make him famous for no reason


Lestrade doing some real talk

Sex: Male
Height: 178cm
Weight: 64kg
School year: 3rd year high school student
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: AB
Codename: Crow
Arcana: Justice
Initial Persona: Robin Hood
Family structure: None (lives alone in an apartment)
Skill: Reasoning
Habit: Getting lost in thought during conversation
Hobbies: Cycling (uses a hybrid bicycle for easy turning in Tokyo), rock climbing, fashionable games like darts
Favorite food: Nothing in particular.
Regarding food, using it as a topic is more important to him, so he always makes sure to try out the latest popular dishes. Waiting in long lines isn’t painful for him. He also uses his cycling hobby to ride around town, gathering stories to use in conversation with adults. Since he spends a lot of time with adults, he has a reputation amongst Tokyo’s famous hidden stores and high class restaurants, although in truth he has little interest in the food’s flavor.

Goro Akechi

(not my photo, transl credit @beefbulgogi)

dirkjohn au where john is one of those easily hateable web personalities who seems to be internet famous for no other reason than shitposty vines and crap. dirk is a pornographic fandom artist that john ends up commissioning for some fucking like. website banner art or something. dirk hates him so fucking much and just slaps his head onto porn of some beefy anime dudes he drew banging and john loses his god damned mind and puts it up on his website anyway and makes sure to VERY PUBLICLY credit dirk for the art


The Dabi + Todoroki thing. They’re theorized to be brothers. Quick summary:

  • As you said, Fire Quirks
  • Doesn’t want to reveal name (Todoroki is a famous Hero family)
  • We know Shouto has 2 older brothers based on a flashback
  • Has a “special” scene with Shouto where he mocked him and called him by his whole name (implying that Dabi knows him personally)
  • name deliberately not revealed when Gran Torino was enumerating every other Villain’s name during the raid
  • has greenish-blue eyes, similar to Shouto and Enji
  • has a plausible reason why his hair is black (he probably colored it, because Todoroki children have a combination of red/white hair, so having that hair color plus a fire quirk makes one easy to identify)

A more detailed version with images and specific chapters for reference: link to the awesome post theory

This Mother fucker just rude over grindr n insulting others just for non reason. Make him famous. Lean fit but look fletcher chest……

Little Wolf


Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Summary: Have you done a Klaus x reader where he calls you (his) little wolf because you are obviously a werewolf but also dating?

From a young age all you kept hearing was werewolves and vampires don’t make a good combination, to stay away from one and that they were our enemies. You never understood why, no-one ever gave you a reasonable explanation they just expected you to follow the rules. But you weren’t one for that, and it was no surprise that you ended up having multiple secret nights with the famous Klaus Mikealson.

It wasn’t just a fling or him using you for any sort of advantage, you could sense that he really cared about you. His family welcomed you in after some time, and even had helped on several occasions to help you sneak into the Mikealson compound to spend the night or day with Klaus.

“What should we do dearest Y/N” Rebekah asked you, walking into the room. “A girls night on the town sounds fun, you, me and Freya? What do you say?.”

You were seated on the couch, Freya was on the side chair and the others were scattered all out the house. "Sorry dear sister, Y/N will have to reschedule. She has a date with me” Klaus said with a grin on his, as he walked down the stairs.

“I do?” you asked.

Rebekah smirked at her brother, “In order to have a date Niklaus the other person has to be aware of it”.

“Don’t you have some poor soul to chase darling sister? Perhaps you can go to the bar and try your skills there on a lonely lass?”.

Standing up you walked over to a very amused Klaus, “Behave yourself” you told him with a stern look.

“Yes dear brother do behave yourself, there’s no need to be a jerk. I shall leave you both to it, Y/N can come along next time. In the meantime it can just me and Freya”. Rebekah grabbed her jacket and Freya followed her out the compound, but not before she gave Klaus a behave yourself look, leaving just the two of you in the living room.

“Do you really have a date planned?” Turing to Klaus and asking him, who seated himself at the edge of the couch.

“Of course we do, why would I lie about such a thing?” he asked grabbing your hand and taking you upstairs.

“Oh I don’t know, how about to prevent Rebekah, Freya and I from having a girls night out?” you said shrugging your shoulders.

