make me a time machine!


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does bighit think we print money or something?

You don’t have to be a ghost here amongst the living. You are flesh and blood, and you deserve to be loved, and you deserve what you are given.
—  Florence + The Machine, “Third Eye”
time zones

in the morning, i’ll miss you.
not unlike now where lying
in my bed i think of you
in an airport. displaced.
passing from one point to the next.

so what, i’m thinking those words.
so what, i’m thinking “gone.”

the whole wide berth of your

a few hours ago it was like
you were still in my living room,
laughing as you made fuller
every space in my house.
your hand on my favourite
book & making me cry.

look at us: we’ve become
unstuck in time. jealous
machinations working in tandem
to bring you to some far off

& that word again, “gone,” which
means, “away,” meaning, “not where
you are.”

i get anguished. i imagine you
with the deer in my hometown,
how you hated it there & wanted
to leave years after i wanted to
leave it.

the time we spent in the real
city, walking down wellesley.
meeting up with our girl. your
arms swinging. too perfect a
moment it must not have

later, in the place i’m living now,
solitary lamp casting warm yellow
light on your face, your whole
intact body that slept safely
on my couch.

these three stages of my life
& you managed to occupy
all of them.

now, an airport. as though
the ghost of you is what’s

this place where everything went
wrong for you & yet i got to
touch you. my arms around
your arms.

i remember we kept saying,
“i can’t believe this is real,”
time going stuck & unstuck
again. it wasn’t real. it couldn’t
be. you smiled at me. i heard
your laugh in real time.


Bucky Blaine: The Ice Douche
                    (A Hot Tub Time Machine/Winter Soldier Mash-Up) [6/?]

brought to you by agentverbivore & splendidiorvitro

So, when I visited my mum just before Christmas, I asked her to pick out a couple of photos for me to frame and hang up of the family when I was little. Well, she sent me home with boxes and I’ve only gotten to them now. Looking back at them, I genuinely wish I’d told my ten year old self that my hair was a trainwreck, or my twenty year old self that seven sparkly scarves and a fringe that I cut myself do not make me look pretty. Has anyone invented a time machine yet?

  • Me, Lying Awake in Bed Last Night: So if Stan's mind is basically the vessel for Bill
  • Me: A demon who tbh is probably still alive in some form
  • Me: Does that make Stan a Jinchuuriki?
  • Me:
  • Me: *slowly rises from bed*
  • Me: *gets into Time Machine, prevents younger self from ever hearing the word Naruto*
  • Me: *prevents self from ever being born*
  • Me: There that's better nighty night

anonymous asked:

All the anons are stuck in a time loop and only edge has memories of previous loops, the reason it keeps looping is it loops on the day angst and her friends kill everyone and edge got a time machine.

That makes me think miss peregrines home for peculiar children. I wanna make an au of that now. Mods home for peculiar anons

The signs as Blaine’s quotes

Aries: “ Prejudice is just ignorance.“

Taurus: “ Hunger’s a big problem in this country. Although so is obesity, which is confusing.“

Gemini: “ Guys can be divas too.“

Сancer: “ I don’t think I’ve ever made that big a fool out of myself. Which is really saying something because I’ve performed at theme parks.”

Leo: “ Hang on to your bobby socks girls, ‘cause we’re about to rock your world.”

Virgo: “ Roxy music makes me want to build a time machine just so I can go back to the 70’s and give Bryan Ferry a high five.”

Libra: “ In a world where everything changes, some things always stay the same. They say there’s only three things you can count on in life: death, taxes and Dalton Academy.”

Scorpio: “ After being bullied for a long time, I took up boxing. I started the Dalton Branch of Fight Club which I obviously can’t talk about.

Sagittarius: “ You can refuse to be the victim.“

Capricorn: “ I would say, “Bye,” but I wouldn’t want to make you angry.”

Aquarius: “ Screw Optimus Prime.”

Pisces: “ Oh god no. No more candles.”