make something like that and also i wanted this to be different

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i'm reading the art of language invention and 90% of the IPA stuff is going right over my head (I'm 16 and also dumb) and i have to read a page twice to actually try to get it but i LOVE IT SO MUCH thank you for making something so cool

I don’t want to straight up tell you you’re wrong, but I sincerely doubt you’re dumb. First, remember that intelligence and knowledge are different things. For example, I have absolutely no idea who the kings/queens of England are. I know some of the names, and I know the queen right now, but honestly, even going back one monarch is not something I can do with confidence. This is because I never learned it. It doesn’t mean I’m dumb: It just means I don’t currently possess that easily googleable information.

Like take IPA. I know the IPA pretty well now. I didn’t know the IPA at all when I was 18 years old. It didn’t mean I was dumb then and am smart now, it just meant I had literally never even heard of it. Like, never. I know I’d seen some of the symbols, because they were in a pocket French dictionary my grandfather’s ex-wife’s new boyfriend bought me for Christmas one year, but I had no idea what they meant, or that they were part of a larger system. In fact, I thought it was a system just used by that dictionary (Langenscheidt), and didn’t give it another thought until my introductory linguistics class I took in my second year of college.

Knowledge is just a thing. Think of it like food. Like I’m staring at this piece of candy right now. I haven’t eaten it. At the moment that’s all I can say about it. If I eat it, then I will have eaten it, and I can say I ate it, and I will know what it’s like to have eaten it. So take England in, like, what’s an old year…? 1322. I have no idea who the king or queen of England was in 1322. I’m going to go look it up right now on Wikipedia.


Looks like it was Edward II. He ruled until he was deposed in 1327. What a bummer. Now I know that. I may remember it; I may not. But frankly, my day-to-day life doesn’t hinge too much on knowing who ruled England at random times. It does on knowing the IPA, so that’s knowledge I retain. Of course, it’s also constantly reinforced, because I use it literally every single day. Like, I could never forget [ħ] or [ɘ] or [ʏ] or [ʂ] because these cats are my life. I see them everyday and greet them like friends (or enemies. Looking at you, [ɮ]). I could no more forget them than I could forget my literal, actual cats.

Anyway, at the start, it’s a lot of info, but remember: it’s a book. It’s not going anywhere. It can be read from beginning to end, sure, but it’s also intended to be a resource you can return to whenever. If it doesn’t all imprint on you straight off, you can always come back to it later. No pressure at all! Also, when it comes to reading, I’m also the type of person that needs to read things both slowly, and several times to feel like I get them. In fact, in graduate school at UCSD, already with a BA in linguistics under my belt and a good five years of language creation experience, I took a morphology class taught by Farrell Ackerman that was so good and so formative, that I actually took it again the next quarter. Not because I didn’t pass it, or anything (I did fine), but because I needed to hear/experience it again to really get it, and I knew it was something that was going to be very, very important to me. There was actually another class I should’ve taken (that we were supposed to take to move on for our Ph.D.) only offered once a year that I skipped just because I felt like I really needed to understand that material on a deep, intuitive level. And I do not regret doing that one bit, because it completely changed the way I create languages, and changed the way I understand language, period.

Anyway, I realize I may be making a mountain out of a molehill here, but I think it’s important to know that when you see someone who knows a lot of stuff you don’t know, it’s not that they’re smart and/or you’re dumb: it’s merely that they’ve spent more time learning that stuff. That’s all. Knowledge is the product of time and effort. All we can do is humans is decide where to expend that time and effort since there’s a lot to learn and a fixed amount of time to learn it.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the book! I had a lot of fun writing it, so I always hope it’s fun to read, and not a slog. <3

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Hi! So I've been rereading RTC about once a year or so since 2014. I was thinking of doing a detailed review of it in 2018 instead of just reading it. Before I started anything, I wanted to make sure you were okay with it? Its not meant to be a critique, more of a 'this is awesome and this is why I keep going back to re-read it' sort of thing? Also, tbh, an excuse to write in a different form than I'm used to. :D

First of all, I am super impressed by that level of dedication, and also just…sort of flattered and verklempt that you feel like this series is worth it, and have been hanging around it for that long. It’s just. Very good to hear. 

And honestly that sounds amazing and like something that would be super cool for me to read, so, like, please??? Feel free, if it’s something you wanna do, I’d just be delighted. I mean, “detailed review” is kind of the dream, especially when it’s complimentary. :D 

Thank you!! I’m just…tickled pink.

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I live vicariously through your explicitness. I absolutely adore you and your ability to simply not give a single giant fuck. So I suppose my question is, W.C.I.F. your brash and boldness? Because I feel l am in desperate need for it. ♡♡♡

BAHA you are most assuredly an angel, I’m so glad some of you get a kick out of my insufferable personality, because I do, and I’d hate to be in a fanclub of one. :D

also, just a genuine, pro tip, but the only reason I’m like this is because I used to be really insecure and awkward and I decided a while ago that I was done trying to make other people happy by shaping myself into what I thought people wanted. You don’t know what other people like about you. Everybody likes something different in their friends, lovers, co-workers, etc etc. So, y’know, you should be unabashedly, unashamedly you, because then nobody has any questions about what they’re getting into. This honesty is the first step in positive, honest, direct, open communication. I don’t ever want somebody to think I’m anything other than, well, this. So, y’know, you just have to know that you’re being your best you, every day, and always working to improve upon yourself, and that will shine through in your actions, because people will see that honesty when they interact with you.

I’m certainly not perfect, but I try my best, and I’m sure you try your best, too. So, I’m sure there are people out there that are looking for exactly who you are. Do you want to miss out on the people who are looking for exactly you, because you’re busy being somebody who you think people will like? Seems counterintuitive to me. <3

8 Ways to Improve Your Writing

I got a great anonymous ask last week from someone who wanted to know how to identify weak spots in their writing. One of the things that comes with time and experience is finding the language to identify, discuss, and address the feeling that something isn’t quite right or that a story is “missing something.” Not knowing them or their writing, of course I couldn’t help them figure out what specifically the problem was. But I did share with them a list of things I’ve done over the years to be able to identify weak spots and improve my writing. 

1. Analyze your favorite writers.

Figure out why you like the writing that you like. Ask yourself: What are they doing here? What are they doing that I’m not doing? Why do I love their writing so much? Take notes on their stories. Plot them. Write in the margins. Read them slowly. Read their reviews—both good and bad. Did that writer you love once write something you hated? Great, even better. Figure out why that particular book was different from the others.

2. Analyze your own writing.

Do you have an older story you wrote that you love? Figure out why. What did you do differently in that story that you’re not doing in the current story you’re writing? Make notes. Draw maps. Reverse engineer everything.

3. Develop a language to talk and think about writing.

Read craft books, blogs, anything you can get your hands on. Learn about point of view, conflict, character development, dialogue, story structure, syntax, metaphors. Get your advice from good sources, and don’t believe everything you read. If something doesn’t sit right with you, throw it out. But be open to everything.

4. Journal and write about your writing.

Over time, you will identify consistent weaknesses that you have. Then, in the future, when you feel like “something is missing” from your writing, you can reference your notes and remember, for example, that you often have difficulty with your protagonist’s motivation, with theme, with dialogue, etc., and you’ll have a better idea about where to go looking.

5. Share your writing with someone you trust, ideally a more experienced writer than you or an editor or mentor.

Be very careful about who you share your writing with. Friends and family are not always the best choice. You don’t want someone who’s just going to throw around their uneducated opinion about your work, who has a big ego, or who won’t be honest with you. Remember: “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it” are useless pieces of feedback. You want someone who can read your work and say, “Your protagonist’s passion for music made them really likeable to me. I was dying to know whether they would get into the conservatory or not!” or “My attention wandered on page two, when you described the couch upholstery for three paragraphs.”

6. Analyze the areas of your writing which are commonly problematic for new writers (and writers in general).

In my experience as an editor, the most likely culprits are unclear character motivation and lack of conflict. There are a lot of good resources (books and blogs) about this. Try a Google search for “most common mistakes beginning writers make.”

7. Trust your intuition.

Do you keep coming back to the same page or scene in your story, feeling like it isn’t right? You’re probably onto something.

8. Take time away from your writing.

You’d be amazed how much more clear everything will be after a break. Give yourself at least a week for a short story, 3-4 weeks for a novel. It could also be the case that your ambitions for this particular story don’t yet match your skills, and that you’ll have to wait even longer to successfully finish it. I’ve known writers who have given up on a story only to come back to it months or years later once they’d gained the skills and insight to complete it. And then suddenly writing that story seemed really easy!

My Story

After I posted my letter about starting a new job at Dreamworks I got a lot of messages and emails from people asking if I could talk about my journey more in detail and how I got here despite going to school in Pittsburgh for psychology and almost giving up on animation halfway through college. I know that I would have appreciated reading something like this a year and a half ago so I thought I’d share my story in the hopes that it might be able to help someone who is struggling. Plus: a detailed explanation of how social media has done so much for me as an artist.

Buckle in guys. Lots of text under the cut! 

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⇁ money shot (m)

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

pairing⇁Yoongi x Reader 

genre⇁smut || pornstar!au

⚬ warnings⇁dom!yoongi, submissive!reader, verbal humiliation, spanking, roleplay, rough sex, cum play, dirty talk, this is porn ok and everything is consensual

word count⇁10.6k pwp 

[money shot] in a pornographic movie, refers to the sequence in which the male actor ejaculates onto his partner’s body

“Don’t look so put off. Min Yoongi’s indisputably one of the best in the industry. He’s extremely professional and experienced—and handsome to boot. You’ll be in the very best hands. He rarely works with newbies, so consider yourself special.”

or ; the author just really wanted to write a pornstar!au but got carried away;;

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Ironically, the assumption that theoretical knowledge must be more authoritative than knowledge gained through one’s lived, embodied experience was one I had long since rejected on an academic level.  But, like so many others, I found my ideas easy to defend in the philosophy room and hard to act on in real life. And so I spent my days writing (or failing to write) about the role of embodiment in knowledge production while ignoring the clear signals my own body was sending. The constricted throat, the trouble sleeping, the anxiety headaches, the tunnel vision, the depression, and finally the tears and panic: all were signs that I was not doing well.

