make noise !

ok but magnus canonically feeds stray cats and lets them hang out on his balcony/rooftop and he talks to them and makes little noises at them and spoils them and just!!!!! i know harry is allergic so i totally understand, support and respect why they can’t have chairman or church like, hanging around magnus’ apartment all the time, but it means a lot to me that they still show him as a lover of cats, even if it’s just in the simple fact that he feeds stray cats. like. magnus as a cat person is really important to me so it’s rly nice to have that in show canon.

Isak mumble raps fresh prince while hanging out in the kitchen and Even, cooking, hears it and absentmindedly joins in at “In west Philadelphia born and raised”, Eskild walks in to get something from the fridge hears the cue and turns around to face Even and say “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air”. The three of them rap the rest of the lyrics in sync and louder and louder until Linn pops her head in to the kitchen to scold all of them for making so much noise everyone beams at each other, shrugs and goes back to their own thing, Eskild leaves the kitchen with his drink, Even goes back to cooking and Isak goes back to texting as though nothing happened at all.

Now y’all out here going ‘westallen fans should band together with sanvers and supercorp so that we can fight the cw and their blatant bias’ meanwhile when westallen fans used to complain before y’all said we were making noise ajygfhbamf

it’s happening to y’all now n u want us to fight with y’all?

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this isn't ADHD related, but I just wanted to ask: is misphonia related with ADHD?? Like all of a sudden these boys in my language class would keep making these noises and I would start to get really frustrated and I think they know that the noises they're making are annoying me but they keep doing it anyway and when they keep doing it I feel like I'm about to scream out in frustration 😬

Misophonia seems to be really common with ADHD and other brain things. It’s not part of ADHD, but there’s something about how the ADHD brain works that seems to make it more common with us than with non-ADHDers.


Like J said, misophonia is rather common. Us ADHDers might also get very annoyed at repeated sounds like the ones the boys in your class were making since we have a really hard time habituating (which is a fancy word for getting used to) things in our environment, which means they interrupt our focus constantly which is obviously extremely frustrating. That can also lead to sensory overload. This isn’t directly misophonia, but both can be causes for ADHDers reacting badly to sounds.


I can’t do anything but stare for a moment. He looks… god, the way he looks. His face is so different like this. And just for a minute, no matter how I try, I can’t take my eyes off him.

But then a wave of fury rises up in me. I’m going to get hauled through ten types of hell for this, there’ll be a fucking enquiry for sure, and Potter’s just sitting there, making noises like that, making those bloody faces, his hair sticking to his face, and his mouth hanging open in bliss.

If only I could think straight.

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Hey, are you at all interested in solving mathematic problems or are you one of those useless AIs that can only make a sad noise like beeewooop

Regret and remorse.

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*invisible Anon-chan appears when it is close to Sakamaki dinner time and leaves magical invisible whoopee cushion on Reiji's seat*

*sits down and the whoopee cushion makes a farting noise* Who made that blasphemous noise? Do I need to give someone another whipping in the dungeon tonight?

fufufufu…….. Then I guess your going to give yourself a whipping. very kinky.

Wait, what? *sees whoopee cushion* Ayato, what is the meaning of this?

Dude, I swear it wasn’t me this time. Just blame chichinashi like we always do.

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What would be your ideal guy to top aka ideal bottom?

A really passionate, intense, lean and muscular guy with a nice round hairy bubble butt. 🙌🏻 oh and he makes a lot of noise. Quiet sex is boring af.

not to be mean but there’s an old dude in my training group who does that old person thing where they like. sigh really emphatically a lot and talk to themselves and are just constantly making noises in the hopes that you’ll look at them so they can start talking at you and i hate that shit i’m not payin attention to you in the middle of this class buddy

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For your song lyrics prompt, how about something surrounding the theme of the lyrics "The worst is over now, and we can breathe again" (from the song Broken by Seether/Amy Lee)? :D

Fic: A Breath Away from Midnight

Find on: ao3
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~3.2k
Summary: The Doctor and Rose decided to take a vacation on a certain leisure planet made of diamonds that orbits around an Xtonic sun.
Tags: fluff, hurt/comfort

Notes: They’re married, have telepathy and all that good stuff. Unbeta’d. Fulfillment for @lastbluetardis​. Not sure if that’s what you had in mind, but I took it a little more literally. :) Hope you enjoy! 

