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I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me // fall out boy

These  fire starters were commissioned by kyurem2424 on dA and are based off his own designs. They are from the Austra Region.

Puffire (Fire)
#004 - When young, these desert-dwelling snake Pokemon spend most of their time buried in the sand, avoiding predators. The intense heat from the sun soaks into their scales, and enables them to spit out fire attacks. Though naturally a bit skittish, they can be quickly befriended if one plays music.

Baskobra (Fire)
#005 - After soaking in enough heat, this Pokemon has developed an internal flame organ near the tip of their tail, granting them firepower regardless of how hot their environment is. Talented at weaving, they utilize the shed skin of their previous evolution to create a sturdy and protective basket. Anything from food and items, to even small Pokemon taking shelter, have been found inside.

Charson (Fire/Ground)
#006  - Combining a perfected weaving technique with the reinforcement of fine clay particles, these Pokemon create a fortified basket that offers impressive protection. A special back entrance allows them to fit inside, making it easier to retreat if necessary. By carefully controlling the airflow from the opening of their tails, they are able to produce a strange but mesmerizing music that draws small Pokemon to them.

Here’s the Grass Starters: Hadropy - Dinosphere - Memorasaur

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  • Mr Kubdel: Jalil is kinda irresponsible, I'll give the watch to Alix instead
  • Alix: *breaks watch within an hour and goes on a murder spree*
  • Mr Kubdel: Why are my children like this
When people say doing their makeup is an art and that's why they wear it

I just…
There are dozens of other media to work with. Most of which don’t center on masking your natural beauty so that you can adhere to a narrow set of standards.
Why not try out an art form that doesn’t put money right in the pockets of mostly male corporations? That doesn’t contain carcinogens? That isn’t rooted in sexist and sometimes racist ideals? That can be preserved and treasured for decades? That can even be sold for profit in your spare time?
There are so, so many creative outlets. Why would you choose to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup that you will just wash off, when you could be painting, working with yarn, sewing, embroidering, sketching, sculpting, making jewelry, taking pictures, carpentry, costuming, collaging, carving…

Fool’s Gold

I have this image of Joel Heyman, one of the most widely recognized founders of the notorious RT Crew,  meeting lil Gavin Free for the first time.

Like, imagine, Gavin was over in the US for a bit, helping Gus with some hacking and following Burnie and Geoff around like a lost puppy, and Joel stumbles upon him.

Maybe Joel was away, overseas maybe, talking to some fences about the Monet paintings stashed in the warehouse (and maybe looking into a gold heist on the side) and he finally comes home, to find a kid (a literal kid, Jesus Christ Burnie) lounging around the penthouse.

Joel knows about Gavin, there’s no way he couldn’t with how often Burnie and Geoff, and even Gus, praised the “dumbass little genius,” but he had never seen his face before.

Gavin notices him, and nearly breaks his laptop in his haste to stand up. Joel stares at him for a moment before gesturing him to follow. Gavin scrambles after him.

“So…” Joel drawls as he leads the other through the maze-like halls of the penthouse. “What’s your schtick, kid.”

“Hacker,” Gavin states instantly. “Burnie brought me to—“

Joel waved that away. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I meant what else.”

Gavin shot him a look of confusion. Joel groaned obnoxiously.

“Y’knoooow, what else did he bring you for? There’s no way he brought you here just to hack, I mean, we already have Gus, and Jason, and Burnie’s no slouch in the technical division himself. So, why’d he bring you all the way here?” Joel stops in the hallway, Gavin nearly slamming into his back. Joel turns and stares intently at the younger man. “What did he see in you?”

Gavin looks mildly affronted, and Joel wonders if he should backtrack when Gavin speaks again.

“I ran a crew, back in England. It was small, pretty damn small for all that we accomplished, but it worked. I spent most of my time hacking, or planning, but I was a frontman too.” Here, he hesitates, averting his eyes, before he looks back at Joel.

“Geoff has some plans…and he’s teaching me to be a frontman. New identity and everything.”

Joel scrutinizes him for a second before he continues walking.

“Have you thought of one yet? An identity?”

Gavin shrugs sheepishly. “All the ones I’ve come up with are rubbish. I think Geoff’s beginning to think I’m a lost cause.”

Joel hums before stopping abruptly in front of a door. He digs the key out of his pocket and unlocks it, gesturing Gavin in.

“Uh…Joel?” Gavin asks while Joel rummages through his drawers. “What exactly am I doing here?”

Joel ignores him, muttering to himself. He finally finds what he’s looking for and exclaims, slamming the drawer closed. He holds up something to Gavin’s face.

“Do you know what this is?”

“Uh yeah, gold?” Gavin reaches for it, but Joel snatches it away.

