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I get the chills when each player raises the cup #greatestsport



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obiyuki lap pillows with post-fight Obi resting his head in Shirayuki's lap please and thank you

(A prequel scene to And That’s the Reason We Need Lips So Much)

Zakura’s men crawl over the mill as bees to a hive, swarming in the door and out windows, inspecting every crevice and cracked stone that comprises it. Shirayuki is left downhill with only a small cluster of guards, all of them clearly wishing they could be where the action is, rather than guarding the prince’s – whatever.

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I really don't think Pewdiepie meant his joke in an antisemitic way. He was trying to see how far people on a video message making site would go for five dollars. He requested them to say the whole "Death to all jews" think, and he was really shocked that they actually did. I think he expected them to refuse. And yeah, the joke was in really bad taste and was disrespectful, but i don't think he meant it to be and i think he's getting too much shit for a stupid joke.

It doesn’t matter whether he meant it or not, he still engineered for this to happen (whether or not he expected it) and he has to face the consequences for not thinking it through. Even if you want to assume the best of him (which I don’t) and want to assume he just didn’t think it through, there’s still consequences.

He’s not entitled to do whatever he wants with no consequences and without people commenting on it, whether or not it’s a joke.

I swear if i can’t romance Vetra im going to riot

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hey roby ! i wanted to know if you had any tips on staying (somewhat) consistent on finishing artwork and posting on youtube/tumblr/etc. i can never find the time to finish art or edit videos anymore (´;ω;`) tysm ! - ari

making a weekly schedule is good! here’s how mine looks like so far for this following week (starting from tomorrow until thursday):

i found that doing this has been helping me recently with time management. being able to see your entire week spread out like this is helpful and gives you a clear view of how everything is according to each day (i find it better than the daily journals which you have to flip back and forth). 

at the end of each week i sit down and create a new chart for the next one and plan out how the upcoming week will be. lastly i keep a little post it note at the bottom of each for ideas or things i need to remember and jot those down there~ i hope this helps a bit! i definitely recommend you try this out. ofc its up to you to keep to the schedule you make yourself but at least it motivates you more than just having it all in your head 

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okay so you're one of my favorite accounts, your content is so good and it always makes me laugh and idk i like seeing you on my dash it makes my day!! i also hope you're having a good day so far 💕

wow thank you sooo much!!! you just made my day even better! glad my incredibly dank memes made you laugh 💖 

hope you have a good day too!  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Both Sangwoo and Yoonbum need therapy and prison time. Both were abused and Yoonbum is (most likely) mentally ill, and both show sociopathic tendencies (okay not tendencies). Yoonbum isn’t the only one that needs help, Sangwoo needs it too (to a far higher degree (though chapter 19 makes me think they probably need equal help)). Yoonbum is becoming just as bad as Sangwoo.

Deeply enjoying the winged!Dirk Gently trend but on a more angsty note, I really can’t imagine the CIA letting Dirk keep his wings if they wanted to train him as a psychic operative. Intuitions would make him a more effective agent, but he’s never going to blend in while they have to cut holes in his white regulation shirts.

His wings are beautiful and unique and special and he knows they make him stand out far too much for the CIA’s liking. One scientist jokes that they’re the military, not the air force, but Dirk doesn’t laugh. He just curls his wings tighter around his shoulders defensively. He doesn’t need the universe to tell him that the scientists assigned to Project Icarus have gotten all they can from him in that regard.

The CIA figure he’s never going to be flying with them anyway, so why bother letting him keep them? Riggins tries to tell him that it’s for his own good, that his wings would just make him a target (he already knows that he’s a target, he never needed his wings for people to find him interesting and sometimes he hates being interesting).

They cut his wings off while he’s unconscious and he feels like he’ll never be whole again, and he doesn’t know how they expect him to be Icarus if they’ve grounded him permanently.