“I am deeply offended by that accusation, and I refuse to answer”.

“Oh but my love, you just did”.

Pushing open the door that lead to Klaus master bedroom, the sunlight hit the windows which reflected into the room and in the center was a small picnic basket and a few candles lit on the tables around.

"I think we walked into the wrong room” you stated cheeky.

Klaus walked in front of you and lit the last candle sitting on the table, “Amusing truly. But this is indeed the right room and since we can’t have a picnic outside, in fear of your pack finding out about us. I thought why not have one indoors, I am quite a romantic when I want to be you know”.

Taking a seat on the pillow, Klaus took the one opposite and pulled out food from the basket. “Klaus?”

He stopped what he was doing and focused his attention on you, “Yes?”.

“Do you think there will ever be a time when you and I could take a stroll through the streets, or spend the night out in New Orleans without having to worry about my pack?”.

It was a question you wouldn’t to ask him for a long time now. A werewolf dating a vampire or starting any sort of interaction was forbidden within your werewolf community, but if they found out it was a hybrid and that it was Klaus Mikealson the most feared man out there….you didn’t even want to imagine what they would do.

Klaus took your hands in his, before moving the food to the side so he could shift closer. “My little wolf I believe there will be a day when you and I will be free to do whatever your heart desires. And I promise I will find a way to make that happen, by any means necessary”.

“It’s just if they ever found out…I can’t lose you or Rebekah or Elijah or Freya or even Kol”.

He placed a tender kiss on your hand, “And you won’t. Your apart of our family and we always protect our own. No harm will come to you, and there is no way in hell I am going to lose you either”.

Picking off a grape he smiled, “We can talk more about this later, but as of now we have a picnic to enjoy. Let’s make the most of it before you have to go”.

Taking the grape in your mouth, it exploded and a burst of freshness filled your mouth causing you to smile.

The two of you only had a few more hours before the sun came up, and that meant you had to go back. But as of right now you didn’t want to waste it thinking about the sun rising, you wanted to indulge in this moment with Klaus, with a man that made you question why werewolves and vampires even had to be enemies in the first place.

You knew of his bad side and you knew that Mikealson family wasn’t one to be messed up, but they showed you more kindness, gratitude and acceptance than what you had your entire life.

All the food was eaten and Klaus had shared stories with you about his life, his face fell when both of you saw the sun slowly appearing. “I have to go” you mentioned sadly.

“One day it won’t be like this, you have my word”.

Touching his cheek, you leaned in feeling the explosion when lips meet. It was a feeling that you wanted to experience all the time, but right now that wasn’t the case.  “I’ll see you soon, my love”.

“And I’ll be waiting” he replied.

Standing up you made sure that you looked exactly how you did when you left. Reaching into your purse you grabbed the small perfume bottle, and squeezed it a few times to make sure Klaus scent was no longer there.

Giving him one last sad wave, you walked away from his room, down the stairs and through the large compound doors wishing for that day where you didn’t have to leave at all.

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                   Hello! I just found out there’s some kind of…                

   Hahaha, freestyle is one word for it    

I couldn’t think of a better description, TBH… The roles are put in settings and with characteristics no-one ever saw coming.

I mean, fierce Christine allowing Mr. Y to grab her son and threaten to kill him, and she just STANDS THERE, accepting it? And she doesn’t leave the place right afterwards? Who IS that woman?

Making Raoul an abusive alcoholic because that’s apparently the only way they can imagine Christine choosing Mr. Y? And also, making Raoul snappy towards Gustave cause he always suspected Gustave was not his son… cause he has a musical talent (MUST BE FROM HIS FATHER! It’s not like his mother and grandfather was famous musicans or anything)… and he was born NINE MONTHS after the wedding….! Alarm! Alarm!

Raoul singing in mirrors for no apparent reason. Is it a drunk hallusination? Was he the Phantom all along? We’ll never know.

Making Mme Giry a raging, bitter woman for no apparent reason? Why is she so ANGRY throughout the show? We’re never really explained.

And last, but certainly not least. Prostitute loco Meg. Cause… why not?

It’s all so beautiful. So very beautiful.


