make sure they have that one piece of hair out


Summary: You challenge Bucky not to laugh on your day off.

Pairing:  Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluff, humour of the pun kind

Word Count: 1,491

A/N: this is my first fic ever posted here! I’d love any feedback, comments, questions, etc.  I’ve done this water challenge with friends, and let me tell you, it gets pretty crazy. 

I hope you enjoy!

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“Wait…explain it to me again.”

“It’s called the Water Challenge, you have to fill up your cheeks with water.“

“And then see how fast I can drink this whole thing?” Bucky held up the water pitcher. “Newsflash, doll, my bladder can only hold so much.”

You giggled.  “No, you hold water in your mouth—I do it too, don’t give me that face—then we’ll try to make each other laugh. Whoever laughs and lets all the water fall out loses.”

“Where’d you find this?”


“Of course it was Buzzfeed,” Bucky sighed, shaking his head slightly.

You were sitting crossed legged in the living room, movie cases strewn haphazardly on the coffee table and plates everywhere.  The team had left for a quick two-day mission, leaving you and Bucky alone in the tower. It was something you relished in, loving how you had Bucky all to yourself.  The two of you were best friends but recently your thoughts around him had taken a…different route. A more-than-friends route.

Taking the pitcher you filled both of the glasses with water and handed one to your opponent.

“But isn’t this better than another day filling out the paperwork Bruce left us?”

“True.  And I get to spend it with you,” he said, poking your nose with his index finger. You could feel yourself blush, so you busied yourself with smoothing down the carpet.  

Your lack of attention was a mistake. You yelped as he flicked his half-full glass at you. Mouth in a gaping ‘O’, you said, “I see how its going to be! What happened to Skeptical Bucky?”

“He’s still here, but it’s still a challenge, and I plan to win.  Got a problem with that doll?” An evil grin spread across his handsome face.

“Nope. Cause I’m going to win.”

“Mhm, keep telling yourself that. Let’s talk stakes.”  

“Okay.”   You watched him shift to refill his glass, your eyes gravitating towards his lips.  Then your mouth opened, and you surprised even yourself with what came out.  “If I win, you have to kiss me.”

The pitcher stopped as if time was frozen.  “And if I win?”

“Then I have to kiss you.”

Courage. Can’t say it’s not spontaneous.

Water dripped agonizingly slow into the cup, yet when your eyes met Bucky’s again, his were a shade darker blue than before.  “Sounds reasonable. Ready?”

You sat up straighter and both of you lifted your glass in a ‘cheers’ motion before downing it. The water sloshed around in your mouth; thank the stars you weren’t thirsty or this challenge would have been torture. You started off simple, wide then narrowed eyes, crossing them to look at your nose. Small smile. No water.  

Bucky’s turn.  He waggled his heavyset eyebrows to imitate the wave.  You arranged your face to show that he had to try harder.  As much as you wanted that kiss, you weren’t going to lose on purpose.

Back and forth the two of you devised creative ways to make each other laugh, but to no avail.  Bucky was a surprisingly good competitor; it wasn’t your first time playing the challenge, and truthfully you had been expecting to win right off the bat.  Time to up the intensity.  

You flicked his cheek, resulting in a hollow sound that nearly made you lose it when paired with his shocked expression.  Knowing Bucky as well as you did, you could imagine what he was thinking.

‘Did you just flick me?’

‘Whatcha going to do about it, old man?’

A jet of water was sprayed at your face in answer.

‘Alright.  No more Mrs. Nice Y/N’

You reached out and started to tickle his sides, an action that made him recoil back. Or so you thought. Movement happened, and suddenly Bucky sat smugly on your legs, pinning you to the ground.  Never breaking eye contact, he reached teasingly for the water pitcher and dangled it right above your face. His smirk was simultaneously as hot, and as terrifying as hell.

‘Nonononono’ you tried to wiggle out from under Bucky—-splash. You were utterly and completely soaked, as was the couch and the carpet beneath you. You sighed in resignation, pretending to be annoyed by Bucky’s muffled laughter. He was close to breaking…and off-balance, pumping his fists in premature victory, if you had anything to do with it.

You used your training to flip him over so you were straddling him.  Grabbing a pillow off the couch, you promptly dropped it from your height onto his head.  To add insult to injury you spit all your water on your best friends’ face after he pushed the pillow off.  

“Who’s wet now!”  

This time Bucky couldn’t hold it in and he gasped out his water; you could feel his laughs resonating through your legs, and you realized what a compromising position you were in.

Apparently, Bucky was thinking the same thing.  His hands moved to rest on your waist, one warm, one cool; your eyes watched as his sinful tongue flicked out to make his lips more inviting. The mood of the room had quickly switched from playful to something deeper, more intimate.

“Well, doll. I think I won.”

“Yeah…guess you did.”

You both knew what that meant. The courage from earlier crept back. Your fingers weaved their way into his soft locks, and you finally leaned down so those captivating blue eyes were closer closer, parted lips closerclosercloser

“Good evening Mr. Stark, welcome home.”  

A ding of the elevator and F.R.I.D.A.Y.  startled you enough to tumble off Bucky. You scampered onto the couch before the team could come down the hall.

Why oh why did they have to come back now? You stole a nervous glance at the boy you were about to kiss not ten seconds ago.

Slowly, Bucky pushed himself up to lean against the opposite couch, cleared his throat, and used both hands to push back his hair.  That tongue swiped at his lips again and it was all you could do to stay on the couch.  You swore you could see an expression of frustration cross his features when your teammates emerged from around the corner, but you were probably just hoping.  Really hoping.  

“Hey you two,” Steve greeted.  The chorus of ‘hellos’ followed from the rest of the team. Sam and Tony whizzed over the fridge, Nat took a seat at the island, and the others drifted off to their respective rooms.

“Hey,” you said.  Your fingers fiddled with the bottom of your pants and you fought to keep your attention on Steve’s report of their success.

