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ok so like. obviously the whole scene with finn and poe on the tie fighter is one of the most important things of our time, but what I especially love about it is their mutual giddy enthusiasm? like, I guess just because finn had just finished being an evil storm trooper and poe had shown himself to be a smartass I was expecting some like, growly banter and gruff dislike-but-I’ll-work-with-you dynamic, but instead they’re both just sunshine and puppies right off the bat. poe gives finn his name and finn is like “I love it :DDDD” and poe is like “I love you :DDDD” and when finn makes the shot and flips out about it poe doesn’t mock him for being excited he’s just like “YEAH WHOO THAT WAS AWESOME!!” and then they tell each other they’re both awesome and laugh a lot and it’s all smiles and giddiness and a romcom escape from the First Order and I just. they’re both so happy to meet each other and IT KILLS ME.


Okay so hear me out. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Animated Series; but instead of it being in space, or like.. any of the cool things that actually make it Star Wars, we put them in rival high schools. INNOVATIVE.

First Order Academy, run by Student Body President Brendol Hux Jr., his personal muscle Ben Organa-Solo Kylo Ren, and really cool football team Captain Phasma.

New Republic High School, with plucky foster kid Rey, expelled from First Order Prep football player Finn, and star running back Poe Dameron.

aaaand that’s all I got. 

Plus-one (6)

Well well well, here I am to share this with you wonderful human beings. I’m honestly cringing right now at the thought of you reading it, but hey - not going to keep it locked away am I? 

If I’m super honest, I’m losing a bit of steam for this as I’ve started part 7. Hopefully I’ll get back into it, as I’d prefer not to have another incomplete WIP forever and a day. Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. 

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“What’ve you got on?” Finn grabs onto her arm, stopping her on her way out the door. He looks her over, his eyes pausing on her legs for much longer than a few moments.

“Do you not like it?” she asks, pulling her arm free. “Do I look weird?”

“No!” He’s quick to put her mind at ease. “It’s just…I thought this was a hen party?” Finn reaches forward to touch the material of her dress where it falls at her thighs. He rubs the fabric between his fingers.

Rae’s eyes track the movement of his fingers . “It’s rockabilly themed.”

“S'nice. You look nice.”

“Nice?” she questions, doing a little spin in front of him. She’s got no idea what she’s doing it for. The skirt of her polka-dot swing dress fans out around her, skims over the hand he’s still got hanging in the air between them.

She trains her gaze on him, watches as his eyes dart between her bare legs, nearly bare chest, then to her mouth. She can tell he’s thinking through what he says next. He scratches at the hair behind his right ear, presses his tongue to the corner of his mouth. “Hot. You look well hot tonight, Rae.” His head is angled down so that she can’t see the look on his face, but she can see the flush of red at the side of his neck.

“Ya think?” she asks quietly.

He nods, finally lifting his head to meet her stare. “ ‘Course.”  His smile is soft, reassuring.

“Am I showing too much - ehm - too much skin?” She points to her chest, the cut of the halter top showing off nearly half of each breast.

“Nah. S'pose you’re supposed to show a lot of skin at these things or summat, right? Imagine the other girls will be dressed the same like.”

“Are you two leaving soon or what?” Rae’s mum Linda strolls into the kitchen, interrupting the pair. “I’ve got plans, you know.”

Rae rolls her eyes as her step-dad Karim comes walking into the kitchen, trailing behind her mum. Karim grabs hold of her mum by the hips and pulls her body back against his, either unaware of their presence or uncaring of it. You’d think she’d be used to this after so many years, but it still makes Rae a bit nauseous to see how lusty they are for each other. “You two go, take car but be safe,” Karim says, his face pressed to Linda’s neck.

Finn faces Rae, his hand reaching out to grab onto hers. “Should we go?” He tugs at her hand, pulling her towards the door again.

Rae throws her cardigan over her forearm and allows herself to be tugged out of the house by Finn, grabbing the keys before they get out the door. “Alright alright, no need to pull my arm off,” she grumbles, easing her arm out of his grip.

“Your parents were about to shag….right in front of us, Rae,” he explains as he waits for her at the bottom of the stairs. He rubs at his eyes as if he’s hoping to rid himself of the image forever.

“Told you they were weirdos.”

He opens her door, allowing her to slide in and get comfortable before shutting it. It’s only the awful noises and the “right there, you bloody beast,” in the high pitched squeal coming from Rae’s house that have him running around the car and inside in seconds.

Rae laughs, meeting his gaze under arched eyebrows. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

He shakes his head, deciding not to tell her what he’s just heard. She’s happy to not push.

The ride to the pub is quiet until they’re about five minutes away. Rae looks over to Finn, gauging as to whether she should ask the question that’s been niggling at the back of her mind for some time. “Finn…” Her hands fidget in her lap.

“Rae?” he questions, peeking at her before focusing on the road again. She think he might of checked out her tits on the look over, but decides not to tease him about it.

“Tell me if I shouldn’t ask,” she starts, her fingers clenching and unclenching as she contemplates how to ask this. “Do you - ehm - do you sleep with all of your clients?” She looks down at her hands, smoothing out her skirt to keep them busy.

She chances another glance in his direction. He looks thoughtful, as if he expected this question. She’s somewhat relieved, relaxing into her seat again, her eye trained on his profile.

He clears his throat before answering, “no.”

“No? How many?”

“Not many. It’s not - not what most women want, Rae.” He sweeps his hand through the side of his hair before he brushes his fringe from his forehead. “Most of these women, they just want something they’re missing.”

She doesn’t understand, but before she can open her mouth he’s explaining. “Our time together, it’s about providing them with comfort, about giving them the confidence they need.”

She’s not convinced that’s why all those women would hand over £6,000 to this good looking man. “Really?”

“Why’d you have me come, Rae?” he asks, pulling up in front of the pub. He slides his seatbelt off and turns to her in his seat.

He’s got a point, it wasn’t for sex. She wanted to rub her new life in the face of her ex, make him think she was happy. She doesn’t answer his question, instead sliding off her own seatbelt and getting out of the car.

Finn stops her at the curb. “Don’t believe me still?” His hand slides into the crook of her waist as he guides her back against the side of the car.

She remains stubborn, her arms crossed over her stomach, eyes on his. He looks behind him before stepping closer to her, hands going to either side of her hips. He’s so close that the heat from his breath warms her throat. “Relax.” His right hand moves from her hip to cup the side of her neck. With his thumb on her throat he manages to tilt her head back against the car. “Close your eyes, Rae,” he instructs and she obliges.

His thumb glides over the skin under her ear, his mouth close by. “You’re beautiful.” The swipe of his bottom lip against her earlobe makes her knees give way. It’s only his firm grip on her hip that keeps her upright.

His thumb moves down her neck before he traces a path across one collar bone, his mouth still close to her ear. “Jeremy is going to wish he’d never let you go.” She can smell the mint from his toothpaste when he moves his mouth inches from hers. “We’ll show him what an amazing woman you are.” Her breath is coming quicker now, her chest bumping into his with every intake of air. She’s starting to feel it, starting to believe it more with every whispered word. Jeremy had looked rather mad earlier in the day at how close she and Finn were.

“See.” He takes a step back and she feels the loss of contact - deeper than the surface.

When her eyes open he’s still standing right in front of her, a smirk contorting his mouth.

“You,” she says softly, reaching out to pat his chest with an open hand, “you are good.”


She straightens her dress as it’s dipped down a little further in the front before the two walk over to the pub doors. She’s grateful for his steadying hand on her lower back as he ushers her through the door.

The pair are met with hoots and hollers from all the women at the hen party, all of them swarming around Finn. Rae gets pushed off to the side somehow, where she watches all of the women fawn all over him. One of the women, Chloe’s cousin she thinks, she’s got her hands on his lapel while Chloe’s mate from Uni is pressed up close to him trying to smell his cologne.

He catches Rae’s eye, shrugging at her. He’s eating it up. She rolls her eyes at him before she makes her way to the bar to get a round in. She orders a round of tequila for the party, turning back around to watch Finn while she waits.

He’s bent forward in the sea of women, whispering something in a petite brunette’s ear. Rae doesn’t recognize her but assumes she’s someone Chloe works with. There’s a twinge in her belly as she watches the brunette throw her head back in laughter.

“Now you’ve got them all distracted Rae,” Chloe says from beside her, causing Rae to jump.

“Sorry Chlo.”

Chloe’s eyes light up at the sight of the tequila shots in front of her as the bartender sets them down. “You’re forgiven.” Chloe holds two of the shots out for Rae to take. “Now, give this to your fit boyfriend and tell him to get lost.”

