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so recently, I've seen the terms XX-sexual and XY-sexual going around and I was wondering if these are transphobic terms? If someone is attracted to just cis girls and trans guys and afab nbs, isn't that transphobic?

Eek, these are absolutely transphobic terms. 

Any terms describing attraction based on one’s assigned gender and/or ~biological sex~ rather than one’s actual, self described gender is misgendering and is therefore transphobic and contributes to the false idea that biological sex is binary and exists as some sort of absolute. 

Biological sex is constructed, intersex people exist, and I’m 62% sure these terms are also intersexist and based on inaccurate, shitty science, but I’m not intersex (and we don’t have an intersex mod) so I’ll stop there and ask that if any followers (particularly intersex followers) would like to chip in their two cents, to please do so, it’d be much appreciated.

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checklist: dasey + favourite underrated scenes [4/10]

“That’s great, do your worst. Now there are a few conditions.”

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klance + stars

This has been sitting in my drafts for months, I’m sorry Aki :( I hope this will help you feel a little better <3 

Lance liked to watch the stars. 

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Meet Oniniwa Tsunamoto, 

a new character in Tenka’s been teasing about in Twitter who showed up in Masamune’s sequel. Historically he was one of the great men of Date who completes Masamune’s trifecta of advisors. You can read the rest from his wiki entry above. 

So far into the story he showed up in Oshu after a long period of absence. Masa, Koju and Shige were surprised. Shige soon falls into an easy rapport with him though, Tsunamoto messes up his hair and teases him. 

Kojuro’s reception is more guarded and or cold. If Tenka stays true to history, then Tsunamoto is Kojuro’s step brother, even though they are not related by blood (Kita links them, she’s half sibling of both of them). AND HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE OLDER! DEAR OTOME GOD PLEASE MAKE HIM OLDER THAN KOJURO SO HE WON’T HAVE TO ENDURE THOSE OLD MAN JOKES AND ALL THE AGE SHAMINGS ALONE ANYMORE!

And Kojuro’s guarded treatment should be interesstingggg~~~~~ I wonder if he’ll also show up in Kojuro’s sequel in the future, fufufufufu. Wonder what this is all about but I’m out of love passes *sobsobs* so stay tuned!

I’’ll keep an eye on you Tsunamoto, I like your scar and your hakama and your pecs. More Tenka/SLBP men should have scars, hm hm hm hm. 

BABYs, we have to work really hard for this next comeback. We have to do as much as we can to help promote B.A.P. Watch the MV often, buy/download the album, make content like gifs or whatever to get them more notice on Tumblr, get hashtags trending on Twitter, stream the music, watch their live performance… Anything we can do to help them be promoted better. They’re only going to do around two weeks of promotions on music shows, and we have to make it count! We have to make sure they win at least once, okay? So, please, do what you can to help. Let’s make this comeback a great one for them!

every time someone vehemently specifies “only in legoverse” when talking about batjokes my life expectancy is cut in half

Memos in the Citadel (13/?)

To: All Kingsglaive, All Crownsguard

From: Clarus Amiticia

CC: Cor Leonis, Captain Titus Drautos

Subject: Rules and Legislation update.

Due to recent events I have been asked to ammend article 53 of the Crownsguard handbook.

Any and all mentioning of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is hereby banned within the Citadel walls.

Please do not reply to this.

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Ghost - Part 6 - Jungkook angst

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This part has been uploaded way faster than usual because I felt so awful for making you all wait so long for each update D: Please forgive me

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Jungkook was pacing up and down in front of your hospital room that he was borderline sick of.

“Are you family?” The nurse asked him, eyes full of sympathy for the clearly distressed man who was nearing tearing his hair out in panic.

“Yes! I am! What’s going on?” He was desperate for information, not being polite to the nurse.

“It seems Y/N has gone into cardiac arrest due to a sudden increase in heart impulses- I’m sorry, but you can’t go in there sir!”

Jungkook had dodged around the nurse, heading towards your door with his hand outstretched when one of the hospital personnel stopped him, placing a hand on his upper arm and pulling him to a stop.

