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Demon Children Present:
-Bad Memories-

Something I noted about the S2 Matsu announcement picture (that I may or may not be looking too deeply into) is that the boys aren’t wearing their standard hoodies.

…Okay so Ichi probably is, but the others’ outfits have caught my eye. Oso and Kara are wearing hoodies, but they’re not the hoodies. Meanwhile, Choro and Totty have completely new looks. And Jyushi isn’t wearing anything lol but seeing the stuff Choro’s holding up for him, none of them are Jyushi’s regular hoodie either.

In fact, none of their regular hoodies can be seen in the announcement picture (again, with maybe the exception of Ichi). There are various clothes on the racks behind them, but none of them look like the regular Matsu hoodie.

I may be completely wrong and might be looking too deeply into it, so don’t quote me on this, but… Maybe the boys’ default outfits in S2 won’t be their hoodies anymore? Maybe we’re looking at (for some at them, at least) their new default outfits?

I mean, we’ve had photos of the boys changing into different outfits outside of their default hoodies before, and we have so many alternate outfits for them already from official apps, merch, etc. So it probably isn’t anything new… But at the same time, that they’re doing this for the official S2 announcement has got me wondering if it means anything.

Tbh in my opinion, I really like the idea of their default outfits not being their hoodies again - and I also really like the idea of the boys’ default outfits being different from each other! It breaks the monotony of the almost-six same hoodies haha. Also in a way, it could symbolize the boys slowly finding their own identities completely separate from being identical sextuplets - Oso included - and that they’re slowly but surely growing up…?

…But of course, again, I could be wrong and the new outfits here might just be for promotional purposes :P (That or they actually will be new casual outfits for the boys in S2, just not their default ones.) It’s still a nice thought, though.


Thanks, Coug. I owe ya a cold one.

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I wish I had read your math struggling related answer when I was in high school and the general idea in my class was if you didn't get something the first tries you never could.

This is why I think certain subjects (but especially math) get a bad rap and people end up hating them because they’re not actually taught well. People have bad teachers who fail to grasp the idea that, newsflash, (1) people learn at different rates, and (2) pure memorization isn’t learning. This is especially true with math. Math is a different way of thinking about a problem. Most people aren’t going to be able to wrap their head around how to solve for a square root or take a derivative until they learn to think about what it is exactly that they’re doing. And that takes time. 

When I was in elementary school, I had a teacher that literally told my parents that I would never be good at math because I couldn’t figure out what she was teaching. Kinda want to look her up and mail her a copy of my master’s thesis.

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re: whether autism is an illness. autism is a disorder; not an illness! it's something we're born with and it's something that doesn't go away. it's not inherently bad and it's not something that hurts us. my autism doesn't make me think bad thoughts, it doesn't weaken my body, and doesn't threaten my life. autism is a disorder not because it's wrong, but because autistic people need accommodations that non-autistic people don't. the problem isn't autism, it's people refusing to accommodate us!

This was well said!! Thank you so much for this!


what am i

it is the year 2016 can we PLEASE stop acting like cigarettes are sexy and fun they’re so gross and they kill people and how is that not like romanticizing an addiction??

Seriously, though, if you feel that having thoughts or fantasies about horrible things – just the thoughts, not actions – is enough to make someone dangerous and a bad person, my blog is probably not the place for you.  I’m not going to ask you to unfollow, but if you believe that and you follow my blog, you’re not going to have a good experience here.  Not only am I a vocal advocate of the opposite point of view, but I personally have “bad” thoughts and fantasies all the time.  If you think my thoughts or fantasies make me a bad and dangerous person, why are you here on my blog?


jess mariano appreciation week : day seven -> anything you want; ten defining jess episodes


 Here it is! I’m sorry it took so long sweet! Much love and I hope you like it! <3 <3 <3

Ready To Go – Part 2

Brendon’s warm breath spread over my shoulder as he moaned, his hips snapped, sweat glistening on his perfect face, his hair flopping everywhere, brown eyes meeting my own through his fevered breathing. I gripped onto his back tightly, my nails beginning to dig into his back, scratching upwards harder than I had planned, I expected him to stop but he just groaned loudly in pleasure, his head back, eyes rolling, my stomach so tight I could barely contain myself.