Rae does as she’s told, walking over towards Finn with the shots. She has to push four or five of the women aside as she passes and nearly all of them give her a nasty look. He greets her with a grin and takes one of the shots from her outstretched hand, pulling her forward by the waist with his free hand.

She’s positioned in front of his body, his arm wrapping around her side, his hand splayed out across her stomach. A chill runs down her spine when he presses a kiss to her neck. “Got to keep up the appearance,” he whispers next to her ear before she can question him.

All of the women raise their glasses up, all of them looking at Finn. She’s not sure why until he clears his throat, holding his own glass up. “Here’s to the husbands who won you, the losers who lost you,” he speaks clearly, his hand pulling Rae closer, “and the lucky bastards who’ve yet to meet you.”

The women cheer, all gazing adoringly at Finn before they throw back their shots. Chloe steps forward from the group of women, she’s already swaying a bit. She points to Finn and then the door. “OK mister, it’s time for you to go.”

Finn laughs. “That’s my cue. Have a good night, ladies.” He gives a little wave, grabs onto Rae’s hand and drags her towards the door with him.

She trails behind him, the women behind them hollering at them again. “Show him what he’ll be missing, Rae,” Izzy shouts from the crowd, laughter following. The cheering gets louder.

Finn stops at the door to the pub. Rae looks at him questioningly and he shrugs in response. Her arms move around his neck and his automatically move around her waist, his fingers pressing into her lower back. She chews at the corner of her bottom lip, her eyes focused on his.

“Get on with it!” Chloe cheers from behind them.

He’s watching her mouth. “Better get on with –” Her mouth is on his before he can get the rest of the statement out. He’s quick to recover. He tugs her upper lip between his, the tip of his tongue tracing her cupids bow. She thinks she moans then, but she’s too entranced with the things his mouth is doing to be embarrassed. Finn holds her tighter against him, kisses her like he has all the time in the world to just stand here.

She whines low in her throat when he pulls away. She misses the feel of his lips on hers, misses the taste of his mouth. “I’ve got to go,” he tells her, his arms slipping from around her. “Don’t pout.” He bops her on the nose with his forefinger.

She hadn’t realized she was pouting. She drops her arms from around his neck, letting them fall to her sides. “See you.” She reaches up to swipe the red of her lipstick from the corners of his mouth before stepping back to let him pass.

Finn looks a bit dazed as he leaves and she thinks she’s done a proper job kissing him.

“Come on Rae,” Izzy calls to her from the bar. “Come have a drink with me.”

As the night wears on they’re all feeling the buzz of the alcohol coursing through them. Rae is currently dancing on the dance floor with her best mates, her arms wrapped around both Izzy and Chloe as they sing at the top of their lungs to Journey. “I love you girls,” Rae shouts over the music, the two girls grinning up at her.

“Love you babes,” Chloe slurs, causing both Izzy and Rae to slip into a fit of giggles.

Izzy detaches herself from the other two. “I need the toilet. Get us another round?”                                

Rae nods, already making her way to the bar with Chloe in tow. Chloe rests her hand on Rae’s lower back as she orders their drinks. “Babe,” Chloe whispers. When Rae doesn’t turn she gets louder, “Rae!” Rae startles, turning her head to look at Chloe.

“Chlo, no need to shout.”

Chloe gets closer to Rae. “Rae, I need to tell you something.” Chloe’s eyes fall to the floor, her shoulders hunched forward. “I can’t - I can’t marry Ethan.”

Rae’s entire body rotates to face Chloe, concerned with what her friend has just said. “What do you mean, Chlo?”

Chloe shakes her head, refusing to meet her friend’s stare.

Izzy sidles up next to them, her hand on Chloe’s forearm. “Chloe, come dance with me.” Izzy pulls Chloe back to the dance floor, leaving their drinks at the bar. Rae is left wondering what her friend isn’t telling her.

The rest of the night goes by in a blur and before Rae knows it the limo has pulled up in front of her house. She manages to extricate herself from the limo, nearly stumbling up the stairs when she loses a shoe. The girls shout from the window of the limo as they pull away, telling her to “get in there and have at him.” She laughs, waving them off as she gets to the door.

She quietly makes her way up the stairs, pausing when she hears a creak of the floorboards from downstairs. When she’s satisfied that she hasn’t woken anyone up, she creeps down the hallway slowly and cautiously. There’s a faint light coming from her bedroom that she can barely see through the crack in the door. She nudges the door open with her hip, peeking into the room. He’s asleep on her bed, sprawled out across the middle in nothing but his pants.

“Finn,” she whispers, easing into the room. He doesn’t stir. She places her purse on her desk, money falling out onto the wooden surface, but she doesn’t notice. She’s focused on the way his chest rises and falls with each deep breath he takes, focused on the way his lips move while he sleeps. “Beautiful.”

She pushes the door closed and makes her way to the bed at the center of the room. She toes her shoes off when she gets to the corner of the bed, kicking them underneath. She stands at the side of the bed for a moment watching him sleep. A sharp intake of breath is all she needs to give her the last bit of courage.

Rae sits down on the bed beside him, her hand reaching out to touch him. She pauses with her hand above his cheek, watches his eyelashes flutter against his skin. “Finn,” she whispers again. Her hand trembles as she presses her fingers against his cheek, trails them down to his jaw.

His eyes open slowly, but he doesn’t startle when he sees her. Instead he opens his mouth to speak, “Rae.” The corners of his mouth curl upwards, his eyes focused on hers. She presses a finger to his lips, shaking her head slowly. There won’t be any talking.

She stands up from the bed and soon he’s moving to sit up to follow her, but she pushes him down with her hand on his chest until he’s pressed back into the mattress. She keeps her eyes on his as she reaches up to the back of her neck, unhooking the halter top of her dress. The fabric falls from around her neck and pools at the top of her chest. Her skin prickles with anxiety, it feels like tiny ants climbing just under the surface, but the alcohol has numbed her inhibitions just enough to continue.  

She moves shaking hands to her back where she toys with the zipper of her dress, pulling it down a fraction - just enough. Her gaze falls to his mouth, watching as he bites at his bottom lip. She yanks at the fabric of her dress, pulls it over her chest, her bra-clad breasts revealed. The groan that falls from Finn’s lips has her pressing her thighs together as she shimmies out of the remainder of the dress. The lamp at her bedside table casts an almost ethereal blue haze over her bare skin, but it does nothing to dim the desire she can see in Finn’s face - from the way his jaw is set to the way his eyes never leave her.

She steps out of the dress, shoving the dress out of her way with her foot. He’s sitting up in the bed now. He looks her over then, lets his eyes roam up her long bare legs, takes in the sight of her red lace knickers, caresses the curve of her hips and the softness of her stomach. He lingers on the swell of her breasts, getting up onto his knees on the bed. She sucks in a breath when he beckons her forward with a crook of his finger.

It’s only a step or two to the bed, but it feels like twenty. Her whole body feels like it’s buzzing and the only thing that will calm her is Finn’s touch. His mouth is on hers as soon as she reaches the bed, but the kiss isn’t safe or tender, it’s impassioned and ignites something inside of her. She meets his kisses without hesitation and he pulls her onto the bed with him, both of them pressed knee to mouth.

The two break apart only when necessary to breathe, their hands gliding over each other’s bodies as they kiss. The only sounds filling the room are their muted moans and the smack of their lips against one another’s.

His hand tugs at the strap of her bra around her neck trying to find the clasp. He grunts in frustration when it won’t come undone, as if he can’t wait to get a look at her tits. If she were any less turned on right now she’d be laughing at his frustration.

She pulls away from him for a moment (too long if you ask her) and reaches up to undo the hook at the top and then at her back. He’s eager to pull the material away, grabbing it and tossing it to the side of the bed as soon as it comes unclasped. She can’t help the laughter that spills out as she watches his eyes zone in on her chest.

Her laughter is swallowed by his mouth, his hands moving to grasp at her breasts. She whimpers against his lips as his thumbs circle her nipples, as he pinches them between his thumb and forefinger. His skin is soft beneath her fingers as she kneads his lower back, pulling at his body to come closer to hers, her own lower body pressing forward. She can feel him hard against her now and it has her moving her hand down his body to cup him through his boxers.

Finn’s mouth pulls away from hers, his lips traveling down her neck to her chest. His mouth is hot against her skin, and he has her moaning when he takes one nipple into his mouth, his free hand slipping down her stomach. He works his hand between her thighs, pressing against her through her panties, rubbing at her until her hips are pitching forward against his hand. She shifts his boxers down enough so that she can touch his bare skin just as he pushes her panties to the side to slip where she’s wet. They probably look like a couple of teenagers, fumbling over each other, touching any piece of bare skin available to them.

