make me wanna take a bath


Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: @itsanerdlife​ said she wanted bathtub smut based on that one gifset of clark getting in the bath with lois, and i was happy to deliver <3 (I hope you like it!)

A/N: so this was fun guys…ALSO the nerf gun thing in this is based on a real video i saw but i can’t find it for the life of me and i’m so mad…so if you know where it is i will literally love you forever…that’s all. also sorry this is so late…. :( also (also) pls ignore the awful title i am shit at them

Warnings: nsfw, bathtub smut, nerf guns

Words: 2668

Tags:@yourtropegirl @daybreak96

The front door to your and Steve’s shared apartment slams shut behind you, and you lean against it for a second.  “Fuck,” you curse quietly, pulling the disgustingly uncomfortable shoes off and tossing them into the middle of the floor.  You drop your purse and jacket on the floor, knowing Steve will give you those “eyebrows of disappointment,” but you were honestly too tired to care.  You trudge through the living room, dead on your feet and cursing Stark for being so demanding.  Working with the Avengers was exciting, but God was it hard on your feet.

You finally reach your room, where Steve is sitting against the headboard of your bed, files and papers spread out around him. He glances up at you and smiles. “Hey, Princess.  How was your day?”

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Monster Rp starters

(This is for like monster people and Au’s, not something like a person so horrible they’ve become a monster)

“Hey you got your feathers all through my jacket again!”

“Did you just…eat that mouse…?”

“I just ate a mouse and I feel sick”

“Stop chasing your tail, your a grown (man/women/adult)”

“I know you love me but please let go of me, I can’t breathe”

“Jesus your a lot taller then I thought you were”

“Are you…making a nest? Why?”

“Do you need help putting your contact in?”

“What’s it like only having one eye?”

“So if your stomach has a mouth does that mean it eats too?”

“Your pointy ears are adorable”

“Please don’t steal my soul, I have class in like an hour and the soul stealing thing takes all day”

“Stop scratching the couch oh my god”

“Screw you I’m gonna scratch the couch if I want to”

“Please stop touching the light bulb, I know it’s pretty but you keep hurting yourself”

“Hey can you help me find my (body part)”

“Do you need help looking for (body part)”

“Hey I’ve lost my body! Help me look for it before it does something stupid!”

“Why are you eating catnip?”

“I just ate catnip and can’t feel my legs”

“Hey throw the toy I wanna catch it!”

“I don’t want to throw the toy…ugh fine give it here”

“I know it’s supposed to be cold today but the sun is out and if I go outside I’m probably going to catch on fire”

“I can make snow from my hands! Wanna see?!”

“Wow you can use magic?! Can you teach me!?”

“I know I’m not supposed to like a human, but I’ll make an exception because your cute”

“I just wanna tie you up in my web and cuddle you forever!”

“I need water, I’m getting dehydrated and I’m starting to smell like dead fish”

“I accidentally got slime all over your wall when I tried to kill a fly…I’m sorry”

“Hey it’s okay, it’s just a bit of slime”

“I accidentally set your clothes on fire when I was trying to fold them”

“Hey scratch my ear it’s itchy and you don’t have claws”

“I may or may not have got fur all over your couch when me and (random name) where playing”

“I accidentally broke your door and I’m sorry but maybe get a stronger door next time”

“This is the sixth door this month, stop slamming them please”

“Is it rude to ask if I could ride on you back?”

“What do you mean you want to ride me? I’m not a horse, well I mean, I’m not THAT kind of horse”

“How do you stop yourself from decaying? I mean, you are kinda dead after all”

“What’s it like having six tails?”

“Here, sit down and I’ll brush your wings”

“How did you get flees? Oh well time for a bath huh?”

“I wanna cuddle but I’m kinda scared I’ll crush you, so maybe you just sit in my lap and I hold you?”

“Hey I’m thirsty can I have some of your blood? Just to hold me off until we get home”

“Hey can you turn on the air conditioning? I know it’s like twenty degrees but I think I’m gonna melt”

“Hey pay attention to me! I want love!”

“I came here to get your soul but honestly I feel like if I take it, it’ll just Make me sad”

“Please take my Soul I’m so depressed”

“So I may or may not have accidentally broke my neck when I feel off the roof sooo, surprise! I’m a ghost now”

Dripping Wet

Prompt: Captain Boomerang is on a week long heist. Too make the best of it he brings his girlfriend along, almost like a romantic getaway. 

