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Petition: Get One Direction back on Alan Carr.

Because the last time they were on they looked like this…

And I personally believe it is an injustice that we have not had a dance off in 3 years. Imagine these boys dancing off with Alan now? 



Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Supersuit v.1
Built by Make It Happen and me, Jin (behindinfinity)! Also worn by me!

Although completed, we consider this a prototype. I took it for a test run last weekend for NexCon Manila 2, which was incredibly fun! It also gave us a better idea of what improvements we need to make. My favorite part of wearing it is working the mechanical gloves!

Did you spot the hidden Mickey in Hiro’s supersuit? I made sure to incorporate it into mine!

I hope to shoot proper photos soon! I’ll be posting more updates on my Facebook page ▶︎ Jin (behindinfinity)

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Sebastian Stan Totally Just Confirmed That Captain America 4 Is Happening
It seems that Sebastian Stan - a.k.a. Marvel's Bucky Barnes - just confirmed that 'Captain America 4' IS definitely happening.

This is why no one ever tells you anything, Sebastian.

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