make me feel happy to be around her

Tell me how you feel about Eddie Thawne

Eddie Thawne has to be the most selfless character to ever exist on the Flash
Not just because he killed himself to safe the people he loved and cared about but because of the way he showed his love to those people when he was still around.

Eddie is by far the best thing that has happened to Iris.
All he wanted was to make her happy even if that wasn’t with him and that is what I call true love.
Love is how much you would give up for the person you care about. And Eddie gave up a lot. Sadly it was all for nothing.
In the end, the only one who was really there for Eddie was his Iris. Because no matter how much Eddie loved Joe, Joe chose to stab him in the back by denying him Iris. No matter how much Eddie valued his friendship with Barry, Barry chose to keep pining after his gf. So you can quite literally say that Eddie had nothing. He only had Iris.

All that Eddie wanted was to be her hero. And in the end he was.

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“Come on… Say it. Tell her she is beautiful…”

My last drawing of the year! It had to be a sort of Zelink, of course. It has been a good year to me, regarding my personal life. I made a lot of progress in myself, and I’m looking to a brilliant future.

Thank you, all my followers, for being there and support my art and staying with me another year. Thanks to all the wonderful people I met here and I have fun with. Thanks to @greenieloveszelink, and @xx–ingie–xx, and I just wish @the-wolfess was still active here for her to know how grateful I’m to her. Thanks to @gustjar, @japaneesee, @honeygodiva, @thewhitegoddesshylia, @tokyorobin, @breadofthewild I love to see you around. Thanks to the lovelies @radsity, @dysah, @aquanutart, and all these artists I see here and makes me feel happy looking at their stuff, and sending me beautiful messages and comments.

OMG I can’t forget @chat-en-rose. She is supporting me so much with Lady Lioness! Oh, and thank you to those supporting Lady Lioness too! :D

You are a great part of my current happiness.

Love you all, and happy New Year!!

but guys what if the pre-party turns into a kind of surprise/make-isak-feel-good-again party??? just isak and his friends, turning it all around, making isak realise that it’s gonna be fine, because he has his friends?? imagine eskild and noora and jonas planning the whole thing together and inviting all of isak’s friends over and then they all just have a great time together??

  • imagine vilde asking all these naive questions about ~being one of the gays~ and sana rolling her eyes and jonas defending isak and isak just laughing, because it all seems so less serious now he’s with all of them
  • imagine eva holding a very drunk speech about how it only matters that isak feels safe and happy and saying ‘who cares that he likes a guy??? let him!!!!’ with noora furiously nodding next to her and them both getting everyone to promise that they’ll defend isak until the day they die
  • imagine jonas, magnus and mahdi making sure that isak 10000% knows that he can always talk to them about stuff
  • imagine eskild being all fatherly and proud and standing in the doorway looking at how isak is smiling again

