make me proud children


“You know, for being a hunter, you’re really sweet. I’m lucky to have you, (Y/N).”



Lily and Lo’s day → Oh, how far they’ve come. 

“In the very happiest moment of my life I learn three things:

I am strong.

I have powers.

And my soul meets Loren Hale’s in every kiss. When the curtains on my universe close, he will still be with me. That, I’m sure of.”

Headcanon that Kaidan calls Shepard and Ashley “his girls”, but never to their face. It’s just for him, until one night they all have one too many drinks and it slips out. But after Virmire, and after Alchera, thinking about it just hurts. But he keeps tons of pictures of his favorite ladies on his omni-tool, just for him, and so he always knows he has to make his girls proud. 

anonymous asked:

HOT OLDER BROTHER EREN YES. WHAT ABOUT FARLAN AS LEVI'S ADOPTED BROTHER (older or younger it doesn't matter as much) and Levi and Isabel just come to an agreement of " I'll help you get with my brother if you help me get with yours."

Ummm… JFC I am in LOVE. Farlan and Levi are adopted brothers?  Like the sexiest wingmen right thurrr slaying hearts all over the place.  i could write drabbles about the two of them for DAYS.

Did all my followers drink the smexy kool-aid or what??? You guys amaze me every day but today especially has been one filled with DILF Eren smut, Hot Older Brother teasers and IKEA love.


JFC I’ll say it again, I’ll shout it from the rooftops, I have TOP QUALITY followers and I am the luckiest bby in the whole world <33333

*hugs you all tightly*

MY SQUAD. My raptor squad. <3333

All I want to see in YoI is:

s01: Yuuri wins the Grand Prix Finale and kisses Viktor in front of everyone.

s02: Viktor proposes after Yuuri’s FS at the Grand Prix Finale, Yuuri retires and Viktor becomes Yurio’s coach. 

s03: Viktor and Yuuri’s children debut in Junior Grand Prix with Yurio as their coach. 


Sitya Loss - Eddy Kenzo [Official Video] 

I love, love, love this video. The way these children are dancing makes me so proud! Love African children with all of my heart! 

Much love to all of the Ugandans! The dancing is serious!!!