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I love this game.

Screenshots from NIGHTMARE EYES | Night In The Woods Part 2! :D

Okay I know we’re only like two hours into this game so far but…


The characters, the setting, the writing, the art style, the humor and pretty much everything in this game is so fucking good! 
I think my favorite character in this game is Mae with Gregg being a close 2nd. We find out a lot more about Mae and how she feels about herself and being back in her old town after dropping out of college and trying to be with her friends again. But a lot of things have changed in her town and I think she doesn’t feel like she has at all. Maybe I love this game and Mae so much because I kind of relate to them in my own life especially in the most recent years. I mean I haven’t gotten drunk at a party or anything like that but I do relate to those feelings of change while you’re transitioning between being a teenager and young adult and when you’re having those feelings while you don’t know exactly what you want for your life or what to do with it. Due my anxiety and just the environment I’m in right now I’ve had a harder time moving forward in my life then most people my age do. While some of my friends are in college or have jobs and hell even one of my friends has a child now too, I just haven’t really done as much with my life these last few years because whenever I think of the future my brain just freezes and I just don’t know what do with my life. I mean I’m almost 22 I think I still have time to find that out but I still feel like I’m not doing as much as I could. But that’s the thing about me I know that I’m not like every person my age just because of how my brain works I’m not like everyone else and I’m okay with that. Plus every person experiences certain transitions in their lives all differently. I understand all that but it doesn’t make feel better about where I am with my life. I constantly feel like the world is moving forward while I’m still stuck in 2013 and I can’t make it stop and wait up for me to catch up. Don’t get me wrong I’m a lot farther then where I was thanks to Seán helping me be more positive in these last almost two years at this point in time. But I’m still not exactly where I want to be and I wish that I was. There’s so many things about my life that I wish I could change but I can’t because it’s out of my control and as sad as that is for me I need to remind myself that I’m still moving forward whether I realize that or not. This game makes me feel kind of relieved because I do relate how Mae is feeling in certain ways and it makes me feel a lot less alone with feelings that have been weighing me down since I graduated high school in 2013. I need to stop being so hard on myself, not only in general but also when it comes to life decisions and my future especially. 

I love watching Seán play this game too. Honestly this has been my favorite thing he’s been uploading lately because I’m so in love with this game and I just love the feel of watching him play this. It’s nice experiencing games like this with him for the first time. I love the voices he gives the characters in this game and hearing his thoughts when he plays games that have these kind of nice and relaxing feeling settings to them. He has and shares a lot of interesting and insightful thoughts when he plays games like this. ^_^
Something that kind of bothered me though was when in this video he was talking about Gregg’s personality and how his personality is a lot like that. Loud, optimistic and energetic. He worries about his loud side to his personality annoying people in real life because it’s the kind of personality in people that being around it either exhausts you or gives you energy. So he said he has to look at situation and think about if people are in the mood for Seán or aka his loud side to his personality. Even saying in the video “Okay, people aren’t in the mood for SEÁN right now.” I understand why he said this and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all and I don’t think that he has to or needs to be loud all the time because it’s true that his loud personality doesn’t mesh well with every person and there’s so much more to him besides that too. But to me him saying that kind of bothered me because I don’t like the idea of him feeling like he can’t be a part of who he is in a certain situation. His loud side of his personality is still a part of who he is and I don’t think any person should feel like they have to hide a big part of who they are in the fear of annoying certain people. I mean don’t get me wrong there’s no way you’re going to be 100% yourself in front of every person you come across and there’s parts of who we are that are not appropriate for certain situations and we all need to judge when and when not to show certain parts of who we are. We all have stuff about ourselves that we don’t show in front of people and that’s not a bad thing. But maybe this just bothered me personally not only because I do sincerely and genuinely like all of the sides that I’ve seen of Seán’s personality and who is as a person I respect him. But also because I feel like most of the time I have to hide who I genuinely am in front of the people I’m around on a daily basis and feel like I have to justify myself a lot in front of them too. I feel like I wear a mask in front of them all the time showing only a small part of who I am and honestly I don’t think anyone should feel like that. People should be proud to be who they are and not be ashamed to show that. Hopefully that makes sense, I’m not sure if it did or not.. But I wanted to be honest about how I felt about that part of the video. For me I’d like to think that a lot of the time I’d be in a mood for “SEÁN ”. :) But then again that’s just me personally. I’m not sure he’d be in a mood for “VANNESSA” though. xD

I’m adoring this series so far and I seriously can’t wait for the next video! :D 

Cosy Anniversary - Wanda Maximoff x Stark!Reader

Request: Wanda X Stark!reader fluff: Wanda plans an anniversary dinner for her and her girlfriend, but knowing that she is a Stark, Wanda wants it to be perfect, resulting in the dinner becoming a complete disaster. The reader then comforts Wanda by letting her know that she’s enough and they end up ordering take out and watching their favorite show. :)

A/n: I hope this is okay, I’ve never actually been on a date so I don’t quite know how to plan one…so…i shall yolo this… (people probably don’t say that anymore but I don’t care)

You smiled as you looked at the cute puppy calendar hanging from the kitchen wall, sipping your hot tea, you trailed back to your room, unbeknownst to you, Wanda was tapping away on her phone, attempting to find a restaurant for next week. Next week was yours and Wanda’s 2nd year anniversary, like Wanda, you were an Avenger with the power to manipulate emotions, you could make enemies surrender with a glare and were able to tell when your father, Tony Stark was anxious.

