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Okay yall binder question:

I taught this morning and then ran a workshop (on mental health in the classroom yeahhhhh) at a conference this afternoon and I’m only just getting home and I’m doing all the deep breathing stuff but are there any particular stretches or something that work well for post-binding all damn day (8.5 hours, I didn’t get home as early as I thought I would)?

Thank yall and so much love to you!!!


Workout #2! Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day. This girl is tired. 1 mile of intervals, PT shoulder exercises, and a little yoga.
I didn’t sleep very well last night and it didn’t really hit me until this afternoon. I am sleepy. Mixing some protein powder in my coffee and then I’m headed to my youngest’s baseball game.

gym session

genre: kinda cute and there’s making out so!

a/n: HI long time no write i apologize lmao i’ve been on break so i wanted to take some time to myself but here’s a little drabble that goes with my boxer!jimin au “into you” go read it if you want :) sorry for any mistakes i”m tired lol anyway you can leave requests! let me know if you like this x 

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Despite a second night of bad sleep (I’m wondering if Loa has acid reflux😖), I dragged me ass to the gym. You can’t wait for perfect conditions, right?

Day 1 of Go! I need a new start 🏋🏻‍♀️
Warrior princess braids @serena-theresa @aubernutter 👸🏻

Since I’ve been asked twice 😉here’s my outfit. My pants are navy and silk. They feel like pajamas. 🦁🙌🏼

Happy Wednesday. 🤗🌈

Okay, well, you know what?

1. I don’t look like these fitblr girls while working out. I don’t wear make up and sometimes old workout clothes and I look like a sweaty hot mess. My hair is all over the place and my head is really red. But that’s okay because I love working out and I don’t care how I look while doing it. Looking at those beautiful fit strong women makes me want to workout and be a stronger person myself. But I really really really don’t look like that while doing my workouts.

2. Sometimes I really don’t feel like working out. This may be just a day or it can last a whole week. And you know what, that’s okay. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t need to do it. There will be days when I can’t bear it anymore to sit on the sofa so I will go for a run. Just because I want to. Or do some yoga or some circuit training. I don’t work out when I have bad period cramps. Or when I’m tired. I will rest my body and I will have some chocolate. It won’t hurt me to skip a few days.

3. I don’t always eat healthy. While it’s important to nurish your body and eat all kind of healthy stuff, I love to have a burger. Or pizza. Or fries with a milk shake. I really love those beautiful pictures of smoothie bowls, fresh salads and fruit. They motivate me and make me crave healthy food. But when you are able to listen to your body and your body wants ice cream, then let it have some ice cream. I’m not saying it’s okay to stuff your face with “unhealthy” food all the time. But it’s also not healthy to deprive yourself of some things which make you happy. To force yourself to just eat healthy. Why should I not be able to go out with friends for some delicious pasta. It’s important to find the balance between so called “good” and “bad” food.

4. I don’t weigh myself very often. Every few weeks, sometimes not even for months. It’s not about the number on the scale. It’s not. It’s about your body. The number on the scale might not be getting smaller but your body might be. While you build up those beautiful muscles, your body is getting slimmer and stronger while your body weight stays the same. Don’t weigh yourself every morning and evening. It’s not about the number on the scale. It’s just not.

5. It’s just about being happy.

Sharing some #1stphorm megawatt preworkout with mega Babe #emilysears the other day before our boxing workout! Love how energized and focused it makes me feel during tough workouts! The watermelon taste is so yummy too! #1stphorm

The good news is, I've lost a lot of weight and built a lot of muscle.

The bad news is it’s only really noticeable when I’m naked and flexing.

And it matters to me that people notice.

So what I’m saying is that the next time you see me it would be best for both of us if you noticed…right away.

papyrus gradually becoming more of a pussy destroyer

also for some reason Every Single Time i draw Pap i get suspicious about Sans’ size??

i just think “theres no fuckin way hes up to his chest thats too small i have to See it to Believe it”

so heres the size comparison i draw every single time

A WIP; part one of three

edit: complete version here!!!