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After seeing the drawing of the girls in bunny outfits (which was A++++ btw) im kinda curious to see how Chrom and Silas would react to seeing them dressed like that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ki holds Chrom’s hand a lot, please understand

Alternatively for older Mob: buys a cheap apartment and turns out theres this demonic spirit that lives there, but its very tormented and Mob would feel bad for exorcising it right away. So he lets it live in his little complex and treats it like a rowdy dog. Leaves it out some food and some specific chairs to flip and float around the kitchen, maybe even a few old dishes to break if it has to.

Eventually it decides it likes Mob, and basically becomes his spirit familiar.


They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. There are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful. ― Nikita Gill

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Bts reaction to finding out your boyfriend/fiancee hits you. Trigger warning!!!

Jin:  Consoling you after your boyfriend/fiancee has beaten you in his drunken rage, Jin sits on the floor beside you listening to you sobbing. Jin makes you promise him that you won’t go back to your boyfriend/fiancee. Saying that he would take care of your boyfriend/fiancee if he ever tried to hurt you again.

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Suga:  A couple of weeks ago you told Suga about your abusive relationship with your boyfriend/fiancee, but that you wanted to stay in the relationship. Even though he didn’t agree with you, he decided to respect your decision. When one day he finds you beaten so badly he says enough is enough, and calls the police on your boyfriend/fiancee.

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J-hope:  Angry that your boyfriend/fiancee keeps hitting you, even though he said he would stop, you go to J-hope’s house. When he opens the door you tell him whats been happening and his expression changes to pure anger. He tells you to stay away from your boyfriend/fiancee, and he says you can stay with him until you find another apartment.

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Rap Monster:  Rap Monster was walking you home when he stops to talk with one of his other friends you tell him your going to go on home without him, and he tells you he’ll go to your apartment when he gets done talking. Later when Rapmon gets to your apartment he finds the door ajar. When he pushes the door open he see your boyfriend/fiancee hitting you. He quickly grabs a knife out of your kitchen drawer and threatens your boyfriend/fiancee. 

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Jimin:  You and Jimin are at the mall, when he notices someone is about to bump into you. He quickly grabs your arm to pull you out of the way and notices something strange when you wince. Because of this he pulls up your jacket sleeve to find bruises on your arm. Angrily, he asks if this is the doing of your boyfriend/fiancee, you try to deny it but he knows your lying. He drags you to his car and drives to your boyfriend/fiancee and your shared apartment, when your boyfriend/fiancee opens the door Jimin starts beating him up.

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V:  V, one of your good friends, was about to knock on you apartment door when he hears a loud thump coming from inside your apartment. He pulls out his key, which you gave him, and unlocked your front door. He opens your door to see your boyfriend/fiancee hitting you. Furiously,V looks around and finds a old broken beer bottle, which probably belongs to your boyfriend/fiancee. After grabbing the broken beer bottle, he rushes inside and stabs boyfriend/fiancee with it.

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Jungkook:  Jungkook is shocked when he finds out that your boyfriend/fiancee is abusing you, and he is angry at himself for not realizing it sooner. He beats up your boyfriend/fiancee and threatens that if he ever goes near you again he’ll kill him.

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        So this kinda turned into a scenario/reaction, I hope you like it though.

Come hear the Magic of the Mundane! Members of Rocher Hotel come together to play D&D and have wild adventures!

In this episode, our heroes run into people they don’t expect and stumble upon another mystery plaguing a fellow classmate! Can they get the answers they seek while avoiding certain eyes? Ken isn’t here right now, Ophelia talks to someone to her own dismay, Taiko tries breaking and entering, Toby never forgets a girl, and Duo makes a promise.

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2017 Master Post

Aaaaaand this event is now at its close! Thanks so much to everyone who participated by posting fics and art etc, reviewing and reblogging, and showing their support! Here are links to each theme’s content so you can relive and/or catch up on the SoMa goodness that we’ve been gifted with this year:

April 16th - April 22nd

Sunday: Confession

Monday: Family

Tuesday: Clothes

Wednesday: Habits

Thursday: You Make Me Strong

Friday: Promise

Saturday: In Battle

We’ll be watching the tags for the next couple of weeks to reblog any late content. If we’ve missed anything, please send us a message or contact us through other means. Thank you so much, everyone. With that being said, see you next year!

- Nessie and Julie

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Hey! I absolutely love every single thing you've made, the Wednesday dress might even be my favorite CC ever. I love both adult and toddler versions, but can I please request a children version? That would be plain perfect. thank you so much

Thank you so much! ❤
I can’t make any promises, but I’ll definitely try to make a version for children, when I find the time and motivation! :)

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Dear Engazed, Do you have any vague guesses as to when you will be coming back? There's no rush, I just miss you and your stories! Even if you say "next year", it will give me something to look forward to :) I hope you are having a lovely day!

Before next year! 

Honestly, I hesitate to make any promises I can’t keep, but I can vaguely say that well before next year. Summer’s looking good. :)


Hey guys~!

Just wanted to let y'all know that I won’t be posting very much for the next 2-3 weeks. Final Exams time is just around the corner and I really have to prepare because classes this semester have been brutal and I’m really doing poorly so I have to work hard for finals.

I’m going to put the 100 drabbles on hold for now, but I’ll be doing them again in a few weeks, I promise. I know it sucks because a lot of you requested drabble prompts but please, just be patient and I will write them. I just need to take some time to focus on school.

Texts and three sentence fics will also be slowed down. I might post a few here and there as a study break but I can’t make ant promises.

For those who have been following the blog for a while, you know how much I hate hiatuses. It’s really my least favorite thing to do when running a blog, so I’m not going on a full hiatus - just a small, temporary slow down.

I’ll definitely post a lot once University lets out and I can actually go back home and write and post things.

Thank you guys so much for all of the love and support! I really appreciate it! Hopefully I’ll be back and posting soon! <3 Love you all!

*squints* is that a happy soccer au i see? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

here’s the lowdown:

  • mari and adrien are childhood best friends™ 
  • they met through being new neighbours adrien used to be legit just a loner until he met mari who was like ‘dude play soccer with me’ and they became straight up bffs after that 
  • they both loved sour patch kids and space and drew what they thought was a genius graphic design of a space sour patch kids logo when they were young 
  • they end up going to different highschools in the same town and still live in the same neighbourhood. they both join soccer teams in the their respective schools.
  • in terms of skill and technicality, mari is the better player but adrien seriously pulls unexpected moves that make him stand out. 
  • uhmm..everyone girl is rlly gay for mari in her school they are just her fangirls lmfao same thing for adrien but mari has got like 4k followers on instagram and all she does is take a photo of her soccer ball 
  • they have this tradition to draw the space sour patch kids logo on their team shirts ever since they started soccer in high school so that neither forget the other and wow that’s romantic guys 
  • their coaches were at first like wtf no but they used permanent marker so they ended up accepting it over the years and now everytime they join new teams or get new shirts everyone is like ‘when r u having the logo’
  • their schools r so nosy on who tf the person who draws their logos is omg everyone is always trying to spy on them to figure out who adrien/mari is
  • this time it’s adrien who has a crush on mari and mari is the one to eventually fall in love