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Ship: Captain!Jungkook | Soldier!Reader
Description: Mulan!AU | War is Hell, but it’s what you had to do to take your brother’s place. Of course, between the days of Hell are little slices of Heaven you’d call your Captain, Jeon Jungkook.
Warning: Dom!Kook, Character Death, Gore, Angst, Choking, Intercourse, Fingering, Dirty Talk, Punishment, Oral, Hair Pulling, Public Nudism 
Word Count: 19,554
A/N: This is the longest thing I ever fucking wrote but it was so worth it. Mulan is one of my favorite movies of all time, and there were some such iconic scenes that I found so great I had to include them here as well, because I love simply describing the most heart-leaping scenes in my own words.

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Apologies || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Fluff

Three months in your opinion was a long time. Especially when there was something like this sitting between the two of you, and you were the only one who knew. You wondered if maybe there would be a day that you would muster up the courage to tell Jungkook what had happened, but another part of you just wanted to run away and pretend that it never happened so you wouldn’t have to face the consequences.

When Jungkook and you had originally broken up, you had told him you had never wanted to see him again. But that all changed after a couple of weeks when you started suffering from intense sickness, and when you went to the hospital they told you the news. Somewhere before the breakup had happened, Jungkook had managed to get you pregnant.

And now you had to deal with that.

There were only two people who knew about your pregnancy, and that was your best friend and Jungkook’s best friend. Taehyung knew you didn’t want to tell Jungkook about what had happened, he understood that you were scared. There was a part of him that just wished that you would tell him though because he understood how Jungkook felt, he knew what was going through both of your minds at the moment.

Naturally, as the months progressed, your stomach started getting bigger and now there was a visible baby bump. Because of the bump, you had found your hands gently caressing your stomach without thought. It was like the most natural feeling in the world to have your hands protecting your stomach, and making sure no harm came to the baby growing inside of you.

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Undo (3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: You’re wandering aimlessly when you meet him: the tall man who looks like an angel, the bright red hair on top of his head resembling fire. This angel boy tries to help you, but you soon find out more about him that turns your world upside down.

Warnings: age gap, mentions of death, smut

Word Count: 5,765

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

When his lips left yours, you were more in shock than anything. You almost felt dizzy as you remembered the familiar sensation. When his lips touched yours, it felt natural, like you’d done it so many times before. His eyes staring deep into yours made you nervous, you saw the longing in his eyes and you could only wonder how much the two of you had been through together.

“Chanyeol…” His name left your lips quietly, you could barely hear yourself but Chanyeol was apt to hear anything you said. The air was almost crackling around the two of you, you couldn’t help but want to know more about your past.

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Silly man

So, I tried loves. My mom is still in the ICU but she is getting better. I hope to update more this coming month. ALSO. I have a comic con coming near me and TOM FELTON is gonna be there. So stoked! Anyways, enjoy.

“Now just to warn you, my brother is going to be there,” Newt explained as he and you were walking up the steps to his family’s house 

“and he’s very, well let’s just say persistent” you stop and stare at your Hufflepuff friend. 

“Newt, If I can handle some crazy magizoologist who risks his life every day and gives me Anxiety everytime he steps out of the apartment, I’m sure I can manage some egoistic man” you reply. 

Newt smiles at you and turns around. Newt walks up to the door and knocks. You noticed how tense he was and so you grab his hand to try to calm him down. 

It was a platonic thing you did but if you were honest, you wanted to do so much more than just hold hands. It was no secret that you had feelings for your best friend. 

Newt however, was too oblivious to notice anything. Or maybe he was just too caught up in his own feelings to notice yours. Newt was about to pull his hand away when the door opened. 

“Newton! so great to see you. I haven’t heard from you in ages,” his mother stood in front of the two of you, wide smile and warm demeanor.

 “Come in, and you must be Y/n” she says turning towards you. 

“it’s lovely to meet you Mrs. Scamander” you say politely. 

“It’s nice to meet you too” she replies. 

“Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable” she calls walking into another room. 

She returns with Newt’s dad next to her. 

“Nice to meet you Mr. Scamander” you say holding out your hand. 

His dad shook it and sat down across from you and Newt. You and his dad strike up a small conversation when a new presence enters the room. 

“Y/n, I would like you to meet Theseus, my brother” Newt says with a hint of annoyance in his voice. 

You stood up and walked over to him. 

“Lovely to meet you Theseus” you say politly.

 “It’s my pleasure Y/n, my brother never said how stunning you are” Theseus says flashing a bright smile. You smile back, not wanting to be rude. Unfortunately, you don’t notice Newts jaw clenching. 

“I’d love to get to know you better Y/n” Theseus says. He puts his hand on your arm and leaves it there a bit too long. You give him an awkward smile before moving away from him. 

“Um, sure” you reply. You turn around and look at Newt. He is looking at the ground and clenching his hands. 

“Newt, would you like to come with us?” you ask, hoping he would say yes. 

“Oh I’m sure my brother would be fine on his own. Maybe he can go visit the hippogriffs” Theseus cuts in before Newt even opens his mouth. 

Theseus takes you hand and leads you outside. Newt is boiling with rage at this point. How dare his brother comes and steals you away, looking at you like nothing but an object. 

Newt stomps his way over to the counter and pours some firewhiskey. He chugs it all and stares with discontent at the door. 

“Newt, you’re going to explode the door if you keep looking at it that way”. Newt turns around and sees his mother. 

“Mum!” Newt yelps in surprise. 

“Newt, would you like to visit the hippogriffs. They always did make you feel better when you were a kid” She says. 

She looks at her son with concern. She always knew that Newt felt inadequate to his brother. She loves both her sons equally but couldn’t help but hurt for Newt. 

“I guess” Newt mumbles. 

He walks out to the enclosures and sees some hippogriffs. 

“Hello there lovelies. It’s me Newt. I’ve missed you” Newt coos. 

He takes time brushing and feeding each one. He feels at home, in his element. he almost forgets why he was upset. 

He walks back into his house covered in feathers and some dirt. He has a dopey little smile on his face. He walks over to his mother and hugs her. 

“Thank you mum, this is exactly what I needed” he whispers. 

“Hey, Y/n I know we just met but, I am entranced by your beauty. Would you like to go to dinner sometime?” Theseus asks. Newt’s face falls and his anger returns. Before you could answer Newt walks over to you. 

“Theseus. Can I speak to you. Please.” Newt says dangerously low. He practically drags Theseus from the couch to the hallway. You follow them but stay behind the wall. 

“What’s your problem little bro?” Theseus asks. 

“My problem is that you always take everything I love away” Newt growls. 

“Really Newt? Still so childish. Thought you would have learned. You take what you want” Theseus scoffs back. You begin to turn a crimson red from anger and embarrassment. 

“Theseus you have known about my crush on Y/n for years now! How dare you come in and try to charm you way into a date only to break their heart” Newt practically yells. 

You peak your head around the corner and see Newt seething with rage and his hand clenched. Ready to punch. 

“Newt! Don’t hurt him” you squeak out. Newt whips around and stares in horror. 

“Y-Y/N! I um, I can explain um” Newt begins. 

“Newt…” you say softly. 

Before you could say anything else Newt bolts. He runs out the back door towards the hippogriffs. You quickly chase after him. You take a step bback when you enter the hippogriff barn. 

It was so, well, so Newt. It was outdoories but had a sense of comfort. Hell it even looked like Newt’s case. You hear mumbling come from one of the stables. 

You slowly walk over, careful not to disturb any of the hippogriffs. You look in and see Newt sitting next to a baby and its mom. He is holding the baby and brushing its feathers. 

“Hey” you say. 

Newt looks up and so does the mother. You bow and keep eye contact with the mom. It soon bows back and lets you closer. 

“Newt, why did you run out on me?” you ask, staring at the baby. 

“Because i made a complete fool out of myself” Newt murmurs. 

“No, you didn’t Newt” you tell him. You two sit in silence for a bit. The baby hops towards you and you stroke its back. 

“Did you mean what you said? That you love me?” you ask breaking the silence. 