I made a (human) AU in which Meruem is a relatively famous, pretentious artist guy -with his royal guards as just regular body guards he hired for irrational reasons- and he gets jealous over the pianist prodigy that suddenly takes his spotlight bc of a video that went viral. Then he realizes that Komugi’s music is fricking amazing and it inspires him to paint rly cool things and it’s like WOAH THERE. 

Fast or Slow?

*Requested: Y/N is a fast Runner but lacks confidence. Minho teases her. One day Y/N gets hurt.*

You stretched by the Maze opening and watched as Minho warmed up for the day of running ahead of him.

“Hey, what are you stretching for? It won’t make you any faster.” Minho said with his famous smirk and you just looked back at him but couldn’t help but feel a little insecure. You were a Runner so that must mean you’re good at running but for some reason you just felt like you didn’t compare to the other Runners. Especially not Minho.

“Warming up won’t make you any more attractive.” you shot back and switched the leg you were stretching.

“But that must mean you find me at least a little attractive.” he said with a wink before starting to jog towards the Maze. You rolled your eyes, got up, and followed him.


You ran around bends mapping the area but you couldn’t keep your mind off of Minho’s words. You’re a fast runner. Right? You shook your head in attempt to shake the thoughts away and ran back towards the Glade. You checked your watch and saw that you had plenty of time, but you always liked to get back before the walls closed. Minho told all the Runners to do that so that if something were to happen, there would be enough time to make sure everything and everyone is okay.

No matter how much you tried to focus on just jogging back to the Glade, you couldn’t help but worry about your speed. You know you should have confidence but it just wasn’t working. No pep talk could help make you feel better about this.

You decided to test your speed. You have plenty of time and it would only help get back to the Glade faster. You stopped, got into a position ready to sprint, counted down softly to yourself, and took off. You felt the air slip past you as you pumped your arms faster and faster, enjoying the adrenaline. Then, your foot caught onto a vine and you went flying. You let out a loud scream and landed on your left arm. You heard a crack and felt dizzy. You screamed again in agony.

You were drifting in and out of consciousness and reached for your collarbone and felt a protruding bone where there shouldn’t be a bump. You let out a straggled yell and willed yourself to get up, but you were tired and couldn’t put any weight on your arm.

Minho had heard the scream echoing through the Maze and instantly went into hero mode and sprinted back into the Maze, despite the time or the fact that he was about to start cooling down and get some water to drink. He had scanned the Glade and hadn’t seen you so he knew it must’ve been you who had screamed. 

He ran towards the direction where he heard a suffering scream and found your body laying in a fragile heap. He sprinted over knowing that the clock was ticking.

“Y/N. Y/N, it’s okay. What happened?” he asked as he lifted you up easily. You let out a yelp at the pain that shot through your shoulder and arm.

“I fell. My collarbone is broken.” you said simply and Minho began to run with you in his arms.

“I’m a fast runner.” you said before your eyes closed and you lost consciousness.


You woke up to a quiet environment. Is this the end? Did you die? No. Minho was standing by the foot of the bed just watching you.

“What were you doing in there, Y/N?” he asked and you sighed.

“I was seeing how fast I could run. You always make fun of me for being a slow runner so I wanted to prove to myself that I’m not. I tripped on a vine and went flying.” you said and looked down and saw your arm in a makeshift sling and bruises all over your chest and collarbone.

“Don’t be stupid, Y/N. I only choose the best and fastest runners to be Runners and there’s no need for you to prove to me that you’re a fast runner. I made you a Runner because I’ve seen you run. And it isn’t just about the running. It’s about the brain and the strategy. Don’t be stupid.” he said and you knew that even though he was acting tough, he had been worried about you and this was his way of reassuring you that he needs you.


who wins: you
you could absolutely win a fight with Johnny, but why would you? he’s an easily attached poetry nerd who can’t stop getting hit over the head. all he wants is to go fishing. leave him alone. if you really think he deserves it (why????) just lock him in a room full of little yappy dogs and watch him die on the inside.

who wins: you
he’ll make a bunch of really goddamn annoying sound effects. ignore them and let the knowledge of how obnoxious he is fuel your rage. fuck you, hollywood.

who wins: him
he’ll beat you, and then he’ll say something somehow both snarky and really poetic about it, and his diss of you will become a famous quotation. unless you want your shame immortalized in a genre-defining novel, don’t do it.