goshhhh, i want it all to happen so badly

25 Reasons Natsu and Lucy are canon and meant to be:

1. Natsu managed to break the love charm on Lucy in the first episode, which can only happen when you see your true love.
2. Natsu is ultra-protective of Lucy, always desperate to save her and threatening anyone who so much as makes her cry or even remotely unhappy. Happy has noted that when it comes to saving Lucy, he won’t listen to reason. He himself said in episode 206, “ If you know me, you know I don’t let anyone get away with hurting Lucy’s feelings.”
3. Lucy only really blushes around Natsu, whether he’s just saying her name or thanking her or “flirting”. Especially in situations where Natsu shows he cares for her very much.
4. Natsu is always seeking out Lucy’s attention or space, like the numerous times he’s been in her room, her bed,her bath. In episode 5, 10 and others like them, he has insisted they do things because they’re a team. Also, he likes to incorporate himself in anything she’s doing with kinda bogus excuses for doing it, like episode 222.
5. In episode 127, the one with invisible Lucy, he was the only one to unconsciously and instinctively remembers Lucy, proclaiming she “completes” him. Lucy is so essential to him and everyone can see it. He even declared that they had to be together on missions, otherwise it “wouldn’t be the same”.
6. At times, Natsu is very considerate of Lucy’s feelings, like when her dad died and he was yelling at those brats for being idiots or when he thought she was stalked and kept watch over her. Also, when she is worried about her rent, like in episode 51 and 124, he tries to find a way to help her.
7. Lucy is the only one Natsu loans important things to, such as his scarf and jacket/vest (episode 226). Lucy is protective of the scarf because she knows it’s important to Natsu.
8. Can’t stand it when Lucy leaves or he doesn’t know where she is, like in episode 29, when they thought she left the guild or 51, when she disappeared before a mission and he went chasing after her to make sure she was okay.
9. He notices about everything concerning Lucy, even if it’s negative, like how much she weighs and things like that.
10. When future Lucy went to heaven or whatever it was, that Natsu was waiting for her, running down to grab her hand so they could have more adventures together.
11. Natsu was especially affected when future Lucy was killed, crying, insisting on keeping his promise and determined to get future Rouge for murdering Lucy.
12. Episode 73, he was so sad when Lucy couldn’t come to the festival and couldn’t seem to have fun without her. He ripped up a rainbow sakura tree so Lucy could see it, despite knowing their would be consequences. But her happiness mattered more.
13. In episode 112, when they were talking about the next episode and Happy asked Natsu if he thought of anything besides food, everything he listed had to do with Lucy. Happy even said to write it all down, meaning there was a lot more that Natsu thought about concerning Lucy.
14. When Lucy is in danger, his first priority is to rescue her. Like the Infinity clock arc, the Edolas arc, the time she was taken by the royal guards for the eclipse project, etc. Basically, he can’t stand it if she’s potentially hurt.
15. He’s called her cute, a goddess, really nice, tough as nails, incredible, weird (I think he thinks that’s a compliment), she’s called him a nice guy, dependable, and sweet. ‘Nuff said.
16. Happy has been saying for a while that they likeeeeeee each other and we’ve seen before that Happy’s theories were right, so why not this theory?
17. In the majority of the theme songs, they’ve displayed Lucy and Natsu as the main characters, now along with Erza, Gray and Wendy, meaning those five are linked together and since Wendy has Romeo, Erza has Jellal and Gray has Juvia, Nalu will ultimately happen.
18. They trust each other and work the best out of everyone. Majority of their adventures are with each other. Whether they work solo or a duo, they have complete faith in the other.
19. Natsu seemed jealous of Dan, demanding he stop the lovey dovey crap with her.
20. When that wedding moment happened in episode 163, when it looked like Lisanna would be with Natsu, they ended it with Lucy and him together, meaning they are paired together.
21. Episode 177, he whispered her name in his sleep. Just…HE WHISPERED HER NAME IN HIS SLEEP! And they tied Natsu up to stop him from going after her. Then, he gave up his position in a fight, something he loves, to save her, meaning he must love her more.
22. Knows Lucy’s scent enough to recognize it anywhere, like when he knew future Lucy was Lucy by smelling her or in episode 226, when he caught her scent despite the bunny suit blocking it.
23. Lucy was the only one he said goodbye to in episode 265, albeit by note which was kinda cowardly, he still gave her a parting gesture. Everyone else, he just left hanging. Then, when he came back, he was so happy to see her and vice versa.
24. Natsu also said in episode 277 that he could tell when Lucy was upset, meaning he’s in tune with her feelings a lot more than it may seem. He must pay close attention or at least be close enough to her to notice her. And you know Lucy knows Natsu enough to know him.
25. They have these moments that seem insignificant, but when you pay close attention, they all lead to the same conclusion: They are meant to be!

Ok stay with me on this but...

Because Johnny has been staying with Rosita for awhile and is constantly around her kids, he accidentally calls her mom when asking her a question. At first he’s super embarrassed and that Rosita might react to it, but she doesn’t and they carry on normally to his relief. On the inside though, Rosita is so happy she wants to cry because she pretty much already sees Johnny as her son ever since he got there.

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Hello! What are your current fave fics/ authors and why? :D

okay, I am finally posting a proper list! these are my current faves — there are plenty of other writers I like, but whose stories I still have pending or have not checked out in a while.

@sugajpg: mellifluous and devil’s sonata. she has a beautiful, clean style that just draws you in. her writing is one of those that just makes you feel so satisfied by how smoothly it flows — her plot are also well thought out (a kink of mine ngl) and her characters and dialogues feel very realistic!

