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You know you’ve read great fanfiction when the next time you see canon you forget that it never actually happened


I go back drawing dorks. 

p.s. not in a great condition to draw long posts sorry.

Antis being outraged that “anti antis” exist 🤔

Ahaha, did they think they had the exclusivity of online assholery?

every time i go into the su critical tag, it blows my mind how many gymnastics white people will go through to defend the blatant anti-blackness that’s been plaguing the series, and every offense only gets more and more worse. bismuth? uh okay, that’s a bit awkward, but ok. human zoo? okay wow, that’s super creepy. concrete? that’s so blatant, there’s no excuse anymore, like even when i was a child, i knew not to do that lmao. like how far are you all gonna go? is a cartoon really that much more important to you than black people’s feelings?

Listen Tumblr might be a great big shithole but I met the person I love most in the whole world on this shithole and I made friendships I wouldn’t trade for anything and what I’m saying is in the dark cesspit of this hell some of the interpersonal relationships are the only bright points.

so guess who keeps forgetting she has a tumblr blog

(you can find me @missgamgee on goodreads, instagram & twitter these days)

31 • 08 • 2017 // finally starting to do some work! (ft. preparations for today’s journal!)

It feels so nice and productive to start working again, and on such a beautiful platform too! Infact, I’ve been working on a short essay for a prep-ahead university course right now! (And multitasking with doodling for my journal!)

{Also, goodluck to my Muslim brothers and sisters with their fasting today (and those having the pilgrimage, with their journey)!}


So I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from Tumblr for a bit. I’ll probably come on during the day to check but I won’t be on as much. 

So if anyone wants to chat or discuss things I’d prefer to do that over some other platform (such as discord, or skype or even twitter, I might be open to others)

i…. don’t think i’m aromantic? i just had this wild realization that like… i sometimes think i want to be in a relationship, but that my idea of a relationship only exists as like… an already-formed relationship. like, a long-term, already steady and stable and secure partnership. my attempts at dating in the past never get past like the first couple of meetings (or sometimes not even past texting), because i go into dating websites with this idea of like, the ideal relationship for me, which starts at like, 10 years into said fantasy relationship.

i don’t want to go through the awkward mess of meeting someone and getting to know them and building trust and connection. i want to wake up already in a loving and supportive and healthy relationship, like, decades into it. i don’t want to have to do the work. which explains why i overshare and end up telling someone my life story when i first meet them. i just wanna get past the awkward phase and fast-forward to the we’ve-known-each-other-for-years-and-we’re-super-chill-with-each-other-and-trust-each-other-and-everything-is-secure-and-steady. and this applies to platonic stuff, too. just. meeting people in general. i don’t tend to form new friendships past a certain point because i get tired of like… building that shit. i just wanna be friends for a decade already. it’s a miracle i have the friends that i do have because holy shit…

basically i’m a lazy, nervous, and indecisive shit who’s afraid of commitment but also wants it a lot but doesn’t want to actually make choices and would rather magically have things sorted out for me. unfortunate.