He pulls his mouth from her with an audible pop and somehow manages to maneuver their bodies to the center of the bed. It’s not long before Rae finds her back pressed to the mattress, both her and Finn divested of the last articles of their clothing. He’s panting above her, his breath warming her face as he pushes her legs apart and folds them up around his hips. He takes his place between her legs and spreads her open, rubbing against her until she’s bucking her hips up into his.

Rae’s heel digs into the back of his thigh and she pleads, “please, now please.” It ’s the last bit of encouragement that Finn needs. He presses both hands into the bed on either side of her waist and eases into her unhurriedly, watching as he disappears between her thighs. His movements are slow at first as he maps out Rae’s body with long sweeping strokes, explores her mouth with his tongue. “Finn,” she gasps against his mouth, her hips meeting his, pressing him for more. He’s quick to oblige, his pace increasing with every whimper that falls from her lips.

Her fingers press hard into Finn’s lower back, red marks of passion forming and fading on his sun-kissed skin. The feel of him above her and inside of her has her writhing against the mattress, her body reacting so strongly to his that she might lift right off the bed with her frenzied movements. It’s only the weight of his body over hers that keeps her grounded and secure.

He pulls his mouth from hers to look at her, a sexy little smirk fashioned to his face. “Don’t get a big head now,” she manages to stutter out between gasps for air. It’s like he takes her words as a challenge, hiking Rae’s leg up higher on his hip, stretching her calf above his waist. The new angle soon has the both of them moaning and grinding against each other wildly.

From his stuttered movements she imagines that he’s close, his face screwed up in concentration as she meets each of his thrusts with her own. Her hand moves to slip between them to make sure she gets there, but he’s not having it. “Uh uh uh,” he mumbles against her shoulder. He grabs onto her hand and holds it down by her waist, nipping at her collarbone as he shifts back to balance on his shins. Finn guides her hips up with his free hand, her lower half no longer touching the mattress as he drives into her; he’s fixated on being the one to make her come undone. “Rae.” It’s only her name, but the way his gravelly voice makes it sound as he nibbles just below her ear is enough to coax her over the edge, send her falling. She isn’t sure if it’s the sound of her or the feel of her, but either way, she brings him with her, both of them coming together.

He’s deliberately slow in pulling himself from her body, Rae’s body trembling with little aftershocks as they separate. They don’t move to wash up nor do they speak, both of them settling into a comfortable silence. He presses a kiss to her shoulder and she turns to curl into his side, both of them falling fast asleep.


She wakes up alone in her bed at her parent’s house, a thin sheen of sweat covering her entire body. She rolls onto her back, stretching her limbs out as she moves. Rae tries to ignore the dull ache coming from between her legs as she shifts to sit up in bed. She glances at the rumpled sheets of the bed, looks at the empty space next to her and wonders where Finn has gone. She can’t hear the shower running, but she can’t hear much over the drum that’s currently echoing in her brain. “ ’m never drinking again,” she moans, head clasped in her hands.

She takes a deep breath, rubbing her thumb and forefinger against her temples while she moves to get out of bed. It’s only then that she notices her complete lack of clothing, her tits hanging out over the top of the duvet now. “What the fuck?” she shouts in the empty room, clutching at the duvet, as if anyone can see her right now. She stands up from the bed, wrapping herself up to pace the length of her bedroom as she chants, “no no no,” over and over again.

She’s on her third round of chanting when Finn comes waltzing through her bedroom door, a smile on his face. His flannel shirt is misaligned and his shorts are slung low across his hips as he saunters into the room. His hands are full with a tray of tea and what looks like toast and jam and her gut clenches, the possibilities of what happened last night flooding her mind. “Brought you some toast with your tea. The sausage that your mum made looked a bit dodgy, so I – ” He stops speaking when Rae lifts serious and questioning eyes to him, and he must realize that it has nothing to do with his choice of breakfast.

“You OK, Rae?” he asks, setting the tray down at her desk. His eyes stay glued to the desk for a beat too long, forcing Rae forward to see what he’s looking so intently at. When she spots the money falling out of her purse she can almost immediately feel the rise of bile in her throat.

Her hand moves to grasp his forearm, her voice barely above a whisper,“ Finn, what happened last night?”

He doesn’t turn to face her, doesn’t look at her then, just grips the back of the chair that bit tighter. His shoulders fall forward as he answers, his voice free from inflection, “nothing, Rae.”

She can hear it in his voice that he’s lying, but she doesn’t push because she’d rather believe that nothing happened last night, that she didn’t have sex with this beautiful broken man while she herself was still in love with someone else.

He frees his arm from her grip, pushing her purse over with a prod of his finger. “What’s this for? For last night?” He sounds disappointed, maybe even hurt.


NOTE: the toast that Finn does - those words aren’t mine, they’re from the movie The Wedding Date, but I loved them so and had to add them in.

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for the milestone celebration -- dog park with sheith? let shiro have a dog 2k17 (and congrats on the milestone!! you deserve it <3)

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration!

A short list of all the amazing people that contributed something to this: @melonbugg for beta, @teslatricity for dog names, @butteredonions for picking numbers and making me do this one. Also, I have learned that I really like AUs.

There were nicer, cleaner parks out there. There were parks that didn’t smell like dog all the time, with artificial green grass instead of dust and dirt, parks with drinking fountains that didn’t sit on the ground, flowing into a bowl, where you wouldn’t end up covered in slobber and dog hair; those parks were absolutely no fun.

Finn still had trouble with the dog park. He didn’t snap at the other dogs anymore but never knew how to approach them. Most of their time here consisted of Shiro, sitting alone on a bench, throwing a ball as Finn chased it down the field. They never did much socializing, but that was okay. They had each other, and most of the time, that was enough. Shiro could never put the joy he felt in this broken dog’s simple happiness into words. He felt like he was finally making up for some perceived slight against the world, bringing this one precious spot of life a little bit of something good.

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Thief (Part 4)

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Violence, Torture, swearing. 

AN: Double update again tonight because I got my butt in gear and managed to edit this post as well. I was going to queue it but then though ‘fuck’ it I love my followers and i’ll post it as well. 

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“What exactly are you hoping to achieve here Bellamy?” you didn’t like having your hands bound behind you back like this especially as it seemed he’d finally learnt to knot the ropes correctly to stop you slipping them. “Lincoln won’t answer your questions and neither shall I”

“And why is that Y/N?”

“Would you talk if this situation was reversed? If it was you in bonds and me wielding the questions would you give up your people?”

He sighed “No I wouldn’t” going over to a stool he pushed it over to you motioning for you to sit. “Finn is probably going to die, you were the one who told us that”

“Finn will die there is no probably. The poison is unstoppable without the antidote”

Bellamy took the stool opposite you leaning his elbows on his knees, staring over at you. “I’m not an idiot Y/N. You walked into our camp only wanting to help Finn a man you met for what 5 minutes?”

“Not for 5 minutes” you cut in “more like weeks. We’ve been meeting for weeks now”


“I found Finn outside the walls only days after escaping. He wants….” You laughed but it was without humour “soon to be ‘wanted’ peace and wouldn’t that just be better for all of us?”

Bellamy honestly seemed shocked at your statement. “You were talking about peace between the two of us. Peace between our people”

“Yes. Is that honestly so hard to believe?”

“Coming from the thief who stole all our ammunition?” he scoffed crossing his arms over his chest “yes I find that very hard to believe”

“Believe what you will Blake, you’re right though I walked in here only wanting to help yet I’m once again tied up with my friend blooded in your ship” you stared straight at him without blinking. “You wonder why we attack you. Yet what reason have you ever given us to trust you?”

Bellamy’s mouth was set in a thin line “and you’ve given us so many of those reasons to trust you as well. Your people drew first blood Y/N”

“First blood? You have no idea what you’ve done Bellamy Blake of the Sky people” you hissed angry now at his seeming self-righteousness.

“What we’ve done?”

“Those ‘flares’ you fired at the Ark to stop your people being sacrificed. They landed on our villages. Whole communities of women and children wiped out while you all were celebrating” Bellamy had paled at your words clearly as unaware as Finn had been at the damage they had wrought. “So tell me, who out of the two of us is the real monster?”

He didn’t get chance to answer because Raven burst into the tent, clearly furious.


“Finn’s losing this fight Bellamy and the other one won’t talk, we’ve tried everything. So it’s her turn”

Bellamy surprised you by standing and placing his body in front of yours. “We aren’t hurting her Raven”

“She’s a grounder Bellamy”

“She’s a grounder who walked in here of her own free well to help us Raven. We are not hurting her”

Raven scowled looking around him to glare at you still sat on the stool Bellamy had given you before.

“She doesn’t look like she’s helping much”

“You’ve tortured my friend and threatened to do the same to me. Not much incentive to help you is it?”

