make me do me f*ck me


love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes

I just sent a client his business cards.

Client: I don’t like them. They’re not what I was expecting.

Me: That’s not good, what were you expecting?

Client: When you sent me the artwork, i was like “F*ck, that’s SIIIIICK,” but the business cards don’t make me say that. 

Me: But it’s the same artwork as what was sent to you.

Client: On my phone, it was glowing, especially when it was dark, you could see the artwork better.

Me: Are you aware that your phone has a light behind the screen?

Client: How do I get that for my business cards?

Me: Are you prepared to pay $800 per card?

Sorry, DM. We still love you.

So my friend was doing his first D&D campaign and he ran into a computer problem. Being a perfectly normal and reasonable person, he swore at the thing…and then we had to go and make it weird (all of this is out of character).

DM: “Oh f*ck me!”

The Ranger: “No thanks.”

The Bard: “Buy me dinner first.”

The Warrior: “You’re not pretty enough.”

Me: “I’m asexual, so I can’t help you, dude.”

  • me @ me: i know it's getting late and you should sleep but monsta x's beautiful mv teaser is only 21 seconds so you should watch it one more time

Julia Wicker in every episode

1x13 “ Have You Brought Me Little Cakes”

Zodiac Signs as Sonic-For-Real-Justice quotes
  • Aries: You wanna know how many smug Sonic pics i have? F*ck you, that's how many - Mod Sonic
  • Taures: They keep banning me and bringing me back - Mod Shadow
  • Gemini: Who made a Knowyourmeme page about us? Don't make us into a meme! - Mod Amy
  • Cancer: I'm very saddened - Mod Tails
  • Leo: Amy, I don't even watch mlp anymore - Mod Shadow
  • Virgo: I do what I want - Mod Sonic
  • Libra: Mod Sonic has a crush on Mod Sally, pass it on! - Mod Shadow
  • Scorpio: TAILS YOU F*CKIN LIAR I JUST WOKE UP!!!You just want the positive attention from everyone to make me look like an idiot! - Mod Amy
  • Sagittarius: ...i don't even know what tucute means! - Mod Tikal
  • Capricorn: I'm not even actually emo - Mod Shadow
  • Aquarius: Shut the f*ck up - Mod Shadow
  • Pisces: Why does everyone hate me? - Mod Amy
Broken (Damian Wayne X Reader)

Request: Nope.

Prompt: You’re from the rougher parts of Gotham and get paired up with Damian in a project.

Relationship: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warning: Abuse, Cursing? Death

A/N: Please feel free to request anything DC related, just drop your request into my inbox. Enjoy!

Narrative POV

The first thing Damian thought when he saw you was ‘Street-rat’, due to your not-top-quality clothes and the cuts and scrapes on your face, however, you weren’t a like any other ‘street-rat’ he had seen before, you were timid and flinched at the slightest of bangs, like someone closing their locker near you, you also were pretty bright, and artistic in the classes that you shared together.

(Y/N)’s POV

I walked into school, my hood up covering my face from peering eyes, I had a lovely black eye from my father, if I could call him that, my mother was pregnant and I had been protecting her from the beatings that she used to receive, I put my things in my locker before it was slammed shut making me flinch, big-time, “So, what’s your whore of a mother gotten up to?” The usual bully taunted, but what he didn’t expect was a right hook in the jaw from me, then being tripped up “Talk about my mother in that way again and I’ll make sure no one finds your body” I growled before walking away from him, everyone staring at me with wide eyes.

People could say whatever they wanted about me but saying something like that about my mother, was something that definitely triggered me, she’s never been a bad mother, she’s kept me clothed, fed and protected me from my father’s abuse before she got pregnant, I sat down in class as the bell rang, everyone filed into the classroom, “Morning everyone, now before I start today’s lesson, I’d like to set an assignment. You’ll have three months to complete it and you’ll be working in pairs…” The teacher rambled on pairing people up, “Damian Wayne and (Y/N) (L/N)” She said making my eyes widened, out of everyone here she paired me up with rich-boy, great.

He made his way over to my desk and sat on it, “If you want I can do it all then put our names on it” I say, he scoffed “This is an assignment for both of us, (L/N), and I’m not letting you do all the work” He said, I sighed “Fine, but I will hardly have anytime out of school to help you with it” I say, “Give me your timetable” He demanded, I did so and he examined it “We have most free periods together, so we can meet in the library and work on it together” He said as he marked the free periods on my timetable, “Sounds good to me” I say as I took my timetable from his hand, it fell silent between us, well before he cleared his throat gaining my attention, “That was a good right hook you landed on Tracey’s face this morning” He compliment, “He disrespected my mother” I shrugged.


Damian’s POV

It had just been over a month since (Y/N) and I had begun working on the assignment, and undeniably we had gotten close, I was stood at the entrance waiting for her to come in, she did but on crutches making my eyes widened as I approached her, “What happened?” I asked as I walked alongside her, “Fell down some stairs” She said as she came to a stop at her locker, I noticed how she winced as she did the simplest of movement of putting her bag into her locker and taking out her books, and she had a new bruise forming on her cheek, “Are you suitable to be at school?” I asked, she let out a frustrated sigh, “I’m fine, Damian. Stop worrying” She said as she slammed her locker shut, I nodded and removed her books from her hands so she could make her way down the hall without struggling.


Today the assignment had to be in and I was waiting for (Y/N), like usual, at the entrance, she came through without her crutches making me sigh in relief as I approached her, she kept her head down, “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” I asked stopping her, I felt her tense under my touch making me let go, “(Y/N), look at me” I say, she lifted her head but it was still hidden by the shadow of her hood, I gently took it down to see her bruised, cut and bleeding making my eyes widened as I took her to the toilets, “What happened?” I asked as I cleaned her bust lip, “I live in the rough parts and I got mugged” She whispered.

I raised an eyebrow, “(Y/N), I’ve seen mugged victims, and none of them are hurt this bad” I say, she avoided my gaze, “Your left eyebrow is cut, and your left eye is bruised so bad you can hardly open it, and you’ve got a bust lip. If someone’s purposely doing this to you, you can tell me” I say, she shook her head making me sigh, “How about I take you out this Friday?” I asked, “I’m grateful, Damian but it’s my mother’s due date and she could fall into labour any day. Perhaps another day, yeah?” She said giving me a small smile, “Oh…yeah. I understand” I say giving her a half smile.


(Y/N)’s POV

I arrived home and her mother let out a moan of pain making my eyes widened as I ran into her room, she was on the floor clutching her large bump “(Y/N)!” She yelled, “It’s alright, everything’s going to be fine” I say as I helped her on to the bed, I set the pillows up so she could sit up and put her legs up, luckily she was wearing a dress, and had already removed her underwear, I could already see the head had half-made its way out, “The head’s almost out, so the next time you feel a contraction, push with everything you’ve got” I say, she nodded and screamed in pain as she pushed, the baby was born, screaming it’s lungs off, I cut the umbilical cord off, “It’s a girl” I say as I cleaned the blood off her, wrapped her in a blanket and handed her to Mum.

“Rosie” Mum smiled as she cradled her, “What is it?” father asked from the bedroom door, Mum past Rosie to me, ‘Run’ She mouthed, my face dropped but I nodded, “It’s a girl” She said turning to father, anger flashed over his face as he came towards her and grabbed her hair pulling her off the bed, “I asked for a f*cking boy!” He yelled as he landed a punch in her face, Mum looked at me and mentioned the door as he landed a kick in her stomach, I nodded and ran, cradling Rosie into my chest, I ran to the closest Orphanage and burst in, “Please, look after her” I begged as one of the workers came up to me and I handed Rosie to them.

“What’s wrong dear?” She asked as she cradled Rosie, “My father, he’s an-He’s bad. I don’t want Rosie living with us. Not until he’s sorted out” I say, “Name?” She asked, “Rosie (L/N). She was born thirty minutes ago. I’m (Y/N) (L/N), her sister. Please just take care of her. I need to go back for my mother” I say, she nodded and I ran back home, I got in and saw father beating Mum’s body with a bat making my eyes widened, “Leave her alone!” I screamed pushing him off her, her breathing was faint “You want to end up like her?!” He yelled as he smashed the bat into my right knee making me let out a yell of pain, “R…un…” Mum said.

I sighed and ran out of the apartment, well the best I could, I could barely put weight on my right leg, so I was limping, “Where the f*ck do you think you’re going?!” Father yelled, I got my phone out and rang Damian, “Come on. Pick-up” I say as I got out of the building and made my way down the street, it went to voicemail, I groaned in frustration before my leg gave way and I fell on the ground, “F*ck” I muttered, “Think you can run from me?! Stupid b*tch!” Father yelled as he came over to me with his bat, my eyes widened in fear as I backed away from him, “If you’re going to kill me then do it” I groaned as he picked me up by the throat and slammed me into a wall.

“Just like your mother. Pathetic” He spat, I glared at him and began attacking his face, he threw me to the ground making me cough, “If anyone’s pathetic, it’s you” I spat as he landed a punch in my face, he picked up the bat and chuckled, “(Y/N)!” Someone yelled before Robin jumped down attacking father, I sighed in relief as I sat against the wall and closed my eyes, “(Y/N)?” Someone said making me open my eyes to see Robin crouched in front of me, “How do you know my name?” I asked, he sighed as he took down the hood and removed the mask, my eyes widened “Damian” I say, he gave me a small smile “So, who was that arsehole?” He asked mentioning my father’s unconscious body, “My so-called-father” I say before realisation hit me.

“Mum” I muttered as I forced myself up and ran back into the apartment, “(Y/N)!” Damian yelled after me as I heard his footsteps following, “Mum?” I asked as I went over to her body, she wasn’t moving, “Mum?!” I yelled as I fell next to her, I shook her but there was no response, “He killed her…” I trailed off, I felt Damian stood behind me, “(Y/N), you need to go to hospital” He said as he helped me up, “I can’t just leave her here!” I yelled, “The police have been notified, they’ll sort this out” He said as he took me out of the building.


I woke up in a bed making me raise an eyebrow, I shook my head and pulled the covers off me to find a knee brace on my right leg, I sighed as I stood up, wincing at the pain that shot through my right leg, I walked through the pain and found my way to the front door, “You shouldn’t be walking, Miss” Someone said from behind me, I turned to see an elderly man, “I didn’t mean to startle you, my name’s Alfred Pennyworth” He introduced, “I need to go get my sister” I say, he hummed “Very well. I’ll drive you” Alfred said, as he opened the door for me, helped me down the steps and into the car.

“Where is your sister, Miss?” Alfred asked from the driver’s seat, “The orphanage near my house” I say, he nodded and began driving, we arrived and he helped me out of the car and into the building, “Ah, Miss (L/N), are you here for Rosie?” The receptionist asked, I nodded “She’ll be brought out immediately” She smiled, I sat down as Alfred stood beside me, “How old is your sister, Miss?” He asked, “How long have I been out?” I asked, “A couple weeks” He replied, “She’s a couple weeks old then” I answered before she was brought out making me stand up and go over to her, she was dressed in some unisex clothes but had her blanket wrapped around her.

She was passed over to me, “She’s been a darling to have” The worker said, “Thank you” I say, she nodded and returned to work, Alfred helped me back into the car with Rosie and drove us back, to what I was presuming to be the Wayne Manor, we got in the door to find Damian and his brothers running around hectically, Alfred and myself exchanges looks, “Excuse me, Master Damian, Tim, Jason and Richard but what’s going on?” Alfred asked making them all freeze to the spot, “It’s (Y/N)! She’s…” Damian trailed off as he noticed me stood next to Alfred, relief washed over his face as he came over to me, “You shouldn’t be walking” He said, “Alfred’s already told me that” I say.

“Why didn’t you send her to bed?” Damian growled, “She was very stubborn about getting her baby sister” Alfred replied, “Baby?!” Dick yelled as he ran over to me along with Jason and Tim, they all peered over my shoulder to see Rosie, who was sleeping, “Why are you all gathered around (Y/N)?” Bruce asked as he came downstairs, “She’s got a baby” Jason replied, confusion cover his face, “Baby sister” I say and relief washed over his face as he came over to us, “I guess we have our work cut out for us, don’t we Alfred?” He said, “I believe so, sir” Alfred replied.


“(Y/N)!” Rosie’s voice echoed through the Manor, I sighed getting up from my bed and going into Jason’s room, where she was on the bed “What?” I asked, “Jay’s not moving” She said as I went over to her, Jason was fast asleep “That’s because he’s sleeping, Rose. Come on” I say picking her up and carrying her on my hip out of his room, “Now, shall we go downstairs for some breakfast?” I asked, her eyes lit up as she nodded, I chuckled and carried her downstairs into the kitchen where Alfred was making pancakes, “Good morning, miss’” He said not turning around, “Morning Alfie!” Rosie beamed as I put her in her high-chair.

