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How did you figure out that you were pan? Just wondering ❤

The moment I stopped caring about gender identity. It’s all about love, isn’t it?
I don’t care, I just want to love and to be loved. I just want someone to take care of me, someone who can make me happy and make me go weak at the knees. I don’t care about how they identify themselves. It doesn’t really matter to me. That’s what pansexuality is about and I was like oh dude that’s it. That’s what I am.


When Min Yoongi does that with his face.

When I judge a man for marriage, I mentally take away his looks, his money, his cars and everything materialistic and then ask myself what he really has to offer. Is he honest? Loyal? Caring and kind? Loving and trustworthy? Because let me tell you, while his good looks and money will make you weak in the knees now, at 3am when your child is crying to be fed. And your eyes are heavy and your body is weak from postpartum, it will not be how he looks or all that he owns that will matter. It will be the compassion in his heart, the mercy in his nature and the love for you in his soul that will push him out of bed to quickly feed the child and tell you “don’t worry honey, I got this.” That’s what I really envision long-term. Little moments like these that differentiates an ordinary man from an extraordinary husband and father. And that is all I need.
—  Nashiha Pervin

awoooooo how do you like this beast?

//aka wolf!zen makes my knees weak– his everything makes me weak—-

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(From yesterday..but posting this so yall have more of an understanding)
Im sick but here is a body positive post! Wont be able to walk a mile and a half to work and back tomorrow so gunna have to call in sick..walking and standing makes everything worse..i did have a big migraine now its a small one which is a plus but i also have a headache around my eyes and my eyes are legs hurt, my back hurts, my head hurts, my knees hurt, my hips hurt, my vagina hurts, my boobs hurt, my ass hurts, my everything legs are known to give out on me but more so now..legs are very shakey and my whole body is just weak and i have no energy and not much of an appetite at all..wanna know what makes being sick worse? When your vagina is bleeding and your insides feel like they are going to explode.. Why am i being punished for not being pregnant? Why dont guys get punished like this for not getting a girl pregnant? It would only be fair! xD

His laugh makes me weak in the knees, especially when something is really funny to him. I sincerely need him to stay in his lane. 😣

Ten Count Chapter 37 (Translation from Japanese Scans)

All translation credits and photo scans to chidorinoyume@tumblr. 

Do not repost or claim as your own!

A peaceful time with just the two of us

Page 1
S: Even if I admit that I like you now…

Page 3
K: Please put out your tongue… *heavy breathing*

Page 5
S: I-I can’t breathe

Page 6
S: The first time I was kissed, it felt so good that I was weak to my knees (In actuality, I was only a little weakened)

Page 7
K: Shirotani-san, Let’s continue our date. Today was a waste. 

S: But our reservation has already passed.
K: What other shop do you want to make a reservation at?
S: Hotel Canary’s Lounge. 

(T/N: Kurose’s dumbfounded look XD)

Page 8
K: A hotel lounge….
S: Y-you’re mistaken, Don’t get me wrong. I was thinking maybe I can go there for work purposes sometimes, I thought we’d check it out to see if the lounge and bar has a good atmosphere. ..There’s been talk that the food is delicious there.. I was hoping to eat a meal there with Kurose-kun and see what you thought of the food…

K: This is the second time today you told me not to misunderstand you…
Let’s go then..
S: I just told you, we have to make a reservation
K: I’ll call now.

Page 9
K: We weren’t able to move the time huh…
S: It’s a very popular shop. I’m sorry, let’s go out again next time.
K: Now that it’s the evening, it’s finally just the two of us.
S: Umm.. Kurose-kun! You must be hungry. Even though you came with me, as an apology I’ll go wherever you want.
K: This neighborhood’s food stands or convenience store food is good.
S: Eh?

Page 10
K: The convenience store’s oden is good.
S: S-Standing while eating?

K: 2 cans?

S: Because Kurose-kun went with me to the restaurant, I should do at least this much for accompanying with me. And besides I like convenience food store more than the restaurant food. (T/N: Shirotani my angel <3)

Page 11
K: By the way is it really okay?
S: What is?
K: About Ueda-san
S: We properly accompanied her to tea together like she wanted, isn’t that okay?
K: *sighs* Even though finally we’re having our date while watching the sunset, why are we talking about other people again. even if it’s Mikami-san or Ueda-san
S: A d-d-date?  This is not a date, we’re just testing out shops.
K: It was a joke.
Shirotani-san’s behavior wasn’t exactly rude. Ueda-san at least, she wasn’t angry with you, right?

