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gaybellaswan  asked:


1. Name one way you break lesbian stereotypes?

not many ways ajsdjsd im not a vegan tho! 

2. Who was the first girl you remember having feelings for?

some1 in 9th grade not gna go into that 

3. Who’s your favorite gay animal?

asjdjsd oswald the octopus 

4. Do you have a girlfriend?

yes i do :~))))))) wild! 

5. Define love in 5 words or less

warmth, compassion, and communication :~) 

6. What characteristics do you look for in a girl?

rly cute nice short girls we all know this aka :/ my girlfriend ajdsjdsj 

7. Do you participate in lesbian clubs or events?

uh if there were more i wd! 

8. What’s your situation with being out?

I’ve been out since i was 14 

9. Say some things you love about your crush/girlfriend?

i love how kind and wonderful and sincere and funny and beautiful and talented and caring my girlfriend is :~)))) she is just soso amazing! 

10. Do you want to get married?


11. Do you want to have kids?

no i don’t think so

12. Who’s your favorite historical lesbian?

so many! audre lorde is the first that comes 2 mind! 

13. What’s your favorite song about lesbians?

i don’t support h/ayley kiyoko as a person anymore (u can research why im not gna go into it) but girls like girls was a rly important song 2 me 

14. What’s your favorite book about lesbians?

if not winter 

15. Who’s your favorite lesbian character?

poussey washington :( 

16. If you live in a country where gay marriage is legal, where were you when it was legalized? Did you do anything to celebrate?!

i was actually in a bathroom in paris when i found out same gender marriage was legalized in the us!! i was!!! so happy!!!!!! i rly cd not believe it? it was a rly good moment! i don’t think i did anything in Particular to celebrate but i did go to pride w/ my mom and aunt a day or two later and we got ice cream! 

17. If you could meet one famous lesbian (dead or alive) who would you pick?


18. Have you ever kissed a girl?

yes i have :))))) 

19. Do you have any favorite lesbian positivity blogs?

not specific lesbian positivity blogs but some of my fav lesbian blogs that come 2 mind r @gaybellaswan @sapphaux @mazapanlesbian @glutenfreelesbian @presidentgay @aridante @dndyke @lesbianstarlet @pokemonlesbian @artlesbo @hummus @wlw @bikepaths @littlemissclaire @tophlesbian @heterophobicflint @librabutch @heavenlylesbian im gna STOP THERE FOR NOW just bc i have to Go in like a minute but im gna actually make a follow forever at some point that will happen! but these r all great lesbians 2 follow! 

20. Who was your first real life crush?

a girl in my geometry class in 9th grade! she was a country girl and i was v into her she’s one of the only real crushes I’ve ever had! 

21. What is one thing you think your school/ place of work could do to create a safe environment for lesbians?

my school is lgbt friendly which im grateful for but i think ppl shd listen to the particular voices and needs of lesbians more 

22. Have you ever been to a gay/lesbian bar?

nah I’ve just never been to a bar!

23. Do you know any lesbians outside of the internet?

yes!! a few friends and my girlfriend :)) 

24. Describe your ideal gaycation?

id love to go to gay days at disney! 

25. Do you listen to any lesbian musicians?

im a big mary lambert fan 

🌠 Welcome back, Shiro.

Hello and this is what happens when I experiment with thumbnails and dynamics they “Magically” turn into space dad… yeah ‘magic’


Ashley Hairs

Putting the download under the cut as a precaution for if there is a glitch with it and this way people who reblog won’t have a broken file(if it does mess up)

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if you have been brutally broken,
but still have the courage to be gentle to others
then you deserve a love
deeper than the ocean itself.

for @shiroganesm. i love you.

I watch the bizaardvark episode with @thatsthat24 ​ in it. This was by far my favorite part.

Thomas sanders is one of my favorite person’s ever and I’m so happy for him.

A Journey, a sacrifice, and a hero’s reward.
The rebirth of Laramie Barriga.

flyingchancla  asked:

You know what I love more about Jin and the pink crocs? He has thingies on them, I can't what kind of additions he put there, I remember my eldest had these cars things on his crocs when he was younger. Oh man.




stranger things meme [1/5 characters]: Will Byers

“I don’t get scared like that anymore.” 

my favorite things about the Anastasia OBC recording
  • the ensemble singing those lines from The Neva Flows with Ramin FUCKING Karimloo Gleb talking on top of it
  • “They can call it LeninGRAD, but it’ll always BE Petersburg!”
  • the large collective “shhh” at the end of A Rumor In St. Petersburg
  • the way Christy sings “and I hear a voice whisper I’ll meet you right there” that line will actually be the death of me tbfh
  • everything about Learn To Do It
  • yes, I mean everything
  • “Am I floating?” “Like a sinking boat”
  • “I’VE HAD IT and I hate you both, I’m sorry that we ever met!”
  • Ramin Karimloo is just great ok
  • “Could I have pulled the trigger if I’d been told?”
  • My Petersburg is a blessing
  • “…but tonight, there’s a sky and quiiiite a view
  • the background harmonies in the middle of Once Upon A December cleansed my soul
  • all the harmonies in Stay I Pray You are blessed
  • “this chaaance” “this chaaance” “is allllllllllll” “is allllllllll I’ve gooooooot, keep a grip and take a deep breath and
  • the end of We’ll Go From There is so pure
  • Ramin Karimloo
  • “a son becomes a man at his father’s kneeeeee”
  • “I’m innocent she cries but then you see her eyes and something in them tells you that she absolutely liiiiiiiies”
  • tbh Ramin could punch me in the face and I’d thank him
  • Journey To The Past is just iconic k
  • “Home, love, faaaaamily”

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they are standing in the garden, alexander by eliza’s side

i know this scene has been made into comics about 5000 times, but i felt like drawing flowers so i’m making it 5001