We had been living at the Wayne manor for the past three years, the media knew all about me, some even accused me being Damian’s girlfriend, but they hadn’t seen Rosie, which I found a relief since I didn’t want the media monitoring her every movement and influencing her, Alfred set the pancakes in front of us, “Thanks” I say, “Thanks” Rosie mimicked making me chuckle, I finished my pancakes as Damian came in, “Dami!” Rosie yelled, “Rose, I know you’re excited to see him but he’s just woken up so don’t shout, okay?” I say, she pouted, “I don’t mind. Morning Rosie” Damian said as he ruffled her hair, she stuck her tongue out at me making me raise an eyebrow at her.

“Come on, eat your pancakes before I do” I say, as I went to eat a piece “No!” She screamed, as she pulled my hand with the fork away from my mouth, “Give it me” I groaned as I ‘fought’ against her pulling, “No, it’s mine” She laughed as she won the ‘fight’ and got the pancake piece in her mouth, I sighed in defeat as I crossed my arms, “You’re lucky I love you” I say making her beam at me, “Love you too” She said with a mouthful, “Don’t talk with food in your mouth, it’s bad manners” I say wiping her mouth, “(Y/N), she’s three” Tim said as he came in, “Timmy!” She squealed, “So? It’s best to teach her now, so she doesn’t do it in future. I bet Alfred did it with Bruce” I say turning to him.

“Actually, Master Bruce got away with a lot of things in his younger years” Alfred piped in, “Ha, see” Tim said as he sat down, “Well, you’re not the one raising her. When you get your own kids then you can raise them however you want” I say as I took mine and Rosie’s empty plates to wash, “Jay! Ric!” Rosie yelled making me turn around to see Dick and Jason enter the kitchen, “Hello Princess” Jason said kissing her head, as Dick high-fived her, I went over to her and wiped her hands removing any stickiness from her pancakes, “Morning all” Bruce said as he entered, “Morning Bruce” Dick, Jason, Tim and myself reply.

“Morning father” Damian said, “Morning Daddy!” Rosie said making my face immediately drop along with the boys dropping their cutlery, I stood up and face Bruce, “I’m so-” I was cut off as he picked her out of the high-chair, “Hello petal. How are you?” He asked, stunning me and by the looks on the boys faces they were stunned too, Rosie whispered something into his ear “Well, I think you’ll have to ask (Y/N)” He said as he handed her to me, I rested her on my hip and listened in on the boys tormenting each, “(Y/N)” Rosie dragged out, “What do you want?” I asked turning to her, “Can we go see a play?” She asked, I bit at my lip and reluctantly nodded “Since it’s your birthday soon, I guess we can” I say, “Yey!” she cheered as she lifted her arms in the air knocking my chin.

“Ow” I say as I rubbed my chin, “I’m sorry” She said as she hugged me and kissed where she hit, I chuckled “I’m alright Rose. I was only teasing you” I say, she made an angry face and turned away from me, crossing her arms making Jason laugh, I shot him a glare shutting him up, “Rose?” I say, “What?” She grunted, I restrained myself from laughing, “Can I have kiss?” I asked, “No” She snapped making my jaw drop, “Fine, I guess I’ll just have to kiss-” “No” She said as she kissed me, “You can’t kiss anyone but me” She said narrowing her eyes at me, “But what if-” “No” She said cutting me off, “Okay…” I trailed off as I avoided her gaze, the boys were laughing, including Bruce and Alfred.


I was bathing Rosie, to go to the play, we all were going to see the theatre performance of Sleeping Beauty, there was a knock on the bathroom door and Dick popped his head around it making Rosie scream as she hid her body in the bubbles, I chuckled “What’s up?” I asked facing him, “How long you going to be? I need a shower” He said, I rolled my eyes “They’re plenty of bathrooms in the Manor” I say, “But this one has all my stuff in it. Plus, Bruce, Tim and Jay are using the other ones” He argued, I sighed “Five minutes” I say, “Thanks” He smiled before leaving, “Bath time’s going to be cut short today, Rose” I say as I pulled the plug and got her towel, “Why?” She whined, “Because Ric needs to get washed for the play” I say as I wrapped her in the towel and picked her up.

I took her to our room and set her on the bed as I chose an outfit for her, we all agreed to go smart-casual, I pulled out a white dress, that went to her knees, some white converse and a Demin-jacket, I set them on the bed and proceeded to get her dry, once I dried and clothed her, I styled her hair into a half-up-half-down do with a medium-sized white bow, “Can I have some lipstick?” She asked, I chuckled “What colour?” I asked as I went over to my dresser “Pink!” She yelled, I picked up a pink shade and put it on her, she ran over to the mirror and smiled “I look like a princess” She beamed, “You’re always a princess, Rosie” Bruce said as he came in, “Daddy!” She yelled as she ran over to him, he picked her up “Don’t ruin his shirt with that lipstick” I warned.

“You’re wearing lipstick?” Bruce asked, “Yep! Pink” She smiled, “Can you keep an eye on her as I get ready?” I asked, he nodded and took her out of the room, I quickly got showered before returning to my room where I changed into black jeans and a white dress-top, with some white converse before styling my hair in a plait leaving two strands out by the side of my face before my door slammed open and Rosie ran in and over to me, “We’re twins!” She exclaimed looking at our outfits, I chuckled and nodded “You should wear pink lipstick too” She said, “Pink doesn’t suit me, Rose. How about you come help me choose” I say mentioning her over to my dresser.

She looked at all the shades before picking out a bright red, “This one” She said handing it to me, I put it on and faced her, “How do I look?” I asked, “Like a princess” She smiled, I returned it and put the lipstick back before touching hers up and then heading downstairs, where everyone was waiting, they all stared at me as I straightened out my shirt, “What?” I asked, “Nothing” They all said as we piled into the limo, “This isn’t going to attract attention” I muttered, Damian held my hand and gave it a squeeze, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they don’t get her” He reassured, he knew my ‘fear’ of the media on Rosie’s life, I gave him a soft smile, “You also look beautiful” He whispered, I felt heat rush to my cheeks “Thanks. You look pretty good, yourself” I whispered back.

We arrived outside the theatre and the paparazzi were waiting, “We’ll shield her” Jason said as he, Bruce, Dick and Tim got out of the Limo, “Keep your head down, okay?” I say to Rosie, she nodded, Damian got out and held his hand out to me, I picked Rosie up and took his hand, getting out myself, Tim and Dick was on one side and Jason and Bruce were on the other sheltering, Rosie from the cameras, we got into the theatre and took our seats, which were front row, Rosie was sat in the middle of us all, I was on her right and Jason was on her left, Damian still had a hold of my hand making me smile.


It was half way through the play when gunfire echoed through the theatre making people scream, I grabbed Rosie and got down, “Go. We’ll be fine” I hissed to the boys, they all reluctantly crept out, “Now! Nobody’s going to get hurt! I just want two people!” The man yelled out, Rosie had tears welling up in her eyes making me cradle her into my chest, “Sh, it’s going to be alright. Everything’s going to be fine” I whispered stroking her hair, “Two girls. They seem to have an importance to Batman! Their names? (Y/N) and Rosie (L/N)!” He yelled out making my face drop as fear struck through me, “Oh come on now, (Y/N). Did you really think a cell would hold me? I just want to see my daughters” He said.

I poked my head over the chair to see father near the back with the rest of the men he came with, I looked towards the stage and noticed that there was a hidden door, I opened it slightly and saw that they were extra chairs, “Rosie, I want you to hide in here until Daddy comes back with Damian, Ric, Jay and Timmy, okay?” I whispered, “I don’t want to leave you” She whispered, “I know, Rose, but you’re gonna have to be a big girl for me, can you do that?” I asked, she nodded as she wiped the tears away, “That’s my girl, now climb in there and don’t make any sound, okay?” I say, she did so “I love you (Y/N)” She whispered, I smiled, “I love you too, Rose” I say as I closed the door.

“Are you really going to let all these people die?” He asked, I sighed standing up, “Fine. You’ve got me. Just let everyone else here go” I say, “Where’s the other brat?” He asked coming closer to me, “She got out with Bruce” I lied, “Damnit!” He yelled hitting me across the face with the gun, “One’s better than none, right? Just let these people go” I say, he grabbed my hair and dragged me to the stage before throwing me to the floor and kicking me in the face making me spit out blood, “We’ve got what we came for boys. Let the rest go” He ordered, his men came closer to the stage as the other civilians left in a hurry through the doors, I sighed in relief before I was booted in the stomach making me curl up coughing.

“It was the right knee I busted, wasn’t it?” He asked before jumping on it making a loud crack causing me to yelp in pain as tears came to my eyes, “You haven’t changed one bit” I coughed as I sat up, only to be knocked down by a blow to the head with the gun, I sat back up and blinked repetitively to unblur my vision, he tossed his gun to one side and picked me up by the collar of my dress-shirt, I was placing all my body weight on my left leg, then the doors burst open and Batman and the others come in, easily taking down the men guarding the stage, “Not any closer!” father yelled as he held me in a headlock, “You make any movements and her neck’s snapped” He threatened, all their eyes widened, he chuckled “Why do they care so much about you? Especially, boy wonder over there, just itching to take me out. You’re nothing but a pathetic, broken girl” He whispered in my ear.

I looked over to Damian and saw that he was right, Damian was on edge, I sent him a small smile and winked before biting into father’s hand making him yell out in pain, I pushed off him and collapsed at the edge of the stage, “Stupid b*tch!” He yelled as he picked up the gun and began firing, I rolled of the edge of the stage and groaned as I landed on the floor, Bruce and the boys took father down, I opened the hidden door and Rosie’s eyes widened as tears were streaming down her face, she climbed out and gave me a hug making me wince as I hugged her back as I sighed in relief, “It’s okay, Rose. I’m okay” I say stroking her hair as she cried into my shoulder, “(Y/N)!” Damian yelled as he and Jason ran over to me, since Bruce, Tim and Dick were taking father and his men out in handcuffs, they removed their mask/helmet, Rosie let go and tackled Jason with a hug as I began to drift in and out of consciousness, “(Y/N)? Todd, get Rosie out of here” Damian said before I completely fell in to darkness.


I let out a groan as I woke up, holding my head, I uncovered myself to find that my whole right leg was in a cast, I swung both of my legs off my bed and noticed Damian asleep on the floor, I grabbed the crutches that were at the side of my bed and went over to him, “Damian” I sang as I tapped his shoulder with the crutch making him stir, “Damian!” I yell making him jolt awake, he groaned rubbing his eyes before looking up at me, “(Y/N)?” He asked, I raised an eyebrow waiting for his realisation to dawn upon him, it did as he scrambled to his feet and pulled me into a hug causing me to chuckle as I returned it, “Morning to you too” I say as he pulled away.

“Don’t you ever risk your life again” He said, “He was going to kill the others in there. Wait, where’s Rosie?” I asked as I began to panic, “She’s been sleeping in father’s bed for the past couple of days because she’s having nightmares” He said, “She’s been having nightmares?!” I asked as I made my way out of my room, “(Y/N), wait” Damian said as he appeared in front of me, “Damian m-Wait, have I missed her birthday?” I asked, he shook his head “It’s today” He said making me sigh in relief, “Good. I’m gonna need your help” I say making him raise an eyebrow as he followed me downstairs and into the living room where Rosie’s presents were.

I was trying to sit on the floor but not being able to bend my right leg was proving to be difficult, “Need a hand?” Damian asked tilting his head at me, “Please” I say, he smiled and helped me sit on the floor, then sat next to me “So, what’s the plan?” He asked, “You’re going to wake Rosie up and I’m going to be the best goddamn present she’s ever got” I say, he chuckled “Well, if you’re going to be a present, you best look like one” He said as he reached over to one of the presents that had a stick-on-bow on and stuck it on top of my head, “So, how do I look?” I asked, “Perfect” He smiled, I smiled back lowering my head as I blushed, “Go wake her up then” I say mentioning him to go, he rolled his eyes as he got up and left.

Moments later he appeared at the door holding her hand, “Go open your presents then” He said and she made her way over to me, she stopped when she saw me before she ran over giving me a hug, “(Y/N)!” She yelled, I smiled and hugged her back, “Happy birthday Rose” I say planting a kiss on her cheek, she pulled away and looked down at my cast, “Why don’t you go wake Jay, Ric and Timmy so then you can open your presents” I say, she chuckled and ran out of the room, “So, how bad is my leg?” I asked as I moved myself over to the couch and sat against it, “Pretty bad. They said it’ll take a year maximum to heal, and then you’ll have a permeant limp depending on your physio” Damian said as he sat behind me, “Well, that sounds like a lot of fun” I say sarcastically, “I’ll make it fun” He said as he removed the bow from my head, “Hey. Look who’s awake!” Dick said as he, Tim and Jason, who was carrying Rosie came in with Bruce trailing after them, “Come open your presents Rose” I say as Jason put her down and she ran over grabbing a present then sitting in between my legs.

