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L e t   m e   k n o w was about pain, uneasiness, uncertainty. It was about the darkness that came with the kind of love people called love because they didn’t know what else to call it.  It was about the loneliness that accompanied falling for a person who wouldn’t take the leap for you. It was about holding on to things that were long lost, or had never been there to begin with.” 

-3:47 by @mrsmon


otp meme - 2/4 ‘everyone can see it’ ships

↳The Princess Diaries: Clarisse & Joseph: “In less than a month, you will no longer be queen, and I will no longer be your head of security. I think it’s time we bring our friendship out of the shadows.”

carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Yuuri,” Victor started to gain his attention. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure?” Yuuri replied, a little uncertain because… since when did Victor ever ask for permission to barrage him with questions?

Tilting his head to the side in a way that made his silver hair swipe from his forehead, Victor looked at him with rapt interest.

“So now that we reminded you of the banquet last year…” Yuuri was already groaning before he even listened to the rest. “Can you tell me where you learned pole dancing?”

“Victor,” he whined, but Victor didn’t take it back.

“Come on, Yuuri,” he probed. “You looked amazing up there on the pole, I’m just curious.” And when that didn’t seem to work either, he added: “You know, spouses shouldn’t keep secrets from each other.”

And Yuuri was ready to die.

“Is it really that important?” Yuuri tried to wiggle out of it for the last time, with little success.

“I want to get some lessons, too,” Victor announced. “So that next time we can dance together! Wouldn’t that be super fun?”

Yuuri laughed, more of a choked coughing than laughter. Yeah, fun.

“I…” he finally started. “Okay, okay, fine. I can teach you. If you… want?”

“Yes, I’d love to!”

Before Yuuri could gather what was happening, Victor was holding him in his arms and crushing him in one of his famous bear hugs that left Yuuri winded for more than one reason. Just as Yuuri was bringing himself to return the hug, Victor was already moving away, skipping, all bubbling joy and smiles.

Yuuri couldn’t help but smile at him as well. There was just no way to resist it when Victor was this contagiously happy.

“Hey, hey, Yuuri,” Victor started again and Yuuri hummed to let him know he was listening. “We should install a pole at home. To practice with, you know.”

“Where would we even fit that–”

One look at Victor’s face was enough to tell him all he needed to know.

“Victor, no.”

“Victor, yes,” Victor said, almost making Yuuri laugh. Almost.

“I’m not moving to Russia with you,” Yuuri insisted like it was a conversation they already had countless times before.

And they did. Twice. Once when Victor was showing him around St. Petersburg, a careless comment made and laughed off. And once more in Barcelona, right before Yuuri took off to the rink at the Grand Prix Final. Really great timing, Yuuri thought with an embarrassed flush at the memory.

“But Yuuri–”

“You can move to Japan just as easily,” Yuuri cut the whine off with no shred of mercy. “You said it yourself, you love Hasetsu.”

Victor hummed. “That wouldn’t be so bad.”

Yuuri nodded, smiling a little. No, it wouldn’t be so bad. Not bad at all.

“So where would we put the pole?”

Yuuri groaned.  

“Oh, that made me think! Yuuri!”

Victor swirled in place and caught Yuuri by the arms. His eyes sparkled and shone so bright it was impossible to look away, but also blinding.

“My stag night!” Victor was all childish excitement and bright eyes, which made him so cute that Yuuri almost agreed to whatever he was going to say without thinking, but… “You’ll dance for me, right?”

His face must have betrayed his confusion, reluctance and sheer fear, because Victor’s smile widened. Just like Yuuri’s eyes did.

“It’s tradition, Yuuri,” Victor said.

