make it rain stupid

I’ve always imagined Harry with a specific girl. It doesn’t matter if she is tall or short, thin or fat, sexy or cute, pale or tanned, blonde, brunette or ginger. But I’ve always wanted Harry to be in a relationship with a normal girl. My dream girl for Harry would probably be a girl with a degree is psychology, very smart, able to hold a conversation and sometimes even have an ‘argument’ with Harry and he would be amazed of how much she knows and her passion and her sarcastic comebacks and how good she is at playing with his mind, driving him insane. She would understand Harry completely and he could talk to her for hours and hours and want more of her.
On the other side that girl would be kind of a loner cuz she focuses more on her books and not her social life and Harry would introduce her to his family and friends. He would make her do stupid stuff like get drunk and dance in the rain ect ect. They would complete each other and the most important they would understand each other. I think Harry would like a girl who has her own opinions, weird and original ones, opinions that no one has and that would catch his attention and she would not be afraid to say her opinion out loud in a room with 500 people even though no one would share the same opinion as her. She would be nice and smart, but not cocky, she would be modest and that would be Harrys favourite part I believe. And they would be a pair of dorks when they were alone, fighting with pillows, running around the house, trying to bake a cake but ending up terribly. my favourite part would be the part that Harry would say proudly this is my girlfriend, while holding her hand, his eyes sparkling from love and how proud he is of her and she would blush a lot. And the way he would look at her when she is not paying attention, oh god.
Mark my words. Harry has never fallen in love so far and his relarionships have been like 3 months long, but someday he will fall in love, but he will fall hard and will not let her go cuz he would be absolutely crazy about her. Literaly.
Prove It (Stiles Stilinski/Stuart Imagine)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, Stuart x Reader (depending on what floats your boat)

Warnings: none, but beware of boys with twins

A/N: I’m exhausted and I’ve been sitting on this idea for weeks. It’s my first full length imagine I’ve posted on here and it’s a bit nerve wracking, but what do I have to lose?

Word Count: 1424

Summary: Stiles accidentally makes plans with both Scott and Y/N and enlists in his twin brother’s help to cover his ass.

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quinnlocke  asked:

Kuroken prompt, caught out in the rain

hi! thanks for the prompt!

I actually wrote this for my kuroken drabble ebook, but it’s been so long since I released it, I figured I can go ahead and post it here!

Thunder shakes the clubroom windows, as the Nekoma High volleyball team change out of their jerseys and back into their uniforms. Yamamoto jumps, glancing nervously outside at the rain pelting the glass.

“Oy, to think we have to walk home in that.”

“I told everyone to bring an umbrella!” Yaku shouts. “Didn’t you get my group text?”

“I got it!” Lev cries out, waving his umbrella. “I always read your texts, Yaku-san!” He turns to Yamamoto, holding out the umbrella. “You can use mine, Yamamoto-san! I’ll share with Yaku-san!”

“Like hell I want to share with you!” Yaku yelps. “You’re too tall!”

Lev ponders this for a moment before snapping his fingers. “I could carry you!”

This earns him a kick to the back of his knee, and he falls to the floor with a small cry that has the rest laughing. Kenma doesn’t, caught up in the game in his hands. He’s already dressed and ready to leave, having whipped out his game as soon as he finished tying his shoes. He’s only half-listening to what’s going on around him, and leans to the side to give Kuro room, as he reaches across him to hand Yamamoto his own umbrella.

“Take mine,” he says. “I can share with Kenma.”

“Captain,” Yamamoto says, clutching the umbrella to his chest. “I’ll treat it as though it were my mother’s. You’ll have it back in perfect condition!”

“Unnecessary, but thanks.”

It’s only when the others have left, and Kuro nudges Kenma to ask, “hey, where did you put your umbrella?” that Kenma pulls himself out of his game to realize their current predicament.


Kuro looks up from where he’s rummaging in Kenma’s bag.


“I didn’t bring one.”

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Fluff Month LS 15

Here’s day 15 of @miraculousfluffmonth with some LadyNoir!

FF | AO3

Being a hero in Paris was often hard work that Ladybug took very seriously. During akuma battles, lives were at stake, and everyone counted on them to set everything right again. It was why on most occasions, Ladybug stuck to business more than play, but sometimes while they were out patrolling, there just wasn’t much to do. Only so many old ladies needed help crossing the street and only so many cats got stuck in trees, so on these rare occasions, Ladybug loosened up a bit which made slow patrols some of Chat Noir’s favorites.  He’d take any opportunity he got to see his lady unwind.

“Hey, Chat?” Ladybug started, biting back a smile as he turned to her with an inquisitive cock of his brow. “You’re it!”

She tapped his arm lightly before tossing her yoyo and shooting across the city. A wide grin spread across Chat’s face as he realized just what kind of patrol this was turning into, and he gave chase.

