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people saying the su art change over 4 seasons is lazy when lots of hand drawn cartoons have style changes that take place over time??? including adventure time, ppg (original series) billy and many, spongebob, dexter’s lab, and others like ????????

“Happy Fucking Anniversary ❤ ″

Whee the 1st Anniversary event has started~~ Seriously all those dance emotes are event exclusive??? Blizzard why u do thiss?? It’s been a good year though, thanks to OW I’ve drawn a ton more than I would have (even if its mostly r76) Thanks everyone who follows, reblogs and likes my stuff, love you guys!

hhey! some of you may know that i’ve been put on a waiting list to stay at a mental hospital to help me get my life back on track.. long story short, to avoid giving out too many details, i’m at a point where i cant function on a daily basis (going to school, socializing, eating normally, focus, etc), having intense suicidal ideations, and losing control over my body at times, so i kind of..need a little help..

there is finally a bed open for me and i’m going to go stay there for a bit! obviously i won’t be allowed to have my phone or anything like that with me, which means i’ll be on a bit of a personal hiatus. my queue is running for almost two weeks following today and there’s a message saying it ended at the end, but it might not take that long! the max amount of days is 30, so expect to hear from me again within 7-20 days..?

so yea, i’m leaving tomorrow at 11am est;;

i love you all so much and i promise i’ll be alright in the end <3 thank you for being here for me..

i love looking at strangers because i really do believe there is something beautiful physically on everyone. every person has a striking feature and i fully believe that embracing the traits that make us unique only makes a person more appealing. i love strong noses, wrinkles, crooked smiles, birth marks, moles, scars, dark brows and everything that makes a person who they are. beauty is so diverse and subjective and thats what i love about it.

season 1: ends with kara surrounded by her family and friends. though bittersweet, they celebrate that they are alive, and stronger together.

season 2: superfriends are mostly apart, though each of them seems to have someone. except kara, who is all alone.

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What if Red's S/O has a black belt in Judo and flips Edge when he gets too mean?

*…did that really just happen?

Red’s flabbergasted, staring at the scene while his mind struggles to comprehend what the hell just happened.  One minute, his brother was belittling him, shouting about how he needed to stop being so lazy and threatening to shove the dirty sock (that’s been on the living room floor for stars knows how long) down his throat.  And in the next moment….

You just flipped Papyrus.

He had known you were a badass.  It was part of what drew him to you–the fact that you knew how to hold your own, that you could protect yourself in an Underground filled with angry monsters.  But the creed down here was still kill or be killed, and you…

You just signed your death warrant.

Edge leaps to his feet, his face flushed scarlet with both indignant anger and his building magic, and Sans thrust a hand forward.  You’re thrown against the couch, the wind knocked out of your chest (no matter what your training is, you can’t defend against the brothers’ gravity magic), which spared you from being impaled by a sharp bone.


Sans breaks into Edge’s rant by teleporting in front of you, his hand gripping the front of your shirt.  You’ve never seen him look so terrifying; his sharp grin is tight and humorless, and his eyelights are mere pin-pricks, barely visible within their dark sockets.  

“do ya have a death wish?” he snaps, shaking you once.  "huh?!“  

Red’s torn.  On one hand, he doesn’t want you to get hurt, but on the other… he’s also pretty pissed that you flipped his brother.  He’s held Papyrus in high regards despite his mistreatment, and even if you were trying to defend his honor, it was misguided.  Sans didn’t need help with Papyrus.  Especially not that kind.

“don’t ever do that again.  capiche?”

Slowly, he releases you and turns to Papyrus, standing between you and his brother’s ire.  "i’ll pick up an extra shift, ok, boss?“  He inquires tightly, while Papyrus looks between you and Sans.  

”…FINE!  TWO EXTRA SHIFTS, AND IF YOUR HUMAN STEPS OUT OF LINE AGAIN, NOT EVEN YOU WILL SAVE THEM,“ he grinds out, obviously still mortified that a human got the jump on him.  After one last glare toward you, Papyrus stomps off to his room to work on his puzzle plans, while Sans sinks onto the couch beside you with a defeated sigh.  

Awkwardly, he turns on the TV to fill the silence.    

I just want every girl to understand that this is what re-shaped thicker eyebrows, eyelash extensions, ‘drawn on’ plumper lips, styled hair, better clothes and all round make-up can do for a girl. 

The image on the left looks like an everyday girl and the image on the right is a down right celebrity look. And both are beautiful (one in more of a Bratz kind of way).

I just want you all to know that you are all capable of pulling this 'celebrity’ look off, if that’s what you desire. Don’t ever think that they are famous because they’re so much prettier or better or whatever…really…they are so much 'prettier’ BECAUSE they are famous.
And it is 80% fake.

So just remember that you are beautiful. You don’t need to look up to celebrities for beauty. Because in reality they have access to everything they could possible need in the beauty department: Makeup artists, hair stylists, high-end fashion retailers, personal trainers, personal chefs, spa’s, manicures and the inevitable plastic surgeons.

Sorry but I don’t understand how Maddie assisting at Radix is a rinky-dink gig?? Sure lots of dancers assist at conventions nowadays so it’s not the coveted prize it used to be but to continuously drag Maddie for doing so is pretty borderline obsessive imo.


After Victoria discovers Nathan and Warren are a thing, all three of them start kind of hanging out more. One weekend they’re chilling in Vic’s dorm, all bored, when Victoria ’s like ‘Who want’s a make over?’

Nathan nopes out of there because he’s been there, done that, and never doing it again. So Warren’s like sure, it sounds like fun. Victoria gets to work right away, does his hair, his make-up, throws him in an old dress and heels, does his nails etc.

Needless to say, Warren actually loves it. He looks so pretty, Victoria did a really great job! So they take a shit-load of pictures, for Vic’s fashion blog (she totally has one lol) and tells him he can keep the dress if he wants. This becomes a thing between Warren and Victoria, she experiments new looks and techniques on him and Warren becomes her favorite model.

Nathan, is 100% okay with this because, damn, Warren looks really, REALLY nice in a dress. (His legs, that butt, Wowsers.)