“It was an open-and-shut case, we just went in and the scientists confessed immediately,” he said, “it’s actually nice to have people cooperate with us for once.”

“Less discus,” Tony mumbled through his sandwich.

Clint returned to sit on the couch.  You and Bucky exchanged an alarmed look, all awkward gone–he ducked his head away, shoulders shaking. You had to cover your mouth with your hand for fear of bursting out laughing.

“Why is the floor so wet?!”

“Blame Buzzfeed!” you yelled, grabbing Bucky’s hand and escaping to your room.  

“That game was absolutely ridiculous, Y/N,” he chuckled, shutting the door behind him. “I’m soaked.”

“Gives a new meaning to ‘within spitting distance’ huh?”

He took a few steps closer. “You know what? I think I’d prefer to be within kissing distance.”

Your heart skipped a beat; you didn’t hope after all. “Well, currently, we have no other options.”

Bucky titled his head. “Was that a water pun?”


“You’ve gotta stop doing that,” he laughed slightly and looked up at the ceiling.

“Doing what?” you asked with a taunting grin. Bucky reached out and tucked a loose piece of hair behind your ear. His hand lingered, cupping your cheek.

“Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”

Your heart was beating so fast you were sure he could hear it. Feel it too, since he leaned in so his forehead rested against yours.

“What if I told you not only was that one pun, it was two.”

“Then I’d have to do this.”

Bucky lowered his lips to meet yours, the moment you had dreamed of for so long.  The kiss was soft and gentle and chaste at first. Then Bucky’s arms encircled your waist, and you reached up and tangled yours around his neck, adding more pressure to your lips, deepening the kiss.  Your parted lips opened further, allowing your tongues to earnestly say hello. Finally you pulled apart, arms still around one another.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long…”

“Me too,” you breathed.

“I think I like winning.” The corner of his mouth twitched up in a lopsided grin.  

“Don’t get used to it, I demand a rematch.” You bumped his nose with yours. “But later,” you said, pulling him in for another kiss, “we haven’t completed the stakes yet.”


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Being Daryl’s adopted daughter and Negan having a crush on you would include:


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• Negan taking a liking to you the first time he sees you, only for him to see Daryl’s anger when he comes close to you 

• Negan visiting Alexandria as often as he can, just to see you and to make sure that you’re fine

• Negan mentioning every time he sees Daryl how hot you are and how much he’d love to screw your brains out while enjoying how much he can provoke him with that

• And of course, Daryl not really being able to control himself hearing Negan talking like that about you and sometimes even getting a night in one of the cells for that

• Negan making sure that you have everything you need in Alexandria 

• Negan trying to find out through Daryl what kind of things you like, so he can leave especially them in Alexandria or bring them as a gift for you while making sure that Daryl knows what happens when he lies to him  

•  Negan telling his men that if anyone ever touches you or harms a hair on your head they’ll be bashed into pieces 

• Negan flirting heavily with you, telling and trying to show you that he is the perfect match for you, not to mention his awesome qualities in bed

• Him slowing actions against Daryl down as much as he can allow but making sure that Daryl knows that the only reason his ass isn’t beaten up is you

•  Negan secretly fearing that you won’t forgive him doesn’t matter what he does, but suppressing the thought of it and instead, keep on fighting for you

• Negan mostly avoiding to talk about Daryl with you

• Negan searching for moments he can be alone with you to show you that he is not only the asshole you think he is, but also has a softer side he only shows you  

• The thought of Negan and you together driving Daryl crazy, especially because he doesn’t know what Negan exactly does when he visits Alexandria

• You trying to make deals with Negan to let Daryl come at least once in a while to Alexandria so you can see him and Negan having to ascertain that he has to make compromises if he doesn’t want you to turn your back on him

•  Before letting Daryl go with him to Alexandria, Negan threatening him that if he tries to bad-mouth him in front of you, he doesn’t even want to know the punishment

• As he then sees how happy you are while hugging Daryl when he’s back with him, Negan secretly wishing that you’re one day this happy to see him

• Daryl hoping that the thing Negan seems to have for you will stop after some time, only to realize that the complete opposite is happening and he can’t do anything against it

•  Negan being happy every time he sees that you give him a positive reaction, doesn’t matter how small it is and loving when he can actually make you laugh

• Negan mentioning that even though you’re not blood-related with Daryl, you also have this badass gene 

• Negan using the opportunities when Daryl is with him in Alexandria to make sure that Daryl sees that his little girl belongs to no one else but him now, doesn’t matter if it’s wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you closer or flirting in an extra high volume with you to make sure Daryl hears it

•  Daryl seeing the times he is in Alexandria how protective Negan is over you and even though he hates to see Negan coming closer and closer to you and would like to rip his head off, he would realize that the feelings Negan has for you keep you safe and that is his priority 

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Never Grow Up - 1


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff, my friends.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: you all know how much i love dad!seb so of course i’m going to write a short series about it. please don’t kill me lol. if you want to be tagged in this series, let me know! it’s going to be about 4 or 5 chapters. 


Sebastian held your hand through each push you gave. He peered over your bent legs and saw the baby’s head crowning. His eyes filled with tears, not believing the fact that the woman he loved was giving birth to his daughter. Their own daughter.

“You can do it, baby.” He leaned in close to your ear. “I see her little head.”

You squeezed Sebastian’s calloused hand a couple of more times before a cry broke out through the room. It was the loudest and most sharpest cry Sebastian had ever heard in his life, but it was something so beautiful. He wouldn’t ever forget it.

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Flames and Snowflakes

Yours’ one shot series - Ethan Dolan

Warning: smut

Two pairs of snow boots heavily trudged uphill on slick and slushy terrain. The sun was shining brightly in the clouded sky, but beneath it was deceiving- trees without leaves, snow and ice filtering the ground, crisp flakes soaring and swooshing about with the wind. It was cold, the skin on Ethan’s arms erupting in goosebumps under his coat while he held firmly to his snowboard. A smirk lifted on his lips listening to you moan and groan.