Page 12
Try kissing me and if you don’t hate it, will you admit that you like me?

Page 13
S: I didn’t hate it…. It felt good. I’m happy that Kurose treasures me so much. But if it was like today, with an opportunity like that. There’s a chance Kurose-kun will be taken by someone else.

Page 14
S: I’ll probably be left alone by myself again. When I think about it I….
K: Shirotani-san? What’s wrong?
S: Ah it’s nothing.

(T/N: Don’t cry Shiro bby <3 T__T)

Page 15
K: Did you push yourself too much today?
S: No that’s not it.
K: I ‘m sorry about my joke earlier
S: He said it with such a sad voice…
Kurose-kun has said many times that he likes me. The one who’s hurting now is me.
Flashback : Don’t throw me aside please
S: I’m the one who made Kurose have such a sad expression.

Page 16
S: How should I say this for you to understand. Before I met Kurose-kun, I’ve always felt restless about everything. My head’s filled with thoughts and before I knew it, all the things I didn’t like that you taught me, I’ve forgotten them"

Yes, I’m still alive. XD I’ve been busy with traveling for work and being in otome cd hell. Discord can attest to that. Anyways this is quite the chapter. We finally have the kiss we always wanted! I couldn’t be happier! Although it’s all backwards, it looks like we’ll be waiting for Shirotani to admit his feelings and confess to Kurose <3 Enjoy the translation with screenshots~ See you all in the next chapter. 

The question had crossed his mind over and over and he’d known that once it was out of his mouth there’d be no taking it back. But it was impossible to keep the words from spilling out now that she was next to him, her cheeks flushed with giddy happiness and her eyes glazed over. The words were like an avalanche, gathering speed and bound to bury the two of them. He couldn’t stop them. Didn’t want to. They’d been haunting him long enough.
“Does he make you feel good?” Her face fell, then paled, then scrunched up. The poison lacing his voice was unmistakeable.
“You wouldn’t understand.” But he would. He would understand, because she’d been a radiant person before she met that guy and now she was a dimmed flame, a shadow of her former self. “He makes me feel weak,” she said simply and smiled shyly, like feeling weak was a good thing. “My knees fail me when we kiss. I can hardly breathe.” It hurt. Hearing her say things like this hurt him more than he’d like to admit, more than he could bear. “He shouldn’t make you feel this way,” he said quietly, deliberately avoiding her gaze. In that moment, he knew what he’d see if he looked at her: that stubborn tilt to her jaw that he adored, the feigned hardness in her eyes. “He should make you feel strong. With every kiss and every touch, he should make your world brighter, he should ease your worries and assure you. You should be happy. You should be told that you deserve the world every single day and that the world does not even begin to deserve you. You should love someone who shows you how much they love you with every breath you take.” And I would do this for you, he added quietly, unwillingly. Because he couldn’t say it out loud, never. She was happy. It was a wrong kind of happiness, he knew, but with that he couldn’t help her. It wasn’t his place to take that happiness away from her. It wasn’t his place to shatter what she had built for herself, even though it was a path to destruction.
—  excerpt
Kara Supercorp ramble
  • Kara: I think Lena is kryptonite
  • Alex: you mean you think shes Kryptonian?
  • Kara: no like she is actually kryptonite, like made from kryptonite
  • Alex: Kara that doesn't make any sense
  • Kara: it makes perfect sense, her mother and brother hate aliens and Clark especially and me to now, Lena was 'adopted' into the Luthor family.
  • Alex: and you were adopted into ours
  • Kara: and I'm an alien! Not to mention her gorgeous green eyes that draw me into a trance every time I look into them. Think about it Alex, her family, her eyes, the fact that whenever I'm around her I feel weak in my knees and my heart pounds like crazy what other explanation is there?
  • Alex: well here's a crazy idea but maybe...
Muse - “No Skills”

hi guys!!! here’s the next part to the series :) (aka part 2 to this post)

i’m about to put a link to a masterlist so it’ll be easier to navigate (masterlist with a grand total of 2 pieces)

ANOTHER HEIGHTS REFERENCE TITLE i know guys it’ll make sense the further along we get (unless ur already onto me)

anyways - like i said i am a newbie so any and all feedback is appreciated (roast me if u want)

summary: man, he was cute. right? he was so cute! he was sweet and tall and so so so cute and his name was… oh my god what was his name?

word count: 3150+ lmao

warnings: swearing bc i’m a sinner and even more motherfucking smiling (lin’s smile makes me weak in the knees and that translates in2 my work sorry about it)

oh god here we go

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