“No.” Newt answers quickly. 

Your face falls and your heart drops. Newt looks over and frowns at your expression. 

“oh” was all you could manage out. 

“Well, isn’t that what you wanted to hear? I mean my brother is far superior in most aspects.” Newt says with his head down. You scoot closer and bring your lips to his cheek. 

“Newton you are a silly man. I’ve had feelings for you for years” you whispered in his ear. Newt bolts up and scares a couple of fwoopers in the rafters. 

“P-Pardon?” He stutters out. You roll your eyes and stand up. 

“You would think someone as smart and handsome and amazing as yourself could see how much I am in love with you” you say. 

You aren’t sure where the sudden confidence is coming from but you’ve been waiting to say this for ages. A giddy, childlike smile makes its way onto Newts face. 

“Do you mean it?” Newt asks. 

“Of course I do” you peck his nose before taking his hand and leading him out of the barn. 

Newt is too shocked to say anything. Before you could enter the house Newt spins you around and slams his lips onto yours. 

“I love you so much. I can’t believe you actually feel the same way” Newt giggles out. You wrap your arms around his neck and bring your faces close. 

“You silly little Magizoologist. How could I not fall for you?” you reply. Newt’s eyes are filled with joy as you enter the house. 

“Thank you so much mum for having us but, I think it’s time we go.” Newt says. You and Newt leave hand and hand, this time as lovers. 

However, you both missTheseus in the corner with a hidden smirk on his face. 

“Bout time they got together, don’t you think” he says looking at his parents. 

mostlyjovial  asked:

And I didn't have room to add this, but if the other side of that child going to be around, I feel they should have some say in the matter, its their's as well.

2 / 2

i appreciate your curiosity and question.

there are several reasons a woman would get an abortion. (keep in mind “get” and “want” are two different things and that I chose not to use “want” there)

1. she can’t afford the expenses of a child
2. she could have been raped
3. she is a child herself (a.k.a too young or immature to care for another human being)
4. her body, her choice
5. she has a poor relationship with her own parents which could lead to fear of being a parent
6. she has too many kids already
7. she could be in bad health
8. she worries about having or doesn’t have support (emotional, physical, financial) from the father
9. depending on circumstances, she could be endangering her own life if she goes through with a pregnancy
10. she doesn’t want the physical aftermath on her body
11. she didn’t want a child (and honestly, do you want to make a woman who doesn’t want her baby, have a baby? if not for the sake of the mother, imagine the emotional toll this could have on a kid feeling unwanted and unloved)

it’s important to keep in mind that just because a woman has sex, doesn’t mean she wants children, the same way men can want sex and not desire children. yes, sex has its consequences and the possibility of children is one of them (as well as STDs and UTIs) and these should always be kept in mind. but there’s nothing wrong with casual sex (but please let it also be protected sex). accidents happen.

I understand the opinion that if someone has sex, knowing what could happen, they should have to carry out a child because “they did that to themselves” and should “deal with the consequences”. however, they didn’t do it PURPOSELY to themselves, and in any situation, a kid shouldn’t be a punishment. that’s a lifelong ordeal that isn’t fair to the parents or child if it’s considered a burden.

yes, adoption centers exist and are an alternative, but there are more than 101,000 children waiting to be adopted in the U.S, and this number is only increasing.

(this is unrelated but related) it’s also important to mention that taking away our birth control and making it optional for insurances isn’t going to help abortion rates go down for all of you that care about that! it’s just going to make them increase! and making abortion illegal is only going to make abortions unsafe for children and parents because if they can’t be done legally, they’ll opt for being done illegally!! please acknowledge this!!

what I’ve learned about a lot of pro-lifers is that they aren’t actually pro-life. they’re pro-birth. not all, but a lot of the same people saying “abortion is wrong” and “don’t do that” are the same people who complain about having to pay taxes that go into other people’s children. if you’re going to guilt or force a woman into carrying through with her pregnancy when she can’t afford it, you’re going to assist in the payments, since you are pro-life, after all.

and for anyone who doesn’t know, just because someone is pro-choice doesn’t mean they love abortions. that’s why it isn’t called pro-abortion: it just means they believe a woman can make her own choice concerning her and is entitled to that as a human being.

your point about the father having a say is a good one that I agree with: the father should have say since he’s part of the equation. ideally, the mother and father probably should talk seriously about what they want and can do and reach a consensus together. but ultimately, I feel the decision lies in the woman’s hands since she would be the carrier for 9 months and dealing with the effects of pregnancy. a good solution to this kind of dilemma would be figuring out how to transfer the pregnancy and let the man carry it. it’s impossible, but how does that sound for a solution? :D

anyway, I don’t think women ever just want an abortion. they don’t have sex and get pregnant so they can get an abortion. there’s not malicious intent behind them, it’s just a solution.

apologies for the messy, untransitional layout of this. i was just trying to get some messages across.

hope you have a good day, and please don’t take this as me trying to sway your mindset. im just explaining and answering your question (but again, apologies if it seemed like I’m trying to shove this down your throat).

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Got7 reaction to you being naturally good with kids?

Mark would fall a little bit more in love when he saw that you were naturally good with kids. Deep down he always wanted to have a family so when he saw that you were good with kids, he knew that he had another reason to believe you were the one.

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

Jaebum would find it admirable and cute. He would love seeing you with kids and seeing how well you got along with them. It’d make him feel so happy and would make him want to have kids.

Originally posted by daefsoul

Jackson would love it! He would find it so cute how kids loved you so much and how you were extremely good with them. He would always make comments about how your future kids will love you and how he wants to have a family with you in the future.

Originally posted by daefsoul

Jinyoung would hands down fall in love with you even more. It would show him how much of  a good person you were and that you were quite experienced to have kids of your own one day. Jinyoung would be so happy to know that the one he loves will be able to be a good mother to his future children.

Originally posted by wangjaxson

Youngjae would find it so cute. Seeing you being silly with kids and making them giggle would bring him so much joy.

Originally posted by jypnior

BamBam would admire you so much on how good you were with kids. Whenever he saw you with kids, it’d make him want to have a family of his own with you even more.

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Yugyeom would be low key jealous that you were a natural when it came to kids. But he’d also be relieved because it meant that you would be amazing with your futures kids.

Political Animals-Part 7

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

“Hi Cas.  It’s me.” 

“Y/N?  Are you okay? I’ve been worried sick!  I was going to come over but Meg told me the last thing you needed during your heat was me in your face.” Cas said as soon as he heard my voice.  “Why didn’t you tell me about you and Sam?”

“It all happened so suddenly, Cas.  So how did Mom find out?  Do I even want to ask how she took the news?” I asked tentatively.

“Mad doesn’t begin to cover it.  You need to go see her, Y/N.” Cas said urgently.

I sighed, the burden of everything suddenly weighing me down.  “Tell Mom I will be over in a bit.”

“I love you no matter what happens, you know that, right?” Cas whispered.

“I never doubted it for a second.  Love you too, Bro.  I’ll see you soon.” I said as I ended the call.

Sam wiped my tears away gently with the pad of his thumb.  “I’m glad they know, Y/N.  I don’t want to sneak around anymore.  I want people to know your mine.”

“I love you, Sam.”  I said as I pressed a kiss on his hand.  “I think it’s high time my mother and I had a chat, don’t you?”

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#49 Cactus Messages (Harry Styles)

So, this is different. I seriously pray you like it. 

Word Count: 2,900

Summary: Harry meets a girl who gives him a cactus and leaves. But, there is more to the cactus which is sharp, strong and resistant. 


I had no idea why I was here. The world around me felt hazy and I, I just felt numb and empty. Empty yeah, that’s how I felt. It was an empty world with no emotions, and at the moment, I felt like I was giving too much of myself into it. My girlfriend broke up with me, saying she was too insecure in the relationship and that I was too much. Whatever that meant, and a week before my step -…and it just felt numb. I still was here though, I had no idea what an outing would get me. I get to at least mourn for a little while, instead of roaming like a hyper butterfly. Whatever that meant.  