“Sir, please stay out here whilst the doctors do their job.”

Now Jungkook was still pacing, long after he had arrived here, and his members were all sitting in the waiting room in various states of unrest too. He had no idea the exact amount of time he had been here, but he had been pacing the entire time, fingernails raking against his scalp harshly to try and find something to grip onto.

What was going on in there? What was taking so damn long? Were you going to be okay?

The same questions had been fired at every single staff member who walked past, even those that had no idea what he was talking about, but Jungkook was relentless. If nobody was going to tell him what was going on in there, he had to find some other way.

“That’s my daughter! My youngest child in there! Fighting for her life! Who are you to tell me what to do!?” A carnal scream echoed down the hallway, startling the members and causing all heads to turn in that direction. Dread washed over Jungkook, although he didn’t know why. He didn’t know the person that was screaming-

“Jungkook! I see you! Come here and tell this infernal guard who I am!”

Jungkook’s stomach dropped to his knees and he could have fainted with the sudden lightheadedness he felt. He locked eyes onto the woman that he used to know all those years ago, the years he had of scraped knees and sticky fingers. Those years of tears caused by accidents and hushed whispers. Of comforting his sobbing best friend and treating her bruises, inflicted by the one woman who was meant to protect her. Those years of visiting the park and pushing her on the swings. Those moments of awkward phases and growth spurts, of failed exams and secret sleepovers.

He knew your mother all those years ago, but he never expected to see her again. Not like this.

“Jeon Jungkook, what are you waiting for! Tell him!”

He slowly walked towards her, holding a hand out to the older of the members who stood up at Jungkook’s movement, aiming to hold him back from the potentially dangerous woman.

He remained a small distance from her, eyeing her warily and noting that her age had caught up with her. He did not tell the guard to let go of her and let her pass, but stood behind the guard, much to your mother’s displeasure.

“Listen here, you-”

“What are you doing here?” Jungkook had no time for formalities or politeness, elder or not, and made his distaste at the sight of her clear in the curl of his lip and furrow of his brow. “You have no right to be here.”

“What are you saying? She’s my daughter!”

“You lost the right to call her that when you kicked her to the streets when she was sixteen.” Jungkook said in a stern voice. The woman’s hair was falling out of the sloppy bun, grey wisps curling around her lined and thin face.

“What rubbish are you speaking? I never kicked her out! She made the decision to leave herself!”

“No, actually, I distinctly remember you telling her to ‘get out of your house’ and threatening to ‘give her something proper to cry about’.” She opened her mouth to retort, but Jungkook left no room for argument. “You don’t deserve to see her. You don’t have any rights to be here, and nobody wants you here. You can claim to be her mother all you want, but you’re less of a mother to her than those doctors in there now, fighting to save her life.”

“How dare you talk to me like this?”

“I don’t care what you think. I don’t care how you react to this, and as far as I’m concerned, you’re not setting your sights on Y/N for the rest of your life. You’re a bitter, shrivelled up embarrassment of a person. Get out of my sight.”

“You little-”

“Can you see to it that this woman is escorted off the premises, please, Jaehyuk? And make sure she can’t come back in.” Jungkook said to the burly guard who was holding the woman back. He nodded once, beginning to roughly maneuver the shrieking woman back down the hallway.

Jungkook returned to his position outside your door, resuming his pacing. The other members could do nothing but ogle at the youngest and the appearance of a side of him none of them had ever seen before. Even the oldest of the seven boys were shellshocked, none of them sure what to do or how to react. Until;

“That was so cool!” Taehyung burst, unable to control his excitement.

“Look at you, defending your woman’s honour!” Hoseok chirped.

“I’m a proud father,” Namjoon joked. “You dealt with her admirably, Kook.”

Jungkook said nothing for a few moments. “I never liked that woman. Her cookies were dreadful, and that was before she turned out to be a shitty person.”

It was silent for a while after that, the excitement dying down again and leaving behind only the sombre and tense atmosphere that it had been before the aggressive interruption. Now, all they could do was twiddle their thumbs and avoid looking at each other for too long.


