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Sick of the Attention

* Hamilsquad × Reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: Can I have a hamilsquad x reader where the reader is sick and the boys try to make her comfy and feel better, but she really just wants to sleep and they’re making her worse so she just very grumpy and annoyed

A/N: yes I know I have other prompts, and I’m getting to them I swear! I was just sick and decided to get to this one first as I could easily write this one right now. I’ve got a slightly busy weekend but next week the work load lightens up. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

Word Count: 1,807


You sat up coughing. That was possibly the worst wake up call you could ask for. After that fit passed you tried to take a deep breath through your nose. That only resulted in a particularly disgusting noise as your nose was plugged. “Ugh.” You groaned out to no one in particular. You already felt gross and you’ve only been awake and aware of this cold for like two minutes.

You tried to get your laptop, which was sitting on the floor not far from your bed, but it was just barely out of your reach. Instead you grabbed your phone off the night stand and texted Lafayette. You could’ve shouted for him, considering you share a house with him and 3 other friends, but there was the possibility that he wouldn’t hear you. Plus, your throat already hurt, shouting wouldn’t help.

To Lafayette:
Can you come help me a second?

Not long after you heard footsteps approaching your door. It was pushed open and Lafayette poked his head in. His hair was still down and he was wearing a tee shirt and sweat pants, his pajamas. “Need something mademoiselle?” He asked. You just pointed to your computer with a pout. He chuckled and grabbed your laptop for you. “You could not get it yourself?” He asked.

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Gerne: So much fluff

Word count: 1,144

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

 “Well excuse you, but if you didn’t notice your kind of famous so we can’t really take you to a doctor. And you look terrible so” 

“Might as well let me die then if you’re going to take care of me. And by the way, I always look good.” 

Masterlist ♥︎


A/N: Okay so I had the idea to make this with Jimin then I changed my mind and then made it with Jae Park from day6 I love them so much oml i learned all their names in like the span of 2 minutes stan them they’re amazing but then i changed it back to jimin so 😂 hope you all like it

“Ugh Y/n can you make me some soup please”

Jimin pleaded from beside me on the couch, looking up at me as he was grabbing his stomach in pain. His eyes gave a sad pleading look as he pouted out his lips at me cutely. I giggled at him and squished his cheeks not being able to resist the small boy in front of me. 

“Why would I make you soup? Are you not feeling good?” I asked concerned at Jimin who was now grabbing his stomach even tighter than before and groaning. “I think I’m dying”

I laughed and looked down at him, taking in his sick form. “You’ve been sick for a while maybe we should do to the doctor.” 

He shook his head. “I’m a man, I can take the pain.” He groaned even louder then snuggled up into me. I laughed harder at his bad boy get up he was trying to pull off. I shrugged him off me and stood up, facing him and putting my hands on my waist. 

“Don’t worry, doctor Y/n is here.”

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Red Velvet Reaction: You Taking Care of Them When They’re Sick

Irene: She feels really guilty and responsible, saying things like “No, please don’t make me soup, I should do that, it’s my fault for getting sick!” But inside, she’s very appreciative and grateful. Due to her motherly nature, she finds it weird being the one getting cared for but also nice.

Wendy: “Aaah, I’m dying.” Mostly complains, convinced she’s on the brink of death. Also complains if you get too close, “No, don’t, you’ll get sick too!” but lowkey loves the attention. She’s another motherly type in RV so being on the receiving end, being cared for, makes getting sick worth it … almost.

Seulgi: The type to refuse your care, swearing she doesn’t need it, that you shouldn’t inconvenience yourself. But being loved is her fav thing ever so also rejoices in the affection you show her, loving little gestures like you spoon feeding her or heating up a hot water bottle to keep her toes warm. Those little things show you care and make her say cheesy things like “Ah, with your loving touch, I’ll be better in no time!”

Joy: “This is the end for me.” Another over dramatic baby but also a vengeful one; “It was Wendy, she got me sick! Give *cough* give me the phone, I have to yell her out!” While being sick, doesn’t think much of your actions until afterwards, when she has a clear head. And she’ll adore you and cuddle you for days.

Yeri: Afraid to ask for help, in case it’s seen as being a baby or weak. So is glad that she has you (and her unnies) to care for her without needing to ask, bringing her tissues and hot drinks. “I’m sorry I look like this,” she’ll say, having grown so used to being focused on her image at such a young age. “I tried to brush my hair but I was too weak to stand.”