“Jesus baby!” He growled slightly, gripping my hips tightly as he gave one last hard set of thrusts throwing me spiralling over the edge.

“Brendon!” I yelled, gripping tightly, scratching again without realising, feeling myself tightening around him, arching my back up against him, gripping desperately, yelling out in pleasure.

“Fuck! Y/N!” He moaned out in pleasure, low in my ear, I felt him throb hard inside me, cumming hard, both of us shaking in pleasure, he rode out both our highs, his head lulling into the crook of my neck, we both panted for a little, clinging to each other like we might lose each other again. He had just got back from a tour with Panic! The band had taken off and he seemed to always be away now, I think we both needed that out of our system. He rolled off of me, panting still, flopping onto his back.

“I need a cigarette.” He chuckled, sitting up and reaching for his jeans, I knew they likely had a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in the pockets.

“That’s a bad habit babe… and don’t smoke in my room!” I teased, he raised an eyebrow as he held one in his mouth, lighting it up anyway.

“Ah ah ah, technically this is my room too.” He lit it up and took a long pull, slumping back on the bed, we’d been together a little over a year now, I was in college and he was touring or recording most of the time, it was rare for us to get time together. The perks were he was renting an apartment, near my college, that I was living in, it took a lot of worries off of my shoulders, even though I hated relying on him financially. Their first album had gone insanely well and now they were working on the second, Brendon and Ryan were writing it together but this weekend he was all mine for a change. He closed his eyes as he smoked, running a hand through his hair, it was so much longer now, styled out so it covered his eyebrows, he looked so cute with it.

“Of all the habits you could have picked up it had to be smoking.” I grumbled, shuffling closer to him on the bed, snuggling against his chest.

“Oh Shhh it you, I smoked weed before anyway.” He exhaled deeply, smoke curling from his lips, his fingers dancing small circles on my arm, it felt so good to be with him again.

“I’m so glad you’re home.” I mumbled, feeling him pull me closer, putting his cigarette in the ash tray and pulling me in with both arms.

“Me too, I hate leaving, I wish you could come on tour with us.” He kissed my neck gently, his skin warm against my own.

“Me too Brendon… but I have to finish college first.”

“I know, you wanna get your college degrees and stuff first, and so you should. I know how much you hate relying on people for money.” He tickled my side gently, I couldn’t help but giggle, wriggling in his arms. “My miss independent over here.”

“I don’t want people to think I’m with you for money. That’s all, I want to show I can support myself.” He nodded to me, leaning down and pressing a kiss to my lips.

“I know, and that’s fine by me. You do what you gotta do. But this weekend you’re mine ok?” I nodded eagerly, huddling close to him. “Now let’s watch a movie or something.” I nodded, he chose a stupid movie to watch in bed, disappearing and coming back with snacks, his intentions to stay in bed all day were clear.

We settled for a stupid predictable rom-com, we loved watching them together and laughing at how stupid some of the story lines were.

“You know we shouldn’t really laugh, how we got together was pretty cliché.” I laughed, it was the typical romantic kiss scene on the screen.

“Well yeah I guess it was. The while best friends falling in love.” He looked down at me, pressing a kiss against my hair. I felt his warm hands on my back, holding me close to him, the movie kept playing as we cuddled up in bed, I’d missed him so much while he was on tour. He nuzzled into my neck, mumbling cute compliments into my ears, telling me he loved me, how I was beautiful, I looked up, meeting his dark puppy dog eyes, gazing down at me.

“I missed you.” I whispered, leaning up and pressing a gentle kiss to his lips, he smiled back, stroking my hair out of my eyes.

“I missed you too.” He mumbled as I climbed out of bed, slipping on my silky dressing gown to grab my perfume from the bathroom. After picking up my perfume I came back in, I smiled as I spotted the picture frame of us on top of a shelf as I was spraying my neck, I couldn’t resist tiptoeing up to pick it up, I turned round, Brendon was leaning on the headboard, hand rested his chin, biting his lip.

“What?” I asked innocently, realising how short my dressing gown was, it was only just covering my butt so I was guessing when I leaned up lip that it showed quite a bit more.

“You… you’re so sexy.” He groaned, leaning forward on the bed, I noticed the bulge in his boxers as soon as he moved. “You make me think bad thoughts baby.” He groaned, his voice husky, it sounded so dark and sexy, I hadn’t heard him like this before.

