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Songs to get fucked to:

Best ones are in Bold/Italic letter

  • She - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Wrong - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • TIO - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Strange Love - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Young God - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Outside - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • Good For You - Selena Gomez (Good For You)
  • Chill - Trey Songz (Intermission I & II)
  • Ride - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Hold Tight - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Slow Motion - Trey Songz (Slow Motion)
  • Often (Kygo Remix) - The Weeknd (Often Kygo Remix)
  • Nasty Naughty Boy - Christina Aguilera (Back to Basics)
  • All That Matters - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Rocket - Beyoncé (BEYONCÉ)
  • Robbers - The 1975 (The 1975)
  • SEX - The 1975 (SEX EP)
  • We Can Make Love - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Sex on fire - Kings of Leon (Only By The Night)
  • Do I Wanna Know? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Earned It - The Weeknd (Fifty Shades of Grey)
  • Trust - Justin Bieber (Purpose)
  • Pillow Talk - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Make Love - Chris Brown ( Royalty)
  • Back To Sleep - Chris Brown (Royalty)
  • Dangerous Woman - Arinana Grande (Dangerous Woman)
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Artic Monkeys
  • R U MINE? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Arabella - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Dark Times - The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Angel - The Weeknd (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Valerie - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • English Love Affair - 5 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
  • Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  • Only - Nicki Minaj ft Drake and Lil Wayne ( The Pink Print)

Let me give y'all a playlist...

Beyonce- All Night
Jodeci- Alone
Janet Jackson- Any Time, Any Place
R Kelly- Baby Baby Baby Baby
Chris Brown- Back To Sleep
Ari Lennox- Backseat
Usher- Bedtime
Chris Brown- Beg For It
French Montana- Bend Over
Wale- The Body
Ace Hood- Body 2 Body
Ciara- Body Party
Omarion- Bria’s Interlude
Keith Sweat- Chocolate Girl
Teddy Pendergrass- Close The Door
Aaliyah- Come Over
Kelly Rowland- Dirty Laundry
Trey Songz- Dive In
LL Cool J- Doin It
R Kelly- Down Low
Chris Brown- Drown In It
The Dream- Falsetto
D'Angelo- Feel Like Makin Love
R Kelly- Feelin On Yo Booty
Jodeci- Feenin
Jodeci- Freakin You
The Notorious BIG- Fuckin You Tonight
Keith Sweat- Funky Dope Lovin
Chris Brown- Glow In The Dark
R Kelly- The Greatest Sex
Pretty Ricky- Grind On Me
R Kelly- Half On A Baby
R Kelly- Honey Love
Keith Sweat- How Deep Is Your Love?
Michael Jackson- Human Nature
Boyz II Men- I’ll Make Love To You
R Kelly- Ignition
Dru Hill- In My Bed
Keith Sweat- In The Mood
J Cole- In The Morning
Keith Sweat- In The Rain
Trey Songz- Inside Pt 2
R Kelly- It Seems Like You’re Ready
Chance The Rapper- Juke Jam
Rihanna- Kiss It Better
Kelly Rowland- Kisses Down Low
August Alsina- Kissin On My Tattoos
Total- Kissin You
Lloyd- Lay It Down
Usher- Lay You Down
TLC- Let’s Do It Again
Marvin Gaye- Let’s Get It Down
Chris Brown- Like A Virgin Again
Tory Lanez- Looks
Wale- Lotus Flower Bomb
112- Now That We’re Done
Trey Songz- Love Faces
Usher- Love In This Club Part II
Lil Jon- Lovers & Friends
Chris Brown- Madusa
Twista- Make A Movie
Keith Sweat- Make It Last Forever
Chris Brown- Make Love
Avant- Makin Good Love
Dej Loaf- Me U & Hennessy
Marques Houston- Naked
Frank Ocean- Nature Feels
Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name
Usher- Nice & Slow
Chris Brown- No Bullshit
Keith Sweat- Nobody
Jacques- Pandora
Trey Songz- Panty Droppa
Trey Songz- Panty Wetter
Kid Cudi- Pillow Talk
Kendrick Lamar- Poetic Justice
Ginuwine- Pony
Chris Brown- Poppin
Drake- Practice
Ciara- Promise
TWENTY88- Push It
Miguel- Pussy Is Mine
Miguel- Quickie
TLC- Red Light Special
Jodeci- Ride & Slide
Ciara- Ride It
Aaliyah- Rock The Boat
Beyonce- Rocket
Trey Songz- Scratchin Me Up
Chris Brown- Sex (In My Zone)
Chris Brown- Sex (Before The Party)
R Kelly- Sex Part 1
R Kelly- Sex Part 2
Rihanna- Sex With Me
Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing
Ginuwine- So Anxious
Chris Brown- Songs On 12 Play
Trey Songz- Still Scratchin Me Up
R Kelly- Strip For You
Tyrese- Sweet Lady
Chris Brown- Sweet Love
Chris Brown- Take My Time
TLC- Take Our Time
Chris Brown- Take You Down
Maxwell- This Woman’s Work
Usher- Trading Places
Teddy Pendergrass- Turn Off The Lights
D'Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel?)
Chris Brown- Wet The Bed
Twista- Wetter
Busta Rhymes- What’s It Gonna Be?
Keith Sweat- Whatever You Want
Trey Songz- When We Make Love
Babyface- When Your Body Gets Weak
Dru Hill- Xstacey Jones
Rihanna- Yeah, I Said It
R Kelly- You Remind Me Of Something
Tony Braxton- You’re Makin Me High
R Kelly- Your Body’s Callin
Beyonce- 1+1
TWENTY88- 2 Minute Warning
R Kelly- 12 Play