“Finn is going to die” Raven insisted yanking at the sudden hold Bellamy had on her to calm her jerk towards you. “You came here to save him…”

“And I still would”

“What?” she went limp in Bellamy’s hands. “You’ll help him?”

“I said I would. Let Lincoln go and I’ll save Finn”


“No” Bellamy cut her off making Raven stare at him in horror. “Save Finn and you are free to go Y/N, but Lincoln stays here”

“Then you have your answer Raven, it isn’t me you need to be torturing”

“Bellamy” Raven grabbed is hand to pull him out of the tent but he wouldn’t go. Turning back to you instead.

“The last time I left her alone to talk she vanished with the whole stock of camp ammunition”

“I’m tied up remember”

“That didn’t matter last time” he came around you to actually check the ropes around your wrists were still in place.

“You have my word Blake. I won’t move from this spot until someone comes to get me”

He didn’t look like he believed you but Raven grabbed him once more eyes pleading as he relented and allowed her to drag him from the tent.

No sooner had he left than a young girl who looked startlingly similar to him appeared in front of you.

“You’re a grounder. You know Lincoln?”

“I do”

“Can you help him? Please?” begging she crouched beside you “this is all my fault, he got hurt because of me” she grabbed your upper arm “you have to help me save him”

“And how do you expect me to do that?” you asked her curiously. “I’m tied up and in case you hadn’t noticed there’s guards everywhere surrounding Lincoln in a dropship with only one exit”

“Save Finn” excitedly she yanked at the knots of the rope, freeing your hands. “Saving Finn will create a diversion and we can get Lincoln out of here. There’s a hole in the wall you can get out of it leads into the woods around the back of camp”

Rubbing your wrists you got to your feet “you’re either a very foolish or very brave young girl. Standing there telling your enemy that there is a hole in your walls defence”

“And are you going to help me or hurt me?”

“Against all known reason I’m going to help you. I need Lincoln’s medicine pouch, it has the antidote to the poison in it”

“It’s upstairs”

“Figured. Can you get us up there?”

She nodded the two of you slipping out from the back of the tent and heading towards the ship. The girl led you to the far side pointing up. “There’s a lose panel halfway up, opening it will put you on Lincolns level. I’ll meet you there”

You nodded turning to the wall finding an easy hand hold you scaled the ship waiting at the panel until from within you heard a man’s voice.

“Octavia! Bellamy forbid you from being here”

“Well Bellamy isn’t here”

You moved the panel and slipped behind one of the guards while the girl, Octavia apparently, kept the other distracted. You wrapped an arm around his neck and pressed on the pressure point leading him to drop instantly into unconsciousness. At the crash of his body the other one spun looking shocked at you and his now unconscious friend. You waved at him watching as from behind him Octavia lifted and crashed a pipe into his skill dropping him as well.

She raced to Lincoln while you found his medicine roll. “Lincoln where’s the book?” you asked him, speaking English for Octavia’s benefit.

“In that one’s jacket”

Following his nod you found Lincolns note book in the jacket of the boy you’d downed. Quickly finding the right page you pulled the correct antidote out taking it over to Octavia.

“Give this to Finn. Half now and half in another 12 hours. Don’t forget the 2nd dose, the poison won’t realise him without it”

Octavia took the vial. “I won’t forget” she cast one more look at Lincoln. “The hole in the wall is exactly opposite the hole in the ship. Follow the tunnel along and you’ll come out in the woods. You won’t have long”

“We won’t need long” with Octavia’s help you freed Lincolns hands helping him stand. Octavia gave him one last look before heading to the hatch.

“I’ll lock it behind me. Go fast”

“We have to hurry Lincoln. Can you climb?”

“I’ll manage” he gritted his teeth and followed you down the dropship. You found the hole in the wall exactly where Octavia had said it was.

“Go Lincoln” you pushed him in first. “Quickly”


You were halfway gone at Bellamy’s shout. Surprisingly he was alone not surrounded by other delinquents coming to capture and tie you up once more.

“Y/N I can’t let you leave”

You smiled at him. “Are you going to stop me Bellamy?” he plainly looked torn as you came out from the passage standing close to him.

“You know about the passage, about our defences. How am I meant to let you leave?”

“I guess you’ll just have to trust me” acting on pure instinct you reached up pressing your lips against his, Bellamy’s hand went to your hip to steady you as he kissed you back.

Lips tingling you smiled at him once more before stepping back leaving a stunned Bellamy stood there as you vanished into the passage. Lincoln was waiting at the end leaning against the wall.

“Everything alright?”

Touching a finger to your lips you nodded. “Sure. Come on Lincoln we need to get you back to the cave”

Grunting he reached out to lean on you. “Energy’s nearly gone”

Letting him rest on you with your arm around his waist you helped him into the forest and back towards the cave.

What would i do without you ?

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: Could you please do a Finn Balor one where the reader is afraid of thunder and lighting and Finn trys to calm her down??

Notes: @ambrosegirlforever One Finn Balor story hot off the press. I tried my best, as always, to fill the prompt as accurately as possible. I hope you like it. If you (or anyone else for that matter) wants to drop another request in the box, please feel free ! - Dani 

You’re in the closet. Which isn’t a joke or a confession, you have literally, physically crammed yourself into your wardrobe. There’s a storm raging outside and as far as your concerned, the only safe place for you to be is inside your closet being suffocated by winter coats.  To you at least it’s a perfectly logical thing to do.

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Summary: Poe Dameron x reader. You have been teaching Finn mechanics and he teaches you how to fight. You spend a lot of time with each other and Poe is jealous. No hold on. Poe is not jealous at all.

A/N: Finn is a really good fighter and top of Phasma’s murder school class. It’s in the before the awakening book. Finn is the greatest I love him. I don’t know things so just roll with it.

“I can’t do this.” Finn threw the wrench down in defeat.

“Of course you can. It’s easy once you learn how and you’re a quick learner.” You bent down and picked up the wrench.

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The little pond was as peaceful as ever. It was the first time in months since you’ve been home that you feel calm. That small thought washed away quickly as it came. You felt like an outcast, in a place where you had called home, raised a family, and fell in love.

Now you’re feeling alone more than ever. Thankfully the kids were safe, all of them. You had been informed they would be out of the way until things between you and Finn had simmered down which you were grateful for.

You’ve never felt so out of place in your life. But that was the least of your worries. You had to show your king and husband you weren’t going to be controlled, that you were no more of a threat to him now than you were when you first met. Dying for him should have been enough proof that you valued him, but he didn’t trust you…not with those wings. The very idea of you being on the other side made him paranoid, and possessive.

The sting of that still lingered with you. You had no idea where things would go between the two of you now but if he was sincerely that convinced you’d leave him, after everything, then you would prove him wrong, but on your own terms.

Little did you know that the Demon King was on his way to get you. He had enough of your resistance, enough of the deafening silence. He was the king, and Balor had to remind him several times that you still were property. You still had obligations as the queen to make sure he was satisfied.

Once he came to the opening of the pond, he spotted you. You could feel the tension immediately, but you didn’t bother to look at him. The rushed sound of his footsteps startled you, but not enough to make you move from your spot.

Finn waited, an explanation, anything.

“You want to fucking tell me what you’re doing out here?” He snapped. You glanced up at him with a expressionless face. Instead of answering you looked back to the water and shook your head.

Finns anger continued to grow.

“I asked you a answer me.” He demanded again. Finally, you turned to face him. You met his icy cold gaze for the first time in who knows how long and sighed.

“What? Why am I out here? Because I can Finn, that’s why.” You finally said. Finns jaw clenched.

“You just disobeyed me love…” he said taking another step closer to you. The heat from his body warm your own cool skin. “You better get your ass back in that house. I’m not saying it again.”

You scoffed and shook your head. “Why?” You asked. “Why would I need to go back there? It’s a fucking prison Finn.” You shot back.

Finns hand shot out to your wrist in a vice like grip.

“Ya know what (y/n)? Maybe I should just be the monster everyone told you about? You know the one you were afraid of from the beginning?”

“Good do it then you asshole!” You yelled. You planted your heels into the ground and yanked back on your wrist. It wasn’t enough to release you from his grip, but enough to make him stop.

“Yeah?” He cracked his neck and closed his eyes. “Don’t tempt me beautiful..I will. You forgot just who you belong to..” he opened his eyes and peered down at you again.

Now it was your turn to be angry.

“What the fuck is your problem Finn? Ever since I came back you’ve been a dick!” You tried prying away from him again, but of course he had to be stronger. After a few more moments you stopped.

Finns grip moved from your wrist to your forearm.

“You done?” He hissed.