Prompt Request # 40: daisygonzalezmexican - “Wanna take a bath with me?”

Pairing: Digger Harkness X  Fem!Reader

Warnings: Explicit sexual content and language

Originally posted by robinwarx

“Babe!” Came Digger’s booming voice from inside the hotel suite. “-’Ey babe, where are ya?”

“In here!” You hummed in delight and wiggled around in the water. Currently residing in heaven, you sat back and waited for Digger to open the bathroom door to find you comfortably sprawled out in the bathtub.

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(Pure, unadulterated feel-good comfort stuff, because sometimes you just need it. Post-episode 94 but spoilers are minimal.)

Vex'ahlia sleeps like the dead, blissfully free of dreams or emotions until she feels familiar, clever hands working at her armor. She groans, reluctant to return to consciousness, but can’t deny the relief each time a piece of stiff, mud-caked leather is pulled from her aching skin.

So she lets Percy turn her, rolling from nearly face-down onto her side so he can reach the clasps down the front. He leans over her, bed creaking. His lips ghost across her temple and settle by her ear.

“I’ve drawn a bath for you.”

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anonymous asked:

Okay so like imagine, Taehyungie surprising you by coming home early with a box of chocolates and roses. Aw, when you open the door he'd smile so bright and say "Hello gorgeous" and of course you'd be emotional because you haven't seen him in 6 months. The closest thing to communication you guys have had were quick messages to each other. Tae would of course kiss you and hug you like the big teddy bear he is (pt1)

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When I miss my daddy;
I color him pictures!
I find cute quotes for him!
I do the tasks he tells me!
I write cute words!
I cuddle with my stuffies!
I take cute selfies!
I scroll through Facebook and tumblr!
I take a nap!
Sometimes I’m forced to adult and run errands!
I write letters!
I think about future things I wanna do!
I wish list shop on amazon!
I message daddy to let him know I love and miss him oh so much!
I make sure I eat and follow my rules!
I play with my animals!
I play my video games!
I brainstorm fun activities to do!
I take a relaxing bath, with bubbles and Disney music!
I listen to music!
I talk to my best friend whom is also a little!
Even with all of these things to keep me busy, I still miss him tons! 🌹⚓🌹⚓

Lost & Wild Special Edition: Blue’s Valentine

So I’m a few days late, but had to get private feedback first (<3 you guys)

Rated: M ( for a little bit of steeeeam)

Blueberry Gypsy Brown busied her chubby little fingers on the construction paper. She held the crayon as best she could, attempting to keep her scribbles to a minimum. She hunched over her little kiddie table, her tongue hanging out her mouth in deep concentration. The wood floor was littered with her previous attempts; the hearts were the wrong color; the hearts were the wrong shape; there were too many hearts; there weren’t enough hearts.

“If there aren’t enough, just add more.” Harper had encouraged her daughter.

“NOOOOOOOO! Mommy…just-give-me-new-paper.” Blue had insisted. Harper gave in, shaking her head as she handed another piece over. She rubbed the soft, velvety hair of her little baby boy, Joshua Bam Bam Brown, Jr. as he calmly laid his head against his mother’s shoulder. He did things at a much different pace than his headstrong sister. He hadn’t tried to walk, but didn’t matter as he much preferred to be held and loved on rather than be independent.

“You are as stubborn as your Daddy.” Harper teased Blue, going back to working in the kitchen where she could watch over her daughter.

“But at least I’m as pretty as you!” Blue batted her eyelashes, fully aware she was being impishly sarcastic. Harper laughed, shaking her head as she sipped her herbal tea, wishing that little J.B. would nap soon. He kept rubbing his eyes and laying his head down, but he was refusing to actually nap. Usually there was a trick or two to getting him to lie down, and that was Harper singing his favorite lullabies and violin playing by her temporarily absent husband, Bam.

The brothers and their father, Billy, had embarked on a hauling trip a few days prior and were due back any moment. The weather had been sketchy at best, February was after all an unpredictable time of year in the southeast Alaskan waterways. It was hard not to worry, even with as busy as chores and the children kept her. In those rare moments of levity, she would fret. Those nights she slept in the middle of the bed, her hand on the spot where his head normally laid, she’d worry.

