make it the entire 2013

When April 1st rolls around I just want to see SNK break the internet again like back in 2013. Like, lets make it trend more that April Fool’s pranks, politics, stars and what they are doing - yeah let’s just make the entire internet SNK.

Let’s go back to the 2013 golden days :)

Moon Animate Make-Up 2!

Let’s Re-Animate An Entire Episode of Sailor Moon! Again!

In 2013, 250+ animators signed up for my project to recreate an episode of Sailor Moon in their individual style for each shot. The episode premiered to 1,000,000 views on YouTube and international critical acclaim for the enormous achievement. Moon Animate Make-Up 2 is the follow-up to that project so if you missed your chance the first time around, now’s your chance to sign up!

The episode will be released on Vimeo and YouTube in Spring 2016 and available to view for free. This is still just for fun and the project is open to animators of any skill level, from students to hobbyists to professionals.

We’ll be re-creating Season 2, Episode 68:  Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors! We’ll be using the original Japanese language track and all animators will receive their dialogue translated into English and Romaji (romanized Japanese) to assist with the acting, and variations on the opening and closing credits will be created. Shots are assigned first come, first serve, and based off the strength of your work. If you’d prefer a certain shot due to your schedule or interest, your request will be considered. You can sign up October 12, 2015 by e-mailing me your name, e-mail, and a link to your website, blog or reel, at moonanimatemakeup [at] gmail [dot] com. If you could include your level of familiarity with Sailor Moon, that will help in assigning certain shots. Please do not use university e-mails. Any submission without an animation reel showing completed work will not be considered.

This episode was selected for featuring the early conflict between Sailor Moon and the (then) mysterious Chibi-Usa, the most Sailor Soldiers in the series by that date, and one of my favorite action scenes in the whole series, which I’m hoping potential animators will expand on. The decision to go with the Japanese audio was made due to several cuts made in the American version that would have excluded several essential scenes.

You can animate in any medium you want: paper, digital, stop-motion, shadow puppets, CG, pixel art, etc. You’ll be provided with the video clip of your shot for reference. You are responsible for pulling your audio track from it, and rendering and delivering your shot via the specs listed below. Use the original layouts from the episode as storyboards and as long as the characters are identifiable, animate them however you want.

Shots will begin to be distributed by November 1. There are over three hundred shots in the episode, so there are plenty of shots to go around. Priority will be given to animators who haven’t submitted yet and animators from the first Moon Animate who delivered ahead of schedule or on time. There is plenty of space for everyone so send in what you’ve got.

SPECS: 24fps, 960x720 (minimum), uncompressed, .mov

CONTACT: moonanimatemakeup [at] gmail [dot] com


This project has no affiliation with Toei, Kodansha, Nakayoshi, Dic, Cloverway, Toonami, or any related parties officially involved with Sailor Moon. This is a free project for animators because this is my idea of fun because I am a dork and everyone wanted another one of these. :)

Thank you!



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