who wins: him
difficult for several reasons. first of all, he is a career criminal who can beat up anyone by drawing infinite strength from bad puns, and second of all, we’re talking about a man who adopts homeless orphans and makes dolls for them. he also has a code of honor which compels him to destroy you if you’re an asshole. approach this fight with caution.

who wins: him
listen, god knows the nypd needs to be taken down a peg, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to start whaling on one in the middle of broadway. also, he’s arguably already blue and purple (ha ha).

who wins: him, probably
i mean it’s definitely appealing to fight this hypocritical asshole, but also people literally call him Satan, and he’s one cold motherfucker, so you’re gonna have a bad time of it.

who wins: him
p l e a s e fight him. you’ll probably die but it’ll be worth it. I’ll pay you.

who wins: you but you’re gonna feel bad about it
listen he’s a great sleuth and I love him but he’s also a compassionate philosophical bookworm with one arm. ask yourself, is it really worth it? why are you doing this?

who wins: him
an absolute asshole who definitely needs fighting, but he’s also really really creepily into violence, so the odds are not on your side. still, go for it. someone needs to.

who wins: you
his entire gimmick is that he gets knocked out in every fight. an easy win. a man who has had that many concussions is not going to be much of an opponent. then also fight his subconscious.

who wins: no one
go on. do it. beat up this sad, sad sleep-deprived old man. become the villain of a Greek tragedy. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

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you're still basically implying harry was chosen to be the womanizer for his charm when i can argue louis most definitely has more charm than harry. the reason harry got the image is because he's the 'frontman' and typically with boybands the frontman gets the womanizer image.

fjgdhkghfjg oh my god. yes when media images where chosen for the boys harry was the most famous, had the most solos, was considered widely to be the most attractive. and yes that was likely a major deciding factor in choosing him to be the “womanizer”. i. know. that. that’s why i said “there are a number of reasons why harry got the womanizer image”. 

i know louis is charming! i’m literally a fucking louie and to me, louis is the sun and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. fuck. when i said charm i meant harry’s tendency to, and enjoyment in, make new friends everywhere he goes, seek social events, find new people. he’s been referred to as a social butterfly of sorts by so many people over the years. harry is a charismatic person who has a lot of goddamn friends. 

i’m saying harry’s signature and prominent charisma along with his eagerness to make friends allowed the media to more easily build upon and support their fucking nasty portrayal of him as a disgusting womanizer and this fact was almost definitely noted when their gross pr team decided to give him the lothario image. like “ah yes, harry, who is currently the most prominent in the group is also very friendly. let’s twist that make it flirty. brilliant, bob.” 

and so harry’s friendliness was used against him. he loves to make friends, and he can’t befriend a woman without media outlets jumping at the chance to say he’s using her as another sex object in his long line of conquests. and it’s really gross and sad. 

that’s what i’m saying. 

I’m actually not surprised at Father wanting to save Yato. He was the one who created him in the first place and the one who has been using him for centuries, why would he want to get rid of him? He doesn’t want Yato to be safe, he justs wants him to stay alive so that he can keep using him.

What really got me confused is this:

Also Mizuchi looks so worried there ugh. While it doesn’t necessarily invalidate the Tsukuyomi theory, it does make the whole “Yaboku was the reincarnation of a famous God but Father brainwashed him” unlikely, unless he was lying to Mizuchi for some reason (and to make us fear for Yato’s life in that last panel).

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hey. hi. hello.

In technicolor is a good fucking album and the only reason its not popular is because it wasnt released in the period of time where jesse was super famous, like the era where right where you want me and beautiful soul were and his fanbase was much larger. Now nobody even knows who he is if you talk about him its always ‘oh man you remember jesse mccartney?’ as if he’s long gone. But hes not. In technicolor is fucking amazing. Its fucking good. You all dont appreciate him and it makes me sick. 

Free Fall (Barry Reader)

Request: Reader is from Earth 2 and she gets to Earth 1 for whatever reason, and when she meets Barry she freaks out because she was best friends with E2 Barry… Who just so happens to be a famous singer! (Because Grant Gustin has pipes and they need to be appreciated!)

Notes: Alrighty…so sticking to the prompt mostly, but there will be a few changes to make the story a tad interesting, hope you don’t mind dear!   