His head snapped to the side from the force of your hand. Almost immediately you regretted it, but the shock was enough for you to finally free yourself from his grip and get a few feet between you two.

The look on his face, well the grin, was terrifying.

“Oh darling, big mistake.” He growled, his hand came up to rub his jaw. There was an unusual glint in his eye. His free hand slowly raised up, his finger beckoned you. “Get over here..right now.”

(End part 1)

Strands Aflame

pairing: finn balor | original character

summary: My fingers shake when he nips at the skin just below my ear.

tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @fucking-bandsx @motleymoose @wrestlingnoob @baleesi @justhavingfun123469 @blondekel77 @ambrosegirlforever @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingxbalorxrollins @nickysmum1909

He grips my wrists with warm fingers, “Are you gonna stay with me, tonight?” He lets both hands lightly tug me forward just as the microwave behind him beeps. He keeps ahold of my wrists with one hand, but tilts his body behind him to retrieve the hot cup of tea with the other.

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minimallyeschew  asked:

Yo! I'd love a fic from the The Way That Light Attaches to a Girl universe, using the word "award!" You're so great for doing these and for doing all the awesome fics you do year round.

Takes place during the first fic! Series here.

“This really ins’t something you need to be nervous about,” Clarke says.

Bellamy doesn’t look convinced. If anything, it makes him look more nervous, and Clarke tamps down on the wave of fondness before she can do anything stupid, like kiss the costar she isn’t even supposed to be dating at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

It’s not her fault she likes him better than Finn.

“That’s easy for you to say,” he grumbles. “You do these all the time. We’re presenting. How do we present?”

“We rehearsed it, remember? Just do what we rehearsed and you’ll be fine.”

“What if they slime me? That’s this one, right? The slime one.”

“They don’t actually surprise you with the slime.” She pats his shoulder. “You’re going to be fine.”

He lets out a breath, closing his eyes, and Clarke takes advantage of the moment to check him out. Dressing up for the Kid’s Choice Awards isn’t really a huge thing, especially for guys, who have more trouble finding a happy medium between t-shirt and jeans and black-tie event, and Bellamy struggled with it. But he’s wearing a nice navy button-down and jeans that look more expensive than they are, his hair artfully distressed.

He doesn’t really look better than he usually does; he just looks good all the time.

“You think I’ve actually got a shot at winning?” he asks, finally.

“Definitely. I keep telling you, you’re way more popular than Finn.” She pauses and adds, “I voted for you.”

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Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: Finn and reader sitting in a tree. R-E-A-D-I-N-G because learning is important.

A/N: I don’t only write for Finn, but Finn is my muse and I can’t help it. This is for the prompt #47 “Are you- Are you flirting with me?” and I definitely had no plans about how to write this one, so it’s a mess! Woo, yeah.

“Come on! Get up here!” Finn shouts down at me.

I stretch my arms into the air and groan, “No! I’m heading back, I’m tired!”

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anonymous asked:

Honestly the Sequel trilogy looks like it'll be a big mess but I hope Finn is a Jedi because that'll make it all okay for me. Yes if he turns out to be one all the way in Episode IX it'll suck that he didn't just got to Ach-To with Rey at the end of The Force Awakens but it's better than having been teased with Finn being a Jedi during both The Force Awakens marketing and the movie itself, but that instead all turning out to just be misdirection and bad, racist writing.

yeah but tbh if they wait to ‘confirm’ it until episode 9 then it will most likely just be because of the outcry if he isn’t confirmed in 8 and that kind of sucks

11 - Jake Riley

[Hi. Jake Riley request– where y/n meets him, they become friends, but she’s really shy (likes him too). But when y/n gets (sexual/ verbally) harrassed by another man jake saves her and it becomes all fluffy please? Thank you!!]


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” The man, who bumps into me, says.

I shake my head. “It’s fine.” I mumble, crouching down and picking up my things that fell. He crouches down as well and helps me.

That’s when I catch a glimpse of him. And he is beautiful, literally he is the definition of perfection.

His eyes raise too and lock with mine, I blush realising I was staring at him.

“Here you go.” He says, handing me my things that he picked up.

I smile, taking them from him and stand up. “Umm….thank you.” I say, adjusting my things in my hand.

I’m on my way to university, I’m studying English since I enjoy writing and want to hopeful be a journalist.

“It’s alright.” He replies, smiling a perfect smile. “Jake.” He introduces, holding out his hand.

I nod, shaking his hand and notice his palms are soft. I smile, moving my hand back afterwards.

Jake raises his eyebrows. “Can I know your name?”

I blush, nodding. “It’s Y/N.”

“What? Sorry you’re really quiet.” He replies, I sigh.

“Y/N.” I repeat louder, deep red with embarrassment.

Jake nods and smiles to me. “Cute name.”


“Ready, Y/N?” Jake asks, knocking my door.

“Almost.” I reply, adjusting my dress and double checking my makeup.

Jake and I are going a party, so since we live literally five doors away in the same apartment block we’re leaving together.

Even though Jake and I formed a friendship, I still can’t push away the feelings I have for him and my shyness at times.

I’m in a simple black dress for the party, my hair down and simple makeup. “Y/N, we’re going to miss the party.”

“Shut up.” I say, rolling my eyes. I grab my jacket and slip on my shoes before I open the door.

Jake smiles to me, his cute smile I love, I notice his eyes wonder me and I blush. Turning around, I lock my door and hand Jake my keys since he has pockets.

“All ready, babe?” He asks, raising his eyebrows.

Even though we aren’t a couple, he calls me babe or baby. Not that I complain.

“Yes.” I reply.

“Bout time, Y/N.” He sighs, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

I roll my eyes but smile. “Jake, shut up.” I say, he laughs and I join in.


“Where is the bathroom?” I ask Jake, over the music.

“Come I’ll show you, babe.” He says, holding my hand.

I follow him through the crowd and upstairs to a bathroom. “Wait for me?” I ask, giving him my puppy eyes.

He grins. “Course.”

I smile, entering the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Once I’m done, I quickly check my hair and makeup before I open the door to leave.

However, a guy is standing there instead of Jake. “Sorry do you want to go?” I ask.

He smirks to me, nodding and I fake smile back. I make my way out the bathroom but a hand on my wrist pulls me back.

I gasp, fear in my body as I see the same guy there, the door shut behind us. “What are you doing?”

“Finally I have you alone.”

“What?” I jerk my wrist back. “Who are you?”

“Finn.” He answers. “Anyway, now than your boyfriend is busy, I finally get you all to myself.”

“What did you to him?” I question, worried for Jake.

“He’s fine.” Finn tells me, I sigh in relief.

“Let me go.” I plead, quietly.

He chuckles, darkly and I cringe wanting Jake. “No can do, babe.”

The way he says it, isn’t the same as Jake. I cringe again, shaking my head. “Please.” I whisper, really scared.

Finn smirks, forcing his lips on mine. I struggle, keeping my mouth shut as he smells of alcohol and cigarettes.

I beat his chest but he grabs my wrist, forcing them above my head and I thrash to escape his grasp. It’s not fair, he’s obviously stronger than me.

His other hand roams around my body, going to the end of my dress. “No, no, no, no. Please don’t.” I beg.

Finn rolls his eyes, going to kiss me again but I knee him in his private area. Whilst he drops to the ground with pain, I rush to the door.

“Y/N, you bitch.” He shouts, while I speed walk through the crowds.

Someone grabs me from behind and I scream. “That wasn’t nice.” I tense at that voice, panicking even more.

“What’s wrong with you?” I question, struggling in his grasp as he backs me against a wall.

Finn doesn’t respond, leaving gross kisses down my neck. I cringe, moving my head away.

Suddenly, he vanishes and I see Jake and smile. “Leave her alone.” He simply says, his tone harsh and his face threatening.

Finn backs away and I rush to Jake, throwing my arms around his neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I repeat.

“It’s alright, Y/N. Who was that guy?”

“I don’t know. He came into the bathroom, he kept kissing and touching me.” I choke on a sob, Jake sighs.

“Let’s go back to my place, this party is bad anyway.”

I nod and Jake holds my hand. I smile and he smiles back, making butterflies form in my stomach.


“Where were you?” I ask him, taking another of my slice of pizza.

“Someone split their drink on me, I had to dry my shirt. It didn’t really work, so i took my shirt off.” I nod.

“I didn’t like that shirt anyway.” I mumble but he hears, Jake gasps fake hurt and chucks a piece of pizza crust at me.

I cringe, throwing it back at him. He laughs and I giggle too, blushing a little. “Y/N, what is with the blushing?” I blush more and he rolls his eyes.

“You’re always blushing.” Jake tells me, taking a bite of his slice of pizza.

I shrug. “Shut up.” I mumble, standing up. “I’m going to get a drink.”