‘Hazza Dreams’ playlist

Below is a compiled list of songs that remind me of harry. They’re in four groups. This playlist is also searchable on spotify if you want to follow it! :) 

“Can I Stay”- Ray LaMontagne
“Lights” - Journey 
“Halo” - Beyonce 
“Fallingforyou” - the 1975 
“Toothbrush” - DNCE
“Oblivion” - Bastille 
“Wicked Game” - Chris Isaak 
“When You Say You Love Me” - Josh Groban 
“Adore You” - Miley Cyrus 
“Don’t Know Why” - Norah Jones 
“Take Care” - Drake, Rihanna 
“Thunder” - Boys Like Girls 
“Into You” - Ariana Grande 
“New Flame” - Chris Brown, Usher, Rick Ross 
“Teenage Dream” - Katy Perry 
“Your Love” - Nicki Minaj
“Home” - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 
“Banana Pancakes” - Jack Johnson 
“If I Ain’t Got You” - Alicia Keys 
“Gravity” - John Mayer 
“With You” - Chris Brown 
“Make You Feel My Love” - Adele 
“H.O.L.Y.” - Florida Georgia Line 
“Wake Me Up” - Ed Sheeran
“Lostmyhead” - the 1975 
“Heroes” - David Bowie 
“Closer” - The Chainsmokers  
“Who You Love” - John Mayer, Katy Perry 
“Marry You” - Bruno Mars 
“Lucky” - Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat 
“Only Love” - Ben Howard
“Stay With Me” - Sam Smith 
“You & Me” - Dave Matthews Band 
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” - Queen 
“Here (In Your Arms)” - Hellogoodbye
“Darlin’” - Between The Trees 
“Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” - John Lennon
“Give Me Love” - Ed Sheeran 
“Little Bit” - Lykke Li 
“Maybe I’m Amazed” - Paul McCartney 
“Crash Into Me” - Dave Matthews Band 
“Love Me Now” - John Legend 

“Ignition - Remix” - R. Kelly
“Me Too” - Meghan Trainor 
“Mr. Brightside” - The Killers 
“BedRock” - Young Money 
“Bohemian Rhapsody” - Queen 
“Walk This Way” - Run DMC 
“Hey Jude” - The Beatles 
“I’m On A Boat” - The Lonely Island 
“Without Me” - Eminem 
“Don’t Stop Believin’” - Journey
“I Don’t Fuck With You” - Big Sean, E-40
“Wannabe” - Spice Girls 