And in that moment Katsuki Yuuri swore never to take a drop of alcohol in his mouth ever again. Because the consequences were haunting and Yuuri was scared for his sanity. For real.

you slept for so long
that the world forgot you
and championed your story
as their own instead.

your fears became fearless
in the rose-coloured hands of history;
you were as polished and gleaming
as the shield they once gave you
to protect their liberty.

would they worship you now,
if they knew the things
you took to your frozen grave?

all the lives you took in your bloody crusade
that became but a number
trailing in your righteous wake?

will they tell the world
how you were a vengeful god,
sent to take the toll
for the crimes they had yet to pay for?

how easy they forget
that war is not a thing of beauty
when you look like an adonis
carved from the mountains
instead of flesh and blood.

my fav thing in fic is when the pining couple have finally spit it out & at last they can touch without excuses, can hug without there having to be a near death incident to spur it forward, can touch with such gentleness and press soft kisses on bare skin & they cant keep their hands to themselves. give me simply breathing on the others neck as they hold onto one another, hands intertwined in public, hands carding through the others hair, fingers grazing arms and cheekbones while the other sleeps, soft kisses upon waking; give me tooth rotting teary eyed fluff

part xix - questions only she can answer

When she could, Tess opened up the pencil case Zayn had brought and pulled out a thick black marker. She flipped to a free page, aware that Zayn was watching, and began to fill the empty space. When she was done, and there wasn’t a sliver of white visible, Tess closed the journal and put it and the pencil case on the floor. “Okay?”

“No,” she answered honestly.

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fathomless-a  asked:

How about Jughead and Betty having a date in the woods and suddenly the whole gang shows up and ruined their romantic date? 😬🙊

CHARACTERS: Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller
TIME FRAME: After S01E07
LOCATION: The woods
SUMMARY: Betty & Jughead plan a date in the woods, but the entire gang follows them and thus ends up ruining their date.
NOTES: I had so much fun writing this one! I’m always critical about my writing and never end up liking anything I write, but I rather like the connection between the beginning and the ending of this one. I hope readers enjoy this one shot as much as I enjoyed writing it! As always, tell me what you think. Don’t hesitate to request and send in more prompts!

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“Morzan may have been a fearsome swordsman, a formidable magician, and a murderous traitor, but it was that woman of his who inspired the most terror in people.”

princesssbunbun  asked:

Hi can you direct me to good drarry fics, ive run out and i just found your blog!! I like super long drawn out ones where they dont know theyre gay thanks 7000000000x

Okay so, i’m gonna tweak your request a bit and turn it in to fics that include coming out, so it’s a bit easier for me. I’m not sure if all of them fits the criteria, but they’re all good nonetheless. :)

‘Twas Brillig by Queenie_Mab (73k)
Harry reads a chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to his children before bed every night and through the story, he and his middle child find an ally in each other as they, along with Alice, discover a world that just doesn’t seem to make sense when taken at face value. The more aware Harry becomes - embracing his child’s reality - the more motivated he is to build a wizarding world that is fully inclusive, and by processing these life lessons finds he’s able to connect with another person in ways that have always eluded him.

Left My Heart by Emmagrant01 (85k)

Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him. (Post-Hogwarts, set in February, 2004. Written before Half-Blood Prince was released.)

Surrender the Grey by Emmagrant01 (151k)
Draco Malfoy returns to London after five years of self-imposed exile to start a new life with Harry. But will the secrets of the past destroy everything they’ve worked for?  Sequel to “Left My Heart”. (Harry/Draco, Hermione/OMC, Draco/OFC, Draco/OMC, Draco/Lucius) 
→ I know it says Draco/Lucius but this fic doesn’t actually have Malfoycest, if you want more info about it feel free to message me. 

Mental by Sara_Holmes (186k)
Harry has had quite enough of sharing his mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimecy spell says otherwise.

Aural Gratification by Birdsofshore (10k)
Harry’s not gay – he just likes listening to exciting stories about Aurors. It’s not his fault that the narrator’s voice is so smooth, so expressive… and really rather hot. Career choices: Harry: Ministry of Magic desk job; Draco: m/m romance narrator

Any Instrument by @dictacontrion (131k)
Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side. H/D post-HBP ~~Complete~~

Draco’s Boy by Emphatic Siren (189k)
non-magic AU. A mysterious little black-haired boy moves in next door to Draco, and he’s determined to make the boy his friend and find out all of his secrets. Later, when they grow up, Draco’s determined to make Harry much more than a friend.