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I will not fail this test!

(montse-marquez-almrcha)Can I request an one shot of Elijah Mikaelson: you’re trying to study history but Elijah is telling you that all the dates in the book are wrong and he doesn’t let you study, but when you get tired of him and study he prepares you a bath I’m sorry this took so long montse-marquez-almrcha😟 and I hope it was what you wanted. Don’t hate me if it wasn’t please😓😳😦 —–x——

You have a history exam the next morning. The problem is, as good as you are at sudying, you’ve left it till the last minute. And your boyfriend is a thousands of years old asshole who won’t let you get the fuck on with it!

“What on earth are these lies that they are attempting teaching you (y/n), this is horrendous. It’s so bad I have the uncontrollable urge to set it on fire and throw it out the window.” Elijah had come in whilst you were studying, picked up one of your books, flipped through a few pages before proceeding to distract you with complaints that it’s incorrect. “You will control the urge to mess with my books. Stop complaining Elijah and let me study please, my exam is tomorrow.” “But (y/n) it’s wrong. You’re learning incorrect information. How is that not a cause for complaint.”

That’s when you lost it. You know it’s probably more stress than anything but you’d reacted before you even realise what you had said. “I don’t care if every last word in this book is wrong, I am not failing this test! This is the information given to me. This is what’s gonna be on the test, so this is what I’m gonna study! If you wanna be helpful get me food or something but otherwise GO! AWAY!”

He looked at you for a few moments before he nodded at set the book back on top of the please. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and just left. You put in your earphones and could finally study in peace. You had immersed yourself so much in history you barely noticed when Elijah came and brought you food and water. Which was a good thing because otherwise you would have forgot. —x— Four hours later your brain was dried but you only had 10 minutes left. Muttering as much you finished organising the last of your notes before flopping down on the bed. That when Elijah came in and coaxed you to your feet. “Come on ‘lijah I just really wanna sleep right now.” “I know (y/p/n) but just trust me this will make you feel better.” Reluctantly you followed the vampire towards the bathroom. Where there was a bath running. With bubbles. And candles. And music. “You seemed stressed so I thought this would help. You can relax and take some time to yourself.” Elijah said as he grabbed your hands. You smiled slightly before you pressed a kiss to his lips and started pulling off his jacket. “You are the most perfect boyfriend ever. And I love you so I’m taking this bath alone.” He smiled and started unbuttoning his shirt.

When you were both in the bath all you did was talk, For hours and splashed each other. Then you just sat, leaning against his chest as he played with your hands and you realised how relaxed you were, that his plan worked

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It’s Tuesday and here are two new inbox games for you!

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Inbox Game 1: Send in a 💖 to give my muse a smooch!

Inbox Game 2: Monster Starters 

  • “Did you just…eat that mouse…?”
  • “I just ate a mouse and I feel sick.”
  • “Stop chasing your tail, you’re a grown man!”
  • “I know you love me but please let go of me, I can’t breathe…”
  • “Are you…making a nest? Why?”
  • “Your pointy ears are adorable.”
  • “Please don’t steal my soul, I have a meeting in like an hour and the soul stealing thing takes all day.”
  • “Stop scratching the couch oh my god!”
  • “Screw you I’m gonna scratch the couch if I want to!”
  • “Hey I’ve lost my body! Help me look for it before it does something stupid!”
  • “Why are you eating catnip?”
  • “I just ate catnip and can’t feel my legs.”
  • “Hey throw the toy I wanna catch it!”
  • “I don’t want to throw the toy…ugh fine give it here.”
  • “I know it’s supposed to be cold today but the sun is out and if I go outside I’m probably going to catch on fire.”
  • “I can make snow from my hands! Wanna see?!”
  • “Wow you can use magic?! Can you teach me!?”
  • “I just wanna tie you up in my web and cuddle you forever!”
  • “I accidentally got slime all over your wall when I tried to kill a fly…I’m sorry.”
  • “I accidentally set your clothes on fire when I was trying to fold them.”
  • “I may or may not have got fur all over your couch when me and (random name) where playing.”
  • “I accidentally broke your door and I’m sorry but maybe get a stronger door next time.”
  • “How do you stop yourself from decaying? I mean, you are kinda dead after all.”
  • “Here, sit down and I’ll brush your wings.”
  • “How did you get flees? Oh well time for a bath huh?”
  • “I wanna cuddle but I’m kinda scared I’ll crush you, so maybe you just sit in my lap and I hold you?”
  • “Hey I’m thirsty can I have some of your blood? Just to hold me off until we get home.”
  • “Hey pay attention to me! I want love!”
  • “I came here to get your soul but honestly I feel like if I take it, it’ll just make me sad.”
sam for the first half of until dawn
  • sam: i just wanna take a hot bath
  • sam: you guys have fun i have a date with a hot bath
  • sam: i see a hot bath in my future
  • sam: let me take a fucking bath
  • sam: my number one priority on this annual outing with friends is to take a hot bath
  • sam: i just want to take a bath in this grungy dusty bathroom
  • sam: i don't even need lights or to make sure this is safe i want my HOT BATH