@lthyl: everything in her masterlist :D honestly her writing is so unique and I am glad she is getting the recognition she deserves! her approach when it comes to certain genres and AUs is always different to that of everyone else’s, and it makes me happy to see writers like her on this website, because we need more of that originality and freshness around. her style is so, so elegant and you can just tell how careful she is with her words, which is a goal of mine.

@wonderer-ru: again, her entire masterlist. her works are raw with emotion, her style is flawless, and the way her characters grow and interact (with so much intimacy) is probably my favorite out of all writers on this website. :’) I also get that sense of satisfaction with her writing, because of how smooth it is. it is truly enjoyable to read something of hers.

@haniwritesbtsstuff: her fallout series (which I still need to continue aslkjd) and elegy for erotas. honestly this girl is too humble for her amazing writing. like me, she is also a spanish native speaker, but the way she weaves her words always leaves me in awe. you can tell how much thought and research go into her stories and that’s just very admirable.

@cosykims: I just had to include her because even though I have yet to read her infamous merlot murders series (forgive meee I will once I’m done with finals!!), I have always admired her writing and her as a person as well. her style is too good already (way too good, share some talent smh) and I always find myself drawn to her words. also, she clearly puts a lot of thought on the structure of her plots and that makes me super happy to see in fanfiction. BESIDES her hogwarts AUs always leave me screaming, they are my absolute favorite. so pls just go and give her love :33

@yoongihime: stop, rewind. she is a recent favorite of mine!! even though I still need to read more from her masterlist, I just had to include her because her style just made me fall in love. I love her poetic descriptions and the soft fluff and romance laced in her words. her writing just feels very magical for me, and that’s the best sensation I can get after reading something. please check her out! 

@bxebxee: impatient. even though I rarely read stories focused on smut nowadays, she is definitely an exception for me because of how addicting her writing is. besides, the style she uses in her royalty AU left me on the floor — I remember reading it so slowly because of how much I was enjoying it and I didn’t want it to end.

@thules: pas de trois. LISTEN — this author’s writing is so, so immaculate and graceful. I rarely use these words to describe someone’s writing but I think they fit perfectly for her style. it is my goal to write the way she does one day, and I honestly believe she deserves so much more love. so please go praise her beautiful writing!

Christmas Luminous.

I wasn’t going to draw a pic or write anything for Christmas though I had a rough idea (as I’ve missed it) but I listened to ニブンノイチ and 「THE LAST ONE」 and felt things working out.

I wish I could draw the picture better, but I’m really rusty, so I apologize for that. I hope that despite the poor quality, it is enjoyable. Thank you.

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All this talk about people being upset about Sam not being at GGs makes me think about how Cait feels about it.  From some of the interviews we have seen in the last day or so, she looks lost.  She just stated that she is dealing with it better than last year, where she said she was terrified.  So what I’m sensing is that she is not happy to be alone, I think at the very least she relies on him for support.  I think he is somewhat of a security blanket for her; she is the one who we see looking to him for the hugs.  She seeks him out when the photographers are around; she is conscious of his whereabouts at all times–as he is of hers.    I think he is not there because he could not be there…whatever the reason may be, I am not privy to it.  But I will go out on a limb and say that if he could be there, he would be there. 

A wise woman once said “The more Gons you draw, the better your life will be” and her words deeply moved me. I am that wise woman.

Inktober day 5 which I miserably missed yesterday, but for that you get the SPECIAL double TWO FOR ONE creature feature

Doodling a small happy Gon anywhere around you will instantly make you feel a little better, trust me on this one I’m a doctor

BTS reaction to dying your hair crazy colors:

Rap Monster:

“Maybe I should dye my hair that color too! We’d look awesome.”

Welcoming with a wide smiley is how he’d react to your crazy colored hair that he didn’t seem to miss one bit.


“WOW! It really makes your pretty eyes stand out more.”

Of course this happy virus is full of comments no matter what color you change your hair.


“Your hair looks like a desert… I almost want to eat you!”

He’d laugh but make good out of it by commenting you using food innuendo. He’d kiss your head a lot and joke around saying you smell like fruits.


“Awwww! We could have dyed our hair together but I just dyed mine…”

This guy has dyed his hair plenty of times so her certainly doesn’t judge.


“Ahhhh! You look adorable jagiya! Let me feel it.”

Almost like Taehyung, our ray of sunshine would be excited for you and excited to show you off.


“That’s new… It’s nice though. Almost like my mint colored hair I use to have.”