“Catch me if you can!” She called, pausing briefly on a rooftop as Chat baton-coptered over. She darted away again just as he landed.

Their fun was short-lived, however, as rain droplets began to pelt them, forcibly ending their game as they took cover under a nearby bell tower. Chat was more than happy being in such close quarters with his lady, but Ladybug surveyed the sky with a scowl.

“Ugh, it’s sunny out! There’s like one cloud making all this rain, so stupid,” She grumbled, folding her arms over her chest.

“It’ll probably pass in a minute,” Chat said, eyeing her with a shy smile. “It’s not so bad being huddled in here with you…”

“Don’t cats hate water?” She teased, flicking his bell.

“Some cats do, but I know for a fact that 100% of cats like ladybugs,” He replied, waggling his eyebrows, and Ladybug leaned her head back with a laugh.

“I guess our game of tag may have been ruined, but we can play another game while we’re waiting,” She suggested, sitting down carefully.

“Like what?” Chat asked, doing the same.

“How about…truth or dare?”

“Oh, that could be interesting.” Chat’s mouth pulled up to one side. “Let’s do it.”

“Okay, I’ll start. Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” He responded immediately, and Ladybug tapped her chin.

“I dare you to…ring the church bell,” She said after a while.

“Pfft, easy.” Chat waved it away, standing up and nudging the old bell with his foot until it made a satisfying dong that resonated throughout the street. They covered their ears and stifled giggles as Chat sat back down. “My turn. Truth or Dare, m’lady?”

“Umm…truth,” She decided.

“What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

Ladybug pondered her response carefully, considering a way not to reveal too much about herself while still answering the question. “I want to be…a designer.”

“What kind of designer?”

“Ah-Ah, my turn,” She booped his nose with her finger. “Truth or Dare?”


“Do you have a crush on me, Chat Noir?” She asked, and his cheeks burned in response.

“I-I what? Uh, I mean, you’re…Oh look, the rain is clearing up!” He scrambled to his feet and grabbed his staff. “Tag you’re it!”

Ladybug watched him vault off, leaning against the arch way and pursing her lips. Almost. But not quite.



We Yoshis wanted to go camping…but it’s too rainy and windy to do it outside. So Minder suggested we do it inside, yoshi! Which is nice…but there’s not much or a camping atmosphere. And we can’t roast marshmallows or make s’mores, yoshi! Hmph! Stupid rain! Let’s just try and sleep for now, yoshi…


It’s too cramped, yoshi! Hey, move over a bit, I can’t breathe properly!

Wah?! You move over, yoshi! You’re squishing my foot! Why didn’t you get a bigger tent, yoshi?!

Awawawa! This was a really bad idea! Maybe we should just give up and go to bed with Mega Yoshi and Green Yoshi…

Adult Me: Why are you wasting your time writing stupid ‘Librarians’ fanfics that nobody even reads anyway? Grow up!

Inner Child Me: screw you! It’s fun to use your imagination! I get to make the characters do whatever I want! I can even turn Jenkins into a hot male stripper if I want to!!

Everyday Me: (Drives to the imaginary bank to withdraw $100 worth of singles to stuff down Jenkins’s g-string)

Rough Week

Kate loved being a part of the Discovery film crew. It had been such an exhilarating job. She had started out as just an intern in an office, and quickly got a promotion in only a few months. Before she could blink an eye, she was flying up north to start filming in Alaska. The entire crew had moved onto an island where a family of 9 lived ‘wild’. The Brown family had welcomed Kate, and the entire crew, with open arms. Everyone settled into a routine. The Browns got used to being filmed and sometimes it was like the crew wasn’t even there. When it would start to get dark, everyone would go back to their separate camps so they could be up early the next day for filming.

But this week had been a rough one for Kate. She had been journaling by the campfire, making a list of why her week sucked.

“It has rained almost every day this week, which makes filming extra difficult (Stupid raindrops on the lenses!) On Tuesday I sneezed in the middle of a hunt, and totally scared away the deer Snowbird was aiming for. Then on Wednesday, my glasses fell off while filming on the Integrity and sank into the water. Then today I got in the way of Bear while he was hand fishing and his catch wiggled away. I’m feeling homesick, I hope it’s just because of the bad week.”

She sighed as the rain intensified. It was time to walk back to her camper, but the just thought of trudging back to the other side of the island in her damp clothes made her tired. Kate got up and immediately tripped on the log she had just been sitting on and twisted her ankle. She felt so defeated. Kate just sat in the puddle she had fallen into. She began to sob. After the week from hell, this was the last thing she needed.