He ignored the voice, assuming it to be one of the members, until it clocked in his head that the voice was somewhat feminine.

He whirled, expecting to see a nurse or a doctor, but was surprised to see it was the girl he had met before, laden with assorted gifts again.

The members all raised their heads to watch the exchange carefully, but Jungkook was too far gone to care.

“What?” He snapped. Admittedly, he could have been more polite (after all, the girl had no idea what was going on) but he couldn’t bring himself to care. His best friend, the closest person he had ever had in his entire life, was fighting for his life in the room that he couldn’t even go inside.

On top of that, your voice had disappeared and he was left completely and utterly alone. It was almost an agony to admit to himself that he had wasted so long ignoring that weird ghost voice and hadn’t taken advantage of that tie to you. He was almost liable to kick himself, but there were more pressing matters on hand.

“Wow, okay, sorry- I’m just wondering, are you okay? I think you’re about to pull all of your hair out and it’d be a shame to lose something so pretty.”

Jungkook could do nothing but blink at her, her words almost not registering in his brain, but the other members were much quicker to catch on. Yoongi raised an eyebrow at her shameless flirting but Jimin and Taehyung were quick to cover their smirks, finding them inappropriate in the current situation.

“What?” Jungkook barked at her, watching her flinch at his harsh tone. A slight smile lifted up her mouth, though, and Jungkook was clueless.

“I’m just saying. What’s going on?”

“Who the fu-”

“I’m very sorry,” Jin was quick to say, standing up to be next to Jungkook and placing a heavy hand on his shoulder, perhaps digging in harder than he should have. “Jungkook’s having a bad time right now, perhaps it would be better to come back later? His girlfriend is in there, you see…”

The girl’s eyes slowly drifted from Jungkook’s face to Jin’s, then to the door, and her eyes widened in recognition.

“Oh God, I did it again- I’m so sorry, Jungkook, I swear I’m not doing this on purpose, I had no idea…” Her voice trailed off. “Is she going to be okay?”

“I have no clue.” Jungkook growled, shrugging off Jin’s grip and beginning his pace.

His girlfriend? His girlfriend? Had Jin really just said, knowing full well the feelings that Jungkook somewhat harboured for the comatose girl? Had Jin really just reminded him of that, causing another wave of confusing and irritating emotions to tide over him?

He could have screamed, he honestly could have.

Maybe he should scream anyway, just to see how people would react.

“You’re welcome to wait, if you’d like, but…” Jin trailed off, subtly hinting that the girl should probably leave, and thankfully she caught on.

“Oh, no, that’s okay! My Mom is probably waiting for me, actually, I’m always late. Here-” She shifted awkwardly, too many little bears and boxes of chocolates to move smoothly. She thrust one of her many stuffed bear toys into Jin’s surprised hands, grinning up at the older man brightly. “Have this for her! I really hope everything goes okay, Jungkook. Good luck, and I’ll be off now!”

Jin bowed to show his gratitude but Jungkook only nodded, changing his action to leaning against the wall and glaring at the door as if it would suddenly burst to flames under his gaze and reveal your happy and healthy form behind it.

He could only hope.

“She was nice.” Hoseok commented offhandedly, watching the girl disappear into the room next to yours, quietly shutting the door behind her. Jin nodded, setting the bear on it’s own seat next to Taehyung who immediately picked it up and started playing with it’s hands and cooing as if it was a child.

“What do you think is taking so long?” Yoongi commented quietly to Namjoon who was sitting next him, legs crossed and beanie shoved onto his unwashed hair that was in desperate need of a cut. Namjoon shrugged, sighing helplessly.

“It shouldn’t be taking this long, hyung,” Namjoon said. “I have no idea what could be going on in there.”

“Poor kid must be going insane.” Yoongi said, turning his gaze to Jungkook’s obviously defeated form.

“I know I would be. Did you hear what Jin said?”

“About Y/N being his girlfriend? I did. Did you see Jungkook’s face?”

“I didn’t, I was focusing on that girl,” Namjoon said, locking his phone and turning to face Yoongi who was still staring at Jungkook. “What did he look like?”