Make sure you not only look after her physically but mentally too, but reminding her that missing practice from a cold does not reflect poorly on her as an idol. She’ll be forever grateful and show it by buying you coffee or a treat when she’s better.

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seventeen: when you’re sick

Anonymous asked: MTL what would svt do if their girlfriend was sick, but he really missed her so he still wanted to kiss her and hug her, but she says staY AwAY because she doesn’t want to spread her sickness, but he doesnt care because he missed her too much. <3<3<3

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  • literally joy incarnate
  • does not care if you’re sick he wants to be around you
  • if he has to risk getting sick to make you happy then so be it

S. Coups

  • have you ever seen him interact with another human being
  • you being sick won’t stop him from hugging you
  • nor will it stop him kissing you
  • moral of the story: nothing stops coups


  • since he misses you that much he wouldn’t even notice you were sick at first
  • he’d just attack you with the biggest hug ever
  • “wait. you’re sick?”
  • (he still doesn’t let go)


  • probably gave you the cold lbr
  • its kinda hard to escape his grasp bc of his long arms
  • so you let him hold you bc it makes him happy
  • it makes you crazy happy too, but you weren’t going to admit that 


  • doesn’t really want to get sick
  • also doesn’t like the idea of not touching you
  • his solution? a lot of hugs from behind
  • and a lot of kisses on your neck


  • totally wants to shower you with affection
  • but since you don’t want him to, he doesn’t
  • he does steal a kiss, tho


  • he gets pouty when you tell him not to hug/kiss you
  • when that doesn’t work he snuggles with you on the couch
  • you rest ur head on his shoulder
  • and he places a quick kiss on top of your head


  • he decides to put you to bed
  • if you’re rejecting his hugs there must be something really wrong with you
  • “i guess we can hug when you’re not on the verge of death”


  • becomes your doctor
  • makes sure you take your medicine and drink lots of water
  • hugging/kissing you isn’t as much of a concern as your health


  • not really into much physical affection anyway
  • but you are the exception
  • he feels like he shouldn’t just leave u like that 
  • so u get a gentle slightly awkward rub on the back   


  • “if I can’t hug or kiss you … what am I supposed to do”
  • “make me some soup or something. please.” 
  • “how the hell do i do that?”


  • probably takes it as a personal insult when you don’t want to hug him
  • “fine if you don’t want me to hug you i won’t hug you.”
  • patiently waits for you to give in and hug him


  • he’s not trying to get sick.
  • he has vocal chords to protect, come on now. 

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E T H A N :

“babe?” I heard Ethan croak out from the couch. I walked into the living room where he was laying down, with a red stuffy nose, and a hoarse voice.

“yeah?” I asked approaching the couch sitting on the edge of it.

“can you cuddle me?”

“I was about to make you soup.”

“please, I’m not hungry.” he whined.


He grabbed my hand and pulled me down. He wrapped his arms around me so we were spooning. He nuzzled his head into my neck.

“you’re so warm.” he whispered.

I smiled.

“you should get some rest.” I said giving his hand a small squeeze.

He tightened his grip around me and a few minutes later, I heard soft snores coming from his mouth.

G R A Y S O N:

I woke up and heard the shower running. A few minutes later Grayson came out of the bathroom with a wet head and a towel wrapped around his waist. I watched him as he made his way over to the dresser to grab a pair of boxers.

“like whatcha see princess?” he asked turning around winking at me, before changing. I rolled my eyes. He came and slid into the bed next to me. He grabbed me and pulled me into him.

“you smell good.” he whispered placing a kiss to my neck.

I giggled slightly, “thanks, that’s my shampoo probably.”

“I love you Y/N.” he said in a sing-song voice.

I laughed at him. “I love you too, Grayson.”

“I love cuddling you.” he said pressing another kiss to my neck.

“me too.” I said with a content smile on my face.

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Bestfriend!Luke nursing a poorly y/n and he feeds her and washes her hair and everything


The sniffles escaping your nose drift through the air as you roll over onto your back, eyes streaming with rosy cheeks. “I feel so ill…” You groan into a tissue, shuddering as another shiver rockets though you.

“The doctor said you’ll be feeling rough for another few days,” Luke chimes unhelpfully as you emit a high pitched groan. “I can’t survive that long without washing my hair,” You grip the dead ends of your hair between your fingers and tug, “Look at it! It’s basically dead and it’s only been three days.”