But graduate school trains you to see those types of signals as obstacles to be overcome. It trains you to placate the suffering “I” (in both its mental and physical aspects) just enough to carry on with the thing of real importance—your work, especially your dissertation… The world was big and it was interesting. I couldn’t believe that my goal had been to produce a mediocre dissertation that I loathed writing; I wanted, now, to create many things, and I wanted them to be good.
—  Mae Liou, Moving On: Essays on the Aftermath of Leaving Academia 
Music & More

Dear Friends

Holy BELLS! It’s been 5 weeks since I posted. My life has suddenly gotten very busy after floating around like a little lost lamb for 18 months. I’ve been studying some psychology modules at uni, which I absolutely love, and I’m gearing up to test my ideas for my next musical project over Christmas. So, I’m going to use this site as a diar/ creative notepad over the next few months. There is a dream plan I have for marinabook, but I have no brain space right now to think about anything but music and psychology. I’m not sure if this is connected to the introvert/baseline level of arousal thing I talked about in this post but, god damn it!! My brain space/brain RAM can handle only so much thinking!

Today I finished the first term of uni and I felt a happiness I haven’t known for a very long time. I’m so full of glee I’m acting like I’ve LITERALLY GRADUATED (*goes to university once*). I went on a shopping spree 5 minutes after it, as if it were 2007 and I were blowing my student loan willy-nilly into ongoing traffic. Some people on this blog have asked me what it’s like going back to university as a mature student… Well, it’s pretty wonderful. I love using the library, which is in a beautiful part of central London, and I love being around people of all ages from different professions. It’s very refreshing and is a real comfort to me to know that the option to study new subjects will always be there throughout my adult life (The uni is tailored to part time degrees and evening classes, so you can study module by module if you like). I have some essays that I may adapt for this site, one discussing the extent to which personality is biological and another on attachment theory and how useful it is in explaining the origins of personality disorders. I had heard about Attachment Theory before,but after reading it in depth I’ve been interpreting behaviours in a completely different way. I think learning about attachment styles could be of benefit to anyone. I would have loved to have worked in child or developmental psychology if I hadn’t been an artist. Hopefully I can combine both worlds one day.

Whilst I’m far from starting the next campaign, I’ve been thinking about how I can create a better life for myself as an artist, on a day-to-day level, but also how I can best spend my energy in contributing something positive or helpful. The privileges of making art for a living are so huge, but one of the things that I have always found difficult is a lack of routine, or consistency. Traditional album cycles were very off/on in the past; You made your album, created your visual world, went on promotion, then went off on tour and kissed goodbye to the sweet life you’d scratched out for yourself between albums. Then 2 years later it’s all over again, you’re faced with a big space and you feel strange trying to integrate yourself back into your old life. There is no ‘how to’ guide to mental health + being an artist. I’m going to try my best to do things differently this time. Some people enjoy the cycles, others work better with consistent medium-intensity work (i.e me). I like to work hard, but not *too* hard. What can I say… I enjoy my life…

Pic of me enjoying life. My kitten does not look like she’s enjoying hers particularly. RUDE.

In between music and creative posts, I might start doing introductory posts on topics I would like to explore more for MarinaBook, to gain a perspective on peoples thoughts and feelings before writing the actual piece (e.g. Millennial marriage + what role it plays for our generation). The motivation for me to write definitely lies in a format where readers can contribute their own questions or thoughts and make the project collaborative and human. Perhaps I could have a monthly guest post on here from a reader on a specific topic… I have a few ideas I’m going to trial so bear with me!

Whether in writing or music, what I love most is a feel of relation and connection with other people in the world. And it’s something I’ve missed as an artist in recent years, just talking freely and naturally with people. It’s made me consider what kind of visual message I want to project going forward in order to be able to have more of this. Writing on this site has made me feel human again and I have you to thank for that! People have been so open and supportive. It’s not easy to write some of the posts - each one takes me literally 5 days because I write slower than snails crawl - and sometimes it feels unnatural/uncomfortable to be open. But the responses are worth it. Love reading your messages. Would like to do some talks again with you in 2018 (like the Oxford one last year) focusing more on the topics we discuss on here.

If this post reads like a highly frazzled person who hasn’t seen the sky for 4 days because she just finished her uni exams, that would be accurate. I miss you all a lot and look forward to talking more soon. I’m looking forward to the new year and creating a beautiful new project for you (and for me).

Marina xxx

PS. Here is a little vid of me writing something.

About Ships, G.C.F, Jungkook and Jimin and ship wars

This is an open reply to a wonderful post by @noransaekk . I was inspired by it but I don’t claim that the original poster shares my opinion. These thoughts are my own thoughts! Also, this is in no shape or form an attack on other ships, nor am I trying to convince anyone in anything. It is merely an opinion and an invite to a peaceful discussion. So, let’s beginn:

I will start by saying this: shipping is a part of every Kpop fandom, of the industry as a whole, idols know this and they are encouraged to use it. Simply said: shipping draws attention to an artist and therefore from a business point of view helps the sales. Regarding BTS there are three main controversial ships (I’m not naming them, all of you know them) and each of them has its moments. Some more eyebrow raising, others more.. speculative (for lack of a better world) but nonetheless everyone is free to ship whatever they want as long as it does no harm to the band and other people! In a way shipping is helpful because it creates discussions about heteronormativity, sexuality, society and etc.

Regarding BTS, in the second half of 2017 and particularly after G.C.F shipping took a different form.

But lets start a little back..

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What happened to Pack West Wolfdog Rescue and the animals that died and the scams? I'd hate for it to be true from the little I saw online, because I had a ton of faith in them. They seemed so legitimate to me, but I really am not that knowledgeable on how rescues run.

What you saw was 100% correct. I’m going to copy/paste Sara Movahedi (rescue coordinator at In Harmony With Nature)’s post that she made here, because it’s too long to go into on my own. Sara may be somewhat of a polarizing figure in the wolfdog community, but she is honest and fair. Everything she has brought into the light about Pack West is fact, unfortunately. And more is coming out beyond even this. 

“A few months ago, I was asked by a friend to join the board of Packwest Rescue to assist them with some minor admin hiccups they were having. I had been aware of some of the issues surrounding PW for some time, but was hopeful that they would sort things out and carry on doing what they do. Upon teaming up with them, I made some discoveries that left me rather stunned, shocked, disgusted, and disheartened. I will list a few of them in this post, as the public (specifically wdc people) have a right to know what transpired, and the members of Packwest won’t be able to live in the light, until they can come out of the darkness.

The other reason I’m posting this is to highlight what can/will happen when well-intentioned people take on more than they can handle, and more than they are qualified for, by starting something like a rescue, without first building the basic foundation to support it down the line. It seems every time I turn around lately, someone says they’re starting a rescue or opening a sanctuary… And it never fails, every time I see or hear it, I shudder and think about Packwest… how things went so horribly wrong, so incredibly fast. 

Please let this rescue’s experience be a lesson for you, and think before you decide to open a 501. There are laws in place, and there are penalties and punishments should those laws be broken… to say nothing of the personal loss you can expect should you be on the losing end of the deal. Your homes, your vehicles, your bank accounts, your ANIMALS….any asset you have is on the line should you violate the laws set forth by not only the state you live in, but by the federal government.

-Packwest agreed to take in 2 animals from a couple needing to rehome them in Nevada. Packwest charged the couple a $400 surrender fee, on top of $300+ for gas to drive to pick the animals up. The animals, Sylar (male) and Luna (female) were then transported back to Oregon.

*No self respecting rescue should EVER charge a rehoming/surrender fee. If my sanctuary did that, especially at $400 a pop, we would be rich with all the animals we have taken in. That isn’t how it works, that isn’t how rescue works, and its highly unethical.

-Upon returning to Oregon, the two board members stopped at a predetermined location in Oregon. The board president had a deposit down on a puppy from a local breeder, as she wanted an “ambassador” animal for her fledgling rescue. *This is especially difficult to understand…purchasing an animal *from a breeder* as the first act of a rescue organization.

-Upon arriving, there was allegedly a discrepancy on the remaining balance. The board member still owed $500 for the puppy, but didn’t have the funds. Since she had the $400 surrender fee and the $300 gas money the couple had given her, she used that money to cover the difference and purchased Ivar from that breeder, hours after “rescuing” Luna and Sylar.

-Sylar was sent to the home of another board member, simply as a temp foster. That board member, lived in a small rental home at the time and lacked the space and containment, and should never have taken on a foster. Her situation was further complicated when she adopted her personal wolfdog’s (Kochma’s) mother, Sorsha (later named Sadira) when the breeder decided to get rid of her animals. To make things even harder, the board member and her family welcomed a brand new baby into her home and life at the same time these animals were arriving and starting to settle in.

-Sorsha, an INTACT, VERY high content, VERY unsocial animal was first penned with her son, Kochma, also INTACT. After just a few weeks, the board member rearranged them and placed Sorsha in with her foster, Sylar. *It’s important to note that these changes in housing were all taking place at the very height of breeding season, weeks after these animals all arrived, very likely playing a big role in things happening the way they did. Shortly after being penned with Sylar, and while the board member was at the hospital with the new baby, Sorsha attacked and killed the foster, Sylar, in an attack that can only be described as brutal and vicious. The public explanation given by Packwest was that perhaps wild animals got into the enclosure and killed him.

