but so what?  To each their own.

Charming,” your best friend, Jimin commented, looking up from his cellphone at you in mock amusement, “But, don’t you have the presentation to work on still?”

Jimin, was currently sprawled out on your roommate’s bed, appearing to be patient whilst scrolling through his phone. Knowing him, he was probably extremely hungry by now. Thus explaining his dull mood. Jiminie ever so kindly accompanied you to your dorm during break, but that was probably because he wanted to bump into Suzy, your roommate, other best friend, and not-so-secret object of his affection. Not to mention she notoriously brought in lunch around this time.

You paused in the middle of your half-assed celebratory dance to frown at him. “Yeah, so? Don’t kill my joy.”

“Whatever,” he replied rolling onto his back immediately returning his attention back to the entertainment of his phone. “I don’t see why you’re celebrating over partially completed homework anyways. It’s sad really.”

You scoffed at him, picking up your now scattered work. “So easy to say when you’re an effortless medical student by day and a ballerina boy at night.”

Jimin turned on his side an glared at you. “You know I only do contemporary now as a warm up. I really wish that name would make its way to the grave. It’s been years.”

You snorted as you got up and made your way over to the table in front your bed to retrieve your phone ruffling Jimin's silver dyed hair when you passed him. He swatted at your hand immediately. “It’s been years, but you’re still ever so graceful, Ji-Ji!”

“Screw. You.”

Grinning to yourself, you picked your phone up, only for an Instagram notification to pop up.

@chim1013 liked a photo you were tagged in

Shit!” you heard Jimin mutter when you clicked the link in confusion.

You were about to make a comment when your attention was brought to the photo Jimin was apparently viewing from his feed. You didn’t recall being tagged in any photo recently.

When the picture came up, you recognized it as a photo on Suzy’s page from her family trip to Cancun from last summer.  You gasped and looked over at Jimin, who quickly met your gaze like a deer caught in the headlights. You needed confirmation, so before he could react you ran over and snatched his phone. 

Are you stalking Suzy’s Instagram page?!

“No-!” Jimin scrambled off of said person's bed and reached for his phone only for you to dodge, “I was on my feed and—dammit! Give it back Y/N!”

He nearly jumped at you, but you kept dodging his futile attempts to retrieve his phone. When you managed to get somewhat good distance away in the small dorm space, you were able to get a good look at the photo. Sure enough, it was the familiar photo of Suzy in front of some beach in a bikini with the caption, ’Missing my girls’ along with a series of emojis. You and a couple of other girls were tagged then. Jimin? Definitely not.

Jimin!“ you gasped again, laughing in disbelief, "This was from months ago!”

Give me my phone!”

“You perv!”

“Give it back!”

Jimin managed to tackle you onto your bed, where you both became a mass of fighting arms and limbs.

In the midst of the chaos, the dorm room opened.

“Ummm….should I come back later?”

Said chaos came to a halt, laughter and curses cut off simultaneously. Your roommate had come to the dorm to find you and Jimin in a very compromising position.

Suzy was currently standing in the doorway holding bags of food with an eyebrow raised and an amused expression to match.

Jimin, whose face was completely flushed, quickly released your no longer pinned down wrists and jumped off of you.

“I can explain!”

“Leave it to you two to have a party while I’m away,” Suzy sighed in a faux somber tone while pushing around her nachos. She occupied her bed along with her food, while you were sat in yours once again.

The three of you were currently eating the food Suzy brought in from a Mexican restaurant nearby the dorms. She got her usual nachos, quesadillas for you, and tacos for Jimin.

The taco eater, who was now sat in a chair between the beds with his phone back in his possession, sure enough was suckered into her shenanigans. It was always cute how flustered she made him.

“It wasn’t a party!” he quickly defended, almost choking on the taco he was eating, he then sent a pointed look your way,“Y/N just doesn’t have any boundaries in terms to privacy…”

You scoffed at him and pushed aside your already finished food. “What a hypocritical thing for a perv–”

“So Suzy! Speaking of parties-!” Jimin quickly cut you off, while you huffed in response.

He cleared his throat and quickly continued, “Uh… my friend Hoseok is having a party on Friday. Want to come? We can leave Y/N.”

Suzy giggled at Jimin’s antics, “How can I leave my number one wing woman?”

The beginnings of Jimin’s flirtatious smirk immediately dropped, “Wing woman?”

Usually whenever you and Sue went to parties and were ever in the mood for a different kind of fun, you would help each other out. It wasn’t a frequent thing. More like once in a blue moon. It had started out as a protection kind of thing to keep creeps away, but then it developed over time. If that makes any sense.

