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when the maknae decided to not follow the script ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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wait when did lindsay (the love of my life) jones mention liking girls or what not what the fuck did i miss im so mad

she’s only talked about it publicly twice to my knowledge, very offhand, and hasn’t really talked about it extensively/in depth but 

once/first on always open (x) “as a cis white woman who finds women sexually attractive–”

and once tonight during her twitter ama


KiHo in Newton MV


“I’m Zimbabwean American. For me, I grew up knowing the special power of the African. And their powerful expression of self, and how that is not backward. It’s just different from what mainstream shows us. So to see it on this sort of scale, to me, it’s just so ready and so overdue to me. Because that, to me, is what the African is - we’re very underestimated and we’re also underrepresented.”

[Danai Gurira on “How Black Panther is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen”]

kids media surrounding me 24/7 when I was younger: Friendship is the most important thing!!!! Anything can be achieved through the power of friends!!

me, now huddling together for warmth with my friends in this post-apocalyptic winter of modern society: I s e e  n o w

older generation: alright, why don’t you have monogamous single paired relationships alone yet???!!!

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We keep saying Dean's "emotionally compromised" and I keep feeling like I'm on a procedural cop show

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A procedural cop show where Sam is the long suffering partner and best friend to Dean who is in love with the leader of the forensic team Castiel and gets all excited whenever there’s a chance they need to call him in.