“Go to Colorado, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.” You huffed, stepping around a few more boulders, twigs crunching under your feet. “I knew I should’ve tagged along with Grayson, instead.”

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To Tie the Strings of Fate

Sometimes we can see that things aren’t going well. Our finances are a mess, our home lives and relationships are in shambles . Well, how does one take care of this? Well little witch (or Magician, Druid, Chaote etc.) we spell our way out of it. 

Take three small slips of paper, about the size of a small tag. and two pieces of red string. On the first piece of paper write your name, birthdate, and tape on a piece of your hair if possible, attach this to one end of the first string.  On the second piece of paper write where you feel things are heading for you in the worst case scenario, of your current situation. attach this to the other end of the first string. It’s important to keep doing the spell after this point, no backing out now. Plan everything in advance and make sure you have backups for disposal of parts later.

This is your current fate. Don’t fret though, it’s not yours for long, after all, we have magic. Your fate was always your choice from the second you took your first breath, and now you’re choosing a different one. On the last piece of paper write out what you want to happen. If you’re doing this for a test, write your grade, your finances, write your bank account balance you want, it’s up to you. It’s your fate. Attach this to the end of the second string. 

Now take a knife, be it your sacred athame, altar blade or just mundane kitchen, (I’m not sure about scissors, as they seem to “safe” for this kind of work, but It needs to speak to your subconscious mind/ soul, so you do you. ) and  cut the thread of your current fate in the center of the string. 

Take your better fate and tie the half of the cut string attached to your name and hair, to this string.  Keep this on your altar or on you as a talisman until the better future has manifest. Congrats it’s almost over.

The last part requires you to get rid of the bad future, For this were going to use our friends, the elemental spirits. Take this and give it to either fire, water, or earth to take away along with a sacrifice as payment (super important, you pay for disposal), This can be a simple as giving some powdered incense to fire as you burn the string and paper, or burying  some shiny pennies in the earth along with the string, or some fruit juice while giving it to water.  Make sure you do this last step ASAP, and don’t leave it to fester. Do this away from your house if you can, don’t use a toilet or home cauldron, potted plant, unless it’s literally all you have (I.E spoonies)

Have a good life witches.

Just once Part 3 // SHAWN MENDES

So this is dedicated to that one anon that kept requesting a happy part 3 all in capitals to Just Once :)

“God I’m so not okay,” I whisper to myself as I turn away, finally letting the first tear fall. That was the second biggest mistake I’ve made in my life, letting him walk away from me. The first was not fighting for him.

The constant knocking on the front door took my aĝttention away from the TV. Standing up I walk down the hall to where the knocking still continues. 

“Coming,” I shout. Sammy was out doing the grocery shopping so I presumed it was just her returning and she forgot to bring her key up with her. When I swing the door open however, instead of seeing the sight of my blonde best friend, I’m met with the sight of my brunette ex. 

“Shawn,” I whisper, moving to quickly shut the door, slamming it shut, pressing my back against it. I didn’t want to hear his I hope you’re happy because I am speech. 

“Y/n, please, open the door. I just want to talk,” He asks, his voice raspy. 

“I don’t think Jess would be happy with you visiting you ex girlfriend,” I say, the worlds tasting bitter on my tongue. 

“Dammit Y/n, Fuck Jessica. The guys set me up with her because all I had been doing since you broke up with me was hibernating on the stupid couch. Now please, will you let me in?”

I pause before opening the door meeting Shawn’s weary eyes. His arm rests on the door frame, the same olive shirt as last night clinging to his upper body. We stare at each for a moment, both us not knowing where to start.

I clear my throat before saying “Do you want to come in? Sammy’s out shopping, she won’t be back for a while so..” I trail off, moving to the side to let him in. He walks past, his arm gently brushing mine that leaves a trail of sparks in its wake. 

I turn away to close the door but as soon as its shut I’m shoved against the door, chest pressed against Shawn’s.

“God I missed you,” Shawn murmurs, his nose trailing along my neck, his hair tickling my cheek. Both his hand hold my arms tight against the wood of the door.

“Shawn,” I try to say but it comes out in a whisper. He lets my hands go, instead finding their way to hold my face as his lips press against mine hastily as if there was not enough time. 

Without thinking my hands find his hair, putting in as much effort to this kiss as he was. I missed this, I missed him. It felt as if nothing had happened and it was just Shawn and I as we were before.

“I”m so sorry, baby,” Shawn whispers pulling away. I meet his eyes, filled with sorrow and regret. “So sorry,” He says again, tone soft as if to not scare me away.

“I freaking hate you for making me feel this way,” I say, shoving him of me to just push him against the wall opposite the door, pressing my lips to his again. “I missed you too,” I say pulling away for a second before kissing his jaw. 

“I’m so sorry I forgot your graduation, I swear I though it was the 12th not the 11th,” He says, breaths labored from my lips against his neck.

“I was just pissed that you always seemed to miss the important events in my life,”

“I know… I know,” He says arms resting around waist, hands rubbing my hips through my shirt. “I realized that after you broke up with me that I had been too focused on work. Before you there only was work,” His hand reaches up to brush a piece of hair behind my ear.

“These past 3 weeks were the worst of my life,” His nose brushed against mine. “I didn’t want to go out unless you were with me. I didn’t want to write, shit I didn’t even want to play the guitar. I need you and if you give me one more chance, I swear, every day from here on, I will be devoted to our relationship and making sure that whatever you have planned will come first, any event. Even if it was you going to have a shower, I’ll be there,” he says determinedly, making me giggle. “You first, work second.” He kisses me quickly. 

“I’m sorry I was so harsh on you,” I whisper, my hand brushing his cheek softly. “Breaking up was the worst for me too. Seeing you with Jess, that hurt a lot. Made me realise what a fool I was for not trying to make our relationship work,”

“So what do you say? Want to try and fix us?” Shawn asks looking hopeful.

