make outs!


This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.

Buzzfeed Unsolved/X-Files 

From TV Tropes:

FBI physician Dr. Shane Madej is assigned the task of keeping tabs on Agent Ryan Bergara, a talented detective whose obsession with the paranormal is of grave concern to his superiors. Working out of BuzzFeed’s basement, Ryan specializes in the Bureau’s “X-Files”: a collection of cold cases deemed unsolvable due to macabre or taboo elements. While Ryan attributes these elements to the supernatural and extraterrestrial, Shane is a skeptic who attempts to debunk his theories through scientific reasoning. Together they investigate all manner of strange and unusual cases, which over time hint at a massive government conspiracy linked to a series of alien abductions going as far back as the forties.


Derek: Would you like to go out tonight? We could see a movie or something?
Ren: Hmm… I don’t know. I have an essay due in a couple days and I have to wake up early for class tomorrow.
Derek: Well…. you should skip your first class, finish your essay in that extra time. Win win.
Ren: I cant skip my class!!
Derek: Come on!! Just this once?? i can stay the night tonight.
Ren: …
Derek: Hmm?? *smiles*
Ren: *sigh* Fine. 

The Queen of sarcasm … so evil! Although Camila laughs the same so … what a coincidence, no? No wonder 😂😂 so you’re what you eat, so you know what I mean? 😏

anonymous asked:

why does yoongi intense stare at jimin like that what u doin boy do you want him to say something in particular like a particular answer to the question who's your favourite bts member?

I wonder if when yg was expecting jm to choose yg as his favorite member as he looked at him like that (during the interview asking who their favorite member was)

you know,,,,,,,,, even if jimin didn’t give the answer yoongi wanted We All Know who jimin’s bias is 👁  

I sometimes think of how in a few decades, Kara Danvers will have a funeral.

How it’ll be raining that day and everyone will find it fitting because a world that could take away a soul like Kara so soon before her time is a world that does not deserve the sun.

How headlines will emphasize all the notable people who attended, how Cat Grant gave a moving speech about her mentee, her best assistant, her dear friend, and how her voice finished strong despite choking up.

How articles will be written about the lives Kara changed, the stories she broke open, how her optimism in a dreary world could give people hope and how her smile and the twinkle in her eye gave everyone an oddly familiar feeling of It’s going to be okay.

How the picture on every front page is one that emanates sorrow, with grieving sister Alex Danvers on one side and heartbroken widow Lena Luthor on the other and in between them stands Supergirl, holding their hands and offering comfort as they watch the body of someone who means so much to them be lowered into the ground.

I think of the private gathering at Kara and Lena’s home afterwards. As everyone who knows the truth sits in the living room, talking softly to each other about how today was more difficult than they thought it would be. How they can finally, finally, breathe easier when Kara, still dressed in her Super suit, lands on the balcony. How Eliza hugs Kara a little tighter than normal, how her friends’ voices lack their usual playfulness, how she smiles at J’onn pretending to be stoic as always while gripping her shoulder tight.

How Alex never lets Kara leave her line of sight and of Lena clinging to Kara, whispering I never want to go through that again into her neck.

How Kara looks around the room at the people she loves and at the moving boxes her and Lena are packing up to take to their new place just as soon as Lena makes the arrangements to run L Corp from somewhere else.

Somewhere far enough that they could live without being recognized but Supergirl can still get to National City for emergencies, even if it takes a little longer now.

But mostly I think of Kara watching everyone she loves, her family, her friends, her wife all age around her while she never ages a day. I think of her staying young while they get old and why all of this is necessary in the first place.

fun fact: people can be more than just extreme right or extreme left

someone can agree with some conservative policies without automatically being a sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic douchebag

someone can lobby for social justice while still believing in people’s right’s to disagree with them (shocking, I know)

someone can find problems with the escalation of politically correct culture while still believing in a lot of what it stands for

We’re living in a culture of extremes, extremes which only serve to provoke even more drastic and destructive behavior from the other side. I’m getting really freaking tired of waiting for people to start listening to each other again, to have actual conversations with open-minds and respect that culminate in more than just call outs and threats.

So we all seem to be in agreement that everyone was making out after the party when they got back to the station.

Dirk and Todd and Farah and Tina is all good and well, but I’m amusing myself an awful lot picturing the awkward “I’m very gay” vs “I’m such a lesbian” stand off between Dirk and Farah as Todd and Tina make out and they’re trying work out if they should be doing that too.