He’d smile at you a ton and think that the bright color brightens yours and his mood.


“This is different! Different isn’t bad but wow!”

His eyes would mostly never leave your head. While you didn’t mind the attention, it would freak you out a little how he’s always touching your hair.

Batman’s daughter - Part 3

Word count - 1444

Warnings - Smut

Requests are open.

Part 1       Part 2

Summary -  Imagine being batmans daughter and you’re dating harley. And one day he catches you together. Anonymous

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

Originally posted by magdaflena

You looked in to the mirror, you were supposed to be happy but, it was so hard when you felt that emptiness in your heart. It had been almost a week since you were with your dad, you stayed at Harley’s place, but even though you missed your father.

“Are you okay puddin’?” Harley asked, her hands slipping around your waist and she kissed your neck, making you smile a little bit. “Kind of.” You said, she kissed your cheek, you felt protected with her, you loved her but even though you still wanted to see your dad. “Do you want me to make you feel better?” She asked and looked at you through the mirror, resting her chin on your shoulder. You smiled and she winked, smirking. She started to give you kisses on the neck, started to bite and you bit your lip, knowing that that would turn her on.

You went towards the bed and she started to kiss from your lips to your jawline, when she got there she pulled her shirt over her head and you did the same thing, connecting your lips and then you felt Harley’s hand flickering against your clit, you whimpered and she smiled, her hands were taking off her pants and she did the same to you, she separated her lips from yours, and started to kiss her was down to your breasts, she caressed them and started to lick them, making you moan and you started to grind your hips against hers, she kissed your lips and her hands went down, taking off your panties making you moan at the contact of her hand with your clit. She took off her black lace panties and started to kiss you again. You started to grind a little bit harder making her moan and it was music to your ears, you stopped and grabbed her hips. “Ride my face.” You mumbled in to the kiss, she smiled and got up, you tightened your grip with your arms against her thighs, you started slow, teasing her, you started to kiss her, tasting her sweetened, making her wimper a few times, thes you started to lick long, bold strokes, making her moan and grind against your mouth, then you felt her hands on your breasts, massaging them and giving them attention. You tasted her and moaned, she started to moan a little bit louder, as you moved her hips against your mouth, exploring her completely. You dipped your tongue inside her and enjoyed at how she squirmed under your touch. “Fuck Y/N, keep on going.” She said and started to grind harder and moaned as she came on your mouth. You licked her clean as she got down.

“Wow, you have mad skills.” She said, her chest hovering up and down, you got on top of her and kissed her lips, enjoying the moment. “I know.” You smiled and kissed her again, she got back up and started to kiss your neck, you got a hickie and she smiled. “Now it’s your turn.” She said as her Hand traveled to your clit, you whimpered as she started to rub you slowly. “You’re so wet pumpkin.” She whispered in your ear, making you shiver, you moaned and she smiled. “Do you like it when I talk like this to you?” She asked and you nodded, she shoved one finger inside of you making you arc your back in pleasure. “You are such a good girl, you deserve something.” She whispered and started to pump her fingers harder hitting your g-spot perfectly. “So wet.” She whispered and started to bite your ear, then moving to your mouth, she placed a kiss on your lips and started to bite your lip. You screamed as you reached your high and she smirked.

“I love you.” You said before hugging her and kissing her again. “I love you too puddin’.” She answered and got out of bed. “So, what do you want to do?” She asked, getting dressed in a short white dress. “Mm maybe go walk a little bit.” You said, putting on a pair of pants and a random shirt. “Sure, anything that you want puddin’.” She said wrapping her hands around your neck and giving you a passionate kiss. Your lips moved in sync with hers as you grabbed her waist.

“Aren’t you cold?” You asked as you walked down the park, your hand intertwined with hers. She shook her head and just squeezed your hand. “Nope, I’ve been through worse.” She chuckled nervously as you saw a bunch of kids running around giggling. “I want to have a family.” She whispered in your ear, making you smile, you looked at her and placed a quick chaste kiss on her lips. “Maybe one day we will have one.” You said and she smiled, you hugged her and then continued to walk. “How would we name her?” You asked her and she winked at you “Harley jr.” She said and you laughed, she looked at you serious, and then let go of your hand. “Hey! I’m serious!” Harley said and started to go at aa faster pace. You catched up with her and quickly kissed her, she started to push you away until you caressed her cheek, feeling her soft skin and making her feel loved, you looked in her eyes, starting to lean in and you kissed her, your lips moving in sync with hers. You separated from the kiss, feeling the ghost of her lips on yours from previous seconds and your eyes stayed looking at her rosy lips, before smiling, looking up to her eyes again. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to come out of that way.” You apologized and she laughed, pulling you back in to a passionate kiss.