“Pretty sure its achievable,” I say, a slight smirk on my face.  

“Yes!” Shawn says, making me laugh. “Gosh I love you,” he says kissing me again.

“Wait, wait, can we take this slow? I want to make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes as last time,” I say hesitantly.

“Does that mean no more I love you’s?” He says frowning.

“I..” I trail off. He grins at me, leaning in till his lips are pressed against my ear. 

“I love you,” he whispers, breath tickling my neck.

“I love you’s work,” I say quickly, breath catching in my throat. Shawn laughs. 

“Want to go watch some TV?” Shawn asks grabbing my hand and pulling me to the lounge room. “We can hibernate on the couch together,”

Negan imagines - The Blame Part 7

Originally posted by justnegan

A/N: Well, Negan killed me in this episode. Of course I had to change some things due to my last chapter and I changed some parts (mainly the ending) of my last chapter so you might wanna go reread it before this. In the meantime enjoy…

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: It’s Grimes family visit day, Carl spends time with Negan while you try to get things back in order at Alexandria but something pops up.

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 4,100…Oops…

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, mentions of sexual acts, sexual tension, Negan being an asshole

It wasn’t long until you returned to Alexandria. Carl, your Dad and the community was on your mind the entire ride home. Negan hadn’t even told you when his next drop in was. How long did you have?

You peered up at the gates and inhaled deeply. You felt your jeans vibrate as your Dad’s voice appeared.

“(Y/n)? Michonne?”

“Dad?” You pulled out your radio and answered.

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"Have you slept?" + director Sanvers

“luce,” alex says quietly - so she doesn’t startle lucy who’s been so valiantly sitting at maggie’s bedside since she came out of emergency surgery “have you slept yet?”

lucy turns looking up at alex and that’s enough to answer the question. she’s in the same clothes she was a day ago - when maggie was admitted.

[a day ago when alex was running deo recruits through a simulated hostile den takeover at the desert base. who had no incoming coms of any kind. who didn’t know something was wrong until kara burst in.]

her eyes are red rimmed and there are deep thumbprint shadows under her eyes. her hand grips at the railing of maggie’s bed “alex,” lucy chokes.

and alex is pulling lucy to her feet. taking lucy into her ams, and lucy melts, forehead pressing against alex’s chest, hands curling around alex. and alex, who’s in her training gear, nothing that says deo of course, but changing her shirt was all she had time for in the wake of kara saying, with wide eyes

“it’s maggie.”

so lucy is crying and gripping at alex and alex is trying not to feel guilty because she should have had her phone. she should have had her phone. instead she didn’t and lucy had to wait here all night, alone, in the waiting room of a hospital while maggie underwent emergency surgery.

“lucy,” alex is whispering “lucy she’s going to be okay. i talked to the nurse, maggie’s going to be okay. i promise.”

[and sure, talked is a nice word for what you’d done. pulling out your fbi badge will probably be frowned upon later, but you don’t care.]

lucy may have heard alex, but hours of stress and fear were pent up, and now,

now with alex’s arms around her,

she’s crumbling.

but only because alex will catch her and all her pieces. alex  who is smoothing a hand through lucy’s hair, and who is damn near tears herself. because god,


the line of duty is one thing.

but making dinner, and keeling over in pain? pain she’d no doubt been hiding all day?

crying out in pain and vomiting and clutching at her abdomen as lucy had to basically carry her to the car?

[told all of this by kara - who drove alex’s bike, with alex clinging to her]

“i’m going to kill her.” lucy mumbles into alex’s chest some time later.

“get in line.” alex replies softly, “but lucy,” lucy looks up at her “she’s going to be okay.”

lucy nods, “she scared me.”

“i know.” alex agrees, stepping back and slipping out of her jacket, gesturing to the couch “get some sleep.” she instructs

“and you?” lucy asks “when was the last time you slept?”

alex just smiles, putting her jacket around lucy’s shoulders “i’m going to find you some blankets.”

and when alex comes back, lucy is curled on the couch - asleep already. so alex tucks her in, with blankets absconded from the nurses station.


So momocon is next MONTH and I’ve been working on my nature nymph cosplay for a few weeks now~🌿🌸🌿

It started with the crochet crop top I made like two weeks ago that was going to just be an extra top I wore, but then I got inspired by a ig painter and I had to make MORE!!!

Then the cape happened (that isn’t finished because I need more yarn to make the hood)
So I was going to make a cloak for a crop top I had a friend make for me but I decided I’ll wear that top next con~

Then I started making heart leaves for the bottom of the cape (and flower crown and back piece)
I spent 4 hours making&perfecting my flower crown
I just got my skirt today in the mail and it fits perfectly!!!

Now all I have to do is get shoes, make jewelry, figure out how makeup works lol, how I’m going to wear my hair,and maybe get some contacts(I’m really debating on this one) 😅😅

Also if any ones interested in getting their own custom crop top be sure to e-mail at or message me here.

All pics are from my ig and ig story at

It's About Time

Your name: submit What is this?

“Guys, I think I found something.” Sam yells from the library. You and Dean were in the kitchen making lunch. We quickly made our way to the bunker.

 “What’s going on Sammy?” Dean asked while sitting in a chair across from him, placing his feet on the table.

 “Really Dean?” Sam commented. Dean just shrugged. “Anyways, I have some possible cases for us to check out. In Lafayette, Indiana; a man thirty-five year old was killed on his morning run a few days ago.”

 “That doesn’t sound like our kind of weird Sam.” You said while taking a bite into your sandwich.

 “Okay. In Omaha, Nebraska; a twenty six year old woman was found dead in her apartment. Police report there was blood blanketing the floors and walls. No suspects yet.” He explained, looking at you and Dean. You both just shook your heads.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do a h/c of Doflamingo reacting to the fact that his girlfriend gave birth to triplets?

I hope you like, warning, obvious female pronouns!