So I'm coming up with a list of the things he has said to me while sexually abusing me and I know there's a million more but here's some that I have thought of so far

“You’re supposed to make your man feel good”
“I’ve done so many nice things for you”
“Do it or I’m leaving”
“If you don’t want me to be angry anymore, you’ll do it”
“If this was about a Pepsi, you wouldn’t be making a big deal out of it, but now because it’s about sex, it’s a big deal”
“We have sex when I want to have sex”
“You’re not stopping me”
“I’m gonna get off one way or another”

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Can you explain what is H20 in denial? I'm new here and ive been to shy to ask sorry


Is an AU spin off Of the Actually BBS Gang! I took the liberty to make it STRICTLY AU Base- So that means. I will Push it far away from the actually people and make it more. Fantasy ? Alter them a bit? ? You’ll find more information about it On my blog- I made a Button just for the entire tag! I kinda wanted to make it GTA related- But also Just kinda bizarre- But I’m on a roll with chapters- Next one is Recovery! Y’ALL better catch up.  

Spiritworker PSA

Recently I’ve heard several stories of people having issues with a certain goetic demon (number 39 or Mlphs). I honestly didn’t pay any attention to it due to the fact that I 1). Don’t work with goetic demons 2). Know that it’s common for people to assume all demons are evil. 3). Work with demons and try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt

However, I learned the hard way that the stories going around about this entity were not being overly dramatized. I don’t want to give too much detail as some of the information is not mine to share but what happened is:

I was doing a reading for someone when he showed up. He demanded that information be passed on to the person I was doing the reading for, and has harassed them before (I did not know this at the time). Although he did far more than just make demands and mess with my pendulum. He drained me of my energy to the point that I had a hard time moving for at least 10-15 minutes after he left. To make matters worse he also left a gigantic, nasty parasite in my energy system. It took the help of a god to yank the parasite out and I am still recovering from it.

This demon showed up of his own accord, I did not summon or call for him, in order to not just mess with me but the person I was doing a reading for. He made demands, tried to use me to harass the person I was doing a reading for, drained my energy, left me with a huge parasite problem, and threatened my companions.  ON TOP OF THAT, he later intimidated another spirit I knew but did not work with into delivering a message along the lines of “hey I can really mess you up, work with me or else.”

Guys please, I’m not telling you who you can and cannot work with, but if this spirit shows up check yourself for parasites, cleanse yourself & your space, if you can call for help, and put up as many wards as you can. He shouldn’t be trusted and does NOT have your best interest in mind.

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How come you're so agaisnt shipping, yet you reblog quite an ammount of ship pics?

I’m pretty sure I’ve said in the past that while I have a high distaste for shipping communities and ship drama in general, I do still like some ships. A rare few. And to be honest, besides Zelink (which is sorta canon) most of the ones I like are already canon. Why? Because those are the ones that have real meat to them in my opinion. 

Even then, I try not to get too involved with fandom shipping. I guess I just don’t like the general smugness and entitlement some fans seem to have. It’s fun to make nonsensical ships sometimes, but when it goes so far to the point where they demand it to be canon? Where they harass show/game/book creators about it? Harass and bully other fans about it? I cannot STAND that. Whatsoever. 

Also, the fact that shipping communities are so filled with very… gross ships (we’re talking actual incest and pedo crap) it’s prompted me to stay far away. (Still loath BillDip and Pinecest…)

Zelink, Nate+Elena, Mercy+Genji, Chrobin, Kanan+Hera etc. all have some canon backing behind them, so I enjoy them a lot. (Nate and Elena being completely and utterly canon, and thus being one of my favorites)

Thanks for the question, and enjoy this beautiful couple:

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I can't look at my stomach, I see the mistake I'm about to make, I can see the regret I'll have.. I'm scared, I'm so so scared, and after this nothing will be the same. I'm lost, I don't know what to do.

You’re too beautiful to harm yourself. If you haven’t heard it lately… I’m proud of you for making it this far and for that I also love you.