After she opened her presents, Alfred brought in a birthday breakfast, aka pancakes loaded with syrup, “Ha!” Jason exclaimed as he glanced at the newspaper Bruce was reading, “What?” I asked tilting my head at him, “Read this” He said removing the paper from Bruce’s hands and passing it to me, “I was reading that” Bruce said, “Was being the key word there” Tim said, “Wayne’s Teenage Pregnancy” I read out making my jaw drop as it was a picture of me carrying Rosie into the theatre holding Damian’s hand, “Someone take Rosie out of the room” I say restraining myself from cursing in front of her.

“Miss Rosie, would you care to help me with decorating the buns?” Alfred asked, she nodded and jumped up before following Alfred out of the room, he closed the door behind them, “They think that Damian got me f*cking pregnant?! And that Rosie is the outcome!” I yelled, “Well, she does have his eye colour” Dick said making me glare at him “I suggest you shut up before you end up six-feet-under” I threatened, “I’m sure they don’t think that” Tim said, “Really? On 16th of March, it was seen that Bruce Wayne, along with his sons, and Damian’s girlfriend, (Y/N) (L/N), entering Gotham’s Theatre with a baby girl that was clinging to (Y/N). I suppose that this explains her sudden move into the Wayne Manor” I read out, “Oh…” Tim trailed off.

“Alright, me being seen as Damian’s girlfriend, I’m used to, I can accept that. But Rosie being seen as an outcome of a teenage pregnancy, no I can’t have her seen as that. I mean if she was, then that means Damian and I would have conceived her at the age of 12. Apologies Damian but you only hit puberty last year” I say making Jason keel over laughing, “Hey!” He exclaimed as he crossed his arms, “It’s true! Bruce get me on every possible interview, immediately” I growled, “That’s taking it a bit far, (Y/N). I can ensure you that everything will blow over” Bruce said, I let out a yell of frustration throwing my crutches at the wall making them all widen their eyes at me as I just sat there, trying to calm myself down.


I was laid on the floor in the living room as Rosie was decorating my cast, with Jason’s help, “You’ve been crushing on her for two years, Damian. Grow some balls” Dick said from outside the room, “Done” Rosie said gaining my attention, I looked down and smiled at my now brightly colour cast, “This is great, thanks Rose” I say, “I helped as well” Jason said, “Jason, Rosie’s got all the artistic talent here” I say as Rosie stuck her tongue out at him, “Help me up, please” I say, he let out a sigh and stood up before lifting me up on to my feet as Rosie handed me the crutches, I ruffled her hair before going towards the stairs, I sighed and set the crutches against the banister before making my way up them, “(Y/N), what are you doing without your crutches?!” Damian asked, I turned to face him but misplaced my foot and slipped, lucky for me he caught me.

“Thanks” I smiled, “Come here” He said before picking me up bridal style, “This would be more comfortable without this cast” He said as he carried me to my room, he placed me on my bed, “Now, who’s your crush?” I asked, “Crush? No one” He said sitting down next to my legs, “Really? I could’ve sworn that Dick said you had been crushing on someone for two years” I say raising an eyebrow, “Grayson’s massive gob” He muttered, “Oh come on Damian, if you can trust me with your Robin secret, telling me who your crush is should be nothing” I say, he remained quiet making me sigh, “I’ll make you a deal, you tell me your crush and I’ll tell you mine” I say leaning forward.

His body tensed up, “You have a crush?” He asked turning to me, I rolled my eyes “Yeah, impossible to believe, now tell me” I say, he shook his head “It doesn’t matter” He said going to stand up but I pulled him back down and pinned him down by his shoulders making his eyes widened, “Tell me” I growled, “Is it bothering you?” he smirked, I leaned closer to his face “Yes” I answered, he raised an eyebrow “Why?” he asked, “Why do you think?” I scoffed letting go of his shoulders, “I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you, so spill” He said, “I thought you were good at reading people” I replied crossing my arms, “Fine, you leave me no choice” He said, “Wha-?” I was cut off as he flipped me on to my back and straddled me, pinning my arms next to my head.

“Tell me” He said leaning closer to me, I remained quiet making him let out a frustrated sigh, “Fine, if you’re going to be that way” he said letting go of my arms and went to get off me, “Ah, f*ck it” I muttered before grabbing his face and kissing him, he was stunned at first but returned, lowering his upper-body so that I was laying down, we broke a part due to someone clearing their throat, we looked up to the door to see Bruce stood there with his arms folded, “I don’t want that headline coming true” He said, “Father” “Bruce” Damian and I groaned in unison, as he walked away, “So, I’m going to take a guess here, and say that your crush is me, and that’s why me having a crush was bothering you” Damian said as we sat up.

I rolled my eyes, “You’ve been crushing on me for two years. Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked, “You were busy with Rosie” he shrugged, I sighed “I may be busy with Rosie but I’ll always have time to spare for you, after all you are my hero” I say, kissing his cheek.

roll persuasion?

for a bit of context, my (im the dm) players (2 Fighters, a rogue, a cleric, and a druid) are traveling through a pitch black world, trying to get to the cathedral of life so they can put the stars back in the sky after they’ve been stolen. on the way out of a city, they’re attacked by a group of 5 thieves (bullies, really, marked A-E) that work for the group that stole the stars. (its a kind of team rocket set up). they’ve been fighting this group for irl 30 minutes (these suckers have a lot of health but don’t deal a lot of damage) and one of my players- the rogue- is really irritated angry. they’ve just managed to kill one of the villains, 

Fighter 1 (ooc): Finally! Oh my god.

Druid (ooc): there’s still 4 more of them, though.

Rogue (ooc): -screaming- F*CK IT, I SCREAM AT THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES. -to me- can I do that?

me: uh, sure, roll persuasion 

Rogue: -nat 20-

the table goes wild

me: -stunned- uh… okay…. well…… -rolls charisma saving for the remaining 4. 3 miss it, one makes it- okay, well, A, D and E start crying and apologize before drawing knives and cutting their own throat. C screams and starts running. 


Make Time (Part 2)

Brett Talbot x Reader

Summary: Beacon Hills wins the game, Isaac scores the winning goal and without even thinking he pulls (y/n) in for a kiss but she didn’t want it because he is only a friend to her. Brett sees it and gets super mad and stuff goes down between Brett and Isaac.

@alysaz23 helped me with this. Go and follow her, she has a blog that also has imagines, it’s @imagines-for-your-soul.

Warnings: Profanities and this is short.

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Y/N’s P.O.V

We are now in the fourth quarter, and we’re winning, while I’m also trying not to focus and cheer on Brett. Old habits die hard, I guess that’s true. When Brett and I used to date, I cheered for him even if he’s in a different team.

I tried not to show much emotion since I’m pretty sure they can smell my chemo signals.

5 minutes left. And I’m cheering for anyone who scores in our school’s team. But then I saw someone tackle into Isaac, gasps from the parents and friends, and a scream from the coach. 

I run to the field and found out that Brett was the one who tackled Isaac. I was about to give Brett a piece of my mind, but then, ‘Why would he care, it’s a game and we broke up, he won’t care whatever I say to him.’ I thought.

I didn’t notice that I was zoning out until Lydia, Malia, and Kira came to me.

“Are you okay?” They asked.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about it. Where’s Isaac?”

“He’s fine, he can still play. He is a werewolf you know?” They raised their eyebrows at you.

“Yeah, werewolf.”

“Are you really okay? We can leave, I’m sure the boys won’t mind.”

“No! I’m fine. I’m fine, let’s go back to our seats.” They looked hesitant. ‘This is the only chance I can see Brett again, without having a reason. So I’m using this chance.’ I thought.

The game continued, Isaac is still playing, but coach is making sure to watch him. It was so sudden, the players are playing harder, I looked at the time, shi*t, it’s ending.

Isaac has the ball, and he’s running toward the goal, pressure is high, everybody’s counting on him.

GOAL! Isaac shot it towards the goal! We won! I rushed to the field with the girls and when I got near Isaac, he picked me up and kissed me! Kissed me! I am frozen. The pack looked shocked as well.

“What the f*ck! You can’t do that!” Brett pushed Isaac away from me.

“Why not? She’s not yours anymore. Remember, you broke up with her!” Isaac was smirking, before Brett went and punched him, repeatedly.

I was looking at them, I don’t know what to do. Lydia rushed to me, and tried pulling me away. But I run towards Brett and Isaac. 

“Stop this! Brett, stop it! Please! Stop!” Brett pulled away and he was dragged to the lockers. I went closer to Isaac, he didn’t look bad since he can heal.

“I’m sorry about him.”

“You don’t have to be, isn’t your fault.” He just grinned.

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“I’m sorry, Isaac, but, you know I can’t accept your feelings. I only see you as a friend.” I looked at him.

“I know. But, I can try.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “No, Isaac. I’m serious. I won’t accept your feelings, you can try, but I still won’t.”

I heard Scott rushing to the locker room. With one last look at Isaac, I ran after Scott.

When I reached the locker room, I saw Scott with Liam and Stiles. But I also saw Brett with Violet laying on the ground. “What happened?” I asked them but Liam and Stiles stayed silent.

“Assassin.” Scott answered for me.

“We gotta bring him to Deaton. Stiles, you may want to call your dad.”

I went with Stiles to go to Deaton. Scott and Liam stayed to answer some questions.

We reached the animal clinic and they set Brett down, while Deaton went to check on him. Derek was there to help.

Stiles and Derek held Brett down so Deaton could make an incision. When Deaton started to cut, Brett thrashed, while Derek and Stiles tried to hold him down.

“Hold him properly. If I make a mistake in my incision, it can kill him.” Deaton tried again but Brett woke up and started going wild. (I’m sorry, but this is the memory I can recall.)

“Brett! Stop! It’s okay! Don’t worry! They’re here to help!” But he ignored me. He was about to leave but Peter knocked him out. I got closer to Brett and started  caressing his hair while Deaton made his incision. Yellow smoke came out of Brett’s chest, “What is that?” Stiles and I asked.

“It’s a rare type of wolfsbane.”

I looked up to Derek but he wasn’t healing, it took a while before it did. That’s weird, he was supposed to heal faster, it was just a scratch.

“Let him rest, don’t worry about it.”

I looked at Brett and he looked the same, he became more handsome. I sighed, and let him rest in my lap.


Best lines from To Pimp A Butterfly

My favorite lines from each track

Wesley’s Theory: “Look both ways before you cross my mind”

For Free? (Interlude): “Oh America, you bad b*tch, I the picked cotton that made you rich, now my d*ck ain’t free”

King Kunta:  “I swore I wouldn’t tell, but most of y’all share bars like you got the bottom bunk in a two man cell”

Institutionalized: “Me, scholarship? No, streets put me through colleges. Be all you can be, true, but the problem is, a dream’s only a dream if work don’t follow it”

These Walls: “Interior pink, color coordinated. I interrogated every nook and cranny, I mean its still amazing before they couldn’t stand me. These walls want to cry tears. These walls happier when I’m here. These walls never could hold up, everytime I come around demolition might crush”

u: “Lovin’ you, lovin’ you, not lovin’ you, one hundred proof. I can feel you vibin’, recognize that your ashamed of me. Yes I hate you too”

Alright: “What you want, a house or a car, 40 acres and a mule, a piano a guitar, anything, see my name is Lucy, I’m your dog. Motherf*cker you can live at the mall”

For Sale? (Interlude): “You said to me, you said your name was Lucy. I said where’s Ricardo? You said oh no, not the show “

Momma: “Thank God for rap, I would say it got me a plaque, but what’s better than that? The fact it brought me back home”

Hood Politics: “The streets don’t fail me now, they tell me it’s a new gang in town, from Compton to Congress, it’s set trippin’ all around. Ain’t nothin’ new but a flow of new DemoCrips and ReBloodlicans. Red state versus a blue state, which one you governin’? They give us guns and drugs, call us thugs. Make it they promise to f*ck with you. No condom they f*ck with you, Obama say, “What it do?”