Luke rolls his eyes and you sigh heavily, relaxing back down into the sheets of your double bed. From his sitting position on the edge of your bed he’s able to see everything, from your crumpled clothes to the thin sheen of sweat spread across your forehead from the ravaging fever burning up inside.

“I can wash your hair for you?” Despite the battle raging inside you, you still manage to snort. “Luke, no offence or anything, I know you’re my best friend but I don’t think you want to see all this,” You trail a hand along the outline of your body as a furious blush weaves across his cheeks.

“I can close my eyes?” Your teeth catch your bottom lip as you mull over the possibilities. “Promise you won’t look?” Luke’s face relaxes and he nods quickly. “It’s not like I’ve never seen it before, remember when we went skinny dip-“

You stage a coughing fit in an attempt to bring his thoughts away from your naked torso. “Do you need me to carry you?” You pull yourself into a sitting position and shrug nonchalantly. “Can you hold me?” His eyes skim over your covered body and he nods calculatingly.

“C’mere, princess.” The nickname rolls from his tongue as he loops his arms around your waist, tugging you into his chest and somehow managing to disentangle you from the sheets without dropping you. The scrappy pyjamas cling to your skin and you curl closer to his chest, his warmth soothing the pounding in your head.

“You’re like a massive teddy bear.” You mumble against his shirt, the vibrations of his laugh moving your cheek up and down. “I’ve never heard that one before.” His bare feet pad across the tiles of the bathroom before he slowly lowers you down onto the toilet seat and stands back.

Your hands find the bottom of your pyjama top and you clear your throat, indicating he should turn away. Soon the sound of water fills the room and you reluctantly tug the fabric over your head.

“How’s this working?” Luke asks, not entirely understanding what he’s volunteered himself for. “I sit down in the bath so I don’t collapse and you wash my hair for me.” You explain precisely, still unclear yourself as to what you’re plotting.

“Are you naked now?” His voice sends shivers down your spine and you carefully pull yourself into the bath. “Yes.”

Luke slowly turns around and swallows, his adam’s apple bobbing nervously as his eyes sweep your shivering figure. “Are you done checking me out?” You tease, more self conscious than you’re letting on.

“Yes. Is this temperature good?” Luke leans across to unhook the shower head from the wall and softly rinse it over a patch of your arm. You hum in approval and shuffle forward, tilting your head back and screwing your eyes shut.

“I can’t believe you convinced me into doing this.” He grumbles, running his fingers through the greasy matted messed as it slowly gets wetter. “Last time I tried I fell over and knocked myself out, I think it’s necessary to have someone helping me.” You mumble in return, surprisingly enjoying the rouggh texture of his fingers rubbing against your scalp.

“Is shampoo first?” He questions cluelessly. You but back a sarcastic comment and nod. The squirting sounds of Luke squeezing the contents of the bottle into your hands send many images rushing through your mind and you’re forced to hold back a giggle.

Once he’s managed to successfully wash out the shampoo, rinse conditioner through it and helped you clean your body, it’s time to get out. “I’ll turn around and hold out your towel for you.” He stands up and reaches fro the warming towel resting on the rail as you pull yourself up.

Practically stumbling, you fall into his open arms and let out a sigh of relief as he supports your body upright and wraps the towel across your body.

“I might need help getting dry too.” Luke’s face indicates he’s not amused but he agrees anyway, knowing it’s better not to argue with you. His hands skate across your nervous skin, rubbing down every are until he reaches your chest.

“How do I…?” He trails off in embarrassment and blushes a furious red. “Keep going! I’m cold!” His fingers shyly brush across your barely covered tits and you cough loudly.

“Sorry!” He jerks his hands away and flushes an even deeper shade of red. “It’s okay, I think I’m dry enough now anyway. Can I get changed in here and you make me some soup?” You stick out your bottom lip, “Please?”

Luke gives in with a defeated sigh and shakes his head, turning on his heel and beginning to walk towards the door. “Never again Y/N.” He warns, a hint of humour hidden in his icy tone. You let out a laugh and quickly agree.

“You’re the best Luke, I love you!” You call after him before starting to pull on your clothes. “I love you more!” He yells back, halfway down the stairs. You let out a small laugh and shake your head because it’s not possible for him to love you more than you love him. And it’s just a matter of time until he realises it for himself.

best friend!5sos blurb night with @0kbutmichaelclifford , @felicityash and @jigglypufftribe

neighbors!au part. 2

Min Yoongi | BTS | M

part one

After Yoongi spilled his emotions to you that night, someone gave him your number, that someone being Jeongguk. When you asked him what the hell he thought he was doing by giving your number like a ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon, Jeongguk just shrugged and nonchalantly aired, “oh, yeah. Hyung is sick, and I already knew, so what better way to make an ill man happy by giving him a pretty girl’s number.”