“Oh really, what thoughts are you referring to?” I teased, his eyes changed, unsure now, like he was contemplating something.

“What’s wrong?” I stood at the end of the bed, touching his cheek gently, he blushed, rubbing the scratches on the back of his neck.

“Well… I… umm… I wanted to ask you something.” He stuttered out, running a hand slowly through his hair.

“Talk to me baby.” I kissed him gently, stroking his cheek, leaning down to his lips.

“Well… do you ever wanna, try, new things?” He blushed as he spoke, sitting back on the bed, I tilted my head.

“What do you mean ‘new things’?” I smiled sweetly, perching on the end of the bed, I was intrigued by what he said, wanting to know what was going on in his head.

“Well… umm…” He blushed, his eye contact from me shifting to the bed sheets, I couldn’t resist touching his cheek gently, pulling his face up to face me.

“Tell me what you’re thinking baby.”

“I, um, I wanted to try, some more, like, kinky stuff.” His cheeks flushed pink, he looked so cute and nervous, I giggled, I had to admit I kinda did wanna try stuff like that.

“Actually, yeah, I do, what… kinda things did you mean?” I shuffled a little closer, biting my lip gently.

“Well, like… tying you up or blindfolding you, choking you, spanking you, me being dominant over you, I don’t know, you scratching or biting me, kinda, hard. God I sound like such a weirdo.” He sighed, shying away again.

“No! You don’t at all, I kinda, did want to try those things, they seem like they would be hot.” I giggled playfully, biting my lip, still wearing my dressing gown as I wriggled on the bed.

“Really?” He seemed to surprised by me saying that, I nodded, kneeling in front of him. “You want to? Like where do we start?” I shrugged, I didn’t know either, I had no clue at all.

“Well, I guess we just start with, kissing? And then we just go from there.” I giggled slightly at my own naivety, I smiled when he joined in, pressing his lips to mine gently, pulling me against him by my waist. He slid me into his lap, his hand ghosting over my legs, touching the bare skin, his tongue forcing my lips apart, stroking mine, his hands moving up my back and into my hair. He growled slightly against my lips, his hips grinding up against my ass, pulling me against him, loud growls filling my ears, driving me crazy, I held onto his shoulders, gripping him slightly. He held me close, I felt myself melt into him as he caressed my back and neck, rubbing all the spots he knew I liked, moaning into his mouth, he chuckled against my lips, gently pushing me off of his lap and standing.

“C’mere.” He teased, biting his lip at me, I complied, standing in front of him, his eyes changed, a flecks of black crossing his deep brown irises, he looked down at me, biting his lip as he pulled me closer. The tie of my dressing gown dangling loosely in front of me, I felt his hand pulling me closer by it, looking down at me, twirling the light coloured tie around his finger.

“You like this?” I tried to be sexy, swaying my shoulders slightly, biting my lip as I gave him innocent eyes, it seemed to get to him, his fingers sliding up my stomach and chest slowly, ending in my hair, playing with it between his fingers, like he did my dressing gown tie.

“Oh I like it, but I think it would look much better off.” His eyes raked up and down my body, eyes meeting mine finally, sliding his hand into my hair more forcefully. “Take it off.” He ordered me, his voice dark and commanding, it sent a shudder down my spine, I obeyed him, beginning to untie the string, letting the front of it fall open, he bit his lip, fingers curling in my hair slightly, the pulling sending another shiver through me. His free hand forcefully yanked it down my arms, letting it fall to the floor, smirking as he looked, nudging me back he pushed me onto the bed, sitting me down in front of him. He stepped back, pushing his boxers down his legs, kicking them off and standing in front of me.

I was so turned on already, the way he was looking at me driving me insane, I couldn’t handle this, this whole dominant thing was too much for me.

