make spring rolls


~Roundup of NCT’s Eating Show Live~
DY: *Looking like a cute bunny eating*
TY: *Making sure everyone eats*
JH: *Silently eating his food*
MK: *Having convos with Johnny in English*
JN: *Making spring rolls & feeding Mark*

Veggie spring rolls make for a great light lunch! I filled mine with cooked rice noodles, pan-fried tofu, shredded carrots, lettuce and mushrooms. For the sauce, I combined 2 tbsp natural peanut butter with 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 minced garlic, bit of minced ginger, juice from 1/3 lemon, and some honey/agave/maple syrup to sweeten to taste (add a little bit at a time until it tastes like a good balance between salty and sweet). Thin the sauce out with a little bit of water if necessary. Garnish with fresh coriander and enjoy!

- The first time you meet her, you just go bright red.

- Because she’s so cute!

- And oh my god that leather jacket fits really well on her, and she looks really cool! And-

- You might be getting a nose bleed.

- She likes holding your hand, even when you’re just reading books or watching TV together.

- She really likes your baked pies.

- “This is really good.”

- “Aw, thank you! It’s pear pie with a bit of mint.”

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At F&W headquarters, doughy, white sandwich bread is good for one thing—and it’s not sandwiches. In this week’s Mad Genius Tips video, F&W Test Kitchen magician Justin Chapple reveals how to make crispy, fried spring rolls using flattened pieces of white bread in place of spring roll wrappers. It’s quick, super-easy and it will help make room in your breadbox for better bread. Watch more Mad Genius Tips videos.


So I finally got around to writing down how to make seitan fried chicken! To make the seitan itself I follow this recipe

It creates wonderfully juicy chunks of seitan which is exactly what you want! Nobody wants dry fried chicken!

Now the secret is the skin. You know those rice papers to make clear spring rolls? You can buy them dried in any Asian supermarket. You want to soak one in warm water until it becomes soft and floppy then lay it out on the side. Put a seitan chunk in the middle and wrap the sides around to cover the whole thing. Do this for all your chunks and set them to one side.

Next up you want to make the coating. I use plain flour mixed with various herbs and spices. I recommend smoked paprika, pepper, onion power, salt, and anything else that takes your fancy.

In a seperate bowl you want some classic yellow mustard, mixed with a bit of water and a couple of spoons full of the flour mix. You want it to make a creamy paste, not too gloopy, not too runny.

Then grab your wrapped seitan chunks, roll them around in the mustard mix, then transfer to the flour bowl and ensure the whole thing is covered. You can then pop them into the deep fryer for a minute or so until golden and crispy.

Enjoy hot or cold with ketchup or vegan mayo! The magic really is in the spring roll paper making the fake skin!

My favorite part about making spring rolls is sitting at the table rolling them up and having my cat by my side. And him just trying his best to snatch one roll away from me while I’m not looking. Who are you kidding kitty??? You’re a mix of a maine coon and Norwegian forest cat, there’s no way you can sneak around me.

Marry Me

I’m gonna tell you a story before I tell you a story. :) Last night I was at a restaurant with hubs and some friends, and there was this gigantic party of something like 45 people. About halfway through our meal I look over at some commotion and a guy is on his knee in the smack dab middle of the place with a ring in his hand in front of this girl. The ENTIRE restaurant was at attention. I had never seen that in person before, so I was like - look! he’s proposing! And I stood up and watched and clapped and hollered with everybody when she said yes. So I immediately got on hangouts after and told my girls, and they said what every fangirl says - ‘Everlark it’, but I was like nah. Then they said yeah, but do it like this… and they got me. I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, here it is, under the cut. Maybe it’ll keep you occupied while I work on Lost and Found edits. :)

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Meeting the In-Laws

Anonymous said:Can I please request a GOT7 Mark scenario where he brought you, his girlfriend, to meet his parents for the first time and they love you a LOT that they basically kept you by their side. Mark got jealous because he cannot hold you by his side. Lots of fluff please :D Thanks ^^

I had a really good time writing it. Thank you so much for requesting love!!
~Admin B 


“Mark, I’m really nervous… What if they don’t like me?” I say to Mark as he parks the car at the side of the street. 