- Blind!Dean being in a relationship with Castiel

- Cas starting reading out his favorite book to Dean

- Dean becoming really invested in the story and annoying Cas constantly so that he’d read more

- Sometimes he reads to him as Dean is taking a bath and slowly falling asleep at Cas’s low voice and then Cas stops reading and just stares at Dean because he’s so pretty

- “Hey Cas, I wanna know what happens next” “Dean. It’s 5 in the morning. The sun isn’t even up.” “I don’t care, I’m blind. Now read to me. Please.”

- Castiel always ending up reading to him no matter the time

- Cas getting him the audiobook and finding the CD in the bin the next day, which makes him really sad until Dean tells him “No no no, I love the book, I didn’t like the voice. You’re the only one who can read it properly.”

- Castiel reading to Dean as they’re laying in bed, and he suddenly stops and say “I want to kiss you.” but Dean’s like “you’re not getting away with it, you WILL finish this chapter.”

- The both of them running into Sam and they both look very tired so Sam says with a smirk “not doing much sleeping, are we?” and Castiel is like “Yeah…” and Dean starts excitedly explaining the plot of the book to Sam

- Sam buying a copy of the book to keep up so they can all talk about it

- Charlie making fun of them and calling it Book Club until they rope her into it

- Dean and Cas going on vacation and Cas doesn’t want to take the book, but Dean wants to sneak it anyway but he mistakes the novel for a cookbook that was laying on Castiel’s night stand

- When Cas laughs because of his mistake and start jokingly reading out pasta recipes, Dean asks why it was on his night stand and Cas explains that he was reading it because he wanted to make apple pie for Dean

- Cas finding a braille version of the book and buying it for Dean and sticking a ring on the cover because he wants to marry that beautiful man who mistakes novels for cookbooks and is way too enthusiastic about literature

- But dean is so excited about the book that he makes the ring fly and he doesn’t realize and Cas is like “WAIT NO” and jumps out of the chair at the café they’re sitting at

- And Dean doesn’t understand why he just heard Castiel jumping to run after something?


- “What did?”


- “What ring?”

- “The one I was trying to give to you!”

- “Why are you trying to give me a ring?”


- “Blind as in stupid or as in… Well, blind?”


- “oh”

- “Well??”

- “Well what?”


- “I mean of course… Who else will read to me until 2am?”

- “Dean Winchester I swear to god.”

Avenging Angel: Part 4

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1557

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2 – Part 3

“You have five minutes.”

Be polite, you reminded yourself and forced out a tight smile, even though you desperately wanted to punch the guard. He’s just doing his job.

You sat on the cold, metal chair and picked up the phone. On the other side of the glass, you father did the same.

“Daddy, what the hell happened yesterday? I thought your lawyer had some grand plan to prove your innocence?”

He merely shrugged. Beneath the orange jumpsuit, you could tell that he’d given up. There was no more fight left in him. Once the judge announced the guilty sentence in the courtroom yesterday, your father had lost his hope. “Life just works out this way sometimes, honey bear.”

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So last night when I was thinking of soft, happy things to help me sleep, my brain came up with this:

So we all know that Roadhog has approximately more Pachimari plushies than he can count. He loves them and takes good care of them. But what if Junkrat wanted to cuddle with them?

I dont think that Roadhog would deny him, that’d be unnecessarily mean, but I do think he’d be wary. He doesnt wanna get soot and grime all over his perfect and immaculately taken care of plushies. He’s got two options, really. Either make Junkrat bathe first every time he wants to cuddle a Pachimari, or let him have one of his own.