-Approximately one week later, again at the board member’s home, her personal wolfdog, Kochma, an animal she had raised since he was a pup, suddenly killed his bonded pen mate, Alora, a lower content female, who was also intact. This is especially troubling since he had never displayed any sign of aggression, and was submissive to Alora until that day. It’s important to note, in this case, that the enclosure where Kochma and Alora were housed was in close proximity to Sorsha, where he most certainly would have seen her kill Sylar just days earlier. Again, the explanation (though not public since these weren’t rescue animals) was this was likely another wild animal. Alora had retreated into her dog house to likely tend to her wounds and/or hide from the animal she once felt so comfortable with, who now wanted to kill her… it was there that she was found the next day.

-While this isn’t directly rescue related, it’s important to know that Sorsha later went after the young daughter of that board member, ripping her arms open and trying to pull her into the enclosure. I would normally not mention this, as kids are off limits, but I’m doing so with her mother’s blessing, and to make a bigger point. It wasn’t until months later that they learned Sorsha had a history of attacking children, a history not made known to her by the breeder when she agreed to take the animal.

No responsible rescue would place more on the plate of board members, fosters, adopters, or anyone, who possibly can’t handle it. But when you’re overextended and trying to do things without a plan in place, accidents happen and people and/or the animals get hurt. Packwest should never have placed fosters with that board member, and failed them and those animals. The board member should have made it clear she could not take on additional animals as well. And as a point of fact, it’s incredibly irresponsible to not only house personal animals with new rescues, but also to do so when all personal animals are intact.

-Packwest, as of May 2017, was administratively dissolved as a result of failure to file necessary documents by January of that year. Since that time, they collectively continued to raise funds for the rescue. This is highly unethical, immoral, and illegal. The board members were not aware of the suspension status, and unaware yearly tax forms were not completed. This responsibility lies with each member, and claiming ignorance is no excuse.

-Fundraising efforts included despite them no longer being a rescue, among other things, photo shoots with one of the several “ambassador” animals listed on Packwest’s web page. Those included Tsura (owned by Tracy Hawkins) Kochma (owned by Sage Bohemia Grove) and Ivar, owned by Packwest/Sarah Bartell. This is a problem for MANY reasons, least of all being the fact that they were not a charity in good standing during some of the time these shoots were being done. Another BIG issue I pointed out to them, one I have pointed out to many people over the past year or two, is USDA guidelines governing exhibition, and what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your animals

.-I spent several days sifting through all the information and trying to process it all, and decided to ask the board members what they even wanted from this “rescue.” I was shocked to learn that NONE of them actually wanted to rescue. It seemed the bigger motivation was photography, and online education… and for at least one of them, it appeared perhaps (at least from the outside) to be money.The decision to dissolve this rescue was made at my suggestion, and all agreed. One sobering thing these ladies learned, and I’m sure each will share their personal feelings on the subject, is when you claim an ambassador animal is property of a rescue, or belongs to the rescue, or was purchased for or by the rescue…. when that rescue dissolves, that animal, regardless of who payed what for it and when, will be sold as part of the asset liquidation. When Packwest board members heard that, shit got real, REAL FAST.

-We were able to work it out where nobody lost their animals, however the board president did have to pay the rescue back for Ivar, and for the right to keep him. She also reimbursed the rescue for the $2800 raised by the public for the rescue’s truck… a vehicle deemed her private personal driver since they only did 4 rescues since their inception, 2 years earlier. To put that in perspective for you, I have done 4 rescues in the last 30 days. The money from Ivar and the truck were then donated (as part of the asset liquidation) to a legitimate 501, current and in good standing, and one the board chose privately, without any involvement or input from me.

-As far as Luna… she was being fostered by the rescue’s president, at her home, until she escaped one day while the board member was gone. She was found and posted on a local pet group, and members of the PW board were quickly contacted. At this point, I had not joined up with them yet, so I was only outside looking in. I immediately began trying to contact the board member/foster to no avail.Finally, Luna was returned to her, but by then, I had had enough. I arranged for a fellow rescue friend (who had been looking to adopt a female) to take Luna in, and made plans to have her IMMEDIATELY transferred to that persons care. Luna is currently in that home, safe and loved, and to this day, her new mom has yet to receive the first piece of paper about her. No vet records, no shot records, no nothing. Packwest’s explanation? They don’t know where any of it is.

-Over the course of 2+ years, Packwest raised and spent money without any accountability as to where that money went. NO proof of purchases exists for several big items, like the truck for example. Only certain board members were granted access to the bank account, and no receipts were kept of transactions that were done. THAT IS ILLEGAL, AND A PROBLEM WHEN YOU ARE A 501c3.I asked the board (specifically the president) on numerous occasions to remove any and all Packwest references, and make it CLEAR to people that they are no longer a charity. I also stayed on her to follow up with the states of Washington and Oregon (they were registered in BOTH) to make sure dissolution documents were completed and filed as needed. She assured me she had it taken care of. I also asked her to make a public post to let people know the rescue was no longer active, and that never came either.Recently, I was informed that she was still raising money, still selling items through the website (now slightly edited to include they are no longer taking in rescues, but conveniently leaving out the part about dissolution) and still presenting herself as a charity org. After a heated exchange (mostly on my part really) she agreed to make the necessary calls to dissolve the org officially. She edited the website further, however it still does not clearly spell out that the charity is no longer active and funds raised through the online store will no longer be going towards a 501c3 wolfdog rescue, but actually to one individual person.

I have not posted this to smear these women or further place blame on them. They have been hearing me tell them how badly they screwed up for several months… most of them get it. They know how close they came to possibly losing their animals, and possibly even facing charges.

-Forms they should have filled out to start this org, they payed someone $2,000 to do it for them.

-Forms they needed to stay active and remain in good standing, never got filled out.

-Receipts were not kept.

-Money was mishandled and misappropriated

.-Records were not kept

.-People were bitten and told to lie.

-Paperwork and vet records for rescues was not kept.

-Personal animals were intact.

-A fox was sent to an illegal state, and when a sanctuary stepped up to take it, PW attempted to charge them money as well.

-Having funding and housing and caging set up BEFORE taking in a single animal in, was NOT DONE.Logic, common sense, honesty, transparency, planning, preparation…and sadly ethics…. all went out the window.I am posting this to highlight how hard it is to do this the RIGHT way. Rescue by itself is hard… but to open and run a 501c3, and keep it running, requires organization, planning, and a dedicated and qualified BOD…NOT a group of your best friends.

 Until I joined them, they had never even held a single board meeting, and didn’t even have set jobs/assignments within the board. Board members were not informed of what their president was doing, and when they were able to communicate with her, she reassured them she had everything under control. They didn’t know they were spiraling out of control quickly.

Please take a look at where good intentions can get you. Please think before you decide you want to do this, and if you decide that you do, first work with a reputable rescue in your area and learn the inner workings of 501’s. Learn the paperwork, the boring admin stuff. My dad used to always tell me that before you build a house, you have to set the foundation. If you try to skip the foundation and move on to the fun stuff, decorating, for example, all your stuff will fall down when the walls collapse, because the foundation below them wasn’t there, or was not strong enough. That analogy is true in all things, rescue included.

It is my sincere hope that this post has accomplished 3 things: 

Highlighted just a few of the hard realities behind trying to start and run a rescue responsibly;

Highlighted the absolute and unequivocal importance of preparation, ethics, honesty and transparency, ESPECIALLY when affiliated with a 501c3 dealing with animals;

Highlighted how good intentions are about as useful as good toilet paper without the proper foundation in place.

Please do not send money to Packwest Wolfdogs under the guise that it’s a 501c3. It is NOT. Please do not contact them for animals needing rescue, and please do not refer anyone to them for help…. or education. They cannot provide either. 

Thanks for reading.“

The Coco Novelization

Here are a few of my favourite parts from the Coco Novel that extends or adds to the story. There will be spoilers for the novel and movie here, and if you don’t want to be spoiled they should skip this post. Or if you don’t care I still highly recommend people to read the novel anyway.

~SPOILERS IN THIS POST! One last warning!

Okay here we go:

  • The Riveras used to make dance shoes, but when Imelda caught a teenaged Coco dancing with a pair of them she banned the production of them. The dancers of Santa Cecilia had to travel way out of town to get their shoes made.
  • Coco used to sneak off to Mariachi plaza to dance, and actually met her husband Julio because of dancing. But when Imelda caught them together she had Julio agree to no longer dance or play music, which he agreed to because he wanted to marry Coco. Julio’s family apparently made furniture and his upholstery skills came in handy in the shoe workshop. 
  • In contrast to her mother meeting her husband through music, Elena met her husband Franco because of shoes. As the Rivera’s are know to make the best cowboy boots that do not give blisters.
  • Coco used to sneak off at home, possibly to the same place as Miguel does in the future, to secretly dance. But one day she hurt herself while dancing by falling awkwardly. Victoria and Elena witnessed this happen and became distraught when they saw her hurt. This is possibly why Elena believes music is a curse as all sorts of coincidental mishaps happen whenever the family involves themselves in music.
  • After passing into the land of the Dead, Imelda immediately began her shoemaking company again. She takes pride in the fact that her family makes the best shoes in both the land of the living and in the land of the dead.
  • Felipe and Oscar had an inventive streak and loved to experiment with new ideas for shoes. After Miguel is cursed what they really want to ask him about the Land of the Living is what is up with this new hip thing the kids are wearing on their shoes called Velcro? 
  • Coco “I’m-gonna-sing-to-baby-Miguel-and-no-one-is-going-stop-me” Rivera. 
  • Coco secretly singing to Miguel as a baby takes new meaning when we learn that as Miguel grows up he secretly sang to Coco too sometimes.
  • Miguel thinks that Hector is falling apart both physically and emotionally.
  • Hector teaches Miguel and gives him tips for playing the guitar. When Miguel begins to wonder if his ‘Great-great-Grandpa del la Cruz’ would teach him as well Hector answers, “That’s what Great-Great-Grandpas do.” (I’m not crying you’re crying)
  • Imelda being baffled by how stubborn Miguel is and wonders where he gets it from, while her family stands around knowing perfectly well that he gets it from her.
  • Hector actually left home in hopes to gain more inspiration for his music. The only thing he wanted was the experience to help him make a living while doing something he loved. He never wanted to tour around different towns and cities every day for fame like Ernesto. The realization that he probably could have gained the same kind of musical inspiration at home hit him too late…
  • Hector and Ernesto grew up together as children. With Hector not remembering a time without Ernesto by his side, and thought of Ernesto as family. 
  • Hector died in Mexico City.

