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Got7 Reaction to Your Bikini Top Loosening while at the Beach.

(Guys, I tried my best for this one, writing this was certainly a roller coaster from start to finish. Forgive me.)


While playing around in the water at the beach, there wasn’t a lot that was on your mind besides trying to run from Jaebum, who was trying to splash you with the cold water. Before you knew it, you felt your top slowly loosen from around you, and just in time you caught the front before it could fall and expose you completely. I feel like Jae wouldn’t completely overreact, but he would be surprised, for sure. He would help by tying the back for you, though, to make sure the accident wouldn’t happen again. What a kind man.


Like Jaebum, you both would be having a grand ol’ time being in the water playing miscellaneous games which require quite a bit of movement. At one point, Mark would come up from behind you and bear hug you trying to drag you down in the water with him (savage, I know). Somewhere in between that and hitting the water you must have completely lost your top. When you two would come up from underwater you immediately sunk back under to where your shoulders were barely showing. Right beside you, casually floating in the waves was the top you lost. Mark would probably just blush, apologize profusely, and turn away until you got your top securely on again.


Upon seeing your top slowly loosen while walking slightly behind you on the beach, he would probably treat it like some kind of emergency. “WOAH, JAGI WAIT…” He would yell while grabbing the strings to re-tie them, being super sure that they weren’t going to come untied again. He certainly wouldn’t be shy about the situation, but he would feel embarrassed for you.


You both would just be chilling and wading in the waves of the ocean when your top slowly loosened from around you. Luckily, your ladies were under the water and weren’t seen by anyone, but I feel like Jinyoung (upon noticing) grab your top for you and hand it to you before turning away. He would be polite about it and probably a little shy and try not to bring up the situation after that.


(Does he know what boobs are, should we tell him?) Nah, I’m just kidding, but when your top loosens in front of him as you guys are playing around in the water, he would probably let out some kind of scream and cover his eyes, waiting until you tell him that it’s okay to look again.


You were running from him in the water as he was chasing you with a water gun (as per usual), and while you were running as fast as you could in water, you lost your balance and fell. (You know where I’m going from here c’mon.) As you came up from underwater, your top loosened and fell off, causing Bam to produce a screech and run away in the opposite direction. Luckily, you had the water to protect you from indecency, and had enough time to grab your top and tie it back on without anyone else noticing, but poor BamBam would probably have that image burned in his head for the rest of his life.


I feel like Yugyeom is that one guy who always challenges his friends to handstand challenges underwater, like we all have a friend like that, don’t lie. So, you two would be on your second or third round of the contest and he lost, so he was above water first. As you came up, your top came off, apparently, and upon seeing Yugyeom’s shocked expression you knew exactly what happened and covered yourself up and ducked back into the water. He would hand you your top and probably help you tie it again, but he would be blushing the whole time because he’s probably not used to being in that kind of situation all the time (correct me if I’m wrong, though).

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What do you think about johsnavi?

i dont get it??? like im not a fan of crossovers or crossover ships in general, but like i watch blackish and????? i cant even imagine johan and usnavi getting along let alone being a thing

also usnavi is way too in love with actual perfect human vanessa so

Dear Woman,
Sometimes you’ll just be too much woman.
Too smart,
Too beautiful,
Too strong.
Too much of something that makes a man feel like less of a man,
Which will make you feel like you have to be less of a woman.
The biggest mistake you can make
Is removing jewels from your crown
To make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens, I need you to understand
You do not need a smaller crown—
You need a man with bigger hands.
—  Michael Reid

decided to screen shot that first glitch in the new video since it was so fast.

is it just me or does it look like it’s Sean more than Anti? The normal glitches are usually quite violent (with the hair pulling, choking, and yelling) but in this one he just looks..scared? worried maybe? like he’s making a call for help sorta thing
Make The Man from UNCLE sequel happen!
Armie Hammer shared with us that a sequel is being written by Lionel Wigram but he needs us to get Warner Brothers to produce it! Here’s how you can help and what you need to know!


and both noteworthy lovers and whirlwinds romances they always come back with a story, with an excuse, with an apology, with a plea, with a promise. They ‘made a mistake’ they say, they should have done more, they love me, I was the best thing that ever happened to them, I make them a better man and they will do anything etc. etc. etc. Some even cried and plead on bended knee but when I looked at them, I saw the face of a ghost, a love I’d already grieved, a death I’d already accepted. All that’s left of them is a jagged scar, yet they seem surprised at the callous mass covering what once was a soft spot for them. I have healed and I know that cutting myself back open for them is not worth it. Its just too late.