“Babe, if they don’t like you, we will immediately leave, and you’ll never have to worry about my parents. ” he says while taking my hands in his own, squeezing them slightly. “Unless we get married then you’ll have to see them on Christmas, the children’s birthday party, and any family reunion, but no pressure. ” He grins. I glare at him

“No pressure! God, this is so scary!”

He gives me a cocky smile. “Now you know what I felt when I met your parents!” he says, letting go of my hands as he hopped out of the car. Being the gentleman that he is, he opens the car door for me.

“Mark, seriously, I-I am nervous.” I say, anxious, as I step out of the car, and he kisses the top of my head.

“Babe they’ll love you.” he smiles gently, trying to reassure me.

As we ring the door, Mark squeezes my hand and mouths ‘you’ll be fine’. Suddenly, the door opens, and I see Mark’s younger brother Joey, whom I recognize. We’re friends “Hey bro.” He greets Mark.

“Hey little brother.” Mark replies. Joey then looks at me and says, ”Hey sister-in-law. ”

I blush, I still can’t get used to being called that.

“Hey Joey.”

He lets us in and we’re suddenly greeted with screaming all throughout the house. I stand behind Mark, not knowing what to do, and in the corner of my eye I see Kylie.  She runs towards Mark and stops, then pulls at the back of my skirt, asking, “Who is she?”

I look at Mark but as he’s about to answer, Tammy walks in.

“Kylie what have I told you about manners!” Tammy scolds. “You first say hello and introduce yourself. ”

“Yes mommy;” she steps back from me, letting go of my skirt. “Hi, I am Kylie, who are you?” She looked to her mother approvingly, “Like that mommy?“

Tammy just laughs.

“I am (Y/N), I’ve heard a lot about you…”

“Are you uncle Mark’s girlfriend?” I feel my face heat up.

“I-I am.” I smile at Mark.

“You’re pretty…” Kylie says, and I smile

“Thank you…” I say, all of a sudden I start to feel someone small dragging me by the hand.  

“You heard my mommy, we have to go say hi to everyone!” she signals for me to get closer to her. “You have to tell them your name since they don’t know you…” she whispers in my ear. Kylie pulls me into the kitchen and I see mama Tuan and papa Tuan, and line some sort of reflex, I bow immediately at a 90 degree angle without knowing why. Suddenly, I hear papa Tuan chuckle.

“Child, its okay, you don’t have to bow.” he extends his arm.

“I am Raymond Tuan and this young beautiful lady by my side is my wife, Dorine Tuan.”

“I am sorry, I think I’ve been living in Korea for a long time now…”  I say, feeling embarrassed and anxious.

”Haha, you should’ve seen Mark some years ago he-” Just as papa Tuan was about to tell me something fun, Mark walks in.

“Dad, don’t embarrass me in front of my girlfriend please ” Mark tells his dad, looking exasperated.

“Fine I won’t say anything tonight;” papa Tuan turns to me again, “Wait, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oh, sorry sir, I didn’t introduce myself; I am (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Ah, it a pleasure to meet you. Just call my papa Tuan, that’s what everyone calls me, do you know how to cook?.”

“Depends on what your cooking, papa Tuan.” I say

“Well we’re making steamed spring rolls.”

“Oh, Mark made me cook them the other day for him and the members..!”

“Mark Yi Eun Tuan that is no way to win a woman’s heart!” Mrs.Tuan scolds suddenly.

“In my defense I didn’t make her…….I just…the members……we hadn’t eaten all day and we were all exhausted, mommy…” says Mark as he does some puppy eyes.

“No.” is all mama Tuan says before turning to me. “Come (Y/N), I’ll protect you from mean Mark. And come help me get this food finished..!”

I giggle and go stand next to her. She hands me a knife and cutting board, and I start chopping some veggies.

“So,” She pipes up next to me, working with a pot in the sink. “Tell me about yourself, where were you raised (Y/N), and whatnot.”