How Much A Dollar Really Costs: “He looked at me and said, "Your potential is bittersweet" I looked at him and said, "Every nickel is mines to keep" He looked at me and said, "Know the truth, it’ll set you free. You’re lookin’ at the Messiah, the son of Jehovah, the higher power, the choir that spoke the word, the Holy Spirit, the nerve of Nazareth, and I’ll tell you just how much a dollar cost: The price of having a spot in Heaven, embrace your loss, I am God”

Complexion (A Zulu Love): “Dark as the midnight hour or bright as the mornin’ sun, give a f*ck about your complexion, I know what the Germans done”

The Blacker The Berry: “So don’t matter how much I say I like to preach with the Panthers, or tell Georgia State “Marcus Garvey got all the answers”, or try to celebrate February like it’s my B-Day, or eat watermelon, chicken, and Kool-Aid on weekdays, or jump high enough to get Michael Jordan endorsements, or watch BET cause urban support is important. So why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street? When gang banging make me kill a n*gga blacker than me? Hypocrite!

You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said): “Jealousy (complex), emotional (complex), self-pity (complex), under oath (complex), the loudest one in the room, n*gga, that’s a complex. Let me put it back in proper context: You ain’t gotta lie to kick it my n*gga”

i: “I done been through a whole lot, trial, tribulations, but I know God. The devil wanna put me in a bow-tie, praying that the holy water don’t go dry, yeah yeah”

Mortal Man: “How many leaders you said you needed then left ‘em for dead? Is it Moses, is it Huey Newton or Detroit Red? Is it Martin Luther, JFK, shooter you assassin. Is it Jackie, is it Jesse, oh I know, it’s Michael Jackson, oh, when sh*t hit the fan, is you still a fan?”

New Man - E.D

A/N: I tried something different, a different style of writing. Sorry if you don’t like it. Based off of New Man by Ed Sheeran. 

Warnings: Swearing, maybe a little bit of sadness? I found it hella relatable to write

I heard he spent five hundred pounds on jeans. Goes to the gym at least six times a week

Y/N is now in a relationship. 

Oh Facebook, how I love your completely annoying updates; it’s like you just adore intentionally rubbing it in my face that she moved on. I know she moved on, and I know that I should too and in a way I have; but nobody will ever compare to Y/N. If you knew her, you’d understand. The guy in the photo next to her looks familiar, but I can’t quiet place where I know him from, so it’s justified me clicking on his Facebook page, and on his profile picture to find out. And it’s totally okay that I go through the rest of his past profile pictures, because his current one doesn’t show his features in the best lighting. It’s not stalking; it’s perfectly healthy. I’m just trying to remember where I know him from. After a couple of months worth of photos, it clicked where I remember him from. Gym. I know him from f*cking gym. I remember this douche bag! He walked around bragging about all his ‘successes’ over the weekend, and how much money he earns. Complete and utter a**hole if you ask me, not that you did, but if you did I would tell you.

Wears boat shoes with no socks on his feet. And I heard he’s on a new diet and watches what he eats

He’s the type of guy that you can imagine living at the valley, dancing with a different girl every night and drinking till he’s blind rotten drunk. The type of guy with no self-respect, but a big enough ego to suffocate anyone else who stands in the room with him. But I guess that’s what she wants. Or maybe she’s just completely and utterly blinded by his perfectly styled hair and perfect f*cking wardrobe that she can’t see how toxic he is to everyone around him.

He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his arsehole bleached. Owns every single Ministry CD. Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means, but I heard he makes you happy so that’s fine by me

I mean, dude. Like I’m not being petty and I’m not jealous at all because that’s just not my thing, but he has a full sleeve of tribal tats, and he’s the whitest guy you will ever meet. I don’t think he’s stepped a foot outside of the city, let alone belongs to a tribe. Like doesn’t that just scream HEY, RED FLAG OVER HERE? Why are girls into this sh*t, cmon. I swear he goes to the salon more than she does, I mean, his eyebrows are perfectly maintained. Is he gay? Like, I know it’s 2017 and guys can wear makeup and get their eyebrows plucked and sh*t, but still, he has to be gay. But hey, she looks really happy in all these photos so he must be doing something right. Maybe it’s a different story on her Instagram. Hold up, let me check.

But still, I’m just keeping it real, still looking at your Instagram and I’ll be creeping a little. I’ll be trying not to double tap, from way back, cause I know that’s where the troubles at

Well, this isn’t the Instagram theme I remember her having. I mean, it’s been like six or so months so I understand a little change but this? It’s like she’s a completely different person. I used to take photos of her when we went out on dates, when she was eating her pizza and laughing at some ridiculous pun I made, or when we went out on a hike and she was completely oblivious to the camera focused on her beautiful body. But it changed from modest and artsy photos, to bikini shots and modelling lingerie. The girl I knew only saved that for me. But she’s not with me anymore, so maybe her outlook has changed. I know I shouldn’t but I keep scrolling, wondering if she kept up all the photos of us. And as I scroll deeper and deeper into the black hole, I noticed the photos I once took are no longer there. It’s like we never existed, but there’s still one photos left. God, I remember that day.


I roll over amongst the tangled sheets to see Y/N curled into a ball, hugging her knees in her dazed sleep. Her hair is all in her face, and her breaths are deep and long. I quietly and slowly slip out from the bed and stumble into the kitchen, making a fresh pot of coffee and turning on the stove whilst I gathered the supplies to make her some of ‘Ethan delights’ breakfast. After a while I tippy toe back into the room as Y/N groans awake at the sound of cutlery clicking against each other. She rubs the sleep from her eyes and sits up gracefully in the bed as a small smile forms gracefully.
“You made me breakfast?” she says softly, her voice still strained.
“For you? No this is for me, you have to go make your own” I say seriously as I plop down next to her and start munching on the toast. She throws a tantrum and grabs the plate from my grasp anyway and starts devouring it with giggles as she swallows it down with some coffee. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her laugh. She finishes it quicker than ever and places the emptied plates on the ground.
“What are you doing?” I raise my eyebrow as she crawls her way over to my lap and cradles me.
“I’m still hungry” she smirks as she leans in and kisses me, her hands running through my hair desperately as she tugs on the ends. God, this girl knows how to drive me insane. I can’t take it anymore, as I flip her over and grind my hips against hers as her legs wrap around my waist, my kisses getting sloppier and hungrier by the second. A sweet moan escapes her precious lips which just sends me over the edge.
“This needs to go now” I instruct as I grip the hem of her shirt and tug it over her head as she giggles.
“Wait here” I halt my actions as I quickly dart over to the bed side cabinet and pull out my phone.
“We are not recording it Ethan, that’s final” she states in a more serious tone, which makes me chuckle.
“I’m not recording you, I’m taking a photo” I laugh.
“Nooooo, I look like a mess babe, no no please don’t” she rushes as she tries to grab the phone out of my hands.
“Trust me” I laugh as she covers her face with her hands, in which I take the perfect photo. In that moment that the photo captured, I’ve never been more in love.

Let me remind you of the days when you used to hold my hand, and when we sipped champagne out of cider cans. I guess if you were Lois Lane, I wasn’t superman. Just a young boy trying to be loved, so let me give it to you

I lost myself in that memory for a little bit, but I’m back now. Petty Ethan, it’s your time to take over! I’m going to upload a little photo of my own, one that only she will know what’s going on. I won’t tag her in it, I know she still follows me and I know she probably forgot to turn her push notifications off because she’s forgetful like that. So, I’ll post the photo she took on my phone of me eating lunch out on one of our famous adventures.
‘Ed Sheerans new song ‘new man’ makes me giggle’ I captioned it. Posted. Done. 

Subtle E – Y/N Well, that was quick. I at least expected an hour before she texted me. 

Not everything is about you, but if the shoe fits – Ethan 

It’s good to see you haven’t changed – Y/N

You loved it once – Ethan

Maybe I still do – Y/N

What does she think she’s doing? There’s no way this is the girl that I once loved. She would never, ever try and get two men at once. But I’m so curious to see how far she’ll take this, to see the person she’s become

Can we call. I miss your voice – Y/N

I don’t wanna know about your new man, cause if it was meant to be. You wouldn’t be calling me up trying to f*ck, cause I’m positive that he don’t wanna know about me.

“Ethan. How have you been”. God, the sound of her voice still makes me weak at the knees. 

“I’ve been great, how have you been” I smile, trying to sound convincing

“Yeah I’ve been better”. She sounds so sad, so heartbroken. No Ethan, be strong! 

“What’s wrong”. F*ck, I gave in. 

“I think we both know”

I don’t wanna know about your new man, we’ll get there eventually. I know you’re missing all this kind of love, but I’m positive that he don’t wanan know about me

“I have to go Y/N. It was nice talking to you”. Click. Hung up. Good bye. But I didn’t feel any closure. Why don’t I feel closure? I shouldn’t look, but she tagged him in a photo, and she must have done that because she wants me to look at his photos, and she thinks I won’t so I’m going to prove her wrong by looking at all of his photos. Every. Single. One.

Your new man rents a house in the burb, and wears a man bag on his shoulder but I call it a purse. Every year he goes to Malaga, with all the fellas, drinks beer but has a six pack, I’m kind of jealous

You’re kidding me. Does he have to boast about every single little accomplishment in his life? We get it, you’re a business man and you’re rich. Get the f*ck over it. Seriously, what is that? DOES HE HAVE A PURSE! Oh my god, he owns a purse. How is she into him? Are we all sure he’s not gay, he’s getting stereotypically gayer by the second. This must be photo-shopped, there’s no way he drinks that much and still has that body definition. Like that’s just not possible, beer makes you fat everyone knows it. Where even is Malaga?

He wears sunglasses indoors in winter at nighttime, and every time a rap song comes on he makes a gun sign. Says Chune, boydem light up the room

Okay he’s definitely gay. Wait nope, just a douche bag, never mind. What’s the point in wearing glasses at nighttime, inside, with that outfit? Really? Are you high? What are you hiding? And why is he doing a gun sign? Does he think that’s cool? He’s going to get beaten up one day, and I’m going to take a photo and upload it and educate children on what not to do.

But enough about him girl, let’s talk about you

Okay breathe Ethan. He has nothing to do with this situation. We broke up for a reason, and that reason is undeniable. It happened, it’s time to get over it. But I will always love her, regardless of what we go through, she was and will always mean the absolute world to me. What’s happening to her?

You were the type of girl that sat beside the water reading. Eating a packet of crisps but you will never find you cheating. Now you’re eating kale, hitting the gym, keeping up with Kylie and Kim in the back of club kissing a boy that ain’t him

“Hey Grayson”. Grayson will know what’s going on. He knows everything

“Hey E, what’s up?” there was rustling in the background. 

“Have you heard from her?”

“I thought you got over that”



“Oh common dude, I’m worried about her. She called me and she sounded so upset. Is it him?”

“She’s fine I think. I just don’t think she’s herself anymore”. His voice cracked. That’s never a good sign.

“What do you mean”

“She’s not the same girl we used to know”

“Explain” He sighed on the other end. 

“I think she just wants to be alone but she gets lonely. I don’t think they’re that serious. I don’t think she ever really got over you”. Bingo, that’s all I needed to know

“Thanks man, talk later”. Click. Hung up. I still have her contact in my phone.

“Y/N. What’s going on” I say slower this time. I hear her sniffle on the other end.

“I don’t know Ethan. I just know that I’m going out of my mind” she cracks. She’s breaking. I can’t hear this. 

“It’s okay babe, just breathe”. Holy sh*t I should have not said babe. Red flag. 

“I just feel so broken, like I can’t stand on my own two feet and I really want to but I just don’t know how”, my girl should not be feeling like this. Oh wait, she’s not my girl. Second red flag. 

“Y/N, get him out of your life. Stop getting with random boys and seeking validation in men. You deserve better than that. Start loving yourself before you love someone else okay. He’s not right for you, and no one will be until you help yourself. If you need me, you know where to find me but I hope you take my advice” Click. Hung up. What did I just do

Ok you need to be alone, and if you wanna talk about it you can call my phone. I just thought that I would tell you cause you ougtha know. You’re still a young girl trying to be loved

I guess I should probably analyze and evaluate why we broke up right? We’ve known each other since, well, for as long as I can remember. She was the girl that lived down the street and ran for the bus because she was always late. A little girl with two piggy-tails that I used to pull on during math class. And one day that little girl missed the bus, and little Ethan was confused as to why. A part of me missed seeing her running alongside the yellow vehicle and wailing her arms around like a clown trying to get the driver to hit the breaks. You’d think after a couple of months he’d realize to wait a little longer, but no. The next day she didn’t turn up, or the day after that either. So I had no choice? I put on my detective hat and marched my little legs down the street and knocked shyly on her door. I remember distinctively a tall blonde lady opening the door with a sweet smile and kind eyes.
“Hello, what can I do for you?” she said, a warm smile welcoming me.

“Can I see Y/N?”. Her eyes went wide and as shock filled her body.