Thats it, I want to add a bit more but I also don’t wanna spoil too much, because I wanna promote literacy on you folks.

;dimple (m)

pairing—kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings—smut, comedy, slight angst/drama, romance, slow burn, roommates/friends
words— 14,725

:: summary— What’s the rule again? How many dates does it take for you have sex with a guy? Three? Five? Ten?! What if all this waiting and you can’t remember how to do it? It’s been so long since the last time you swear you’ve forgotten! You’re desperate, and that’s how you end up asking your roommate for help. Only trouble is, you get much more than you bargained for…

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Jimin and Jungkook on their own and together and the 3As

This is continuation of my thoughts on this post (Part 2):

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts. I am not attacking any ship in any way. So If you support another ship and happen to see this post please know that I respect everyone’s opinion and I would always fight for the right it to be voiced, even if I don’t share it. I simply want to talk about some things I have been contemplating (and hear different points of view on them as well). Feel free to ignore any part you don’t agree with and let’s be gentle and civil with each other!

About Jimin: one look at my blog and you would know he is my bias. He has been ever since I saw him in BS&T and he snatched me by the hair into his lane. Since then I’ve been a loyal stan (mostly, Disrespect-Kook almost wrecked me with his body rolls at Mic Drop Dance break MAMA2017). All the Bangtan boys are wonderful and deserve all the love in the world, but to me JM is just special. Maybe it’s his precious smile, his dual personality, his sweet and caring nature; maybe I connect with his journey of self-acceptance and love. I don’t fully know myself .

Anyhow, I know we all love the boys but it is important to remember that we don’t actually really fully know them! Something that should definitely be kept in mind when talking about things like sexuality and what not. Basically this is just a harmless analysis, no need to get too serious about it!

Now onto the analysis itself:

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❝ You are my paradise ❞

Plot: You and Yoongi fight and he says he hates you. So you decide to give him the silent treatment, but he tries everything to make you talk to him again.

Words count: 5,5k+

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! 


Originally posted by seokjins-wings

The thump of the door closed behind your shoulder was the noise that welcomed your return home for more than three weeks.  

The door closed behind your boyfriend without you having time to greet him or spend a few minutes with him.  

At every comeback the situation worsened, you knew at the beginning of your relationship and you remember it again after almost two years. But this time there was something different and you couldn’t understand. Your mind completely filled with thoughts, which annoyed you without interruption.  

The first few days you hadn’t noticed the difference, but now it was impossible not to notice. Don’t notice those little details. Like the absence of his good morning kiss or the complete disappearance during the day, without a simple message or even a quick phone call.  

Your chest was crushed under the weight of the consciousness that you would spend the umpteenth evening alone, with your dog trying to cheer you up and some melancholy song in the background. In short, the dream of every girl of 24 years for her evenings.. Especially when they have a boyfriend.  

“Hello to you too..” Your hissing scattered in the air and your little cub of Jack Russell, the dear and adored Agust D, began chasing his own tail to draw your attention. “Hello puppy,” you whispered gently, lowering and running your fingers on his short and soft fur.  

He barked with happiness but you couldn’t prove any spirit of sharing. Yoongi had disappeared for the umpteenth evening and this began to dig into your heart a bigger hole that was scaring you. In ways that you never thought possible, a fear that couldn’t be explained.  

Since the evening was ruined, you dragged your feet to your room and changed into something more comfortable. The pajamas, a beautiful zebra printed pajamas, was the best solution.  

What could be better than warmth and softness and comfort?? You knew it, but you ignored to say the answer aloud otherwise your mood would have worsened further.  

“D, what do you want to do??”  

The puppy started barking, hopping around the house and dragging behind a little plush, making you smile slightly. At least someone in that house was happy, you found yourself thinking.  

The kitchen, the second place where you were more comfortable after the bed, greeted you as you lit the lights and started thinking about what to eat. You weren’t starving, but from that morning you hadn’t touched food and knowing if you skipped another meal, you would have fainted at the least opportune moment.  


“Hyung sent you some bibimpap and the cabbage kimchi, they’re in the refrigerator.”  

Yoongi’s raspy voice caught you unprepared because you would never have expected to hear it so soon. Thinking that now your mind was playing with your mind to make you believe that everything went well, you wouldn’t turn around and keep looking at the various packs of ramen you kept in the cabinet. For any eventuality, of course.  

Yoongi remained on the doorstep of the kitchen, astonished by the fact that you had totally ignored him. He was back to ask if you wanted to spend the evening with him in the studio because he knew.  

He knew it was going on as always, that he was neglecting you and letting you go. Just as he knew that it couldn’t happen every time, despite living well with that situation your heart suffered the consequences. He had spent whole months to make you really trust him, months that were also useless to him to trust at least a bit of you, and every time he walked away he knew that he cracked that trust. That pushed you to think the worst.  

But now he was there, in the same room, and you didn’t even spare a look to him. And he had to admit that it hurt, but without understanding that it was the feelings that you felt every single time you came home.  

It was the first mistake of the evening.  

He cleared his voice again, but your attention was still focused on your choice.  



The pack between your hands fell to the ground while you jumped, facing him and following your gaze you noticed him on the door. His annoyed look and the arms folded across his chest.  

The dark circles under his eyes, the black beanie and that fringe that now almost covered his eyelids, his clenched jaw, his black irises that seemed somewhat darker. He didn’t seem very happy and you wondered if his feelings could reflect your own.  

“S-sorry.. I was thinki–”  

“What did you think? Ignore me,” he took off the beanie throwing it on the table, “it wasn’t pleasant for me. ”  

You scoffed, feeling the skepticism open a gap in your mind. Really feeling ignored was unpleasant? You’d want to tell him he was welcome in your world, but you’d bite your tongue. A fight was the last thing your mind already full of negativity could endure.  

Agust D, feeling that something was about to happen, began to wander near Yoongi’s feet, but he ignored him and didn’t wash his gaze away from you.  

And you felt vulnerable. Under the indifference and repressed anger that those dark irises were showing clearly. The phone on the table gave a sound and you wanted to hide behind it while avoiding the way he was looking at you. 

And that was the second mistake of the evening.
The moment you stood out your arm to grasp it, something snapped into Yoongi’s mind.  

“Are you kidding? Y/N; I’m talking to you!”  

With your arm in mid-air, you froze and turn your head towards him, observing how the rage was transforming his lines. Angry, but for what? You couldn’t understand, in fact, you weren’t the wrong one.  


“And I came here to ask you to come with me. But apparently, my presence isn’t welcome. ”  

And that was the third mistake of the evening.  

Your arm fell limp, the strength with which you kept him lifted completely erased from your body. The tears threatened to burn on your cheeks, but forcefully you chased them back and swallowed the knot in your throat that had formed in a few seconds.  

“It’s a shame that your presence is an ephemeral thing in these weeks. Since you’re never here and you don’t even deem to recognize the fact that I exist and live in this apartment.”  

The air frozen, you saw him inhaled sharply and with your body, you turned towards him. You felt every part of you tense like a string of a violin, your heart was beating so hard to press against your ribcage as it wanted to get out and run away but you were so tired of his attitude that you had exceeded the limit.  

Yoongi looked at you, his mind now completely fogged. He couldn’t figure out why he was wrong, but everyone knew that anger provokes and makes the worst out of any person.  

With quick steps he came up to you, you knew he could never hurt you, but you stepped back and lifted your hand.  

And that hand, open and slightly trembling, was the only stop for Yoongi. He stopped mid-way, feeling his throat going on fire for the desire to yell at you and the bile corrode his chest. He felt hurt, but he didn’t understand how intense your feelings of loneliness and abandonment were. You didn’t feel anymore that feeling of belonging and it was a feeling that you had hoped never to try.  

“Now I understand why everyone ends up hating you, Y/N.”  

And perhaps that was the worst mistake of the evening.  

Your heart took a note of his words, which with hatred were putting their seed. Yes, many people you had given everything had ended up leaving.  

Making you feel like you were the mistake, the wrong side of the story. But Yoongi.. You never thought he could use your past against you.  

Even the fact that was the anger to make him talk was an excuse. He had no excuse.  

“Goodnight, Yoongi,” you hummed and walked out of the kitchen, avoiding touching him as you passed by. The dog followed you, his ears low and the tail between his short and thin legs.  

He knew, unlike his master, how much you were suffering. He perceived it. Yoongi stood in the center of the kitchen, his gaze pointed where you were standing before. His hands began to tremble, but the error he had just made not yet clear for his mind gripped by anger.  

With a sigh, he stepped out of the room and then stormed out of the house, saying that if that was your way of dealing with a discussion, he wouldn’t have been the mature part in the couple.  