“Like he’d been both shot and given a new pair of Timberlands at the same time. There’s no way to describe that juxtaposition of those emotions on his face.” Yoongi said, and Namjoon said nothing in return, merely nodding slightly.

Yoongi knew that Jungkook had some kind of feelings towards you, but the younger had never really mentioned them to the rapper and Yoongi wasn’t sure that Jungkook even knew what it was that caused him to care so much for you. It was painfully obvious, however, in the way that Jungkook’s features would soften immeasurably when speaking about you and his eyes took on a glint that had never been seen before. It was obvious in the way that he would look at you when you weren’t already watching him, and the way he would rush out to meet you whenever you asked to hang out. It was obvious in the way that Jungkook simply stood next to you; he didn’t have to even look in your direction, but his body was subconsciously angled towards you as if he was constantly giving you attention even when he wasn’t.

It was obvious to everybody apart from Jungkook and Yoongi found himself wanting to smack him as hard as he possibly could to make him realise.

Even if you didn’t make it.

Suddenly gripped with emotion, Yoongi quietly excused himself to the bathroom and walked away from the group of people sitting in silence.

Sometimes, that much silence was too loud. It was slightly suffocating and Yoongi hated the constant reminder that something awful was currently happening.

It should not be taking that long.


“Mr Jeon Jungkook?” It was the same nurse that called him, and despite his grogginess, his head snapped up and he all but jumped to his feet at the sight of her.

“Any news?”

“Yes, I’m happy to say that it’s good news for once!” she said, smiling at the shock that dawned over his face. In the background, the members all gaped at each other. “Y/N is awake, and she’s asking for you.”

Jungkook all but smashed himself through the door in his eagerness to see you, tears of happiness welling up in his eyes immediately at the sight of you sitting up.

You looked awful. You looked like you had died a thousand deaths and come back each time, but you were smiling at him, your own tears in your eyes and Jungkook could have sworn that he had never seen anybody so beautiful in his entire life.

“Oh God,” he whispered, standing frozen in the doorway until Hoseok physically pushed him in and shut the door behind him, claiming that they were going to wait outside to give them some alone time. “It’s you. You’re awake.”

“I’m awake.”

You throat was unbearably throaty, and seemed to be causing you some pain as you swallowed awkwardly with a grimace across your face. He basically tripped forwards in his rush to pour you a glass of water from the side table and he stepped forwards cautiously, careful not to touch you in case he was dreaming and the sight of you burst into nothing at the slightest physical contact.

It had happened before, anyway.

You drank deeply, eyes fluttering shut, and Jungkook could do nothing but revel.

You had been in a coma for the better part of a year and you still managed to knock the breath straight out of his lungs.

It had taken him the worst parts of a year to realise, but he was absolutely besotted with you, and he could have thrown himself from your window as punishment for his ignorance.

How could he had been so foolish? How could he have gone on so long, bereft of your love and affection, and not realise his feelings for you?

He was so unbearably in love with you that it almost hurt him to look at you staring up at him.

“Why are you crying, dumbass?” you coughed and the sound of your voice, the insult, the croakiness, was too much for him and he was reduced to sobs and he placed the cup back down, falling to his knees next to you and grasping onto your hand.

You returned the grip with equal vigour, interlocking your fingers, and he almost gasped in relief at the feeling. It had been too long since he had touched you and finally, to grasp onto you like this, was like pure heroine flowing through his veins.

Already he was completely addicted to you.

“I’m not,” he said, sniffing slightly. “It’s raining outside, my face is just wet.”

“Of course. Is that why your eyes are all red and your face is puffy?”

“It’s acid rain. Don’t go outside today.”

Laughing gently at his comments, you turned to face the ceiling again and leant further into your pillow.

“My head fucking hurts.”

“I bet it does.”

Sure, your hair was shorter than his. Yes, you had a thick scar that curved over your scalp and came down slightly over your forehead. Yeah, you hadn’t showered for a long, long time, and indeed, you were looking a little worse for wear, but Jungkook had never felt so much happiness condensed into such a short moment in his entire existence.