“Can you me one, please? Just water.” He pouts adorably, holding out his empty glass.

I sigh, taking his glass and walk to the kitchen. “Thanks, love you.”

Butterflies outburst in my stomach from his comment and I smile widely, glad my back is to him. I bite my lip, pouring his drink.

I know Jake obviously doesn’t really love me, I’m nothing special but I can’t help but get all tingly when he says it. I do like him a lot, but he doesn’t realise.

Sighing, I move Jake’s drink aside and reach up to get myself a glass. However, I can’t reach properly and have to go on my tiptoes.

A feeling of warmth goes behind me and someone’s chests goes on my back, I blush seeing Jake. He flashes his perfect smile to me, getting a cup for me.

“Here.” He says, handing me a cup.

I smile, taking the cup. “Thanks.” I reply, filling it with water. I notice that Jake hasn’t moved and wraps his arms around me. “Why do you keep the cups so high up?”

He laughs, I feel his chest against my back rise and fall. “You’re just short, baby.”

I roll my eyes and sip my drink. I hand Jake his drink and he thanks me. “Do you want to watch a movie?” He asks.

“Depends, what movie?” I raise a brow and he grins.

“I was thinking more Y/F/M.”

[Y/F/M = Your favourite movie]

I nod. “Perfect.”

We back into the living room and he sets up the movie, I admire his arm muscles in his black shirt. I’m wearing a pair of a leggings and shirt I got my apartment before we came here.

“Ready, babe?” Jake asks, I nod and scoot closer to him, being bold. He grins, wrapping his arm around me.

During the movie I feel his thumb run across my back in a comfortable way as he occasionally plays with the ends of my hair.

“Jake.” He hums to me, as we lock eye contact.

“Yes, Y/N.”

“Thanks again for tonight.” I repeat, smiling since I really mean it.

He smiles, moving my hair from my face. “It’s nothing, babe.” Jake replies, his hand cupping my cheek. I smile wider, when his finger trails down my cheek, outlining my lips.

“Jake.” I whisper, he shh’s me gently leaning up and connecting our lips.

Instantly, I kiss him back my hand seeping into his dark locks and he holds the back of my neck gently. Our lips move in perfect sync against one another as I move so my body is laying on his.

Finally, I have been waiting to kiss Jake for ages. Its as perfect as I imagined, he’s such a good kisser.

Soon the kiss ends, I pant to catch my breath and Jake smiles to me. “I’ve been waiting to that for a while, baby.” He tells me.

I smile. “Well I’m glad you finally did.” I reply, leaning down and connecting our lips again.


[End of imagine, I hope it was as good as expected. No more part to this one, next imagine soon]


eleven and mike doing something happy like eating icecream ? eggos? being cute?


i might like actually finish this up and make it nice and neat??? instead of a scribble

Doing these requests really help because i still need to figure out how i wanna draw these kids!

If you have a stranger things request please send me an ask!

Anyways i hope this is okay!

puccasaurus  asked:

Your works are amazing! Please please write more Bellarke Hogwarts fics ♡♡♡

A|N: so a lot of you were asking for an Abby POV, so here, have some Abby meets Bellamy for the first time goodness. (read full fic here)



The first impression Abigail Griffin has of Bellamy Blake is that he has terrible hair.

He’s not charming, like Finn, or even coolly composed like Lexa, that one fling Clarke had when she visited Beauxbatons over the summer. Despite her non approval of either of them, at least she could see the appeal.

But him? Abby has genuinely no idea what her daughter sees in Bellamy Blake.

He’s so unkempt for one, with that unsightly hair that he never seems to brush, the smudged lenses of his glasses that he wears for reading. His shirts always seems to have an assortment of stains and holes on them, his shoes scuffed and well-worn. She’s pretty sure he doesn’t even own dress robes.

(The worst part is that Clarke has taken to wearing his clothes around the house too, oversized jackets and shirts that end at her knees, ratty Gryffindor scarf thrown around her shoulders. A Gryffindor, no less. Abby almost wishes Jake was still here to see this.)

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Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: Both my feeling of being a burden to his exciting adventure and the wantonness to feel his warm hand in mine propel me to grip onto his palm and let him pull me past the treeline. In hindsight, these first few steps are a mistake, but more than that my judgement about whether or not this really is a mistake is the worst thing of all.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings @wrestlingnoob @lauraundeadmoon @blondekel77 @nickysmum1909 @motleymoose

A/N: Inspired by this, and also by the film Chronicle.

“Come on,” Finn holds his hand out to me, but I pause for a few moments and let my head swivel to the left and then right. There’s no one around, but it’s not like there should be. Finn dragged us here for a reason. I can’t stay out here alone. I can’t stand by the side of the road alone and get kidnapped or worse. I shouldn’t have let Finn glamour me from beneath my blankets.

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MMFD FANFIC: A Shady Lane, Chapter 8

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


This chapter is dedicated to the lovely pissingonursoul! It was originally going to be the last chapter but I am gonna keep writing this because it’s realllllllly fun!

Warning: This chapter is SMUT-TASTIC


Chapter 8

“That was amazing. I don’t know why we don’t come back to Lincolnshire more often,” said Rae, stumbling hand-in-hand with Finn down the high street toward his dad’s place.  Finn’s tie hung loose around his neck. Rae was clad in his leather jacket, freezing her figurative bollocks off in her short dress and stockings. She clung to his arm for the dual purposes of warmth and stability. She’d lost count of her drinks a few hours back and was impressed she could even put one foot in front of the other.

“Yeah,” he replied, stumbling over a bit of uneven sidewalk. He collapsed against a storefront, chortling to himself and pulling Rae over with him. He wrapped his arms around her and Rae steadied herself, pushing her face into his neck. His smell was heady and thick. She was shivering a little in the cold January air. She looked past Finn’s shoulder to find that they were back somewhere familiar.

The Chippy. It was closed for the New Year, but it still looked basically the same.

Finn turned to recognize the fluorescent-lit haunt of their youth. His mouth sort of hung open for a minute and it was as if his eyes suddenly came back into focus.

“Rae. I gotta ask you summat.”

Rae felt a weird sensation in her belly as if the ground had fallen out from beneath her feet. She was suddenly keenly aware of the unfinished business tucked away in her clutch. She awkwardly wrapped her freezing fingers in the front of Finn’s suit jacket and pulled him level with her. She felt if she lost hold of him she might just float away.

“I didn’t finish reading the letter,” she blurted out.


“Yeah, so…what did you want to, er, ask me?”

He pressed his forehead to hers and fumbled in his pocket. His breath was tinged with alcohol and cigarettes and it warmed her lips, which already tingled (like the rest of her body) in anticipation. She closed her eyes and took a breath that seemed to last an eternity.  

“I know it’s not been long.”


She opened her eyes and felt his face come into harsh relief: Every freckle that dusted his nose, the stubble that graced his jaw, his moody brows knit together in that much too serious look he often adopted when he was at a loss for words.

“And, we don’t have the best examples. I mean, if your cynical toward the whole institution, I’d understand. I mean, I was for a long time…”

“Finn,” she said. “What are you banging on about?”

He took her hand in his and looked her square in the eyes. She’d stared into those eyes a million times but it was like he was seeing her for the first time. His eyes bore the heat of a thousand suns and she felt her face go hot as tears poured out of her eyes. She was making an absolute twat of herself. She giggled uncomfortably, causing Finn to drop his gaze.

He opened his mouth to say something, but instead pressed a tender kiss to her lips. The knot unfurled in her stomach and gave way to something else, longing and comfort all wrapped in one.

He whispered against her lips, “Well, do you fancy it?”

“Fancy what?” she whispered back. She wanted to hear him say it.

He pressed the ring in her hand. “You and me. Proper married and that.”

He studied her face as she looked down to study the ring. It was breathtaking. She didn’t know anything about jewelry like that, but it was hers. From him. And the weight of what that meant knocked the wind out of her. She wiped the tears from her eyes, careful not to spread the mascara that was surely running all over her face any further. She slipped it on her finger and examined it before looking up at his face. His beautiful, perfect face. She swallowed hard, a lump in her throat causing her breath to catch on her words:

“I reckon I would fancy it.”

Finn pulled her tight into an embrace to end all embraces. It was like a fucking movie, except she was freezing in a ridiculous gold dress in front of a fast food restaurant at 2am in the morning, hair blowing every which way. It was perfect.

Rae barely remembered the walk home. She was on another plane of existence. Finn and Rae made comedic attempts to keep their drunken voices down as they slipped through the front door of his dad’s house.