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“Whoa whoa whoa!” Cisco’s hands went to his head, “Uh guys!”

“What is it?” Caitlin walked over to him briskly her heels clacking against the ground.

“We have an anomaly…big one…Uh…” He got on the com, “Barry, are you anywhere near Bridgeton Towers?”

“General vicinity…” Barry’s voice rang out through the speakers.

“What’s going on?” Harry walked into the room, “I heard shouting.”

“Barry, a breach is opening up. I can’t tell what’s coming through. I just know it’s happening.” Cisco relayed to him.

“On it.” 

“A breach.” Harry leaned down looking at Cisco’s readings, “You’re sure?”

“I would not joke about this…” Cisco rolled his eyes.

“Guys…can we not fight?” Barry told them skidding to a halt, “I’m here…but I don’t see anything.”

“That’s why I asked…” Harry stood up crossing his arms, “You’re device is not a sure detection method.”

“It has to be there.” Cisco started typing away on the keyboard, “Look again.”

“Look again?…Fine…” Barry ran around the building, “Still nothing…”

“Maybe it’s in the building.” Cisco rattled off, “There are clear signs that something is happening at the location.”

“Well I can’t just keep running in circles…” Barry looked around until he looked up, “Whoa…”

“What?” The three leaned down quickly as if it would help him relay what was going on.

Caitlin sighed standing up feeling crowded, “What are you seeing Barry?”

“Uh…breach…in the sky…next to the building.” He swallowed, “What do I do? Is something coming through?”

“I…” Cisco trailed off.

Harry rolled his eyes and pushed him out of the way gently, “Stand by, Barry…”

Barry looked around waiting, “Seriously guys…wait a second, something’s happening…”

The breach started to fluctuate almost pulsating. Barry squinted as something started to fall threw. His eyes got wide as he started to hear a scream.

“Barry, something’s coming from the other side…Barry…” Harry spoke into the mic, “Barry?”

“Busy!” He sniped at him as he ran up the building. It did matter who or what was falling from the breach. He needed to do his part to show them that they were the good guys.

The building was taller then what he was used to. He could feel the stress of the tilt on his legs. He could finally see a woman falling toward him. She was flailing around making it hard for him to determine where he could catch her.

It was too late to evaluate, he needed to act. He pushed through letting his arms reach out in front of him grabbing her. Once in his arms he was able to adjust, “I got you…you’re okay…I got you.”

He could feel her arms wrapping around his neck tightly as he turned making the descent down. He came to a halt holding her for a moment long before setting her down. He smiled, “You’re okay.”

She turned from him relieving the contents of her stomach onto the payment. Barry frowned and pulled your hair back and rubbed your back, “Take your time…”

Finally she stood up straight and turned looking him in the eye. He watched hers grow wide, “…B…Barry?”

BTS as classmates

Seokjin: The one who’s innocent but always get dragged into troubles because he’s too nice and helps everyone who’s in deep shit

Yoongi: usually quiet in class and sleeps sometimes but gets satisfying grades because he secretly stays up to study

Namjoon: the one who pays attention to what the teacher says and score full marks during exam, but somehow the teachers don’t really favour him for some reason

Hoseok: the type of student that makes lame jokes to lift the mood up, although his results are just okay, all the teachers like him

Jimin: the one who will concentrate in class and work really hard but never score higher than Namjoon and Yoongi no matter how hard he tries

Taehyung: the troublemaker in class. Always late but somehow manage to ace almost all the test because he’s that smart and famous kid that everyone is jealous of

Jungkook: the one who always asks you for homework and copies then last minute but your teacher will always think that you copied his homework because he looked so innocent and studious