“Aw c’mon, Jiminie,” you said trying to rile him up, “haven’t you ever heard of the term ‘wingman’?”

Jiminy sent a deathly glare your way, “I am very much aware of the term, thank you. But why does Suzy need one?”

Suzy blushed and looked down at her hands,“Don’t make me say it, Jiminie…”

“Yeah, Jiminie,” you taunted, snickering when he raised his lip at you. “It’s obvious Sue wants to get it in…”

Y/N!” Suzy complained, while Jimin actually choked on his taco this time.

You nearly fell over your bed in laughter at their reactions.

Jimin and Suzy were so easy to mess with. You really wished they would just couple up already. But that was Suzy’s call and she had her reasons for being hell-bent on resisting.

“W-what?!” he said in disbelief trying to recover from his coughing fit, while Suzy’s face got even redder.

“Isn’t hooking up and booze normally the purpose of attending any college party?” you commented while sipping on a water bottle you retrieved from the dresser near your bed.

“Look who’s talking!” Jimin snapped at you, “You rarely ever go out and-” Jimin paused for a moment, then a devilish smile appeared on his childlike face.

It was an expression you didn’t like. You had seen that look many a time over the many years of friendship between you and the silver-haired devil.

You and Jimin had been friends practically since you both were old enough to walk. He was like the brother you never really wanted; and you meant that in a loving way. With the kind of brother-sister relationship you and Jimin had, every now and then he was notorious for ‘making you suffer’ for his benefit.

And since you were somewhat ‘cock blocking’ him from getting to his precious object of affection.

You had to be eliminated.

“Suzy,” he said grinning, “let’s not be selfish.”

Suzy frowned, the red beginning to disappear from her cheeks. “What do you mean?”

“It’s just that…” Jimin paused and sighed dramatically, “Y/N seems a bit—lonely these days.”

You stopped drinking your water to give him a look hoping his thoughts weren’t going where you thought they were. “Pardon?”

Jimin completely faced you smirking, “Hasn’t it been a while since you had any “fun”?”

Scoffing you rolled your eyes at Jimin and his games, “Did we not just go to a festival last week?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. When was your last hookup?”

“None of your damn-”

Suzy gasped and pointed at you, “Oh my gosh! He’s right! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you with a guy! At least not since-”

You cut her off, “I don’t see why this is even a discussion! Can we not guys?”

“We can and we will!” said the silver headed devil, “Suzy we need to make it our mission to find Y/N some fun, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m in!”

“I’m not,” you deadpanned.

Jimin scoffed, “Your opinion will not be taken into consideration and it’s two against one.”

“This is stupid.”

“How? You were about to do the same for Suzy. We’re just trying to help you clear out the cobwebs-”

Jimin was cut off by the pillow you sent to his face.

“Come on Y/N!” your other traitorous friend whined, “It’ll be fun!”

You glared at Suzy, “Give me one good reason why I should go.”

Suzy turned to Jimin, who tossed the pillow back onto your bed with a sour look on his face. “Jiminie, aren’t you friends with Namjoon?”

“Suzy shut up.”

Jimin looked at her in confusion and replied, “Yeah, why-” then his eyes widened, “No way…”

This was the last thing you needed. You internally groaned. Suzy just had to imply to the silver-haired devil that you had some type of interest in one of his friends.

Kim Namjoon was one of the most popular guys on campus. He was intelligent gorgeous, and even produced music. You’ve tried many times to attempt conversation, but each time you’ve managed to look like a complete fool. Eventually, you gave up trying when your last attempt consisted of choking on the water you were drinking to ease your nerves and nearly spat up on the guy. He was totally cool about it. You? Completely mortified.

Another thing Namjoon was? A friend Jimin managed to gain when you two first entered college. They became practically brothers overtime. Thankfully you’d managed to keep your awkward interactions with Kim Namjoon away from Jimin. But now that Suzy somewhat let it slip that you possibly liked his friend? Well..

It was just the fuel he needed for whatever plans he was beginning to make.

Thankfully before the devil could speak, his phone rings and he picks up.

“Hello? Shit-! Sorry Kook! I’m on my way now,” Jimin says as he gathers his trash, “I’m like two minutes away!”

It was apparent that Jimin had to leave. You silently thanked Jesus.

“Who’s Kook?” Suzy piped up avoiding your glare.

After Jimin got rid of the remains of his food, he fixed her with a look of his own, “Someone irrelevant to you. And you–” he turned towards you and smirked, “we’ll talk later.”