I like to think he goes with the latter. It’s easier, at least.

So he hands Junkrat one of the Pachis but before letting go he tells Junkrat that this is Junkrat’s Pachimari, that its okay if it gets dirty because it’s his and not Roadhog’s and what he does with his own Pachimari is his own choice but that Roadhog isn’t going to give him a second one if this one gets ruined (he’s a nice guy but his Pachi collection are his babies!).

Junkrat takes it VERY seriously.

His Pachimari gets dirty pretty much instantly (he nuzzles it and his face is a sooty mess) but he always makes sure to clean anything that would leave a particularly bad stain. Its surprisingly stain free, for one of his possessions, because of this. It’s just dingey, really, with ground in soot.

His Pachi gets rips occasionally but he’s good about sewing them up. Roadhog jokingly calls it a Frankenpachi and Junkrat laughs hysterically before asking what that means.

One time it catches on something and a seam rips and it loses most of it’s fluff. They’re high tailing it out of their most recent safe house and cant save the fluff and when they can finally stop, safe again, Roadhog can see that Junkrat is trying really hard not to cry. He assures him that the Pachimari can be saved, that you can actually buy more fluff at craft stores.

They raid a craft store the next night. (Roadhog also steals several bolts of Pachimari themed and piggy themed fabrics. And they take all the thread and most of the patches and for some reason Junkrat thinks fat quarters are hilarious so he takes them all.) When they get back to where they’re staying with their newest haul, Junkrat pulls out his sad, deflated Pachimari and starts shoving fluff back into it. He ends up overstuffing it before sewing it back up but he cackles as he squeezes it lovingly saying he always liked bigger cuddly things anyway, throwing a wink in Roadhog’s direction.

I just. Really love this idea my head came up with. Roadhog has his beautiful pristine Pachis and Junkrat has his dingey and overstuffed Pachi and they love all of their cute tentacle turnip plushies so much!

Best Period Ever

Characters: Sam, Reader

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of periods. Fluff.

Words: 559

Author’s Note: This fic is dedicated to one of my girls, @jared-padaloveme Keep on being amazing.

Request: “So I don’t know if you take requests, but if you do, can you make me one? I’ve had a really rough day and it’s the first day of my period. Can I have a fluffy Sammy one with him taking care of me and stuff, please? If you don’t take requests, I understand. And I don’t want anything long or anything, just some fluffy little one shot/Drabble or whatever. 😘😘😘😘”

I wake up with Sam shaking me lightly.

“Y/N? Hey, babe, you gotta get up.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” I ask turning my head towards my sleepy boyfriend.

“Nothing. I ran you a bath.” He says, a smile appearing on his pink lips. He says something so strange like it’s the most casual thing ever.

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past midnight - luke hemmings (part 3)

luke somehow gets into the habit of meeting a beautiful girl in various slightly strange situations at various slightly strange hours of the night, and somehow ends up falling for her along the way

part 1 / part 2 

‘Hey asshat, you gonna take this shot or do i need to shove it up your-?’ Michael called to Luke over the sounds of the party.  

'Always the charmer, Mike.’ Luke cut him off with a roll of his eyes before downing the shot in question.

'The chicks love it.’ Michael replied with a grin, before noticing a guy with dishevelled dark blonde hair eyeing him from the opposite side of the room. 'And the dudes too apparently…be right back.’ he said distractedly, already walking away from Luke.

'Hey Lu, where did Michael go?’ Kayla suddenly appeared at Luke’s side, helpfully handing him another drink.  

'Gone to get his dick sucked. Or suck a dick. Couldn’t really tell which way it was gonna go yet.’ Luke chuckled, looking around to confirm his suspicions that Michael and the blonde stranger had already dissapeared together.

'Better than I’m doing tonight.’ Kayla sighed defeatedly.

'I don’t believe that considering how gorgeous you’re looking.’ Luke took a sip of his drink as he raked his eyes over Kayla’s body appreciatively.

'I told you to stop doing that.’ Kayla whined, although quickly breaking into giggles as Luke winked at her teasingly. 'Anyway, I thought you had your sights set on Y/N.’ she grinned. Luke winced internally as he remembered waking up alone on the couch two weeks ago, the scent of Y/N still clinging slightly to his t-shirt from where she’d slept pressed against him.  