“You wanna make me feel good baby?” His tone slightly teasing in my ears, making me shudder as his hands slid back into my hair, I nodded, biting my lip as our eyes met, he stepped closer to me, his cock just in front of my face, he looked down smirking. “Go on then baby, make me feel good.” I complied, sliding my lips down over him, moaning as I felt him hard in my mouth, he moaned out too, watching my head bob up and down against him, biting his lip. He left me to my own devices at first, simply watching and moaning as I swirled my tongue over the tip, pushing my head down all the way the right back up again, I kept teasing intentionally, moaning so my mouth vibrated against him, he growled at my agonizingly slow pace. I felt his hand slip to the back of my head, gently guiding me into a faster pace, spit beginning to build up in my mouth, he started only guiding me but I began to feel his hand push harder, gripping my hair. I couldn’t lie I was actually enjoying him controlling it, him hitting the back of my throat making me moan out, he growled, beginning to move me more aggressively, gripping my hair tight. He stopped, me moving his own hips instead, he moved fast and hard, gaining moans from me as I gripped his hips, I gagged a little but it only seemed to spur him on, hips moving fast and hard. He pulled out suddenly, looking down at me biting his lip.

“Lie down.” He growled, I complied, he took one of his ties and fastened it round my wrists, shifting them so they were tied to the head board of the bed, he continued on, taking one of my black scarfs. “Lift your head baby girl.” I did as I was told, he fastened it around my eyes, I couldn’t see at all, feeling his hands slide over my skin, it felt so intense without my sight, I was so turned on by all this.

My body was on fire, tingling as he touched me, I couldn’t see so all I could feel was his hands, I was on my stomach, head turned to the side as he caressed my back and thighs, I gasped loudly when I felt his hand slap down on my ass hard. It hurt but it felt so good at the same time, the pain of it driving me insane, he did it again, harder this time, and again, I was a whimpering mess on the bed by this point, he kept touching my clit, sliding hid fingers inside me, rubbing my sweet spot, before pulling them back and slapping my thighs again.

“Please Brendon.” I gasped wriggling on the bed, he chuckled, his hands gripping me and flipping me onto my back, he shifted on the bed, I didn’t feel anything until his tongue licked one long strip up my clit, it felt amazing, I needed more so badly.

“You like that?” He licked again, lapping furiously for a few seconds before I felt him sit up, I was a quivering mess on our bed by this point.

“I need you.” I begged, he gripped my hips viciously, his hands squeezing my sides, yanking my down the bed so he pressed against my entrance, rubbing up and down slowly.

“Beg me for it girl.” He growled loudly as I lay on the bed, my arms pulled tight from the bar the were tied to, I whimpered on the bed as he inched inside me, pulling out almost instantly, my back arching. “I don’t hear you wanting it.” He teased, fingers running up my stomach slowly, watching my body tense and writhe as he stroked my flesh, unable to reach up to grip him, eyes covered by the black scarf tied over my eyes.

“Please! Please Brendon, I want you.” I whimpered desperately, writhing against the restraints on my wrists, he leant down to my ear, biting my earlobe softly.

“What do you want?” He whispered, biting again gently tugging on the flesh there, I shuddered desperately, my head lulled back gasping in pleasure.

“Just fuck me already!” I pleaded, he chuckled darkly groaning as he slammed into me, gripping my hips hard as his hips built up to a fast rhythm, growling above me. He held my arms taught as he moved, his hips slamming fast and hard, leaning above me as his hips moved, I could hardly move, my hips lifted up in his strong grip, his teeth gritted as he moved, clearly enjoying the pleasure, this whole dominance thing suited him, he’d slipped into the role quickly. The way he was behaving was so aggressive and intense, hands gripping at me, I could feel the warm stings on my thighs from his hands coming down against my skin, pulling my hair in fistfuls, the already dark bruises from his bites, I knew I’d be a bruised up mess tomorrow but it was way worth it. The insane pleasure I had gotten from all this was so intense, he seemed to enjoy me doing much of the same, biting and scratching the flesh of his neck and back, growling darker, more animalistic, I could barely think. I came back down to earth, his groans on top of me driving me crazy, hips snapping hard and fast into me, he leant down, kissing my neck slowly, biting it a little, I took this is an opportunity to get back at him, sinking my teeth hard into the side of his neck, applying the same suction he had done to me. He growled loudly, throwing his head back his grip on me tightening as his thrusts sped up, I pulled my mouth back moaning loudly, tensing my arms against my restraint again, my back arching up against him, knowing I had left a mark even though I couldn’t see. I felt a hand move to the back of my head, pulling the bow on the scarf undone and practically tore it from my face. His manic eyes met mine, lusty and dark, his mouth hanging open as he moaned out, his hips bucking desperately on top of me, I could hardly breathe through pleasure.

