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I can’t believe in the year of our lord, 2017, there are people that are annoyed that abraham woodhull was trying to get his money back after fighting for the cause and nearly dying like every episode.

If you refuse gifts, compliments, and money, you are closing a
door on the prosperity that is trying to come to you. The key is to be in the flow. When you give and receive, you are participating in the flow of life.
After all, money has to circulate to do everyone any good. Give it.
And when it returns to you, receive it.
—  Joe Vitale, The Greatest Money Making Secret in History

Laura Mullen | Murmur

Ingeborg Bachmann | The Book of Franza

Anne Carson | Plainwater

Alice Notley | Parts of a Wedding

Christa Wolf | No Place On Earth

Cassandra Troyan | Throne of Blood

Sarah Kane | 4.48 Psychosis

Alice Notley | The Book of Dead | Songs and Stories of the Ghouls

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There was some talk about bearded long haired Vaughn wearing a suit in the gayperion skype group, and that sounded like something I should try to draw. 

So here we are, bandit king Vaughn in a suit and little extra doodle with Rhys’ reaction to it or something :,D

I know there is an infinite energy system in the universe that is of me, in me and around me. We are all connected to it, are in it, and are of it. I am connected to you as well as to everyone else through the energy that sustains us. I know that when I give anything into this energy system, it will return to me in kind, multiplied and amplified because the nature of the system is to grow and expand. I am grateful for this realization, and for the gifts I have now, am receiving, and will receive. I trust the process to work for me, as it does for everyone who activates it with giving. So be it. It is so!
—  Joe Vitale, The Greatest Money Making Secret in History
Wife fights for share of ex's £175,000 payout for child abuse: Estranged partner could make legal history after arguing money is a marital asset

An estranged wife is trying to claim part of the £175,000 compensation her husband received for suffering sexual abuse as a child.

As part of her divorce settlement, Helen Tippett, 41, has applied to the courts for a share of the cash paid to Andrew Kerslake.

Mr Kerslake, 45, regarded the compensation as ‘dirty money’ and put it into a trust to be given to charity when he dies.

Mr Kerslake was molested between the ages of five and ten by a family friend. After he finally went to the police in 1998 his abuser was jailed for three years.

Mr Kerslake, who has waived his right to anonymity as a victim of sexual abuse, said: ‘I was given the money to compensate for what happened to me when I was a very young boy.

‘I was abused over 500 times, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It left me with both physical and emotional damage.

‘I didn’t apply for the money, I didn’t really want it at the time. But I’m not prepared to hand it over as part of our divorce settlement.

'It doesn’t seem right that my ex-wife should get a penny of it – it does not belong to her, she wasn’t the one who was abused.

‘It is shameless and immoral that she is even trying. I’m very disappointed in her.’

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"we still cover more bases with our lines of thinking than an anti could possibly dream of doing" Larries truly have quite the ego for a group that has been so wrong so often. Especially when your reasoning is so simplistic. After six years of failed predictions your line of thinking has evolved from "Modest is controlling the boys" to "Simon is controlling the boys with contract clauses that don't force them tour and make millions for him but do force one of them to fake being a dad". Uh huh.

mY DUDE………….. They were literally forced to tour. They were sick, with a fucking bad knee that needed URGENT surgery, threw up on stage, could barely sing due bad vocal training and/or exhaustion, Zayn was on the fucking hospital and had to fly across the ocean for a tv appearance. Are you legit gonna tell me they weren’t forced to tour?

The history of Speaks

It all started when Nooroo asked for food
Hawkmoth said no, so the Akuma came in and was like “feed my mom”
Hawkmoth still said no, so everyone just started feeding Nooroo.

Over the weekend, everyone started shipping Them.
And then when that didn’t work out for the Anon’s, they started flirting hardcore with the moth.
That didn’t work either, so they went back to shipping Akuroo.
For an entire day.

Then Plagg stepped in and said “wtf is happening where’s my cheese?”
And then a few minutes later Wayzz decided to jump on the train.
And then Tikki.
And then master fu said “hey what’s up my dank home fry’s”.

Speaking of fries.
Plagg and Tikki went on a rescue mission to save Nooroo, while eating fries.
They failed.
Nooroo got fries tho.

The next day,
Nooroo asked what would happen if they fused with tikki
Tikki drew it, then drew all the other fusions. Then drew everybody’s magical girl persona. Then drew alOT MOR-

Knock knock. It’s the peacock miraculous.
“Another speaks account?!” Said the squad.
This caused a realization to hit the founders of the speaks nation.
“This isn’t a squad anymore this is a nation” they said-

Adrienthoughts called the speaks nation fake.
The moth declared a Duel between them which lasted about ten minutes
Because Master Fu came in and said

“Let’s put an #end to this, my dank homie ravioli’s”

Shockingly, it worked.
Everyone calmed down, everything is just pretty chill now.


straight people are going to watch stonewall and label it as the Best Film about Gay Rights Ever meanwhile many of the community are trying to disown it. straight people didn’t care what we have to say, don’t care, and will never care as long as they keep making money on our rewritten history