“Hey…. Umm… Kate? That’s your name right? Are you okay?” A male voice asked. She looked up and saw Gabe, one of the Brown boys. He had huge biceps and and great smile. “I really hurt my ankle,” she said as she tried to wipe away her tears and flashed a smile. Gabe bent down and picked up Kate. His soft brown curls tickled her nose as he carried her. “Well let’s get you out of this weather, sweetie.” Gabe said. She was so shocked he had been so forward, but grateful and excited as well. Gabe was the guy always making jokes. Kate found him hilarious and often had to stifle her laughter during filming, to not ruin the take. Since the Browns aren’t supposed to acknowledge the crew, most of the family was only on a first name basis with the Discovery crew. “My goodness, the sky seems to be dripping!” Gabe says in some weird voice she can’t place. Kate’s ankle is throbbing yet she can’t help but giggle. He was so cute, trying so hard to lift her spirits.

They reach Gabes sleeping quarters and he sets her on his bed. “How’s that ankle?” He asks, a concerned voice, taking a seat on a wooden chair near by. “I think if I just rest it for a bit I should be good to go,” Kate says. Gabe is worried about her ankle, but delighted to spend time with her. He had never spoken to her and now here she is, sitting on his bed. His mind wandered with possibilities of what the night could bring.

“I have to confess. I knew your name is Kate. I could tell it was you from seeing your teal jacket.” Gabe said. Kate wasn’t sure how to take that. “Oh you did?” She asks, coyly. “Yeah I see you during filming. You’re my favorite crew member! You laugh at my jokes and have a beautiful smile.” He says, his cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink. Gabe continues, “I’ve always wanted to talk to you, but I was told I wasn’t allowed to. If you were a Hoonah girl I’d ask you to marry me in a minute.” His eyes grew wide when he realized how honest he had just been. Kate flashed a dazzling smile his direction and began to walk over to him. She was quickly reminded of her sore ankle as it gave way from under her and she started to fall. Gabe caught her with ease and brought her up to almost standing, holding her a few inches off the ground. Feeling like he had nothing left to lose he leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss in the cheek. “You missed,” Kate said quietly. She grabbed both sides of his head, gripping his mutton chops she had always wanted to touch. She brought her lips close to his and whispered, “Let’s go on a date first, before we discuss this marriage thing,” She kissed his lips. Gabe could feel her mouth curve into a smile. “Maybe you should hang out on this side of the island more often,” he says with a wink.

angel in disguise l.h.// pt.7

      The sun had already set and Luke had gotten dressed sporting his old ripped black skinny jeans and a tank top topped off with a striped flannel.

He sat on the couch putting on some random movie,not paying attention to it.  Loneliness was evident through the large place as he scrolled through his phone about to text Calum. Luke was beginning to regret what he said but was later shaken out of his thoughts when he heard the door bell to the flat ring.

“Come in!” He yelled, expecting it to be his best mates. Luke had gotten what they had for in the last few hours, ready to have a blast at night.

Meanwhile Y/N had sullenly driven to her run down apartment which was of course on the opposite side of Sydney to get dressed and ready to play at the hideout. She knew to was too good to be true. Did she really expect the Luke Hemmings to fall in love with her?

“Fuck!” Y/N yelled in defeat slamming her hands on the steering wheel.

Out of habit, she lit up a cigarette and rolled down her windows of the car speeding past the sky scrapers of Sydney.

      Finally she had gotten to fix herself up and chose to wear a cardigan and shorts and a tank top. Putting on light make up but accentuating her eye liner she was on her way to play a acoustic set at the local coffee shop. At around 8:30 she reached the packed coffee shop full of people of all ages.

The beach was right across the shop, explaining the amount of tourists that were settled inside the shop. The faint sound of the waves crashing on the shore came into Y/N’s ears despite the noise around her.

      Wishing that she could have another smoke at the moment, she hauled her guitar that Luke had gave and set up in the corner of the small shop. Sitting on the bar stool, she strummed her guitar, getting it in tune. The sound of the instrument making some heads turn. After everything was set, Y/N talked into the microphone.

“Good evening everybody!” Her raspy voice suddenly qquietingthe crowd. “My name is Y/N and I’ll be performing a few songs tonight,” she smiled. This was her getaway. Music was the thing that kept her from going crazy between college, exams, and last but not least, Luke. 

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SHERLOLLY PROMPT! Molly's umbrella flies away during a particularly bad rain storm, but it hardly matters, since Sherlock is currently standing in it too, down on one knee.

Sherlolly proposals are legitimately my favorite thing :) 

Sherlock had been acting strange all morning, and Molly hadn’t a clue why. There was nothing that was technically wrong with him, he had greeted her same as always and they had been working in silence for the past hour. But there was just something a bit… different. The greeting was just the smallest bit strained, and the silence was less companionable and more awkward. Even more awkward than when they’d first started working together, if that was imaginable. The glances and nods, the taps and gestures that usually filled their silences were just… missing.

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Cake fic submission - Paparazzi

coffeeandcake96 just wrote a follow-up to my Cake-fics Beach Date and Footprints in the Sand!

