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The funniest tweet Yana ever posted imo was where she said that Ciel sometimes stands on a box when he poses with Sebastian for a cover illustration because otherwise he would disappear from the frame due to their height difference. (source)

Like… that’s exactly what happened in ‘Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’ xD


Just admit it Ciel, I know you are standing on a box here.



“Say chees– wait, Ciel disappeared.”

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Trans Eddie : when he's on his period, none of the Losers say anything, but chocolate bars and nice notes start showing up in his backpack and locker.

I’m just,,,, gonna, hop on board here with some reddie because I fukin LOVE trans!Eddie

When he’s on his period he gets the most Brutal cramps, like in his back and his stomach and his thighs and pain killers only do so much so he just lays in bed on the first day when they’re the worst

When Richie found out he was suffering alone in his room he refused to leave his side for any other responsibility

Eddie thought it was stupid of Richie to skip school because he was home for a day, he got it every month he’d learned to deal with it on his own

But Richie had heard Eddie whimper once from a especially strong wave and ummmmm fuck that as IF he was gonna entertain of the thought of Eddie being alone for even a second

Eddie isn’t really complaining, he lays beside Richie all curled in on himself and Richie just lays facing him and presses his always cold hands to Eddie’s sweat-damp face and keeps his hair pushed back and gives him soft little kisses to coax a smile out of him

(Sometimes he’ll end up kissing away Eddie’s tears while he promises him over and over that he is a real boy, he isn’t lying to anyone, and Richie loves his boyfriend just the way he is)

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In the personal slut ask... why did you go and assume it was a girl who sent it? Jacob is NOT heterosexual -.- this is why I never send shit to you... it' annoying that men need to specify but girls don't, as if Jacob was straight pfff

Yes, my dear–he’s bisexual. You known what that means, right? He loves both men AND women. I’m often shocked people don’t understand bisexuality. O.o Also the ratio of women in this blog is higher than gay males or women who love gay porn. Just saying, hon.

So, I’m sorry but I cannot read minds as to what gender is sending an ask unless specified, but trust me, honey, if you’re going to have that attitude towards me, I won’t miss you or your asks. 😂

Wishing you the best! 💗

(And yes, I never publish hate mail but seriously–understand the sexuality and what it means lol. Not asking everybody to believe or want to see him as such even if it’s Canon, but just because he loves a man doesn’t mean he’s gay and just because he loves a woman doesn’t mean he’s straight. And to all you loves, keep writing him and seeing him how you want to. It sure doesn’t bother me any! 💗)

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❝ I save people cuz i’m a hero! Once you’ve made that decision in your heart, then you stake your life on it! A ‘manly heart’ to me, is a life led without regret! ❞

Happy Birthday Red Riot! [10/16] (*¯ ³¯*)♡

Key animation from Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX “Welcome to The Madness” by Tatenaka Junpei

personal understanding of the signs
  • aries: little bitch who's always pissed off
  • taurus: can go from big cuddly teddy bear to el fuckass within minutes
  • gemini: the absolute worst and best at the same time. the funniest, make sure to love them
  • cancer: they are a big ball of confidence until u make one (1) relatively negative comment about em, then it's all tears and drama
  • leo: really outgoing and sweet. playful cuddlers, but probably has a secret evil side
  • virgo: the most sophisticated of the signs. despite this, they REALLY know how to party
  • libra: suspicious. very unpredictable and spontaneous, you never know what they're up to
  • scorpio: ice. fucking. cold. they're really fun when you're on good terms with them, but get on their bad side and they will ruin you.. tbh they're the baddest bitches out there
  • sagittarius: really chill. can easily be anyone's best friend. can throw a kickass party when the time comes
  • capricorn: they're uh.. strange, to say the least. they got some odd characteristics and even weirder secrets. but overall, really funny people
  • aquarius: the softest. really sweet, everyone loves them. i can barely believe it when i hear that an aquarius did something wrong.
  • pisces: they're almost as two-faced as geminis, but i think that's pretty useful. for the most part, they're fun to be around

friendly reminder that Ladybug loves Chat a lot and that they are best friends and while she does try to keep things between them more or less professional, she in no way does anything ever on purpose to harm or put Chat down