• Doflamingo secretly likes children, only not when they’re crying and being annoying.
• once he finds out it’s triplets, he need to sit down.
• he’s shocked. He knows his wife’s belly was very big, but he didn’t expect triplets.
• he’d make sure the nursery fits the triplet’s needs and makes it cute and comfy.
• all the kids have hair like his.
• before Doffy goes to bed at night, he sneaks in the nursery to give them all little kisses on their foreheads and cheeks.
• he loves them all so much, he has never cared about anything more.
• his children are his life, he protects them no matter what.

anonymous asked:

headcanons for luffy, nami, robin, sanji, zoro, usopp, ace, law, shanks, coby, and corazon having a tomboy gf?

(I’ve been stuck on this one for months [since I didn’t want them to be repetitive] so thank you to senrankaguraimagines for helping me out with this whole request!)

Monkey D. Luffy:

  • wouldn’t be surprised by her male or boy like dress up but then become slowly interested when comparing her and his female crew members


  • probably be very, very happy with her tough atmosphere and love the fact that she finally had a “real man” on board the ship.

Nico Robin

  • definitely be flirty and joking with her. Telling her how super strong and handsome. But secretly super likes how tomboy she is


  • at first be confused and angry at her male tendencies. But slowly realizes he’s turned on by it

Roronoa Zoro

  • see it more as a friendship or a competition of who’s more masculine. Him or her


  • absolutely turned up and on by her confidence and strength. Wishing he was as strong as she was

Portgas D. Ace

  • sees this as a MAJOR turn on. He would love how tough and sexy she was. How her fiery personality shined through in her confident by-line atmosphere 

Trafalgar Law

  • would act nonchalant about it for a little while. Acting as If it was normal for such a boyish girl to rough and curse at him. But get a little warmer towards this new type of behavior from a girlfriend. He’d begin to have a love for her relaxed nature and vigor

Red Hair Shanks

  • would be jokey and flirty with her. Telling her she was a “big ruff and tuff boy now~”. But ultimately be seduced himself by her nonchalant attitude for flirting and romance. Her tough boy like attire would make him wonder what’s underneath


  • He’d be nervous and stuttering towards the tomboy. Wondering how she gets all her confidence and admiring her spirit in fighting. He would love how she didn’t care about attempted flirts or bad talk about her confidence, making him blush

Donquixote Corazon

  • puts up a huge sarcastic act at first. Saying that she’s just pretending to be tough and is really a wimpy women. But seeing her truly act and strengthen herself to be more masculine, Secretly he would look out for her and make sure she wouldn’t hurt herself. He’d secretly love how she could act tough and strong like a man but still have a kind attitude towards her loved ones like a women
Lifetime - Heath Slater

Originally posted by frentique

summary: go to a fellow superstars wedding and he realizes  he wants to marry and have kids with her because of how she interacts with others

I made sure my makeup was perfect and pushed a piece of my hair behind my ear. Today was Brie and Daniel’s wedding and everyone from WWE was invited. Heath and I were going together as we were a couple. 
I was wearing a teal sleeveless dress that went down to my knees. 
“Dang, I got one beautiful girlfriend.” Heath said, snapping me out of my thoughts, making me blush. 
I turned around to see Heath standing there in his suit. His ginger hair combed back in his usual style. I eyed him up and down with a smile. “I got one hot boyfriend.” I smirked, walking over to him. Heath grinned, resting his hands around my waist. 

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trenchgun  asked:

Hi hi! Do you have any tips/useful wig styling tutorials for Ouma's hair? I'm using an Inigo from Arda in plum. I'm not weaving in his lighter purple because it's only in some sprites + I'm lazy. This is my first time styling a wig so I'm nervous!

hi! yes, i’m perfectly happy to help!

you’re gonna need

  • posterboard, scissors and tape
  • a hair straightener
  • your wig, securely pinned to a wig head
  • hair cutting scissors/scissors you’re okay using for a wig
  • bobby pins
  • hairspray (i suggest got2bglued!)
  • hair drier

okay. why the first one, right? im glad you asked!

you want big curlers (doodled a wig head for size.) and they dont, uh. sell those. all youre really gonna want to do is separate the hair in two layers–

a top layer and bottom layer. the top layer, youre going to curl.

take locks of hair you want to be the flips in ouma’s hair, and then heat them up with your hair straightener. depending on how hot your hair straightener gets, you may need to keep it on a low heat– mine’s super cheapy, so i put it on the highest. don’t heat it past 420 degrees (blaze it)– 250-300 is recommended. all you really need to do is heat up the lock of fiber– don’t get too ambitious, you probably only want a modest chunk at a time. about the size of one flippy part.

like, see how big those are? you’re not gonna want giant chunks. but take your chunk, run your straightener over it until it hurts your hands, and then pin it to your ‘curler’ with bobby pins. you’re probably gonna, uh. need to hold that up with your hands. alternatively, if you’re lazy, you CAN just heat it up and hold it in the air, or you can flip it all the way back and pin it to the wig, like so.

let it cool. since wigs are made of plastic, heating it up to a point kind of melts it, and letting it cool in a shape will mold the plastic fibers to that shape. pretty nifty, huh?

now, how many flips? that depends on the art you’re looking at.

also, i’m pretty sure it changes from sprite to sprite. so? my suggestion issss.

one big flip that goes from the bangs sweeping to his right ear, two medium flips somewhere in the hair by his right ear. one small flip from the hair in front of his left ear, and two medium flips in the hair by his left ear. in other words–

something like this! however!

you may need to cut that shorter one by the left ear. and depending on your preference, you may want to trim the bang piece. we have wig cutting tutorials in our wig tutorial tag for you to browse at your leisure!

you also may want to trim the hair that doesn’t get flipped. also, depending on how much you like flipping the wig, you can feel free to put flips in the back! once you have them all flipping out nicely, they may not be sticking out exactly how you want them– that’s where hairspray comes in. make sure to spray a good 5-6 inches away from the wig, and feel free to be like me and smooth down the spray with your fingers so it doesnt dry gross. while youre holding the sprayed flip up, blast it with your hair drier. that should keep the flips in place!

its a little bit of a hard project for your first wig styling, but you can do it! if you need clarification or more help, feel free to ask again.