The bed greeted your tired body when you threw yourself on it and the sound of the door didn’t surprise you. Sighing you lured your pillow towards you, hiding your face against the soft material and letting the waves of pain begin to hit you. And you collapsed, slowly, accompanied by tears and the first real wound that Yoongi had dealt you.  


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[M] Learning Curve

Paring: Jungkook x reader

Count: 8482

Warning(s): Smut, Sub!Kook but also Dom!Kook hashtag best of both worlds, spanking, two dirty mouths, and a touch of orgasm control for good measure.

A/N: This is re-posted from my old blog, boys and girls, keep that in mind.

Originally posted by hoshiimochi

If you had to guess Jungkook’s least favorite thing to do, you would say that renouncing his power was likely it. In bed, anyway. He always made sure to remind you that he was in charge of your pleasure, no matter what the situation. He administered it as generously or as sparingly as he saw fit. It hadn’t always been so, but Jungkook settled into his role as the dominant one quite naturally.

Evidently, though, your leniency had taken its toll on his once obedient nature. You allowed him to grow confident in his ability to disarm you fully with just one brush of his hands over the right parts of your body, or dirty, whispered words against your neck, or the heat of his body pressing against yours. You had become forbearing, allowing him to push the limits of your control until he had effectively slipped it from your grasp entirely.

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Ernesto De La Cruz is one of the most interesting Human villains in Disney, right up there with Clayton and Cruella.

(Warning Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk)

Let me start this by saying that I define human Villains as characters that don’t use magic or powers to do evil, they’re being bad on their own volition using things that every day people can use, and that’s what makes them scarier in my opinion then most of the other characters in the Disney/Pixar Staple of Villains.

The reason I’m starting to think that Ernesto is by far and away a great villain is because he is human in nature. It’s an interesting situation here in Coco with how he’s presented. Unlike other villains, who don’t have a claim to fame in the same sense as he does in world, Ernesto oozes the whole issue of what we see on screen vs. who the actor/actress truly is. We’ve seen in recent years that people equate a person’s character on screen to who they are off screen. Which leads to some very awkward moments for fans and actors alike. Ernesto has that going for him. He’s a person that shows himself to be one way but ultimately is not as he appears. On top of that he died young, making him a character that has the added mystique of people putting their own views and spins on his history, and making him a tragic figure.

In Coco, we are painted a picture through Miguel’s point of view on Ernesto. He’s being forced to not play music and so becomes infatuated by Ernesto and sees him as a larger than life person. What’s interesting about this is that, while the town embraces him, they also seem to be using him as a tool for their own revenue stream. We see with his monument that there are marigolds in there, but they are limited unlike the other grave sites. Clearly, while the town does respect him as one of their “favorite” sons, they also only see him as someone at a distance, an image on screen, a character and not the real person. Miguel ups that, wanting to be like the image that Ernesto shows the public in interviews and movies, and we see that Miguel is infatuated with Ernesto the character that he plays and not the real person who he is.

When we finally do get to the land of the dead, again, we see Ernesto the celebrity, and not the person. People seem to adore him as a musician, but also are using him for their own push forward. To play at his party is a big thing, and Ernesto seems to revel in that celebrity as we see at the party he likes to smooze (to ingratiate himself) with some of the bigger people in Mexican (and Spanish) history. He employees a number of people for his event, much like he probably did in real life, and creates an event where he makes it seem like they are important but he’s clearly the star of the show. This much like the whole town using him for the contest and other events happening during Day of the Dead.

But how much of this image is a cultivated thing and how much is the real Ernesto. I propose it’s half and half. 

Ernesto diving into the water to save Miguel was a legit thing, he wasn’t doing this for fan fair and for the audience it sets him up as a decent person, which, he at first, seems to be. Now does this make him a good person, no by no means, but it does paint him as more human, as we see that he can be capable of doing the right thing. However, this only adds more to the whole fact that he is, in fact, not a good person, but a very narcissistic, cowardly, criminal one.

Taking a look at his actions in film we can see a very different Ernesto in regard to the real person based on his actions and what we have to look back on after the revelation of his murderous act. So where do we even start with finding the real Ernesto, well we have to start off at the beginning of his career with Hector. We know both men grew up in the same town, and given how Hector calls him his friend and such, we have to assume they are about the same age, so likely boy hood friends, or at the very least they knew one another growing up. If not growing up, then at least when they were teens or older.

We know that Ernesto can sing and play on his own, this much is clear from the movies and his actions during the party. This is important as it puts a rather big mark on his reasoning. Ernesto is a good singer and player, but he can’t write his own songs. He can perform Hector’s works but can’t write them himself. Meaning that he was never trained in creating music, just playing and possibly reading it. 

This puts Hector as someone very important to Ernesto’s goals, and he sees his friend much more as a tool and something that he needs with him at all times. During the moment of Hector’s death, we pretty much get that from Ernesto as he pleads with him to stay.

The thing is I think that the fact that Ernesto was good looking, could play, and sing, probably got the attention of a lot of people in town. Unlike Hector who, let’s be honest, while good looking, is still skinny, tall and during the time period that they were alive, would have been seen as gangly and unattractive for a movie star. Ernesto probably, being fed from a young age, that he was good looking, and gifted, became more narcissistic and probably became heavily interested in becoming a star at a young age.

From the look of the flashbacks and the films that we see, we can assume that Ernesto got his start during the 30s and 40s, maybe into the 50s of cinema. It’s clear that the movie style is based on the period of time of black and white cinema, but not so far back that it’s the Silent Movies. 

This means that Ernesto more than likely had the goal, early on, of becoming famous as he felt that he could never just sing for one person, that he had to have the world love him, and that he wasn’t about to let anyone get in his way. This adds a lot to how he is as a person. He’s determined to the point of murder, he’s so determined to be seen as someone great and amazing and loved by all that he’s willing to kill to get to that point and his Ego is beyond the pale.

Which brings us to his actions with Hector. Again, assuming that the two knew one another and were probably good friends, Ernesto more than likely saw talent in Hector and realized how useful to him he could be. If he were to sing Hector’s songs he could become well known, as the songs were amazingly beautiful and meaningful. So the plan more than likely was for Hector and Ernesto to travel to Mexico City or the surrounding area where a good percentage of Mexican movies were being in the 1930s and 1940s. Ernesto most likely didn’t care that much about Imelda and her relationship with Hector outside of the fact that it could throw a wrench in his plans. We get the impression that Imelda probably was not too keen on Hector leaving with Ernesto, who undoubtedly made a plea to Hector about making a lot of money if they became famous to help fund his family.

In the moment when Hector was leaving Ernesto we saw that they were nearly at the goal that Ernesto was looking for. The duo more than likely had traveled for quite some time, as evidence from Mama Coco’s letters. So this wasn’t a simple case of a year or so, this was possibly a number of year that they were on the road preforming. Eventually the fact that Hector was home sick and realized that it was not going to happen for him and Ernesto in regard to getting well known for their music made him want to go home. This is where I think Ernesto’s fears and desires trumped his moral code.

We know for fact that Ernesto pleaded with Hector not to go. Not because he was going to miss his friend, but because without Hector’s music and skills, he was going to not have a way to make it big for himself. It became evident to Ernesto that he didn’t need Hector if he had his song book. So that became the obvious thing to him. Get the book from him at all costs. We clearly see he’s willing to poison his friend, but, what makes it so much worse, is what he does after.

He took the guitar, something that had significance to probably Imelda, Coco and Hector. The fact that he was willing to take the guitar, use the Guitar, and clearly care for it brings to light some info about Ernesto that either makes him out to be a real scumbag even more, or someone that has some semblance of guilt, no matter how small. We know the Guitar was taken well care of. If Ernesto truly hated Hector, he probably wouldn’t have taken it and still took care of it. However, the issue becomes why. The more reasonable thought could be that there was a bit of guilt on his part for killing his friend and keeping the guitar with him was a way of both keeping Hector with him and dealing with that guilt. It was, in some subconscious way, a way for him to say “I’m guilty of a crime” since Imelda, if she saw the movies, probably would have recognized the guitar and, being a clever woman, possibly would have put two and two together as Hector more than likely wouldn’t have given away a guitar like that willingly. We also know that it was put in the tomb for Ernesto, so clearly he did make sure that it was kept safe.

On the other hand, we’ve seen later how much of a jerk he can really be, and that brings us to the fact that he possibly took the guitar because it was worth a lot as a gimmick and had no regret of really killing his friend. I’m more inclined to think it’s the later seeing how cowardly he becomes when Imelda and the others go after him to get the picture. There’s also the fact that his reputation trumps everything else and we also see this in how he talks to Miguel after the big reveal and even before that.

When Ernesto first discovers that he has a grandson, his reaction is interesting. He doesn’t deny it, and embraces it, but the look on his face says that he both doesn’t understand and at the same time is freaking out mentally. It’s pretty clear, given the ladies in the movies, he’s known as a romantic lead, and it wouldn’t be that hard to believe in that period of time that he willingly went to bed with a few different women. This means he’s probably wondering which one he got pregnant, so clearly he probably does have some unknown kids or a child running around if he’s willing to buy Miguel’s story without any proof of who the woman was. He doesn’t even ask about his grandmother. He just goes with it.

Later when he was going to give Miguel a pass back to the land of the living, he points out that he doesn’t want people to know that Miguel is his grandson, as if that would ruin his reputation. It’s made more blatant that Ernesto doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself, since, rather than sharing all the “love” that his fans gave him, he hoards it and shows it off to Miguel.

 It’s an interesting moment because you realize how alone Ernesto really is since if you go back to the town, while he has a lovely tomb, there is no food or drink or wine on his alter, meaning that there was no one there other than the locals to tend to it. So clearly the town even knew of his attitude if they were not willing to put up more offerings on the alter.