“So,” he commented, sitting cross-legged at the end of your bed, using his chopsticks to pick up some noodles out of the pot he had purchased from the convenience store on his way here. You did the same, though you were still half lying down, finding sitting up drained your energy incredibly quick. “Was that actually you? The voice, I mean. Do you remember?”

You nodded and his heart came up to rest in his throat.

“I remember,” you said, putting some noodles in your mouth and closing your eyes to revel in the taste. He had never seen someone eat instant noodles with so much adoration on their face. “You were so annoying in the beginning, ignoring me and whatnot.”

“What was I supposed to think! My best friend, who was in a coma, was communicating with me?”

“I just can’t believe you’d ignore me like that. I thought I meant more to you.”

He laughed, but his heartstring were being pulled painfully. You were joking, but he took that to heart; you meant more to him than either of you could have imagined and the suggestion that you didn’t wanted him to cry again.

Of course, he wouldn’t cry again after the blubbering mess he was the week before when you had woken, but he certainly felt like it sometimes.

This had been the most stressful experience of his entire life, and he was an internationally famous kpop idol.

“How are the boys doing?” you asked, changing the subject. “I didn’t get to say thank you to them for all the flowers before they were shooting off to practise.”

“Ah, yeah,” he scratched the back of his head, glancing at what looked like a pop-up florist on the table at the back of the room.

The members didn’t know what your favourite kind of flower was, and Jungkook was completely useless in that area, so they had come together and gotten you a bouquet of flowers of every type from the florist down the road from BigHit.

“About that…”

“It’s fine! I love them so much, my room smells amazing and it makes a nice difference from the dull whites and greys.”

“Right. Well, they’re okay. We skipped a lot of practise to come and visit you when you were sleeping, so now Bang PD is working all of us into skeletons for our next comeback.”

“Oh God, you shouldn’t have, seriously! I wasn’t going to go anywhere. Now you all have to suffer because of me.”

“Y/N, even if you had a papercut or you tripped over something, or- or you stubbed your toe, I’d drop everything and rush to you immediately.”

It was a deep and dull ache, a consistent longing. Jungkook wanted nothing more than to confess, to tell you exactly how he felt for you and what the past few months have been like for him. He wanted to tell you what it felt like to hold your hand, touch your skin, even be near you. He wanted to tell you what your presence did to his heartbeat and what it did to his mood. He wanted to tell you all of these things but-

But he couldn’t.

“Jungkook-ah.” The maknaes head snapped up, meeting the gaze of Bang PD and halting his steps, letting the others complete the choreography around him as he dodged out the way and walked towards the door where the older man was.

“Yes?” Jungkook said, tone as light and friendly as possible. Jungkook knew that he was in trouble for his behaviour over the last few months, but he didn’t want to make it easy for the older man to scold him.

“It’s… Come to my attention the feelings you harbour for Y/N,” All of the blood drained out of Jungkook’s face. How had he found out? Had one of the members told him? No, they wouldn’t do that, knowing the risk. Had Jungkook really been that obvious? Was it clear to everybody except himself? “Usually, I would just leave it, but your performance recently…”

Jungkook gulped.

“Well, some of my bosses aren’t particularly impressed. Especially your scandal with that woman in the hallway of the hospital,” Jungkook could curse your mother’s name for being such an infuriating woman and immediately rushing to whatever lowly news outlet that would listen and telling them what he had done to her, the majority of which were tall tales. Honestly, who would actually report that Jungkook had shoved the woman and gotten physically aggressive without any kind of evidence or proof? “And we’ve all come to the agreement that you dating anybody, in particular Y/N, wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Jungkook closed his eyes, refusing to face the reality.

“I’m sorry, kiddo. I know how much you like her, but you know how serious these kinds of scandals are. Having a dating scandal on top of that? People would find out about Y/N, and her accident and the nature behind it, and then you’d be in even more hot water because of your involvement.”

Jungkook wasn’t listening.

“You know I don’t make the rules, Kook, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in this line of work.”

