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wait a fucking SECOND. YOU did that art of Remus and Fenrir?? Wtf. WHAT the ACTUAL FUCK. The perfect cosplays and now this??? How dare. How can one person be so talented and manage to attain perfection in everything they do. I'm shook. Like, my heart actually started beating faster when I saw that art. Just. Wow.

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for eldarya there can be a choice where we stay by leiftan and ashkore's side? or are we forced to stay by the other side even when i don't want to? man i so want to be by leiftan's side i guess if we cant make a choice the game is going to be boring as hell


Hmm to be honest I don’t really know. :x I mean we knew there was an “evil gang squad” since we first met Ashkore back in the beginning of the game. The ending of episode 17 is when we finally learn of the other members of that squad (Chrome, Leiftan, (Amaya), and now Naytili). But then it just ends there, so I have no idea what the writers have planned for us in the future!

If I had to make a prediction, I would say that Erika would never join Leif and Ashkore’s side. At least due to the fact that they are manipulative and violent. That’s not to say the guard is (or was) any better! But I feel this episode was also for us to learn more about Miiko and maybe sympathize with her? She has been going through a lot of character development!

At the very least I feel that Erika would support the Oracle (especially since the Oracle has been guiding and protecting her for the last couple of episodes). Like even if Erika could still never forgive the guard for erasing her life, she would still want to protect the Oracle. And protecting the Oracle falls in direct conflict with Team Ashkore since he and his buddies want to corrupt the crystals.

JUST HEARD MORE THAN A FEELING on the podcast radio show


There’s not a track on this album I will skip!!!!!!

They previewed Africa too 😢😭



Itunes has extended previews and at this point I’m gonna blast In Your Eyes on repeat cause the HARMONIES AND THE AMOUNT OF SOUL POUR INTO SINGING IT LIKE 😢😢😢😢😢😢

Draw Progeny In Autumn-Based Clothes!

Okay I’ve seen the huge post on adult suras wearing oversized sweaters… but I want progeny - alrite?! Autumn’s like the best season, crisp leaves, comfy scarfs, warm sweaters… and pumpkin spice for those that enjoy it. Draw your progeny OCs - or your own OCs AS progeny in their favorite autumn outfits they adored wearing. Asuras are already cute, but progeny? C’mon, those are pocket fulls of sunshine and sass.

Bonus: Do more then one, have fun with it - maybe even add a caption to it.

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