You started to walk and then saw your dad, doing the same thing with the same woman from before. Harley saw them come over and put her arm on your waist, pulling you closer protectively. Harley kissed you again and you smiled as the kiss deepened.

“Y/N!” Your dad said, and you separated from Harley, she wiped her lips with her sleeve as you licked yours, you tasted Harley’s lipstick and you smiled. “Hey.” You said smiling, the woman looked at your dad, and Harley went to her original position, next to you and her arm wrapped you by your waist, you smiled at the warmth that her body emitted towards you. “Um I was wondering if you guys knew what happened.” He said rather nervously, his hand went towards his mouth and started to breath in them, it was a sign that something was terribly wrong, you knew your dad, he wouldn’t be so nervous unless it involved someone who mattered. “No sir, what happened?” Harley said, anxious for the answer, of course she was like this, she always needed to know what happened. Her hand clutched you harder and you turned around to look at her she was really curious. “Joker escaped the asylum.” Your dad said and Harley let out a heart breaking sob, she fell to the ground and put her hand over her mouth, trying to control herself, but you could hear the multiple ‘no’s’ escaping from her mouth. You kneeled down towards her and saw that your dad looked worried but managed to hide it without an expression. You cupped her cheek and started to caress her legs. “Don’t worry it’ll be okay, I’m here.” You said but she shook her head as tears fell from her beautiful, pale, face. You hugged her and started to ppass your hands through her hair. “I’ll protect you Harley, I’d do anything for you.” You said in her ear and she sobbed in to your shoulder. She got up with your help and you grabbed her hand. You went towards your dad. “Thank you for telling us.” You said and kissed his cheek, then gave him a quick hug and you were about to go but he grabbed your wrist. You turned around to see him with a concerned look on his face. “Can we go get some coffee sometime, maybe?” He asked and you smiled and nodded, he smiled back but soon enough went back to his serious glare. “I’ll call you some other time.” You said and grabbed Harley’s hand, she was hugging you and trembling, you kissed her head and continued to walk towards your house.

But, Bruce kept watching you, making sure that his little girl was safe, to make sure that Joker wouldn’t harm you, he kept taking care of his city but especially you, his little girl.


             Sadly, my existential crisis had to come to an abrupt ending thanks to a fiery rain of knocks at my door. When I had opened it, I no longer felt the need to question my purpose. Not that I had found it or anything, but for a second… I felt an odd sense of happiness I guess.

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Your Voice (Drabble) [2]

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 851

A/N: Here’s part two! Ahh, it feels so good to be posting again, it makes me so happy. Even though I just started this series recently I can’t wait to get to the angst, but we’ll get there eventually. Enjoy~ ❤︎

Also if you haven’t read part 1, go and do so~

Feel free to check out our Masterlist!

              -          Admin Mochi

[October 8, 2015]

              She would take the same route to class every morning and Min Yoongi was the reason for that. Y/N would go out of her way by passing through the university’s business department just so she could get a glance of him. The girl would often tell herself that she wasn’t doing it for him, but simply because she enjoyed walking around campus but deep down she knew that was nothing more than an excuse.

               There he was, sitting by the same window and as usual he had a pair of white earbuds plugged in. She often wondered what he was listening to, curious as to what his taste in music was. The sleeves of his gray pull over hoodie were rolled up giving her a slight view of his tattoos as he typed away on his laptop. Y/N found it hard to break her gaze away from his right arm, which was covered ink. A tattoo sleeve, huh? It was times like these that the brunette wished she had the courage to get closer in order to get a better look of the designs, she would love to know what significance they held.

               “Y/N-ah!” a familiar voice broke the girl out of her thoughts. “What are you looking at?” asked the toffee haired male while glancing towards the general direction she had been staring.

               “I… Um- Nothing, I just zoned out while looking out the window…” she fibbed with a sheepish smile.

