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I want a ‘male’ version of this music video. Featuring Taron Egerton who gets intimate with some men and women during a wild night. And Colin Firth has a cameo appearance - of course

Ok, screw that fantasy. But I want Taron in Hozier’s next music video. I can see some angsty video to “In The Woods Somewhere”. Hozier, do you hear me?

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YES THE CRADDLE. Like he's got regenerative abilities right? Those just had to keep him alive for long enough for them to get his body in the craddle and he's alright. THAT'S NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK IS IT? IS IT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR HIM TO BE ALIVE?



Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Supersuit v.1
Built by Make It Happen and me, Jin (behindinfinity)! Also worn by me!

Although completed, we consider this a prototype. I took it for a test run last weekend for NexCon Manila 2, which was incredibly fun! It also gave us a better idea of what improvements we need to make. My favorite part of wearing it is working the mechanical gloves!

Did you spot the hidden Mickey in Hiro’s supersuit? I made sure to incorporate it into mine!

I hope to shoot proper photos soon! I’ll be posting more updates on my Facebook page ▶︎ Jin (behindinfinity)

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