“Nothing at All” - Brandon Burnette 
“Closer” - Nine Inch Nails 
“Dangerous Woman” - Ariana Grande 
“Versace On The Floor” - Bruno Mars 
“American Money” - BORNS 
“Crazy In Love (fifty shades)” - Beyonce 
“Animals” - Maroon 5  
“Feel It” - Jacquees
“Gorilla” - Bruno Mars 
“Move!” - Damian Marley 
“Me & U” - Cassie 
“Love in This Club” - Usher  
“Lollipop” - Lil Wayne 
“What’s Your Fantasy” - Ludacris, Shawnna 
“Good Kisser” - Usher 
“Body Say” - Demi Lovato 
“Buttons” - The Pussycat Dolls 
“Good For You” - Selena Gomez 
“Talking Body” - Tove Lo 
“Special Affair” - The Internet 
“Seven Devils” - Florence + The Machine 
“Side To Side” - Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj 
“Bad Things” - Machine Gun Kelly 
“Bon Appetit” - Katy Perry 

“That’s What I Like” - Bruno Mars
“Come and See Me(feat. Drake)” - PARTYNEXTDOOR 
“If U Can’t Dance” - Spice Girls 
“What’s My Name?” - Rihanna, Drake
“Somebody Else” - the 1975 
“Party Rock Anthem” - LMFAO 
“Paint it, Black” - The Rolling Stones 
“Caroline” - Amine
“24k Magic” - Bruno Mars 
“Bang Bang” - 
“Sun Is Shining” - Bob Marley & The Wailers 
“Hot in Herre”- Nelly

Got7 Preferences:Things he’d do as your boyfriend/you’d do as a couple.

>>The same preference but with BTS <<

Originally posted by defwang


  • both being very supportive of each other
  • lots of make out sessions
  • a restricted amount of public affection,except for holding hands and hugging
  • small and very thoughtful gestures ,like preparing dinner for the other after a stressful day or filling the bathtub
  • you forcing him to do aegyo
  • him getting jealous easily and that either leading to a fight or an eventful night (yup rough sex)
  • him buying you oversized sweaters because he thinks you look cute all small and comfy
  • movie marathons with ice cream sundaes
  • him always trying to show off/be sexy
  • you showing him fanart because you know how much he likes them
  • you making him laugh when he feels bummed (ha jaebum,get it?ok I’ll stop)

Originally posted by thekpopquartet


  • dancing together + close/intimate dancing
  • cheek pinching and him unexpectedly sweeping you off your feet
  • him showing you his appreciation for you by randomly kissing you passionately or cupping your face in his hands and telling you that you’re beautiful
  • lots of joking and play-fighting
  • making playlists for each other
  • tearful embraces when leaving/seeing each other again after being away
  • listening to Chris Brown whilst .. making love (tmi ha)
  • +you buying him tickets to one of Chris’ concerts and him thanking you a million times
  • you taking pictures of him all the time,because I mean look at him how can you not
  • him teasing you for being short

Originally posted by markjin


  • dabbing 24/7
  • pranks 
  • you forcing him to eat more (yes please)
  • always looking fashionable together 
  • jamming out to Wiz Khalifa whilst cleaning and him occasionally even rapping in thai 
  • plenty of dirty jokes
  • neck kisses and lots of hickeys
  • teasing,lots of it (both kind)
  • watching vines and youtube videos together
  • tons of selfies and him making you take photos of him for his Instagram
  • him finding your clumsiness/awkwardness adorable
  • cheeky Bambam 
  • exploring cities together
  • him treating you like a queen

Originally posted by tuanpumpkins


  • taking a while to feel completely comfortable around you
  • him sending you cute pictures/videos of him when you’re away
  • low-key very protective/possessive 
  • having cute nicknames of each other 
  • star gazing
  • road trips
  • horror movie marathons and kfc (somebody sign me up)
  • late night walks along the beach 
  • photo bombs with coco 
  • lots of pouting and lip biting
  • him touching/slapping your butt every chance he gets

Originally posted by j-miki


  • him being savage and roasting people to make you laugh but also because that boy has no chill
  • you helping him with choreographies
  • dinner dates 
  • babysitting everybody’s children and getting compliments on how good parents you make 
  • him playing the piano for you
  • a real gentleman
  • you being obsessed with his butt
  • secret kinks 
  • him making you do aegyo
  • matching necklaces/bracelets