“What was that huh?” He asked darkly, slowing down so he could meet my eyes, pulling my lip in between his teeth, I whimpered in pleasure as he moved, biting my lips at him, his hand slipping up to my throat, taking it in his hand. I felt him squeeze slightly, cutting off the blood for a moment, the rush shivered through my body, I could barely cope with the feeling, it sent every other sensation in my body into overdrive, his grip tightening again as he leant down to my face, pressing a hard kiss to my lips.

“Brendon…” I gasped, choked sounds being all I could muster through his grip, my back arching right up, he kept gripping my hips, yanking me downwards on the bed to stop me from moving, it was such a turn on.

“Mmmm yeah you moan my name.” He groaned above me, his eyes closing in pleasure, body tensing up over me, I felt my body tingling with pleasure, light headedness sending me reeling in pleasure. I struggled against the ties again, being able to see him made me want to touch him so much more, I desperately wanted the freedom of having my arms again, he smirked at me as he watched, his still slamming against me. “You want those back baby girl?” He teased, one hand still resting on my throat, only squeezing lightly now, I yelped out in pleasure as he slammed into my gspot, god you would have never believed this boy was a virgin when we got together.

“Yes…” I whimpered between yells of pleasure, sweating on the bed, my hair a matted mess around me, his eyes met mine as he kissed me hard, finally releasing my throat, I sucked in a long intake of breath my head coming back from the clouds.

“Ask nicely.” His stern tone made me shudder in pleasure, whimpering as I felt my stomach tightening up, I was getting closer and closer every move he made, pain seemed to much sweeter when sex was involved, the two sensations definitely complimented each other well.

“Please Brendon… please please please, I want my arms back.” I begged under him, straining my arms against the ties again. He complied this time, stopping to reach up and free my wrists, I gripping tightly to his back, clawing his flesh as his hips began to slam into my again, hitting my spot over and over as one hand slipped under my waist, pulling me up so my hips angled. He groaned as I scratched his back, eyes fluttering, I was so close I felt my head clouding over again, my muscles focusing on the pit of my stomach, gripping desperately to his body, I wanted to feel his skin against my own, pressing against me, I felt myself tightening around him.

“Cum for me.” He ordered, biting down on my neck, his hips speeding up again, pounding against me, the bed slamming into the wall, I came undone at his command, barely in control of my own body anymore, I’d given it all to him.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, throwing my head back as wave after wave of pleasure hit me, shuddering as I tightened around him over and over, his name the only legible thing I mumbled, he was throbbing and twitching in pleasure, his groaning growing louder above me.

“Come on… one more for me… I want you to cum with me.” He growled out, panting desperately as he gripped my body, one hand in my hair, gripping it to hold me still, the other squeezing my hip hard enough to bruise. I came down from my high, another wall of pleasure fast approaching, my stomach winding even tighter than it had before, I felt my muscles tensing on the bed, fingers grasping at the flesh of his back over and over, a loud whimpering sound escaping my lips. “Fuck baby… I’m so close.” He gasped in pleasure, his head lulling back as the throbbing inside me became more prominent, sweat covering both our bodies, completely immersed in each other. He growled, giving me one last hard burst of thrusts, slamming into my gspot over and over, yanking my hair so my throat was exposed, his teeth biting down hard, I couldn’t handle it, I screamed out, pleasure overtaking me again, stronger this time.

“Fuck! Brendon!” I screamed his name over and over, clawing at his back desperately, almost certain I might have drawn blood on his back, he gave a low, feral growl against my flesh, throbbing hard inside me.

“Y/N!” He groaned muffled against my throat, feeling him release inside me, warmth filling my body, I whimpered in pleasure as I came down, his hips moving slowly as he let go of my hair, head tucked into my shoulder as he shuddered. I felt his back muscles under my fingers, slowly beginning to relax, he came to a stop, neither of us speaking or moving, just shaking against each other. Finally he looked up, smiling weakly at me, his hair covering his eyes slightly, I swept it away with my hand, gently stroking his cheek, all the aggression had melted away, he seemed so loving now.