“I was mostly raised in the states, but my parents had to move a lot so I lived in Mexico for 4 years.” I reply.

“Oohh interesting; We lived in Brazil and Paraguay for some years.”

“Yeah, Mark told me about that;  I thought it was really cool.“ I say, then papa Tuan says from behind us, “What are you doing in Korea? Are you trying to be an idol?”

“I wish but I couldn’t… Too hard of a job. I’m actually studying to be an interpreter and I decided to learn Korean!”

"Mark you can now go back to Korea but leave (Y/N)” and both me and mama.” Papa Tuan giggled and Mark rolls his eyes .

“No, dad you have mom, I’ll get lonely without (Y/N)…” pouts Mark. Papa Tuan, Mama Tuan, and me all laugh.

The rest of the night I spend sitting by both mama Tuan and papa Tuan. We talk about my plans for the future and my family. After helping Tammy wash dishes, I head to the living room and find a sad Mark watching some TV.

I proceed to go sit next to him.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I ask, and without taking his eyes off the TV, he replies with a glum, “Nothing…”

“Babe tell me what’s wrong…” I say, while scooting closer to him. I kiss him on the cheek

“Markie pooh tell me what’s wrong…” I pray some more and he turns off the TV.

“I… Just got really jealous that you didn’t pay attention to me…” he says and I laugh.

“Don’t laugh (Y/N)!” he pouts.

“I’m sorry I laughed but I just wanted to make sure your parents loved me…! I say. and he leans in, about to kiss me when we hear Joey, yelling throughout the house,


We can hear papa Tuan laughing coming from his room. Mark looks at me and says, voice full of dread, “God, I’m never going to live this one down…”

  • lardo cooking pho on cold winter nights!!!!!!!!!!
  • lardo having to call her mom in vietnamese bc she doesn’t exactly kno how to get through the recipe… like… how long do u leave the beef in the stock to make the best broth????? helP???? 
  • chowder for some reason has a rice cooker in his room????
    • “idk lol…. i think my mom put it there just in case i ever felt homesick”
  • lardo almost cries
    • “ur telling me… i could hAVE HAD RICE THIS WHOLE TIME….”
  • (one time lardo tried to cook rice over a pot and the results were disastrous)
  • cue chowder and lardo kicking bitty out of the kitchen (much to his distress) so they can cook
  • their fried rice is BOMB AF
  • also chowder can cook up a kickass chop suey… it is AMAZING like this aint panda express wtf rans and holster DON’T EVER COMPARE IT TO PANDA EXPRESS EVER AGAIN ALSO PANDA EXPRESS DOES CHOW MEIN LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!!! (this was the first time chowder yelled at someone and they will never do it again that glare from chowder is something they never wanna see)
  • lardo and chowder making spring rolls nd egg rolls according to their own cuisine!!!!!!!!!!
  • op now chowder has to call his mom bc he forgot how to fold egg rolls and needs guidance
  • so then the kitchen is just a jumble of chinese nd vietnamese and everyone else is like ”???????? what’s happening down there”
  • during dinner the whole hockey team cries bc wow this is so gOOD?????? chowder and lardo u guys need to cook more
  • chowder’s like “well we could take u to this dim sum restaurant off campus…… :D”
  • and this has been Adventures with Chowder and Lardo Because They’re Asian and I’m Asian Too And I Want To Know More About Them Bonding Over Being Asian tune in next week
New Year’s Day

Since my art is utter trash, at least a short story to contribute to the MikaYuu tag. Happy New Year! :3

SUMMARY: Yuu and Mika decide to invite their friends over for New Year’s Day. MikaYuu. Fluff. Oneshot.

Word Count: 1,780

“So, what will we cook for tonight?” Mika questioned, while serving Yuu a cup of warm strawberry tea. It was the 1st January, the beginning of the upcoming year still packed with a lot of exciting memories waited to be made. Mika wasn’t really that excited about it, since if you know you have an eternal life, why bother. Though Yuu seemed really happy and that made the blonde vampire happy as well.

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