Wanda has highly nervous for this day, although Pietro did try to comfort her, nothing was helping, she knew with you being a Stark you’d expect expensive gestures like your father, well she assumed so anyway. She breathed finally as she was able to book a reservation at the restaurant of your preference, or so Tony had told her anyway. She tried to be as discrete as possible about her plans.

It was the day of your anniversary, you smiled as you pulled the present you had brought for Wanda from under your bed. You pulled up the lid and smiled, the necklace was there neatly arranged. Chewing your lip, you glanced at the ring box before pushing it back under the bed. You had planned that for later. You frowned, sensing anxiety and despair strongly emanating from someone in the building. 

Eyebrows furrowed, you focused your powers. Confusion flooded through your veins as you pushed the necklace back under your bed, running to Wanda.

You entered Wanda’s old room, she’d moved out of it and into yours on your 1st year anniversary. Wanda was curled up on the floor, crying as her phone lay, thrown against the wall, cracked on the floor. You ran to her, wrapping your arms around her as she cried. “Wanda? What’s wrong, love?” You whimpered, tears filling your eyes as you brushed her brown hair from her face. You hated to see her cry.

“Its ruined, all ruined! The stupid restaurant closed and cancelled the reservation. The health inspectors closed it? Whatever that means. Then the dress I wanted to wear was shrunk in the wash at the dry cleaners. Tonight is in ruins, I’m so sorry draga mea, I wanted this night to be special…” Wanda cried.

“Wanda we don’t need to go to a restaurant or wear fancy dresses to have a special anniversary, let’s just order some takeout and watch the final season of Teen Wolf then maybe start a new series of something? Just spending time with you makes my life so much better than before, when dad was constantly partying or flying around in a metal suit…oh wait he still does that doesn’t he?” You remarked causing Wanda to smile at you.

“There’s that smile, you’re so beautiful, how did I get so lucky to get to be with somebody like you?” You grinned, cheeks ablaze. Wanda grinned in response, leaning closer before closing the gap between the two of you.

Your face glowed red in response as you reciprocated the action, love radiating from you both so strong when you pulled away, your eyes glimmered hot pink.

“Come on love, lets go get in our pyjamas then snuggle up in our room and watch Teen Wolf as I order in from your favourite takeaway place.” You smiled, pulling Wanda up. Holding hands, the two of you walked into your bedroom.

You knew Pietro had heard the entire exchange but he had sped away, he’d found the necklace and ring, the only thing he said to himself was “She did not see that coming…”.

The two of you were wrapped in the warm throw, candles lit, Teen Wolf playing on the TV as the two of you ate your takeout, glancing at each other loving time to time. You had no idea Pietro had left a note with the ring for you to find in the morning, his catchphrase along with a request written on it - Tell me the plan and she will not see it coming? - Pietro the amazing, best future brother-in-law ever.

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151013 happy birthday to this little cinnamon roll

honestly no words can describe how perfect and beautiful you are as an idol as well as a person. thank you for entering my life and making it x62938732 better than it originally was, constantly filling my day with your beautiful smiles. there are so many more things i would want to tell you but most importantly, i want to thank you for being who you are and staying true to your roots. i pray to god that he would bless you with ever ending love and care and that you would stay healthy mentally and physically. i sincerely hope you achieve all of your dreams and goals in life. as much as you have inspired me to persevere and achieve my own goals, i wish that you would feel motivated by armys’ encouragement and love and live your life to the fullest. seeing how much you train yourself to improve your singing and dancing truly motivates me. i just want you to know that you are perfect just the way you are and just so lovable and beautiful. thank you for existing, park jimin.

happy birthday chimchim

anonymous asked:

Name five things for which you are grateful.

  1. High waisted jeans. Makes bending over a lot more comfortable.
  2. Female mentors. Specifically, my mother, my friends, female bosses, and any woman who’s become one of my kindreds.
  3. My circumstance, I was blessed with a lot of love, kindness and opportunity.
  4. Good people coming in and out of my life constantly.
  5. Shitty things. They happen. They make you better.
Swan Queen fandom
  • I just want to say thank you to swens and many of you here in tumblr for giving me hope and showing me this wonderful ship. When I started watching ouat I had no idea that this existed. I found out about this fandom after I watched season 3 not so long ago, and it just makes my life better. I am constantly amazed by the fics, the art, the theories and everything else. The way you stay positive and you hope for the best, making funny posts and beautiful videos. I can't believe that only a few months ago I didn't have any of this to brighten my days and make me feel part of something amazing. I would have never thought swan queen was going to be so important for me and that you guys would make that posible.