“C’mon Harry, just a coffee?” Jeff repeated taking a sip of his.

“Fine, yeah, coffee,” Faster I get over with this, faster I can leave. I need a week off, no a month off. I don’t have a month off.

“Excuse me,” Jeff called for someone, “A Cappuccino, please.”

“Alright, could I get you anything else as well?” I looked up at the girl. Her voice…it was so soft.

“No, that will be all, thank you,” she nodded and walked away. “Look, Harry, I am going to cancel everything for the next week. But, I would be lying if I say I can for more than that, especially with the movie coming out.”

“Yeah, I know. Give me a week first. Please,” I said. I knew I looked like shit. I couldn’t get myself to look normal. Normal was annoying me now. Everyone at home was acting normal like it happens every day. Trying to maintain calm, control…And now, that I am in London, I don’t know what to do. What can I do this time to heal? I was so lost.

“Here is your coffee, and this is the sugar,” the waitress came back and placed the coffee on my table. This was a tiny coffee shop here, not many people came here, at least during the mornings. Residential areas were usually quieter. I hated this. My mind just ran in a random tangent before coming back and being numb again. “Umm…” I looked up and met her eyes. She wanted to say something.

“Do you want a picture?” I asked, like a machine. Like a machine, Harry. Your fans have done nothing. Jeff looked up as well, about to send her away.

“Oh no, I just wanted to say…I’m sorry for your loss,” She gave a small smile, “and…here,” I put my hand forward, and she put a little cactus plant which was in a box in my hand.

“A cactus?” I looked up, and Jeff giggled. She nervously moved her legs, before straightening up.

“Yes, they are strong, they hit, don’t die and take care of themselves. They are good friends. I hope you feel better,” she nodded and walked away, leaving me to stare at this plant. I looked up, and she was back behind the counter not giving this table another look.

“Okay, what I was saying was is that I am here, Harry. To take care of everything, so you don’t worry,” Jeff continued as I heard him, my mind still looking at that cactus. He kept talking, and I tried my best to keep a straight face, drink my coffee, stay calm. He stopped when a jumpy boy and his mother walked in. Too small was this place to not notice or be interrupted when people walked in.

“Kiara,” the mother said, “he really wants to have the tea you made for him the other day,” the mother said to the waitress, and she smiled. “He has been telling me since yesterday to make the tea like you make it and I’m so lost.”

The girl giggled, “I’ll make him another one, Mrs Andrews. Would you like me to make one for you as well?” She asked. Her voice soothing as ever, “and would you like a slice of cake with it?” she looked at the boy.

“Yes yes yes!” the boy laughed as he took a seat, pulling his mother with him.

“I’d love the tea as well, Kiara. Thank you. How is your college going? Adjusting well?” She asked.

“Umm yeah, well, I noticed that it is very similar to my previous one, in my own country,” She said, walking out with a slice of cake in her hand.

“Oh really! How so?” The lady asked.

“There you go,” she said, placing the cake in front of the boy as he jumped and giving a quick kiss on his forehead. “Umm, they both kill you slowly,” saying that with a straight face, as I saw her eyes that were actually quite tired. The look left her face as soon as it came, and she smiled again.

“Are you listening to me, Harry?” Jeff called, taking my attention again. “Stay in your house for a few days if you like it. Or go back home, you can do whatever. You don’t need to ask or anything, I’ll have it arranged.”

“Thank you, Jeff, thanks a lot,” I smiled. We placed a note on the table and left by the back door, my cactus still in hand.

I woke up to a sweet sound of an instrument I didn’t recognise. I looked at the clock, and it was 8 AM. My head still on the cushion, eyes now wide awake, I tried looking for that sound. It didn’t stop, just repeated the tune over again. It was really melodious and so calming. Searching for it in my entire room and concluding it was coming from outside, I walked out to see it coming from the cactus, that I had placed on the coffee table. I picked up to see a small slit of paper out, and the music stopped as soon as I took it out. Surprised, a small box was capable of being a music system and support a plant and gives out messages. I kept the plant back down and opened the small slit of paper. The words seemed like they were burnt into the paper.

A heart as kind as yours, a love so scarce as yours, a tear so precious as yours should always be preserved. I hope you feel well… xx K

I sat down with the note in my hands, just trying not to cry. It was hard, so hard. Death was so finite. A sentence that was never finished, it’s so unreal. But, what was happening was real, and I knew I had to be strong. Someone had to be strong and, this time I had that position. People kept visiting the house, giving condolences, saying they’re here for me. I wasn’t really worried about me though, it was my mum. She was alone now. And, I knew she won’t shift here with me. Too individualistic she is, and alone.

The week passed faster than I thought it would. I finished work here in London so I could go back to mum for a while before Jeff took me away. I didn’t leave the house. Not even once. I woke up every day to the sweet tone of the cactus, with a note, compelled myself to have a bath, exercise, eat and then work. There was a lot of work pending here in London, and I had to finish that as soon as possible.

It’s funny how people we love leave first. Is it easy to lose things that are important? xx K

My heart will not be on sale again, take it now Sir, I’m yours. xx K

Only you’re mine, everything else is yours. xx K

Some of them I didn’t understand, but they made me think about them for quite some time during the day. For those hours spent thinking, I remember being the happiest. Until the guilt of being happy came back,

Everything is sold here, my darling, please be careful. Find a safe place and fast. xx K

I wanted to go see her again, maybe thank her for this little gift which was my only source of happiness and excitement. My day started with me not looking at the phone but reading my little note. Sometimes, I let it play to just listen to the music. On the sixth day, I stepped out, and it felt like the sun was shining on me. It was in the air that said, everything is going to be fine.

Life goes on, my dear. It makes the rock turn into sand, a transition in its life, all there is to be done is move. xx K

I walked into the tiny shop, looking under the counter as I didn’t see her there.

“Hello Sir, I’m Maria, what can I get you?” a young blonde woman asked me.

For a moment, I couldn’t say anything. To say I was disappointed was not enough. I prepared my speech since I woke up this morning, trying to find the correct ways to thank her, and made sure I came at the exact time as the last to find her here on her schedule, only to not see her.  “Sir? ” She repeated.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I blinked a couple of times, trying to remove the obvious-disappointed look on my face. “Hello.” I looked around the tiny shop again.

“Hello Sir,” She repeated, frowning and looking at the older lady working with her. Two girls sitting in the shop, giggled trying to take my picture, and I nodded towards them, trying to make my puppy face not so obvious.

“I was here last week, and there was this other girl. Um, long black here, till here…” I indicated to my waist, “Um, real soft voice, um really big eyes…she was the only one here that day…” I said as they looked at each other.

“Is there a problem with her, Sir?” The older lady asked.

“Oh, she works here. Thank god!” I sighed, thanking the Lord. “No, there is no problem, I wanted to thank her actually, will she be coming to work soon or?” I asked.

“Oh um, Kiara would not be joining us again.” The younger girl, Maria looked at me with pity.

“Oh, why not?” I asked.

“College students, Sir. They’re never here for too long. She got her internship so, the last week was her last,” the older lady said, putting the cake inside the showcase.

“Oh, um is there any way I can contact her? She did something really kind, and I have to thank her,” I looked at the younger girl.

“I’m sorry, we don’t hand out information like this,” The older lady gave me a smile.

“Please, I swear, I don’t mean to hurt her in any way-”

“It’s just our policy, Sir.” She repeated.

My shoulders dropped as I felt so sad, all of a sudden, “I’ll have an Espresso, please,” I said, handing out a bill.

I sat down near the window, just cursing myself not showing up the next day to thank her. It started raining outside, and I placed my finger on the droplets of water running down. I couldn’t control anything, “Your Espresso, Sir.” Maria placed the cup on my table, as I straightened up. “Your face becomes like a little child when you don’t get your things?” She questioned, “I’m a big fan of yours too, Sir. Check under the plate,” She gave me a big smile and unsuspicious, went behind the counter.