The Destiny You Sold by Tryslora (58k)
In which Draco knits, Harry makes wands, and things get very tangled up between them.

Two Sides of the Same Coin by Noiselessheart (117k)
Harry and Draco find out the hard way that the line between hate and love is a fine one, and that somewhere between the Battle of Hogwarts and being thrust back together as Hogwarts eighth years, they may have just crossed it.

And an Owl Named Romeo by Rickey (26k)
Draco breeds owls, Harry’s an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.

The Greyest Eyes by @sophiefrench77 (88k)
It’s one thing to discover you’re gay at eighteen, another one to realise you have a crush on your long-term enemy, but you can tell things are definitely going to get complicated when you accidentally blurt out his name as your girlfriend kisses you… HP/DM. Eighth year fic.

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor by Birdsofshore (27k)
Harry felt lit up from inside as soon as he entered the bar. There were blokes dancing together, their bodies close to one another, not keeping a wary distance as Harry was always careful to do when he was near another man. God, he wanted this – wanted it so much he could taste it, a metallic tang of heat and desire. He suspected nothing would ever be the same again – especially when he saw who else was in the room.


we’ll show the fire how to burn » the soulmates AU in which they are not soulmates

And somehow, in between window shopping in city squares and teaching her how to fire a gun, going out for drinks and sneaking into her hotel room late at night to pick her up and press her back up against the wall and press promises against her bare skin, somehow Illya starts thinking of her as his and him as hers, even though he has no right to at all […] he finds himself thinking that if he could just have this for the rest of his life, it’d be everything he’s never let himself want. 

It’s all-consuming and terrifying, and sometimes he catches her eye across the room when they’re supposed to be listening to Waverly brief them about some important something and Illya feels something warm trickle down his spine all the way down to his toes. It’s not like the fairytales; Gaby isn’t heart-racing or gut-wrenching. Instead, she’s the peace and quiet at the back of his head and she’s the eye of his hurricane, and it’s better. It’s so much better.


summary: an ace and aroflux!phan fic in which they are both writers and the lines of their relationship blur but they’re always happy with how they are.

aroflux: someone who’s romantic orientation fluctuates (so one day they might be aro, the next demiro, and so on).

warnings: very brief mention of alcohol and i think nothing else?

an: i just wanted to write something one night and this is basically a list of fluffy headcanons  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ reblogs and feedback are always appreciated!! <3 (also ty to larkspurlester who read this over for me!! ily)


They come together in the spring of their twenty third years, young and vulnerable but alone no longer. A college friend tells Dan about this writer guy, eccentric and dedicated to his writing but working in a small newspaper company. Dan’s not the most keen, but Fabian won’t relent, insists that they meet. They say, “Literally, all I ever hear from both of you is something about writing, and it’s getting old and I can’t appreciate it as much as I’d like,” and Dan huffs, rude, but relents and agrees to coffee. 

As it happens, Fabian has to leave the second he turns up. Considering this was the only factor persuading Dan to go, he deliberates leaving, ditching and apologising later. But Fabian pushes him through the door before they leave with a yell of, “Phil!” and Dan’s helpless, floundering in an awkward sea because of them - not the most articulate thing he’s said, but he’s kind of stuck here. Damn you. The first thing Phil says is an absent apology for stealing his napkin to write down an idea. Dan forgets about hating Fabian and their predicament-inducing qualities.

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Someone Like You (1/3)

But what happens after the end of the story?·What happens when the heroes lose and the villains win and nobody at all is happy? Perhaps you write a new ending. Perhaps the story goes on.

(Canon Divergence from the Season 4 finale)

Rated: T | Words: 4541 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3FF.NET | Ao3


Stories are simple. They have a beginning, a middle and an end. Stories have structure and syntax and plot. They have an ebb and a flow. A music. A rhythm.

They are not this. Breaths shallow, heart fast and running, running, running.

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Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!

i live for a kaneki harem for hide ok  ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

  • panel question: if you were stranded on a deserted island who would you take with you?
  • katrina: i would take felicity and the lance sisters. *laughs* 'cause i like blondes..