Finn pulled her up the stairs and into his room and wasted no time pulling his suit jacket off, revealing a white dress shirt and suspenders. He fumbled his way toward the record player, selecting a Cure album and dropping the needle, accidentally skipping on the vinyl. He winced at the dreaded scratching sound as Rae hooked her fingers onto his suspenders, pulling him down and on top of her on his bed. He tangled his hands in her hair and kissed her like it was going out of style, running his tongue over hers and nibbling on her bottom lip. She felt something warm and wet against her cheek and broke apart from him.

“Are you fucking crying?”

Finn wiped his eyes, laughing as he sat up. “Piss off, dickhead.”

He pulled his suspenders over his shoulders and began to unbutton his shirt. Rae stood up to examine herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was a bit splotchy. A small smile played across her lips. She looked happy. She felt happy. More importantly, she felt happy with how she looked. Fucking finally, she thought.

Finn came up behind her and began to unzip her dress, brushing his lips against her neck. A chill ran down her spine and she felt her entire body give in to him. He pulled her dress down over her shoulders and worked it over her hips. She found herself standing in front of the mirror in ridiculous pair of black lace knickers and a bra that Chloe had convinced her was a necessary investment. Chloe always said that it was important to feel sexy underneath your outfit too. She had even convinced Rae to get a garter belt for her stockings so she wouldn’t be hiking up tights the entire evening. Finn swore under his breath as he appraised her body in the mirror.

“Are you fucking joking?” he whispered, running his hands down her sides and landing his fingers on the straps holding her stockings up. She felt a pang of horror that was quickly assuaged by the feeling of his hard cock pressed up against her back. His breath was hot against her back and she turned to face him. He held her hips in his hands and pulled her towards the bed.

His hands raked her body as he made a methodical inventory of every exposed inch of her flesh with his mouth. She wriggled from the attention, occasionally gasping when he found a particularly sweet spot with his lips. He worked his way down to her thighs, carefully unsnapping her garter with his callused fingers. The sensation was almost unbearable in it’s profound eroticism. He slid her panties and garter belt down her legs, leaving her stockings. He then planted soft kisses up one side of her thigh and down the other, lingering over her lady-bits so she could feel the heat of his breath and moving on.

“Don’t be such a fucking tease, Finley,” she whispered.

Finn did not hesitate to oblige her. The instant his tongue made contact she felt electricity course through her. He had always been way too good at this for his own good. She couldn’t believe she had this level of skill on lockdown. She ran her fingers through his hair, pressing him deeper into her. She felt her legs tense up as he repositioned himself, wrapping his strong arms underneath her and pulling her to him with shocking force. He moaned against her and she felt herself about to come undone when he sank his index and middle finger inside of her. She cried out in spite of herself. He surfaced to shush her, eyes clouded with both lust and concern.

“Oi, keep it down.”

“Well, maybe if you weren’t so bloody good at that…” said Rae, cut off by her own groan as he sank himself back down between her thighs, pulling out all the stops. She been with a fair few blokes in her time, but everything had been a pale imitation of this. She ran her hands through his hair again she lost herself, her body shuddering against his shoulders in ecstasy. He pulled himself up and held her against him, gently brushing her fringe out of her face and tucking her hair behind her ear.

“How was that?”

“Let’s just say that you’ve proven yourself to be ‘marriage material,’” sighed Rae. She was aching for more. She reached for the zipper of his trousers. Finn was apparently a step ahead of her, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his socks. They clumsily worked to free him of his unnecessary clothing, exchanging sloppy kisses and knocking things over as they did. Rae reached back and undid her bra. Finn fell over and off the bed as he tried to remove his trousers and pants in one motion. This happened enough that it had become a bit of a joke between the both of him. Finn always blamed the uneven distribution of blood in his body for his lack of balance. He wriggled out of the situation and lay Rae on her back.

He lay down next to her and pulled the duvet over them as they had both surfaced enough to realize that the room was actually quite cold. He gently repositioned Rae on her side and lay behind her. He lay for a moment, face buried in her hair, hands pulling her close to him, caressing her breasts. He began to whisper in her ear, crazy plans for the future, promises he intended to keep, places he wanted to see with her. She sighed and felt his love wash over her.

He planted one swift kiss on her jaw before entering her. They both shuttered against one another as he slowly pushed himself in and out. It was blissful agony. Rae felt herself tighten on him, her entire body pushing against him in wanton need. Rae could feel herself growing impatient, needing Finn to stop taking his bloody time and give it to her. Now. As hard as he possibly could. But he kept this dreamy pace that was driving her absolutely mad.

She could no longer control herself. She pulled herself apart from his body, suddenly feeling cold without him. She swung her leg over him and positioned herself on top of him. By the look on Finn’s face, he met this change of position with immense approval. She took him in her hands and swore as she lowered herself onto his cock. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against his chest as he pressed his lips up onto hers. He gripped her hips and guided her up and down against him, building up to a more frantic speed. Rae threw herself back, grinding herself against him with increasing abandon. She knew it wasn’t going to be long before she came again. She quickened her pace, which caused Finn to lose all control he had. He threw his head back and moaned, bucking his hips up to meet her. It only took a few moments of this for both of them to crash together in the most exquisite orgasm either of them had experienced. Rae lost all control of her lower body, spasming against him. She rolled off the top of him, unable to catch her breath.

They lay side by side, both covered in sheen of sweat and exhaustion. Rae keenly felt the alcohol again, making her eyes droopy and her head dumb. Every major muscle group was spent. Finn pulled her to him and wrapped her up in the crook of his arm.

“I think we should get engaged more often, yeah?”

Rae intended to swat him, but couldn’t muster the energy to raise her hand. Finn laced his fingers through her hair and closed his eyes. Well, 2006 is pretty great so far, thought Rae as she drifted off to sleep.


I’ve not forgotten about Archie! And I’m both drunk AND high as I write this, so if there are a lot of mistakes…soz babes!

cheers m'dears!


10 Helpful Tips For VidCon Attendees.

The 5th annual VidCon is taking place June 26th-28th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. As a two time attendee, I thought it would be helpful to list off a few things you need to know and/or do when you’re at the best place ever.

1. Bring A Backpack.

Last year, I won a Maker Studios hoodie as well as a lot of candy. You’ll also be given a bunch of free stuff (sunglasses, t-shirts, stickers) Make sure you bring a bag that has lots of room otherwise, you’ll be in a predicament. 

2. Arrive A Day Early (On Industry Day)

The two times that I went to VidCon, I stayed at the Hilton Anaheim. I definitely recommend staying there because half of the fun is sitting in the Hilton lobby and watching all of the YouTubers arrive; this is normally when they’re excited to meet some fans too. But there’s another reason for arriving early: located directly inside the convention center, there are booths where you can pick up your name tag and complimentary t-shirt. Do yourself a favour and do this as soon as you arrive, because the morning of the first day, the lines to registration will be outrageous and you’ll be wasting your day standing in a mile long line. I can’t stress doing this enough. 

3. Meet As Many People As You Can.

I don’t know who you’ll be going with, but the first year I went I decided to meet up with my internet friend, Nikki. We had met on Twitter a year before and bonded over the Shaytards and Maker Studios. It was such a magical experience meeting her in person. We spent that entire weekend together and talked about everything imaginable. We stayed friends over that next year and the following VidCon, we met up with our other Twitter friends and went to panels and concerts together. Internet friends are amazing, so make sure you meet people that aren’t famous YouTubers too.


The weekend goes by so fast, you’ll want to relive it. Also, live tweeting really helps to preserve the memories. And of course, here is a shameless plug for one of my three VidCon vlogs: 

5. Don’t Get Any Sleep.

You’ll be exhausted every morning and it’ll become a chore to crawl out of those crisp, white hotel sheets, but I’m letting you know now, don’t be a fool, and don’t sleep in past 8. Just get dressed, grab Starbucks and line up. You’ll thank me later.

6. Go To A Few Panels.

One of the most underrated parts of VidCon are the panels. Not the Q&A’s, but the panels where executives talk to you about the important issues of creating content on the internet. VidCon isn’t just about meeting hot British boys. Go ahead and learn about how you can be a better YouTuber and be on your own panel next year. When VidCon is over, you’ll be having this crazy urge to produce your content at it’s highest quality. After my first VidCon, I managed to post weekly videos for 9 months straight. These panels will inspire you and motivate you to be the best you can be. Give them a try.

7. Wander The Hilton Hotel.

You never know who you’ll run in to. Once I was in a crowded elevator with a squished Davedays beside me and although I didn’t say a word to him, it is a fond memory of mine.

8. Visit The Strip Of Restaurants On The Corner Of W Katella Ave & S Clement St.

There is a strip of restaurants about a ten minute walk north from the Hilton. Once at dinner time, I was waiting for my dad on a bench when Steve Greene, Michael Gallagher, Nikki Limo and other people walked by. I can only imagine that there were more people I recognized in the area. Just use your judgment and don’t interrupt them if they seem busy. You don’t want to be rude. 