KIARA – +44 xxx xxx xxx9

I quickly slipped the paper under my pocket and nodded once, thanking her. The old woman looked at me and frowned, and I picked up my cup, “Amazing coffee!” and Maria laughed. I didn’t wait for the rain to stop and ran to the car. Locking myself in, I carefully dialled her number. It rang and rang…and rang, but no one picked up. I frowned, but before I dial again, Jeff called.

“You entered a coffee shop asking bewildered for a girl?” He said.

“Hi, bewildered?  I was not bewildered! Wait, how did you find out?” It had only just happened.

“Some girl posted it on Tumblr, with a picture of your back and the caption of you looking for a girl, bewildered! Harry!” I completely forgot about those girls in the shop.

“Look, it’s all okay now. I did, and now, I’m out. I was not bewildered at all, I promise,” I told him. And he talked about how I should have been a little more careful because, rumours when it came to me, didn’t die so fast. “I will, I will, I’m sorry.” We talked for a bit, and then, he kept the phone. I shook my head, seeing those girls cross by in front of my car in the rain. Rolling my eyes, I tried the number again. No one picked up.

Okay, one last time before you look like a bewildered creep. She picked up, “Okay, let me talk. I know you called me twice, and I I didn’t pick up only because I’m not in London and back home. This call will charge you loads so I would prefer you text to save you money, okay?” Her voice was as soft, as I remembered it to be. A little hurried, excited at the moment, but the same.

“I think, I will be able to afford it,” I said, giggling a bit.

“Um, who is this?” she asked, with a straight voice.

“Oh, yeah Hi!” I said, trying to make my monotone voice sound a little bit excited.

“Hi…” Her voice wavered.

“I’m Harry?” why was I questioning it? “I came to the coffee shop you worked at last week, and you gave me the um, cactus?”

“Mr Styles…” I could hear her getting a bit nervous, her breathing increased. “How did you get my number?” She asked her voice back to the calm.

“Oh, Maria gave it to me, very nice girl,” I said.

“Oh okay, how can I help you, sir?” she asked.

“Please call me Harry. I’m a friend. Um, I wanted to thank you for um, the plant…” My entire preparation of the speech was ruined just by hearing her voice. “I had a big thank you speech ready,” I said after a while, “it’s all wiped out from my head, now.”

“You’re welcome, Harry.”

“Um,” Why was I so nervous? “Can I meet you in person? Thank you…like in person?”

“Oh, so I’m back home for the next two weeks. Will be back in London on the 24th. I don’t know where would you be then…” she said.

“I’ll make it. Can I keep talking to you?” I asked. Why was I asking this?

“Like right now?” She asked.

“Um, generally…yeah generally.” I faltered.

“Why, Mr Styles?” She giggled.

I smirked, she was teasing me now, but then I just smiled to myself, leaning my head on the head rest. “You seem like safe space,” I said, quoting her notes.

“I see…” I could hear her smiling if that was possible. “We can keep talking…generally…Harry,” she said.

“Alright, I’ll shift to texting?” I asked.

“Um yeah, okay. Were you inside the coffee shop looking for me bewildered?” She asked, chuckling.

“How did you find out?” I asked, sitting up.

“It’s on Twitter,” she laughed.

“I was not bewildered,” I explained.

“It’s okay, I’ll keep our conversations to myself, don’t worry.”

“I was really not bewildered…” I tried again.

“Also,” She said ignoring it. “If you’d like the messages to continue,” She paused.

“Yes! Yes, I would,” I almost shouted.

She laughed, “Okay, so where are you?”

“Still sitting in my car, near the café, why?”

“Oh, splendid! So, there is a little stationary shop right in the block, can you see it?” She asked, and I confirmed. “So, you can go in there and buy papersinalittlebottle sheets. They are a tiny bunch of papers, which you’ll have to replace in the box. One set lasts two weeks only…”

“How do the messages appear?” I asked. “Aren’t they prewritten?”

“No, that’s a secret Mr Styles.” She laughed. “You’ll just have to replace the set. Open the screw and just stack the papers, okay?”

“Okay…I’ll buy ‘em right now.”

“Okay,” she giggled, “my mother’s calling Harry, I’ll have to go. Talk to you soon?”

“Yes, I will text…okay?”

“Yes okay..”

“Alright okay bye..”

“Bye Harry,”

“Bye Kiara…” And she cut the call.

It was still raining, but I stepped out and ran towards the stationary shop. “Hi, can I get the papersinalittlebottle sheets, please?” I asked the old man.

“Oh, more of Kiara’s messages?” He laughed, kindly. Were there more like me? “How many would you like?” He took out a huge packet which had little packets of those sheets. “One or two? There are 14 sheets in this little packet.”

“I’ll buy two of the whole bunch.”

“Son, two packets will last you a year, are you sure you want them all?” He asked, shocked.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

Some love stories are meant to be a little different. 

Please tell me what you thought about the imagine. I’ll do the messages thing for you, if you like? 




Hold That Thought 14

Pairing: Lawyer!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing. Strong addiction to coffee. Name calling. In office affairs. Fluff. Secrets.

A/N: Just a fun little AU series cause I felt like it. While I try to get my footing for Frank Castle. Btw Other Marvel cameo’s in this story.
Matt Mudrock
Foggy Nelson
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Frank Castle
Pietro Maximoff
Bruce Banner

The Italics are flash backs // The bold’s are Text Messages.

A one night stand at the New York Law Firms Conference, couldn’t have been more fun, and mysterious. When your new boss Bucky Barnes introduces you to his boss; the man who runs Avengers Of Law, law firm and your new place of work. Steve Rogers and your mysterious one night stand is your bosses boss. What you want to pretend never happened, he doesn’t want to let go of. When you find yourself struggling to stay away from Steve, who won’t let up on getting you to go out with him. Can you resist, Steve who is looking for more than a one night stand, while you’re struggling to get through the long days and never ending nights of being a paralegal or will you let lust and emotions distract you from your goals in life?

Tag List Is Open. Let Me Know!!

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hold onto me ⌁ isaac lahey

request : Request? An Isaac Lahey imagine where he’s having a nightmare about his father and he accidentally hurts you but you try to tell him that you’re okay, and just fluff? Okay thanks sweetheart :)

word count : 1.9k :)

  He had gone to bed that night unprepared for the dreams that followed- or, rather, the nightmares. It wasn’t as if Isaac Lahey was a stranger to night terrors; by now, he should have been used to them. They were attached to his person more so than anything else because of the trauma he had faced throughout the entirety of his life. He had known nothing other than torment for the first fifteen years of his life, and only recently had he found the salvation and happiness he had so desired. You were the biggest part of his happiness, and he intended on making you equally as happy so that you would stick around him for many years to come. Though, he supposed that’d be much easier if he stopped waking in the middle of the night with a cry for help and a shaking in his bones. He was sure he was irritating you at this point, having you sleep over Scott’s house almost every night only to wake you at four in the morning because of his stupid dreams. 

   Tonight, however, was the worst night he had had in quite some time. It was only midnight, earlier than normal but still late, considering it was a school night. Your eyes were just beginning to slide shut, the dim, gold light of the lamp you had left on reflecting in your eyelids, when you heard the smallest of whimpers from beside you. You turned on your side so that you were facing Isaac as his entire body began to tremble. You sat up, your fingers barely grazing his bare shoulder as you murmured, “Isaac, wake up, love, it’s just a dream.” Your soft, coaxing voice was usually enough to send his eyes flying open, icy blue eyes blown wide with a mix of fear and rage until your kind words sent him into a calmed state once again. 

