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I love your blog so I won't unfollow😂 you can try to make me fall in love with your queen, goddes, etc. ;) the thing piper did to get on my bad side was when she first saw Percy, and called him "unimpressive" aha😂 I agree with hazel much more when talking about Percy. Anybody who says bad stuff about Percy makes me mad so idk😂 don't worry I still love her tho

Aww buddy !! Thank you very much for loving this blog !!

I don’t know when you will have arrived here, but these last days (well the last week) I had to deal with a discourse about someone who hated Piper, but I can understand you because the same thing with you and Percy is what happened to me with Piper, you know:

Anybody who says bad stuff about Piper makes me mad so” So tatally I feel you hahahahahah.

And welcome again and enjoy the stay ♥

so, i’m not completely happy with this one, but i’ve been saying i’d have something new up for a minute now. and since the one i’m working on at the moment is being real difficult, welp, you get one i wasn’t really planning on ever posting.

a/n: i can’t stop you from saving, but please do not repost this anywhere, remove the watermark, or use in any other graphics.


marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)

make me choose;

@just-french-me-up asked: enjolras or alexander hamilton?

want one?

Roger Taylor: I think we all always feel that somehow he’s around. We lived with him for so many years we know how he would react to any given situation,so you imagine in your head he’d be saying, “Oh stop that… don’t be ridiculous.

Brian May: The last shot was of the champagne glass, just so we had it covered and I was very keen that we have it in case… because you never know how you cut… how you finally edit a video, sometimes you change your mind in the edit and we had a final shot all planned. But then we thought well, you know, maybe this glass which has been there all along would be a nice way t end as well.
And in the end there’s just one spot light on it and the Rudy goes cut and just before he goes cut, something happened! And I went, what was that? Did something happen? And everybody said, "No I don’t think anything happened.” Anyway we ran the thing back and you see this little, tiny moth come down and it sort of wheels around the glass and the off into space.

- about the final shot, “No one but you”  promo video-

Name Aesthetic: Zahira
Your name makes me think of:
Queens, candlelight, constellations, storms, and the sea. Requests are open.


Listening to the previews for Florence + the Machine’s new record like