9. Be First In Line. Always.

Be first at the meet-ups. Be first at the concerts. Be first at the mainstage every morning. When you’re first, you save time by getting out quicker and ultimately make a good impression on the YouTubers you’re waiting for. Maybe they’ll reward you for being so dedicated. Also, I recommend not being front row center at the concerts. Instead, stand to the left of the stage, or what is normally referred to as “house left” for thespians. Get close to the front and as far left as possible. Partway through the show some YouTubers will come out from backstage and watch the performances from that area. That’s where I saw Jack and Finn last year. Shaycarl even came out and vlogged my friends and I. So it’s a good spot. Trust me.

10. The Most Important Rule Of All: Respect The YouTubers.

The whole weekend is full of fun events and concerts where you can meet your favourite content creators, so feel free to go to as many of those as you like! But if you see Grace Helbig sitting with some friends eating Baja Fresh, let her eat in peace. Every YouTuber won’t directly say it, but they have meet-ups for a reason and that’s so they can meet you and be prepared for it. Imagine if someone came up to you and asked to take a picture while you were attacking a gorgeous plate of tacos, you’d hate it. Also, remember that YouTubers are people too and that VidCon is one of the only places in the world where everybody knows who they are. For some creators, having screaming girls approach them can be abnormal and uncomfortable, especially since they’re used to sitting in a room editing quietly on a laptop. Resist the urge to follow someone to their hotel room, please don’t stalk them and try not to cry when you meet PewDiePie. It can all be very overwhelming for some people.

If you have any questions or want some more insight, tweet at me: @fun6001

shevni  asked:

but imagine the best man is in love with *both* of them! OT3 for the win. That way no one gets their heart broken :)

(idk if this was intended as a prompt but thats what’s happening)

Poe wasn’t going to get drunk. He wasn’t. He was going to be the perfect best man, hold the ring and watch as Finn’s eyes lit up when he saw Rey walking down the aisle (no fucking man is giving me away, thank you very much, she’d snapped at Han when he’d offered to walk her down the aisle, before graciously offering him the position of her maid of honour). He was going to give a perfect speech, make Leia cry (because he’d bet Jess $50 he could), and then sit down, shut up, and smile his way through the rest of the night. 

That had been the plan anyways.

To be fair, he’d made it through the actual wedding part okay. His chest had gotten tight at the look on Finn’s face when he caught sight of Rey, gotten even tighter when he’d turned as well and saw her walking down the grassy aisle between the two rows of lawn chairs. She’d looked perfect, the sunlight lighting up her dark hair twisted into careful curls by Leia (which were guaranteed to be ruined within the hour but whatever). Her plain white dress was so perfectly her, as was the bouquet of wildflowers spilling out of her hands. Of course, Finn looked beautiful too, because the universe apparently hated Poe. His white suit cut a sharp contrast against his dark skin, his smile so bright as he looked at Rey that Poe had to turn away and take a couple of deep breaths. 

Between the guys from the auto shop and the entire company’s worth of firefighters there was so much hollering when they kissed it would have been easy for Poe to get distracted, to miss the way their lips lingered. The way they smiled at each other, clasping together their hands with their matching rings, plain silver bands. But he didn’t miss it, and no one in that entire field missed how in love with each other they were. 

And that was when Poe started to drink. 

He wasn’t going to drink a lot. Just a glass or two, to fortify his nerves, honestly. Just one swig from Jess’s flask… but then Finn helped Rey tie up the skirt of her dress when she got annoyed with it while trying to run back and forth between tables. 

He was just gonna have one glass of champagne… but then Rey bent in half to talk to Maz, nodding seriously at whatever the crazy old lady was telling her. 

He was just gonna have one mixed drink… but then Finn got a little bit of icing on Rey’s face while feeding her a piece of cake, and Rey straight-up smashed an entire slice onto Finn’s face in response. 

(after that he kind of gave up keeping track) 

It didn’t really hit him until Han finished giving his extremely awkward maid of honour speech and Poe stood up to give his best man speech. Suddenly the room was spinning, he was leaning heavily against the table, and Rey and Finn were giving him matching concerned looks. 

Aw fuck, he thought, taking a deep breath.  

He isn’t really sure what he says, to be honest. He’s too nervous and too drunk. Halfway through though, he does come back to himself a little bit, noticing the alternately horrified and amused looks on the crowd’s face. Jess, of course, is laughing so hard she’s actually crying, that asshole. 

“Anyways,” he says, trying to wrap up what he’s pretty sure was a very rambling and embarrassing story about the month he and Rey had both kept insisting Finn drive back to this awful small down just outside the city with them (Rey had needed to keep checking to see some old guy out there was ready to sell her his amazing vintage car yet, Poe mostly did it because it was hilarious how upset Finn got over the place). 

“Uh, what I’m trying to say is that I love you guys,” Poe turns to them, raising his glass, “you’re the best people I know and I love you both and I hope you’re so fucking happy forever.” That gets some laughs, and everyone cheers loudly. Finn blushes, because Finn blushes at everything, and leans over to kiss a laughing Rey on the cheek. Poe should sit down, that was a decent ending to a terrible speech and he should really just sit down…

Poe doesn’t sit down. 

“No like, I really love you guys,” he hears himself continue, unable to stop the incredibly inappropriate words pouring out of him. Everyone’s staring at him, he should stop, he should shut up, just shut up now before-

“I’m in love with you.” He says, and the crowd goes instantly quiet. So of course, he speaks even louder. “I’m in love with both of you.” Oh good now he’s crying, great. This is going great. 

“So yeah,” he concludes, looking at somewhere over Finn’s left ear, unable to look at either of his fucking newlywed friends. And then he finally, blessedly, shuts his mouth and sits down, hitting the table and making it rattle on his way down. The volume in the room is picking up again, thank all the gods, the gathered crowd begging to mutter amongst themselves about the spectacle he just made of himself. He kind of wants to sink under the table to be honest, staring down at his empty plate determinedly. At least he’s stopped crying.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Rey’s shout effectively silences the crowd again and Poe looks up at her, startled. She’s staring at him with the exact fierce determination that made him fall in love with her in the first place. She’s also standing, hands on her hips in a way that makes him very nervous. Surely she wouldn’t beat him up at her own wedding, would she? 

(who was he kidding, she would absolutely kick his ass in her wedding dress)

“Poe Shara Dameron, did you seriously just declare your love to me and Finn at our fucking wedding?” She pauses long enough to make it clear that she actually expects Poe to respond. 

“Yes?” He says, more of a question than he means it to be. 

“I’m going to kick you ass.” She states, moving to climb over Finn to get at him. Finn, now that Poe is looking at him, just looks really stunned, and not very inclined to stop his wife from clambering over him in order to beat the shit out of his best man. 

“Please don’t,” Poe says instead, pushing his chair as far away from her as he can. He is vaguely aware of the entire room still staring at them, but is far more preoccupied with the immediate threat of physical violence. Luckily his pleading seemed to finally snap Finn out of his daze, the other man hooking an arm around Rey’s waist to stop her, though Poe was pretty sure that the fact her skirt had gotten tangled around the chair had more to do with the halt in her advance than anything Finn was doing. 

“You love us?” Finn asked, ignoring Rey as she unsuccessfully attempted to detangle herself. 

“Yes?” He says again. 

“Well shit,” Finn says with a growing grin. “We love you too.” 

“What.” Poe says. 

“We’re in love with you too.”

“What.” Poe says again. He’s pretty sure his brain has literally broken down because he has absolutely no idea what is happening. 

“C’mere,” Finn says, reaching out with one of his unfairly long arms and grabbing Poe’s jacket, hauling him forward and, before Poe has a chance to realize what was happening, is kissing him. Poe freezes, shocked, until he feels Finn’s tongue sweep over his lower lip. He surges forward, probably making some embarrassing noises into Finn’s mouth as the other man fully licks into his own mouth. 

When he finally pulls back, gasping for air, he only has a moment to take in the fact that Rey is no longer trying to free herself before he is again tugged into a kiss. Rey is a more aggressive kisser than Finn, and Poe swears he could feel it all the way down to his toes. Also, apparently Rey likes to bite. 

When they separate, the room is utterly silent. 

That lasts for about five seconds, before their collected friends and family start fucking screaming. Poe can hear Jess shouting “fuckin’ finally”, but he can’t bring himself to care about the fact that he was literally never going to live this down. Can’t bring himself to care about what people will say, how badly the team down at the fire station is going to tease him. 

He’s too busy smiling at the loves of his life, who were smiling right back at him.