(tag teamed with this post about yawning and making sexy noises)

Rose drifted out of a dream and slowly opened her eyes. What it was about, she couldn’t remember. She rolled over to see the Doctor sitting with his back against the headboard. He was already dressed for the day, with his suit and a royal blue Oxford, no tie, and glasses on, skimming through something or other. She was too sleepy to comprehend what it was.

He peered at her over the top of his frames, which were slightly down the length of his nose. He wore that charming, hopeful smile of his. “Good morning, sunshine.”

“Good morning,” she croaked. She stretched and yawned, making little high-pitched groans as she did so.

He chuckled and shifted so he was laying on his side next to her. “You make the sexiest noises when you yawn, you know that?”

She could feel his contentedness with a hint of arousal. She nuzzled into him. “Careful, Doctor. I’m still worn out from last night,” she murmured and kissed his neck.

He hummed a little, quite chuffed with himself.

“What were you reading?”

“Oh. It’s a brochure for an excursion. The planet has a sapphire waterfall. A waterfall made of sapphires! This enormous jewel the size of a glacier reaches the Cliffs of Oblivion and then shatters into sapphires at the edge, then fall 100,000 feet into a crystal ravine.”

She smiled against his skin, enjoying the vibrations on her lips as he spoke excitedly. “My mum would love it.”

“What do you think? Four hours there, four hours back.”

“I wanted to try the spa today, maybe some sunbathing. Is that alright?”

“It’ll be no fun on me own.”

“And you wouldn’t have any fun sunbathing or getting treated at the spa. You wouldn’t like sitting still all day long.” She looked up to find his bottom lip protruding beautifully from his mouth. She reached up to play with his hair. “Tell you what. If it’s as amazing as you think it’ll be, both of us can go tomorrow. But we’re on a leisure planet, and I want to partake in the leisure. And you said that’s Xtonic sunlight, yeah? More intense than regular sunlight? Bet I’ll have some nice tan lines you can check out later.”

He thought for a moment. “Well…”

She hummed. “And you’ll be going with other people, right?”

“Yep. Big space truck full of passengers.”

“You’ll have no problem making friends. You’re good at that.”

“Alright. Just won’t be the same if you’re not there. I’ll be back for dinner. We can try that antigravity restaurant, with bibs.”

She grinned. “It’s a date.”

He grinned down at her. “I’d best be off, then. They’ll be boarding soon.” He kissed her forehead. “See you later.”

She hugged him around his neck. “Love you.”

He chastely kissed her lips. “Love you.” He bounded off the bed for the door.

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i wish my daddy didn’t have to wake up at 4-5 am monday-saturday for work. sometimes he wakes me up with the noises he makes in the bathroom getting ready and it makes tears drop from my eyes. i always watch his van drive out of the neighborhood through my blinds and blow him exactly 3 kisses and wish him a great day and a safe drive on the road to and back. been doing that for 12 years and he doesn’t even know it. i’ve lost so many close loved ones to death. i always think about the fact that my family won’t be here forever. i wish i were smarter or brighter or not chronically sick so i could make a bajilliongazillion dollars and sweep my parents off their feet away to a beautiful home where they never have to put health over working to survive ever again like they truly deserve. i’d sell my one and only soul for it. they love me infinitely and they aren’t immortal and they are so tired.

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yo dad whats it like in logics hair? also can i have a joke?

Its very soft! And if you want…

How do you know if your girlfriend is too young for you…

When you have to make arrow plane noises to… *Whispers I’m sorry!* put your **** in her mouth….

(( 6/20 ))