This brings us to the point about his actions with Hector, Miguel and the family during the ending. We see that he is willing to throw both Hector and Miguel into a hole to hide the truth. This begs the question of, who else did he get rid of to keep his face? If he’s willing to kill Hector, then it’s not that big a shock that he could be willing to steal and kill to get other roles and get rid of people he doesn’t want in his life. He throws Miguel off the roof, and pretty much threatens the family due to, what he believes, is his power and influence in this world. Now while I would love to believe that he would be punished for his actions by fading. The problem is that, while there is proof of him being a thief of music, there’s no proof of him killing Hector. This means that there are probably people out there that either don’t buy the idea that Ernesto stole the music, or they don’t care as he went on to become the singer of their favorite songs.

This brings me back to the point that as far as Villains come, Ernesto is probably one of the best human ones that Disney has had in a long while, and I hope that people really do support him in that sense. We need more nuanced villains in stories, and Ernesto probably will be a good start to that.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Artist, Robin Eisenberg

Did we just step out of our own little bubble and into an extraterrestial world where strong females rule the planet? Absolutely! We’re smitten with artist, Robin Eisenberg’s futuristic illustrations where all of her characters move to and exist in an array of colorful compositions. We couldn’t wait to be abducted transport ourselves into Robin’s digital world and get to know the inspiration behind her bold galactic art. We picked her brain about her love for art and found out she has super exciting upcoming projects for 2018! Find out more after the jump..

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The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 10

The round and golden episode 10 is finally upon us and with it comes a ton of lighting improvements and frame redraws. Out of all the episodes, this is probably the one in which the blu-ray updates are the most noticeable.

That said, there’s also somuch content in this episode. There’s no way I could cover everything there is to talk about regarding Victor in just 10 gifs but I’m excited to delve in anyway so let’s go!

The first thing I’d like to talk about is Victor and his need for space to recharge. Unlike Yuuri who chooses to sleep off his jetlag, Victor decides to go up to the roof’s pool in the middle of winter, a time when there’s least likely to be other people there, to get some space to think. A lot of the time, Victor plays himself off as being a lot more social than he is, but in reality he’s an introvert. He needs his alone time to recharge his energy and taking it isn’t something new to him if his message of needing to get completely away from skating to think is anything to go by.

For this second choice, it may not be a moving image but I love it for its composition – the coaches (adults) in the background and the skaters + Victor (young adults/kids) in the foreground. I’ve always felt like this image looks like a family with the adults looking on from the back. That said, it really brings to light just how young all of the skaters (including Victor) are. Victor may be the oldest there but he’s still only 27. As I’ve heard it said by a friend, Victor is still choosing to sit at the kiddy table instead of standing back with the adults. This isn’t a negative thing at all though. He’s at an age where he can choose which direction to go; he can choose to stand back with the other coaches and observe or he can spend his time enjoying the fun with the others skaters, most of which are still within his generational age range.

This entire portion with Victor taking Yuuri shopping brings up an important point to this episode – that Victor is trying his best to be observant of Yuuri and help him without the need to say anything. This is a direct response to Yuuri’s message to Victor in episode 7 and ever since then you can see how he’s been working with those words in mind. He takes notice of the things that make Yuuri relax and does his best to do them with him. Victor has learned that the best way to comfort Yuuri is through action and not words.

But not everything is as simple as dragging Yuuri along on a shopping spree. That doesn’t mean that it all goes to shit, however. In this case, they have an argument which boils down to both of them trying to solve an issue in their own way and conflicting over how the two methods oppose each other (Yuuri wants to make up for a mistake and Victor wants to just forget it and move on). But the important part in all of this is that they resolve their differences like adults. They don’t attack each other with actions or words and don’t hold it against each other. They get the message across that they’re upset then both decide to move on.  It’s said that no relationship is perfect but having good communication and conflict resolution skills is honestly the closest way to get there.

Aside from my love of this fifth gif as a shot in general, I’d like to bring us back to the idea of Victor being observant of Yuuri. Victor is very explicit about it here, he talks about how he’s noticed the small things – how Yuuri’s eyes shine when he’s looking for something, how that thing is like a dowsing rod, and how the best thing Victor can do is just stay silent and let Yuuri do as he will. We may get the chance to see Victor’s stumbles along the way to better understanding Yuuri but no one can deny that he’s a fast learner. As a general rule, he only has to be told anything once to remember it and apply it to his actions and thoughts as we can see here and earlier on through the episode.

I chose this sixth gif, out of all the possible ring scene choices, because of how purely happy Victor looks. A lot of the time Victor has a mask on, but in this moment, he is completely and utterly open and honest with his expression. As much as Yuuri is handing Victor his heart, Victor is absolutely doing the same. We may see a lot of the series through Yuuri’s point of view, and a lot of Victor’s emotional conversations with Yuuri might be covered in skating metaphors, but this scene is undoubtedly just as important to Victor as it is to Yuuri. We even get Victor’s internal monologue here. But at the end of the day, no matter what words anyone puts to this scene, Victor’s pure contentment is one of the few unarguable things that we can get out of it.

One of the things I love about Victor is how emotive he actually is. His mask isn’t actually as solid as it initially appears, and this seventh gif displays that perfectly. The clip is short and the eyes naturally gravitate to the clapping motions and Yuuri’s reaction but it’s Victor’s expression that I’d like to talk about. He appears proud a moment later, flashing the ring and citing it as an engagement ring, but his first reaction is to blush at the attention and topic being brought forth. Phichit brings up the idea of marriage, and unlike Yuuri’s response of “oh no, he’s got the wrong idea”, Victor’s face says something more along the lines of “well, that’s not quite it but I wouldn’t be against that”.

Honestly, this eighth gif has so much about it I love that I’m not sure where to start. The sunrise that implies the beginning of something new, the hand that comes up to shield Victor’s face but lets the beams of light through anyway, the ring that takes a center point in the shot even if it’s over shone by the sun, and the beach that has been given special meaning in regards to Victor’s personal relationship with Yuuri all come to mind instantly. Similar to the start of the episode, Victor is taking personal time to figure out his thoughts (and he has a lot to think over). He’s starting a new chapter of his life. But can he allow himself to? Can he allow himself to step away from being a competitive skater forever, put his career and medals aside, and chase a new happiness off the ice? There’s just so much that’s going on in short clip, and the silence that’s used as background feels just as fitting in its emptiness as it doesn’t when contrasted with the raging thoughts that are sure to be going on in Victor’s mind.

Unfortunately, Victor gets a very firm reminder that he and Yuuri aren’t the only two people that have a weigh-in on Victor’s career direction. Yurio here serves to represent not just himself but everyone else as well. Victor may be ready to let go of his skating career and move on with his life but the rest of the world isn’t yet (that actually includes Yuuri too, as we see at the end of the next episode). Something in particular I’d like to focus on in this scene, however, is the height difference between Victor and Yurio and how that’s used in their body language. When Victor first turns around to respond to Yurio’s taunts, he leans down to get on Yurio’s level – like an adult entertaining a child. But the moment that Yurio tells Victor to just retire already (in a way that makes it sound like nothing Victor has done has left a mark, a thing which Victor may not even realize he values yet), he stands up to his full height and forces Yurio to look up to him instead. The shaking hand may have been removed from the updated version of this episode but I honestly don’t feel like it’s needed with the body language that already screams hostility on both ends (actually, even more so Victor’s than Yurio’s here). As much as Victor might want to consider retiring from the ice and settling down, the world just isn’t ready for it yet and is intent on dragging him back under.

And for this last gif… there’s so much I could say but I’ll focus on Victor’s expression. Out of all the reactions he could have, he ends up with a look of blank shock. Something is happening in front of him that goes beyond anything he could have imagined. I do actually believe that this clip takes place post-pole dancing competition and pre-dancing with Victor. Cute boy jumping on him aside, I think the thing that really sparks Victor is the mention of coaching. Before now, Victor has never really had a path laid out regarding his career past competing until he physically can’t anymore. In the end, blank shock turning into a burst of inspiration might be the only realistic response to it after all!

I guarantee that I didn’t cover nearly as much as I could have (and wanted to) in this episode but for now this will have to do. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my thoughts and look forward to next week as we get into the final stretch!

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [Duetto]

Bonus because Victor’s little twirl is too cute not to share:


  • NO:EL - Parents (부모)
  • Bumkey feat. Tablo - Better Man
  • Crush - Fall (어떻게 지내) 
  • Crush - Sometimes (가끔)
  • Dean - D(Half Moon)
  • Dean feat. Crush, Jeff Bernat - what2do
  • Dynamic Duo - Guilty (죽일 놈)
  • E-Sens - The Anecdote
  • Gary feat. Gaeko - Lonely Night (또 하루)
  • Heize - Underwater
  • Hyorin feat. Basick - My Love
  • Jay Park - Stay With Me (곁에 있어주길)
  • Jay Park - The Truth Is (사실은)
  • Jooyoung - This Is A Break Up (이별이란 걸)
  • offonoff - bath
  • Primary feat. Beenzino - Far (멀어)
  • Swings - Your Soul
  • Xitsuh ft. Suran - AND (끝)
  • Yezi ft. Babylon - Chase
  • Young B - Map (지도)
  • Hoody - Like You
  • Loco feat. Crush - Still (남아있어)
  • Heize feat. Shin Yong Jae - You, Clouds, Rain
  • Boi B feat. Sik-K - ADY (아침에 다시 얘기해)
  • Woo Wonjae feat. Tiger JK, Bizzy, MRSHLL - Again
  • Donutman - Christine (Everyday)
Puck Me [E.D]

picture: g-e-dolan

Summary: Ethan was a popular hockey player at your school. After you get ditched at one of his games, he offers a ride to his place, where something you least expect happens.

