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I don't know if this is something i should ask on this blog (feel free to delete if its not) but i heard the chainsmokers said something racist, do you know what it was?

This is definitely something I am willing to answer. The video has been taken down. But yesterday at about 10AM KST, the Clamslappers posted a video of an interview in China for Ultra Festival on Twitter. And the host asked whether or not one of the guys (idk their names and I don’t want to know their names) whether he brought his dog. And he made a “joke” implying that dogs aren’t safe in China because of the typical Asian stereotype that all Asians eat/slaughter dogs. The guy didn’t say this specifically, but it was implied through his silence when asked why he didn’t bring his dog and after the host realized what he was implying the Clamslappers and the host laughed together. The caption was also the laughing (with tears) emoji. Later, (I just checked now because I have them blocked), the member (again idk their names) posted an apology saying that it was because he heard dogs get slaughtered in China (you can find it here:, but it was still a racist comment based off of old stereotypes and it frustrates me to an incredible extent. The fact that they make these remarks and laugh about it makes me mad. While he said this is why he didn’t bring his dog, I’m sure he was making a joke about Chinese and Asians in general. If he was truly worried about his dog, he would have looked concerned or sad or made a comment about saving dogs in the interview. Instead he made a cheap “joke” and attempted to cover it up with a campaign to fight against dog slaughter. What makes it even more upsetting is that they are collaborating with BTS, a South Korean boy group. I know a lot of you guys won’t agree with me, but yeah. Also for those fans that are worried about whether or not dislking or not supporting the Clamslappers makes you a bad ARMY, it really doesn’t. Fact of the matter is we love BTS not them. Just because we love BTS doesn’t mean that we have to be fans of those people. I’m going to add this because I don’t think some of you get it. I am Asian, I have lived through ugly Asian stereotypes, remarks, “jokes.” Don’t make comments about the Asian experience and say “well this sterotype applies sometimes.” It doesn’t matter. It was a cheap ugly “joke” and should not be tolerated.
- Kylie

i just want to point out that just because i’m an asian who hangs out with white people doesn’t mean im suddenly whitewashed?? like i don’t know why some people say i’m whitewashed like YOU’RE the one who is perpetuating the stereotype that all asians need to hang out with only asians?? i grew up in a suburb with people of different races, but mostly i was surrounded by white people. obviously i’m going to come in contact with a white person and befriend them? i may not be the most cultural person ever since i was born and raised in the united states but like idk i’m sick of people who think i’m trying to be “less asian” just because i’m friends with some white people like no lol i’m fucking proud of being chinese and i can hang out with who i fucking want to


the mindy project aesthetic ⇨  dr. mindy lahiri

“I’m not picky. I just have high standards.”

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lmao last time i checked, johnny didn’t train 9 years for nothing, sistar didn’t sleep on the dance room floors for nothing, vixx, twice, monsta x, ikon didn’t go on survival shows for nothing, wonho’s family didn’t go bankrupt for him to continue training for nothing. So would someone kindly please explain to me why this wanna be kpop group who 1.) don’t know the language, 2.) didn’t go through any training whatsoever, 3.) don’t know anything about the culture, is roaming the kpop industry with a free pass?


Say hello to my illuminati acne!!
People usually take photos of their fruit bowls on grass with a kanken in the background but hey look at me! Sitting on my bed bare faced eating a fat bowl of ice cream 💞
Also my hair looks like a mop & should’ve worn some make up & faced the light