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BATIM headcanons!

Feeling a little sad atm, so I decided to write down those headcanons that I had 


  • Bendy acts very childish most of the time
  • He thinks that blood is red ink, so if you bleed near him he’ll ask you why there is red ink coming from your body
  • Very trusting at times
  • Calls Joey ‘Creator’
  • Loves to prank others
  • Bendy can hide in ink
  • Can sometimes have a tail, but sometimes he doesn’t 


  • Has at least 10 different types of those fake guns that have the bang flag in them
  • More mature than Bendy, but still likes to be mischievous
  • Sheep are friends, not food
  • Prepared for anything
  • Likes to try on Joey’s clothes sometimes
  • Loves all food

I might write more or draw some of these soon, but I hope you guys like them!

oh my god I can’t believe I made this dumb thing

Welcome one and all to ask-joeydrewstudios, we’re open for questions!

Tfw you wanna draw a picture of Rhett, write fan fiction, finish your painting, write a blog post for your art blog, update your website, photoshop your pictures, write podcast reviews, book movie tickets and read fan fiction at 11 pm.

And instead just do Rhett time and go to bed.


Roman x Reader

Requested By Anon

“What do you mean she’s still sick?” Roman growled out.


“I’m sorry Mr Godfrey there’s nothing more we can do.” The doctor stuttered.


“I’ve been paying you four thousand dollars a day to get her better not let her get sicker!” Roman yelled.


“I’m sorry sir…” The man tried but Roman shook his head.

“I will have you fired.” Roman warned as he stormed out of the building and slammed his way into his car.

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Notes: This started as a joke that accidentally took three days to finish because it wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m almost sick of this guy’s face. (Almost!) I admit I had to skim some of these. (Spread, for example, is a truly rotten movie. I dare you not to skim it.) So I might have missed something, and you might have better info than me! Feel totally free to pass it along.

My original categories were “crying” (not tearing up, but actually shedding tears) “bloody” (open wounds or other blood) and “gay” (sex/kissing/other romantic contact with another dude); upon further review, however, he only actually cried in four titles (Law & Order, The Architect, Political Animals, and Kings). So: my new categories became “bloody” “gay” and “shirtless” (very important, self-explanatory). Kings still would have hit every last one of them. Kings has it all.

I counted all the Captain America stuff as a single title because it’s the same role. The titles I skipped (Red Doors, Rachel Getting Married, Gone, Black Swan) are extremely minor roles, save for Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding, which I could not stream/download for love or money. (It’s on Amazon for eighty-three dollars, what the fuck?)


  • He’s bloody and/or shirtless more often than not. The only roles where he wasn’t either were Law & Order, The Architect, and Spread.
  • In both Kings and Political Animals he played the son of the leader of a country, who was involved with another man that had to remain a secret because one guy was closeted, and in which the non-closeted guy committed/attempted suicide after the closeted guy broke it off. In Kings, he played the closeted guy, and in Political Animals, he played the guy who attempted suicide. In The Architect he was also half of a gay couple where one party attempted suicide.
  • In both Law & Order and Captain America: The Winter Soldier he played a kidnapped/captured sniper-assassin who is brainwashed into forgetting his former life.
  • Prior to his role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a Russian-associated super-assassin, he spent most of Hot Tub Time Machine running around in the snow yelling about commies.
  • A good portion of his filmography takes place in New York City (Law & Order, Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding, Red Doors, The Architect, The Education of Charlie Banks, Gossip Girl, Captain America), where (I think!) he currently lives.

anonymous asked:

what about the bad heroism rubs you the wrong way? is it War Machine? 👀 also you should give Logan a shot. it's not like the other superhero movies

ill probs get draggd to logan @ sm point so we’ll c

nd idk wat u mean by ‘bad heroism’ i litrly jst dnt like th feelng that radiates off superhero charas. duty to protect, nobility, savior shit idk dude. they speak like plastic feels nd jst !! aaaaa !! th acting idk idk its all Too Fake to me i dunno bruh ! i lov superpower shit bt my gggOOOD smthn abt th HEROES is like infuriating i cnt handl it i litrly dnno wat to say i rly dnt. i jst dnt like em

i dnt hav n e specifics n my head cz i jst mentally erase all th details frm th movies iv seen hdnggkb

   when u wanna add a character to ur multi but they come from a controversial                             movie/book/tv series/etc. 

You don’t have to be a ghost here amongst the living. You are flesh and blood, and you deserve to be loved, and you deserve what you are given.
—  Florence + The Machine, “Third Eye”

does bighit think we print money or something?

i feel like i’ve pissed enough words into the wind before about packing up my previously happy gnc self in some mistaken idea of what constituted being An Adult Woman when it turns out that, surprise, it’s not clothes that matter, it’s looking in the mirror and realising you were a dude all along, you just didn’t have the means to figure it out (and realising that your long departed wardrobe of late 90s/early 2000s black wrangler stranglers and faded chesty bonds undershirts was actually a powerful #Look and you should’ve never thrown them out!!)

but man oh man, i’m having a surreal flashback because that photo is the absolute spitting image of me and it really makes me wish time machines were real so i could go back and tell little babygay inbox that regardless of whether i do still go through with the artifice of womanhood or bumble through life in a different way, it’ll work out fine in the end. have the revelation, get the torment of self examination and ripping yourself apart over and done with, because life can be really fuckin’ good once you stop kidding yourself.

also in a different timeline maybe i could grow a gd beard 

time zones

in the morning, i’ll miss you.
not unlike now where lying
in my bed i think of you
in an airport. displaced.
passing from one point to the next.

so what, i’m thinking those words.
so what, i’m thinking “gone.”

the whole wide berth of your

a few hours ago it was like
you were still in my living room,
laughing as you made fuller
every space in my house.
your hand on my favourite
book & making me cry.

look at us: we’ve become
unstuck in time. jealous
machinations working in tandem
to bring you to some far off

& that word again, “gone,” which
means, “away,” meaning, “not where
you are.”

i get anguished. i imagine you
with the deer in my hometown,
how you hated it there & wanted
to leave years after i wanted to
leave it.

the time we spent in the real
city, walking down wellesley.
meeting up with our girl. your
arms swinging. too perfect a
moment it must not have

later, in the place i’m living now,
solitary lamp casting warm yellow
light on your face, your whole
intact body that slept safely
on my couch.

these three stages of my life
& you managed to occupy
all of them.

now, an airport. as though
the ghost of you is what’s

this place where everything went
wrong for you & yet i got to
touch you. my arms around
your arms.

i remember we kept saying,
“i can’t believe this is real,”
time going stuck & unstuck
again. it wasn’t real. it couldn’t
be. you smiled at me. i heard
your laugh in real time.