“Y/N has a friend?”. She was loved by everyone, even at the age of 6, she was just so quiet that everyone left her to herself. But we all noticed the girl in the pink dress with two piggy tails. 

“Yeah, can I see her please mam?” 

“Sure, she’s upstairs to the left” she practically bounced. I remember running up the stairs like I did in my own house, except I wasn’t yelled at it in this home. When I opened the door I was shocked to see her with her hair out, eyes puffy and nose red. 

“Y/N?”. She jumped at my voice. 

“Hello?” her voice croaked. 

“Why aren’t you running for the bus anymore?”

“I didn’t want to run”



“Because why”

“Because I don’t want to go to school”



“But why?”

“God you’re annoying”

“That’s rude!” It was really rude honestly. Gosh

“It’s true”

“Why don’t you want to go to school”

“Because nobody likes me there” she stopped. 

“I do”

“You do?”

“I do”.

And from that day on, I told the bus driver to stop as she ran down the street. Soon enough the girl with piggy-tails grew into her fluffy hair and learned to speak. Her voice became so loud and so strong, but I’ll never forget how quiet she used to be. I grew up with her, and one day the cute girl became the beautiful girl with curves and long eyelashes and my little hormonal horny boyhood couldn’t stop myself. 

“I think I love you”

“God you’re weird E” she giggled as she slapped my arm and collapsed on my couch. 

“I’m serious”

So from that day on, she was mine and no one else could have her. We dated for, god, how long was it. I guessed I stopped counting the years after the fourth. But when you grow up with someone for that long, you kind of become dependent on them. I didn’t mean to put her in the shadows, and I didn’t mean to control what she did. I didn’t do it intentionally, but she just became so shy again that I had too. I guess she lost herself through loving me, and when the years clicked on, she forgot how to be her. She wasn’t Y/N, no she was Ethan’s girlfriend, and she lost her identity and with her identity, she lost herself. Nothing I could do could fix it. I couldn’t fix her. F*ck I tried, but nothing I could do could make her happy. She couldn’t love me anymore because she’d forgotten how to love herself. So, I did what I had too, and I told her to end it. She had to end it because god knows I’m not strong enough to do it. So she did, and here we are. Six months later when my family still asks how she’s going, and my great grandma still asks why she isn’t bringing sun flowers on our famous Sunday brunches. She was a part of the family, so it wasn’t just me who lost her. My mother lost a daughter to take shopping and drink tea with. My brother lost his best friend. My sister lost her soul mate. My father lost his drinking buddy. We were all mourning. We all missed the girl with two piggy-tails. But she needed this, she needed to find herself again. I just wish she didn’t have to find herself through him.

Baby, I’m not trying to ruin your week, but you act so differently. When you’re with him I know you’re lonely. Please remember you’re still free to make the choice and leave, and don’t call me up, you need to show me

I love you Y/N, you know I always will. I will never stop loving you, no matter how hard I try. I know you need to do this to find yourself, and I know you need to grow up and stand on your own two feet. I know that you’re going through hell and back right now, and f*ck, I know that you don’t think you’re good enough for anything or anyone.  If you want me to wait, you know I’ll wait centuries because nobody will ever compare to the girl that chased the bus down. Nobody will ever compare to you. But I just want you to know that you have so many people who love you and cherish you. My whole family still ask how you are. I don’t think anyone really understands why you left, but they still love you and support you regardless of what you do. I know it’s hard for you to do this, and I want to be here for you but you need to be there for yourself. So do that. Go do that art class you always wanted to do but never had the time for. Quit that terrible job you hate, it makes you miserable anyway. Do what you’ve always wanted to but were far too scared to. It’s time you started living again babe. If you need me, I will always be here. I love you forever – Ethan.

I need you. Ethan I need you by my side. I get that I need to stand on my own two feet, but how can I be me when my whole life you’ve been the biggest part of who I am. Yes, I’m my own person, and I get that now. I know I need to make a name for myself and stop living in the shadows, but I can do that with you. I can’t keep doing this anymore, I need you. I love you Ethan, please, come back to me – Y/N

I’m on my way - Ethan

I guess her new man doesn’t compare well to me. 


Guys, I have just been a victim to something horrible on this app. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION SO THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO YOU!!!

I got a message from a random person who just said ‘hi’. Then, I got another message saying the exact same thing. I figured it was spam, but I didn’t want to report it yet just in case it wasn’t. I responded to both of them with a quick 'hello’.

Then, both of them responded with virtually the same message. It said something along the lines of 'I’m tired, it’s been a long week, ya know?’ I made the mistake of replying to that. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!! If you see that message or something similar, BLOCK AND REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY!!!

Anyways, they then responded with “I’m horny, what are you doing hehe?” And this freaked me the f*ck out. I’m under 18, so this was some predatory sh*t right here. I told them that that was really creepy, but it certainly wasn’t as creepy as what came next. I will put word for word what they said:

have u ever made a chick orgasm? I need a guy that can make me cum…lolz

I blocked and reported them immediately. This is some really f*cking creepy sh*t and it scared me half to death. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE block and report these messages!!!

To make extra sure that these people are spammers: Check their profile. They should have a bunch of 'selfies’ that have no captions, they don’t have any liked posts, and they only follow Tumblr Staff.


True Friends

I was a DM doing a custom campaign that was focused like Fallout game series playing with all my friends.

*TLDR; The Ranger Almost died, The bandit got mauled badly and shot in the arm, and the Scout lost his newly found best doggo friend while the me and all of them begins having a funny good time, basically, they all are still allies but they’re killing each other slowly*

There was a Ranger, a Bandit and a Scout scouring through the post Apocalyptic terrain looking for food when;

Me: So the three of you, now buddies of survival in this epic journey to, well, survive the perilous way towards the last Military bunker, You three now stumble upon an abandoned shabby wooden house, what do you guys do?

Scout: I roll “to scout” to see if there’s resources nearby.

Ranger: good idea, we’re low on ammo and food.

*Scout rolls with a 12*

Me: You're​ lucky that you find a crate of general ammunition and 3 cans of food inside the Living room.

Ranger: can we roll to go for it?

Me: sure, roll!

*Ranger rolls to go for it, however has done so poorly: Rolled a 5*

Me: as you get close running to it, you fall down what seemed to be a trap, two grunts then threatens the Scout and the Bandit.

Bandit: You let me through or You’re going to be covered in your own blood you morons!

*Bandit: rolls for intimidation, gets a Nat20 + 2 mod, at this point, the Bandit gets the ammo and the food, the two grunts join the party as an NPC helper*

Ranger: Thank God, please pull me up!

Bandit: hey, scout, can you like Roll perception if you can find bleach?

*Scout: rolls for it and gets a 15*

Me: you find a whole bottle if bleach under the floorboard, you pick it up, now what di you want to do with it?

Scout: I pour it all on Ranger!

Ranger: What the fu*k guys!?

Bandit: Do it!

Me: okay here’s the deal, Pour it and roll for how much fucked up happens to him down that hole

*Scout rolls for it and gets a Nat20*

Ranger: f**king end my life!

*Bandit is laughing loudly at what’s happening as I facepalm, the ranger gets a face full of bleach, while slowly slipping inside the hole*

Bandit: I roll for shoot him in the shoulder!


*Bandit rolls for it and gets a 19*

Me: You shoot him at the shoulder, as a bonu-*snickering* as a Bonus! The bleach burns him because of that, his current vital is at half health, now what do you do with your friend?

*After 15 mins of torture, they rescue the ranger at 5 health when suddenly, they were attacked by A rabid zombie dog*

Me: Roll for least priority!

Ranger: Nat20
Scout: 14
Bandit: 5

Bandit: oh f*cking sh*t

Me: the Rabid dog attacks the Bandit first, what do you do bandit?



*Bandit rolls a 4*


Me: you get badly Mauled because your instincts was shit as f*ck.

*Ranger: Rolls for shoot at Bandit, gets an 8*

Bandit: WHY ME?


Me: you shot him at the, arm, making it bleed profusely, now the whole mauled bandit is bleeding uncontrollably, what now?

Scout: I roll to… ugh?!… SEDUCE THE DOG

*All of us begins snickering, BUT THEN HE ROLLED AN 18*

Me: You seduced the Dog, and now is… Your buddy pal? Mate? OMFG srsly man?! *Snickers a lot*

Bandit: I roll to shoot the Dog!

*Bandit rolls a Nat 20*

Me: The dog dies… Great!

*Orayt no more, as much as I want to add more, these seems so long already*

99 Prompts

I took a bunch of prompts I saw I combine tons on this list. All credit goes to their respected writers. Send in numbers and an MCU actor or character and I will try my best to fulfill your wish!!

1. “That’s starting to get annoying”
2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”
3. “You can’t just sit there all day.”
4. "I gave you my heart."
5. “I’m not here to make friends.”
6. “I need a place to stay.”
7. "I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays.”
8.“When’s the last time you said “I love you”?"
9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”
10. “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”
11."We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years."
12. "I can’t stop thinking about you."
13. “I lost our baby.”
14. "Let’s get to know each other over dinner."
15. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”
16. "All I want is you."
17. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
18."I caught the bouquet”
19.“This is probably a bad time, but marry me?”
20.“We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about.”
21.“What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.”
22."How can you still look so attractive while crying.”
23."You’re so fucking adorable”
24."Please come home, I miss you”
25: "I’d like it if you stayed."
26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”
27.“I’m too tired, baby.”
28."You’re a coward.”
29.“What did you just call me?"
30. “Wait, you’re a virgin?”
31."My life would be so boring if you weren’t in it.”
32.“I want to marry you."
33. “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”
34."Please get up.”
35.“Don’t look at me like that.”
36.“It’s nice that your voice was the first thing i heard today."
37. “Welcome to fatherhood.”
38."You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad”
39."You’re mine. I don’t share”
40."I’d give up so much to have another chance.”
41.“You think i wanted all this?!”
42.“can i offer you a drink?”
43.“I am just me.” “You say that like its a bad thing.”
44.“They told me I’d forget about you; that I’d move on but it’s been three years and here I am"
45. "I don’t want to be your partner either but we have to get this assignment done"
46: “ There was never an us. ”
47: “ So that’s it? It’s over? ”
48: “ I fucked up. ”
49. “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?”
50. “This is girl talk, so leave.”
51: “ I came to say goodbye. ”
52."I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am.”
53."Is there someone else? Don’t lie.”
54. “They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off.”
55."No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”
56. “I’m late.”
57. “Just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”
58."You’re my best friend’s sister, we can’t do this.”
59."Well that was immensely attractive.”
60."I don’t want to go, your dad doesn’t like me.”
61. “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.”
62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”
63."I’m not that kind of girl boys fall in love with.”
64."Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me to hate you?”
65. “I don’t want you to stop.”
66. “How could I ever forget about you?”
67. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
68. “You have a milk mustache.”
69. “You’re not interested in me, are you?”
70. “How could you forget your son’s birthday?”
71. “I want my best friend back.”
72. “I thought you were a dream come true. Then I got to know you and found you were a nightmare."
73. “I made a mistake.” 
74. “H-How long have you been standing there?” 
75. “I wasn’t going to wait around for you forever.” 
76. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” 
77. “I’ve moved on.” 
78. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”
79. “After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?” 
80. "I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes” 
81. “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?” 
82. “You say the nastiest things when you’re angry, so yes, I’m walking away from you now. 
83. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?” 
84. “You’re hurting me, let me go.” 
85. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”
86."We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
87."Walk out that door and we’re through”
88."Why are you so jealous?”
89."Just leave me alone”
90."I need some time”
91."You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!”
92."Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”
93."Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.”
94."If you insist”
95."I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me”
96."Why are you so nice to me”
97."Choose me”
98."Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now”
99."I missed something didn’t I?”


Part 2: Nicki Minaj Misdirects Her Anger At Trey Songz

Did Nicki Minaj:

A) Haul ass to the studio & record a diss to try & answer/counter Remy Ma’s ‘Shether’? 

B) Show up at Remy Ma & Papoose’s home with vaseline on her face, her hair tied up & construction Timbs on her feet, ready to fight Remy Ma?

C) Send Trey –NOT the person that just dropped a diss track disrespecting her in various ways imaginable, 2 tweets barkin’ on him about lying on his dick before even conducting a thorough social media investigation & discovering that Trey actually refuted Remy Ma’s bar regarding Nicki and Trey having sex, before making a bigger scary ass of herself?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

C) Nicki went at Trey not at Remy Ma –you know, the person who actually dissed her. #ScaryAss

See below for more highlights/tea from Remy Ma’s ‘Shether’

U said u never f*cked Wayne
How stupid I look B
Get the picture I’ll expose u
I’m kinda ah bully

U claimed u never f*cked Drake
Now that’s where u took me
U f*cked the whole empire
Who tryna be Cookie?

