make it bad


(kiss me

down into your memory and

a memory and memory

i(kiss me), will go)

— e.e. cummings from ‘up into the silence the green’

I sometimes get asked “sarah what do you do to destress” and the answer is

I paint small sections of an abstract image every day until my brain stops screaming


So now I’m like


9 followers away from 1,000 WELL SHIT-

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and only a couple are Pr0n bots?! Fantastic! 

(that means people are here willingly…*nervous chatter as spaghetti spills out of my pockets*)

anywho, I wanted to give you guys a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ as a thank you, because really you guys are the reason I’m still on this blog everyday and who inspired me to stop ease up on the shitposting and actually put my writing out there. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR SUPPORT, KIND WORDS AND FRIENDSHIPS ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

So I’m opening up a vote for a variety of NSFW reader imagines! let me know what you want to see and the most popular choice will happen in the near future:

  • Noctis x Prompto x Reader - featuring: bodypaint, giggles, drawing dicks on Noctis, basically the purest (*muse screams* FUNNEST) threesome to exist.
  • Ignis x Reader - Ignis is a closet artist and wants to ahem, expand his portfolio by drawing his S/O like one of his French girls. Slow, passionate sex ensues.
  • Gladio x Cor x Reader - featuring: outdoor sex and some surprise pegging, courtesy of reader. Ya better know these boys will also get *vocal*. Ahem.
  • Ignis x Reader - Iggy experiences lots of firsts on Prom night, and I don’t just mean his first alcoholic buzz. You want virgin Ignis out of his shell and *gasp* giggling? you got it.
  • Prompto x Gladio x Reader - featuring: sexy, suggestive photography, lil’ bit of voyeurism and M/M and M/F action. It’s Focus: The Sequel, ya’lls. 

Inbox me your choice! Voting will close tomorrow at 9pm CST 😘 

I think it’s kind of weird how some fans will not only continue to portray Mingyu as being genuinely ignorant but are constantly surprised when he says something smart or thoughtful.

Making jokes and being silly is one thing. We all tease every member of Seventeen. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about when fans continue to legitimately ignore the fact that Mingyu has been very open and passionate about wanting to be good in various fields since pre-debut and other members have commented on numerous occasions about how resourceful, hardworking and observant he is; when fans continue to actually overlook when he proves himself through action and words as being capable and quick-witted, when fans still try and push this idea that he’s not ‘on the same level’ as the rest of the Seventeen members…………………………’s………..honestly odd and bizarre. 

I don’t know. I just wonder why there’s still a reluctance among fans to accept that Mingyu genuinely is a bright guy who’s always trying his best.


So back in February, @lesbianjackrackham​ and I had a 7 hour brunch theorizing what would in Season 5, assuming that they didn’t make it into the Framework until then. So we wrote this right after 4x13 (“BOOM”), the Agnes episode. Because we’re too damn proud of ourselves, the first seven seconds of the video is a screenshot proving that this was all done on February 11.  The video takes you through the midseason finale of Season 5.  The rest of the season is below the cut (under the text of what’s in the video)

Here’s a list of things we accurately predicted:

  • Someone will have to go into the Framework to rescue May
  • Jemma is dead in the Framework
  • Mace dies at the end of season 4
  • Radcliffe dies in season 4
  • A character doesn’t want to leave the Framework because of a child that doesn’t exist outside of it
  • Ward comes back
  • Trip comes back
  • HYDRA comes back
  • There’s a scene where power is draining on someone who is plugged into the Framework and they have to decide what to do
  • Fitz makes some ethically questionable decision
  • They have to track down a dead Radcliff in the Framework to help them escape

If you don’t want to listen to us talk over each other for 13 minutes, the text version is below the cut, along with the second half of the season 

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Greetings and salutations my esteemed, wonder and- may I say- beautiful friends! It’s time for “Sink or Swim!”. I am here LIVE at the Ruby Sea, in the wonderful lands of the Far East (and might I say a part of home for me). 

Today we’ll be looking at the magitek armor! Commissioned by the Garlean Empire, it is a tool of war that has insurmountable power at the push of a button…or a couple. You know those bastards love technology, even if it is a little excessive. Explosions, gun fire, laser beams oh and some electric thing that zaps people and they melt. Oh oh and it flies. That’s right! Metal that flies that isn’t an airship!

Don’t ask how I managed to acquire one, you never ask a merchant how they get anything. Just remember to wear your seatbelt when flying or generally riding this thing because you will fly off if you put on the brakes. If this thing has brakes anyway. But we’re not here to talk about how nice it is to blow people up with it, we want to know if it’ll SINK OR SWIM!

So as the Lominsan like to say…



It sunk…

it’s so funny to me that anytime a vegan post comes up a bunch of people alway gotta say “well there are people who will die without meat!!” to shut it down and it’s like yes… 100%. there’s a very small percentage of the world with allergies and issues that require them to eat meat to get nutrition to live and that’s chill! hey there are cultural and religious significances to eating meat too and that’s awesome! it can be expensive in some areas (not as much as some of y'all perpetuate considering large amounts of the world live off plant based leaning diets but w.e) and some people don’t have access to good nutritious diets/have the ability to cook their meals in general but that really is irrelevant to your need to defend eating a double bacon cheeseburger every weekend Claire. Just say you like double bacon cheeseburgers Claire.