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“You Weaken Me” (Part 3) - Bellamy Blake Imagine

note: here’s the 3rd AND last part of the “You Weaken Me” series! This one is waaay longer than the others, I wasn’t sure if I should divided into 2 parts instead of just 1 but I didn’t think it would make sense so I just left it like this. Sorry if it’s too long for you, I got carried away :b

*credits to whoever owns the gifs above*

words count: 3099 *pretty fucking long I know, oopsy*

warnings: smut ; cute and needy Bellamy

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eleven and mike doing something happy like eating icecream ? eggos? being cute?


i might like actually finish this up and make it nice and neat??? instead of a scribble

Doing these requests really help because i still need to figure out how i wanna draw these kids!

If you have a stranger things request please send me an ask!

Anyways i hope this is okay!

  • They ask you about your future plansThey touch you in certain places - Ren constantly touched Rey’s face, enywhere else would be too obvious but the fact alone he carried her bridal style instead of ordering his soldiers to seize her speaks volumes
  • They make excuses to be with you alone - “Yeah I’ll interrogate her, everyone stay the fuck out. No, stromtroopers, you shall not try interrogate her first like you did with Poe, I’ll handle it on my own!” 
  • A clear sign would be their clear disregard of all your mutual friends and large grups - “It’s just us now” (the two of us in other languages apparently, woohoo) when Finn is standing right beside Rey
  • They feel angry when someone is trying to make a move on you - Tell me Ren didn’t look pissed when he saw Rey with Finn at the balcony and later in the forest when Finn rushed to the unconcious Rey and cupped her face Ren was like “Bitch I’ll cut you”
  • They expect a lot of you and get upset when you break a promise. It shows you have a big impact on their life - Are u kidding me right now. Oh he expects a loooot of her. “let me show you the ways of the force, lemme show uuuuuuuu Rey”
  • They ask you about your future, what your plans are with others, they don’t want to miss it - basically the same as above, he wants to make plans with her. Too bad she kicked and slashed him after.
  • They get angry at the little things -AHAHAHAHAHAHAA did you see him slashing that chair because it didn’t have Rey in it? Someone hold me.
  • They talk about you a lot to their friends - WHAT GIRL?? The girl I heard so much about, she is strong with the force, can I keep her? I can get info from her, also maybe her phone number.”
  • They improve their physical appeareance around you - Dat fluffy hair, also smoulder, also bedroom eyes and LEANING.
  • His eye contact is unusual - Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, we talked about it so many times now. At first, he’s fucking staring at her while she sleeps, then he has this funny thing where a couple of times he runs away with his eyes but then slides them all over her face, lips, neck and the way he looks at her when she makes connection witht he force, Ay ay ay.
  • They tell you they want something more - Oh please, he so does, basically proposing a student/teacher thingy right there.

Im frustrated and tired of Finn being left out of stuff. The SWC art just makes me so angry because John doesn’t deserve this  white washing /racist behavior. He is the fucking male co lead for fucks sake. He should have his own damn poster instead of r2d2 having one. When is lucasfilm going to stop approving and incouraging this horrible behavior!!??  John Boyega is an extremely talented actor who deserves all the love in this world not all the bs he is getting from some people.