Boogie Down Bronx
I come out of the Boogie
To let u know
Real bitches never lie on their pussy

Stopped talkin’ numbers
U signed a 360 deal
Thru Young Money
Thru Ca$h Money
Thru Republic
Which means your money go through 5 n****s 
Before u touch it
Any videos
Come out of your budget
They finger f*ck it
U make like 35 cents off of each ducket
I own my masters bitch
So for every sale I do
U got to do like 10

Talkin’ shit about me to a deaf bitch (Me: Foxy Brown?)
And usually I have sympathy for the impaired
But not when u hard of hearing from untreated gonorrhea

And I got a few words for the moms of young Barbs
Guess who supports a child molester
Nicki Minaj
U paid for your brother’s wedding
That’s hella foul
How u spend money to support a pedophile

Don’t ever in your f*ckin’ life play with me
That’s on the set!

U tried it on the Rae Sremmurd record
U tried it on your little freestyle
They was both duds
Just like every other 1 of your duds
Just like this last 1 was a dud
But what you’re not going to do is keep subbin’ me 


Nico stares at his brother in shock. He knew Manny had abused Remy…abused all of the kids…but he never imagined to what a horrible level. He feels a terrible guilt and shame. For abandoning his siblings when they still desperately needed him. For abandoning Remy. For judging him so harshly all his young adulthood. He’d never had a chance for normalcy with something so terrible hanging over him.

Remy: Eight years old, fifteen, nineteen, two years ago, a few weeks ago, a few days ago. All I do is hurt people, Nico. What I did to Lala-what I exposed her to. It makes me sick. It all makes me so sick to my soul. But it’s who I am. Manny saw that in me. That’s why he took me on that kill, and not Benjie or even Sal. He chose me because he knows I’m an animal. A f*cking savage.

Nico comforting: You’re not an animal, Remy. There isn’t anything savage about you. THAT’s why that sick f*ck chose you. You were the one he could break the easiest because out of all us…you have the biggest heart.

Remy upset: That’s not true, Nico! Stop seeing what you want to see. Manny-

Nico: Don’t ever mention Manny again. Ever, Remy. That man- he doesn’t exist for you. He doesn’t exist, period.

Remy sobs: He- I don’t know why, Nico. But I can’t stay away from him. He pulls me like a magnet. I need him. But I don’t know why? I don’t want to talk anymore. I’m going to bed.

Dazai and Chuuya jealous hcs

@sleepy-ash-of-the-sin-sloth requested them :D

Dazai Osamu

  • Dazai would’nt mind what his s/o was doing at first because he didn’t want to be seen as the immature kid who didn’t have faith in their relationship.
  • But sometimes he couldn’t contain his jealousy and decided to tease his s/o instead,just to see their blushing face.
  • ‘I just want to wrap these bandages on you so that you’ll never be able to escape from my love anymore’ Dazai would casually whisper this into his s/o ears making them weak.
  • ‘I told you right? don’t make me jealous’ *smirks*

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He’d just hold in this feeling first and gradually get more pissed off.
  • Chuuya’d then break at some point and just let everything out to his s/o
  • ‘for f*ck sake stop doing everything and focus on me’
  • ‘I’m supposed to be your number one right?’
  • When his s/o realized that he was jealous they’d ask him:’Are you jealous Chuuya?’ He’d be taken aback because he didn’t realized beforehand that what he was feeling was jealousy and would blush a little bit ‘Me,jealous? no way in hell!!
Superman’s Daughter (Tim Drake

Request: Nope.

Prompt: You’re Superman’s daughter with no powers.

Relationship: Tim Drake x reader, Brother!Jon x Sister!Reader, Father!Kal x Daughter! Reader

Warning: Suicide Attempt, Smut, Cursing?

Word Count: 7128

A/N: I may/may not have cried writing this.


(Y/N)’s POV

“Behave at school” Dad said to me as I headed towards the door, “Cause I’m going to use these superpowers, that I totally have” I say sarcastically, “(Y/N), I know you’re annoyed that Johnathan has-” “I don’t care. See you later” I say cutting Mum off and storming out of the house, my name is (Y/N) Kent and I am the eldest child of Lois Lane, or should I say Kent, and Clark Kent, aka Superman, and I have zero superpowers, I entered the school building and was immediately bombarded with insults and crap being thrown at me, well if you count being hated by everyone as a superpower, that’s mine.

I got to my locker and grabbed my folders before slamming it shut and walking to class, I sat in the back corner like usual and paid no attention to the lesson, “Miss Kent” The teacher said gaining my attention, “What’s the answer?” She asked mentioning the equation on the board, “Thirty-seven-point-nine” I answered, her eyes widened as she nodded and moved on to the next question, I smirked slightly before I felt someone looking at me, I turned a small bit to find that it was Tim Drake, as soon as he realised I noticed him, he faced the front and lowered his head.


“(Y/N)! I’m going over to Batman’s with Johnathan; do you want to join?!” Dad called upstairs, I put my shoes on along with a hoodie and went downstairs, “Why do you still call him Batman when you know his name?” I asked, he ignored me and came to pick me up, “I’ll walk” I say leaving the house, “(Y/N)!” Johnathan called after me before he appeared next to me, “What do you want?” I asked, “I’m walking with my big sister” He smiled making me sigh and turn to him, “Why don’t you just show off that you’ve got powers and leave me alone” I snap, his face dropped as he stopped in his place, I rolled my eyes and continued walking away.

I arrived at the Wayne Manor and was met by Alfred opening the door, “Miss Kent, it’s always a pleasure to see you” He smiled, I gave him a small one before he lead me to the Cave, where Johnathan and Dad were along with Bruce, Dick, Jason and Damian, “Oh look, it’s the useless one” I heard Damian mutter making me stop and turn to him, “(Y/N), behave” Dad warned, “What did I do?” I asked throwing my hands up, “Just behave” He sighed, I rolled my eyes and folded my arms, “F*ck this, I’m off” I mumbled as I left the cave and the manor.

“(Y/N)!” Dad yelled as he came from the air, I stopped and turn to glare at him, “What?!” I snapped, “Watch that mouth, or-” “You’ll what? Teach me a lesson? Or maybe ground me? It’s pretty obvious that you don’t like me!” I snapped cutting him off, “(Y/N) (M/N) Kent-” “Don’t even bother using my name, it’s about the only thing you’ve given to me and you treat me like I’m a civilian! I am fed up being treated like I’m garbage!” I yelled cutting him off again and stunning him, I also noticed the Bat-family stood behind him with Johnathan, “It’s obvious that Johnathan’s yours and Mums favourite because he’s got powers! I don’t even remember the last time you asked me about my day at school! It’s always been Johnathan! And I hate you all for that!” I screamed as tears appeared in my eyes, “(Y/N)…” He trailed off as he struggled to find something to say, “Forget it” I say as I turned around and left the manor.


Tim’s POV

“Bruce!” Clark yelled as he and Johnathan came into the Cave, “What do you want?” Bruce asked as he turn to face him, “It’s (Y/N), she hasn’t returned home” He said, “Are you really surprised?” I asked folding my arms, “Tim” Bruce said in a warning tone, “I’m sorry Bruce, but they don’t pay attention to her. I mean, did you even know that she gets bullied at school?” I asked making Clark’s face drop, “She gets bullied?” He asked, “Yeah, everyone in that school hates her guts because of how smart she is. I mean, yesterday she wasn’t even paying attention in Maths and she got asked to answer something and she got it correct, that lunch she was attacked in the toilets” I spat.

“Tim that’s enough” Bruce said, “Whatever. I’m going to find her” I say, “I’ll help” Jason said joining me, “Why don’t you help her when she’s getting bullied?” he asked as we searched the city for her, I shrugged “I don’t what to do” I replied, he chuckled “Red Robin unable to help a girl from being bullied because he doesn’t know what to do” He chuckled, I rolled my eyes, “Highly amusing” I say, he shrugged before pointing up to the church roof to see a figure, “Suicide jumper” He said, “I’ll talk them down. You’re not exactly the sentimental type” I say, “I’ll observe from afar” He said leaning against a chimney.

I went up and noticed it was (Y/N) making my eyes widen, I removed my mask and approached her slowly, “(Y/N)?” I say making her gasp facing me, she had red puffy eyes and she was crying, “Leave me alone” She said turning back, “I’m not going to do that. Your Dad’s worried about you” I say, she scoffed “He’s likely worried that his reputation will drop” She spat, “Maybe he is, but what about Johnathan? He’s your little brother and what will happen to him you do this?” I asked, she sighed looking up to the sky, “Every day of my life is hell, I can’t take it anymore. I just want it to be over” She sobbed, she took a deep breath turning around so she was facing me before opening her arms out wide and falling backwards, “No!” I yelled as I jumped off after her, I wrapped my arm around her waist before grappling on to a building and rolled along roof, I sighed sitting up and looking towards her “Don’t you ever do that again” I say, “I’m sorry” She sobbed making me sigh as I pulled her into a hug, “It’s alright. I’ve got you” I whispered rocking her, “Tim are you-(Y/N)” Jason said as he jogged over to us, I gave him a look of relief to which he returned with a nod.

A few moments later, (Y/N)’s sobs stopped making me look down to see her asleep, “She’s cried so much, that she’s exhausted” I say, “Let’s take her to the manor” Jason said as I stood up with her in my arms, I nodded before making our way to the manor we arrived and I put her in my bed before changing out of my outfit, and going back up into my room, I noticed some paper in her hoodie pocket so I pulled it out and read it to see it was a suicide note, I threw it in the bin and dropped myself in the desk chair, I looked over at (Y/N)’s sleeping form and sighed.


(Y/N)’s POV

I woke up in a bed making me panic before I noticed Tim asleep in the desk chair, the memories of last night went through my mind making tears come to my eyes, I quickly wiped them away as Tim woke up, “(Y/N), how long have you been awake?” he asked, “Not long” I answered, it fell silent between us, “Thanks for last night” I say, he nodded “From now on, I’m going to be there for you, okay?” He said, I gave a very weak smile towards him before jumping as Jason burst into the room, “Clark’s here for her” He said, my eyes widened as I shook my head “Where is she?!” I heard Dad yelled making my breathing rate picked up.

“Jay, can you-?” “Don’t sweat it. Go now, because I don’t think Bruce’s going to hold him back for much longer” He said cutting Tim off, Tim nodded to him before grabbing my hand and taking me out on the balcony before he jumped off, “I’ll catch you” he said, I jumped off and just like he said, he caught me, we escape the grounds and went to a diner for breakfast, after we ordered we chatted for a bit, “Quick question, but can you fight?” he asked, I lowered my head and shook it, he gave my hand a reassuring squeeze making me look up at him to find him smiling at me, “Would you like me to teach you?” He asked, I nodded as our food was placed in front of us.


We arrived back at the Manor after breakfast and was immediately met by Bruce, “Do you know that your parents are worried sick?” He questioned, I avoided his gaze “Well?” he asked, “Bruce back off” Jason said as he came over to us, “Stay out of this Jason” Bruce said, Jason stood in front of me “No, you saw how she was yesterday, she tried to kill herself” Jason argued, whispering the last part, Bruce looked at me with sympathy, I dropped my head as he sighed “She can stay, but Clark will get her eventually” He said making me look up at him and give him a nod of gratitude, “Alfred, can you set up a room for (Y/N)” He said, Alfred smiled and nodded “I’ll get started right away” He said, “Shall we start on your lessons?” Tim asked as Jason and Bruce walked away, I nodded and he took me down into the cave where Dick and Damian where training, “What she doing here?” Damian sneered, “I suggest you keep that mouth shut before I shut it for you” Tim threatened, he scoffed and continued to train.


I had been at the Wayne Manor for just over a month and I could tell that I was getting stronger, mentally and physically, Bruce and the boys were out patrolling while Alfred and myself were in the cave, Alfred on the computers and I was working out, “Relax Master Tim, Miss (Y/N) is still here. She’s actually working out” Alfred said, he sighed and looked over to me, “Master Tim has requested to speak to you” He said, I dropped from the pull-up bar and walked over to the computer, “What’s up, Tim?” I asked, “You know exactly, what’s up. I told you to rest, you’ll overwork yourself” He said, “Hypocrite” Jason said, “I’m fine, Tim, you don’t have to worry” I reassured, “Just go easy” He sighed, “Come back safe, all of you” I say before going over to weights.