'Speaking of, where is she tonight?’ he asked, desperately trying to keep his tone casual.

'I think I saw her go upstairs a while ago with her boyfriend.’ Kayla shrugged.

'I’m sorry with her what?’ Luke asked. 'Sorry it’s just I thought you said-’

'Her boyfriend.’ Kayla repeated, a slight frown creasing her brow. 'Holy shit that little-she did tell you about him right?’ she asked as realisation, frustration and then pity flashed through her eyes in quick succession.

'No.’ Luke said hollowly. 'She didn’t.’  

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Gosh I really just wanna fall in love ….. I want a girl that’s gonna make me be like “ wow, shit I’m in love ! ” I want to just look into you’re eyes and see how beautiful they are 😍 I want like just warm tight soft hugs from my babe. I want kisses on my lips and my neck 👄 I want some sweet romantic moments with you, like to dance in the kitchen with our special songs. I want to sing to you even if I’m a horrible singer ! I want to show you the real me and you show me the real you. I want an us. I want good loving efforts, and most of all I will always want you. :) I want to come see you in person with our hands holding for the first time, I want to feel excitement to see you babe. I want you to sing cute songs to me, I want to hear you call me baby, and you to call me you’re girl. I want to call a girl mine…. I want a girl that will come up behind me and just grab my waist and make me feel that good warmth of love and happiness from this special girl. I want to look at you and smile, I want to sing random songs to you that make me think of you. I want to drive in the car with her hand holding my hand. I want you in my arms, I want to lay in you’re arms too. I really want you especially… I want to lay in bed with you next to me, and I want sweet warm cuddles, I want the best kisses…. I want hand holding all the time. I wanna be you’re only dream girl, and I want to be you’re lover. I want us to last and I want to be so happy. I want long beautiful sunsets with you at the lovely moments. I want to just look at you and stare with my heart beating and my hand grabbing you’re hand. I’m wanting so much effort too. I want breasts touching, lip biting, butt rubbing, teasing, make outs, I want a special time with you, I want to see the real you … I want to just have a real lasting love…. I want to just look at you and be like “ omg she’s so hot, and I’m so lucky she’s my girlfriend ” I want to make a girl feel so special, but yet I want a girl to make me feel so loved…. I want to fall really deep in love right now ! I want moments of you looking at me and me smiling at you… I want to see her look into my eyes and tell me she loves me, and that all she wants is me. I want her to be honestly in love with me. I want to grab her hand and just feel warmth and love. I want to let everyone know how lucky I will be, I am patiently waiting for someone special, I have no idea where you are girl but no matter distance or city I wanna be with you. I want a girl to meet in person for the first time and her kiss me and is just touch hands for the first time and us to have a moment. I keep dreaming of love and I imagine it will feel good to be happy with someone. I keep craving that sweet love :) I so wanna just talk with a girl and fall, I want to make memories, I want to talk about anything with you… I want to not be afraid to fall for someone. You will make me feel happy everyday girl. I can’t wait to call someone mine one day! I’m so excited omg !!! I want to just tell you about me and you tell me, I want to know everything about you my future one. I want to just eat food with you, I want to make brownies at 1 am with you kissing my lips and I want to kiss you’re lips at the right moment. I want to wake up early in the morning just to see you my beautiful future girl. I want to make breakfast for you, so I know you have the best breakfast ever. I want to make you laugh whenever I try to be funny, I want you to laugh at me at random cute times. I want you to tell me I’m so cute ! Grab my hand anytime, and kiss my lips softly… Make me feel moments girl….. I really wanna be in love so badly. I want to smile everyday Bc knowing I’ll be in love. One day I’ll find this love… And it will be so worth waiting for. And this love will work out, me and you will always be together… I know it’s hard to be alone but I am one day gonna be in love which makes me happy. I want to just be up at midnight taking a bath or shower with you and us seeing how we really are. I want to bring you flowers my lovely girlfriend, I want to watch tv shows with my head laying on you’re chest and our hands holding softly yet tight. I want so many things with you, I want to love you girl. I want to fall in love with you, and you to be with me only. I want you to want me and me wanting you. I want to is all I keep saying yet one day I will say I have. And to whoever this girl will be I will let her know this is her … I’ll tell her one day. This is our happiness and we will always work. We are meant to be girl, and we can make forever happen I know it. Thanks for listening and believing in me btw, and for support and for being there each moment I need you. I will always be there for you and I will make sure you are happy and loved too. I really do love you! I’m so so in love with you …. ~ You’re future girlfriend Kelby

fucking shit how much of a mess can i be, i walked FOUR TIMES to the bath room and back, each time forgetting to BRING MY TOWEL WITH ME 

anyone wanna place bets that i’ll end up taking the shower and then realizing i still don’t have a towel with me

