make it strong quotes

This is your daily reminder to do something that makes you happy today. Drink some tea, water or coffee if you want. Study a little extra so you ace that exam. Curl up with a good book or a watch your favorite movie. Listen to your favorite songs before you go to sleep. You are doing so great.

being in a relationship is always a risk, the risk of being vulnerable. the risk of showing the other person what you’re truly afraid off, the risk of being hurt all over again. but you got to find someone who is worth taking that big risk for, someone who promises to catch you when you jump off the big building, someone who just doesn’t promise you but holds your hand through the most difficult time. being in a relationship is always a risk, but find someone who makes taking that risk worth ever minute of it.
—  r i s k s//nikitagupta

[What do you sleep in?]  “Nada.”


Until I know how this game will unfold, I choose to allow the players to reveal themselves to me, lest I make an enemy out of someone I may one day wish to call a friend.

We help each other through hard times.
—  Poets Love Her

We all might have something that keeps us wide awake at night, keeps our thoughts running wild, keeps our volcanoes erupting..
And then each morning you wake up, you wear your worn smile, you put it on your restless face and you go to work..
People cannot see what’s troubling your heart, they only see your smile, and they think you are doing well, but they cannot see the lava..

And that’s what makes you strong.

—  q8ieng 
Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy, too.
—  M.