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Day 19 of Inktober!

🌻Another Isabelle doodle~🌻

Thank you to everyone who ordered an Inktober Special Commission from me! ;v; I’ve finally been able to purchase more art supplies!

the customer is always wrong

woman, standing angrily at my till: I’d like to make a complaint

me: oh, of course, what’s been your problem?

woman: you

me: …I’m…sorry??

woman: i asked you for help twice and you walked past me and ignored me. I’d like to speak to your manager about your attitude

me, having never seen this woman before: OKAY SURE

– manager comes over & woman tells him her complaint –

manager: well, okay, usually our members of staff are very helpful. What did you say to lottie?

woman: excuse me????

manager: erm, what did you say to her to get her attention?

woman: why is that relevant?

manager: it’s possible she could’ve misheard you, or if you said a different name

me, (whispering): she didn’t say anything!!!

woman: I shouted

manager: you…shouted? what did you shout?

woman: ey

manager: ……ey. you shouted ‘ey’ to indicate to a member of staff that you needed their help

woman: YES, and she ignored me and I want to make a complaint

manager: yes, of course, I’ll process your complaint personally and deal with it

woman (smiling smugly at me): thank you

– woman leaves, manager turns to me–

manager: what a twat

  • [playing scrabble]
  • Shingen: I will put my “A” down to make “A.”
  • MC: I will add to your “A” to make “AT.”
  • Kenshin: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT.”
  • Sasuke: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC.”
  • Yukimura: [flips the board]

A sneak peek of Shukashuu’s feature in My Girl Vol. 20, releasing October 18th! She will appear along with Anchan and Rikyako!


└ Cool, sleek (slipped) Masaki~~

Cr: “未完” MV Making of from 「Untitled」 album

I just want every girl to understand that this is what re-shaped thicker eyebrows, eyelash extensions, ‘drawn on’ plumper lips, styled hair, better clothes and all round make-up can do for a girl. 

The image on the left looks like an everyday girl and the image on the right is a down right celebrity look. And both are beautiful (one in more of a Bratz kind of way).

I just want you all to know that you are all capable of pulling this 'celebrity’ look off, if that’s what you desire. Don’t ever think that they are famous because they’re so much prettier or better or whatever…really…they are so much 'prettier’ BECAUSE they are famous.
And it is 80% fake.

So just remember that you are beautiful. You don’t need to look up to celebrities for beauty. Because in reality they have access to everything they could possible need in the beauty department: Makeup artists, hair stylists, high-end fashion retailers, personal trainers, personal chefs, spa’s, manicures and the inevitable plastic surgeons.