               “It does look lovely out today, not a cloud in the sky.” He responded understandingly. “Hey, Y/N.”

               “Yes, Jin?”

               “What are you doing here? Isn’t your first class in the science and mathematics department?” the man mused.

               “The thing is…” she mumbled trying to think of a good excuse. “I sort of got lost on my way there and somehow ended up here, this school is just so big.”

               “Aww, I completely understand. Let me walk you to class then!” Jin offered with a wide smile, being a senior in college he knew his way around the campus like that back of his hand.

               “No, it’s okay I wouldn’t want to bother y-“

               “Don’t worry about it, I really don’t mind. Can’t have you getting lost and being late to class, now can I?”

               Y/N sat in a café not too far from the school with her childhood friend, Kim Seokjin. They were three years apart in age, but that didn’t stop their friendship from blossoming seeing as how their parents were best friends. The two practically grew up together, but unfortunately they stopped seeing each other as often when Jin moved out of his house and somewhere closer to the university. Y/N would see him every now and then whenever he’d visit his parents, but as time passed the visits became scarce. Luckily the two were reunited in college.

               “So tell me, do you like the school so far?” Jin questioned while taking a sip of his taro coconut boba.

               “I love it and I also love that now I get to see you more often!” the girl chirped happily.

               “You poor child, having been deprived of my handsome face for so long must have been hard.” he proclaimed sounding genuinely sorry.

               “I’ve seen better.” She muttered taking a sip of her own drink.

               “Yah! Excuse me?” he gasped dramatically. “I’ll have you know I’m well known around the university for my looks, you have any idea how many girls have confessed to me? Guys even!” he ranted attempting to prove his point. “Yah, Y/N! Are you listening to me? What are you-“ the male curiously followed her gaze which was fixated on the man who had just entered the establishment. “Yoongi!” he called out while waving towards the dark haired boy, Y/N looked between the two with wide eyes as the realization hit her. “Come here I want to introduce you to someone.” The girl could feel her palms getting sweaty and her heart beat accelerate as he approached them.

               “Y/N, this is one of my close friends and roommate Yoongi.” Jin commented gesturing to the guy in front of them. “Yoongi, this is my childhood friend, Y/N.”

               Yoongi was instantly captivated by the brunette girl. She had the biggest brown eyes he had ever seen and dark thick lashes, long hair that almost reached her small waist, and had naturally rouge pink lips. She reminded him of a doll, especially in her beige ribbed crop top, white pleated skirt, and oversized blush knit cardigan. He had to admit, she was incredibly cute.

               “Nice to meet you, I’m Min Yoongi.” The dark haired boy mumbled a bit shyly earning him an odd look from his older friend.

               “Your voice is really nice.” It was only moments after that Y/N registered what she had said out loud. Her face turned beet red in embarrassment as she stumbled over her words trying to properly introduce herself causing Jin to look at her in shock and amusement. On the other hand, Yoongi’s usual nonchalant expression was replaced with a small smile, no one had ever said that to him before.

Ralph was so sweet and supportive toward Paige to make her feel like he would be okay if she married Tim at some point. That she should do what makes her happy and not to worry about him. And then he turns around and essentially tells Walter ‘I wanted it to be you. I wanted you and I want more days like today where you called me your son and we were partners’. Which had to hurt him knowing Paige is with Tim but it also meant so much for him to hear Ralph say how much he means to him

A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 20: Gas | A Reylo fanfic

Originally posted by buzluviski


Chapter Summary: Kylo ren probably wishes he could set himself on fire. Probably. 

Chapter Preview:

He’d been drawn to her; he just hadn’t noticed how much.


“Did I say or do anything else?”

He sees it in his mind as his reality starts warping into a nightmare.

“Does… it make you happy… duckling?” the words had fallen from him because this was a dream, and the real Rey would never stay in his dream so long. She had stuck around a very, very long time already.

“Does what make me happy?” The girl in his dream had asked, her fingers gently carding through his hair, and though somewhere in his mind Kylo knows that this would never, ever happen, he nearly purrs into her hand, pushing his scalp into her palm, searching for warmth. It feels oddly like her hand belongs there, or at least, it should.