You were about to snap at him when you remembered something, “Hey Sue have you checked your Instagram notifications lately?”

“Actually, no–”

And the dorm door slammed shut after Jimin’s speedy exit.

Build a boyfriend - Hoshi

Originally posted by leewooji

“Thank god for Friday’s.” You muttered when you had walked into work that morning. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re happy for a Friday morning at work?’ Yes but it wasn’t just any Friday morning. This Friday you were allowed to come in late resulting to you sleeping in for a full 2 hours, you got breakfast at the office, and your assistant had a lovely cup of green tea with two Splenda sitting on your desk when you had come in. So in all this day was starting out great.

The office was buzzing with energy and the atmosphere was swimming with positivity. It was like a breath of fresh air as you hadn’t had any meetings scheduled until 11 am, leaving you to scroll through your social media and happily sip your tea.

You plugged your earphones into your iPhone and began to play CLC’s Hobgoblin. You tapped your foot to the beat as you aimlessly scrolled through social media. Since it was Friday after all, there was the weekly posts of your family, friends, and celebrities. You smiled as you double tapped the posts, until your thumb stopped on a particular ad.

“Build a boyfriend? That’s new…” you muttered as you scrolled passed it only to ind your thumb on the same ad just a few posts down your feed. Again you scrolled past slightly confused why it was the same ad. By the 3rd time you just gave up and clicked on the ad as it so desperately wanted you to click on it.

“Okay mysterious ad, let’s see what you have to offer.” The ad took you to a link with about 20 or so questions. You glanced behind you at the clock. “10:03. I got time why not?”

The questions varied from what’s your favorite color to what his hair line should be to eye color. The one that had you puzzled the most was the name question. You stared at the empty box with a blank stare.

“Can’t I just put two names here? Like a nickname? It doesn’t say anything against that might as well try it.” You whispered to yourself before typing in Soonyoung(nickname Hoshi) and clicking submit. The little green loading bar ran across the screen before startling you with a page of congratulations with a cute star emoji and a time under it that read 11:06.

You turned toward the clock to see that it was nearing 11 and without meaning to, your heart began to speed up. ‘I guess I can be a little late to my meeting. It’s just 6 minutes and nobody gets there until 10 minutes after anyway.“ You sat staring at the clock watching it tick slower and slower each time. You spun in your roller chair, rolled across the room, and even drew a little picture and it was only 11:03. You groaned throwing your head back.

An agonizing three minutes later, it was now 11:06…..and………..nothing happened. Your shoulders slumped in disappointment before you straightened back up and shook your head at yourself as you gathered your things for the meeting. ‘Maybe it meant pm not am? I mean if it was am that would’ve been quick!’ You thought as you shuffled down into the meeting room taking a seat and starting the meeting.

You sighed in relief as your third meeting of the day finished with an exceptional amount of progress. You stood up grinning at your coworkers as they praised you for your hard work and let you slide out of the meeting room. It was now 5 pm as you gathered your belongings in order to head home.

You turned to leave and a yelp left your lips as your coworker and friend Amelia smirked at you from the doorway. “Amelia! Don’t do that!” You whined as your calmed your racing heart. She giggled at your startled state. “Sorry (Y/n). I just came to invite you to dinner with us. The boss is impressed with out hard work and he’s buying everyone dinner. You in?”

You gave her the of-course-I’m-in-why-wouldn’t-I-be-its-free-food-? Look. She grinned before pulling you out of the office. You all drove to the barbecue restaurant and sat at a large table. You talked and laughed as you ordered food and just had a grand time.

Hours later you were full and happy waving a bye to your coworkers and heading to your car to go home. You slid into the leather seat, shut the door and turned the key hearing the engine purr.

The roads were fairly busy, but you didn’t care as you drove through the city of Seoul with a content smile on your face. The stars gazed down giving a slight source of light on the road. You finally pulled into your driveway and parked your car and got out, fishing your keys out of your purse. You walked up your front porch steps and unlocked the door quickly closing it behind you to rid yourself of the crisp ice chill.

You leaned back against the door, eyes closed and just breathing in the smell of home. You were at peace. Well you were until you opened your eyes and a yelp got caught in your throat.

“It’s about time you got home. I’ve been waiting for an hour for you! Where have you been?” Holy shit, he was gorgeous. Blonde hair, puppy smile, and bright mocha irises locked onto yours. He had on a navy hoodie and black ripped jeans that accented his toned legs. He was around 5'10” making him tower over your form slightly. He was hot and oddly familiar to you. You scanned his form up and down trying to pinpoint why he was familiar, but that only rewarded you a smirk. You blinked at him confused before blushing scarlet as you realized you had just checked him out, shamelessly in front of him.