“Nope,” Joel says, popping the ‘p.’ “This, kid, is pyrite. Also known as ‘Fool’s Gold.’ To the untrained eye, it looks identical to gold, but its not. Just sulfur and iron fused together.”


“Hey!” Joel snaps, glaring. “I’m giving you a lesson here, shut the fuck up.”

Gavin puts his hands up in surrender, and Joel huffs once before continuing.

“This, this is your identity. The point of the frontman is to be the face of the crew, while also gaining information. You have to make it easy for people to trust you, while also fearing you. You pick a role and that’s the role everyone will know you as. Does that make sense?”

Gavin nods.

“You have to be like Fool’s Gold. You have to look shiny and expensive. You’re forcing people to look at the crew like a precious metal, you understand? But you have to be more than that. Fool’s Gold has edges, like a crystal, and it’s stronger than regular gold. It may not be actual gold, and you—“ he pokes Gavin in the chest “—may be playing a role, hiding behind smoke and mirrors, but you can’t ever let anyone else know that. The crew depends on no one ever finding out. That’s the point of a frontman.”

Gavin looks at him, equal parts awed and overwhelmed.

“I—“ Gavin clears his throat. “I think I understand. Thank—”

Joel waves away the appreciation, tossing the piece of pyrite to the other.

“Get outta here, I’m exhausted. Who just got off a long ass flight? This guy! All you fuckers don’t even know what it feels like to be Joel. And where’s my appreciation? ‘Oh Joel can you do this, can you do that?’ No! Everyone can just go fuck themselves!” Joel ends his tirade, smiling a little when Gavin laughs.

“Get outta here, kid.“

“See you, J-Roll.”

A few months later, Joel hears about Geoff’s crew out in Los Santos, wrecking havoc all along the shore. He hears about his second-in-command, his brawlers, his sniper, and his mercenary. But, mainly, he hears about Ramsey’s Golden Boy, and Joel can’t help but laugh.

Darth Vader: [appearing in a cloud of smoke] KENOBI!!
Pirate Kenobi: [swaggering in behind him with a raised brow] Yes, Darth?
Vader: Ah ha! At last, we’ve found each other again. [removes his helmet, revealing a non-burned Anakin] [menacingly] And now, the moment I’ve been waiting for.
Pirate Kenobi: [advances on him; dips him and kisses him]
Obi-Wan: Well, that was unexpected.

@forcearama i’ll never get tired of drawing stuff i find on your blog

credit goes to the amazing @jerseytigermoth for Pirate!Kenobi’s look. The original looks far better than mine :D

im so tired of fake friends..
and by fake friend I don’t mean friends that act cool to your face and then talk shit when you leave. No no no no. I mean something way worse than that.
I mean those “friends” who say they’ll always be there for you, the ones that tell you if you ever need anything you can always talk to me, but when you need them they’re nowhere to be found. The friends that make plans with you multiple times and make up some excuse for why they can’t come now or just never text you at all and you’re just stuck waiting until hours later they have some flimsy excuse as to why they never got back with you.
You know… those “friends”.

Guys,can you NOT force people to look Fake Laf AU?

I just read some asks on some blog i follow.



2 Endings are torture and rape and the other is not so good.

Lovesick Ending make me sick too,i can’t draw what Jefferson do to Lafayette and Ham.

Don’t force people to read it or look at it please

Thank You

  • <p> <b>taylor swift:</b> spotify doesn't pay their artists properly. i can do perfectly fine without the money i get from the streaming, but there are younger artists out there for whom that money makes a pretty huge difference. since i am basically a giant in the music industry, i want to stand up for them and speak out on their behalf, too. which is why i will eliminate all my music from spotify until they solve this problem.<p/><b>spotify:</b> [solves the problem, pays $21M to publishers and songwriters in unpaid royalties]<p/><b>taylor swift:</b> [makes her music back available to spotify]<p/><b>y'all:</b> fake !!!! incoherent !!!!!!!! snake !!!!!!!!!!!! greedy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<p/></p>

so, debrief post-sloane w/ nexus/tempest crew. Scott & reyes struggle with getting up because they can’t bring themselves to pull away from each other, so scott’s running late on his way back to the tempest. rushes getting dressed, pops some sort of protein bar in for breakfast and runs across kadara to make it back. reyes leaves a while after him so as to be slightly less conspicuous, as the trope goes

everyone’s just sorta staring at him during the meeting and scott absolutely can’t figure out why until he reyes comes in, wearing scott’s initiative hoodie and a big fucking grin

scott’s already red in the face when he sees reyes’ shirt on his chest and he’s already trying to figure out the quickest route to the airlock