But this is Rey, and she’s taken, and he barely knows her. Still, when he speaks again, eyes closing and cheek falling to rest on a curiously warm, soft shoulder, it’s not without a hint of jealousy. Jealousy that he doesn’t have what she has, what her boyfriend has in her. Jealous that Katherine would never follow this far for him… hadn’t followed. Jealous that this young woman’s lips looked inviting, and they were not for him. Still, he talks.

This is a dream. At least in this dream he could get answers.

“How he kisses you,” Kylo asks, huffing hot air in and out. After a long moment, his dream Rey sighs.

“I suppose.”

Author’s notes: We finally get a glimpse into Kylo’s POV on The Kiss™. Nothing goes right, but then again, when does it? 

*runs off cackling like the evil person she is*


read on Ao3

Since they first laid eyes on one another, Marinette and Adrien have battled each other (although occasionally working together) over everything, especially grades. But when Adrien’s mother randomly disappears in the middle of freshman year, Adrien loses motivation for anything, including his rivalry with Marinette.
Despite them fighting all the time, and this being her chance to ‘win’, Marinette hates feeling her rivalry being one-sided, and works to make her partner happy again.
But with the new villain Hawkmoth suddenly appearing, his mom disappearing, his grades dropping, and his father growing more and more cold by the day, Adrien feels like the world is crumbling around him…

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so I’ve seen a few posts floating around about an au where jyn’s kyber crystal uses like, the power of the force to save her and cassian at the end, and while that definitely does not satisfy me entirely (because chirrut bodhi baze and k2so SHOULD HAVE LIVED TOO), thinking about these two being able to live and see the product of their hard work and be happy together makes me feel a lot better (even tho it clearly didn’t happen)

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x04:

  • So far, so disturbing.
  • Aw yay phone call with Cas <3 
  • OMG Dean asking his mom if he shouldn’t call her mom is BREAKING MY HEART *cries for ten years*
  • Cas + Crowley = the angel/demon crime solving duo everrrrrr
  • AH yes. Back to the Dean who doesn’t deal with feelings or talk about his issues. Back to normal *side eye for dayzzzz*
  • Dean being eager to shoot people doesn’t make me happy :(
  • YAAAAASSSSSSS to the sweaters!!!!!
  • Dean climbing over the gate while Sam just casually walks around it is my new favorite scene LOL .
  • ooooo black helmet motorcyclist… mysterious! 
  • Sam is so fucking badass, I love him to pieces. You tell ‘em, Sam! 
  • Wow. Dean’s instincts are SO OFF this episode. Mary leaving really messed him up :( 
  • Yup. Humans being creepy as fuck. 
  • LOL to the background on Sam’s phone.
  • Sam needs to stop getting captured yo.
  • Ummmm… lady, no one else is eating dinner after that bullshit. ELIJAH DON’T DO IT! 
  • Oh, hey Dean. Welcome back to the show. 
  • Sam is so wise. 
  • But like why did Beth need to talk to Dean? What went down off screen between them??? HmmmMMMMMM??????

In conclusion: Sam is so very wise. And strong. And brave. And great <3 


Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Yay for friday! I love how you all look forward to these updates, it makes me so happy and more than willing to write this lovely series! Here’s to the new CB chapter; merry christmas eve eve! 

Warning: Ben cusses a bit and it’s some good shit

Word Count: 4K+

“A concert?” Sitting on the bar stool as your mother worked around the kitchen, you nodded. “How much?” Stopping in her tracks to look at you, you shook your head.

“Absolutely free! There’s no fee since they’re not like a profiting band, they just do small gigs.” You smiled, in hopes she’d say yes.

“A band? Is this that band you listen to on repeat? The only rock band out of all your music?” Slumping your shoulders, you slowly nodded. “What was it again? Knights of…Knights of…”

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I’m saying it right now: COMIC OF THE YEAR!

I LOVE this! Everything about this issue is FANTASTIC. The Misfits have been my favorite part of Jem since the series launched and now I get a comic based around them! YES!

Without getting spoilery, I love getting to see how these girls all met. And seeing how, despite her reputation as a hard-ass, Pizzazz is such a mom to the band.

Plus, the talk between Blaze and Pizzazz? I was literally crying. So good!

@1979semifinalist has done it again. The dialog is superb and feels so natural. She should write EVERYTHING.

Also, Jenn St-Onge and M. Victoria Robado’s art and colors are way cool.

Everything about this makes me happy.

And Eric in this panel KILLED me:

So wonderful.