“Take a picture it will last longer gorgeous.” Damn okay you could totally get used to him calling you that. His voice was perfect. It was sweet like honey yet husky and rich like chocolate, a perfect combination to make your knees weak. You were snapped out of your thoughts as he suddenly was just a few feet from you. He was good looking he’s, but that didn’t mean that you knew who he was. Hell he could’ve been a psychotic serial killer for all you knew!

You gulped staring as him in silence. His eyes scanned your figure from your black high heels, to your matching black pencil skirt that rested slightly above your knees, to the white blouse with a bow tied on the front, to the ponytail that was loose and casual and back down again. His eyes flickered back up to meet yours and you weren’t sure if it was the lighting or his eyes had just gotten darker and the puppy smile you first saw was no longer in sight, but a dangerous and dare you say sexy smirk rested on his lips.

He stepped forward, never breaking eye contact as he came closer to you. You matched his pace taking a step back until you hit the door. ‘Of course. The cliche moment where the girl gets trapped against the door. Brilliant! (Y/n)! Brilliant!’ You thought as you had no where to move to now. He didn’t stop though. He stepped closer just inches from you now, hands placed against the wooden door next to your head.

You gasped at his proximity. His nose was close enough to nuzzle against yours, lips close enough to brush against yours. His eyes stared into yours and up close they were even more hypnotizing than before.

“What’s wrong love? Didn’t you know I was coming?” He whispered as he nuzzled his nose against yours lightly with a smirk.

“W-what?” You asked flustered and confused.

“He sighed slightly. “Don’t you know what time it is? It’s 12:15. I’ve been here since 11:06 on the dot and you were nowhere in sight.”

That’s when it hit you. The events rolled through your mind like credits on a film. From arriving at work to scrolling through social media to tapping on the build a boyfriend ad and taking the quiz.

“Remember now love?” He said slightly smug as the look of realization crossed over your face.

“Soon young?” You whispered.

“Actually it’s Hoshi.”

“B-but I wrote two names. And I could’ve sworn I write for him to be sweet and cute and loving.” You said confused.

He chuckled darkly. “That’s Soonyoung. But you can’t forget that you also wanted your boyfriend to be like a bad boy, dominate, and oh so enticing.” He whispered, tone dropping a few octaves as he leaned closer nose countering down your cheek to your neck where he placed a few surprisingly gentle kisses.

“I only did one quiz though.” You whispered to yourself. A gasp left your throat as the pecks turned its light nips. “H-hoshi.” You whispered eyes fluttering shut as the alter ego of the sweet boy you thought you got pulled you closer.

Without warning Hoshi suddenly pulled his back from your neck and crashed his lips against yours. The kiss was passionate and slightly rough as his lips moulded against yours. He nipped at your lips, almost promising bruising. When your body relaxed he did a 180. The kiss was so longer bruising but soft and slow as he wrapped one hand around your waist and the other cradling your head.

He pulled away eyes opening to reveal the mocha irises replacing the darkness from earlier. He smiled the puppy smile at you before pecking your lips once, twice, before placing soft kisses all over your face making you giggle. He finally stopped his attack and settled on caressing your cheek with his thumb while his eyes showed nothing short of live and affection.

“Nice to meet you jagiya, I’m Soonyoung. I see you’ve already met Hoshi. We are looking forward to being your boyfriend.”


You Need A Maid? Prologue

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Swearing
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.
Songs: I’m In Love With My Life - PHASES

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Six months ago the Avengers had finally decided enough was enough. “The bots did it *again* Tony.” Steve held up the shredded leftovers of what was once his boxers. “Maybe they’re encouraging you to go commando.” Tony hid a sly smile behind his coffee mug, eyeing the smirk he had earned from Natasha.

“Steve has a point, Tony. They’ve destroyed more things than they’ve cleaned since you made them,” Sam piped in, eager to make this the final conversation about the damn mechanical disasters. “I think it’s time to replace them.” Rolling his eyes and huffing into his coffee, Tony offered no response.

Making his way to Tony in all of three steps, Bucky grabbed the mug crushing it in his metal grip, lukewarm coffee spilling over both of them. “If you don’t get rid of the bots, I will.” Throwing up his arms in mock surrender Tony asked, “How do you want me to fix it?” The others shrugged, leaving his workroom. “Figure it out, Stark.”

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