the camp counselor au (pt. 1)
  • harold runs the arts and crafts station
  • john is the life guard and he’s a goddang diva, always fixing his hair and doing some quick pushups before harold comes around
  • shaw teaches archery
  • it’s hot
  • root teaches wilderness survival
  • she’s terrible. she gets sidetracked and forgets her campers all the time. tries to get 4G out in the woods. she’s supposed to be teaching the kids how to make a fire but they come home knowing how to roll the perfect joint
  • her famous lecture is “plants: what to eat, what to avoid, and what to smoke”
  • leon is a counselor as well. his kids hate him. they tie him to a tree in hopes that the bear root /swears/ is in the woods gets him
  • carter ends up cutting him down
  • she’s the only reason no one has been fired or sued yet
  • capture the flag is brutal. there’s a weapons ban (john and shaw), holding campers hostage is also banned now (root), traps are set, there are decoy flags, occasionally paintball guns
  • it’s a mess
  • john and carter met way back in the day when they were still campers
  • shaw joins on as a junior counselor in late high school bc her parents thought she could use more social interaction and she needed the service hours
  • root joins bc she’s pathetically in love with shaw (she creates a fake resume to get hired)
  • on their first day shaw is immediately distracted by root’s legs. have they always been that long?
  • shaw and root are constantly sneaking off to smoke
  • carter and fusco have a bet on who will hook up first: john and harold or root and shaw
  • carter says the girls, fusco says the boys. they have stake outs with walkie talkies 
  • carter thinks she’s won bc she sees shoot making out pretty hardcore, but john asks harold out under the fireworks on the last day of camp. they make out a lot and end up doing the do in poison ivy
  • worth it
  • root is a piece of shit stoner and tries so hard to be cool for shaw. she’s got 35 diff kinds of weed alphabetized in her case like a loser. the first time they smoke together root offers to shotgun but shaw rolls her eyes to the heavens and takes a hug hit with no problem. root’s in love
  • root owns three drug rugs and two of them are rainbow

Almost every true crime documentary comes to this one same conclusion: If you’re poor, the chances of you successfully defending yourself against false allegations are slim to none. That’s very obviously true when it comes to O.J. Simpson. If he didn’t have the expendable cash necessary to hire a huge team of defense lawyers, the “Trial of the Century” would’ve lasted about a week, and it damn sure wouldn’t have ended with him being found innocent. The same can be said for Steven Avery. The only reason Making A Murderer even exists is that he settled that now-famous $36 million lawsuit he’d filed against the Manitowoc County Sheriffs Department for just $400,000 and used that money to pay for his defense in the Teresa Halbach case. If not for that, he wouldn’t have been able to afford those lawyers.

What Steven Avery And O.J. Simpson Both Prove About Justice

Nick (and Adele) appreciation post

I’m having a lot of thoughts and feelings about Adele dedicating the song to Nick during that concert and I just need to get it out of my chest. The video made me cry immediately and since then I haven’t been able to settle down for some reason. There are so many things about it I don’t know where to start.

First of all, I always knew Adele and Nick were friends BUT I never realized they were THAT close for some time. Which makes me want to yell even more at all the people/tabloids that paint nick as a leech hanging onto his famous friends. Nick so often mentions how he loves Adele, the way she handles fame, how funny she is, how he loves her music, how important it is to him, how it makes him emotional but he has NEVER EVER let us know how meaningful their relationship was, how in fact personal his connection to her is. And it just makes me realise even more how discreet he can be when he wants to and when it matters to him/to the other person.

Now, imagine how he must’ve felt when she actually said all of those things at this big fucking stage in a sold-out arena in almost his hometown, with his parents and one of his closest friends sitting next to him, with people cheering when Adele said his name,

All this makes me love both of them even more now. The way they’ve managed to somehow stay themselves throughout the years, be loyal and remember their beginnings even though so many things have changed, and they don’t see each other as often anymore.

(Also, I think I don’t have to say this gives me so many feelings about another Nick’s relationship with a certain popstar.)

another Héctor & I collab, this time on the canadian speedster. I always like this guy, even before he came out as gay. Probably because he is such a jerk (yes, i like Quicksilver and Namor too, for the same reason I think)
He has been on the X-teams for several years now but I feel he still needs to find his place somehow. To me, he works really well when paired with Dazzler, I think it was Matt Fraction who wrote them like they were old friends. 

Anyway, I did not want to go to far from his original design, so the star/mapple leaf pattern is still around. Since he originally was a famous skier, I tried to make him look like he was wearing  a sport bodysuit. And he has longer hair now so he wears them in a.. man-bun (don’t kill me, I feel a bit for a hipster look). Of course Héctor added a lot to this design by chosing the perfect color theme, and using gradient on his arms as wel as 2-colors gloves.