They was a thud outside making me put the weights on the floor and look around, seconds later Dad and Johnathan flew in, “(Y/N), you’re coming home this instance” Dad said as he landed in front of me, “No” I say, “Your mother is worried sick” He said, “So? For once in my goddamn life, I feel wanted” I say as he came closer to me, “You’ve always been wanted. Just come home” He argued grabbing my arm, I flipped him on to his back making him let go of me, I made my way over to Alfred “Give me the knife” I demanded, “The knife, but we’re not sure if it harms you” he said, “I’ll be fine. Give it me” I say, he reluctantly gave me the Kryptonite knife and I turned to Dad to see horror etched into his face, “Put it down (Y/N)” He said, “I’m not going back without a fight” I growled twirling the knife in my hand.

“You leave me no other choice” He said before coming at me, I avoided him and sliced his arm making him hiss in pain, “Dad!” Johnathan yelled gaining my attention, “(Y/N), please come home. I miss you” He pleaded, I lowered my guard and sighed before Dad grabbed me from behind restricting my movements, “Let me go!” I growled, “Johnathan, the knife” Dad said, Johnathan approached me with caution but as he got in range, I used his body to flip over Dad, stabbing him in the shoulder, engines came to a stop making me look up and see Bruce and the boys stood there staring at me in surprise.

“I won’t return home until I’m ready, so get that through your thick skull” I say as he stood up, he sighed and came for one last attempt but I punched him across the face and held the knife to his throat, “Leave” I growled, his eyes widened but he gave up and left the cave with Johnathan’s help, I handed Alfred the knife back and looked towards the Bat gang, “What?” I asked, “I’m impressed” Damian commented as he came towards me, “Perhaps you’re not useless after all” He said before walking past me, “You kicked ass! More importantly Superman’s ass!” Dick yelled as he gave me a hug, I patted his back making him let go and go change, Bruce nodded in approval making me give a small smile.

Jason came up to me and gave me a high-five, “A little more training and I’d say you’ll be ready for the streets” He whispered before going to change, then Tim came up to me, “You know when I said take it easy, I didn’t mean fight Superman, right?” He said making me chuckle, “It wasn’t on my list-to-do” I say as he picked up my hand that I had punched Dad with, to reveal it swollen and bruised, “I’m gonna guess it’s broken” He said lightly touching it making me wince, “Definitely. Bruce!” Tim yelled, “What’s up?” He asked coming over to us, “(Y/N)’s broken her hand” He said, “I’m not surprised! She punch the man of steel in the face!” Dick called over.


I sighed as I entered the cave to find Dad and Johnathan here, it’s been a couple of months since we fought, “Try not to break your other hand” Dick said as he noticed me making Dad and Johnathan turn around, I gave Dick a deadpan look as he smiled brightly at me, I rolled my eyes before my phone began vibrating, “Hello?” I answered leaving the cave to get better reception, “(Y/N), help” Mum whispered before I heard gunfire in the background making my eyes widened as I ran back into the cave and up to the computer, to locate her.

“That’s where Lois is” Dad said as I grabbed a couple of pistols, “Tim’s close by as well” Bruce said as I climbed on Jason’s motorcycle, “Hey!” he yelled as I took off, “(Y/N), what’s going on?” Bruce asked, I ignored him and raced through the traffic, I arrived at the bank Mum was in and Tim noticed me, “What are you doing here?” he asked, “Some arseholes are shooting that bank up with my Mum inside” I growled, “You’re not bulletproof” he said, “I’m well aware, but she’s my mother, I can’t leave her to die” I say before creeping into the bank.

I noticed Mum in the crowd of people who were surrounded by 3 people wearing balaclavas meaning there’s more people down below, I took a deep breath as I pulled out the pistols before coming out of my cover and shoot two of the guys in the chest making the crowd scream as the third open fired on me, I slid into a different cover, they ran out of bullets so I poke out of the cover and shot him in the chest, “(Y/N)” Mum said as she got up and ran over to me, giving me a hug “When I said help I meant get your father” She said pulling away, “Alright everyone make your way out of the building” I ordered, they did so and I kept guard.

Another two men came up and began firing at the last few, which was a mother with three kids, I pulled the kids into some cover as Mum helped the mother out of the door, “Right, when I stand up and shoot the men I want you to run out of the door, understood?” I asked, they nodded, “Ready? Three, two, one. Go” I say as I stood up and began shooting they ran out of the door and I sighed in relief as I took the men down and ran out of bullets, I made my way out of the door before I heard a gunshot, “(Y/N)!” Tim yelled, I turned around in time just to see him shelter me from the bullet, he gave me a weak smile and fell to the floor.

My eyes widened before I glared at the guns man, who had removed his mask and was smirking but it dropped as laser beams came from my eyes and hit his gun out his hands, Dad arrived on the scene with Johnathan, I picked Tim up and flew to the closest hospital, they took him in for an immediate operation and I was sat in the waiting room, “Please god, anyone but him” I muttered, “Tim Drake” A doctor said making me stand up, “Yes” I say, “Follow me” She said before she lead me down a corridor, “We managed to remove the bullet and prevented any further damage to occur” She explained as we stopped outside a room.

“But?” I asked, “He’s in a coma. It’s just a waiting game” She said, I sighed “Can I?” I asked mentioning the room, she gave a small smile and nodded before walking away, I entered the room to see him attach to multiple machine’s, I moved a chair closer to his bed and sat down, “You promised that you’d be there for me, so I’m going to be here for you” I say taking his hand in mine and giving it a light squeeze.


“Hey” Jason said as he, Dick and Damian came in, “Hi guys” I say standing up receiving a hug of each of them, “Any improvement?” Dick asked as I sat down, I shook my head, Tim had been in a coma for a month and a half, “We brought you some food” Damian said as he handed me a takeaway bag, I gave him a weak smile and took it off him before setting it on the floor next to me before looking at Tim’s comatose body, Dick sighed “We’ll come visit for longer tomorrow but the city needs us” He said, I nodded and waved them bye as they left the room, minus Jason, “When was the last time you got a full night’s sleep?” He asked, I shrugged “Come on, (Y/N). You may have superpowers now but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your health” He said, I rolled my eyes making him sigh before he kissed the top of my head “See you tomorrow” He said before leaving the room.

I picked the takeaway bag up, opened it and ate it, I put the rubbish in the bin just as the night nurse came to check on him, she gave me a smile, “You’re still awake?” She asked, I nodded, she sighed as she got a blanket out and wrapped it around my shoulders, “I find it very cute, I don’t think I’ve seen you outside of this room, since your boyfriend’s came in” She said, “He’s not my boyfriend” I say as I felt heat flood to my face, she chuckled “My mistake, try to get some sleep sweetie” She smiled as she exited the room, I sighed as I took his hand in mine, my eyes fell heavy so I rested my head on my arm, that was on his bed and fell asleep.


It had been six months since Tim got into the coma and most of the doctors were giving up on hope, I was curled up on my chair silently begging for him to become conscious, I felt tears run down my cheeks making me sigh as I rested my head on my knees and cried, this had been happening a lot more frequently, I heard the room door open making me look up to see Mum and Dad come in, “Oh honey” Mum said as I got up and gave her a hug, “I can’t lose him” I sobbed, as she stroked my hair, “I know honey, I know” She said as she pulled away, only for Dad to give me a hug causing me to cry harder into him, “It’s my fault. It’s all my fault” I cried, “No, no it’s not. Please, don’t blame yourself” He said as he began to rock me.

“I don’t know what to do if I lose him. I care for him too much” I say pulling away, he cupped my face and wiped my tears away, which were replaced by new ones, “No matter what happens, I’ll-no we’ll be with you the whole way” He said, I nodded and sat back down in my chair staring at Tim’s body, “We’ll see you later, honey” Mum said as they both kissed my head before leaving the room, “We’ve got to do something Clark” Mum said, “What can we do?” He asked, “I don’t know, just something, I can’t have my baby like that, it hurts me because I can’t do anything to get rid of her pain” Mum choked up, “I know, Lois, I know” Dad said.


I was woken up by someone stroking my hair, I sat up and rubbed my face before noticing Tim sat up in his bed smiling at me, my eyes widened “Tim!” I yell as I gave him a hug, he chuckled as he returned the hug, I began to cry as I pulled away, “Hey, don’t cry” He said wiping the tears away, “I thought I was going to lose you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you” I cried as he pulled me back into a hug, “Well, there’s no need to cry because I’m back and I don’t plan on going anywhere soon” He smiled pulling away, I smiled back.

“How long have you been awake?” I asked, “A couple hours” He said, my eyes widened “Why didn’t you wake me?!” I say, “You looked like you need the sleep” He said, I sighed as I sat back on my chair, “So, what’ve I missed?” He asked, “Well, seconds after you took the bullet my superpowers made an appearance” I say, “What? Really?” He asked, I nodded “You haven’t used them since have you?” He asked, I shook my head “I’ve sat in this chair throughout the months” I say, he shook his head “That’s bad for your health” He said, I shrugged “What did you expect me to do, share your bed?” I say, “It wouldn’t have bothered me” He shrugged, “I think it might have bothered the doctors” I say.

After a couple hours, he was discharged from the hospital and told to take it easy, Mum came to pick us up since it was night and the boys were all patrolling, “It’s nice to see you awake, Tim” Mum smiled as he got into the back seat, “It’s good to be awake, Mrs Kent” He said smiling back, “So, what’s the hospital orders?” She asked, “He has to take it easy, which means no Red Robin for at least two months” I say, “Two months?! Come on (Y/N)” He pleaded, “Not negotiable” I say, “Fine, but that means you’re not out them two months as well” He said, I shrugged “Fair enough” I say making him pout and Mum laugh as she pulled up to the Manor, I got out and waited for Tim to get out.

“She really cares for you, you know?” Mum said, “I care for her as well. Thanks for the ride” He said before getting out, “Welcome home” I say as Mum drove away, we went inside and I took him up into his room, “Still the same” He smiled as he sat on his bed, “Want anything to eat? Drink?” I asked, “Please” He answered, “What do you want?” I asked, “Surprise me” He replied, I shook my head as I made my way down to the kitchen, to find a load of cookies, I ate one and smiled “Jason’s stress baking” I chuckle as I picked up a bottle of milk, two glasses and the bowl of cookies and took them to his room, “Cookies and milk?” he said, I nodded “You said to surprise you, plus it looked like Jason has been stress baking” I explained as I sat down on his bed placing the cookies in the middle of us and handing him a glass of milk.

Tim’s POV

After hours of joking around, (Y/N) had fallen asleep due to her exhaustion, I removed her glass from her hands and set it on the bedside table along with the empty cookie bowl and my glass, I covered her up and smiled, “God I love you” I confessed before kissing her forehead, turning out the light and getting under the covers myself, I was dosing off when (Y/N) began to move about, muttering my name, I threw an arm over her waist and held her hand which seemed to put her at ease making me smile before I fell asleep.


“Please tell me they confessed” I heard Damian say, “The sexual tension between them is so thick that you could cut it with a knife” Jason said, “Shut up” Dick growled as I sat up and rubbed my face to see the three of them surrounding my bed, I raised an eyebrow, “What are you guys doing?” I asked, “We came to check on you” Dick smiled, “So, talking about sexual tension is checking on me?” I say, “Todd, you and your big gob” Damian growled, “You’re too young to be hearing that sort of stuff, Damian” (Y/N) said as she sat up herself, “Am not” He argued, she raised an eyebrow “Really? So, have you had the talk with Bruce yet?” she asked leaning on her hand.

“What talk?” He asked, “Too young. Get out” She said, Jason and Dick escorted Damian out of the room as he asked various questions, Dick closed the door behind them but not before he gave us a wink, “Well, that’s one way to be woken up in a morning” I said, she nodded “Listen, I have to tell you something” I say, “What?” She asked as she turned to me, “I…love…you…” I muttered, a smile broke on to her face as she cupped my face and kissed me, I immediately returned it and laid her down, as I hovered over her, she broke away, “I love you too” She smiled, I smiled back and gave her another kiss.

We broke apart when someone cleared their throat, we looked towards the door to see Bruce, Clark and Lois stood there, the looks on Bruce and Clark’s face were showing that they weren’t impressed, but Lois had a massive smile on her face as she held back her excitement, I got off her and we stood up, looking at the floor, Lois let out a squeal making us both look up only to be hugged by her, “I’m so happy. My baby girl’s growing up” She said as she pulled away, “Lois” Clark said, “Oh come on boys, we knew this would happen sooner or later” She said facing them and folding her arms, they both look at each other and sighed before they pulled us into a group hug, “Group hug!” Dick yelled before he, Jason and Damian join it as well.