Originally posted by younggjaebum


  • you calling him joy instead of choi (the reason for the nickname is self-explanatory just look at him)
  • sings for you whenever you’re sad/sings you to sleep
  • loads of cuddling feat. coco
  • goofy youngjae
  • using I’m out whenever both of you possibly can and laughing about it afterwards
  • you having a strict no-diet rule for him because he is perfect the way he is
  • both of you clinging to one another 24/7 
  • him also being your best friend
  • ‘’totally accidental and unintentional’’ touching because he’s very shy
  • can also become the total opposite in bed though 
  • always boosting each others self-esteem 

Originally posted by jack777


  • going from wang puppy to daddy jackson real quick
  • caring Jackson that always wants you to eat well and gets you like ten blankets whenever you’re cold
  • him trying to get you into fitness and getting you to work out with him,you stopping after 5 push ups 
  • motivating him when he’s working out:
  • ‘’Slayy Jackson that’s my boyfriend’’
  • ‘’Y/N please stop I can’t concentrate’’
  • ‘’You look so good baby,work it yaas’’
  • Jackson laughs causing his arms to give in and face plants
  • learning languages together
  • you stealing 80% of his hoodies
  • bootylicious couple 
  • him socializing you and encouraging you to try new things


I hope you guys enjoyed reading these preferences as much as I enjoyed writing them.Thanks for reading,have a wonderful day xx

Much love,i.l.

♥️requests are open♥️ |> masterlist <

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rare-s0ulss  asked:

Can you give a list of songs that you love

Chris Brown- 101
Ciara- Body Party
Major Lazer- Night Riders
August Alsina- Look At How Far I’ve Come
Chris Brown- Wet The Bed
Trey Songz- Foreign(original and remix)
Travis Scott- 3 Wayz
August Alsina- Porn Star
Chris Brown- Deuces
Travis Scott- Party Till
Chris Brown- With You
Trey Songz- Smartphones
Chris Brown- X
Travis Scott- Wonderful
August Alsina- Fml
Rihanna- Needed Me
Chris Brown- Who’s Gonna
Travis Scott- Drugs You Should Try It
Trey Songz- Cake
August Alsina- Ring The Alarm
Chris Brown- Liquor
Travis Scott- Never Catch Me
Wiz Khalifa- Bake Sale
Travis Scott- Whole lotta lovin
Chris Brown- Touch Me
Augus Alsina- Been Around The World
Travis Scott- Skyfall
Young Thug- Worth It
Chris Brown- Proof
August Alsina- Would You Know
Rihanna- Woo
Travis Scott- Maria I’m Drunk
Chris Brown- Drown In It
Justin Bieber- No Sense
Chris Brown- Songs On 12 Play
Travis Scott- Dinosaurus
Trey Songz- Dead Wrong
Chris Brown- Back To Sleep Remix(Ft. August Alsina, Trey Songz And Miguel)
Dj Khaled- Do You Mind
Tory Lanez- Uber Everywhere Remix
Young Thug- With Them
Chris Brown- Blow It In The Wind
August Alsina- Other Side
Trey Songz- YAS
Chris Brown- Make Love
Tory Lanez- Luv
Travis Scott- Pick Up The Phone
Wiz Khalifa- We Dem Boyz
Trey Songz- Yes No Maybe
Chris Brown- Grass Aint Greener
Chris Brown- Take You Down
Trey Songz- Serve It Up
Tyga- Ready To Fuck
Chris Brown- Say Goodbye
Travis Scott- Uber Everywhere Remix
Chris Brown- 2012
Rihanna- Same Ol’ Mistakes
Chris Brown- Do Better
August Alsina- I Luv This Shit(remix)
Young Thug- King Troup
Travis Scott- 90210

It’s actually longer😖

Pick a Song Scenario


  • Pick a song and a KPOP Idol
  • If you want Angst with a happy ending give me two songs

Idol’s to choose from

  • BTS (Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, V, Jungkook, Rap Monster)
  • GOT7 (Bambam, Mark, JB, Youngjae, Yugyeom, Junior, Jackson)
  • SEVENTEEN (Wonwoo, Jeonghan, Woozi, Joshua, Vernon, Hoshi, The8, Dino, Seungkwan, Jun, Mingyu, DK, S.Coups)
  • Monsta X (Hyungwon, Shownu, Kihyun, I.M, Wonho, Jooheon, Minhyuk)
  • Astro (Rocky, Sanha, Jin Jin, Eunwoo, Moonbin, MJ)

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