   He couldn’t hear you this time, no matter how much he wanted to. In his dream, there was glass cutting into his cheek, blood trickling down his face and the droplets decorating his pale hand. Bruises blooming across his skin, turning purple and red and yellow until they faded away and then reappeared with each hit he took. Again and again and again. He healed too fast, he wanted to stop the healing so he wouldn’t have to keep getting hurt- oh god, was he hurting. He was always hurting, his bones ached and his heart was heavy. He was tired of being hurt, why couldn’t the hurt just end- why couldn’t he be the one to hurt the people who harmed him? He snarled, lashing out, claws extended and teeth bared threateningly. He would no longer be harmed, he refused to be harmed by this man that was his father only biologically, not in reality. He would hurt him this time- 

   “Isaac!” Your voice snapped him out of his this time, awaking with a jolt as panic shot through him. He stared at you, breathing hard through his mouth. He almost calmed down before he noticed his hand was wrapped tightly around your forearm, tight enough that if he squeezed, your bones would probably shatter. He let out a breath, unable to speak. A lump was forming in his throat, his nose itching slightly, and he know he was about to cry as he released your arm from his clenched fist and he saw that he dug his claws into you. Puncture marks decorated your flesh, you arm was bleeding, it would most likely bruise. Neither of you said anything as his hands dropped to his side, his gaze locked on your wound, inflicted by him. He was the one that was never supposed to hurt you, you were the person he had never wanted to hurt. 

   “Isaac, i-it’s fine, stop looking at it,” you told him quietly, pulling down the sleeve of your sweater. “It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m, like, in perfect condition. Stop looking at me like that,” you pleaded, watching carefully as his mouth closed and his eyes began to water. He rubbed at his eyes with his hands; he shouldn’t be crying, you were the one who was hurt, not him. 

   “I’m so sorry,” he croaked, distancing his body from yours and leaning so far away that he almost toppled off the bed. “I-I hurt you, you, of all people. I-I-I’m a terrible person, I’m awful. Please don’t come near me,” he moved even further away, sliding off the bed with ease and making himself comfortable on the floor. He glanced back up at you, sweat gleaming on his forehead. His hands shook as he brushed sticky strands of hair away from his face. He said, “I’ll sleep down here. I don’t want to hurt you again, and you shouldn’t come over again after tonight. Just- just stay away.” He leaned against the bed so he did not have to look at you- at the pain he had inflicted- bringing his knees up to his chest and resting his head down on them, still shaking. 

    You slid off the bed, too. You sat down next to him, wrapping your arms around his waist before he could shy away. You felt his body stiffen, rigid and terrified. “Isaac, please look at me.” When he refused, you tentatively brought your hand to his face, touching his cheek as gently as possible. He didn’t like his face being touched often, it made him nervous and sometimes angry- his face had always been a target of his father’s. He was too handsome, too “pretty,” with his golden curls and blue eyes that melted every heart except his own. You softly rubbed your thumb along his cheekbone, and he sighed at your touch without thinking. Your finger trailed along his jawline before coming to rest at his chin, where you turned his head slightly in order for him to look you in the eyes.  “I’ll heal. It’s okay. It was an accident due to a nightmare, and I know you would never dream of hurting me when you’re awake. You’d never truly harm anyone, Isaac, so please, don’t beat yourself up over this. Get back into bed, or else I’m sleeping on the floor with you. Got it?” He nodded, his cheeks wet with tears he had silently let stream down his face.  

    As he got into bed, he opened his arms, intending for you to fall into them. “D’you think you could hold me for a bit?” He inquired sheepishly, his cheeks a little more rosy than usual. You smiled at him, plopping into bed and automatically pulling him into your arms. He took a deep breath, his body shuddering again. You ran your hands through his curls lovingly, softly, gently, as no one had before. He could have fallen asleep that way within seconds, but opened his eyes reluctantly. “Can you show me what I did to you?” 

   Hesitantly, you tugged your sleeve up your arm and presented the newly minted bruise to him. He grimaced upon seeing it, swallowing down his self deprecating words and instead focusing on something different. “Are you in pain?” 

   “Sort of,” you admitted, your eyes following him as he lightly lifted your arm, his hand around your wrist just as before, though this time his touches were feather light and cautious, as if you were going to break into a million pieces if he handled you the wrong way. 

   “Point to where, please,” he added. With your other hand, you prodded at the place where your bones felt like they were throbbing. “Okay, just… sit still, for a moment. I-I’ve never done this on people- don’t know if I’ll do it correctly… it worked on the dog though,” he babbled. You raised your eyebrows at him, but didn’t say anything. His stared at the place he had hurt you and let his hand skim down over it, taking a deep breath as he concentrated. He focused on your face, your expression locked in a slight wince because he was holding the place that was in the most pain. He didn’t dare look at his hand, where the veins were turning an inky black in his effort to heal you, take the pain away. You exhaled with elation, no longer hurting. “Did it work? Did I do it?” 

    “Yeah, yeah, you did,” you stared at him in awe. “You took my pain.” 

    “I couldn’t let you hurt like that,” he said softly. “No one should hurt like that, unless they really fucking deserve it. But you? Anyone who hurts someone like you is a shit person with no moral compass and an affinity for getting the crap kicked out of them. No one should ever hurt you, okay? I won’t let what happened tonight happen again, ever. You’re- you mean a lot to me,” he finished lamely, gaze dropping to the wrinkled bed sheets. He was going to say, “you’re everything to me,” but he wasn’t sure if it was too soon for that. He hadn’t worked up the courage to say that he loves you yet, though he showed you in numerous ways to make up for it. 

   “You shouldn’t hurt either, Isaac,” you said as he sank back under the covers and into your arms, his blonde hair tickling your cheek. 

   “I’m used to it, sweetheart, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore,” he replied, moving one of his hands so that he could place it over your own. They were locked around his middle, and he realized that he had never even had a mother to hold him, let alone someone like you. Someone wonderful; utterly intelligent, beautiful, kind, caring, loving, perfect in so many ways and completely imperfect in many more. 

    “I wish I could take your pain, though.” 

    He turned over on his side, wanting to look at you. His nose was almost touching yours, you were curled so tightly together. “I’m not in any pain, Y/N.” 

   “Not physically, not anymore, but,” you sighed, “I wish I could take the emotional pain. The nightmares, the trauma, the claustrophobia, the scars, the bruises on your heart, the trust issues, the people you’ve lost, that’s all caused you pain. I wish I could take it away from you, carry it on my own back for a little while. You don’t deserve it, any of it,” you mumbled, hugging him tightly and pressing your face into the crook of his neck. He teared up again, cursing himself for it, but still hugging you back all the same. 

    “No one- no one’s ever said that to me before,” he mumbled back, hands stroking your hair absentmindedly as he fought to get his next words out of his mouth. “Y/N, I-I love you. I love you. I love you so much.” A weight had been lifted with those words. Once he spoke them, he knew he was going to have you around for a very long time as you automatically began crying (in the happy way, of course) and held him closer than you ever had before. He’d have you to hold onto for the rest of his life, if that’s what he needed and wanted the most. You whispered the same words back and forth over and over again for the rest of the night, reveling in it, your hearts swelling more each time it was muttered against his lips or against your skin. You were his anchor, he loved you more than anything, and he held on to you closely when you both finally fell asleep that night, nightmares no longer plaguing his dreams. 

Mason (Part Six) - Morgan Rielly

A/N: Here’s Part Six! I know it’s a bit shorter then average but I hope you enjoy!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly

Words: 3,665

Warnings: None

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five]

Originally posted by icehockeynation

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i sneak out of my shell at the same time my mother sneaks out of hers. she’s told me i mustn’t give in to temptation, that purity is too precious to waste. she is fortunate: she insults me, but i never tell on her.

i retreat into the blue of my bedroom. i flutter in front of the mirror. i put on some pretty underwear. i tell myself that you will never see my underwear. i change back.

i wait until my mother has flown from the window before i make my escape. i shake with disgust. she looks terrible, flushed with love & secrets. pink makes her look jaundiced.

i pretend that holding hands with you isn’t awkward. i pretend not to notice that your palms are as dewy as my eyes. i pretend that these are tears of joy & not embarrassment. you trip over your own feet, sometimes.

i let you lead although i am smarter than you. your tag sticks out constantly & you stammer when you’re excited, but i follow you anyway. you build things from the sky, & i so desperately need a sky.

your words weave a blanket in the darkness. it is softer than french perfume & thicker than security. your words are heavy over us. i should have worn the good underwear, but you say you can’t tell the difference.