Sure enough your phone was being blown up like fireworks on the Fourth of July,

“____-ah, hey you know I’m sick, make me better. Ah, I know! Go on a date with me, I’ll be cured in no time.”

“Jeongguk is ass at cooking, please make that seafood soup for me; it really is amazing, just like you. ;)”

“I’m dying and there’s a huge ass badger in here; he keeps trying to sell me a house. SOS, come quick. I can’t finance that, I’m poor.”

“You know _____-ah, you are very cute. I may be on some strong antibiotics, but nothing can make me get rid of you.”

You couldn’t lie though— Yoongi was persistent. Even as he suffered through his cold, he held his ground, and you couldn’t help but feel for him. It was truly something.

“Come on ____, give him a chance. It’s not every day that Yoongi hyung brings a girl home, hell it’s a miracle for him to even talk about a girl, and now all he does is blather on about you.”

“Hey! Jeongguk, I swear I will murder you if you bring him up again. Leave it be, and stop saying his name. You’re lucky I’m not kicking your ass right now for giving him my number―without my permission might I add.” You huffed in annoyance, going to grab another slice of pizza from the box, and pick up the remote to begrudgingly turn down the tv’s volume since Jeongguk was so invested in the probable fate of you and Min Yoongi. The movie night that you two had almost every week could wait this one time, I mean seriously―if I watch Batman vs. Superman one more time, I’m going to scream. We have got to buy more movies.

“Ha, I’d love to see you try and beat me; I’m great at everything, remember?” He arrogantly voiced and then went back to the main topic on hand, “And bring up who? Oh, you mean your boyfriend,” Jeongguk teased, earning an eye roll from you, “you know, what kind of girlfriend refuses to see her sweetheart, especially when they’re sick off their ass and nearly dying? It’s kinda rude don’t you think?” He finished, mouth garbling the rest of his statement as he went to take a quick swig from the beer that sat on the small coffee table in your living room.

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Jintae frowned coming home and seeing you sitting in his study still hard at work. You asked him earlier if you could use his place since your apartment was too loud, and the library was filled with students in a similar situation. Naturally he didn’t mind, but you’d been in his study all day. He left for work before seven that morning, and here he was thirteen hours later and you hadn’t budged.

He came up behind you wrapping his arms around your stomach. You jumped from the sudden contact, placing your hand over your heart. “Jintae, you scared the hell out of me”

He gave you an apologetic smile before taking your face in his hands. “I’m sorry Jagi” your complexion was paler, you had bags under your eyes, you even lacked a certain sparkle. “Have you eaten dinner yet?”

You groaned looking at your notes. “Crap, I forgot to eat…”


“Lunch actually…well breakfast too now that I think about it”

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Sniffles and Soup

M’kay so I was looking at this set of prompts and I just couldn’t resist it. Sorry this is so short. 

Sirius was convinced that his neighbor was dying. There was a horrible sound coming from the apartment next door. So naturally, being the good samaritan he was, Sirius ran out over there. He forgot to knock because his neighbor was probably dying and this was no time for knocking, so Sirius kicked in the door. 

“What the fuck are you doing! That door was expensive!” Remus sniffled at the very handsome and very rude man standing in his doorway. 

“You were dying!” Sirius screeched, for lack of a better reason. His neighbor didn’t look impressed, and Sirius could see him pouting through the many  blankets and tissues  he was surrounded by. 

“Umm.. I’m sorry I can get you a new door, and how about some soup? You look like you need it.” Sirius tried. 

Remus pouted some more, his top lip completely disappearing. “I don’t even know your name.”

Sirius started shifting feet, a nervous tick of his. “It’s Sirius.”

Remus sighed his resolve gone but his sniffles still remained, “Fine Sirius, you can make me some soup, but please don’t poison me.” 

Sirius gasped and raised an offended hand to his chest, “I have never been so insulted in my life. I will make the world’s most gourmet soup.”

Remus laughed through his mouth it was a horrible laugh. (Sirius thought it was adorable.)

“My name’s Remus. Do you often make soup for complete strangers?” The sick man asked.

Sirius smirked, “Only when I knock their doors down.”

Remus laughed again, “That’s terrible, and not at all funny.”