make it funky now


Implyin’ I wasn’t the one who hurt him in the first place

Madtown Getting Their Hair Done

Moos: could I get just a little off the sides? I really like this hairstyle ^^

Stylist: sure!

Moos: *bald* oh uh ok this is cool too I guess… someone halp.

Daewon: I hope we don’t make my hair another funky color.

Stylist: abracadabra!!

Daewon: ITS PURPLE NOW!?!?!?

Lee Geon: just go for whatever you think looks best.

2hrs later…

Lee Geon: *nothing has changed* OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL!!

Jota: so what’s going on today?

Stylist: bangs

Jota: *bowl cut* .______________. aight….

Heojun: give me something different today!

Heojun: *hair pushed up* omg I look like a completely different person 0.0

Buffy: let’s do this.

Stylist: you thought the blonde hair made the fans go crazy ;)

Buffy: *silver hair* damn I look fine af.

H.O: what’s the newest for me today? :D

Stylist: hmmm. Nothing. Your hair is perfect the way it is now.

H.O: but we had this hair style pretty much since debut…