–should i follow someone who can’t tell the difference?

i have read more books than you ever will, but you still call me a child. look, you say, at these delicate fingers. these sweet hollows. these innocent lips. s-s-say, dear child: have you never told a lie?

i have, i lie.

in my bedroom i slick blue shadow over my lids & ignore the fact that i look like old photographs of my mother. i swipe lipstick over my deflowered mouth. at least— i tell myself— at least i look good in pink.


blue shadow baby

anonymous asked:

#55- I fell in love with my best friend

Authors Note: I have been wanting to write this for a little bit now, and finally my idea can just be thrown into a requested blurb. Xx

You stand staring into the depths of the mirror in front of you, your hair curled immaculately, your earrings corresponding beautifully with your necklace, your eyes shining a radiant shade, your dream wedding dress caressing your body in a comprehensive fashion; your veil dangling over your shoulders— trailing to the floor, combining the sovereign appearance.

You turn around, your mind overlooking your bridesmaids as they adjust the trail of your embroidered dress and veil, complimenting you through their own tears of happiness.

Every girl dreams of their wedding from the moment they notice their first wedding dress flawlessly posted in a magazine, or from the first moment they lay their eyes on a stunning bride as she looks charmingly at her husband.

You take a deep breath trying your best to fake a smile but the unsettling swirl in the pit of your stomach doesn’t make things peaceful. Your Father steps in, his eyes meeting yours as holds back a few tears, his voice suddenly making things real.

This is actually your wedding day. This is real. You are getting married.

“I wish I could keep you, my little girl, forever, but it is time for you to walk down that aisle.” He smiles, your Bridesmaids instantly circling around you, waiting for your cue to adjust your dress for the hundredth time.  

“I uh.. I need some more time.” You clear your throat, your own hands feeling shaky as you hold your lovely bouquet in your hands, the bouquet that your soon-to-be mother-in-law insisted on you holding. Your Dad nods and steps back out of the dressing room, your eyes looking down at the engagement ring on your finger.

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Taking Care Of Your Wife During Pregnancy

“Unmarried men usually have no idea about the tremendous physical pain that Allaah has decreed for the daughters of Aadam (as), They fin this out after marriage, when they witness their wife going through monthly cramps as well as the rigours of pregnancy, childbirth, post-natal bleeding and breastfeading. If nothing more it should increase their respect or women in general.

However, some married men stay out late at night with friends at clubs, restaurants  games or the movie, while their pregnant or newly-mother wife stays at home with the baby. They hand over the responsibility of taking care of her to their mothers or sisters. This behaviour is inappropriate  and it causes hatred to develop in the wife’s heart.

A good Muslim husband offers extra moral and physical support to his wife during these difficult phases in her life. Do not feel your manly ego busted if you have to give the baby its bottle or pacify it, while your wife attends to an older child or her own genuine needs. A Muslim husband is a doting and hands-on father, and this attribute makes his wife love him even more!

Occasionally washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpets, making your own breakfast or tea (especially if your wife is asleep or not well), or cooking a simple meal will raise your status in your wife’s eyes, and increase love for you in her heart. Contrary to what Asian culture dictates, a man does not become effeminate by doing household chores. He, in fact, becomes more manly and attractive to his spouse.”

  • Sadaf Farooqi, Traversing The Highs And Lows Of Muslim Marriage (p. 66-67)

Fuu’s mother always told her that words are meaningless. “Anyone can tell you that they love you”, she’d say. “Words roll off the tongue, and it’s easy to not mean them.” She’d repeat the words often. “Don’t fall for a man who tells you that he needs you, but does nothing to show you that he means what he says. Don’t trust the person who tells you that he could give you the world, but withholds scraps of his meal from you so that his own belly may be fully filled while yours growls in hunger. People lie, Fuu. People lie to get what they want, and then they leave. Don’t let yourself be fooled by someone who talks sweetly but never makes the effort to do anything more.” Her mother would take Fuu’s delicate hands and lovingly caress the small girl’s soft cheek while she counseled her daughter. Fuu listened well, and the words always hung in the back of her mind.

   Mugen never said “I love you.” Honey-like endearments never fell naturally out of his lips. In fact, she could count on one hand the amount of times he actually said something nice to her. He was a rough man. He had never been taught how to talk to women. He had never learned how to woo a lady. He had no need to. He lived traveling on the roadside. All he needed in life was booze, brawling, and boobs. As long as he had some stolen ryos in his hand, he could pay for the services of women-no sweet-talking required. To put it simply, the idea of making someone feel loved through verbal means was a foreign concept to him.

   Fuu knew the type of man Mugen was. He would just as rather let Jin run his swords right through him than partake in ‘that mushy shit’ (as he so crassly put it). She wasn’t asking him to bear his heart to her. Fuu knew that Mugen would never soberly make himself so vulnerable. All she wanted was just a couple words from him that made her feel cherished and needed. She wouldn’t mind waking up in the morning to hear Mugen bid her a good morning as opposed to cursing at her because breakfast wasn’t ready yet. She always became angry when he insulted her and never apologized. Some days it seemed that every other word out of his mouth was a harsh comment, or a cruel taunt. That’s not to say she couldn’t handle it. Fuu could dish it out as well as he could. She just wished sometimes he would offer up a tender word or two. He never did.

  They had been traveling together for many years. Mugen had claimed her as “his woman” and she was happy with her place beside the stormy-eyed vagrant. He didn’t waste money at brothels any more, and while Fuu knew his eyes would still follow the large-breasted women they passed on the road, it was her own chest that Mugen (constantly) reached for to fondle. Mugen was always there.  It was always Mugen who came for her when she needed him. It was Mugen who found her working in another teashop and saved her from a customer who had raised his hand to hit her. It was Mugen who practically demanded that she come with him so that he could keep an eye on her (”You’re doing a shitty job of taking care of yourself.”). It was Mugen who protected her from the filthy touches of lecherous men.  It was Mugen who often gave up his haori to ensure that Fuu had at least the slightest bit more warmth on bitterly cold nights. It was Mugen who held her firmly in his arms when she woke up crying due to her nightmare filled slumbers. It was always Mugen. It was in those times that Fuu remembered her mother’s words and realized just what Mugen was trying to convey.

   It wasn’t that Mugen never told Fuu that he loved her.

   He had been saying it all along.

RFA Thingy Shit: Little couple habits

I’ve done the same HCs for Diabolik Lovers a damn long while ago, but since I have nothing about Mystic Messenger here yet, I thought you’d at least like those.


◄ Zen ►

- You meowing and wearing cat ears would make him really like REALLY confused, he’d say you’re cute and then sneeze aloud

- He’d love you to see him perfom on a stage, but if he actually saw you watching movies with him - or something like this - it’d make him all flustered and he’d try to convience you that you don’t need to watch them since you have 100% of the real himself

- Every time you do or say something cute, he’d feel amazed and hug you suddenly, not letting go of you and spilling out all the “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me” texts… 

◄ Seven ►

- You two would be able to finish each other’s sentences, to the point that you’d literally look like the R team (you’d learn their sentences as well) - he’d use it as an excuse to adopt a cat…

- A typical lazy day would include you two laying on a sofa and munching Honey Budda Chips, so lazy that you’d rather prank Yoosung together in the RFA chatroom than actually move

- Once a while he’d hack into all your deviced and switch all your wallpapers into his funny photos; sometimes your computer would split out notifications like “It’s time to eat MC go and come back when you’ve eaten I know that you haven’t yet I installed a camera in your room” - you honestly wouldn’t be sure whether he’s joking about those cameras or not…

◄ Jaehee ►

- She’d always take care of your schedule, perfectly knowing every single task you have to do and remind you of them - she’d even have them all written down in her own calendar

- You’d sometimes get a little bit jealous of her speaking about Zen in such long phrases and she’d notice it immediately - she’d confirm you that there’s no reason to mind it and even try to talk about your charms instead; let me say that, she herself would sometimes get a little bit jealous too if you enjoyed Zen’s photos too much

- She’d help you at school with all of her heart! She’d even convience Jumin to give her a few days or even hours off if she thought that you’d need her in this time

◄ Jumin ►

- No matter if you see each other often or not, every evening he’d call you and ask you how your day was; he’d let you talk as much as you need and tell you about his own day as well

- He’d love to see you playing with Elizabeth 3rd - it’d be as if his most cherished beings were in one picture, he’d watch you two from afar, being too amazed to disturb you

- If you had any particular hobbies you enjoyed more than usual, he’d for sure sacrifice his sources to make C&R go into that shit; something like his cat projects, but with anything you like, and he wouldn’t need your agreement, he probably wouldn’t even tell you and you’d notice after a while

◄ Yoosung ►

- He’d love to make some food for you and always know what you like the most; he’d often try out new things and enjoy feeding you with his own hands

- If you liked to play games, he’d teach you all the things he knows and damn, there’s nothing more encouraging for him than you being impressed by his skills

- Sometimes he’d need you to act like his mother - tell him to go to sleep or help with studying, but it’d be the most lovely thing he’d ever see and, as it goes, he’d always listen to your orders!