Words: 4.4k

Warning: Smut, hockey!ethan 😍

A/N: The Walls by Chase Atlantic IS THIS SHITS SONG. I’ve spent too much time on this and I still think it sucks but hopefully its readable! DEDICATED TO MY ETHAN GIRLS (BC IT AINT ME) ITS WHAT U DESERVE ✨✨

“You’re a piece of shit, Ethan Dolan.”

You pressed your lips tightly together when you heard your friend, Felicity, make a scene in front of everyone. Why? Because she had just gotten rejected by the captain of the hockey team directly after one of his games - a game that she had forced you to come to, simply for this reason.

After telling that to Ethan in such an evil way, who by the way seemed to only try to be nice and say that no, he wasn’t interested, she stalked off.

When you turned to try and leave out of the crowd to follow your ride home, you were unaware of the eyes on you.

Ethan found you through the entire crowd almost immediately, and kept his attention on you as you slowly disappeared. His eyes softened and his throat clogged up, because that was the weird thing he felt whenever you were in the same room as him.

He had to be brought back to reality by one of his teammates, who was laughing at what just happened with Felicity. And once Ethan let out a fake smile and went to try and find you again, you were gone.

It had been raining a lot after the hockey game, and you practically being a loner, didn’t have many friends besides the one girl that asked you to come. So after walking for quite a few blocks, there you stood, trying to cover yourself up from the wind and the rain while keeping your steps forward, even as the wind nearly blew you away.

Then, Ethan Dolan himself appeared.

He was popular, way more popular than you and Felicity combined. He was often a flirt, not with you though, so it was weird for him to be nice and offer a ride. It was a different thing to see.

You took his offer, seeing as you’d probably die if you continued your lengthy walk home - and sat in Ethan’s truck quietly. He didn’t speak much, simply blasted his music and the heaters for you before starting the journey to his house, where he offered even more help since it was much closer and the rain was too dangerous to be driving in at the moment.

“Game was nice,” you had decided to say at some point out of pure braveness.

Ethan raised a brow and turned to quickly glance at you, not expecting to have you speak to him. "Friendly game.”

“Congrats,” You said anyway. Ethan didn’t respond then, instead silently making a turn. “When did you get hurt?” You asked when you noticed the bruises on his hands, more specifically on his knuckles as they tightened around the steering wheel. They were beet red, forming into purple, with slight cuts here and there. A part of you wanted to lean in and hold them.


“Oh.” Weird.

Not much of a talker, it seemed. You were conflicted, seeing him laughing and being weird around all of his friends and his twin brother 24/7 during school hours. That’s why he was so well-known, also because he was captain and was incredibly attractive nonetheless. You weren’t even much of a talker either, but it was better than the awkward silence unfolding and would continue on if you were going to stay over. You sort of wanted to know why he’d done this for someone like you; someone out of his league and far away from his clique.

You were at a red light near his neighborhood when he finally spoke again. You were completely unaware of how nervous he actually was, but he was Ethan; he hid it all too well.

“Hey you’re… you’re friends with that Felicity girl, right?”

You averted your eyes, remembering the scene she made when he rejected her right outside of the rink with his teammates surrounding him. It was cringe-worthy and you felt sorry for him. You could tell he was trying to be nice and at least he was honest instead of leading her on and breaking her heart later on. “I guess. Why?”

Ethan made a face that was like a half smirk, his high cheekbones showing. “Nothing, just wondering.”

You got to his house before you could question him, and that was that.


He let you in after you both ran, then he let you dry off, and your heart leaped when he disappeared for a bit to go and lend you his yellow and black jersey. It felt warm, soft, and looked large enough to fit you as a dress.

“Your jersey?” You asked, confused.

Ethan shrugged, unfazed. “Yeah… it’s not sweaty or anything, I just washed it. Thought you’d like to change.”

You giggled, blushing at the fact that he probably could have gone for a regular white t-shirt. Nope, he went for his famous jersey. “Good to know…” You didn’t tear your eyes away from him, and he didn’t either. His gaze was killing you, he was making you melt right on the spot, and it didn’t help the fact that he was wearing black basketball shorts, and a tight Nike shirt to showcase his muscles and large hands.

“Bathroom’s right over there,” he simply stated, like he didn’t care anymore, and pointed to the door.

Nodding, you went over and changed out of your wet clothes.

The jersey went down to mid-thigh, and it smelled just like him. You couldn’t deny the fact that you liked Ethan, maybe a little, but you didn’t say anything due to Felicity. Now you were at his house after he rejected her? Crazy.

“Um…” You stepped out, and when Ethan turned from the fridge, he nearly dropped his Gatorade bottle at the sight.

It took a while for him to get back to reality, going to scratch the back of his head. “Right, shit, sorry. Why didn’t you tell me? Totally flew by me.”

“It’s fine… comfy actually with no pants on,” you said, lifting the jersey up a bit, unaware of Ethan getting turned on when he caught a glimpse of your pink lace panties and the curve of your hipbone. He let out a breath, lips parting when he saw the way your long smooth legs went on for miles, suddenly thinking about them being wrapped around his shoulders as he–

“Looks good on you,” Ethan complimented, voice deep and husky.

Shit, you thought. “Thanks…”

He pried his eyes away before you could notice anything in his eyes, and then you stepped forward like nothing. You sat down on the couch, while Ethan tried to stop a hard-on from happening when you put your legs up to showcase your thighs and a part of your ass. You were so petite, innocent.

Ethan went for the cup of hot coco that he had been making for you and went to hand it to you, sitting down next to you and turning the television on. Your heart softened when you sipped on the hot coco, both of you watching the tv in silence up until you had to place your cup down and ask him something.

“Why did you ask about Felicity? Did you actually want to say yes to her? Because it’s cool if you did.”

Ethan furrowed his perfect brows. “Yeah. I mean, no.” He sighed. “Yes, I meant to say no, but…” His gaze went to yours, and even though it made your palms sweaty, you were so oblivious. Ethan wasn’t good at this, he was only good at sex. "Why were you even there?“

"Excuse me?”

“You’re not the type to, or at least I didn’t think you were…”

You looked at him for a few seconds. “You don’t even know my name, Ethan Dolan.”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” he said without missing a beat, causing you to snap your neck back in his direction. “Yeah, I know you. I know that you sit all the way at the front in my Spanish class, I know that you’re one of the top students in our grade, I know that Felicity dragged your ass to my game because I never see you there. I know that she ditched you because of me.”

You froze at his words, heart swelling as you took a moment to look at his lips.

“I know that you like to keep to yourself because you constantly have your headphones in during lunch. I know that you got your appendix removed a little before we hit 8th grade, which is why you didn’t do your tests or came to Talia’s party.” He took a pause - his eyes never leaving yours - letting out a chuckle next that made you shiver. “I know that I punched the fuck out of my teammate in the locker rooms for constatly talking about fucking you.”

You swallowed thickly, goose bumps arising all over your arms. “You got suspended…” You remembered, now looking down at his bruised knuckles that made a whole lot more sense than him frustratingly punching the ice on the rink or something during ‘practice’.

“Oh yeah, he didn’t stop even when I came back. Kept testing me.”

You were speechless, your heart going absolutely crazy that you were so sure it was about to leap out of your chest from what you were hearing.

“I didn’t enjoy him talking about you like that, because I didn’t want to fucking picture it.”

Ethan was sitting forward now, his elbows on his knees, and a pissed off look on his face.

“And you in my jersey is just…” he let out a dry chuckle, sitting back and rubbing his thighs. You looked down and noticed the tattoos on him, suddenly growing aroused at the thought of straddling them. “Fuck, I’m sorry.”

Before you could question him and his weird behaviors yet again, he went in as close as he could to be able to kiss you, hard. It was a rough kiss, yet his lips were softer than ever. They were plump, full, and you happily kissed back with your hands automatically going up to run through his soft dark hair. He was an incredible kisser, easily slipping his tongue in to dominate yours, the tiny bits of facial hair scraping against your skin when he went to grip you and move you to straddle his lap.

There, he continued on with his heavy kissing, pulling you as close as possible with his hands on your hips, wrapping his arms easily around your entire waist.

Once you subconsciously moved your crotch against his, his hands cautiously headed down until they were placed on your round ass. His palms were smooth running over the soft skin of your cheeks, getting a good feel of them and loving how well you fit in his hands. He squeezed both when one of your own hands was placed on his thigh, taking the second to pull away.

“You ever done this before?” he asked breathlessly.

“Yeah…” You not-so-innocently stated, looking at him and rubbing at his lip with the tip of your finger. “Don’t stop.”

Ethan didn’t expect that, but it only made him grow harder beneath you. “Fuck.”

He leaned forward to smash his lips again with yours, already missing the feeling, and then proceeded to help you grind down a little harder on his dick so that you could feel him through the clothes separating you two. He stood to his feet with you in his arms right away due to him being impatient, easily carrying your body without losing contact of your lips and heading towards his bedroom as best as his memory could help him. You had placed your hands on his cheeks, fingers grazing his famous jawline that all the girls drooled over, as well as the tiny bits of hair adorning his features. You kissed him like your life depended on it, holding onto him as his warm, large body engulfed yours like they were both perfect for one another.

You let out a tiny squeal when he practically threw you onto his bed, though. Your body hopped a bit against the mattress, and you could’ve sworn you saw Ethan’s light eyes turn much darker when he saw you there, ready for you to take him. You left your legs wide open, your pink panties showing him the wet patch on you - which drove him wild. He shook his head lightly to himself and then reached back to the neck of his shirt, slipping the entire thing off of him.