“Wow Brendon.” Was all I could muster, my breath slowly returning to normal as he rolled off of me onto his side, he gently ran his hands over my body, stroking the red marks and light bruises dotted over my body. “I didn’t know it could be like that.”

“I’m sorry… look at all these marks… I shouldn’t have been so rough.” He kissed me gently, continuing his movements, gently stroking my body, observing all the marks he had left on me.

“No… I liked it… it was way worth it.” I giggled slightly snuggling up to him, I couldn’t help by do the same, stroking the raised lines on his back from my nails, no blood thankfully so I didn’t have to feel too guilty, he did have a rather large purple bruise in the crook of his neck through. “Looks like I did just as bad to you. You have a huge hickey on your neck.”

“Shit really! Aren’t we seeing family tomorrow and we look like we’ve been kicking the shit out of each other.” He laughed slightly, pulling the covers over us on the bed, I cuddled up to his chest, nuzzling into his warm skin, I felt so tired now, so relaxed to be with him, he shuffled back to meet my eyes. “You can tell me if you didn’t like any of that stuff.”

“No…I did, trust me, I really did, you wouldn’t think you were a virgin when we got together hey?” I teased him slightly, earning a light chuckle, he smiled at me stroking my hair, his lips pressing to mine, so gentle and passionate this time, pulling me close to his body, hands caressing my skin, a small moan escaped him. He stood disappearing into the bathroom, I could hear water running, he came back in smiling at me, I had no idea what he was up to.

“What’re you doing babe? Come back to bed.” I sat up but he only perched on the end of the bed stroking my cheek.

“I’m running a bath for us, I owe you romance this time.” He kissed me again, I giggled playfully, so round three huh? This day in bed was suiting me just fine.

I hope you liked it! <3 <3

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i know this is more than likely not the case but some people have intrusive thoughts about drinking from certain materials.... my intrusive thoughts make me think drinking from plastic is bad and i cant drink from glasses at restaurants

oh i mean. this lady just wanted a mug we just don’t physically have any mugs and she wanted me to like, conjure up one

I wonder what are you doing now. What was your last meal and if you bought your favorite shirt that you once told me. Have you sat next to the man at the train station who’s reading your favorite book that you usually do? I hope you sleep well tonight. I hope there’s someone who would sing a song to you when you can’t sleep just like what i used to do for you. I hope your day went well just like mine and you’ll come safe.

As i sit in front of my laptop, i thought of sending you a message telling you how much i miss you, but i deleted every word because i realize that it’s not right to send you a message. I am contented browsing your page to know that you’re still there and keep myself updated to you.

I thought I’d let you know that I never finish a cup of coffee today because every sip of coffee reminds me of you. I want to tell you how i spent my day today and how i accidentally spill my coffee at a stranger sitting next to my table, yeah i’m clumsy and i know you’d laugh at me. Did i mention that i passed my major subject, here i’m already telling you, i guess if you’re here you owe me a box of pizza.

Silly me, i’m still thinking of you. I still care and i never stopped caring for you. I just miss you. I miss being with you. I miss the person you were before. I miss the feeling when i am with you. My heart’s missing you. I hope you’re okay. I hope you never forgot to smile and be happy to things you have. I hope i can hold your hand and be with you on your journey. But it can’t be, but i am still hoping that one day we’ll have the chance to be together when everything’s right and the timing is right for the two of us. I don’t believe that there’s a wrong person for us, maybe it’s just the time that’s not right. We had the right love but fate needs to separate our ways.

I miss you. I hope you miss me too because it makes me feel bad every time i think that we’re like strangers now.

i had a dream last night that i was a delinquent in the 100 and i was talking to everyone at the camp about how Bellamy was all grumpy and he never let anyone have fun and i was like “Bellamy? more like BelLAMEY” and we all laughed and then Bellamy heard me and put me on latrine duty for a month. i don’t think i’ve had a more real dream in my liFE


Ok this bit? Hugh Dillon finds time to cameo in a show CKR is in? And then they make these faces at each other?

Reminds me of that awesome fic Going Too Fast, Coming Undone by Spuffyduds which the author’s notes say is “wildly, extravagantly untrue” but y'know, I’m not so sure about that. Not sure at all.