-mod n

Okay since my Tomee Bear post has gotten some attention I’ve decided to make a post about how he was made.

This is not meant to be a full tutorial (I would have taken more pictures) Please don’t take it too seriously! 

I also can’t give out the pattern I made because I kind of ruined the pattern pieces in the process and because I’m not able to upload them online as an easy-to-understand pattern (hell I don’t even understand my pattern pieces sometimes).


That being said here is (almost) the entire process of how I made Tomee Bear:

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A/N: Enjoy! 

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, slight fluff

Word Count: 1854

You didn’t know what happened; how it all went wrong in a matter of hours. Just yesterday you were laughing in his arms, stolen kisses in the dead of night, warm skin pressed up against each other. Now you laid on the ugly brown carpet ground of the shitty motel room you had rented out for a couple weeks somewhere in Montana. Your cheeks were caked with dirt and dried tears, yet you had no energy to take a shower and get yourself clean. Your duffel was discarded on the bed, blinds drawn down and muffled sobs escaped your lips as you tried to calm down. However, the ache in your chest was too great, too prominent. It felt like someone had sliced and diced your heart before throwing it into a blender. You couldn’t stop shaking. You couldn’t breathe properly. You couldn’t leave the damn room without tears welling in your eyes.

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Merman! Sicheng (winwin)

• okay literally everyone loves him

• he’s friends with the entire ocean, I’m not even joking, he’d be swimming by and loads of baby seahorses swim towards him and snuggle into his neck, making him smile as he holds some in  his hands

• While the other merfolk admire how much all of the sea creatures love him and how well he takes care of them.

• he does the same for the elders of the sea, he would visit them as much as he could, telling them stories of the week, making sure to drop off some seaweed he collected when he drops by

• he treated everyone as if they were his very own family and in return the was like a son or brother to them too.

• he makes sure none of the babies don’t stray from the boundaries of the seabed’s their community owned

• as a sign of thanks, more often than not he’d wake up to find some sort of gift whether it be shells, pearls or food so he keeps them in a trinket box he found from a ship wreck

• surfing was everything to you, you could escape your daily worries by fleeing to the beach, listening to the waves overlap and breathing in the fresh sea air, allowing all your thoughts to fall into place

• Your favourite thing to do though was to wake up really early at 5am and race to the sand dunes to watch the sunrise. Feeling the breeze against your skin as you sat, the sunbeams illuminating the small beach town you were from.

• it was a sight that never failed to amaze you, the sky was painted with baby pinks, oranges and then finally settled on a light blue.

• After watching the sunrise you raced to the beach with your board and made your way to the shore before the sand became crowded with people.

• And that was when sicheng first saw you, everyday just before sunrise he set off towards the shore to pick up some more seaweed for the elders and it was a plus if he could find more shells for his trinket box. he knew that the humans wouldn’t be awake for a few more hours so he took the chance to go towards the more shallow parts at the break of dawn

• when he looked up towards the colourful beach houses, which reflected an orange tint thanks to the sun, he came across a lone figure which very nearly made him gasp out loud

• there was simply no words to describe how beautiful you were, whether it was the way the sun made your skin glow and your hair shine, or the peaceful look on your face as you closed your eyes and listened to the waves

• sicheng really couldn’t understand why he was so infactuated with you but one thing he did know was that he wanted to find out more
• as you advanced towards the waves he swam to the nearest cluster of rocks so that he wouldn’t be spotted easily
• you ran out until you were waist deep and clambered onto the board, a leg on either side, sighing in content, the waves were perfect for surfing, laying flat on the board you began to paddle further into the sea, waiting for the perfect wave.
• sicheng watched in amazement as you rode the waves like a fine art, like it was second nature, you had always been comfortable in water so when you first tried out surfing you were in love with it

• sicheng looked at the sky which was now sitting perfectly in the sky, it was time for him to return back home before more humans gathered at the beach and although he wished he could stay all day and admire your beauty it was too dangerous to stick around

• he took one more glance at you, taking in the details of your face before regretfully delving back into the sea and returned to the seabed
• for the whole day you hadn’t left his mind, he told anyone that would listen as he drabbled on about you, the baby seahorses, the starfish and the elders who shared a knowing nod and exchanged smiles, they all knew that sicheng had begun to like the girl yet he didn’t even know himself, he had never experienced this warmth in his chest before, it was a completely alien to him.

• They were absolutely delighted that the “ocean’s son” had taken an interest in someone, even if it was a human. They had always wanted him to find someone who took care of him just as he took care of all of the merfolk and creatures in their community.
• Everyone had picked up on his extra chirpy mood, humming songs under his breath and playing around with the clownfish.
• Normally he would have been reluctant to wake up so early to go to the shore but the next day he darted across the sea floor and quickly picked the seaweed before zooming to same rocks he hid before, hoping to get a sight of your face amongst the tops of the sand dunes.