Jungkook was well aware of this. He had already sacrificed most of his life for this; his health, his sleep, his education, his family, all of his friends, even his home. He just didn’t think he’d ever have to sacrifice his feelings for you too, as if he wasn’t human. As if he was some kind of robot that could let go of such a magnitude of affection and adoration. It wasn’t fair, and Bang PD seemed to be aware of that with the gentle squeeze of Jungkook’s shoulder.

“I’m really sorry, kiddo.”

Jungkook smiled sadly at his noodles, stabbing back into the pot with perhaps too much vigour. He was completely content, listening to you jabber on excitedly, asking him thousands of questions about the kinds of things you had missed over the time.

There was a bit of emotion in the middle of your gushing as you learnt that you had lost your job and quite possibly your friends, who hadn’t visited you even once in hospital, but your mood quickly picked up as you listed all of the bakeries and café’s you wanted to go to again, and the phone calls you needed to make to your brother who lived overseas.

Yes, he was completely content. He was okay with only being a passive part of your life. He was happy with watching you grow into a beautiful woman, and he was alright with watching you instead of loving you like he wanted to.

Indeed. He was okay with watching over you like he was some kind of a ghost.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


She looked up

She looked up  and understood

Understood the meaning of that word

Understood what it means to be devoted 

Devoted and loyal 

Willing to do all she can

All she can to show 

Show her devotion and loyalty

Show her love and happiness

To please and make them happy

So go ahead

Tag that special someone

let them know

let them know how you truly feel

How you truly feel towards them

Before It’s Too Late

Spencer finding out he has a 17 year old daughter when her aunt\mother contacts him because she tried to kill herself and they dont know if shell make it so they want him to get a chance to meet her? please all the team there and very dramatic with happy ending please? xx love your works!<3

WARNINGS: Mentions of suicide. 

A/N: H/N is just the daughters name sorry for the confusion I didnt want to name people for you guys lol Hope you like this! I also didnt want to go into detail of how the girl tried to commit suicide or why, I didn’t want to take it there sorry. 

Originally posted by exonev

The rain continued to pour down, Spencer looked out the hospital waiting room windows, trying to piece together everything that had happened in the last couple of days. 

It was just another afternoon at work when Garcia rushed over to his desk, “Spencer I have a message you might want to listen too” 

“Garcia it’s Y/N, look I didn’t know how else to get in touch with him. But Spencer isn’t answering my calls, this is urgent I need to get a hold of him, please just have him call me back” 

The voice message ended, and he reached into his pocket for him phone which had been on silent all day, an endless stream of missed calls floated on his screen. “Do you know what happened Garcia?” Garcia looked flustered “I can’t say exactly my digging up didn’t get me very far, please call her” 

That afternoon he saw you for the first time in 18 years, you together in the cafeteria of the hospital. Explaining to him everything that happened after you left and the reasons why you had called him, his daughter. 

You had left to go on a trip for work, and left her with your sister. A couple of days after you left she called you tell you she had attempted suicide and was being rushed to the hospital. “Spencer I wasn’t going to call you, but then they said she might not make it, and I didn’t want it to end this way” you said with tears streaming down your cheeks. 

Then he asked the question you couldn’t answer “Why didn’t you tell me before” 

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t, I’m sorry I kept this from you” 

Spencer had stayed at the hospital since then, H/N still hadn’t woken up. The team came to visit them after they had finished a case. Everyone was trying to be as positive and reassuring as possible. 

Garcia visited almost every day always brining with her a generous amount of food. Waiting around for something to change was torturous, the doctors we’re optimistic, they also didn’t have bad news to share. 

After five long days, you were held asleep when you heard her call out for you “Mom” a low raspy voice said. 

Spencer looked as you jumped out of your chair and rushed to her side, finally, it was going to be okay. Spencer stood by the door as the doctors and nurses came in to check your vitals, and make sure H/N was in a stable condition. 

H/N eyes continued to follow Spencer as he entered the room. There was no need to say it out loud, she knew who he was. Spencer let her ask all the questions, he didn’t want to push the conversation. Before he left that night he reached into his bag handing H/N one of his favorite books. 