Imagine you and Ivar getting through your struggles together.

Request for @ ateliefloresdaprimavera

Summary: You’re Floki’s daughter and in love with Ivar. You have struggles with the fact that Floki wants you to come raid with Björn while Ivar has struggles about the return of his father. You don’t want to go for Ivar but you, out of love, helping him get over his fear for water.
Notes: Love and Fluff
Words: 2184

Hope you all like it! If you have a request, don’t by shy to ask. I don’t bite. ;-)

You watched the wrinkles in the water surface while your father was again cursing his own hands for missing with his hammer. As a boatbuilder of Kattegat Floki had a lot of things on his mind, one of those things was the request of Björn to make enough ships so he could travel the Mediterranean Sea. You hadn’t noticed that your father was stopped cursing so you looked away from the water towards him. He stood with you mother, who carefully nursed his wound, they were in a discussion and when they both looked towards you they felt silent. You knew your father would go with Björn now that Ragnar was dissapeared. And your mother … you looked back to your hands were you had a little pawn carved out of wood. You had the skills of your father, for sure. It didn’t took your mother and father long to come sit beside you. “Y/n.” Helga said while stroking your hair. You looked at her for you looked the other way towards your fahter.
“Your mother is coming to.” He began. You looked at Helga who smiled as if she just gave you the biggest present.
“And?” You didn’t understand what they were saying.
“You have to come to.” Your mother explained. You looked down at the wooden pawn again and bited your lip.
“I want to stay.” You said after a couple of minutes.
“Why? You will be a lot safer if you come with us. The gods are granting this to us all.” Helga wispered while rubbing your back.
“I don’t want to.”
“Because of Ivar?” Floki spitted in the sand.
“Maybe.” You answered. Ivar was your closest friend and more, you loved him. After al those years together while growing up there was nobody who knew you better than him. But your father, overprotective as always, didn’t liked the idea.
“He’s dangerous.” Floki said. Yes, Ivar was, but not to you, never to you. Floki didn’t want to lose you, you were his most valuable possesion besides your mother and in his eyes Ivar maked you reckless.
“Not to me.” You replied calm. Arguing with your father was worse than protesting against your mother who never got angry with you.
“I don’t want to go. I don’t like all the traveling and I sure don’t want to raid. Can’t I just stay here? Take care of the place?” You begged. Helga puched a strand of hair behind your ear and nodded.
“What?” Floki reacted immidiatly. You stood up and walked to the woods before it got any worse.

You waked up because somebody pushed his hand over your lips and nose. You started panicking and tried to get the hand away before you could see who’s hand it was. “Y/n.” He wispered. You searched around until you found his deep blue eyes. Ivar laid a finger against his lips before he removed his hand.
“What are you doing here?” You asked quietly. The moonlight shined throught a split in the roof over his head, his eyes almost sparkled now. But he looked troubled and because of that you were on high alert.
“What do you think I’m doing.” He smiled. You looked towards the door, afraid that your father would notice his presence. He sat beside the bed, on the ground. You turned on you stomach, brought you head a little closer to his.
“You never come to visit me at night.”
“Maybe I just wanted to see you?” He asked while pulling up his shoulders. You smiled a little bit.
“I know you better than that Ivar, never forget that.” You said, you eyes observing his. He reacted a little, as if he let a shield drop before you.
“Can we speak?”
“I wanted to speak you to.” You reacted, his eyes grew more concerned.
“What is it?” His fingertips barely touched your cheek but still, you closed your eyes a little bit.
“Not here.” You gave a prommesing look towards the door before getting up.

The sand felt cold under your feet. You looked at Ivar who laid beside you and stared to the stars and the moon. “They want me to go raiding with Björn.” You began. Ivar maked his eyes loose from the sky en pushed his body right. “What? Why? You going?” He already sounded upset. Ivar did not give much about the world, yes he loved his parents and brothers but it was not to compare with what he feels for you.
“They both go, it would keep me safe they said, if I come with them. But I don’t want to.” You stared again to the water until you felt Ivar’s touch on your elbows.
“Why not?”
“Because of you?” You answered. His face softed a little bit and you smiled tender. “I can’t leave you here Ivar, even if I wanted to go. You wouldn’t survive without me.” You joked at the last. He chuckled and shook his head right after.
“Yes, I need you Y/n but I would’t take away your dreams, if you want to go you should.” He said softly. You stared at his legs for a moment before looking back at him.
“Everything I dream of is right here.” You pointed to the surroundings.
 “That includes me?” He asked while resting his head against your upper arm. You smiled and moved your head closer, pressing a little kiss on his lips.
“That includes especially you.” You tenderly said. He sighed and laid back again.
“Father is back.”
“Ragnar?” You asked confused.
“He wants to go to Engeland, asked all my brothers but not me.” You heared the frustration in his voice. You turned on your stomach and laid down beside him, your fingers playing in the sand.  
“Would you go if he asked?” You asked carefull. You knew that it was a very difficult subject for Ivar.
“I hate the water.” He answered. You nodded and stared at the sand, trying to wrap your head around everything you both just said. He was honest, he hated water but you knew he would do everything for a journey with his father. So if he goes … what is keeping you here than? “Y/n, can we go sailing tomorrow?” He asked after a little while.
“I’m not an expert.”
“But I trust you, more than I truts Ubbe or Hvitserk.” He got futher. You looked at him and nodded.
“If my father sees you getting in a boat with me he will kill me, you know that right?” You laughed.
“He is to protective over you.”
“Well, so are you. I knew there was something compairing about you two.” You joked. Your laugh died away when his hand stroked your cheek.
“That’s because I love you y/n.” He wispered. You felt weak inside. You laid your head on his shoulder only to feel a kiss against your forehaid. “Mother is asking when you come to visit again.”
“Tomorrow, I promise.” You replied.
“Can I stay?” He wispered. You turned your head a little and looked at him. “Father will kill me for sure then.”
“He first has to kill me then.” He said right after. You smiled ans stared in his ocean blue eyes because there was no star or sea as bright as his eyes when he was with you.