• his hopes of seeing you again began to fade as the sun rose in the sky, it must have been just pure luck that day that he had seen you, with a frown he returned back home with seaweed and a few shells in hand, anyone could see that he wasn’t the usual bright sicheng everyone knew and loved
• the next few days were the same, you were a no show and his hopes of seeing you ever again were deflating
• you had been given an offer by your manager to take care of his shop for a few days while he was on a business trip and in return he would pay you overtime, as soon as he came back you prepared everything for your long awaited surf
• sicheng frowned making his way back to the shore again when he noticed a very familiar surfboard, he almost shouted in delight seeing you again when he never thought he would
• looking around on your board, taking in the wonderful scenery when you come across a pair of eyes in the water which widened when they met yours, who else would be in the ocean at this time? you were so transfixed by the eyes in the water that you didn’t see the huge wave coming your way
• the impact knocked you off your bored sending sicheng into a state of panic, seaweed long forgotten he raced towards you, taking you into his arms and swam towards the nearest rocks, placing you on them and swam back to retrieve your board
• when he dived back you noticed his tail, leaving you in awe, he was a mermaid?!
• he returned back to the rocks “are yOU OKAY?”
• your eyes met with a handsome man, his eyes were beautiful, a deep brown colour, contrasting with the blues of the ocean, his brows slightly furrowed out of worry and his plump lips frowned slightly in concern.
• “y-yeah I’m good now, thank you for saving me, w-what is that?”
• you asked pointing down to his lower half
• “oh this?” he smiled, spinning around “it’s my tail!”, diving into the water, allowing the scales to reflect off of the sun, showing a variety of blues and lilacs
• you couldn’t help but smile back at him, the only word that came to mind to describe the merman was enchanting, his eyes glistened with amusement as you continued to stare at his tail
• after overcoming the initial  shock you threw question after question at sicheng, asking him about anything and everything making him laugh
• “woah woah woah first of all my name’s sicheng and your’s is?”
• “___________”
• “wow it suits you”
• “Huh?”
• “beautiful”
• after your cheeks turned the same colour as the sunlight, sicheng answered all of your questions one by one, often going on tangents of funny stories like how a whale tried to disguise itself with some coral during a game of hide and seek
• After sharing stories of the sea and land the sun had risen and it was time for you both to return back to where you belonged.
• “Promise you’ll come back and visit me?”
• “I’ll be back tomorrow sicheng, you can count on it”
• and that’s how your relationship blossomed, you tried to visit him as much as possible, bringing him beads for his trinket box and a necklace with a fish charm whereas he collected the finest shells he could find to give you in return
• He’d swim right beside you as you surfed sharing lots of giggles when you took a break.

• one day you show up to the rocks before him which was never the case. thinking he had forgotten about the meeting when you see him swim alongside two dolphins, making you freak out, he knew that dolphins were your favourite animal and you had always wanted to swim with them
• you plunged into the water and gave him a hug out of gratitude
• “s-sicheng i-i can’t thank you enough this is the be-”
• he quickly kissed your cheek to stop you from rambling, a quirk of yours he had quickly discovered
• “shhh your rambling, go have fun i know how much you wanted this” he smiled, tucking a stray  piece of hair behind your ear
• nodding happily you took hold of his hand, lacing your fingers through his before gently taking hold of the dolphins fin, swimming around for the entire morning
• finally reaching the rock again, you both smiled, most definitely one of the best memories you’ve ever made but only one of the many you hope to make with sicheng.

Wow this one is even longer than the last, please let me know what you think!! Feedback is always appreciated and have a wonderful day !!

make sure to check out merman!Taeil 

~Admin Luna ♡

Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: house fire, angst angst angst, some fluff

Words: 1.8k

All credit to Marvel

A/N: Hi guys! I have set this up to do maybe one or two more parts if I get enough notes so be sure to like/reblog because boy, do I have plans for Bucky and Y/N. Mwahahaha.

Tag list: @lockscreenhomescreen @just-an-ambiverts-fandoms @chrisevansisdaddy04

“Got the mail,” Bucky said, pushing the door open. “And, I took it upon myself to go pick up Quan’s Kitchen across the street. General Gao’s is at the bottom and Sal gave us some extra egg rolls.” Y/N looked up, her stomach growling at the pure smell of her favorite cuisine. She paused the TV show they had been watching before Bucky left and pushed off the far-too-comfy couch.

Passing by her fiancé, they made sure to share a quick peck before Y/N went to grab paper plates and two bottles of beer as he unpacked the food. A knock on the door stole both their attention and Bucky opened it, being not at all surprised that Tony and Clint stood outside, clearly having smelt the food.

Bucky rolled his eyes, turning around only to grab another brown bag. “I figured you two knuckleheads would come knocking. Here, but you owe me twenty bucks.” They nodded quickly as they fumbled through their pockets for their wallets. Tony reached his first and pulled out far too many bills to be twenty dollars. Y/N couldn’t help but snicker as she opened her beer bottle.

Bucky lightly kicked the door closed behind him once Tony and Clint stopped profusely thanking him. Y/N handed him his beer bottle and he took a sip from it. They both turned to look at the dining table.

Among the Chinese food, tens of bridal magazines, honeymoon brochures, and a laptop open with a list of possible wedding locations were scattered about. “Don’t you think this is a bit dramatic, doll?” Y/N scoffed.

“Says the man who used our burning house as a background setting to propose to me.” She grabbed one of the many food containers off the table and made her way over to the couch. Bucky grabbed two other boxes and followed.

“Hey, think of it this way, we have a great story to tell our kids.”

“No, we are not telling our kids that.”

“Okay, then a great story to tell our therapist.” He offered. Y/N laughed.

“No, we are not telling people you proposed to me after burning down our house. We simply tell them that you proposed by a bonfire. Deal?” She bargained. Bucky grinned and tipped his the neck of his beer bottle to hers. The glasses clinked against each other.


“Bucky, I don’t want to go home,” Y/N wined. Bucky continued pulling her from the bar despite her drunken pleas. He stopped briefly where the bartender was, handing him a couple of bills to cover his girlfriend’s drinks. Y/N still wasn’t cooperating, so he wrapped an arm around her back and swung the other underneath her legs until she was cradled tightly to his chest.

He placed her into the passenger seat of the truck, “Buckle,” he said, giving her a stern look before shutting her door to make his way to the driver’s side. “Y/N,” he warned. She rolled her eyes and groaned, but strapped herself in anyways.

The car ride was silent. The ring that Bucky had scrambled to buy was practically burning a hole in his pocket and he anxiously tapped his fingers against it. Y/N was staring out her window and he couldn’t tell if she was just quiet or if she had fallen asleep.