You’d heard the stories, a lot of different stories about this boy, but at that moment you didn’t care. His body was everything you loved in a man, beautiful skin, hard abdomen, wide shoulders. You nearly moaned at the thought of his hands and back muscles.

Before you knew it, Ethan had gone back down to press his chest against yours, giving you a peck on the lips before biting down on your bottom lip and latching onto it before letting it go and moving down to your neck. His hands held onto your waist that still had his jersey on, lifting it up only to gain access to your panties.

You lightly moaned when he used his teeth to help you get rid of the thin lace, slowly pulling them down until you lifted your lower body up to help him move them over your bum. Ethan managed to get them down smoothly, thinking he was able to get them off from your ankle, but when he finally caught sight of your most sensitive, wet spot and your full ass, he knew that you were going to be the end of him. He was going to destroy you.

You thought he’d remove the jersey soon after too, but you didn’t know how much of a fucking sight that was for him.

“Ethan,” you dragged his name along when he was already diving into your pussy unexpectedly, his mouth lapping at it and tasting its sweetness. He was gripping the back of your thighs to keep your legs high up to face his ceiling and keep them open for his better access, devouring you and using his tongue to his advantage. “Ethan,” you said once again, arching your back and shaking with the way his mouth felt on you, your toes curling so much it was starting to hurt already.

His eyes met yours as he let his tongue move around, gliding gently against your wet folds before doing quick circles against your entrance. He even went down to your ass for a moment, making sure to mark his territory everywhere. His saliva mixing in with your heavy arousal. He was loving it, and it showed when he closed his eyes in satisfaction, grinding his tongue to capture every part of your arousal and also to tease you by sucking on your clit.

“God, princess, you taste so fucking good,” he pulled away to say in a raspy tone, not letting his sudden speaking ruin anything seeing as he let his fingertips rub your swollen clit while he was occupied.

He then spat on you and continued to use his heavenly tongue, laying it flat and sucking on your juices, his stubble tickling you enough to make you let out a slight giggle with a whimper, making him grow harder and harder in his shorts at the sound and the fact that he had you like this. You could already see the obvious bulge on him, yet could only focus so much on it until you felt the pit of your stomach clench with full desire.

You let a high moan out, your eyes rolling back as your orgasm took its toll, and you were closing your thighs around his head, clutching tightly onto his hair seeing as you needed something to hold onto. Ethan, however, continued to eat you out even as you came and finished coming, pulling you closer to him so that he could grind you on his face to get your wetness go all over his mouth and chin.

Eventually, he managed to stop himself, swallowing every last drip you gave him, even if you continued to let out more. You made a sound just as he gently hit your ass, moving to sit on the bed beside you before easily handling your tinier body to make you sit, where he rubbed your clean shaven legs. “Come here and ride.”

Trying to regain your breathing, you moved to straddle his legs. You gasped when he let his hand hit your ass yet again, a bit harder, and he smirked, going to kiss under your earlobe before whispering; “Ride my thigh, kitten. This is all for you.”

With that nickname alone, he could ask you to do anything. You now moved to only straddle one of his thick tan thighs. The one with the tattoos.

He placed his arms back for leverage and to watch you better, letting you go ahead and move as you slowly started to rock your hips against his thigh.

Your clit brushed against his skin, the bits of his hair prickling at you, but you didn’t mind it. It felt good, and so you moved quicker, your wetness spreading against his tattoos and making his skin glisten.

Even as you were the only one moving, the only one truly pleasuring yourself, you could tell how much it was turning Ethan on and how much he enjoyed it. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of you, his dick twitching with want, just wanting to be inside of you already - yet this was something he loved to do. He loved to torture himself, because once he felt how tight your pussy was wrapped all around his thick cock, he’d feel like he’s in pure fucking heaven.

When you had to stop the grinding of your hips due to feeling sensitive, he said, “No, no, keep going. Until you come again.”

You nodded and lifted his jersey from your hips so that he could watch them move quicker. You slowly fell apart but continued until the wave of pleasure hit you once again, moaning Ethan’s name when he tapped his foot at a fast pace to help brush his thigh against you.

Yes.” With your next orgasm coming, you couldn’t help but grip his dick right through his shorts, palming him. His breath caught in his throat as he felt you grind your hand against his cock and your pussy against his thigh. You lifted his jersey farther up so that your perky tits were fully exposed to him, biting down on the hem of the shirt to keep it held up.

Ethan moaned and licked his lips at seeing your tits slightly bounce, going to softly bite onto one nipple, his eyes meeting yours just the same way as he was when eating you.

You then leaned in to give Ethan a deep kiss before you felt yourself being moved again. This time, he was fully lying down on his back on the bed, but he was turning your body around so that you could fully straddle him - backwards - in reverse cowgirl.

Making a tiny sound, you helped him remove his shorts and immediately gripped his long cock when he kicked them off his ankles. Ethan hissed as you spread his precum with the pad of your thumb and already guided the tip towards your entrance, quietly begging for more when his entire length wasn’t even inside of you yet.

“Please, please…” Maybe you were begging because you knew he was the one in control, so you went slow.

“All the way inside, baby,” he said to you in whispers, gripping your ass and spanking it as hard as ever. “Fuck that dick.” That alone caused you to stop for a second and squeal as you managed to get him all the way inside, moving to fuck him with your head off to the side to be able to see him through the corner of your eyes a bit. “Such a good fucking girl.”

At first, you were gentle with the rocking of your hips, flicking them in such a way that was pure amazement to Ethan. He had to flare his nostrils to keep his moans in, perfectly aligned brows knitting together.


You moaned and started moving faster, as told, loving the wet sounds you two were causing. Ethan stretched you out on every single grind, maybe a little more after every time and it was delicious. “Like that?” you asked, leaning forward to rest your forearms on the bed so that you could twerk against his dick.

“Just like that,” he breathed out, sitting up slightly on his elbows to watch the way your ass bounced and slapped against his thighs. “All the way up, go all the way up.” You obeyed and lifted your hips all the way up until only the head of his cock was inside of you, nearly slipping out. Then, you sank back down, taking it all back in with a sharp gasp. “Again, all the way up…” You could hear the torture in his voice, and how he was most likely stopping himself from flipping you both around to fuck you as hard as he could.

You repeated the action, and he decided to then take control and keep your hips steady before ramming up into you at a quick pace. You let out a small scream as you felt Ethan reach the farthest depths of you, his cock feeling so incredibly good.

You started to get lost in the pleasure and had to stop him by putting your hand on one of his knees so that he could pull him out of you as you shook tremendously when a third orgasm came, instead going to grind against his balls. Ethan only laughed behind you and gripped his cock, jerking it a bit with his bruised fist while his fingers easily glided up to spread out your wet pussy. Just the sight of it alone would’ve made him cum, yet he also wanted to eat you out for a second time.

There was so much he wanted to do, but he knew you probably wouldn’t be able to take that much.

Once it was clear to him that you were finished, he brought you back to the bed where you were both now lying down on your side. You lifted Ethan’s silky jersey up, sweaty yet with no desire to take it off, and he gripped a boob to knead it in his hand, going to kiss your shoulder.

You turned your head around to be able to kiss him, full tongue, and then lifted a leg up so that he could get the message of you wanting him again. Ethan gripped himself first and started to slap his cock against your clit, making you gasp with the amount of orgasms you’d already gotten.

“Ethan… oh!” You got caught off guard when he swiftly pressed his tip inside of you, groaning, up until he was fully tucked inside, loving the way you immediately tightened around him, only making it harder for him to hold his only orgasm back. You bit hard down on your lip, hand going down to feel up his tight balls as he thrusted heavenly slow with a hand wrapped around your thigh to keep your leg up.

It only lasted so long before he started snapping his hips a little quicker.

Ethan was fucking you sideways, moving you slightly after a moment to make sure your legs were stuck together before wrapping an arm around your knees and placing his free hand on your asscheek before drilling into you. He practically had you curled up in a ball, fucking you as hard as he could in that position. His thick length was stroking your g-spot, your clenching walls hugging every inch and protruding vein on him.

You even started to tear up a little, each and every one of your limbs stiffening up. “That’s so good…”

Ethan dug his nails into your skin, before completely moving all over again, nearly making you dizzy. He got up and left you limp and sweaty on the bed, but before you knew it, he dragged you over to the end of the bed by your shaky legs, making sure you were on your hands and knees before starting to fuck you again.

“This fucking pussy…” Ethan breathed out, gripping your hips and lifting the lower half of your body up to meet his hard thrusts.

You screamed when he fucked you into the mattress from behind, causing you to knit your brows and let out the rest of the screams against the bed sheets, going to grip a pillow instead to bite into it.

“Look at me.” Ethan had no mercy as he was pulling on your hair next, making sure you were making direct eye contact with him while he kept his sweet thrusts going. He was panting behind you, clenching and unclenching his jaw every time your pussy got tighter, driving him crazy.

He used his free hand to draw foreign circles against your other hole before he pulled out, held his breath, and ejaculated all over your ass with a groan. You sighed and smiled once you felt every drip on your skin before he went back to making sure you had one final orgasm. He placed his fingers on your pussy and quickly rubbed at it, his wrist somehow being able to flick faster and faster.

“Oh God… Ethan!” You screamed as your thighs shook and he sent you into oblivion once more, pulling away from you to suck on his wet fingers like you were frosting.

After helping you clean up, he lied down with you on his bed, both of you still trying to catch your breath. You cuddled up next to him, and got comfy, just as your phone let out a ding when Ethan decided to go for it back in the living room.

Felicity: Hey sorry I left you at the game, it was so shitty of me. Ethan’s still an ass. Are you okay?

Ethan looked down at you starting to sleep soundly against his chest, his heart melting yet a small smirk forming as he typed away.

Y/N: More than okay.