(Y/N)’s POV

“So, have you tapped that yet?” I heard Jason ask Tim as I trained with Damian, “What?!” Tim asked with nervousness in his voice, “Come on, Damian, if you’re want to beat my brother, then try harder” I say as I avoided his fist, “Alright, Timmy, listen. There’s only so long that you can ignore your hormones” Jason said making me chuckle as avoided Damian’s roundhouse kick, “Jay, I have no idea what you’re on about” Tim said, “I believe what Jason is trying to say is that you and (Y/N) having been dating a year and it’s about time you take it to the next level” Dick said which distracted me allowing Damian to knock me to the floor, I began laughing making the three of them turn to me as I got up, “Not bad” I say trying to contain my laughter.

“What is she laughing about?” Jason asked, “She heard everything you were talking about, as did I” Dad said appearing next to them, Dick and Jason’s face dropped as Tim’s turned red, I chuckled and shook my head at them as Dick and Jason ran away but Tim was frozen to the spot with embarrassment making me smile, “So, are you going to?” Kara asked as she appeared next me making me jump, “Kara?! When did you get here?” I asked as I pulled her into a hug, she laughed and returned it, “Just now, your Dad told me you finally got your powers” She said pulling away, “Yeah, I’m kicking ass” I say making her smile.

“So, who’s your boyfriend?” She asked, “Tim Drake” I say, she wrapped an arm around my shoulders, “So…” She trailed off, “Kara no” Dad said, “I’m giving my favourite cousin some advice” She said making me hide my face in embarrassment, “Aw, she’s shy” Kara said, “No, I’m embarrassed” I groaned as I got out of her grip, I noticed that it was only me, Dad and Kara in the cave, “You really like the boy, don’t you?” Dad asked, I nodded looking at the floor, he sighed “I’m not going to get involved but just be safe” He said, I felt heat flood to my cheeks as I nodded, “Have fun” Kara whispered before her and Dad left, I groaned and sat in the computer chair, I was pulled out of my daydream when Bruce and the boys appeared, “Tim, (Y/N) it’s your night off” Bruce said, we both nodded glancing at each other, I noticed Jason and Dick smirk at each other.


Tim and I were sat up in his room, him on his computer while I was on my phone on his bed, “I’m so bored” I complained as I tossed my phone to the side and sat up, Tim looked at me as he came over to me, “You know, since we’ve got the whole house to ourselves we can have fun and not worry about being caught” He smirked.

“Wha-” I was cut off by him kissing me, which I immediately returned, he made his way on top of me as he bit my lip slightly asking for entrance I teasingly denied, causing him to groan and squeezed my ass making me gasp allowing him to slip his tongue in and we fought for dominance, I moaned slightly, and bucked my hips making him groan, he won the battle for dominance and pinned my wrists above my head and began to kiss my neck, “Tim…Please…“ I pleaded.

”(Y/N)…. Patience…“ He whisper as he pulled off my shirt and nuzzled his face between my chest, "So… soft… but this is in the way” He pulled my bra off and started licking my boob, sucking and nipping, “Tim…” I moaned as I squirmed in pleasure, he moved his hand into my lower region and started playing with it, “Already wet I see” He smirked as he stopped playing with my breasts and pulled down my pants, starting to tease my entrance, he started by sucking on my clit then licking around my lips, eventually, he started thrusting two fingers inside and sucking on my clit. 

“Oh, Tim…It feels so good” I moaned, he pulled out his fingers and put them in his mouth, tasting my juices, I bit my lip as he pulled down his pants and slowly inserted himself inside me, making us both moan, loudly, “Tim…Faster please” I begged, he started bucking faster an harder, he lifted up my leg to get an angle, I moaned louder as he hit my spot, “(Y/N)” He grunted as he let go of my leg and came to kiss me, “Tim, I think I’m gonna-” “Me too” he said cutting me off, “Tim!” “(Y/N)!” We yelled as we came undone, he pulled out and fell to the side of me, we both laid there panting and smiling at each other, “We better pray to god that I don’t get pregnant” I panted, his face dropped.

“Sh*t” he said making me chuckle as I rested my head on his chest and he stroked my head, “I guess that means you’re not up for round two in the shower then” He said, I raised an eyebrow as I looked up to him, “If it’s going to be as good as that, then I’m up for it” I smirked, “I’ll put pro-” “Forget about the protection, we’re not kids anymore Tim” I say cutting him off as I got up and made my way to his ensuite, “So, you coming or not?” I asked as I turned the shower on and got in, as Tim got in, he stared at me before pressing his lips against mine.

I kissed back as the hot water slide down our bodies, he licked my bottom lip, I granted him permission as his tongue travelled around his new territory, he moved his fingers down to my lower region and rubbed it causing me to muffled a moan as Tim pulled away from the kiss and went down there and started to lick, making me moan from the pleasure, I felt the knot in my stomach grow tighter and came as Tim licked me clean, he gently laid me on the shower floor and position himself, before put himself inside of me and began thrusting.

After some time, I got tired of waiting and flip him so he was on bottom, I bounced on top of him as he held onto my waist, both of us moaning from pleasure, I suddenly felt myself come undone, again, along with him, both of us screaming loudly, I slide off of him and made my way down to his cock, leaving marks on my way down, I licked his tip making him groan as I started to suck, he moaned loudly as I kept bobbing my head up and down, he finally came, for the third time, in my mouth, I swallowed his sperm, and he panted as he held me close, the water still flowing down our bodies, “God, I love you” He said kissing my forehead, I smiled "I love you too” I say as I felt my eyelids getting heavier.


I was woken up by Tim stroking my hair as I was laid on his chest “Morning” I say, he kissed my forehead, “You left quite the marks on me” He said, I smirked “Just making sure that everyone knows you’re mine” I say as I rested my chin on my hand as I faced him, “We should do this every night we’re off together” He smirked, I returned it as I kissed him, “We should head down for breakfast. Now…where are my clothes?” I asked as I sat up, “Um, I think I threw them in that direction” he said mentioning the left of the bed, “Well I’m only seeing my bra and pants” I commented as I got up and put them on, “You can wear this then” He said throwing me his top, I smiled as I put it on, it stopped mid-thigh, before we made our way down into the kitchen, to find that Jason, Dick and Damian were already in there.

They all stared at us as we walked over to the counter to get some cereal, “Are you getting the vibe?” I heard Jason whispered, “That they’ve done it? Yes, so hard” Dick whispered back, “What have they done?” Damian asked, I chuckled making Tim raise an eyebrow, “Dick and Jason are getting the vibe that we’ve done it and Damian’s so clueless” I whispered making him smirk before I sat down at the table, “So, how was your night off?” Dick asked leaning on his hand, “Alright, I suppose” I shrugged as Tim sat next to me, Jason raised an eyebrow, Damian sighed and got up leaving the kitchen.

“Is that we found your clothes scattered around his room?” Jason smirked, “You came into my room?!” Tim snapped, I bit my lip to hold in my laughter “Just please tell me that you used protection” Dick said, Tim and I glanced at each other, “You didn’t?!” Jason said as he began laughing, “You do realise that if Bruce or Kent find out you’re both dead” Dick said, “We’re not kids, Dick” Tim said, “And as Jason said, the sexual tension was thiiiiick” I dragged out, they both stared at us and turned to each other, “Plus, Dad said that he wouldn’t get involved but if he does I can kick his ass” I say folding my arms, “Can you now?” He asked from the kitchen door, where he, Mum, Bruce, Kara, Johnathan and Damian stood.

Mum noticed the way I was dressed and let out a deep sigh, “They did it. They f*cking did it!” Kara yelled as she shook Dad, who looked like he was restraining himself, but he wasn’t the only one in that boat, Bruce was as well, “Mum, what’s Kara on about?” Johnathan asked, “A chat to have with your father another time” She said as she took Damian and Johnathan away, Kara came into the kitchen and hugged us both, “So, when you planning to have kids?” She asked, “Kara” I groaned in embarrassment as Dad gave her a glare, “What? I want to see a hybrid of a Superman and Batman” She said innocently, I sighed rubbing my temples.


It had been a couple months since Tim and I first did it, “Hey Tim?” I called out from his ensuite, “Yeah” he said as he appeared in the door way, he frozen when he noticed the test in my hands, “We’re going to parents” I say as I handed him the positive test, he stared at it trying to come to grips with the news before he tackled me with a hug, “Your Dad’s going to kill me” He said making me laugh as I pulled away, “You’re not getting out of it that easy” I say making him smile as he pulled me into a kiss, I heard the doorbell go, “Mr Kent, always a pleasure to see you and your family” Alfred answered, “Well, my family’s got here so let’s go break the news” I say as I took the test off him and took his hand.

We entered the living room where everyone was sat talking, “Ah it’s the power couple” Jason said from his spot in the armchair, I threw the test on the coffee table gaining everyone’s attention as they stared at it, Kara let out an excited squeal as she jumped over the couch and gave us a hug, she pulled away and began rambling on about all the things that she’s going to do but stopped as Dad came over to us, “You didn’t use protection?” He asked through gritted teeth as he glared at Tim, his eyes glowing red, “You said you wouldn’t get involved” I growled as I stood in front of Tim, glaring at him, “Clark” “(Y/N)” Mum and Tim said in unison as they tried to get us to back down, wasn’t going to happen as we both pulled away from their grips, “You may be pregnant but that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy” Dad said, “Wasn’t planning on getting any special treatment” I say, “You hurt my grandchild Clark Kent, and you won’t see them be born” Mum threatened, he didn’t move a muscle.

“If you’re going to fight, take it outside” Alfred spoke up, Dad walked out of the Manor making me smirk as I went out with the others following, “Kal, she’s your daughter for godsake!” Kara yelled as he threw the first punch, I prepared myself to block it but no impact came, I noticed Johnathan hovering in front of me with bright red eyes as Dad was on his back, “I suggest you re-think your actions, father” He said, “Johnathan, this is between your sister and me, stay out of it” Dad said as he got up, “No” He said as he took Dad up into the sky making my eyes widened as Tim ran over to me with Mum, Kara let out a groan as she went into the sky herself.


I sighed as I got up from bed since Jack began crying, I made my way into his and Diana’s room to find Tim already cradling his son in his arms, quietening him down, I smiled at the sight and admired it, I had given birth to twins, a boy, Jack Peter Drake, and a girl, Diana Janet Drake, and surprisingly it had stopped the fighting between the Bat-family and the Super-family completely, which was a relief, I went over to him and wrapped my arms around his chest as I leaned my head against him, “Looks like you woke your mother, after all” Tim whispered before he kissed my forehead, “Just like his father, not wanting to sleep” I teased before I heard Diana babbling to herself.

I picked her out of her crib and cradled her in my arms, she squealed as she reach for my hair, I smiled at her, she had my hair but Tim’s eyes, Jack had Tim’s eyes and hair, neither had shown any signs of having powers but I wasn’t ruling it out since it took sixteen years for mine to show, “Let’s go to bed” Tim whispered as he went to leave with Jack, I followed him into our room, I got on my half of the bed and laid Diana down in the middle of us both as Tim to Jack, Diana played with my fingers and eventually dosed off but kept a firm, grip on my index finger, Jack and Tim had already fallen asleep making me smile as I admire my family before falling asleep myself.


Nico Jr.’s first instinct was to tell Maxine to ask her stupid ass mother what was wrong with him. But it occurs to him that the best way to get back at Teresa was to f*ck with her daughter…play mind games with Maxine and devastate her before the summer ended. Nico Jr. smiles to himself. That would be fun.

Nico Jr. impatient: Yeah. I’m kinda upset. 

Maxine concerned: Oh. Is it…is there anything I can do to make you feel better? I  really hate to see you upset. I …missed you last night, Nicky.

Nico Jr. sneers: Really? You missed me? You wanna make me feel better? Well, sorry.  I don’t believe you.

Maxine confused: What? Why?

Nico Jr. raises an eyebrow: Why? Because I find it hard to believe you missed me when you have a boyfriend named Ivo. I don’t like your idea of making me feel better since it involves you cheating on Ivo with me.

Maxine gasps: Ivo?!! What? Who told you about Ivo?

Nico Jr. smiles coldly: Your mother told me about Ivo. Your boyfriend who is gone for the summer. So you decide to mess around with me. I thought you were different, Maxine. You seemed like a nice person.

Maxine in a rush: No, Nicky, it’s not what you think! I am a nice person! Ivo is only a friend.

Nico Jr: So your mother lied?

Maxine: No! I mean, yes…well, not really. Ivo and I are close. He’s always wanted to be my boyfriend. But I don’t see him that way. Why would my mother tell you about him?

Nico Jr quiet: She saw me in your bed. She was real mad about it, and I totally understand why. But when I told her it was harmless, we were only sleeping and nothing else, she flipped out on me and told me about Ivo. Told me not to fall in love with you. That I’m only a challenge to you.

Maxine breathless: She saw us?  A challenge? And…wait. Nicky. Are you falling in love with me?