She was definitely not asleep when they turned the corner onto their street. The fire was still blazing high and Y/N gasped loudly. “Bucky! Bucky, our house,” She cried. She gripped Bucky’s forearm tight as she nearly jumped out of her seat. Firetrucks lined the cul-de-sac and the bright blue and red lights of police cars swarmed the house. Bucky locked the doors of the truck before Y/N could get out. “Bucky, what are you doing? That’s our home! All of our stuff is in there!” She wailed.

“No, all of our stuff is in here,” he began, trying to remain as calm as possible, hoping his demeanor would rub off on his girlfriend. She stared at him, confused. He nodded his head to the back seat, where, sure enough, there were 5 large boxes, all labeled differently. “That’s not our home. That’s a place where we go to fight, to get at each other’s throats and then have violent make-up sex. The very next day we repeat the cycle. It’s time for a change. We’re going to go live at the tower. I’ve already talked to Tony, he’s going to give us a master apartment on the same floor as everyone else. This is going to be our new life, no more fighting, no more running. So now I have one question to show you how serious I am,” He grabbed the ring box from his pocket, presenting it to Y/N who had tears rolling down her cheeks. It was a silver ring, with a teardrop shaped opal in the center. Small diamonds surrounded it and upon futher inspection, Bucky’s initials had been carved on the inside of it. “Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you allow me to take you to the next chapter of our lives, to make up for all the damage we’ve caused, to create a new home and marry me?”

“Bucky,” she gasped. The house was long forgotten as she stared at the ring, then into his eyes.

“So when are you going dress shopping?” Bucky asked, sipping at his beer as Y/N flipped through TV channels.

“Wednesday. I have to wait for Wanda to come home from that mission in Atlanta.”

“Perfect, I’m free that day so I’ll come with.” He concluded. Y/N shook her head.

“No, nope. Grooms can’t see the wedding dress until the wedding day.”

“Why not?” Bucky whined.

“Because it’s bad luck! Haven’t you heard that?” Y/N turned to him now, looking at him in shock.

“Doll, I’m a century old. I’ve never heard that before.” He said casually.

“Either way, I don’t want you to see it. It’s a surprise,” she said, laughing at Bucky’s pout. “And I’m leaving it with Bruce so don’t even think about getting anywhere near it.” She got off the couch, holding her hand out for Bucky’s empty beer bottle. She grabbed his and threw both of theirs in the trash. When she came back, she had two glasses of champagne.

“I say we just stay engaged for a while, enjoy all the free wine tasting while we still can.”

“Alcohol doesn’t even affect you, both of these are for me.” She sat down on his lap, sipping at one of the glasses as Bucky laughed.

“Wouldn’t the bottle just be easier?”

“I have class, Buck. Ladies only drink from glasses.” He snorted and picked up the TV remote, shutting it off and turning towards her.

“I have to go on one more mission before the wedding.” He said blatantly.

“What?” Y/N and Bucky had it cleared with Steve and Tony that until the honeymoon was over, the two weren’t going on any missions. It was their form of a wedding gift.

“Fury needed me last minute. It’s the HYDRA base I was in. They need someone to walk them through the area and to know the in’s and out’s like I do.” Y/N was getting flustered, her cheeks turning a bright shade of red.

“You can’t just make them a map? We both know that Steve could memorize it if you made one. What about controlling Red Wing, having that take them through the building?” Bucky shook his head.

“I’m sorry. The base is too big, too complicated to create a legible map. It should only take 3 days at the most then I’ll be back for the wedding, I promise. Have I ever let you down?” Y/N bit her lip and shook her head, looking down at her lap.

“When do you leave?”


Thursday came too soon for the couple who, neither would admit it, were nervous about the mission. If this HYDRA base was still occupied, how easily could they take control of Bucky or hurt anyone else?

Bucky and Y/N walked silently across their bedroom, packing a duffle bag with guns and spare changes of clothes and first aid supplies. Bucky was scheduled to leave in only thirty minutes. “You promise to come home?” Y/N spoke up. It was quiet. Quiet enough that if Bucky’s sensitivity to sound hadn’t become altered after the serum, he wouldn’t have heard it. He looked up from his place packing the bag to look at Y/N. She was on the opposite side of the room, facing towards their bedroom window, almost refusing to look at Bucky. But Bucky was looking at her, and she was a picture of perfection, her hair was tousled and she wore a light blue and white striped dress shirt that she had taken from Steve when she first became an Avenger. The shirt stopped just at the top of her thighs, accentuating her long legs.

He zipped up his bag and walked over to her, wrapping his arms over her torso and resting his chin on her shoulder. “I always do, one way or another.” He pressed a kiss underneath her ear and squeezed her just a bit tighter.

They stayed like that until the absolute last second possible, just relishing in the way they felt all wrapped up in each other, both of them hyper-aware that Bucky might not make it out of this without incident. Y/N would softly sniffle every once in a while and Bucky would kiss away any tear that fell.

One thing he made sure to do that day, remember her. Remember every little detail about her. Commit it to memory like no other. Remember the way her hair would sprawl out over the pillows during the night and almost always somehow he’d end up with a piece of it in his mouth. Remember the way she would instinctively tighten her body around his whenever he began having a nightmare or whenever she had one or when she would cry but didn’t want him to see. Remember the way she would wake him up in the morning; a bright smile that seemed ungodly at seven on a Sunday morning. Remember how she would sing when doing the dishes or cleaning up. Remember that freckle that she’s insecure of but he loves it anyways. He would remember her. He would. He would. He would.

Y/N watched as the jet took off until it was out of sight. Natasha walked up next to her, having passed on the mission after sustaining some injuries which weren’t 100% healed yet. “He’ll come home, Y/N.”

Y/N handed something to Natasha, shoving it into her hand. She bit her lip and tears pooled in her eyes as Natasha gasped.

Natasha was holding a light pink pregnancy test with two blue lines.