It had been months since she had left the hospital, with her birthday right around the corner Spencer had asked the team to help surprise her. It was the first time was going to visit Spencer at work, excited to see where and with whom he spent all his time with. 

H/N followed Spencer through the glass doors as he continued to give her a tour of the office. They had gotten to the conference room and Spencer paused for a second, “This is where we always meet for cases” he opened the door gathered around the table was Garcia, JJ, Emily, Rossi, Hotch and Derek Garcia. Balloons filled the room and the table filled with decorations and a birthday cake with her name on it. “Surprise” Spencer said as she threw her arms around him. 

Grateful that for the first time in a long time everything was feeling right. 

guys we really need to step up our game as a fandom!! with all the things that happened around that bts mv and twice, their fandoms got unbelievably active. to be honest i am scared. our boys from exo are preparing for a comeback but i have this irritating feeling that our fandom will let them down..

so please exo-ls, lets welcome back our boys as kings because they deserve it. when their mv drops FUCKING LEAVE ANYTHING YOURE DOING AND STREAM FOR YOUR LIFE PLEASE

lets give our boys a new record to put in their list. lets reach 20mil views in 24 hours. we are so many exols… we can easily do that if we make the effort. SO DONT FORGET TO STREAM THE MV PLEASE FELLOW EXOLS

Legally Blind

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,613

Warnings: If you are blind or legally blind or anything like that, I do make a joke about it in here so please read with caution. 

Request: Can you do a Dean imagine where he’s dating a girl who’s legally blind and insecure about it? But she just happens to be Bobby’s daughter, and when she goes to her room trying not to cry because Dean made a blind joke without thinking about it Bobby and Sam get mad at him and he feels terrible.

A/N: Please send in requests! I love getting them and I love writing them!

Originally posted by priestessire

“Dean!!” You called out in a panic. You misplaced your glasses and was panicking about it. You were considered to be legally blind. You could see but without your glasses, all you saw were blurred out shapes and they sometimes blended together so you had no idea where anything was.

You’ve been called Velma before and never knew the reference until Dean made you see Scooby Doo. However, with your glasses, they helped you read up close and see a lot better since the lenses also had a magnifier feature.

Dean and Sam, for the protection of you and for them, had you on a strict research schedule. You couldn’t drive, couldn’t hunt, couldn’t shoot a gun, and couldn’t run far distances especially in the woods. It was safer for everyone else that you stayed on book duty.

This was also a problem growing up since Bobby Singer was your dad and always went on hunts with John Winchester. John always left his boys over with you. When you were younger, Dean always made fun of the thick, nerd glasses you had to wear and that naturally made you closer with Sam.

But as you grew up, you also matured. You tried learning how to hunt but never got the skill mastered and one day, your dad was out hunting with John and Sam and Dean were out of the house when your dad called for information.

You got it within the minute and saved your dad and John’s life. From there on out, you were always the book geek (Dean’s words). Sam always took interest in what you had to say while Dean pretended to be bored when you really knew he was impressed by this.

As you grew older, your dad became more of the researcher, going on fewer and fewer hunts since he was getting older. Then John died and Dean stopped coming over. A few years passed before you ever saw Sam and Dean again.

Let’s just say Dean grew up to all measures just right. You grew up too, into a curvaceous body whose only purpose was to sit inside all day. You didn’t even know what happened; one day you and Dean were researching and the next thing you knew, you were making out on your dad’s couch.

Things skyrocketed from there on out. Bobby found out that Dean was sneaking you out everywhere and scared him half to death, threatening to hunt him down like he does monsters. Of course, Bobby was just being protective and so far, nothing has happened that would make Bobby go off on Dean. You and him were doing really well and you couldn’t see yourself with any other man besides Dean.

You were just getting a book for Sam when you misplaced your glasses. Maybe it wasn’t smart to take them off in the first place with no one around but what’s done is done. You couldn’t see 2 inches in front of you but you heard the heavy footsteps enter the library.

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hey my little sister has a YouTube channel and she wants to make a “who’s more likely to” video with me. she wants me to ask you all for some suggestions, like “who’s more likely to rob a bank?” she’s 11 so try and make them appropriate please