Summary: Calum and Luke spent a weekend together on a private beach. What’s the aftermath when the beach isn’t as private as they thought?

“How was your weekend?” Was the first thing that came out of Ashton’s mouth as we entered the shared house.

“Great! The water was so warm, and the house, it was so beautiful.” Calum gushed, his eyes lighting up like a million fireflies.

Michael wagged his eyebrows at us, “Beach sex?” 

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A Splashing Introduction

Short stupid drabble about making friends in the rain. Eren/Mikasa, SNK University AU, less than 1000 words.




It had been raining for the better part of the last hour and it didn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. Mikasa had class in twenty minutes and she could no longer shelter under the student center, her attempt at trying to wade out getting soaked was thwarted.  If she didn’t leave now she’d be forced to take the bus and probably get to second base with a stranger faster than she did in any of her previous relationships.

She shuffled out of her shoes, knowing the traction on them was shit and she’d fall in two seconds flat if she stepped on the slippery sidewalk. Mikasa then reached right under her knee with one hand to grab at her long, flowing skirt. It was one of her favorites; a navy blue skirt with shadowed tree branches hugging around the cloth that reached just below her ankles.

She twisted the cotton around her hand and pulled it up so her pale calves were shown; she wasn’t about to get the edges of her skirt stained with mud. She pushed open the door, and let her bare feet pad softly along with the rain against the sidewalk.

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The thing about filming in Atlanta is you have to deal with the craziest weather situations on a daily basis. Besides being mad hot in here, I don’t know how many forced breaks we’ve had already because of the rain that won’t cooperate right now. But on the bright side, the heat is a great excuse to have a massive stock of ice cream in my room, and we get a lot of time for trailer naps and making up stupid games and challenges while we wait for the rain to stop, which are actually really fun. I mean, when you think about it, Atlanta is really the place to be.

im-the-survivor  asked:

Could you write OutlawQueen's first kiss?! Pretty please with arrows on top!

Stop following me, archer.”

   Regina’s riding boots beat steadily against the path to the castle from the stable. Her hair is falling out of her messy braid and she’d practically covered head to toe in mud.

Stupid rain making the ground all slippery.

 Stupid horse for sliding.

Stupid her from falling from the saddle.

  Stupid archer for looking at her as if she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen even though she looks hideous.

 Stupid everything.

  “Are you hurt?” Robin asks, practically jogging to keep up with her.

 ”Never been better,” Regina snaps.

“Your holding your arm close to your stomach. Is it your wrist?”

 She threw open the castle doors and strode inside, waving her hand at a servant who came rushing to help. She could handle getting herself cleaned up. She could take care of her bruises and scrapes. She could do everything by herself. She didn’t need help. She didn’t need anything.

   Why couldn’t anybody seem to understand that?

 ”Your putting all your weight on your left foot. Did you sprain your ankle? Is it broken?”

“I said I was fine!” Regina roared, turning to him so fast that her right ankle (which was in fact, very sprained) gave out underneath her and she went flying straight into Robin’s arms.

  He let out a grunt as her elbow dug into his stomach, but he held her steady with his arms wrapped firmly around her waist.

  Their faces were so close. Too close. 

 Noses were practically touching. 

Regina couldn’t breathe. When had the collar of her jacket gotten so tight? When was the last time it has been this hot in January? 

  “Why can’t you ever just accept my help?” Robin asked, his voice strangely soft as he looked into her eyes. His words danced across her forehead, tickling her, making her stomach flutter.

  What on earth?

“Because I don’t need help,” Regina murmured. 

 ”Everyone needs help sometimes.”

 ”I don’t.”

“Don’t be impossible.”

“I’m not.”

“You are. Always. You are always being impossible.”

   Robin leaned closer, leaning his forehead against her’s. He lifted the most wild strand of loose hair from her shoulder and tucked it back behind her ear. Gently. Soft. His fingers like a whisper against her skin. 

Her breath hitched in her throat.

   ”Let me help you,” Robin whispered. 

 Regina couldn’t take it any longer. 

Placing her hands on his wind chapped cheeks, she tilted her head and kissed him. The archer let out a small sound of surprise against her lips, but   his hand slid into her hair and he returned her kiss with equal fervor. 

   Regina pulled away first, her heart beating wildly. She wanted to run. She didn’t want this. Wasn’t she just saying she didn’t need anyone?

 Good Lord! She was a contradiction.

     ”Is that a yes?” Robin asked, beaming. His eyes were shining and he looked like a man who’d won the moon.

 Regina fought against what she thought she should do and what she knew she needed to do. What she felt and what she didn’t want to feel. She was at war. Her mind against her heart.

She burried her face into his shoulder, smiling nervously, but hopefully.

 In the end her heart had won out.

True Love had beat the fear.