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No offense but the worst people in anime/game fandoms that aren’t English speaking to begin with are definitely those people who are anti-dub and have to tell you about it.

You probably don’t even speak Japanese so why do you care so much if an anime gets a dub. No one is forcing you to buy it or watch it. There are legitimate reasons people prefer dubs like they can’t read fast enough to follow it, maybe they’re blind, maybe they just prefer paying attention to the animation and action over reading subtitles.

Get off your high horse. You’re not cool for denouncing the English dubs or talking about how terrible they are or how bad English voice actors are. Please. 🙄

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do u only blog about harry now?

For now….yes. I do blog about the other boys occasionally but for the most part, I want to blog about what makes me happiest and that’s Harry.

I haven’t changed my core opinions as a larrie nor do I dislike Louis but most of my time as a 1d fan was filled with stress over this or that bit of drama and that peaked with Louis in 2015 and continued into 2016. There were times when I dreaded looking at my dash because some idiotic thing had likely happened and fandom was no longer fun. I still liked 1d but my experience here had become more about worrying about someone else’s drama to the point where I’d find myself feeling anxious (and getting actual headaches/stomachaches) about how Louis would handle this or that story. I’m already an anxious person but someone else’s life shouldn’t have THAT much of an effect on me. I put up with it last year because there was nothing else happening but now that Harry is releasing music and giving us A+ content almost completely free of drama, that’s much more appealing to me. It was especially helpful this year when my mental state was topsy turvy again over stuff going on irl. I’m still trying to fully cut out the thing that makes me anxious now but I can control my fandom experience a lot easier so if I have to focus primarily on one person then so be it.

If you like Louis (I’m specifically mentioning him and not the others because I feel like that’s who you’re talking about considering I never blogged a ton about Liam and Niall even though I love them and 1d as a whole) and you find being a fan of his is fun and rewarding then great! I don’t find it fun to be angry on someone else’s behalf though when I have other stuff to worry about. Should things change for the better, I’ll be back in a heartbeat but I’m happy with my fandom experience the way it is now.

ANOTHER VERY RARE CROSS-LEGGED GIL FEATURING KIREI (the Heaven’s Feel promotional materials are giving me new life)

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do you ever think about how much in life is just marketing tactics? Trends in clothes and even activism, ingredients in food, politics. It’s all just marketing something but trying to make you think it’s your idea. Everyone is trying to sell you a product or idea and almost none of it is in your best interest. And the ones that say they are usually are the best at manipulating you for less than noble purposes. Like nothing is real. 


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  • taehyung: *does something exactly in sync with jimin*
  • jimin: yes soulmate connection at its finest
  • jungkook: *does something exactly in sync with jimin*