A Horrible Day (Or What Happens Afterward)

Summary: Marinette has a horrible day at work, shall we see what Adrien has planned to make her feel better?

Rated: M

THIS IS FINALLY DONE! I’ve been working on this for weeks! Anyway, Title’s a little off (hense the sub-title) cause I realized this is more what happens after the fact then actually narrating Mari’s horrid day…but then title wouldn’t fit in with the first of this series and I like titles that go together. Second Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! *pst*It has sin in it, be warned. XP

I own nothing.


The night air was cool and calm as Marinette Agreste dragged her feet down her home’s walkway. Her shoulders were visibly slumped and her usual vibrant eyes were dull with fatigue, it hadn’t been the best day at work. She groaned as she reached the door, slowly shuffling inside before leaning heavily on it as it closed. Tikki hovered out of her purse just before she dropped it on the floor as she sighed. The tiny red sprite gently nuzzled her cheek, to which the designer attempted to return, before fluttering off to the kitchen.

Taking a moment to compose herself, thoughts drifting to falling asleep and forgetting the day, Marinette took a step forward only to notice something. The house was silent, with only the foyer and a soft light in the kitchen on.

“Adrien?” She called, wandering a little more inside before noticing something on the hallway curio.

A red rose sat there with a small note tied to it. Curious, and momentarily forgetting her exhaustion, Marinette picked it up, taking a whiff of the soft scent before reading the tag.

Follow the roses~

She blinked, wondering what her kitty was up to, before wandering deeper into their home. She found the next rose on the floor, bloom pointed toward the staircase and picked it up. Making her way over she found the next flower on the banister. Adding it to her collection, she began to climb the stairs, pausing at the top to find another rose. A few more were placed down the hallway and as she followed them, the heroine finally tuned into the soft music coming from her and Adrien’s room. Pushing the door open, a look of awe overcame her face as her eyes followed the trail of rose petals to the bed, where her husband stood waiting, smiling fondly at her.

“Welcome home, My Lady.”

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Harry had never seen you in such a state before. Sure, you had gotten tipsy in the past.. But this was just on a whole other level! 

“Y/N? Can yeh walk in a straight line?” Harry asked cautiously, raising an eyebrow as you got up onto your feet with a dopey smile on your face. 

“Of course I can!” You hiccuped, squinting your eyes a little before you took a step and immediately stumbled over, Harry grabbing you before you could hit the floor. “Did I do it?” 

“Uh.. Not exactly. How about- Oh! How many fingers am I holding up?” Harry held up all ten fingers with a wary smile. He kind of knew you were already long gone by the way your eyes kept flicking over to anything else besides him. 

“At least twenty fingers, you alien!” You slurred, tapping Harry on the nose and giggling as he let out a breath. 

“Okay, remind me never to leave you alone by the bar ever again.” He murmured to himself, sitting down in front of you. “I’m not bein’ such a great friend, letting you get completely shit-faced! When we get back t’ the hotel, ‘m gonna run yeh a nice bubble bath so that you can relax, and I’ll make some coffee for yeh, and we’ll have to stop by a pharmacy cos I don’ have any painkillers with me right no-” 

“I wanna kiss you.” You blurted out, Harry’s eyes widening immediately at your confession. 

“You- Y/N, you’re drunk. Yeh don’ know what you’re sayin’.” Harry cleared his throat, his cheeks heating up when you shifted closer to him. “We’re, um, we’re great friends, an’ we’ve been friends fo’ so long, so-”

“Don’t you wanna kiss me?” You asked innocently, taking note of the fact that Harry looked like he was about to pass out. You didn’t even give him a chance to respond before you had leaned forward and pressed your lips against his own, Harry freezing up. It was once you pulled away with a soft smile that Harry finally spoke up. 

“Oh, shit.” 


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