Sigurd did it again. You walked the couple of steps to the great Hall when you heared Ivar calling out to his brother. Sigurd came outside, with that childish smile on his face. You hated Sigurd, because of what he always said to Ivar. But you didn’t show it. You crossed each other when there flew an axe right between you. It was ment for Sigurd, you were sure of that but a few inches and it were your legs. “Y/n!” Ivar yelled. You and Sigurd stood frozen to the ground and both looked at Ivar who crawled outside. He looked furious and that was proberly an understatement.
“Next time you throw an axe little brother, be sure that there is nothing precious around.” Sigurd smiled. You saw Ivar clenshing his teeth together while Sigurd was walking away.
“Let him go.” You said. Ivar looked up at you, angry and you just smiled calm and comforting.
“I’ve could hurt you.” He murmered.
“You didn’t.” You knew he wouldn’t show his affection for you in front of others so you followed him back inside. What you didn’t expect was to see Ragnar. “Y/n.” Ragnar greeted you with a warm embrace. “I see what you mean to my son.” He followed. You didn’t know what to say but when you looked at Ivar you saw that little smile you loved.
“It’s nice to see you again.” You respectfully said. Ragnar shook his had and walked out, rather dreamy. You looked how Ragnar walked away before turning back to Ivar. “You sure want to do this?” You asked a little worried about his earlier conflict with Sigurd.
“Yes.” Was his short answer. You looked how he crawled outside, still frustrated. It was only a matter of time for he would spill the beans. The whole way to the little boat of your father you walked in silence. He angry and frustrated, you patience as always. Both your parents weren’t home so there was no one to hold you back. Ivar pulled his body up to the egde of the boat, conflict all over in his eyes.
“We don’t have to do this now.”
“Yes we do.” He replied harsh.
“Don’t get mad on me for what Sigurd said.” You adviced him. He closed his eyes and shook his head while he was leading his anger away in his body. You crouched beside him and laid your hand on his jaw. “Ivar.” You wispered. He opened his eyes, all soft and vulnerable again.
“Sigurd and his poison words, fathers return, you leaving, I don’t,” he felt silent and rested his head on his arm what was on the edge of the boat.
“Who said I’m leaving?”
“Helga, this morning to my mother.” He aswered. You bited your lip again, looked in the boat and then back to Ivar.
“Get in.” You commanded. He didn’t protested and pulled his body in the boat. You pushed the boat in the water and then jumped in. Ivar began to row and you wachted how he carefully tried to ingnore the fact he was on water. “Look at me Ivar.” You pointed towards your own body. He did it and you saw his body relax a little while his strong arms brought you both further over the water.
“It isn’t that bad.” He said after a long time of nothing except for staring at each other. You were so far from home that nowbody could interrupt you.
“Sea is worse.” You didn’t want to lie, he had to know what he would face if he would go with his father.
“Your not helpfull.” He protested. You smiled and let your head rest on your hand while watching him.
“I’m always helpfull.” You disacreed with him.
 “What would I do without you?” He asked. He stopped rowing and you steady walked towards him, sat on his lap. He wraped his arms around your middle and looked at you with such an admiration you felt your heart skipping a beat. “You would survive.” You wrapt your arm over his shoulder and let your fingertops rest on his jawline.
“You could get much better than me.” He suggested. You closed your eyes because of what he said, again.
“Ivar,” you began with a loving voice. “You’ve always been my best friend, even when we were kids we spended so much time together. And that friendship is the most valuable thing I have in my live. For me you’re no cripple, you could protect me just like any other man. Why are you always douthing that?” You stroked your fingers over his jaw, neck … gentle.
“I can’t understand why you can be so patience, so loving, so not afraid. You don’t deserve somebody like me, always angry and frustrated.” He looked away, into the water and you smiled for yourself.
“That patience comes from having a father like mine. And your not angry or frustrated with me.” You wispered. He was stil looking to the water. “Ivar.” You forced his head back so you could watch him. “Kiss me?” You wispered. He looked in your eyes, the conflict he had still troubeling him. But he kissed you, and it was a kiss were you didn’t need to look out for somebody to see it. You felt your heart grow while the warmth spread through your body.
“I love you Y/n.” He wispered against your skin, his lips traveling down your neck, pressing soft kisses on your collarbone. You wished you could be on this pleace forever, only the two of you, no secrets, no hiding, no protective father or concerned mother. Just you and Ivar, because that felt right, it was the only thing that felt good in your entire life.

Hope this was any good?

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Loved your serpent Betty fic. Can you write something where Betty goes to see Jughead at the serpent bar and finds out her mother was a serpent from the older members. Which makes her a long lost serpent also she gets her own jacket to wear. Ending with Alice's reaction to Betty and Jughead in matching jackets?

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Betty asked, staring at the bright door that lead into the Southside bar.

“There my family Bets. If they don’t like you then they’re idiots and don’t deserve me or you.” Jughead said, gripping her small hand in his. Betty gave him a small smile and looked back at the door. “You ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Betty said, a determined look on his face. She started towards the door, pulling her boyfriend behind her by the hand.

He gave her a small chuckle before being pulled towards the blaring music. The door slammed shut once they were in the packed bar, all eyes turning to them. Betty was the first one to move, tugging at Jughead’s hand for both of them to move towards the pool table.

When she was walking back, she heard and caught on to some of the conversations some of the serpents were having with each other, but for the most part tried to ignore them.

“Is it her?”

“It can’t be.”

“She was pregnant when she left…”

“You don’t think…”

“Someone needs to ask her!”

“What if it is her?”

“Should we give it to her?”

Betty tried to ignore the serpents stares, but after a while she could feel them burning into her back. They reached the pool table, and when Jughead went for the wall to get ready, one of the largest serpents walked out of the crowd and stood in front of the petit blonde.

Jughead walked over and stood at her side. “Hey Viper! This is my girlfriend, Betty Cooper.” He said. When the Cooper name slipped out of his mouth, the whole bar gasped, mouths open.

“Betty Cooper huh?” Viper started, leather jacket tight around his shoulders. “Is there any chance your Alice’s girl?”

“Alice Cooper? Yeah, she’s my mom. Is that a problem?” Betty said, cracking her knuckles in fear.

Viper just laughed at the young girl, the rest of the bar joining in with him. Betty had a small smile on her face and looked around the bar with curiosity and confusion.

“She’s a Cooper! That means, she’s family.” Viper stated, placing one of his large hands on her shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze and shake.

Betty turned to Jughead, who had an equally confused look on his face. Betty turned back to Viper.

“What do you mean I’m family?” She asked, smile still on her face.

“Ah, old Ally never told you. She was a serpent. A pretty badass one too. She was super close with our own FP Jones.” he said, grabbing Jughead’s shoulder as well. Betty’s mouth was wide open as another serpent pushed a photo of her mom and FP when they were younger. She had a bright pink jacket wrapped around her shoulders, and FP had a matching black one.

She was about to start talking when Viper gave her something. The same pink jacket with the Southside Serpents logo on the back. It was her moms.

“Your a Cooper girl, a Jones girl, and now a serpent girl.” Viper said, pulling the pink jacket over Betty’s shoulders for her. Betty blushed and a huge smile was plastered onto her face. Jughead stood next to her in support, wearing her exact same jacket, but in black.

After a few more hours of pool, nachos, and storytelling, Jughead decided that it was time for them to head home. He tried to pry her pink jacket off of her back, but Betty refused.

“I think old Ally needs to see her old friend again. Don’t you Viper?” she said, a small smirk on her lips. Viper just nodded and kicked them both out of the bar.

When they finally got back from the bar, Betty turned to Jughead and told him that she needs to do it alone. He nodded and started to turn around, but stopped walking when Betty disappeared into the house.

He stood behind a tree, and started to leave after he heard Alice Cooper.

“Elizabeth Cooper…. TAKE THAT OFF NOW.”

brave (a tdbm, jean/lucien fic)

this started as a quick-write exercise but ended up taking 40 minutes so you_tried.jpeg

coda to 2.10; 1115 words

Jean watched as Lucien cleared away the plates and half-eaten pieces of cake. He had kept her in the chair with a firm hand on her shoulder and a soft smile. “Let me take care of this for once, Jean.”

And now here he was, bustling about the kitchen, humming softly to himself and casting the occasional smile at Jean, still sitting at the table. She propped her chin in her hands and watched him work, reaching out to swipe some of the icing off of Mattie’s delicious (if inelegantly decorated) cake. 

She popped her finger into her mouth and sucked the sweet confection, sighing happily. Looking up at the doctor, wondering why the humming had stopped, she found him standing in the middle of the kitchen, slack-jawed, and wide-eyed. Self-consciously, she pulled her finger from her mouth with a blush and wiped it on the nearby napkin. 

There was the quiet, heavy intimacy looming over them again. Her mind flashed back to the sunroom with his hands on her face and his eyes flickering to her lips. She was so, so sure then he was going to kiss her. But the phone–and perhaps her own fears–had prevented it.

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